Advanced Lucid Dreaming: Out of Body Experience aka "Astral Projection" | Peter Torok | Skillshare

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Advanced Lucid Dreaming: Out of Body Experience aka "Astral Projection"

teacher avatar Peter Torok, Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

43 Lessons (2h 46m)
    • 1. Out Of Body Experience (aka. Astral Projection) - Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. My first out of body experience

    • 4. Astral projection explained

    • 5. Meditation: Doorway to the non-physical

    • 6. Creative uses of lucid dreaming and the non-physical realm

    • 7. Astral projection / OBE training method

    • 8. The levels of lucid dreaming

    • 9. The energy body

    • 10. Hypnagogic preparation

    • 11. Intention setting and sitting meditation

    • 12. Meditation in lying position

    • 13. Exit phase and Separation of the energy body

    • 14. Troubleshooting

    • 15. What are dreams? Right attitude and potential mistakes

    • 16. Deepening and stabilizing our awareness part 1: Theory

    • 17. Inviting the vibration by Monroe - Alternative method

    • 18. The vibrating phase and an Alternative exit strategy

    • 19. Hypnagogic transition to a lucid dream (W.I.L.D.)

    • 20. Make meditation your friend!

    • 21. Goal oriented meditation exercise

    • 22. Deepening and stabilizing our awareness part 2: Practice

    • 23. Reality check for lucid dreaming - Recap from foundation course

    • 24. The laws of the astral realm

    • 25. Going through walls, movement, changing gravity

    • 26. How to teleport and relocate?

    • 27. How to fly?

    • 28. How to transform and shapeshift?

    • 29. Manifestation and astral senses

    • 30. Astral sex and more manifestation tips

    • 31. Accessing information and memories

    • 32. Self-healing

    • 33. Technological aids: The use of sounds, apps and masks

    • 34. Powerful dream herbs and supplements

    • 35. How to stop an OBE instantly?

    • 36. What is sleep paralysis?

    • 37. Spiritual journeys and Metaphysics part 1

    • 38. The power of the mind - Double slit experiment

    • 39. Shamanistic dreaming & Metaphysics part 2

    • 40. Buddhist dream yoga

    • 41. Lucid dreaming in Buddhism

    • 42. Buddhist dream yoga

    • 43. Conclusion

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About This Class

Advanced meditation training designed to achieve Out of Body Experience. Explore what`s beyond the known world!

What you`ll learn:

-Keep your self-awareness while you transition from a deep meditation into the out of body state

-Create a step by step progression for your meditation skill

-Have a life changing spiritual experience in the form of astral projection

-Look into your soul through direct communication with your non-physical self

-Explore spiritual concepts in a practical way, for example: karma, spirit guides, channeling and past lives

-Begin conversations with non-physical entities

-Live out any desire and fantasy in the lucid dreamworld including flying and sex

-Eliminate nightmares, fears & anxieties, sleep paralysis and PTSD

-Find your life`s purpose or get inspiration for your art, invention or business.

This is my level 2 Advanced training focusing on achieving Out of Body Experience (Astral Projection).

Students will learn to use my own method based on Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming`s Direct technique, which is the conscious transition from meditation into the non-physical realm.

My level 1 Beginner training is centered around Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness, which also prepares the mind for advanced Dream Yoga practices.


Please check out the free previews!

My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my OBE / Astral Projection course. I have taught this skill one to one, online and on retreats. I am dedicating most of my time to researching psychology and consciousness.

I personally think that we can learn so much about the nature of the mind through deep meditation! Moreover, the out of body state enables us to peek into the structure of reality, to look into our subconscious mind and to explore spirituality in a truly experiential way...

My achievements in the field

-Over 600 lucid dreams & OBEs since 2010

-Received `permission to teach` from Kagyu Buddhist linage

-Dream yoga practices, e.g.: meditation while being `out of body`

-Author of three best-selling courses and one book

-Dream control skills, e.g.: summoning personas, going through walls, flying, creation

-Expertise of herbal supplements & dealing with nightmares and sleep paralysis

-Expertise of dream interpretation and subconscious patterns

The benefits of Astral Projection and advanced lucid dreaming

-The absence of physical boundaries is glorious bliss

-People describe it as one of the most important experiences of their life

-Spiritual exploration, e.g.: spirit guides, angels, psychic powers, akashic records, past lives

-Learn the non-physical laws of the astral realm and the energy body

-Explore worlds beyond the known; travel through space, walls and portals

-In an advanced lucid dream, one may manifest anything and live out any fantasy

-Deep relaxation and meditation exercises

-Advanced skills so lengthen and stabilize altered states of consciousness

-Eliminate nightmares and sleep paralysis; discover the root of any fears you may have

-The fear of death may completely disappear for some people

-Try or practice something in an advanced lucid dream that you would not dare in waking life

-Self healing: access memories and tackle the source of emotional conflicts

-Unleash your lucid creativity like Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci

Why choose my course?

-You will learn from a qualified teacher (PGCE) and best-selling author

-You will learn my step by step method, which allows me to enter the OBE state on demand

-Abstract concepts are explained by custom made animations

-You will receive guided meditations made by me

-You gain access to my Facebook community, in which you may ask me questions

What does Astral Projection feel like?

An out of body experience is somewhat similar to a lucid dream, except it is an even more spiritual and powerful experience. Imagine that you are lying in bed and meditating. You become really relaxed, so much so that you`re hardly feeling your body. Your mind is calm…and open. Suddenly, you begin to sense a peculiar vibration all over your body, which doesn`t really feel like anything we`re used to. It`s like all of your cells are vibrating in union. If you are able to just observe and allow to be enveloped by the vibration, you can reach a point when you begin to sense a sort of duplicate of your physical body. Let`s call this the energy body. Then, you begin to move it slightly, or even see it. And that is when the mind-blowing thing happens: You will feel that your energy body literally pops out of your physical body and then you’re suddenly seeing yourself from above! You are self-aware, there aren`t any dreamlike creations around you. You are standing beside your body, looking down at yourself…you are free to do anything, free to go anywhere! This is how I experience my OBEs. Now, what you do once you have entered this state, is up to you. We can talk about psychological phenomena, like interacting with your subconscious mind in the form of dream projections, or if you like, you may begin your spiritual journey into the astral realms, past lives and clairvoyancy. I won`t tell you what to think. I strongly believe that it is best to experience these altered states of consciousness with an open mind. What I am here for, is to help you go through the door.

Check out the free previews!

I'm confident that you'll love the course and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your sleeping, dreaming and wakeful life!

I hope to see you soon,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Torok

Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author


Achievements in Lucid Dreaming

-Over 700 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced user of the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming aka `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-Received Dream Yoga initiation from Chogyal Rinpohe (Karma Kagy Buddhism)

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

-Clear light lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections

-Dream yoga practice, e.g.: thoughtless meditation inside the conscious dream state

-Dream control skills, e.g.: summoning anyone, going through walls, flying, creating objects, communing with the subconscious mind

