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Advanced Guide to Livestreaming (OBS, SLOBS)

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Livestreaming

    • 2. Which Streaming Software You Need To Use?!

    • 3. Alerts

    • 4. Streaming on Multiple Platforms at Once

    • 5. Multi-Platform Chat

    • 6. Mandatory Scenes

    • 7. Controlling The Stream

    • 8. Advanced Layouts

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello there, Nick here.

In this course, you will learn more advanced features, tips, and tricks of Livestreming (mainly using OBS and SLOBS).

In this course You Will Learn:

  • Which Streaming Software You Need to Use;

  • How to Use Alerts;

  • How to Stream and Chat on Multiple Platforms at Once;

  • Mandatory Scenes;

  • Controlling Your Stream;

  • Advanced Layouts;

  • and Many More!

This course is made for Intermediate to Advanced users of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). For complete beginner users, other courses are available as well.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction to Livestreaming: Hello and welcome to our advanced Ah, live streaming course. My name is Nick Nickson, and I will be your instructor for this course what this course is all about. This is the course for at advanced last trimmer stress drama school. Wants to learn more in depth. Ah, things about last drink. I assume that you already know some things about life dreaming. You know what Obi s is, you know, a stream lap. So Bs is I assume that you have done at least some off life trimming or recording using the software, and you have some ideas what actual after me is or stream keys are etcetera, etcetera. This is the things that are very basic about live streaming. And I assume that you already know all those things. You If you don't know, I highly, highly, highly recommend to go through the other. Last time, of course, is that I have which are made for the complete beginners because we are not going to go through a very basic stuff here, and we're going to go a bit more advanced. So I assume that you already understand some stuff here. So what we're gonna learn in this course, So we're gonna learn Ah, which streaming softer is the best for you. Ah, water alerts and how you can use different alerted what different services that provides you with alerts how we can stream on multiple platforms all at once. Ah, we're going to go through the scenes that you need to create, like, specific scenes that you need while a live streaming. We're gonna go through the layout off the specifics they've seen. So what different layouts you can and you should use. We're gonna go through the chat, and mainly we're gonna go through the unified chat off. The different last year in services were so meaning that if you are dreaming or a with same platform, the different platforms, you would have this one single Chad, and we're gonna go through with stream control so it can actually sit down stream ah, controllers from and all the difference other stuff that we're gonna go through a discourse . So this is will be pretty advanced stuff. And after finishing this court, you I'm pretty sure you will be more than ready to tackle more advanced stuff again. I presume that you already know some things about dreaming about from left will be s about regular Bs studio and some stuff how you maybe have done some streaming or, you know, actually, how it is done. So I hope that you will enjoy this course. And if you're not enrolled, that I hope that you enroll for the scores and, Ah, without further ado, let's get to the first lecture I'm going to see there. 2. Which Streaming Software You Need To Use?!: so hello again and welcome to our first lecture of the course. Congratulations on enrolling and just let's get to It's the first thing that will need to talk about is which streaming software you need to use. So will it be so we're here. We have, like, three options, kind of too. But let's say that there three because some people are confusing third as a separate software. So first is they're all b s press exert their over bs. They're different car parts kinds of O B s First is ah, let me just show you my screen so you would see exactly what I'm talking about. So first is regular O. B s studio, which is like, stripped down like normal version off all bs that everyone are using Look very basic. Uh oh. Bs that are many people are using Second is ah from labs O B s, which is an O. B. S made for made by stream laps, which is recently was ah are acquired by Logitech And the third is O Bs alive. Not third, like 2.5 is O. B s ally. Why, this is 2.5. I'm going to talk right in this electric all this life which is made by stream elements. So first things first, let's talk about who are all of this softer are for actual choke. Talked about this in my room left o B s core. So I'm gonna just recap everything that I talked about. They're so it depends on how advanced you are and what type of different services you use. So if you are very, very beginner, if you're like complete movie, which I presume that you are not already that mobile studio is the best software, but not only for them. If you're complete newbie, though, uh, the obeah studio is the best because it's the simplest one to learn. Its simplest want to set up, and this is the lightest one of them all. It is light, and it is very easy to use and does not require a very, very powerful computer to run. It is, which is extremely good. If you're more more an intermediate user or advanced user. Obeah studio is still fine. It's still good. But if you're more intermediate user, I would say the stream labs O. B s will be the best choice for you unless you're using any other alerts or some different services. Downstream. Lapse. If you're just Romell, a mints venture less obvious will not be good for you. Then the regular obvious will be good if you use extreme labs and your intermediate like intermediate user who have done like, let's say you have done it list maybe 10 hours of life dreaming. Let's talk about these people that have done this 10 hour of life dreaming and it is around like 30 5800 maybe. Ah, follower range Or let's say, like concurred, ignores the people who are having, like around up to 50 concurrent viewers on their life dreams. Let's say something like that. It is the medium intermediate used, like have 10 to 50 is like, let's call them in intermediate users. And if you're using stream laps, which is the great service, which we're gonna talk about in alerts Ah, and layouts as well this room have so Bs is the great. However, however stream lap Sobieski runs a lot of things at the same time, including regular RBS, which is basis after maps, RBS and their skins on the top, and this themes and the different different things that they have in their softer and their bought as well. A lot of different things are running on stream lapse of yes, and for that reason, it is making stream laps phobias far for heavier thing to run than the regular Bs comparing the my computer that that is a pretty average computer not extremely powerful but not extremely weak as well. Outside it was like Powell really powerful computer in 2014 maybe 2015 powerful computer there, but now, with pretty fairly average eat. If you go and see the Ram usage, which which I compare here, why, while I using the stripped down like regular version off yes, without any plug ins without anything else but with the same themes as Drew maps or Bs or everything is the same scene, sort of. The same themes are the same. Everything is the same, except, ah, while it's just running off. So soon lapse, Alexis, etcetera, etcetera. It's accepted O. B s versus turn left obvious. O. B. S was using 300 megabytes off rap. That's it. While stream Labs O. B s is using what was using 1600 like one. Give one more than 1.5 gigabytes of memory. See how heavy it is? One difference between them was that the regular BS is not. It didn't have ah, but quite cloud bottle for the stream lab. So Bs running, that's it. But Cloud part is not running on one gigabyte of memory, So imagine how big of a difference is this. If you have a powerful computer, the difference will