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Advanced Motion Tracking & Call Out Titles in After Effect

Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

Advanced Motion Tracking & Call Out Titles in After Effect

Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating First Call Out Title Animation

    • 3. Creating Second Call Out Title Animation

    • 4. Creating Third and Fourth Call Out Title Animation

    • 5. Advanced Motion Tracking

    • 6. End

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About This Class

In this course, you learn how to design and animate professional call-out title and then put them on 3D space inside real-life videos by using advanced motion tracking inside After Effects. 

We are going to use shape tool, masks, null objects, solids, keyframes, curve editor, various effects, motion tracking and many more. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm Alan, a motion graphic designer and photographer for almost 10 years. In this course, I'm going to teach you how to do professional color titles and also how to do advance motion tracking. So basically their titles that you are making, they're going to put them on the three D space from the videos. So let's together start with our video. 2. Creating First Call Out Title Animation : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to create our first color total animation. We'll create a composition full HD on. I will name it one. And now to create our line a line animation will create a new solid and I will call it line . And no, I will drew my line by Moscow will select the line solid. And then I will drew my mask the way that I want my life to be. So I want my life to be like this. I will. I didn't know. No, I want to move my mask hours late. All the points of the mask and they bring Get down in the middle of the composition And I will make this a bit shorter just like this. Great. Now we'll add an effect cost truck, go to generate and then struck. And knowing the stroke, make sure that the pain style is on transparent and all mascot selected. No, we can see that we have our line drawn and hearing the brush size. You can play with the thickness off the line. Things like this is good. Okay. Now we will create the base of the lion where the line is coming from. We will use the shape, the tool, create a circle, the circle come out and then the line will come out from this circle. Okay, create this one. And then we will create another one. Bring the anchor point to the middle because you're going to give it scale animations. So we want the animation to start in the middle of the circle. Okay, This one we will public ated control the and great another circle and go to the Phil and and check their fell on. We will give it a stroke just like this. Okay, Now we will create the books they rectangle books will duplicate the line because we already at the effect stuff. So W Kate this one control d bring it up. Name it Books. Okay. And now I'll remove this mask and create another rectangular mask. No, just my books. That way I want make it David longer from here. Okay. I want my books to be open, not closed. So I play with the end or start just like this. Okay? I'll make this a bit shorter. This line. Perfect. Now we create our outlined over the rectangle We will make an actual rectangle by using the shape told me. Were removed their stroke and and filled No, we have an actual Tunggal inside the outline over another tangle which is open. Okay, I think this is the design that I want. I will just think of it to the size. Then we will add our text. I will write anything you can. You can write anything actually Great. I'm writing this one looking good. I'm using the front roboto. It's from Google and it's free. You can google it and download. I'll make it bold. It's like this way one the text to cut out the books behind it So we will use the Alfa Invert Month. If you don't see this option, just switch the struggles in the bottom of the timeline like this. It's good, I think Now we will create our secondary text that will be below this text. Just here created books and just basically write anything that you want just some senseless takes. Just a design. Okay. I won't make a text Sabit smaller on now. Just replicate now make it drink it for sure. Not the boat before told, will be regular one and I will copy and paste this Just more text in the secondary text for design cannot public it all of it on. Bring the lines that goes up to each other just like this. I will adjust the text a bit more. Make it smaller. I think this size is good. Great. You're almost done with the design. I will just bring the opacity down on the books to 70 just like this. And now we will start with the animation and we will start with the circle, the base of the line. And then we will do the other stuff. Now I will. Any made with off the circles together, just like both of them. And we will Any made the scale. So at the beginning, we want the scale to be zero to disappear. And then at the 2nd 1 it will be full size. So create our key frames. Hair is it. At the beginning, there are zero and at the 2nd 1 therefore size. I will now give us some carrots to make Daniel Nation smoother. Right now I will just move the layers in timelines so they don't come together. I want the first circle and then the 2nd 1 Follow it just like this. So you can see the first circle is a bit earlier than the 2nd 1 This is what we want. And now we will. Any made their line? So in the middle of the animation of a circle, you want the line to be animated and we will do animation by their it and the start of the stroke. So basically will play with the end. So we will Any made the end from 0 to 100 This way we will be able to any made our find. Okay, I will just give it some curves to make the animation smolder. Okay, I think this is