-Thorough knowledge of lucidity increasing herbal suppl... See full profile

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1. Out Of Body Experience (aka. Astral Projection) - Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming: Hi, I am Peter took. I began to have lucid dreams after a Buddhist retreat in 2010, and I can still remember my first out-of-body experience. I was meditating in my room when I began to see a dream-like reality, my mind and then a part of me enter that reality inside there. I saw my hands made of energy and I grabbed a signpost and pull my remaining awareness that was still in my physical body into that non-physical world. It was so magical would add after this, my fear of death disappeared because I actually experienced that our consciousness may exist independently from our body. This is what I'm teaching in this course. How you can keep your wakeful consciousness while you're transitioning from deep meditation into that non-physical world. Now whether this is our special lucid dream or the astral plane, It's up to you to decide, but it's called astral projection because we literally feel that our energy bodies splits away from our physical body. And then we can move and feel with the new body and see ourselves from outside. The experience is real and it's mind-blowing. I've been teaching lucid dreaming and meditation since 2016. Since that I became a best-selling author and they receive dream yoga initiation within Buddhism. Basal my students feedback. I can't say that when you get the hang of this technique, you'll get an ability that stays with you. In this course. You will also receive in-depth training about how you can navigate in the non-physical world. Because the laws are very different there. You will be able to go for wars, fly to other planets, and someone, any person you'd like to meet. That truth is that when people experience this kind of freedom, first, they tend to leave out desires and have sexual encounters. If you decide to go past that, you will be able to communicate the dream figures, connect to inner suburbs, to an inner child. And even here traumas. You can use this non-physical RAM to explore communication with spirit guides your higher self. Collective consciousness, also known as Akashic Records. You master the hypnogogic state for doing Yoga, Nidra, self-hypnosis and stopping sleep paralysis. To make this an ultimate guide, I also discuss the use of gadgets and powerful dream Herbst to boost your practice. And I'm here if you have any questions, I honestly believe that this is one of the most liberating spiritual practices. So I hope to see you inside. 2. Introduction: out of body experiences. Hi, I'm Peter to rock. Thank you for letting me be here too happy on this journey. My personal aim is to draw everyone's attention to the fascinating abilities of our mind and to spread the benefits of expanding self awareness. This training is part of a series in which each lecture focuses on a different aspect of the mind. I've been practicing different dreaming and Altobelli practices for many years, and I'm going to walk you through my own techniques, step by step. This training is intended for those who have already completed the comprehensive, lucid dreaming course, and they're willing to take their practice to a higher level. In that course, I have gone into detail about the science and everything we need to know about conscious dreaming, which serves as a solid foundation for out of body training. This next level off practice is the out of body experience, or OBE. In short, which one can enter at any point during the day when you separate your consciousness from your body and you look down at your body from above for the first time, it is indescribable. In case you're listening to me for the first time, let me quickly tell you my story 3. My first out of body experience: In 2000 and 10 I read a book about South American shamanic initiations. One of them was about how we can exist in two worlds at the same time the shame and presented a systematic way training to become s conscious in our dreams as in our normal wakeful life. According to him, our wakeful awareness can be carried into the dream state. And we can also projected outside the physical body. It teaches about how we can exist in this out of body state. How we can think travel and perceiving it. The fact of reading about this training has done something to me. I suddenly remembered that when I was a teenager I had an experience which at the time I couldn't explain. One night I woke up on the street quite far away from home. When I opened my eyes, it was dark and I had no clothes. I got up and I was like, What? What is happening? I stood there confused and my first thought was that I probably had a rough party and maybe my friends took my clothes is a prank. I had no explanation. I had nothing on me. No phone either. I looked around. I couldn't see anyone, so I decided that I would go home. I walked about half a mile. Meanwhile, trying to find an explanation, I knew that part of town had passed by some clothes, shops and the ice skating place. Then suddenly my vision began to fade and the surroundings have transformed. I found myself in the local shopping center. In that moment, the realization hit me. Oh, I am dreaming. But wait In our dreams were passive characters. Something was out of place here. This was an entirely different experience. I had the same conscious awareness that I have right now. When I'm explaining the story, I possessed the same ability to think, reflect, make decisions and to move around as I pleased. There was nothing dreamlike around me that would influence me. I wasn't dreaming about anything. There was no dream event, no unfolding story. I was completely free to do whatever I wanted. I just to their observing my surroundings. I've walked around and I looked into certain stores in wakeful life. We know that we are awake, right? We are certain we can test it. This was the same experience I had the same wakeful consciousness. Yes, I was wondering about my situation. Suddenly everything went blurry again. I woke up on the couch in our living room and I saw my mother walking around. I thought to myself, Well, that was a weird dream, and I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. My mother passed by me twice, which was strange, because normally we say hi or good morning to each other. And then again, my vision faded and they woke up in my own bed, this time for real. And I was sweating and my heart was racing. And I didn't know whether I was in the real world or still in a dream, because the physical sensations and my over anise on the street, in the shopping center and in the living room everything was the exact same as now. It took me a few minutes to work it out to make sure that I have woken up for real. All free locations prior to the reawakening felt like I was really there. After this experience, I asked a lot of people about what may have happened to me, and no one could given answer So I kind of moved on. I stopped thinking about it, and I guess I forgot about it. 10 years had to pass for this thing to resurface again. The fact of reading about the shamanic ways have brought this memory back. This was exactly what the shame and was teaching his disciple about how to carry his conscious over nous into the dream world and beyond. He said It's possible to visit other worlds, end to the dreams of others and even observed a physical world from our energy body. The book triggered something in May. From that day forward. I had such similar lucid dreams every single night. I knew that I was dreaming in every dream, and I could do anything I wanted. I could relocate, reshaped my environment, salmon dream. Copies of people live out my fantasies and fly. After this, my research began about lucid dreams and oh, bees. I read a lot about scientific studies and case studies about near death experiences. I became really interested in what happens in the brain is such ordered states of consciousness. I also began to meditate daily, which massively increased my skills in my lucid dreams. My practice became so intense I was focusing on it all day and I was improving rapidly. My control of the state became better and better until one day I was meditating and for the first time I went out of body. This means that I kept my wakeful consciousness as I slowly transitioned from an alert meditation into this so called energy body. When I did that deliberately for the first time, I knew my life wouldn't be the same anymore. That is such an intense spiritual experience. Like I have no word when you consciously separate from your body and then you observe your body from the outside. That is like, Okay, what are we capable off? Can we really perceive other dimensions? If I had any fear of death that was gone? What was also fascinating that the learning curve laid out in a shamanic book matched my early experiences. But the end of the book is talking about really fantastic stuff which is quite difficult to believe it a scientific mind. I have decided to continue my training until I find out what the limit off the out of body experiences. If you continue listening to this lecture, you will understand the benefits off such out of body journeys. I'm going to lay out a step by step training program, and if you follow those steps, you will be able to experience a conscious will be yourself. 4. Astral projection explained: let's begin the training. If we want our consciousness to move beyond the physical outside the body, we have to detach it from the physical perception. First, we have to withdraw it from physical reality. This happens by itself naturally, when received to focus our awareness on our body and thought, if they stop identifying with the body and thoughts, and we've you feel that we are much more present than before. If we can rest in pure presence than another type of perception becomes available, it is presence that opens up the space for it. And we're not busy with our thoughts. Only them can. We noticed that the other states of consciousness are available to us like the perception of the energy body. That is why how number one priority is to develop the ability to hold a highly relaxed state of mind for at least 10 minutes. The success off such meditations are not determined by how long one can be thoughtless. It's not like a read certain minutes, and then you reach your goal. The whole process of trying to observes one thoughts as they come and go is already meditation. This creates the physiological state which enables us to move our consciousness beyond the physical body. If you already have a technique which enables you to completely silence your mind and feel free to use that otherwise, let me show you a simple yet effective meditation. You will be able to down with both instructions and the guided meditation. You may begin practicing as soon as you like. I suggest not waiting until the end of this course because the movie practice easier and more naturally will become. It could get you out of body even before you finish the course. And as a tip exercise yoga or a whole buff. All of them can have to calm the mind to move. Invert So these air Oh, nice preparations. 5. Meditation: Doorway to the non-physical: in the meditation, we will attempt to pay attention to our breath, No doubt thoughts. In the beginning, it is common that during the practice they suddenly realized that our over has shifted away . You may notice that for seconds or even minutes before got about the practice and instead we were thinking about something totally unrelated. This is normal, and if this happens, just return your attention to your breath. 6. Creative uses of lucid dreaming and the non-physical realm: you can use the lucid dream state as a catalyst for creativity. There are so many famous people in history like Einstein, who said that the idea off their inventions came to them in their dreams. Lucid dreaming is an especially wonderful to for artists. For example, if you're a musician, ask your subconscious mind violent, elusive state to show you an amazing melody. Listen to it, then wake up and compose it. Music in the lucid dream can be extremely special. It is beyond imagination. Sometimes it feels like a perfect, an epic melody, something that I've never heard before. And sometimes it's like an orchestra made up of hundreds of people playing a heavenly symphony. On these occasions, I really wish that I had musical talents. I really wish I could show it to people. And there is more. I can also sing in a lucid dream with absolute perfection. I can sing in the style and voice off any singer. Yet in real life I cannot sing it all by looking into the subconscious mind threw lucid dreaming. You can access your hidden potentials. They're using the gamma brainwaves in the lucid dream, which is a hyper creative mode. You're using the brain in a very special way, which will influence your creativity in your waking life, too. What ask? And we get from Lucy dreaming. Sometimes when we wake up, we can feel that the last dream we had is still influencing our mood. Other times we don't even remember anything. Yet something is still affecting us when we experience feelings of happiness, excitement or being content in a lucid dream, or will be the amazing feelings often stated as four days. This happens because we can access our subconscious mind in the lucid state, and we can imprint these positive states, like installing a new program. Also, many out of body travelers, including myself, report a spiritual sensation that cannot be compared to anything for me. After an OBE, I feel that all of my cells are vibrating with place and energy. It is truly an otherworldly sensation, so the positive effects accompany us and influence us in our wait for lives. The point is that the quality of our dreams has a direct effect. On our next day, Lucy dreams have an even greater impact because they tend to be much more vivid, forbid powerful sensory experiences as their ability to be conscious in our dreams increases. So does our ability to be mindful in our wakeful state, because lucid dreamers activate those parts of the brain which are responsible for self of Anna's and creative thinking. Also, we can wake up refreshed because it's Lucy dreamers. We can choose to have only positive dreams, get feed off nightmares and carry over positive intentions from our conscious dreams to the next day. You could really one of your memories, for example, a nice one, which is there to you or exciting. But you could also activate an unpleasant one with the purpose off analysis and learning from the situation, perhaps to gain closure to let go. Lucy dreamers have access to a virtual world in which they can look at them memories. A safe Davor of free dimensional movie. 1 may pause fast forward, rotate the view or assumed the viewpoints of others. You could ask your subconscious what is the purpose off my life or what is holding me back from a happiness. You may receive the answer in different ways. The subconscious. May someone a dream character who can give you a direct answer. You may also receive visions, or you may witness an event which gives you the inspiration you needed to find your answer . We can find out about potential limiting beliefs we have, or get reassured about certain decisions we've already made. In the next clip. I show you what I mean by this. 7. Astral projection / OBE training method: the out of body state can be achieved by a variety of similar methods. They all begin with meditation. Our thoughts no longer dominate our mind. If we can rest in a state of emptiness that naturally arises between thoughts, then after a while we will begin to send something entirely new. We're going to feel as though all off the cells in our body begin to vibrate. This is an internal feeling. You won't notice anything from the outside. Your body isn't moving. Some people, even here, this vibration in the form of a loud, throbbing sound. For me, it's just a sensation. So our whole body begins to vibrate. If you have never had this sensation and prepare for something exciting at intense, I would say it is a strange but pleasant experience. This vibration comes in waves and some waves are stronger than others. Now, in the beginning of our training, if he managed to achieve this state, that is fantastic, because this state is the key for an out of body experience. On the first few attempts. This is often as faras we'll get. That is all well get used to this vibration. Learn to recognize its highest point. The next step is to stay present in this vibrating state. Just observe. Don't start thinking. Don't start analyzing the situation. We have to stay in witnessing mode and allow the vibration over bombers. And I mean that in a positive sense. Here, we have to let it envelope us. We should aim to surrender ourselves to it. So then the intensity of the vibration reaches its speak. That means that your vibration has shifted. You have reached ah higher vibrational state. And that is the point when the separation of your consciousness from your body becomes possible. That is the moment when you have to attempt the separation. If we can do that, if we can ride the wave at its highest on its most intense, then we're going to feel that our consciousness pops out of the physical body. It literally separates from the body and transfers into something like an energy body. This experience is probably the most amazing sensation that I've ever felt doesn't compare to anything that we can experience in our wakeful life. From the moment of separation, we are seeing, moving and sensing without energy body to summarize as through projection is first and foremost about quieting our mind. We have to learn to meditate and let go of our emerging thoughts. The second part is about familiarizing ourselves with the vibrating state. It's vibrating. Craze will arise naturally. After 10 to 30 minutes funds you have silenced your mind. The last part of the technique is about separating a consciousness from my body. Why have one off the exit techniques? In my experience, this is the simplest way to astral project, because the only thing we have to really practice is to remain thoughtless. 