be negligible but still plus a stream lap. So Bs is more buggy. Version off regular of yes, because of the regular Bs is getting updated faster than string, less obvious. So stream left. Soviets can run worse on your computer, while O bs can run better. So we will have far less skipped frames or Mr Ames or lacked frames and will be s while you have mawr onstream lapse of yes. So I suggest to used to love Mobius aie in under three conditions. First, you're the user off the stream laps services like everything that string last is providing alerts, maybe themes or whatever they have, including the. But if you're using those by Omi's well, this is the first thing. Second, if you're intermediate user and you understand Ah, what the layouts are what the chats are what seems you're setting up, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Then you can go with this as well. And third is well, you have a pretty powerful computer to run this under these three conditions conditions. If all these three conditions are met, then by all means go and ustream leftover. Yes. If any of those are not mad, then I would not suggest using this. One thing that can be variable is the 2nd 1 to the amount of followers. You can go with far more followers with this one, but I believe I strongly believe that you have a lot of followers. You will probably use something of different because you would want to have more flexibility for more than 50 concurred viewers. You're probably very advanced, dreamer, and you want to use some of the things that stream lapse that cannot provide or you just don't want to allocate this man Resource is our dream lab. So you just cannot afford to have a lag a stream or you cannot afford to have bucks during your lifetime. You know, you basically you want like something more powerful or like have the plug ins that's room up. So be it does not have etcetera, etcetera. Then you would want tohave a regular up. Yes. Now let's talk about the third thing, which is O. B. S alive Moebius lives. A lot of people actually thought I was amazed at a lot. A lot. A lot of people started O B s live was the third software by your bs. Third major software at at at least which is not obvious, life is not separate. Softer, obvious live is actually a plug in off O. B s studio. So if you're using go be a studio, you can use obese live as well. So what is obvious? Live and who is it for? Well, it provides you some advanced features that is actually built in the stream lap. So bs doctor, like a activity fee like which shows you ah ho followed you who subscribed to you? Who gave you bid So give you donations, etcetera, etcetera. It has built in chat which stream labs O. B s has already and which, actually, uh, the regular RBS can have docked as well, which is really good. Think before before the version 24. But I think before the 23 was not available. Still, it obeah still has that, but it depends on the different. Ah, software may be different streaming services that you have like it has the buildings after with YouTube and twitch, but I have never used anything else. So don't quote me on that. Maybe they don't have on some some of the service you might use. Plus, it has the streaming controls inside, like media control, etcetera, etcetera, different stuff that stream elements provide. Dream element is other like alerts Ah, provider for you and alerted Leon Support, by the way, provided for you like something like a stream like like it's a competitive to the stream laps. If you're using stream elements first, then having a obvious live is kind of mandatory for you because it allows it expands your obvious studio into something like to the O. B s strewn lap, so bs range. So if you have an O. B s studio and stream laps on a stream, Elokobi, it's live together. You have, like, something really close to stream live so bs, and you can use both of those, while being something like every strange, like up to 50 concurrent er's up to the really powerful, like 50 plus conquer. And you're so if your average to advance and you're using stream elements, then by all means, you can use O. B s life, Andy, for advanced. Yeah, go for the Olbia studio. And if you're using again with obvious life over the stream elements add obvious live as well. So this is how you need to do if you're using a neither obvious alive over extreme elements or stream lapse or if you're using stream stream laps and you are like powerful user 50 plus, then go with O P. S t Don't go with strong lapse of Yes, Just don't The softer is not there yet. It may be in the future years, but still it is not Ah, that good. Plus, I pod prefer the obi s live sport. The stream elements bought farm or than the stream stream last. But one of the biggest differences between those two parts that you might find really useful is that the stream laps bought the cloud but is very powerful on YouTube. Probably the best spot for YouTube live but on torture. The extreme elements is just killing it through elements. But it is killing the cloud. But like all day, every day, which is extremely ah, powerful bought or for the stream elements. So again, go where we're gonna go through all of these If you're very beginner, like 10 minus concurrent viewers go with a B a studio, If you are. If you meet three conditions that counted would slops the stream lab. So Bs go with real S O. B s. If you're using extreme elements and you're a medium, your go with obvious life plus obeah studio. If you're advanced user and using maybe stream laps, then go without just obvious studio. And if you're using stream elements, go with obvious life as well. Plus so why did I say what did not say anything about the other stream accepted on the expert, for example, I don't like exploit. Actually, I used it in the past and didn't like it. I feel like oh, Bs is far easier software farm or intuitive and have far more integrations that exploit does and all the other streaming software, including probably the shadow players well, this you I don't know if anyone streets shadow play, but I I don't I was doing this in the past, but with the the scenes and sources off, though, bs it is far better to d to disconcerted er or be estudio obvious life and stream laps RBS only for your streaming at the moment at the end of 2019 and list in the beginning of 2020 . So this are disorder. I hope it was not really boring because you need to go through this. You need to understand what's after you need to use. It is extremely important because the stream left so Bs looks the best option because it's more feature. Most feature rich option at the first sight, and it is at the most official rich option at the first sight sight. But it has so many problems, but anyone ah, then and medium users will find the stream labs will be. It's extremely frustrating. Plus, with their pushing off stream laps prime like extreme hard pushing a stream last prime, you may not find this very good for yourself, so when the next lecture, we're gonna go through alerts and I'm going to talk about different alert service providers and different dollars that you can use And you can go on and when stole it right away. And I think that actually, I'm going to show you how we can actually install. Ah, he's probably sure pretty sure you know how how to install them. But still, I'm gonna do that. None of the last. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. Thank you and see you there. 