Advanced Massage Course-Become a better massage therapist-The facts and myths debunked | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Advanced Massage Course-Become a better massage therapist-The facts and myths debunked

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 30K Students

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Alkaline water- Is it worth buying?

    • Back pain surgery- What does the research say about it?

    • Exercising for weight loss-really?

    • Arthroscopic knee surgery- No, thanks

    • Massage flushes toxins. That's why we have to drink water after. Right?


About This Class

When we massage, we move the toxins from the tissues. That is of course why we recommend that people should drink water after a massage. That is why there are thousands of websites stating that we should do it. Except there is only one problem. It is a complete myth.

What if I was to tell you that there was a study done where they did arthroscopic knee surgery on two groups of people with cartilage tears. Arthroscopic surgery on the meniscus is the most common orthopedic procedure in the United States, performed about 700,000 times a year at an estimated cost of $4 billion in the USA. Let's take a look at a fascinating study where both groups had cartilage tears and a year later, most patients in both groups said their knees felt better.  The only problems are, one group received FAKE surgery! 

Welcome to my course.

In this course, you will learn what the research says about treatments and common myths debunked.

What is the best thing to do for back pain?

Here you will learn fact from fiction.

Does alkaline water really do anything? And if so, what?

Is back surgery really effective? What does the research tell us about spinal fusion. What are orthopaedic surgeons recommending about spinal fusions after seeing the success rates?

Come on a fascinating journey and become more informed as a massage therapist and also for your own general knowledge.

Let's get started!





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Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 30K Students

Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, ...

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