8. The levels of lucid dreaming: the levels of lucid dreaming, The amount of self awareness we have varies from lucid dream to lucid dream. It's not like we achieve a standard lucid dream, and then jobs done. We really want to progress. Reach higher and higher. Imagine the extent off self awareness we have in dreams as a many story high building at every level regain access to an even more exciting an eye opening world. Even more freedom. The more awareness, the more access. For example, in a lucid dream, 1 may have relatively little self awareness just enough to recognize that one is dreaming that is very far from our goal toe. Have 100% control over the Lucy Dream to maintain self awareness equal to the the wakeful life, or perhaps even more. This is the state we are after. This is when we have godly power to create and explore. I found that having a system to measure how self aware of er, how lucid we are really helps without training. We want to know how much consciousness we managed to bring into the dream and how to increase that even further every time. Let's look at the following example you are having a regular dream in which somebody is chasing you. I will use this example to explain the levels of lucidity and I we refer to it as a dream story. So in this story, the first level of lucid dreaming is reached when you realized that something is out of place, that the chasing situation can be really, and you just stop being afraid. This awareness manifests as you not buying into the dream story. To some extent, you have control over your emotional reactions to the dream story, the chasing event, and you may do minor reflections. However, you are not changing anything about the dream. You don't have that much of Venice yet. The first level is called realization. On the second level, when someone is chasing you, you have enough self events to think just enough to make limited intentional changes. For example, to stop running or to confront the person who is chasing you, you are dreaming the same dream story, but now you play an active role in it. I call this level action. Let's discuss the for level sticking to the same dream story. You are being chased. Suddenly you realize that you are dreaming and start reflecting. I am being chased. This is a dream. I don't have to dream about being chased the tour. I don't even have to fight back. I can dream about anything I want to. Let's fly up and see what it's like to be above the clouds. Did you notice the difference? In contrast to level two, you may go from story to story, person to person, environment, environment, acting as you like, making choices. At this stage, it feels kind of like a theme park. You may go from one ride to another. You select which one you prefer and what you want to do in each experience. Training, therapy, exploration, meditation, action, sex. It all depends on your desires and motives. At this stage, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had, and we can staff reflect reasonably, but we still have limitations. The environment may change and you may meet the new dream person or dream story. You engage with whatever the dream is offering to you. You react to what you see in the dream rather than what you intentionally created. You are acting within the framework automatically projected by your subconscious mind. Let's call this level choice. On the fourth level, you may begin mastering the lucid state. At this stage, there is nothing in the dream that you did not intentionally create. There are no dream stories, no automatic projections. You are the creator. You are as conscious as if you were in wakeful life. You remember all your intentions from wake for life. Everything you wanted to do in the lucid dream. Abiding in the state is pure bliss. In fact, I cannot describe it. It feels like you are in another dimension. The state must be experienced to know what it's like in this very conscious state. You can download anything. Access the memory, shape, shift. Sing someone, any person, dead or alive. Go to any place on Earth, visit another universe. Talk to your guides, do energy healing. You can create anything. It is also one of the door based on out of body experience. That is why I called the fourth level freedom in the dream. The level of lucidity can jump up and down, blurring the boundaries off these levels. Depending on our skill in anchoring our self of anise, this kind of progression is available if you continue training inside the lucid dream, I think to master these four levels is an appropriate challenge for us now. If you wish to take your practice even further, I continue with the progression in the advanced course. 9. The energy body: So what is this energy body? Well, according to spiritually literature, this could be called the astral body. It is a common concept in metaphysics that this vibrating state basically means that our consciousness shifts in frequency. It gets elevated just a bit above the physical dimension. And then we can perceive the blueprint reality and the ass through rum. I prefer to call it the energy body because it's a neutral term and it doesn't have any belief systems attached to it. It does feel like an energy duplicate of the physical body to which is weightless and completely free. I prefer to explore the states with an open mind without a belief system, and I have a good reason for it. And we're outside the body, that reality, whether it's a lucid dream world or the astral room in there, our expectations materialize. Our believes this shape, what we see that is the nature of these worlds. Let me give you an example. A non physical guide may appear to us in a form that is tailor to our individual understanding. If we are into shamanism, they might perceive it is a totem anymore. If we are more familiar with the Christian tradition. Then we might see on Angel with wings. Whether we are interacting with projections of the subconscious in the lucid dream over the spirit guide in the astral room. The brain has to translate the information for us. It has to make sense of it for us. And to do that, it uses our beliefs as a language. What we perceive depends on what kind of glasses we are looking fruit. 10. Hypnagogic preparation: I'm going to show you my methods, which you can use to leave your body. After that, I reassure you to alternative methods. All of them begin with the same meditation. We should wake up after around 4 to 6 hours of sleep. It is important that we don't sleep too much because if we become to rested, we will have a difficult time relaxing and achieving a deep meditation. On the other hand, we shouldn't be too tired, either. While meditating, we will have to keep our conscious awareness without accidentally falling asleep. For me, the right amount of sleep is five hours, five hours, 20 minutes maximum. You'll have to find out what is ideal for you. After waking up, you may go to the toilet and may eat a few bites of fruit just enough that you won't have a hunger feeling that may distract you from meditation. The best is if you don't eat anything. But if you have a hunger Rick than it is better to have a very small amount of food After that, turn off your phone and every other electronic device, which could disturb your meditation. Also, get your eye mask and earplugs ready? I will explain the use of these later. Then sit down into meditation position. Back straight, eyes closed. He should spend the next 10 to 20 minutes preparing your mind for the out of body journey. Do not overlook the importance of this step. By the end of this training program, you just see the big picture of the intricate nature of such mental preparations. So this sitting meditation prepares us for the main meditation which will happen in a lying position. The preparation is spent by strengthening our intention to remain conscious via the transition from the wakeful state into our energy body. We will have to keep our conscious awareness when we approach the dream state or the obese state when our subconscious mind begins to project images. To achieve this, we have to strengthen our intention and our resolve. First, I'm sure you are familiar with the situation that is called day dreaming. Let's recall that state, For example, we're sitting on a bus staring out the window. Sometimes the thoughts we have become alive, they almost have a bill of their own. And they take us on a mantel journey. Many times we even begin to see imagery almost like dreaming. This happens because our brainwaves slow down and we begin to produce theater waves, which is the characteristic off the dream state. The subconscious mind begins to project dream imagery. When they realized this were often jointed back into our body and they regain our alertness . This kind of borderline state can also happen. And we're about to fall asleep in our bed in the evening. It is called the Hypno Gogek State. When we begin to meditate, our brain lives were slow down similar to a day dream. This is the time when we must be able to keep our wakeful awareness. Despite the fact that our brain is moving into dreaming mode. We have to be ready, Van. The images begin to arrive. We have to stay a lot. This is not easy. That is why we're going to prepare for it. Let me show you how. Before I explain the day dreaming, I said that we have to do a sitting meditation. So in this sitting meditation, I would like you to imagine that you are day dreaming. Imagine that flickering images begin to appear in your field of vision do this for free seconds. Then imagine that you realize just the same way as with a real daydream that you're becoming aware that you have drifted into a day dream and you snap out of it. You regain your presence, you regain you awareness. Repeat this and also command mentally, I am alert. I am present. I am mindful of my thoughts and these images do this for free minutes. The purpose of this is that if we simulate and practice this realization than when the real images begin to arrive, as we approach the borderline of dreaming, we won't fall into the dream instead via realized that this process has begun, it will be easier to notice when we are drifting into a dream and we will keep our rightful consciousness. 11. Intention setting and sitting meditation: when we wished to influence our mind. It is our intention and resolve that will bring us results. That's why we should repeat affirmations. Spend a few minutes repeating them as a mantra. I recognize that I'm out of body. I'm in my energy body. I'm in the ass through rum, put intention and emotion into the affirmations. That's when they really work. Believe me, in this course I'm being really practical. I am not mentioning anything that can be dismissed in the morning. They may find that it is tiring to do this 10 minute preparation type meditation just to strengthen our resolve. They might want to jump into action, but this part is absolutely crucial. He don't start running a marathon without preparation, right? It is the same when it comes to training your mind to sustain your wakeful awareness. Outside of the physical body, the information is not only assist us in achieving there will be they also contribute to sustaining our awareness in the ass room. So when you have generated enough resolve and strength and your intention, only then are you ready to move into the lying posture. That would be our second step before that you may go to the toilet and make sure everything is set. He don't want your phone to ring. For example, I recommend using earplugs and then I mosque to ensure nothing disturbs you. You don't want to be disturbed by the sound of a car or a dog, and you are on the borderline of wakefulness and dreaming the only time we shouldn't use thes. If they're likely to fall asleep too easily, then sounds off. The environment may even help us to stay alert. So rule of thumb use I mosque an ear plugs. It may also have that you do your lying meditation in a place other than your bed. Being in your bad has conditioned the mind for sleeping, so for some, it has to do the whole practice on a yoga mat or on a couch. Another tip, which work for many of us, is to choose a position which is not associated with sleeping. For example. I am normally sleeping on my side, so if I lie like that, I am more likely to fall asleep rather than keeping my conscious awareness. It's due to the same conditioning. That is why I lie on my back when I'm doing this meditation. So after you have made sure that nothing will disturb you and you have put on your mosque and earplugs, you may lie down. Take your time to find a comfortable position, because after this point, any movement has to be avoided. Let's summarize. Step one. Wake up after 4 to 6 hours off sleep, moving to a sitting meditation used daydreaming, visualization and affirmations to prepare your mind for the out of body journey. This should be done for 10 to 20 minutes. 12. Meditation in lying position: we have reached the second step, light down and begin to relax. Using the meditation I have shown you earlier begin to pay attention to your breath. We should totally forget about the body. Don't direct your attention to it after this point. Remember, we are looking for the rest ful space between two breaths. That's all we are concerned about. After a few minutes, the body of you become arrested and the pleasant heaviness will overcome it and we won't feel it anymore. After this, our brainwaves were begin to slow down and review begin to journey towards the board line or wakefulness and a dream state. Any movement can reset this relaxation. It can bring them mind back to wake full mode. So we must not move. Okay, I have to note Hey, that all of this should be done with a pleasant experimenting mood. They should enjoy it and be open for whatever may come. We can't force an out of body experience because that's something which happens to us when we are in an allowing state. Do not wait for anything to happen that is crucial. Imagine it like so we are enjoying ourselves by the body is relaxing. We're breathing lightly. Our mind is resting in the space after each breath. No thinking, no analyzing. That is the point. For now, vibrational frequency can elevate. That is the point, and the brain begins to produce the gamma and theater waves, which we need for the out of body experience. So just meditate. Enjoy the empty, blissful, thoughtless state. If you do that long enough, the vibrating sensation will come. It's becoming waves off different intensity, and it may come in 10 minutes or more. It all depends on how relaxed you are. For me, this time is usually around 20 minutes. It could take longer, but in time the vibration will come. Let's summarize Step two. This is a lying meditation in which we are only concerned with resting in the pleasant space between the breaths. We allow our thoughts to emerge and fade away, always directing our attention back to our breath. No analysis of what's going on. No thinking, no anticipation of anything, just resting with an alert, thoughtless mind. If you do this anti, the vibration arrives 13. Exit phase and Separation of the energy body: step free. Let's discuss what happens when the vibration arrives. This body is with separating from the body. After a few attempts, we will become familiar with the vibrating phase, and we will be able to tell when the vibration is strongest. This is the point what you are waiting for, and this vibration has completely taken over your body when the vibrating wave is strongest . But all of your says are vibrating. That is the point when you can separate your consciousness from your body. The key is to notice. Begin to feel your energy body when the vibration is on its speak. That is the point when your energy body can detach from your physical body. In that moment, if you intend to roll out of your body, then it will be your energy body that roars, not your physical body. At that point, attempt to roll out of your body. Do this very gently. Very slowly. It micro movement intend the rule rather than doing so physically. If you do it in the right moment and you will feel as you are rolling and in the next moment you will find yourself in the room looking at your physical body from the outside. It may also happen that you float up to the ceiling or something similar as your consciousness transitions from the physical body into the energy body. Depending on how fast this happens, you may feel a slow separation of limb by limb or one quick pop. It is incredible. You have to experience this to really understand the awesomeness. Soviet. Let's summarize. Step free the vibrating face. When the vibration arrives, let it spread all over your body. No thinking or analysis only allowing surrender to the vibration. When it is highest in intensity. The detachment from the body becomes possible. When that happens, very gently intend to rule out of your body. 14. Troubleshooting: If you fall asleep by doing the lying meditation, the best thing you can do is to analyze yourself after waking up. What could you do next time? At which point did you fall asleep? The 4 to 6 hours of sleep is a guideline. You have to find the ideal amount of sleep, maybe practice thing present and thought list. In a sitting Porcher, it is more difficult to fall asleep that way. 15. What are dreams? Right attitude and potential mistakes: common mistakes. Let's take a look at the top three things which may prevent us from reaching the out of body state, these free things in order of importance. The 1st 1 is our attitude and the extent of our motivation. The second is our mental and emotional state. The 3rd 1 is our physical condition. In our everyday life, we're not used to slipping in and out of ordered states of consciousness. The practice of the mention techniques is a completely new function for the brain. For some of us, the awaken the mines hidden potential, such as entering an OBE state, is not a fast process. I've heard of it, though, that someone practiced for a week and because they didn't succeed, they stopped the training go together. We mustn't give up so easily. Yes, because sometimes just getting the flow when leave our bodies. After the first few attempts or even on