3. Alerts: so hello. And welcome back to our second a lecture, technical Third. But sell the stock conductor where we will go through alerts, which is extremely important thing to have if you're more a defense streamer because when you have someone watching this, you and was someone will interact with your stream in some way by following subscribing, donating, gonna giving bits or anything, or hosting or rating or whatever thing that is happening on a stream. You want to this to actually be seen on your stream and you want to reward your users for interacting cure stream like by four people are following. You want to trusting them. Thank you. People are donating to you. You want to seat and look showed is on the stream and say thank you as well to show how you appreciate their engagement and their help. And by this you're actually increasing increasing the people's likelihood to return to your future streams, which is which, which is. To think that you're doing you need to do are very, very, very, very often. So To do that, you will need to use alerts. This is these are things that are that happen on your stream like pop out and say the name said would have whatever happened on your stream. And they are very, very powerful tools. But to create your stream identity and not just saying thank you too your fuller. So let me just show you my screen and we just go through everything. Ah, here. So here we are on my screen. So let's talk would start talking about alerts. So there to, um, alert providers that we're gonna talk about there is actually third. And they're actually more than these three, depending on the platform that you're doing your stream. Ah, but we're gonna go through these two Onley in Fordice, a cough, this course. All of the others are working a practically the same manner. So these are just two that you need to consider first. So first is, of course, dream laps. Ah, that we talked about in the previews A lecture. And the second is stream elements. Thes two are, ah, the providers that we need to talk about their the largest ones and they're the best ones. There is also moxie as well, which is pretty pretty big. Ah, but I didn't find them as extensive as the stream laps and stream elements. So these stream, these two are the biggest providers off alerts for you. And I chose these two because they use a bit of different approach for their practical the same, but still a bit different approach for their alert. So I'm going to show you what? Actually, how would they actually can be done? So when you register first in that started with the stream laps, what do you register? Extreme laps. You have an option to go to low alert box when the price year you're gonna go to the alert box and what this actually allowed you to create a website, Basically very simple website which only shows you are alert. And all the other time it's empty that nothing is happening. There is just transparent screen, and when alert will happen, it just pop out. They're on the side of the part of the screen that you have selected. So here we have a different things that you can do, by the way, for stream laps, I have selected YouTube. Ah, and for the trim elements have selected twitch, so you'll know just a bit differences. So here you can say that it works for obvious classic of the studio exploit gamer show or just anything that will allow you, ah, to have a browser stores or just you can just run it as and Windows Capture Window Captured . This is it. It's extremely, extremely simple thing to do in stream labs. With the YouTube, you can have a donation subscribers member, super chats, merch, cloud board redemption and stream laps. Prime gifts. So this is, as you can see, it's a very it'll extreme lap specific. You can go and do different things. Different alerts for all of the different things happening here. You can go there for the general like you can have one fits all general alert you can have for the separately for the nation's, you can have separate for the subscribers you can have separate for the members for the super Chad for merch, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Overall, doing this extremely simple. You could choose the background color alert delayed being, meaning that whatever happens, Thea Alert will wait for some time and then we'll show will send it towards a stream. You have to count the stream delay as well, because you may have a few second delay on your stream. Aziz usually happens on YouTube. It's for YouTube. Can be after 10 seconds, actually a delay, maybe more, depending on well, where you stream for me, it's around 5 to 7 seconds. So remember that while having this the stool, this other delay will be added on that as well. So just have a have this in mind. Uh, then, like a limited alert, more moderation that this for the camera to phone your moderators to just protect yourself or never and stuff. It can have a layout, which is extremely important. It's a picture text on the bottom or text inside the picture on tax beside the picture. The picture can be anything it can be. Graphics can be video. It can be simple static picture, whatever you want. Ah, and looks at the different stuff. You can hide the profanity, etcetera, etcetera. I've just written the natural wear and think here, so you it would not. I think it showed it for extra mural. Longtime Sorry for that. It can just hide this profanities for you from your picture. And this is that This is very simple thing to do, and when it will be fine, you will finish. You just copy the this thing and just paste it in Euro bs. I'll just show you, like open. This is what what is for my source of press plus and press, probably source and just insert. That's it. You have an alert for yourself is extremely simple thing to do with stream laps with three Mela mints. It's a bits a bit different. Extreme elements works on overlay system. So basically street, what's room elements allows you to have is not just have a, uh, alert in the browser source, it can have entire overlay in your browsers. I'm going to show you just what I mean. Exigency entirety of this thing interactive the distinct that we start except alerts except , uh, this four goal and accept this logo is just single. See, like all this, this timer this, um, while social media stuff, this background, this name, the stream starting is a single browser source. It's not. It is not even running on my computer. What? This This is what stream elements does. I just made the alert is a separate thing. Just you, like, play around just I could do the same as well, like inside this as well, but I just made a different just. You have an ability turn on and off my alerts just from this to through RBS after this is what's the different between? Thea asked the stream labs and stream elements that you could see. I haven't separate as twitch alerts right here, and I wanna press the edit button. It will open here. It's it looks a bit more intimidating and it a bit hard to do, but when you get understand how it works, it's extremely is like follower alert subscriber alert tipple. Air chiller who's alert and resort the same here, have all all of them turned on. And let me just show you that how I can let me just switch it to the different side, and I can show you how it works. Like if I press emulate full or alert in the different screen. Look at this. As you can see, it popped up right here. The new follower popped up there. This is the follower system that I have installed for myself or if I will do a something different, like a raid alert let me see if it will work. Yes, it has something a bit different because it's a different alert for their rate. For myself, I mean, just returned my or B s Mom, my brother Right here. As you can see, this is what it does. And it's not visible here because it is like green screen for me. And this is it just everything else transparent. Whatever you have on your screen, it just shows you exactly what? What it's here. If I want to change my follower, let I'm gonna press the kagle right here. Change the video image, sound, the text, other duration of the font, etcetera, etcetera. It'd coloring the bunch of different stuff that I can go and change right here, the same as the stream laps. It may sound intimidating, um, look intimidating first, but it's extremely, extremely simple, as using stream laps stream labs is might be a bit more intuitive, but stream elements is easy and simple as well, So these are alerts that you could use, which which are extremely simple. You need just to work on them. Let's play around because you shall would just go and do different alerts how we can do to just take it percent, of course, Probably because it's a bit extremely difficult to do back very advanced stuff, but you need to start by doing them. We have extremely simple, maybe have something default, so you would understand how they actually work. This is this is the first thing that you need to start working a