good. No, no. Any made the books? So after the animation of their line, we want the books to be created for the books animation. We will use the same thing as a line we will Any made the paint over the struck to make the stroke disappear? I put the end to whatever number start is for my case. Start is 22. I will put the end 22 in the first key friend and the 2nd 1 will be 100 for sure. So it will go from 22 to 100 to create the box. I will give Easy's to my key friends on Go to the curves to make the animation s mother just like this. Okay, now we have this so far Now we will Any made? They're looking good on the books and also the other text. Okay for the looking good text We will go to the text and then any mater and he will give the opacity Now we will Any made the opacity of this text? We will go to opacity, put it on zero and then arrange selector advanced on Put the random on on and now we will play with the offset We will give key friend to offset We will make the first key frame zero textually disappeared and the 2nd 1 will be 100 Just like this to 100 Now we have our text coming in just like this Now we will animate their background books We want to give that flash effect for that we will play with opacity We will give several key friends When though plastic rise on down It will come from 0 to 70 on. Then it will go back to zero toe. 100. Okay, well, we don't want that. The last key friend to be 100 you won't need to be 70. Okay, The last one we will put it to 70. I will bring these key friends together, select them and hold down, option or out on the windows, and bring them together just like this. Let's see. Well, I think that at some point I put the opacity 100. That one is too intense. I will bring that back to 70 now. Okay. Sorry. I selected all of them. Now all of them. The 70 just controls that. Now I will just play with that one. The one that was 100. Okay, now we only change that on have our animation back. Perfect. Now we are left with the last text. We will Any made this? We want to be right on. Like this type of animation. We will go to text on any mate and then we will play with the opacity and we'll put the opacity to zero and then go to the offset and we will give a key frame with offset from 0 to 100 like this, we will have a right on animation. I think it's a bit faster. Make it a bit slower by moving the key friend. By the way, guys, if you want to learn a text animation Adobe Aftereffects, I have a full course about text. Any mission adobe after effects? Can chicken after finishing this curse. Great, Thanks. Watching cope, you enjoyed and learn something new in the next Listen, you're going to create our second call out the title animation, my right, and see you in the next listen. 3. Creating Second Call Out Title Animation : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to create our second call out title animation. What you're going to do, we will, could be the same line with animation and we will paste it to our new composition, which we name it too. As you can see, we already have our animation and struck. It will just do some adjustment. And now we will go back to books. We will bring the books as well looks animation. And finally, we will bring the circle base over the line. So these animation on will be the same as the 1st 1 We will just change the local off them . And now, in a state of circle, we will have a sick wear around the circle. You will give it some stroke and stable the field just like this. I'll bring the is the look off them. And now, in a state of circle, we will have a sick wear around the circle. You will give it some stroke and stable the Phil just like this. I'll bring the anchor point of the square in the middle because we're going to rotate it, give the rotation and nation, and now he will adjust the books. We will go to the ain't and the start. I'll just remove the key frames from the previous one. Because we're going to change everything from the books. So I want the line, the only to be there in the corner. One is in the right corner and the other one is in the left corner. How duplicated Control de Onda. By playing with the in and the start, I will take the line to be the left corner in the bath site just like this. So now I have both off the lines. Okay? Now I will bring the background shape with a text from our previous title on Pieced it here . Ah, Now I will adjust it a bit to fit. This design can bring the text to be buff. Now we have the same text. I'll just change the text. You can write anything. I'll just write this because I have a video with over. So I'm going to write this for sure. I'm going to change the position on maybe size. Okay. The size is good. Perfect. And now we will create the shape for our secondary text. Make sure that you're not selecting anything on the timeline. As you can see, I'm creating this shape layer and the previous one. Make sure nothing is a selective and create your shape. Now we made it. Okay. Now I brought my shape. Layer it where I want. I will just move around the anchor point so I can adjust my shape layer as I want. Okay. Thing here would be good. Enable the field and you can later remove that struck. Great. I'm still adjusting the size. I will now remove that struck as well from it. Great. And then we will drop down the opacity to something ground 70 or 80 something. Now we will add the text. I will just write deliciously tasty. And I know that deliciously is wrong The spelling. But I'm going to correct this later. Now, for the sake with the design, I will keep it like this. I'm using robo toe. Um, make it bold. Great on will change the color off the books to something reddish between red and pink. I'm just making sure that my texas in the middle eyes aligned with other books. And now we are done with a design We will go to do the animation. We have the animation for