the first attempt, however, it can take an extended period of daily practice. They mustn't stop our training. Additionally, we must have a positive attitude. It is an absolute must I have mentioned before that when we are working with our mind, our intention and expectation is the most important thing. If our focus is on Oh, it's not happening. I have tried it five times and still nothing. This attitude sends a message to the subconscious Mind your wish is my command says the astral world. Your mind materializes things on the Astro bomb. And it is your mind that has to move into the state that allows the transition into out of body. So do not have the mind that it is not happening. I am very serious about this. You should do your training, allowed expectations about the time of success. Just trust your training, and in time you will get your results. This positive expectation must also be present While you are doing your meditation when you're lying and waiting for the vibration to come, he can't think things like, Oh, the thoughts are still coming. When is the vibration going to come? They must let go of such foods and they must be simply present with the attitude off light indifference. If you didn't reach the vibrating stage in your session, think of the fact that you have practiced the meditation You have already progressed. This is the attitude of a winner. Additionally, do not makes the techniques in the beginning the free techniques which I have shown you summarize most of the existing techniques quite well. You can't skip the part of being highly relaxed both physically and mentally. There isn't a technique on earth that will get you out of body if you can't silence your mind and raise your vibration. That way, there are variations about the exit, but but the main thing is that you have to reach the vibrating state or be completely several where in the hypno Gogek state, so approach your training with positive attitude and practice. An OBE is one of the biggest, if not the biggest spiritual experience you can have in your life. The next thing we must pay attention is our mental and emotional state. What are dreams and astral projections? Really, it is a complicated state. The brain is processing past recent and current events. It is categorizing and storing information into different parts of the brain, and there are other functions of the state which size doesn't understand. Yet. Those of us who have had these experiences, we recognize that there is a connection there with them higher aspect of ourselves or even beyond that, when we are dreaming, we are in a virtual world projected around us by the subconscious mind. What we dream about is determined by the followings stuff we think about during the day or recently our dominant emotions, the grudges and fears we have unresolved emotional conflicts, which can be current or old desires lands. These are all constantly affecting the subconscious mind, and so the nature of our dreams they determine our vibration. The stress and negative emotion in our life is represented in the out of body state by their visual projections. The more intense our negative emotions are, the more negative and dominating the astral projections become. Also, the extent of our automatic reactions and internal monologue during the day have a direct effect on how intensive and frequently astral projections will be. If we have a mindful silent mind during the day and the lack off internal monologue and ultimately commentary about the world situations, conflicts, others or ourselves, then this presence of mind will accompany us into the out of body state. The more mindful been becoming our daily life, the more lucid review becoming our dreams and the more clarity and control and self awareness we will have in the past award. If we can't control our emotions and reactions during the day, we will also have difficulty outside of the body. That is why meditation, introspection and other mindfulness practices are so important for O. B E's, but also in general, for a happier and successful life. We should aim to really get to know ourselves. Why are we reacting with negative emotions to certain situations, anger, present fullness, resentment and a lot of other states? They're unconscious. Automatic reactions. The brain launches thes reactions as an automatic defense mechanism, the quality and the nature. While dreams give us a reflection about our daily reactions, the more emotional balance we have, the more beautiful and positive our dreams there be and the more circle where we will become in the astral room. This is one reason why it's so important that before an out of body journey, we should let go of our daily problems. We should try to think positively about the people we have conflicts with, do relaxing breathing for a few minutes and to lie down in a balance state. This also applies to going to bed in the evening because this positive state of mind will be carried into our dreams on to the next day. The third thing that can be in the way of oh bees is physical tiredness, constant tiredness, lack of sleep consumption off heavy foods and all kinds of drugs. These all may prevent us from reaching an OBE or entering into a deep meditation. 16. Deepening and stabilizing our awareness part 1: Theory: the fourth step. These with what to do Once we have separated from the body. Once you can accomplish a separation, no doubt you will fly everywhere and explore. Enjoy it. Immerse yourself into your out of body journey. The training, however, doesn't stop here. Before your training, your awareness was in the physical world. But once you exit your body, your Venice transfers into your energy body in the first few O. B E's. We're still learning how to use this energy body. We have to learn how to maintain our awareness in it. On the sea, ships use anchors to keep themselves in a certain place. Otherwise they would float into all kinds of directions similar to this analogy. If it don't anchor our awareness to the energy body are over, Anna's can drift away. It can go back into our physical body, or it can drift into an unconscious dream. If you want a longer be. If you want solid control over your energy body, you have to learn to anchor your over nous to it. We have to proactively feather or Ankara awareness to the energy body. Without it like a ship, it can easily drift away in the out of body states, we are exposed to so much influence primarily to projections of the subconscious mind. Remember, the state is extremely close to the dream state. And if you don't keep our conscious awareness, then sooner or later our subconscious mind we begin to project images. It will begin to dream. If you don't pay attention and we focus on these images, then we can easily forget that we are in the energy body. Similarly, as we fall into a day dream, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to visit the higher Astra Rams and achieve an even more conscious state, we have to continue the training when we are outside the body when we are in the energy body to demonstrate what I mean by that, I would like you to remember your meditation. If you haven't tried it already, then close your eyes now and become food less for one minute. I mean this. Let's try this. Now I have a guy do close your eyes and director attention to the tip of your nose, take a breath breathing and let the exhalation happen. Naturally. Now there is a pause before your next breath. Focus on your nose when you breathe in and focus on the pose after you breathe out. You may begin now, and I will join you in one minute. Hello? How did it go without consistent mindfulness practice? This is a challenging thing to do. Sooner or later, all kinds of thoughts will appear about your work, your family, things you need to do tomorrow. Plans and desires, analysis of past events and so on. Many things which you are consciously thinking about during the day or unconsciously concerned about the mind, wants to keep itself busy. In our vague, full life, these thoughts appears thoughts, but in the outer body state, they've really appears images and dreamlike rations. This is the nature of the are through world. As soon as you think off something it is. The out of body journey may lead us to many places and rams, but it is also the doorway to our inner self. The subconscious mind in this world or kinds of emotions, interest plans, concerns, schemers will come to the surface. The subconscious mind projects thes around us in the form of a dreamlike environment or characters. If you don't anchor awareness to the energy body. If you don't make it, stay put. Their these manifestations will intensify and create a story. A dream before you become a real creator, a master of the arts program. First, you must learn to keep your conscious awareness. You must not let your attention go away with dreamlike emanations of the subconscious mind . Once we can do that subconscious influence with subside like big waves on the ocean, the water will come down, the sun will come out, the sky will become clear and you will have control of the ship. Your energy body, you will see clearly all around and nothing will disturb you and then you will be ready to truly explore. 17. Inviting the vibration by Monroe - Alternative method: in this section, I'm going to show you two alternative techniques to leave your body. I have shown you the main technique, which consists of generating, resolve, meditation and waiting for the vibrational stage and separation by rolling out off the body . I still think that this main technique is the easiest. That's the one that works best for me, and it is a passive technique, so we don't have to do many things. You can't really do anything wrong in a sense, Having said that, everyone is different. For this reason, it's good to know about second or methods, maybe for your physiology in mind that was reworked better. These techniques are a bit more active. You have to do have been more so. Here comes alternative technique number one. The first stages are exactly the same. Generating resolve and meditation when you're lying in meditation, invite the vibration from the universe. This invitation was recommended by Robert Munro, who was one of the great pioneers of out of body experiences. Hey, visualized that this vibration or energy arrived from the universe, and it enters his body through the top of his head. Then it spreads into his whole body. In my opinion, you could add to this technique by imagining that with each breath you sing deeper and deeper into your bed or wherever you're lying. Imagine that you are becoming relaxed and your body is becoming heavy. When you have reached a highly relaxed state, we should try to become aware of the energy body Tried to sense it. You could visualize the energy body and begin to wriggle it very slowly, very gently. We have to do this more with our mind of Avidan with our physical body. The rest of the technique is identical to the main one. You're waiting for the vibration, and when it comes, he attempt to separate from your body. On a separate note, I have heard that some people asked a guide or an angel toe, have them leave their body to lift their energy body out from their physical body. If you like this idea, you should certainly tried out. So to summarize, this exercise is about becoming aware of the energy body and attempting to sense it 18. The vibrating phase and an Alternative exit strategy: I'm going to talk a bit more about the face when our overzealous transfers into the energy body. This is called the exit phase. When you're lying in relaxing, wait for the time and your awareness begins to shift. This will be a signaled by a variety of sensations, such as feeling off heaviness, feeling some kind off imagination, every movement of your physical body, beginning the association from your body, feeling numb, the feeling off, sinking into the bed and so on. Ideally, the vibration of face, which I talk about in the course, is the strongest signal that we are waiting for. However, sometimes there is no vibration, but yet we can still begin to sense a sort of energy duplicate of our physical body. In either case, when you begin to feel the sensation of your energy body, you maybe already on the borderline between wakefulness and an OBE. So if the strong vibration of phase did not occur, that would sometimes mean that you're past that will be face and instead you are drifting into a lucid dream. If you're in that in between state, where you already have some kind of awareness of your energy body, then begin to do a very slow bodies kind of it. Direct your attention from left to right, Move your attention there and bag gently and see what happens. This might lead to a beginning left and right swinging sensation. It can also lead to the sensation that you begin to feel a specific part of your energy body more. Here's an example that will help you conceptualize this. Imagine that your physical hand is a rubber glove and inside there is your energy hand. That's kind of how it feels. Exiting the body. Leaving the body sometimes feels like trying to break through the rubber glove and going beyond it, the more you are able to move your energy with the left and rights, the more pressure you can build up inside the glove. Use the momentum of the left and right movement like a pendulum. Every time your attention gets to the edge of your body, it swings father and father as you build up the pressure. The globe will eventually bear fruit and your energy, and we passed through it and you will begin to feel yourself being outside of your physical hand. Once you have broken through the glove, continued the left and right movement and tried to free the rest of your energy body from your physical body with every swing tried to go more and more beyond your physical body. There are a few important points to remember when we do this. Be very slow and gentle with this movement, because if you focus too much, you're a banas. We joined back into your physical body. Your attention should be a gentle awareness, not a strong directed focus. Sometimes I let go my focus, intention and attention all together. For a few seconds, I stop all effort and just observe my energy body. And this ensures that the sensation of my physical body doesn't start to turn on this light observation. Just being present can strengthen the sensation of the energy body. And lastly, you can try to use the portion of your energy body which is already outside your physical body, to stabilize the state. For example, by rubbing together the fingers of your energy hand 19. Hypnagogic transition to a lucid dream (W.I.L.D.): Let's go through alternative technique Number two. This one uses that very specific state. When we are on the borderline of wakefulness and sleeping as you're lying and relaxing, the brain begins to slow down its activity as your brainwaves speaking to slow down first to reach offer state than feet estate. I have covered the science of this in a lucid, dreaming course. As the approach fleeter the subconscious begins to project more and more images, all kinds of lights and shapes appear in our vision. This is the so called hypno gogek state in the evenings, and we are about to sleep. Sometimes we slip into a dream for a few seconds. Then we joint awake and we say, Oh, I almost fell asleep Our aim that this technique is to remain on the borderline of dreaming . To keep our conscious awareness than these dream like images begin to appear first. We only see shapes, perhaps, or a little light in time. These become more complex until they're transform into a complete dream. We have to maintain our awareness and observe these tiny shapes without losing our wakeful consciousness and being taken by the dream. We have to keep our self awareness by the brain slowly enters into the dreaming mode. Pay attention with your minds, I observed these shapes and forms like you were observing a virtual blackboard. The shapes appear inside of your mind somewhere behind the eyelids. We have to pay attention to two things not too focused too much on these shapes, because too much attention can make the brain to sort of become to awake. And it stops the projections of these images. If this happens, just return to your breath, be present and your brainwaves. We slowed down again and the imagery slowly turns on again. This is also very subtle game. I would say. We're being aware of the shapes Ravid in directly focusing on them. Also, don't try to look at the shapes with your physical eyes. Directing the eyeballs to them can cause the same thing it brings are over, and it's back to the body instead to the virtual blackboard. The second thing you have to pay attention to is not to ignore the images if you don't consciously observe them, but instead they just happen to you. They will draw you in. You can fall into an unconscious dream. This may sound difficult, and I must say it requires practice. You have to maintain this very sensitive awareness on the borderline of dreaming. Let me emphasize that we are paying attention to avert your blackboard within the mind, not the eyelids. So let's summarize. So far we are relaxing, meditating, and we're mindful of the little shapes. Lights beginning, dream like images. They will appear in our mind's eye on a virtual blackboard. This is good hip negligee. When the images become active and intense review, be able to influence them with our attention. This is what we need to practice when images or shapes become more active while they're still mindfully observing them, they might transform into a dream environment. Let's say a forest. This is a very delicate state. We are mindful awake. Yet we can see that the dream is emerging in front of us to get a glimpse off the dream forest. This is a truly amazing feeling, and this happens. We have reached the doorway. We can choose to enter this dreamscape, but because we have been conscious all the way so far, we will step into the dream by maintaining our full wakeful over on us. This is a highly conscious, lucid dream, and the technique is called wakin. Juiced lives it dreaming or wild on the borderline of this dreamscape. The vibrating state might also occur. This is the point. Then we