union to start and by understanding how they actually work first. And then just by gog continued doing something more advances. I did what was here. Actually, what is happening with my alerts is that let me just show you just on an example. It's just a video running on the background and the text on the top. I just chose the It's a placement of the text and the placement of the bottom text. This is it. This is all the difference is like a stream laps. You could just go and choose this one right here. This this option to do the same and choose where the tax will appear. You have You have this video, whatever the video is. This that is running simple video median after effects and have the text right here and this is That's it. This is it. This is extremely simple there, like advanced glitch if acted, stuff that can be added after like if you're going to really, really advanced. But for the beginning, you would just need to use those. You just need should use something extremely simple. So you would understand that don't try to jump on really top. Like having this advanced all relates is good, but unless you understand how they work, it will take way too much time for you to set up them. My problem was that I would I try to go to advanced alerts like that, a two very, very beginning off my streamer career, and it just took way too much time that I needed to concentrate on something else. Do not waste too much time on those. Start by doing something simple and then gradually make them or advance in advance. You just need to have them first. You don't need to have them really good. First, just have them first and then built on that. As for which one? To choose the stream, assume lapse or stream elements. I myself ustream elements for my twitch channel. I have to have a factually two different streaming channels on two different languages. Mind one more my native Georgia language and one on English for my stream on English twitch . And I use dream elements there because I feel like it's better for me because I used a regular Bs there and for the Georgian Channel, which I use as my stream labs and which I have a 1,000,000 side like after 50 computers. It goes more than that, but on average, it has around 50 concurrent viewers. I used to love suburbia's there, and that's why I use dream laps there because I feel like for YouTube stream lapse, it's kind of better for myself. So again depends on what platform you ustream and depends on which one you like. I did not use stream lapse or three elements on YouTube, so just I don't know, except how what, how both but works. So I just don't call it when the Cocoa Twin that I don't know exactly how stream laps on YouTube works. Dream elements and you two works, sir, for that. But stream laps works pretty good on YouTube, so if you're using extreme laps to go with the stream lips alert. If you use a dream element, scope would scream elements alerts, of course. Just choose play with different one of them. I've suggested to use them both at first, like one stream, you will use one and secretary reuse second. Because while you are the smaller channel, it doesn't really matter that much that you use different ones and you will see which one is better suits which one batter suits for you. For me, it feels like three militants is better for me. But because I have like a pretty big following going upstream labs and I don't want to lose a lot of different information there, even though I can export those I use stream lapse on my George and channel my bigger channel and are similar English channel ustream elements again. You can go and choose whatever suits you the best. You may hear this a lot on this course and everywhere else and you might get frustrated. You might want to have an exact information. I understand. You're right. Everyone wants to want to have an exact information. But everyone can have exact information only about themselves which shoots them. I might find stream elements better for for myself. But when you started using stream sediment, you might find it very frustrating and not good for yourself. And you might feel the stream master and lapses far better for you, which I felt it first as well. The stream. But that's why I started using stream laps. It's all about you. You are the center off your streams. I just give you the tools you are choosing. Whatever choose suits the past for you, use them both and choose which one is the best for you. In my opinion, my pure, subjective opinion, Sherm Elements is a bit better. A bit better. Rest is all about your So in the next lecturer, you will go into my go away from everything here and talk about how you can actually stream on different platforms. So these lectures are not connected. So don't don't Don't mind that you can go and watch different lectures there. Like all the different advices. They're not connected. You can go and watch a lot this lecture or any, um, continuity you want. You can start from the very end and go to the very beginning excepto when we talk about alerts and layouts. They're connected and scenes as well. Still, if you didn't understand anything in the later lectures, you can return with these. No problem. So in the next lecture, we are going to talk about how you can stream on multiple platforms all at once. So I'm going to see you in a Netflix. 4. Streaming on Multiple Platforms at Once: so hello. And welcome back to the third lecture off our defense streaming, Of course. So, in this electoral, we are going to talk about ah streaming. Ah, your stream on multiple platforms it once so we can actually do that. You're not limited with YouTube. You twitch with Facebook. With mixer. You can go on stream on all of them at the same time and do that for absolutely free, which is amazing thing. And here I'm gonna teach you how you can actually do that. You can actually do that with the, uh, just let me just show you with the service cold re stream. Ah, which is go cold. If they have like this, I can right here with the re stream dot i owe. It is extremely, extremely good service, which allows you to stream on multiple platforms at once. And you can see I have set up to stream on mixer on, twitch on smash cast on steam on a deal I've on YouTube and on lots had, like, how many? 1234567 I'm streaming on seven platforms all at the same time. So how it is done. So you're not actually setting double seven different streams to go and stream like all all at once. You're actually having one single stream Onley one stream. But instead of streaming, this'll stream to the all different platforms at once. You're streaming this to the re stream servers, which is whatever the service provider does, and they just split them into, ah, seven different streams to basically stream on. Ah, these all these other platforms. This adds a additional step to distributing and it increases your stream lag. Actually, and you have a bit more times a bit more streamed away. But the delay is actually very negligible. It's very, very, very negligible because the majority of the time that it's wasted on streaming is from a you towards the streaming provider tribute from your from you to assuming for provider and from Marie Stream. If they just streaming extremely fast, they're losing Onley very, very small amount of time to you, and you're actually having still very, very small and would really tiny lack, so they allow you to stream on a lot of different platforms at the same time for free. There is pig paid service, and I'm going to talk about the print services Well, but still they allow you to do that. All four free and plus two. In addition to that, now they are allowing you to change titles from here to change social Earth. I think I have some issues here, but they don't mention that you can change social alerts like for the Twitter, the discord, Facebook. You're there allowing you to have a unified Chad, which we're going to talk about a little about in a different lecture. Have you thought how we could have a dignified chat? This is the service that provides you to have a unified chat. Ah, you can have a detailed analytics on where people are watching you, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Ah, there