this truck for the circle on for the the books with text. Now we will any made the lines there to alliance in the corner? We will Any made them with struck Intend start Great. Now we will. Any made our first line? We will go to the stroke and play with the end. We will put the paint on whatever number the start is ever start is 77 and we will put their end to 77 in the first key friend on the second key frame will be 100 So the first key for him is 77 now and now this how our line appears. We will ease ease the key friends on go to the care of to play with care If I make it this morning and now the second line you'll do the same thing for it Way will give a key frame to the end. This will be the second key friend and then their first key frame will be whatever number the start is that my start is 13 I'll make it 13 and now the line is disappeared I will easy east the key friends and go to care for make it smoother just like this. You can see your Landra like this. That's great. You know you will create any mission for our second text. You will a select both of the shape on the text and press t The opacity will appear and we will give the key friend for the past E We want to give that flash effect to this text animation as well. That's why I'm going to give several key friends to the pastie. I'll just copy He frames and paste it. Sorry you have to do it one by one. Could be paste could be paste. So we have this, but it's a bit slow. I'm going to select them. Press all and bring them together. Yes, still slow. Make it, uh make these key Bram close up to each other. As you can see, guys, all the animation are coming together. Very nice fares is the circle, then the line, Then the fares text on. Then the second text. If you have any problem with the timing, make sure you're moving their layers in the timeline to make it right Now we will do the last animation, which is the animation of this square. We will give the scale animation on rotation so it will come after the circle. It's one of the first thing that comes in the animation. So the circle and then the square will come given easiest to these key friends to make it smoother and go to the timeline. I mean, careful and play with the cares. Guys, play with this sitting If you don't have the care of editor like mine. Perfect. This is the skill animation that I want. I will just move this layer a bit closer to the circle animation and make a slower by moving the key friends. I still need to adjust this. Okay. I want a bit of the delay between the animation of the circle and the square. So I think this is good. Now press are to go to the rotation and even give the rotation to the circle. Now just give a long, long quotation. So from the 1st 2nd to 12 it will take just like this. Perfect. Now we successfully create our second column title animation. We are one step closer to put them on videos and do the trucking. See you in the next listen and we will do the third and fourth color title animation. Bye bye. 4. Creating Third and Fourth Call Out Title Animation : Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, we're going to create our third and for title animation. Before that, I will just correct this spelling. Delicious. Great. Now we will create our third call Outed animation. I will name the composition three. Okay, The animation of the circle and the square will be the same for this title animation. Or just copy and paste it here and the line also will be the same. I'll bring the line as well. Sorry I didn't compute. Now just click on the layer. Copy, Control Seeing control. We don't need this point of the Maskell. Just remove it just like this and make it a bit longer. Okay, Like this, it's good for their percentage. Circle. We will create a new solid and then we will give musk circle Ellipse told. And now we have Ah, circle percent of circle on. Do we will give the stroke effect generate and struck. Make sure all mosque is selected and the pain style is on transparency. Great. I'll make it a bit thicker. Okay, move it around there. And now we will play with the start. Okay, this will be the style. And then later we will animate it. Sorry. I'll just move the mask a bit to the right place. Okay. Okay. The percentage I want to be 90%. That's why I will close the circle a bit more. Something like this is perfect. I will play with the brush size to play with the thickness of the percentage thing. And now you will add our text, which is 90%. Okay, we'll make it bigger and put it in the middle. Perfect. Now we have this animation we need to any made the circle and also any made the text. So will you have a key frame to the start? It will be 100%. And the second key frame will be 20 like this. Okay, just make this easy, ease and go to the curves to play with their smoothness with animation. We want our circle to start a bit before the line finishes. So I'm just going to adjust the key firms and adjust the position of the circle layer in the timeline. Great. Now, Lenny made the text will give a very simple animation which is a pastie press t. And now I will give key frame to the pastie. The first key frame will be zero and the 2nd 1 will be 100. This is how text will appear. Now you add a shape layer on lips or a circle. This will be the background for our number, which is 19. Bring it under the 19 and I will change the color. Something yellow orangish and I will play with the opacity as well. I'll bring down the past year bit to something around 17 e think would be good. Okay, way need to any make this as well. We will give the same animation of the TexUtil Bill passed team just like this any of the same time they will come together. This is perfect. We're done with this as well. And now we will start with our fourth title animation. Perfect. You're creating this one. So we will start with the creating and you composition and we