can begin to act with our energy body. For example, if there is a tree in front of us in the dreamscape, intend to grass between your energy hand? If you do this in the right moment, then you will begin to perceive with your energy body, and it will be a very natural movement. So grab the tree and pull yourself to it. You will feel as though you move into the dreamscape. The keys to keep your awareness for the subconscious begins to project images and find that subtle moment and the gate phase open. You will know it's open when the dreamscape becomes intense enough that you can begin to interact with it with your energy body over your will, you will achieve a different experience when you separate from your body via the vibrational face and you're vibrating. You fear that all of your body parts separates from your physical body. They pop out and suddenly you're perceiving me to energy body. This is more exciting and intense, spiritually more shocking in a positive sense than going into a lucid dream on extension Off. This technique is when we are the one who conjures up a specific dream. We can do this by visualizing our goal in the virtual blackboard. When we're doing this, we're offering up an idea for the dream. We are giving a hint to the subconscious mind. Our idea serves as a suggestion. If we do this in the right moment, the subconscious will pick it up and begin to emphasize it. It will turn it into a dreamscape. So, for example, projected image on island on the virtual blackboard. Visualize it gently for a second. Then just observe, visualize it again and observe. I call this seeded visualization. The chances are you will find yourself on the island, or you could project the rope hanging above you. If the subconscious picks up on this and begins to projected by itself, then there will be a point when you can grab it with your energy hand and pull yourself out of your body. That is really fun and works really well. The separation can be achieved in so many ways. Ruling out off the body as I suggest, or pulling yourself out of it, climbing out of it, floating up towards the ceiling, grabbing something in the astral world or in the lucid dream and pulling yourself to it to summarize everything with all of the techniques. First, you begin to strengthen your intention and resolve, and then you move into a lying meditation. Relax and observe your breath. Rest in the space after each breath. Let go of your thoughts. With our main technique, your focus remains on the breath and you passively wait for the vibrating state. When it arrives and reaches its highest intensity, you attempt to rule out of your body. This is my recommendation with technique to actively imbibed the vibrations and try to sense your energy body with technique free vine meditation, you become aware of the shapes and lights that appear in your mind's eye. You hold your conscious awareness, fired this intensify and become a dream, and then you become a conscious participate. Er in it from there, intend to see your physical body from above and let me remind you at this point that if you don't do your anchoring while out of body, you re lose some of your awareness and you four back into a lucid dream, and then you can fall even further into a normal, unconscious dream. In fact, a lot of oh bees end up like this. We do some obi exploration, We get involved off surroundings before getting very out of body, and we end up dreaming. We only realise this after we've a couple, we'll be like while for 10 seconds I was fully conscious, I saw my body, I flew out of the window and the rest of the experience turned into a dream. Did practice. It will get easier and easier to keep your awareness. The more you meditate during the day, the longer you can keep that mindful awareness, the better you will become and maintaining your out of body awareness to 20. Make meditation your friend!: So what's the most important part of the training? Silencing the mind, stopping our internal monologue. It is no accident that meditation is so important. There are no back doors and spiritually progression. Introspection practicing active compassion and meditation are the major pillars of spiritual development. If we want to astral project and venture into the non physical rams, we have to put in their spiritual work. One of the four noble truths of Buddhism is that we should remember every day how lucky we are that we have access to teachings about meditation. Only a small part of humanity enjoys this privilege, even if you don't cause it there ourselves spiritually. People meditation, stress reducing and self healing abilities are scientifically proven, and mindfulness. Classes are being introduced to more and more primary and secondary schools. But I did my dissertation for my professional teaching qualification. It's part of my research. I introduced the five minute meditation break in the middle of my classes. The overall resorts was 43% improvement in my students Attention. Once we get the hang of meditation, it can become extremely blissful. Make meditation part of your life, learn to appreciate it, and learn to look forward to your practice. If you follow the guidelines in this course, it is only a matter of time before you start having the vibrating phase. From there may be a user so called exit strategy to project our consciousness beyond our physical body. 21. Goal oriented meditation exercise: I'm going to show you a different meditation. Now, this is for people who feel like they must have a measurable sense of goal. I also belong to this group. This meditation is the same. Hold away up to the point when we begin to observe our breath. The steps in order are physical relaxation, body scan, strengthening of resolve the association from our thoughts and finally focusing on the breath. This time you're going to give yourself a go to accomplish so you can listen to the same guided meditation and simply add a little challenge for yourself. Your first goal is to notice every single new thought within five seconds of emerging. Do this for 10 seconds. For this exercise, Use a timer. You can use your watch, smart phone or your computer. So if he noticed a thought, you acknowledge it and then you return to your breath. If at any point you realize that the thought has carried your attention away, you have to re start the timer. For example, you suddenly realize that for a few seconds you were thinking of dinner. You have to stop and reset the timer, even if there's only a little time left from the countdown and you notice you gave a thought to much attention. You have to reset the timer. I found that when my mind is too active in those cases, giving myself such targets keeps things exciting. And I also have something to focus on. It gives me a sense of progression to the human mind, really desires that if we have to focus on the breath only for a definitive time, some of us are more likely to really focus for that period. If you are successful, extended 10 seconds to 20. Keep increasing the time. Hold away up to 10 minutes. If you can do 10 minutes, that's impressive, and you begin to experience some pretty nice ordered states of consciousness. Having said that, the training doesn't stop this time. I'm going to add a new level of difficulty for you. So far, it was okay for a thought appear. He noticed it, acknowledged it and then you let it go on level two. He only have an instant notice it. You have to let it go in the moment he notices, for example, I am resting in the space between my breaths and then a thought appears. The neighbors shouting back to the breath Ah, thought appears. Oh, I'm meeting my friend tonight. Back to my breath. You have to keep up this speed Were not entertaining the thought, not even commenting. They bring your attention back to the breath instantly. Your first target is 10 seconds gradually increasing to 10 minutes. This is a pretty good learning curve and now comes level free this time absolutely no thoughts. Your goal is to abide in complete food, less presence for 10 seconds. If any thought appears, reset the timer. This is quite a challenge. By the end, you will have sitting meditation for 10 minutes in complete inner silence. If you can do that, the altered states of consciousness really begin to open up, such as unconditional love feeling of being one with everything spontaneous place, feeling of out of freedom and potential and more if you can go for 10 minutes without any thoughts than an OBE will be very easy for you for our purpose for the out of body training . If you don't have to go this far, though for an out of body journey it is sufficient to consistently let go of emerging thoughts. We don't need to be completely thoughtless. I repeat that we have to just let go off emerging thoughts for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, depending on the person, maybe even 40 minutes. Simply observing our thoughts and letting go of them. It's enough, and it is something that is realistic there. Achieve in a relatively short time. Let's summarize this meditation level. One is noticing the thoughts within a few seconds of emerging and gently returning to the breath. Never too is instantly noticing the thoughts and quickly return to the breath and level free is being absolutely thoughtless. So you may experiment with this target in meditation, if you like. Whichever you choose, it is important that you enjoy your practice. Think of it as a journey into the inner self on exploration off secret states of consciousness. Deep meditation is a relatively new thing to learn. For most of us, it is rarely talked to us when we are Children, but the practice the resort will develop worth the effort. If you're interested in more meditations and other mindfulness practices, you may find them on my website 22. Deepening and stabilizing our awareness part 2: Practice: So in the out of body state they must continue to strengthen our presence. Our awareness. This is how to do it. While out of body you should take a regular poses to self reflect and to do an anchoring action. There are many race to do it and it is best if you try all of them. Here is the first method. When you're in the astral world, pose directions and say out loud I'm in my energy body I'm in the ass through Ram. I'm out of body. I'm in control. I remember to remain conscious. I remember my goal. Repeat these lines, shout them, reinforce her intention and resolve. Remind yourself that if you see something that you didn't intend to see, it is the projection of your subconscious. Method number two four directions. Look around and ask yourself their m I What is happening to me? Is this realistic? Um, I awake a my out of body. This is called a reality check. There are many ways to do a reality check. For example, I told you about the hand method in the foundation course. If you use that for lucid dreaming, then keep using it Massa number free Poor's your actions and count from 1 to 10 or repeat a mantra. And lastly, there are the kinesthetic techniques, such as grabbing onto something you see around you in the astral world. Once it took hold of something, begin to touch it and rabid, or you may begin to spin around. Look at your astral feet. When you do this, such actions have a massive anchoring effect. When you do these anchoring exercises on a physiological level, you keep the frontal lobe of the brain active. This part is responsible for self awareness. On a metaphysical level, you keep your awareness fettered to your energy body. You should do this very frequently. At first, for example, you enter the out of body state, then you're looking down at your physical body from above. It is time to do anchoring. Then you do something. Maybe you float out the window. It is time to do anchoring again. You move a few yards, observe your surroundings and again you should do anchoring. I can't emphasize how important this is in the beginning, with time, you will know which anchoring action is the easiest and most effective for you personally, I also want to show you what to do when something from the physical world disturbs you like noises from your apartment or from the street. Such things can cause you to wake up from a no B prematurely. This can also happen sometimes when we try to focus too hard while out of body extreme focus can turn on the full wakeful functioning of the brain. So try to avoid that after we get some experience. This shouldn't give us any trouble. Though we were noted, the process of waking up has begun. When we begin to feel that we're being pulled back into our physical body, they may begin to feel our physical body. Our astro vision may fade, or we may begin to hear external noise. If you realize that the awakening has begun, it is time to do anchoring. Choose the kinesthetic techniques in such cases, touching astral objects or spinning, and you can try counting or doing the mantra. Meanwhile, for me personally, combining these techniques works best 23. Reality check for lucid dreaming - Recap from foundation course: practice during the day. Reality Jack this This isn't real. What is really how do you define? Really? If you repeat in activity many times during the day, we are likely to dream about it. Did that happen to you before we can take advantage of this to achieve lucid dreams? If you ask ourselves the question, Am I dreaming right now? If he paused during our day frequently enough to make a January in inquiry, sooner or later this question will show up in our dreams. For example, you could ask the question whenever you change your location, let's say when you cross the street or enter a building, he could look around. You check the environment and spend a moment by Look at objects and people around you. Question yourself. Why am I talking to this person right now? Is this realistic? Why am I doing this? Is this the right time for it? Does it make sense? What I'm seeing around me or a my in a dream spent half a minute January wandering. Think about whether it is realistic to be there. Try to recall how you go to the place where you are. Can you tell the time you're checking whether you are in reality or in a dream. Hence, this technique is called a reality check. This is the core technique for achieving lucid dreams for the foundation method. In the dream, it is difficult to answer such questions and also what things can happen. Frequent reality checks during the day. We lead to dreaming about doing a reality check inside the dream. And because our dreams are often strange in some way something you probably stand out and you will realize that you are dreaming you will become lucid. I suggest that you set a notification in your smartphone to remind you every hour to carry out the reality check and to do one whenever you remember. The classic way to do this technique is as follows. Whenever you do a reality check, look at your hands. Do something weird with them. For example, counter fingers or try to put your fingers for your palm. Counting is often difficult in regular dreams. You may not see clearly how many fingers you have at the same time. Do a self suggestion. If I'm looking at my hand, that means that I'm dreaming if you do this many times. Sooner or later you will dream about doing the same thing. And if you manage to put your fingers through your palm and you will realize that such fingers not possible therefore you will realize that you are in a dream on a side note. It is a classic way to look at our hands because it's simple and quick. However, you could use any significant object for that matter, like looking at a specific crystal that you associate with dreaming. Or you could imagine that your dog is talking to you, telling you that you are dreaming. Really, it's up to your imagination. 24. The laws of the astral realm: mastering the lows off the are through Ram in the Astra Room. The laws of physics work entirely differently. They don't have a physical body there, but we are used to having one, and thus we expect to move around in the same way. For example, if you rich to run in the astral world. But for some reason, we are unable to. In the beginning, he often tried to flex our muscles. They try to use strength. However, the energy body doesn't have muscles, so all they accomplished by straining ourselves is that our energy gets depleted. Additionally, focusing too much attention on muscle flexing directs our consciousness back into our physical body. Too much focus and straining can destabilize the out of body state, which can lead to involuntary awakening. The speed by which we learn to move and navigating the Astra Ram depends on how quickly we can wrap our minds around the fact that in this state we don't have a physical body and that every movement and action happens by us intending it. Remember, in the astral Ram you wish, and it is we can have the experience of having a physical body. It can feel like that. But ultimately we move around by wanting to do so by intending it. This takes practice. The mind has to accept that the lows have changed. Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? You think that's air? You're breathing now? So this is very similar in the astral world. The mind must believe in its own power to do something, and then it will be able to do it. We create by our thoughts. Your wish is my command says the asked to rum The quickest way to do anything better. We are talking about manifesting something or somebody movement, relocation, telekinesis. Accessing a memory and so on is to focus, visualize and intend. You probably have seen movies about visits. Very great visits do magic by using only their thoughts. Others we need crutches like incantation waving signs. Oh, hand gestures way Guardian Levy star Stop, stop, stop! These are all rituals. Crutches to express one's will, the reinforce thoughts and intention. It is exactly the same in the astral room. If you want to experience something, imagine what it would feel like. Build up your excitement. Build that feeling off the desired state action or manifestation. It is literally like accumulating the energy, which you can then release into Matty realization. You may use your feelings to increase your vibration. For example, you could start shouting positive things, which elevate your mood and that can also reshaped the ass for environment. For example, you can brighten up your surroundings. Sometimes it can help us to use hand gestures. Let's say we want something in front of us to go away. We can put our hand out in front of us and push the object with telekinesis. It is really our intention that they create the push. But the hand gesture can express this intention, which in turn makes us believe it more. That belief that positive expectation is what makes your intense strong enough to manifest . If you intend to create something and you have utter believe that you can do it. If you have determination and solid expectation that it will happen, then you will manifest it in an instant. I should say unwavering intention is power. Let's say we want a tree to emerge in front of us. Hold your intention in your mind. Picture it, visualize it, then give out. The command grew. If these methods turn out to be difficult, try the following crutch. Find the door or put your astro hand in front of your ass. Rise. Think of what you want to manifest thing, that when you open the door or and you take away your hands and what you wanted to be already there. This is an indirect technique, and it is a good trick to have on other things. Don't work for some reason. Why wouldn't they work? Because, first of all, it takes some time to get used to the Astro lows and to our own power. And second, as I said before, if we don't anchor properly than our consciousness can diminish, then we'll have less control and we will be more influenced by subconscious projections. All the crutches exist to allow yourself to believe in the power of your own mind. 25. Going through walls, movement, changing gravity: I will walk you through some astral lows. Now let's begin in motion. For example, In the astral world, there's a solid concrete wall in front of you. Let's say you walk up to it and you want to go through it. You touch it and you can feel that it is hard. It is solid material. Well, in the physical world, you know that it's impossible to pass through it. But in the ass world, your mind makes it real. Your mind makes it solid. If you're holding the expectation that it is impossible, solid matter as saying you cannot pass. Then the war behaves. As such, you won't be able to pass through it. Perhaps in some cases, straining yourself may achieve that. You fight your way through it. But this is draining your valuable energy. There is no need to strain ourselves. Your astral body has limited amount of energy and if you exhaust is, you will wake up similarly, as we only have certain amount of energy in our physical body which we replenished by eating and sleeping. This is actually very interesting. I like to think about increasing our astral energy as a quest almost like accumulation of a magical resource that we can use to consciously participate in the astral world. This is more of a mental energy, so it has to do more with our thoughts and emotions during the day and less with our physical fitness. If we meditate to mindfulness practices to reduce stress and worries, if we are committed to a lifestyle of positive thinking, that would be much more of this mental energy left in us. So half the body, healthy foods and mental clarity, emotional balance and introspection only to having more mental energy that we can use for an out of body exploration. Let's return to our wall example. You are standing in front of a solid wall, and if you think it's solid, you won't be able to pass through it. However, if you can make yourself believe that you have the power to do anything, then you can pass through it with these. It is that simple. Of course, making yourself believe can be tricky because you are used to physical perception, physical lows. So how do you make yourself believe? Well, the best scenario is that you can build your resolve before you go out of body. Remember your preliminary meditation to strengthen your resolve. If you can carry your solid intention and understanding of your power into the after room, then you will be able to do anything you have to let it all go. Neo fear doubt in disbelief free you're We can also use crutches. For example, Imagine that your energy bodies translucent. Imagine that you are ghostlike, or imagine that the wall is translucent. This supports you in believing in your ability to pass through it or touched the wall and remind yourself that there is no physical mattering that war that would stop you from passing through it. Remind yourself that it is made of energy with these in mind. Attempt to push your hand through it very slowly, very gently. Don't force it. You will feel the particles of the war passing through you. It's pretty cool if you try to force it. That intention contains in itself the fact that you believe that force is necessary because it is solid. This expectation itself makes the war behave as if it was solid. Everything is affected by your expectations. That is a load the ass room. Let me teach you another fun thing. You may also try the following step in front of a wall or a building. Imagine that gravity is not coming from below, but from the direction off the building. In the astral world, there is no gravity. He only have the experience of it because your mind expects it to exist because all your life you were exposed to gravity on Earth. So out of body you can have the experience that the gravity is the same, weaker or stronger. It's non existent or that it affect you from a different direction. Focus. Your mind. Intend gravity to affect you from the war's direction? Slowly put one foot on the war. Imagine that it sticks. Imagine the pulling force. Then, when you manage to stick your foot, step on the war with the other one as well. Keep looking up or at the wall, not at the ground. If you look down at the ground, your mind were. Think that it is there for gravity should come from because that's the ground. So ignore it. The war should become the new ground. If all goes well, you will be able to walk up the building. It's really fun, and it's really good practice for mastering the astral lows 26. How to teleport and relocate?: Let's discuss relocation Now again, the simplest ways to pause for a moment and remind yourself that you are in the Astor rum and everything happens by your thoughts and expectation. So you are going to basically real yourself to another location. Let's say you are in your room, observing your physical body from outside. If you decide that you want to go and see the pyramids interned that you are next to a pyramid, this intention must have strengthen it. It must have real power. You must believe that you can do it, but don't try to force it. Don't do this aggressively. Instead, trust the power of your mind. Surrender yourself to it. If you can visualize well, you can also hold the image of the pyramid in your mind. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And suddenly you will be there. Or you could put your hand out in front of you and conjure up a poor toe wormhole or anything similar. Create an opening in the space with the intention that on the other side there is your pyramid. Hold this expectation and step into the poor to believe in it, and you will be successful 27. How to fly?: how to fly in the ass through world flying is no harder feed than walking. It may seem difficult at first because we are used to the fact that in a wakeful life we can't fly and we carry this expectation with us into the astral rum. They must comments ourselves that now in here are capable of flying. If you can accept this as effect, like the same fact that you can walk, then you don't have to use any techniques at all the same way as your body begins to move by itself and you want to walk somewhere, you will be able to fly just in case. Let me give you some crutches for flying. Begin running and jump up a little. Keep running now jump up higher and again even higher. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the sky or on your destination. Don't pay attention to your feet at all. This way, you are tricking yourself a new energy body V lift off. You can also put your arm out in front of you and imagine that it is pulling you forward. This can also express you will your intent to fly and it generates movement usually pointing with your arm kind of gives you direction and momentum. You can imagine anything that can make you believe that you can fly, grow rings, manifest a flying car, put a jet pack on your back thing that your body's weightless and it floats upwards by itself. Jump down from something high and imagine that you turn into a bird. 28. How to transform and shapeshift?: Let's discuss transformations. Want to turn into your bird or anything else? This is another ability which is available to us in the ass. Through room you can shape shift into an animal, turning to an object. Grow extra body parts you can turn into the opposite sex. There is no limit, only your imagination. You do it by visualizing or intending it. As always, use your emotions. Let's say you wish to turn into a bear. Think of what would it feel like to be a bear? Assume that vibration, that feeling that the viewpoint, Imagine it, visualize it. Our thoughts materialize in the asked room. Virtually any method that expresses your intention we work. A strange, alternative way of transformation is when you split. Create a copia of yourself that's also interesting. You can experiment with this. For example, Try to climb out of your energy body or reach with your hand inside you and pull out a copy of yourself. Our options are endless. As soon as we learn to use our real or intention to manifest, we will understand that manifesting an entirely mountain requires equal effort as manifesting a small object in our palm 29. Manifestation and astral senses: Let's learn about manifesting people. Why do we want to do that? The reasons are endless. Right now, I'm speaking strictly about a personal character that is projected by our consciousness of virtual person, like a dream person more about spiritually encounters later. So in this sense, you could manifest the crowd and practice a presentation in front of them. You could manifest your mean boss and tell everything into their face. You feel better. You could talk to a deceased loved one. You could reach closure. You can access an old memory for therapeutic purposes. In terms of the outcome, the brain can't differentiate between a real event in the physical world and the virtual event in the afterwards. The emotions you feel I registered the same way. A lot of healing can happen this way because we can resolve past traumas. There is a difference in the intensity of Astra emotions and feelings compared to the physical world. For example, pain in the ass to world is reduced to just kind of the information of the pain. You know it's pain, but you don't feel the pain if you're feeling genuine pain than it probably comes from your physical body that can reach into energy body. It is very different with pleasure. Though colors, sounds, tastes all astro senses are amplified. You can see colors off frequencies beyond what the physical eyes can see. You can hear otherworldly melodies you can perceive from multiple perspectives at the same time. When one of my 1st 0 bees, I assumed the perspective of a books I could feel all six sides of me and I could see in all directions. Such perceptions really make you feel like you're in a higher dimension. 30. Astral sex and more manifestation tips: in the lucid, dreaming course, I promise that I will teach you how to set up your biggest sexual fantasy in the astral room. Now it's time to deliver. Astro sex is great, and you get to really explore yourself, but I think it should be done responsibly. Perhaps it is not wise to conjure up someone you know, definitely not on ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. You want to forget the intimacy you have in the Astor Rum activates the same centers of the brain as in normal life. It can fear so really intimate and very intense. You can even feel that you're in love, so you don't want to create an infatuation with the wrong person. Have sex with celebrity. Instead, you won't ever meet them anyway, so no side effects there. As I explained before, manifesting a person is the same as manifesting an object, a spell food all the same. So your step one is to think of the person. Imagine how she or he looks like try to be specific. Then you can also imagine how they're going to behave like romantic, reserved, flirtatious, sexual anything you prefer. Often this is enough, and the person will appear. If you're having trouble manifesting, somebody can think of a trick. A crutch. How can you convince your mind of your ability to manifest? Look in a room, turn around close and open your ass through eyes over the firm expectation that the person will be there. You can ask the us around to deliver this person to you. The next step is, well, it's up to you. If you take my advice, don't try to engage in anything before you have established a solid control of your energy body. Make sure you are in control. Make sure you have done anchoring and keep up the anchoring While action. I remember that my first obi sexual encounters were so intense that I woke up repeatedly, so first anchoring, then manifesting, then taking it slow and anchoring continuously. Additionally, here's a list of tips for you, depending on how far you want to explore your sexuality. Do it in zero gravity. Turn into the opposite sex. Do it with a fantasy character. The limit is only your imagination 31. Accessing information and memories: What else should we try in the out of body state? One of the things which is quite interesting is to ask the state to give you an experience . Say out loud. I asked the US to ram to show me something new or surreal or fantastic. You could try the following. I want to experience infinity. I want to experience the whole universe. I want to see atomic structures have want to time travel. I want to see heaven. You can find yourself in a surprising journey. For example, space itself can bend around you. You can move with the speed of light or travel through wormholes. Asked the state to show you higher dimensional music. You could activate and reliever memory, but this time you can also watch it as a movie. From an outside perspective. Access something you can't remember described what you want to remember. When did it happen? Where did it happen? Ask your subconscious mind to show it to you. Manifest the corrida In many doors on both sides and this corrida, there are labels on each door, each about a specific memory. Step in front of a door, right, or imagine the labor you want, voice or expectation. Your memory lies behind that door. An open it 32. Self-healing: out of body states and therapeutic uses. I think one of the most powerful and valuable purpose of an obese. How we can heal ourselves in the state. We can activate on memories and make changes to them. We can observe our actions or what we said at the time. We can identify irrational or maladaptive thoughts, generalizations, emotional reasoning and many other things. Hold on. Maybe you're thinking now you don't have irrational thoughts where we know it from psychology that 90% of the mind is made of off subconscious processes, stuff we have put in there since childhood. Things like, for example, we don't feel good enough to do something we want to do. Or we don't stand up to someone to protect our interest. Maybe we feel like we don't belong. Anxieties. So many limiting believes form in childhood, for example, when people didn't treat us the right way and the child's mind can make sense off others host I behavior as Children. We often conclude that it is as who were wrong. It is us who fat or behaved in a way which was inappropriate. It is virtually impossible for us to not have something that maybe we didn't interpret correctly. Maybe we formed an opinion or prejudice based on limited information. All current negative thoughts and feelings have deep roots in our subconscious mind. We all have defense mechanisms. We have judgment. Unless we are a perfectly enlightened being. Perhaps introspection. Getting to understand our subconscious processes is the major component of mindfulness practices and psychology. One can make their life so much more successful for just a little introspection we can find and get rid of limiting beliefs so we can then make a living from our passion. For example, imagine that you apartment represents your mind in an apartment. If something is not working as one expected to like the plumbing or electricity, people normally ask someone to come and fix it, or they try to find a way to cope with the situation. And then there are some things that even others con fix for us. What happens then? By doing research into psychology and practicing meditations, I began to get to know my apartment. I had to I had to create a menu and tools for myself. This manual consists of knowing defense mechanisms, the nature of limiting, believes, schemers motivational mechanics, the effects of mindfulness and, most importantly, how we can choose the thing certain thoughts to stop unwanted feelings and created desired feelings. I developed the way to change my vibration on demand. I told you all of this because I used this manual in my out of what he states to. This is how in psychology there are techniques like reframing. It is a way off viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives up. Psychologist normally does this to you by your awake, asking you to remember certain event. But in the OBE state, we can actually really even event therefore any self. Her practice can be taken to an epic level. There the emotions we go through our registered in the brain the same way as in wakeful life. So if we can give a positive meaning to an event in the OBE state where we can actually really even event, it will have multiple times higher effect than the reinterpreting an event simply mentally and wait for life. So if they reactivate a memory about a person who is behaving in an undesired way towards us, we can create a different outcome off that memory. For example, I activate