you can have even a, um calendar winning schedule, different streams and what you can do. Ah, with this services that you can actually upload a video and like different sizes of video before free your limited to 32 30 minutes long. But if you have a paid versions, you can have a much longer videos and stream the video itself on all the different platforms. Helton's, which is extremely, extremely good. Ah, feature. It's like a YouTube premier Stop what people are just chatting on during a premier. It the same thing practically. But instead of having a video premiere only on YouTube, you can have a stream did on all the different platforms all at once. It just is great thing to have and allows you to will diversify whatever you're doing on your streaming. So how we can actually use this streaming softer. So first experts in to set up where you want to stream all off this before you go for the streaming. Sorry, cut this up. So when you register on re stream, only to do is just go to work this tap the motives dreaming tab which is the default tab, by the way and press at channel when you press that channel will have ALS the different choices here that you could add this choices are all free. But these choices down here is the patron or paid services. So you need to pay Ah, some amounts to the version premium or whatever they called to do that so you can stream to Facebook. Personal profile mixer twitch, YouTube events, YouTube stream now Ah, periscope lengthen, which is in a beta ah, VK live the life flutes kick out TV there some of the vague, vague stuff that you probably never heard of. But they're like the queen's last life dreaming software. The providers, the Chinese searching for his Japanese, etcetera to Russia, serving providers, etcetera, etcetera. If you're doing Ah lot of different stuff, you're basically limited only with your imagination, because there are a lot of different services you can go, and I've never heard any streaming services that is not more or less big. There is that available sheer. I was using boots, which was not available, but, they added, actually lives here already. And if you if they don't have any services here provided you just need to pay for the premium service to have the custom rt MP that this is like basically anything you can dream anything from here. Ah, what is under the paid option is to stream in Facebook groups or the public pages, which you might use, but and it's not a big deal. So if you want, you can go for the personal page or just don't stream here as well. I'm just going to show you the pricing stuff just you and understand. Ah, this is monthly. The nice standard option professional option before they have the company plans as well. What the this paid plan also allows you to do is to stream on. Two different is to assist in the same platform. Let's say you have to twitch accounts and you want to stream on both of them. For some reason, I don't know, or two Facebook accounts. You want to stream on both of them. Like with standard, you can add an extra destination, meaning that you can stream on one XTRA destination on each platform. Let's say if you're are streaming on twitch, you can have two twitches of the same tower to you tips at the same time, etcetera, etcetera. Plus, you can have three extra destinations for the professional. The prices are very. Then, like you can go with really expensive 20 extra destinations. You have a 20 different Facebook pages that you wanna stream on. Ah, it's quite pricey, so it might be useful for you. I don't use that. So you're just bear this in mind. Let's go. Go back here and see You know what else how you can actually do that. So it works. This rear using restroom works exactly the same as streaming or any other platform. It just sir Platts streaming service provider that if this is it and all in you to do is I heard you have ass tricky right here. Copy String key and copy it into the L. B s. This is it. It's extremely simple thing to do. You just copy that and you're all set up and you can go and start streaming right away on all of these platforms at the same time, there might be some problems. I really want to warn you that there might be some problems because some of the service providers just do not like using re stream for some reason. And they have some occasional backs, bucks and biggest culprit. Here is YouTube for me. Like because of you to bash had to because my main in streaming flat platform will one of my chances YouTube and all the other ones are just complementary. And for some reason, YouTube is crushing alot of the time on re stream. So just bear in mind, you might need to work a bit more with using re stream. But while using a YouTube because YouTube YouTube life savings broken, I could savor, said say, that mutual black trimming is bad. It's simply bad. Onley thing that is better on any other platform is discoverable ity. So you have a much higher chance to be discovered on YouTube is a left human. Then you have to a chance to be discovered on any other platform, like much highlight, extremely higher chances to be discovered on YouTube. So that's why I use YouTube as my main child because it's easier to grow on YouTube than on any other platform. But they might have some problems, so just bear in mind that now, as for the talking about actual re streaming and who is this four, and should you go and use that, how will tell you from my personal experience? When I started life trimming back in 2000 and 16 I went we the re stream immediately. I had no idea I should have to stream good, and I streamed few times on YouTube and just went full on Andre Stream. To be fair, I managed to grow my following go on twitch and on my mixer just a bit and with the life a bit, but not that much because I was not concentrated on these platforms. So starting right away on the multiple streaming platforms at once might sound a good idea because you are creating content anyway, so you might have just applauded them upstream oil, all of them at the same time. But with the streaming, it is not true. This will not work, at least didn't work for me. And I don't know anybody for whom it worked from the very beginning, at least because you were dividing your attention. So many different platforms, plus all the different platforms, need the different setups and etcetera, etcetera. They work differently. They chat differently, and they have different alerts. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and, like. You can set up a twitch allergic and set up a mix alert. Let's say would stream laps, but you need to separate completely separate services for D live units, separate service for smash cast, etcetera, etcetera. It's it's it is going to dilute your attention from what actually makes your stream good, and it is your stream or yourself. Whatever you're doing, just take strength away from you. because of some very, very minor things that this minor thinks it up. The more platforms history morning, these minor things add up, and for several reasons, something might happen. Toe one of the streams. And just you will not start those three months. You will figure it out, and it might take entire days, maybe weeks. I don't know to fix that for, to fix that, and it just makes you more frustrated. It affects you psychologically, etcetera, so that a lot of things by doing a multi streaming. So basically what you're doing is you are creating more points of failure for your stream. The last bunch of failure you have, the better the more points of failure you have is worse. One thing is, though, which is good with restaurant. Every streaming is that if something will happen off one of your platforms, like all the other will continue without without that, which is good one. But different platforms grow differently. Let's say if you're pretty big on YouTube you might have. You might not have any forwards on any other platform, despite dreaming on all of them for entire year. A few times a week, you might have grown because you're not paying that attention and people are not following you there because their secondary on that. But this is the second extreme, and people might think, Oh, I don't want to