will name it for it is going to be a very easy one creating You saw that and we will go to the mask and around rectangle like this. So basically we're creating the text bubble. We'll go to the mask and great. Some points here. Okay, pointing the middle. Okay, this will be the base of our text bubble. It comes from just like this. We'll make it a bit in their work. Okay. I think we're fine like this. I will add an effect called greedy int reading room to give it a color. I'll give it the same as I've on colors which will be green. So the 1st 1 will be light green start color on the end. Color for the ramp will be a very dark and green. And then I will move the ramp pointing in the screen just like this. I don't like this a bit darker. Okay? I think we're good like this. And now we will do our texts. I will write anything. I'll write a message like this. Perfect. We will now adjust the text on also the phone. We'll make it a bit smaller and make it light. Or regular roboto. Okay. I'll just bring the lines a bit closer to each other. And now we will change the front from light to regular. A bit thicker. No, I will adjust the size over the bubble. Make it a bit smaller. Okay. Like this. I think like this. We're good now. We will do the animation and the first thing We will start with the bubble. We will move the anchor point, press y and bring the anchor. Point it down because you want our animation. To start here, you will give a skill animation. Our bubble will come from here. So the first keeping will be zero and the 2nd 1 will be 100 well given Easy East and play with the curves to make its mother. Let's see how it looks perfect, but I think it's a bit slow. I will make it a bit faster by moving the key frames close to each other. Great, Like this is good. Now the text animation. And instead of doing all this animation, I'll just bring the text animation that we did in the 1st 1 and paste it here. Our text. I'll just copy this text and pasted on this text layer. Make it bigger and okay like this, we want the text to come out when the bubble is almost finished from the animation. For that, I will move the text layer in the timeline a bit so it counts in the right time just like this. Amazing. We finished all our title animations and the next listen will be very exciting because you're adding thes titles. Two videos with the motion tracking See you all in the next. Listen, my likes. 5. Advanced Motion Tracking : Hi, everyone. Welcome back to this exciting Listen, in this listening are going to learn how to demotion, trucking, and at this title to the three D space in the videos to download these clips are put the links in the description or in the class project. Okay, we will start with this video and the first thing we're going to do. We will search for something that is dominant and visible in the entire video. In my case is the blue sit of their over bicycle. So we'll just create a new composition. I will drag the clip on, drop it on the composition icon, and this way we create our composition. Now I want to cut the video toe the duration where the sit, the blue sit is visible. Okay, so the sea disappear. Writer, I'll control Chef de to cut it only lit. And this is the part that you are going to do the truck motion for it. Great. As we said, you are going to track this blue sit for that, we will go to animation and here we have several option for a truck motion. We have come here a truck or truck camera on track motion. But I'm going to use Boris if it's mocha. This is a slogan that comes with the job. The after effect. If you have the latest one, you should have this with it. You just just keep all of these things. And now we have our clip inside. Muka slogan. Great. I'm going to expand the windows. So all the toes a pair in this IPL again. Great. Now we have all the tools. You will go to the mask and we will mask around the blue seats just like this. Right click to finish this great and I will oppress this s and make sure it's covering the sit. Okay. Make sure that the videos in the beginning and pressed T track now is going to track automatically. I'm going to speed up the video. If there is any problem, I'm going to stop the speed and fix it, and I will show you how to fix it. Perfect. Are trucking finished? But there is some issues in the middle, some of around tear. The mask is not perfect. So I'm going to just fix it, go to this frame and fix it. Actually want to fix this a tract world. So just make sure your control see saving Or, uh, if you close it will tell you to save it. So say that Make sure you're saving it. Okay, Great. Now you'll go to the Muka effect on drinking that great talking. Better on he will select the layer one. This is the tracking information. You have the trucking information here Now, in the export ocean, make sure you choose transformed and now create a no object right click and no object. We'll go to the effect again and exposed to no object. So the layer that you choose will be there, no object, and now apply export. Now we have all the trucking letter on this, not object. So basically, this no object is connected to their blue seat. Now we will bring one of our titles. I'm just going to play with its position. And also I will move it around in the timeline. So it is coming in the right time and he's in the right place. Like this is good. Now we were parented to the null object. If you don't have the parent all a toggle switch or right click here and go to parent and link enable that you will have it. And now click it and drag it to no object. Now our title is connected to the blue seat. But as you can see, it's sort 80. We do one the rotation, so I'm going to disable the rotation will just click on it on this table with clicking on the stopwatch. Okay, now we don't have the rotation. As you can see our title being rotated, I'm going to adjust