a certain childhood memory in which my father is being mean to me. He tells me all kinds of bad stuff about me that even today influences my self esteem. I activate this memory. I am not looking at my dad and I am the same child this time, however rationally. No, the things he said. I'm not true. I cannot think of possible reasons about by my debt, said those things I can think about what negative situations may have led him to behave that way. What are his issues? That making behave such a way? I can realize that things he says has to do with his ignorance or his problems, not me. Then I think about the fact that he loves me. Despite his behavior. He just simply can't do better at this point in the OBE. Depending on your experience, you can engage in a more pleasant discussion, make peace and hug maybe in the original memory. You left the scene as a crying child. Now you can leave the scene as a child who has solved the conflict. Our memory can be anything abused, controlling stepping on our self esteem, invalidation and so on. We can step in. We get to finally speak our mind. The bath thought and emotional pattern which was created at the time of the abuse can be over written in such way so we can clear out blockages and accumulated stress or anger. You can do things that you would not do in real life normally, because you're afraid of the consequences or because the person is not alive anymore. You could gain closure. You could also apologize if you have heard someone for varied the rumors. It is perhaps best to work together with the therapist. There is so much potential for healing and re integrating our soul in an OBE. You can explore this without limits. As for me, I look at areas on my life which could be improved, and I search for underlying clues. If you're interested, I can give you the complete menu and all the tools which you can then apply new wait for life or in an OBE 33. Technological aids: The use of sounds, apps and masks: I have covered the most important things, and now it's time to give you some tips about technology and supplements. There are certain smartphone applications which track your sleep cycles. There are multiple dreaming faces, value sleep and waking up in the middle of one and attempting an OBE then can bring fast results. When you wake up in a dreaming phase, your brain is naturally relaxed and produces the feats of brain waves, which are conducive for a no. B when you fall asleep. In general, you enter a light sleep stage and over time he progressed deeper, an even deeper into deep sleep. After that, you come back gradually to light sleep and then you enter the dreaming stage. There are two main stages of sleep the ram or rapid eye movement sleep, in which dreaming stakes place, which accounts for 20 to 25% of our total sleep time. And there's the and ram or non rapid eye movement sleep. The Amram stage has freed distinctive sub stages is free, together with the dreaming stage. Total four stages, which together last around 90 minutes, which we repeat 4 to 5 times every night. If you wake up in the middle of deep sleep who are more likely to feel tired. If you wake up in the middle of the ram, sleep in the middle of a dream. You are very likely to remember your dream if you download such an application than in the evening. Set your phone to flight mode and put it under your pillow, and it will track your subtle movements during the night. It will attempt to map your sleep cycle in the next morning. You will be able to check at which points during your sleep value in the dreaming phase in the RAM phase. In the following night, you could wake yourself up in these ram phases or said the application to wake you up and attempt an OBE technique. Then there's a RAM phase in roughly every 90 minutes so you could attempt and obey this way multiple times in one single night. I highly recommend trying this night training even without the smart phone app, it can bring great results. So wake up after each period of 90 minutes of sleep. You can either do the Intention generation technique for 15 minutes and go back to sleeve to achieve a lucid dream or you could do your OBE technique. This is good, awake back to bad method and by the way, I have covered sleep cycles in detail. In the lucid dreaming course, there are Elektronik eye masks which were created for the purpose of lucid dreaming these work by trying to work out the time and you are in the ram face and then their flesh tiny lights onto your eyelids. This serves the purpose that if you are dreaming than the dream environment, can notice this flesh in some way. You won't necessarily see lights in the dream, but you you see some kind of intervention. If you prepare yourself to recognize that this change means that you are in the dream, then it can help you to realize that you're dreaming. From that moment you're having a lucid dream Dysfunctions like an artificially created reality check. The timing and intensity of these lights are customized. If they are too bright for your personal tolerance, they will wake you up completely. If they are too dim, they won't penetrate your dream world. There are conflicting opinions about these I mosques. They can probably help some people But my opinion is that regular practice of meditation is a way better to his mask, cost a few $100 are available online. Another tool is the Brainwave Audio's. Now this is something worth considering these air specific music or sounds, which can influence our brain babes. The 1st 1 is the Silkwood by neural beads, which we can listen to it had phones. It plays to separate frequencies into each air. This causes the brain to tune itself to compensate for the difference between the two sounds by creating an internal frequency. For example, do you play 100 and 30 heart in the left ear and 100 36 hurt in there right there and the brain were tune. It's after six herds, which is the feet of frequency associated with O. B. E's. With these oh Dios, we can assist the brain to enter deep relaxation and even meditation will states. The alternative version is the so called Isa chronic tones, which you can listen with speakers. You don't need headphones, isil, chronic tones play even this based poses off a single tone. As before, the brain opportunites have stood this frequency. I think It's a rough trying, brainwave ordeals because, first of all, what? They are free and there are smartphone naps, too. Oh, do. I can't say how much they exactly contribute to reaching an OBE. Perhaps they are better for lucid dreaming or helping to relax and meditate. This is probably a tool that affect each person differently. 34. Powerful dream herbs and supplements: supplement. Before I begin to talk about any kind of supplements, I must emphasize that any supplementation should be done at your own discretion. It is your responsibility. There are many drugs which can lead to older states of consciousness. My opinion is that drugs put us into such states artificially. It is not us who is controlling the situation, but it is the drug that determines what we experience. I think that this effect is exact opposite of what the out of body journey should be about when we awaken our ability to interact with our consciousness. Outside the physical body, we are developing our control, our power. Instead of unconscious dreams, it consciously explored the astral world. Drugs can have dangerous side effects, but meditation on Lee has benefits. On the other hand, there are legal herbal supplements which can assist you but achieving an OBE. Some offer make it easier to remember our dreams. Some of them make out dreams more vivid, and there are even some which make it easier to sense the vibrating stage by meditation and thus make it easier to separate from the body. My firm opinion is that these ones can assist our training. I have tried a few of these, and I must say that in themselves, none of them were give, you know be They don't replace the training, but they can greatly emphasize its effect. Some of them also assist with cognitive functioning, so we can stay more self aware in the Astor World. Or we can stay there longer or we can see more clearly he can remember better to do anchoring and reality checks. If you search online, you can find a lot of lucid dreaming supplements. The availability of such products have skyrocketed lately. There were not so many options when I began my OBE training. I'm going to give you a summary of these dream herbs and their effect to suppress the REM sleep and to increase dream intensity. Why should we suppress REM sleep? Because it is essential for the brain. So if we suppress it for a few hours by taking a substance than the brain will make up for it by producing much more RAM State in the early morning, which means more theater waves for us when we do our obi techniques, what can we use for this purpose? Nicotine Kallias a Qatari Cici Melatonin trip to fund and five htp. This method is called the REM rebound Effect, and I don't use it personally. If you want to achieve the rebound effect, you should take these supplements before going to sleep. More RAM state and heightened alertness gallon to mean, which is red spider lily extract supers in a, which is the Chinese club most extract. How do they work in the brain? There is a natural neurotransmitter called ass. It'd Colin, which is involved in cognitive performance and memory. We get it from food. These substances stop calling from breaking down. Additionally, we can take extra cooling as a dietary supplement. Recently gallon to mean has seen a competent called Hubers in a. The opinions about these are mixed. Some report that they provide equal results. Some report that Gallanter mean remains superior. I also know that in some countries, gallant amine is now prescription only, so that could also contribute to the fact that you person is becoming popular. Both gave me great results, but I'd stick to guarantee mean carriers like a teacher is a dream herb that it has been scientifically shown to increase dream recall dream, intensity and hypno go get imagery. I personally haven't tried this fun. There are some herbs traditionally used by shamans like Mug word Blue Lotus, Cillian ca pensees Again. I haven't tried these ones. I know many of you have been waiting for this, So let's hear my favorite combination of supplements gallon to mean and cooling. What, even more important is how much invented take them. The idea combination is four milligrams of guarantee mean taken together with 400 milligrams of calling. I found that increasing the dosage does not increase the results, which seems to be consistent with what others say. Here's how you should take it. Go to bed relatively early. Sleep 4 to 6 hours again. For me, the right time is five hours, 20 minutes. Maximum. Wake up. Take the supplement than sitting meditation for 20 minutes, strengthening your intent and resolve as I have explained earlier than 20 minutes. Lying meditation. Relax ation and emptying your mind. After this time, the effect of the supplement begins to kick in. It will greatly amplified the vibrating, all the hype McGavick state, and it boosts your self awareness while out of body to be honest. The results are amazing, but again, you must be able to get into highly relaxed state. The supplement is not a replacement for your meditation training. Also, the body can build a tolerance to get into mean so we should wait three days in between each use of it. I have a friend with over 40 years of a lucid dreaming experience, and he says that simple old coffee does the job as well. Take in the same way. Wake up, drink some, then begin your meditation. 35. How to stop an OBE instantly?: how to stop on out of body experience. You can wake up from a no. B any time you just have to intend it. Or if that doesn't work for some reason, you can shake yourself awake, do a strong whole body shaking the ass world while holding the intention that it is your physical body which is shaking. This transfers your bannister, your physical body it will shake and you will awake. 36. What is sleep paralysis?: sleep paralysis some people go through are very interesting and sometimes scary experience called sleep paralysis. It can be scary because one might find themselves lying in bed, unable to move yet awake. Hallucinations may also occur. A few things may coarsely paralysis, such as sleep deprivation, drug use, psychological reasons. Or it may happen randomly if you ever have such an experience. First of all, do not worry. There is a simple way to get out off sleep paralysis. Here's what you need to know about it when we are in R E. M. Sleep The dreaming phase There are free things turned on in the brain which are relevant for us now. One. The brain is creating the dream imagery. It is called cortical activation to our physical senses. Shut down. This is gold, sensory brocade and free. The brain sends signals to the spinal cord to enter muscular apparatuses. This happens to stop us from acting out our dreams physically. In rare cases, when we wake up, it can happen that our senses awaken the dreaming stops. Yet the muscular paralysis remains a safe reversed. You're dreaming. We could say that the brain gets confused if this happens, we can find ourselves awake and unable to move. The only two parts of the body we can move are the eyes and the respiratory system. Sometimes we can even feel pressure on the chest because off this and vita hallucinations, why do people report seeing scary things at this point? Because the muscular paralysis somehow stayed on the brain is trying to understand by distill on it is trying to make sense of it, and it things that he should be still dreaming. So it begins to project images now cortical activation. Muscular paralysis are turned on, but not sensory blockade. That means that now we are awake, not just unable to move, but we're also seeing things. This is called psychotic hallucination. I have said before that feelings materialized in the dream as images and lying in bed, unable to move. We can get scared, and the brain makes associations and expresses your affairs and image. For example, a demon in your room. At this point, the subconscious is active, which can lead to fervor, hallucinations. If you want to break the sleep paralysis, all you need to do is focus on your breath, do long exhalations and relax. The paralysis will automatically stop and you were very cup. Having said that, sleep paralysis can be a great catalyst for a lucid dream. Rather than focusing on the breath, focus and the images you see, focus on the hallucinations. This withdraw your body into a full dreaming state and because you are also wake, there you go. You're having a free, lucid dream. 37. Spiritual journeys and Metaphysics part 1: And now let's discuss the big spiritual questions. I'm really leaving our bodies. It's certainly fear. So the asteroid encounters are truly fantastic. An older spiritual literature supported. But if someone is a skeptic, how can they be sure that it isn't a special dream? What did you just do? Me? I pushed your astral form out of your physical form. Us in the teeth psilocybin LSD, just with a little honey. After my first obese, I was really determined to find out. So I began searching for answers I read as a dory books. I haven't met Masters in the West and in the East, but I also began to look at neuro science and physics. There are many books on the topic, one of my favorite ease. Quantum enigma physics encounters consciousness. I really recommend reading that book. If you look deep enough into the fabric of matter, we find that the particles actually have a June nature. The exhibit two opposing qualities one off the nature's is that the particle is a physical object. We are able to grasp it, and we can perceive its location. The other quality is that it's known physical. It is wave like, for example, light or sound where you can't locate where the particles you can't hold it, so to speak. What's really interesting that if we observe a tiny particle like a photo in the lab, whether recede as a tangible physical object or a spread out wave of energy dependent how we measure it? The quantum experiments showed different resorts because the act of observing a particle causes it to behave differently. The many decade long research shows that as long as we don't look closely at a subatomic particle, as long as we don't try to measure it, it only exists as a potentiality, not as physical matter. The particles exist in a field of potential, something that doesn't exist yet. Scientists don't know where this field is or what it is. They call it zero point field. Apparently, everything in the universe is connected to this field. If you're interested in how the mind manifest a physical particle, you could take a look at this few minute video, which is the best demonstration I know so far, I'd like to emphasize that this is not philosophy or metaphysics. This is actual official quantum physics 38. The power of the mind - Double slit experiment: does the mind creates reality being famous. Double slit experiment. The experiment in the next video clip has shocked the whole scientific community. Not even scientists understand the results. It is pretty mind boggling. I definitely had to watch it more than a few times to wrap my mind around effects. Understand this experiment way first, need to see how particles or little balls of matter if we randomly shoot a small object, say, a marble at the screen way see a pattern on the back wall where they went through the slip and hit. Now, if we add a second slit way would expect to see a second band duplicated to the right. Now let's look at waves. The waves hit the slit and radiate out. Striking the back wall with the most intensity directly in line with the slip line of brightness on the back screen shows that intensity. This is similar to the line of the marbles make. When we add the second slip. Something different happens. If the top of one wave meets the bottom of another wave, they cancel each other out. So now there is an interference pattern on the back wall, places where the two Topps meat are the highest intensity, bright lines and where they cancel there is nothing. So when we throw things that