follow Bahamonde Mixer because she's not paying attention to makes him because he's YouTube's and people understand that this is a YouTube stream or the tweet stream or whatever is this. People understand. I myself, I did not follow people. I did not subscribe people on YouTube when I understood that there were actual streaming it from twitch. I just went on twitch and followed them there because I knew that this was the main platform off their stream because they were not paying attention on YouTube, chad or whatever they were doing. They're not as keen on YouTube because you cannot concentrate on all of the platforms at the same time. But for whom this is four, it's it is more foreign established streamers. Let's say if you have a couple of 100 may become of 1000 followers from Twitch and you have a lot of following on twitch and you're doing great on Twitch and you want to have a will increase your reach by our by doing it on other platforms. And you started streaming on YouTube and he starts screaming, going mixer and you started to re being going other platform. Okay, but for whom? This but just re streaming is actually for this is mawr for an established streamers. Let's say you have few 1000 followers on one plaster, etc. On twitch, you have few 1000 followers and twitch. You're gathering few 100 viewers per stream. Maybe if you maybe not feel hardly. But that's 50 plus, let's say 50 plus of yours on stream and you're growing good that you see the good growth. But you want to, like, expand your rich mawr to get more people to your strings twitch stream. Then this is the good thing because you can go where to the YouTube bustamonte, your YouTube toe mixer to smash castor D life and show them that you existed because you have 54 was already all 15 years already on one of the streams. That means people are actually interested in you, and most likely, the people from other platforms will get interested in you as well. So you're just can't gather these people towards your stream and just go bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And plus, in addition to that, maybe if not all of the people will go to your stream on twitch, they will. They might follow you on the platforms. If something will happen on twitch, you might get a handle. You months, something will happen. I don't know. Something always happens. Something that they're not. None of these platforms are eternal. Some of them from things might happen. You will have a place to go and just have it, something like a backup streaming platform for us for yourself. Let's have or mixer. Then you would not need to start from zero website with zero again. You might tell your viewers and your most loyal subscribers or followers to follow and subscribe on other platforms as well. So if something will happen to you to your stream on your main flat form, people will have an ability to go there as well. This is why you need tohave every stream, so don't try to grow Earl on all platforms at the same time with Richard. Just don't do that. This is my personal advice. Don't do that do it. Do you use re stream when you have the other one platforms going big and you want to compliment with the adult platform? That's what I view, um, biggest on YouTube, and I'm gathering people on my twitch and on the live on mixer to my YouTube channel. From there, this is just I make additional points of growth for myself, which is which is great, which is extremely, extremely powerful thing to achieve for myself, and I highly suggest you to do that at all. So I hope I hope I was clear not talking a lot, because this these things are very important to know, because people are using this re streaming platform, settle for the completely girl, different reasons and they're failing in the re streaming. And because they fail in re streaming, they fail in their regular streaming and just get discouraged and just broken and just don't want to continue screaming at all because of these, because they use these four the reasons that should not it was not meant to be used. So this was it for about you're talking about Rystrom and streaming on multiple platforms. It's easy thing to do just just extremely easy. Just change whatever string platform you have with the re stream stream code. And this is it. You just continue to me just and then set up everything on the restroom. It's really easy thing to do in the next lecture. Electric Start talking about the re stream, Chad for you to unify and just to use it for your multiple streams. So I'm going to see in the next lecture, see there. 5. Multi-Platform Chat: So now took. Let's talk about the re stream chat, which is, if you're using grease stream and you have If you have multiple streams running at once on multiple multiple platforms, you need to you need some way to communicate with your viewers. So this is the re stream chat, which is the best option that you can ago with. So when you get to the chat tab, you'll have fewer options that you can click. So first is, of course, download for Windows if you're using windows. If your own Mac, it will have a now Don Mac, what it will do is download a client, which is this one right here. Okay, just they just gone. Okay, let's take this one. Ah, this Wetklo this windows client for the restaurant. Yet you can press open in browser, which, which will do exactly the same that it did with the client. But open it in brother, meaning that you can open this chat everywhere, anywhere you want in any device that has browser, including your iPad. Your phone. Ah, you're different PC and just see it everywhere. Or you can just give it your moderators and let them read for you. It's actually interesting, which is great. Which means that you need don't need to run it on a specific computer on you can run it on any computer, but it gives you and bed or in the stream link as well. If you want to have three stream chat running inside your stream as a browser source eso it is extremely good. What I do is I download the client for Windows right here, and this is what you will see. Ah, when you download that you can just recited inside you want it is exactly the same thing as an open browser. So just have the docking and ableto cannot recite it right now. And what what we will. You have an ability here is just see which Ah, platforms, You're connected at the same time you the things you cannot connect toe all off the platforms. Unfortunately, there are like, few platforms that you cannot connect like let's say the works. Is this shoulder just exactly what it does? Yeah, and right here is the old platforms that you're connected at the moment. Let's say the Twitter and YouTube didn't connect only even in discord but it has a It is only read only strict cannot write from here and like the it saturates at a D live at whatever along the platforms that you need to have. You will see basically what you're what What is connected here And you can type the message if you have the re stream icon right here when yuletide message here it will a type it all of the chats that you have connected Ah, well, when what? In which he can't type. Basically, when the discourse case, it cannot type in this court because this software is not allowing you to do so. But if you want, like in some other places, you can just choose If you want, Tony, which you can just select, only twitch on the deal I've You can select the live etcetera, etcetera which is really, really a good thing to do. Ah, Plus, in addition to that, it has an analytics Ponant. When you press it, analytics abundant will take you the same place where ah, this this prices taking you. But it will select the chat analytics here, and I get to give you the chat messages chat, trying to chatter that I haven't dreamed for a while right here. That that's why they're not a different They're not good trends or right here. Another thing you can do is go for the settings. Of course, I will change in appearance. Um, select different themes like notifications. Ah, compact mold like background capacity. Like I'm bad and storing. We can control your embedded stream Copy from right here, like this is this is how it will look on stream. Basically, Children, exactly