it by clicking on my title. Now press W to bring the rotation toe, I'll make it straight like this. And now we'll play with their size. Make it a smaller on just the position. Great. I think like this You're good. Now any other title, bring it in the timeline. Sorry, we'll just bring this in my timeline and connected parented today. No object College is the position on the size just like this. Perfect. Now we will do the second clip, which is this one. We'll bring it in a new composition. We're going to try this orange lady a dead superiors just here. We're going to cut it. Control ship Detained, Removed. Now This is the clip that you are going to do the motion tracking justice like that clip and go to the animation on tried boys affects mocha open mocha on go to the beginning of the clip and now you will mask around the orange Lady. So basically, we're doing the same thing. You just mask around this and you're not going to click. When s this time and I'll click on the truck Now it is trucking automatically. It may lose the mask in a way, but we're going to stop it by pressing space and we will adjust the mask as you can see her . The orange lady is going out over the mask a bit. We're going to press space on just the mask on. Continue the trucking somewhere around here, I'm going to adjust it again just to have a perfect trucking. Great. Now we have a perfect trekking. Make sure you were saving it and close it. Then create a new normal object. Now we will go to the effect on the video tracking data. Great track that just like other one Great. We have tracking that export optional transfer on export toe will be no object that created . Make sure you press apply export. Now we have this object connected to this lady. Now you will bring any of our title that we made. Sorry, I always double click on it Good to my layer and bring this one. No, I will adjust the size and the position in the composition. And also I'm going to play with the position in the timeline. So it is coming in the right time. Great. Now parented to the normal object just like the previous. When we do want the rotation, As you can see, it rotates the title. We don't want that. So, guys, everything we do here is the same as the previous one. I'm going to disable the rotation so we don't have the rotation animation on our title. And now our fixed irritation on the timing go move it in the timeline. So it's coming at the right time. Okay. Perfect. Like this. We are good to go. Okay. We can add more titles to this video. I'm going to add another one to the by scopes. We have one on the lady and the 2nd 1 this one I wanted to be on the I don't forget to parent it to the no object. Sorry, I'm not going to be terribly well connected to the vice. Come just like this. Now, we have two titles in this video. Guys, you can have anything. It doesn't have to be these titles. You can have a text or anything or shape layer connected to your object. Now we have the trucking better off this orange lady on this. No object. Anything that we connect to this no object will be connected to this lady. But don't forget the position in the composition should be close to the lady or to the place that you have tracking data. So I'm just doing this, for example. It's not perfect, but just a shoe that you can connect anything to your objects. That's amazing. Now we will start with our third clip and we're going to track one person off this crowd. And that person will be this lady because she's available during the whole clip. Almost the whole clip. Tell the 2nd 10 or 11. Okay. Until here, we're going to cut our video control shift. D on T click on it. Good to any nation on Mocha. So basically everything is like the previous one we will mask of the object that you want to track. In my case, it's this lady. The only thing different about this clip is this lady bypassed by a lot of other people which were were the same color. So are tracking will be mislead it on. It will go to track other people. We have Teoh adjusted during their trucking, so you'll just fall of it. As you can see, our mask is already losing. I will just stop it by preceding space and move the mask around. And then we will continue our tracking again. Someone is interrupting our mask or trucking. I'm going to adjust it manually now lease handles are a bit annoying. Teoh, grab them. Okay, great. Continue tracking. So we'll do this until the end over the clip. It's closing again. So I always put the video to the frame where the mask is losing and I will just that on praise track to retract. - Okay , Perfect. Are tracking is done Now I'll just save it and close it safe and close Now create a no object just like the previous one go to the cleat mocha Tracking data. Great truck data selected layer and OK, now go to the export option Trance firm on export to no object and click. Apply, export. Now we have all the tracking data on this. No object is connected to this lady. Now we will bring one over our titles, which is the text bubble, and we will connect it off. Just moved around. So it's coming out in the right time and resize and put in the right position in the composition connected to the normal object. Like the one before it is rotating. We don't want the rotation, so I'm just going to disable their rotation again. Our title. Easy irritated. Now you will just just that Great. I think like this. It's perfect. Isn't that amazing? Perfect. You successfully created your color titles and you learn truck motion. You put your call out titles on the videos in three D space in the videos 6. End: Okay, guys. Thanks. Watching hope you enjoyed this curse and there is something new. And don't forget to share your projects with me on. If you're new to my profile on the scale share, make sure to follow me because that I'll be creating many more courses near future. I'm seeing the next cars My