is matter through two slits way. Get this two bands of hits and with waves we get an interference pattern off many bands. Good So far. Now let's go. Quantum. Yeah, Electron is a tiny, tiny bit of matter, like a tiny marble. Let's fire a stream through one slit. It behaves just like the marble single band. So way shoot these tiny bits through two slits Way should get like the marbles. Two bands. What an interference pattern. We fired electrons, tiny bits of matter through, but we get a pattern like waves, not like little marbles. How? How could pieces of matter create an interference pattern like a wave? It doesn't make sense a lot. Physicists or clever, they thought. Maybe those little balls are bouncing off each other and creating that pattern so they assigned to shoot electrons through one of the time. There is no way they could interfere with each other, but after an hour of this, the same interference pattern seemed to emerge. The conclusion is inescapable. Single electron leaves as a particle becomes a wave of potentials, goes through both slits and interferes with itself to get the wall like a particle. But mathematically, it's even stranger. It goes through both slits and it goes through neither, and it goes through just one, and it goes through just the other. All of these possibilities are in superposition with each other, but physicists were completely baffled by this, so they decided to pee and see which slit actually goes through. They put a measuring device by one slip, see which one it went through and let it fly. But the quantum world is far more mysterious than they could have imagined. When they observed, electron went back to behaving like a little marble. It produced a pattern of two bands, not an interference pattern of many. The very act of measuring or observing which slit it went through meant it only went through one. Not both the electron decided toe act differently, so it was aware it was being watched. It was here that physicists stepped forever into the strange never world of quantum events . What is matter? Marbles or waves and waves of what and what does observer have to do with any of this. The observer collapsed the wave function simply by observing. When did you think bizarre to summarize the experiment? Every piece off matter, including the sows in you and me and the chair you're sitting on are both a tangible piece of matter on the spread out wave off potential energy. The physical reality of a particle depends on how we choose to look at it. Of course, about big objects like you and me, it is impossible to demonstrate this yet. We're made off those same particles. What's even more fascinating? That's according to a study again published in Nature. The greater the amount of observation, the greater the influence on how the particles behave in the experiment. It is incredible that are potential knowledge of the outcome changes how the particles behave. Can we change the past? This fact is even better explained by a variation of the double slit experiment called Delayed Choice, or Quantum a Razor, which is even more mind boggling, showing that our knowledge of the outcome actually changes the past off the particle. If you're interested, you can check out this video explanation about it. The Observer collapsed the wave function simply by observing. However, the double whole experiments, mind boggling conclusions don't end there. In recent years, technology has allowed scientists to perform a fascinating variation of the test. Its results call into question our perception of time itself. This is like a high tech version of the double whole experiment. Electrons air being fired toward a barrier with two holes in it. But the scientists can delay their decision about whether to observe the electrons until after they've passed through the holes. But before they hit the screen, it says, though, I'm on the baseball field and there's a baseball being pitched toward the barrier with the holes in it. But my eyes were closed, so it goes through and it behaves like a wave. But then, at the last second, before it hits the screen, I open my eyes and decide to observe it. At that moment, the electrons, in essence, become particles and seemingly always were particles from the time they left the electron gun. So it's a zoo, though they went back in time to before they went through the holes and decided to go through one or the other, not through both as they would have had they been behaving like waves. That's really crazy. That's the signal that our choice of what experiment to do determines the prior stay of the electron somehow or other. We've had an influence on it, which appears to travel backwards in time. If you've watched the video while crazy, isn't it? Now? I really don't want to make conclusions. But did you hear about the Buddhist saying that reality exists where the mind creates focus ? That's rap of this topic is what John Wheeler said, a very important physicist who coined the terms black hole and wormhole, useful as it is under everyday circumstances, to say that the world exists out there independent of us that you can no longer be up had. There is a strange sense in Rich. This is a participate every universe. 39. Shamanistic dreaming & Metaphysics part 2: so in the experiment. As long as there isn't a person who would close a look at the particle, it kind of exists in a different reality. As some kind of potential, this phenomenon raises many questions like various. This other reality they see of potential energy is it may be a different dimension from which this potential energy comes down into the physical reality. And scientists don't know what all of this has to do with our mind. There is no separation of consciousness from physical matter. His experiments also show that the particle can mean multiple places at the same time. What does this tell us about our reality? What does this have to do with our mind? And O. B E's scientists also know that in the universe or matter is energy. If you look deep enough into any matter, we would only find vibrating strings of energy in physics of one off the leading moderate. The superstring theory, which says that in the universe there are at least 10 dimensions. The newest studies confirm that the universe is a hologram. Some kind of projection science explains the fact that potential energy can be many places at once in the parallel worlds theory. The truth is that the deeper the quantum research, the less probably becomes that our universe is material, As scientists thought before in the subatomic world, to get to peek into higher dimensions, we find proof of the power of our consciousness toe effect matter. And sooner or later we will have to draw some conclusions from this if we compare this scientific worldview with thousands of years old Buddhism, shamanism and other philosophies, and what we find is that the statements off science and philosophy are not really different . According to spiritual philosophies, everything is vibrating energy. And they say that if we can elevate our vibration to a higher level, then we will be able to look into higher dimensions or even enter the next dimension up is the energetic version off our physical dimension like a blueprint for a house. If we make changes to this blueprint without consciousness than sooner or later, this change will take effect in our physical dimension. If he compared his worldview with quantum physics, where we have seen a due to the effect of the mind, the potential energy turns into your physical particle, we must admit that there is a certain accord sameness. So according to such philosophies, when we learn to elevate our consciousness, when we learn to control our mind, to the extent that we can go out of body, then we reached the border line between the two dimensions. Then they reached a gate to a higher dimension. It is interesting in Buddhism, Hinduism, African and South American shamanism. The old Egyptian philosophies, the Mayan all talk about the same things, yet they are located in completely different parts of the world. All of these features office have their own, somewhat similar out of body techniques. There are Buddhist visualization of syllables and colors and chakras. India and Kundalini yoga, shamanic assembly, point yoga. All of them say that we are not locked into physical reality, and if it can awakening our dreams, we will know that we are beyond physical and there is a higher level tow us. I'd recommend using the techniques that I have shown you in this course. Silencing the mind is the common method in all of the traditions to finish. I would like to mention a few things about shamanism just to demonstrate how important our intention and resolve is when we're working with the mind. Shamanism says that living beings have a so called assembly point within their consciousness and this assembly point, our energy fibers connect, and the location of this assembly point determines how we perceive reality. It is the shift in the assembly points location that leads to entering altered states of consciousness. So when we go out of body, the assembly point has shifted into a new location. If we can fix it in that location, we will be able to explore the Astra Ram freely without losing awareness. Remember that I have told you about the importance of anchoring via out of body. I told you that we have to anchor our consciousness to the energy body if you want to keep our self awareness file out of body. But they found in my hostel journeys perfectly matches what shamanism says. You have to bind your consciousness or assembly point to the energy body. The first level of this is lucid dreaming, and the second is an out of body experience. According to shamanism, there are specifications of dreaming specifically levels and then higher level with we can enter other people's dreams, observe the physical reality from our astral body and even visit other worlds. Shamanism says that it is the extent of the dreamers in a power which determines whether they can anchor their assembly point. I'm going to list those qualities which result in this inner power. Unwavering intention, inner silence so berry tea, light indifference, emotional balance, lack of judgment and the natural and deep willingness to investigate and to introspect. 40. Buddhist dream yoga: the point of dream yoga is not only to control our dreams but to control our minds both in the dream and in the wakeful life. Until he transformed the unconscious elements of our life, they will continue to control our conscious life by gaining mastery over our mind. We become fearless in the midst off uncertainty in our life challenges, and eventually we can eliminate them. This is a kind off psychological mastery, but Buddhist dream yoga goes beyond this. According to Buddhism. Fear is the primordial emotion of some Sarah that continues rebirth into the world of forms into duality and the creation of karma and suffering. And if we can conquer fear, we can vanquish some sorrow. So in Buddhist philosophy, gaining mastery over the mind means gaining mastery over the world as we reach higher and higher levels in lucid, dreaming, regain increased amount of control and choice. Dream Yoga takes this newfound choice and awareness and uses it to change the content off the dream, the images, the characters and emotions in one word, the mental forms, in order to realize how malleable, temporary and constantly changing the world of forms is dream. Yoga is about developing their realization that the physical world is also a world of forms . Experiences are temporary. Our versions are mayor, thought forms and physical things are impermanent too. This subtle work leads to the recognition of the illusory nature of the world of duality for reaching the clear, light, mind and eventually enlightenment. The ability to become lucid and to maintain the lucidity are the prerequisites of dream yoga practices. Once a person masters the skills which are covered in this course, they have successfully laid the foundations for dream yoga. Those of you who wish to begin dream yoga, please get in touch via my website. 41. Lucid dreaming in Buddhism: thank you for listening to my astral projection training course. I am confident that if you follow my guidelines and practice for dedication, you will achieve this unique spiritual experience. I know for effect that joining a community to share our progress can greatly amplify our results. For this reason, I have created a Facebook group and I would encourage you to join. I'm also eager to hear about which techniques work for you the most. In this course I touched on mindfulness and the influence of our subconscious Briefly. If you'd like to explore core beliefs, the brains, defense and motivational mechanisms, how to change habits, CBT, neuro plasticity and shadow work my core scored I am in control could be off interest to you. I am pleased to say that discourse is also part of, you know me business which is a selection of 3% of all courses chosen for their quality. If you're interested in my in depth philosophical comparison of spiritual and scientific ideas, I investigate the concepts of manifestation the power of our mind, comma the love attraction, higher self synchronicity ease in my course called what is consciousness? Thank you again for completing the program. It means a lot to me. And I truly want each and every one of you to know what it feels like to interact in a non physical ram, whether you approach it US astral projection, out of body experience or Lucy dreaming. So I wish you good luck. And I'm looking forward to seeing all of your massive resorts. 42. Buddhist dream yoga: Lucy dreaming in Buddhism on My travels to India had the chance to go to McCloud guns the town where the Dalai Lama lives. It is a truly beautiful place in the mountains, with lots of Tibetans and monks. I've had several conversations with the locals there, and I was really lucky because high ranking Lama invited me to have tea with him. We simply began talking on the street. I love these encounters. As it turned out, he was a follower off the card you linage of the country on a path which also encompasses the esoteric and 10 trick path of Buddhism. I was really happy about this because this lineage also represents the secret yoga's that six yoga's off Europa, which are part of the advanced practices and meditations in Tibetan Buddhism. You may have guessed that dream you're got lucid Dreaming is one of these six practices. The Lama had to assistance with him, a Western woman who was helping with translation and his secretary. I have expressed my interest in dream. Jurgens talked about my past. It's a lucid dreamer. On about my previous experiences with Adriana Buddhism in Europe, I have inquired what would be the way of receiving teachings about the high yoga's, especially about dream yoga, and we entered a very long and interesting conversation. I came to understand that seeking such training in the traditional setting is no small feat . First of all, one must complete a preliminary practice called in andro. These consists of five steps. The 1st 1 is a set of initiations performed by llamas and the performance of 100,000 frustrations. The second step is the accomplishment of a set off. Certain virtues, like unconditional love and compassion, called the cultivation Off. Would a Cheetah. A successful nous of this is determined by the guiding llama. The first step is the recitation of the 100 syllable mantra 100,000 times. The fourth step is carrying out 100,000 mandala offerings, and the final step is the guru. Yoga meditation again carried out 100,000 times, 111,111 times to be precise. Now, doing all of these can take years to accomplish. The translator, who was also a disciple of the llama, told me that she had been traveling with the llama for three years and a Lama has not given her instructions yet to begin even the preliminary practices. And 1 may only begin the Tantric Yoga's. The six year was of No Europa. After completing the five step preliminary practice, the Nandralone, the six yoga's, has to be mastered in order, each taking potentially years to do and dream your guys the fourth in the progression, as you can see if one wants to excess lucid dreaming in the traditional way. It may take years, decades, if not a lifetime together. This fact made me think of how lucky we are in the West, where we have access to such teachings, and it also signifies the importance of lucid dreaming in spiritual progression. There's one of the highest practices in Buddhism toward only to a select few. So when you hear that lucid dreaming opens up whole new words and gives a more expanded perception of life, remind yourself off the awesome less of it 43. Conclusion: thank you for listening to my astral projection training course. I am confident that if you follow my guidelines and practice for dedication, you will achieve this unique spiritual experience. I know for effect that joining a community to share our progress can greatly amplify our results. For this reason, I have created a Facebook group and I would encourage you to join. I'm also eager to hear about which techniques work for you the most. In this course I touched on mindfulness and the influence of our subconscious Briefly. If you'd like to explore core beliefs, the brains, defense and motivational mechanisms, how to change habits, CBT, neuro plasticity and shadow work my core scored I am in control could be off interest to you. I am pleased to say that discourse is also part of, you know me business which is a selection of 3% of all courses chosen for their quality. If you're interested in my in depth philosophical comparison of spiritual and scientific ideas, I investigate the concepts of manifestation the power of our mind, comma the love attraction, higher self synchronicity ease in my course called what is consciousness? Thank you again for completing the program. It means a lot to me. And I truly want each and every one of you to know what it feels like to interact in a non physical ram, whether you approach it US astral projection, out of body experience or Lucy dreaming. So I wish you good luck. And I'm looking forward to seeing all of your massive resorts.