how it looks, you can change scale said, like decreased. I want to some of the still be smaller. Maybe not that small. Or maybe something like really, really big, like this decides is the best you can join the background Opacity concedes the completely dark background that this is the completely transparent background message, background opacity. If you want to have, like only messages, let something like that. Maybe you want something like that, you can have this one as well. You can change message alignment from the top. I mean, the misters will start from top rather than from the bottom. You can just change theme like as a bunch of different themes for the Chad can copy. Here, you can have the reply commands, which is really good. You can install bought as well. Aw, which will run this the rest room chat in a relay mode. Meaning that if the chad has no ability to directly engage with some platforms, the but will be embedded on the chat and it will just type it as bought. Ah, your chat. Basically just a really all the information on that. I wanted to use that. Ah, discord. It can connect your discord and just really information from different chats you have filtering. Of course, you have something like filter someone or just banned someone. And in addition to that, it has an about section right here About just about section is actually really, really, really important. Think to consider if you will show exactly how it will work with your different platforms meaning, can't read, can't reply or can't really mean if the boat can relay information from this platform? As you can see twitches, find mixers, find YouTube is fine. Facebook personal page. It cannot read. You cannot reply or relay for the public pages You cannot relay for the discovers this court. You can relay you can read, but you cannot reply. It saturates that'll like Ah, some platforms Cab. I'll have, like no ability at all is because if you cannot see platform that you're using here, if you cannot see it, that means that you can neither read. You can either relay or you can a reply. You cannot reply as well, so it's a shame you can over, let's say, for the moped crash, you can just only read Ah, for the periscope because I read for the okay rule can on Leigh read, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You understand what? How would basically work? It is. It is pretty, pretty good and powerful software. If you are using a re stream. Ah, how suggest using that and to not confuse your viewers if you're using re stream, I would tireless just to in bad re stream chat inside the stream as well. So so people from the different platforms connect. You see each other's writing without leaving their own platform. Let's say in an intermission screen, let's say, Let me show you, Um, don't have a chat Here. You have a chat. Chat is Rio, which that will be displayed right here in my case when I was driving on twitch. But if I will reserve, I would rest room that I would install the re stream chat instead right here so people will would be able to communicate with each other and see whatever is happening there with each other. So this is things that I would use if I would be was using restaurant chat on that platform , using it on my main channel, my big YouTube channel. Just you, uh, connect my twitch followers and mixer followers with my YouTube subscribers. So this is all about the restaurant chat? It is very, very, very, very powerful platform. Powerful thing to use if you are you re streaming and how? How? Suggest using that. If you're using, restrain me. If you're not using the restroom, well, you don't. You cannot use it. Otherwise, unless you're streaming on single platform, let's say using every stream as, ah, a information gathering flat form. You could use that, like for the analytics if you want. Even though I don't understand why you might use that, you might need that. But for some reason, if you want that, you can use re stream but stream alone one platform and use the restrict chat from there and just use it for some reason. I don't know. I don't know why why you might use that. Maybe there's some platforms that you cannot use from from a B s. And you can use them from Ustream. For some reason, I don't know this is hard choices or yours. So even next lecture we will go through which scenes you need in order to stream. We're gonna focus, of course, mainly gaming here on. And if you're using, I rails. It might be something. Ah, this is almost a similar, so you can just go and use that once as well. So we're gonna go through that scenes, and after that, we're gonna go through the layout for each scenes, And how do you actually make them or where to actually find them? So I'm going to see you next week. Stay there 6. Mandatory Scenes: so hello and welcome back. And in this lecture, we're gonna talk about the scenes that you want to have on your stream again we're gonna focus a 1,000,000 gaming stream. But if you're you're doing any other type of stream, you might still how you want to still have something similar. So let's get to my computer and just start with a different sees that you need. So right here is the scenes that I'm streaming with. I have a similar amount of scenes on every other streaming accounts that I use. So this, this is this will be all the same in a different streams. So in this case, I used five different scenes for you. It might be six or seven, but we're gonna talk about those ones as well. So my first scene is, of course, stream starting. See, this is the thing that you want while you're just starting your stream just to check If everything is all right, just have a timer. Maybe have a chat running. I have looked at when you're right here, etcetera, just together people around just to make people choke with you before with each other before you are your live or before you are going to check how the situation is going did. This is mainly made for gathering people on your stream if your biggest reamer, or just check if everything is going through in there for if everything is all right with your own stream in order what you need tohave in these dreams. These, of course, have a decent background. In my case, I'm use extreme elements or have, like a lot of things. Once running, you need to have a decent background just reminiscent off your colors or your brand colors or whatever you will have. You need to have a listen, background text, mean stream, starting or soon will start soon, or we're going to start soon, or something like that. Indicating what is seen is what they're seeing. In my case, I have wrote my name in my logo as well. This might be, Ah, too much. You might just remove the logo, which will still look the same, but I just put my local there is, or for people to see it just for my brain. Didn't think I could just report put the logo on any other place, and it would still be fine. In addition to that, I have my social media here. I did not. I do not have anything energy because this channels this tree channel is actually pretty new. I'm very new on this around this channel. A to least. And this is well, better showing my YouTube channels handle it. Can a twitter here can An instagram here or whatever handles you have So people would see whatever is happening. I have a follower goal right here, which is met already. Song I'm I'm will need to change that. You have follow a girl here and you have timer slash life patent right here. This is just just runs in a loop. So when the time is up, I'm just going to switch to my different screen. So this is only need to have stream starting, But you need to have some starting scene. But when you start your stream, you need to show your yourself because you focused on yourself. You need intermission screen. You will need you. Who will need a transition is all. But we're going to talk about this in the later lectures. So what is intermission screen intermission or jazz? chatting screen as the screen, which is mainly focuses on yourself. What is right here is your camera basically. But you cannot see anything here because I'm recording this one and my camera cannot be splitting. Defenders recording this with stream labs O B s and my O. B s is running here. So I'm that I would show you whatever is happening. This is where you are the main focus year. So just chatting, maybe for ire l streams might be the main Ah, chat, Um, and the main seen for yourself. So what? It should have again. Decent background. Or if you're using a full screen, you might not need a background. And you use your camera as a background. In my case, I have background. Plus, I have camera right here in the border. You can just skip the board and have this camera right there. Uh, you need to have in Ah, your chat, Of course, for the people to chat with you, you can just skip with this one. But I think having a chat just helps Just a tiny bit more. Uh, of course, you will need to have an alerts on your screen. you understand, you can have on alert your means, the stream starting as well. Just have another. It's on every screen just because people might follow, subscribe, donate or, ah, whole store radio on any off this screens. There's they're doing this tour channel, not your scene, So just have it everywhere. So have your camera or your background and your alerts. This is the meaning things you have. In addition, you can have a chat or something some different tax. Just have the text on the top. If you're just using this as an intermission, just jealous that people would understand what they're seeing if you have intermission is something like having the scene between two scenes or between the two sections of the scenes. Ah, this. Why what's called Intermission? But in my case, I just wrote just chatting. This is, like extremely simple thing. Just were chatting, intermission, people. Many people will not understand what intermission is, but everyone will descended. Were just chatting at the moment. This is the scene that you need to have, whether you're playing the game or you're doing higher last re ire L streams in real life streams because parallel streams this is gonna be your main screen right here. You can have logos. Of course, you can add a music, etcetera, etcetera. Have music there as well, because I guess you have music seen right here, which is the media source which will run music playlist from my my library. I just can't have you. You just can use this one as well. The next in the continuity is, uh, transition and the game screen. So in my case, this is this recording this monitor itself, whatever you're doing, this one as well. And what I'm just gonna switch off the monitor capture just to stop to to not overwhelm you with an information. This is where all the things are happening. Everything is here happening on that screen on the background. So whatever you're playing game, whatever you're doing something reacting to something or whatever you're doing is happening on the background here. So whatever is happening in the background is the main thing that is happening in here Unit . Of course. Your background. Whatever is happening, this 1,000,000 thing you will need to have your webcam and your alerts. The three main things that you need to have Ah, your alerts are It should be again or every other screen. And your webcam should be somewhat right here. I have, like, small ah, webcam. Here you can have a two choices off your web cams two sizes off your webcam. You can go with regular 16 by nine the longer version off your webcam. All you can go with four by three the narrow version something similar of something like you're seeing right here because you really need a real estate screen real estate, which is on the sides off you because oh, you are the toll person. You are located in height more than in with so four by three is just more than enough for you and it will not take a lot of space from your background. You still be visible, but it will not take a lot of space from the backroom unless you're having you have a multiple people in a stream and you want like mawr. The why the real estate then you could use 16 by nine Rachel Easy, Simple. The next thing that I have here is the whatever's happened no stream like last follower and you keep on top tip you. Can you put those or whatever you want? Like a subscriber of the money donated the donations, etcetera, ad anything that you want in this real I have, like the follower goal here as well. You get at anything you want in your single thing right here. But just don't try and we'll try to not overwhelm your screen because there might be a lot of stuff happening. And you and you people to concentrate on background, the real thing, the game or whatever is happening on the background. Try to not take away from this. Do not like would like overload your screen with a bunch of stuff with something like like that loves you. Help me. How much stuff is happening right here? You don't need to have something like that. So your game screen is the thing that you need as well. The next thing which is very important for you, is have you had back screen because you are a human? You might want to. If you are having a really long stream like six hour 10 hours, 24 hours dream, you might need to leave your computer for some things. Should you need you. Have you want to leave? You could be in for a few minutes. I need to show this to your stream. You cannot just put up the just chatting screen or just leave your game running and just go away. You need to tell your people that you will be back soon. This is what we're doing here. It's practically the same scrutiny as an intermission screen, but instead of having a large camera right here, we have a stream Nixon stream and back soon is it, and they handles right here just to have to use some space in the chat just to keep the chat running. Well, the people to just being chat and just give them an option is to be seen on the stream, they said. You need to have that on that screen and that scene. You need to have that because it's extremely extremely, uh, important scene to have, and I highly suggest you to use that. But because you don't want to go away for your followers, come to extreme in sieges, empty chair or just pause game or just extreme starting scream you do. You don't want to do that We just need to show that whatever is happening, this is what scenes are for. Just do that. If you would just right will be back soon with anything else with anything else. Just without any background or whatever it is, it's still enough. Just make it a bit. Look a bit good for your for your high candy just toward you, because people like something looking at something beautiful and something well are built. The last four myself is, but not before you ist remanding screen screen. This is made for finishing your stream when you're done already, and you just don't turn off your stream right away because you want so you'll use for bots . Or the people are chatting in your stream and just want to keep conversation going and just to have an extra watch time. Forget stream. It's a little bit of extra, or just to display some information that is needed. You just can't use that, like right here. The blue part of the screen that I have is reserved for my schedule, which I don't have figured it out yet on that channel. So what that was and it's empty, but you can have a schedule running there. And when people would come to your stream like maybe they left for some reason, just came back at all. It's already finished. They don't see look, finished dream. They want to see when they can turn back, or whatever is happening or whatever happened or something like that. Or you could just write a stream is ending now. See you tomorrow or something like that were students. See you next time. Let this gets you right here. See you next time and we're or something. Don't forget to follow or whatever type of things they need to write. Just write it there. It's that simple, My friends, it's that simple seem to have the stream and extreme screen for some of the platforms. You can have a stream offline screen as well. For the tweets. You can just go and put it as an offline screen. It's It's not that important, so we can have an additional scene with the stream of wine. Well, you can have a different scene, like a different a different alignment of your came or your different intermission, or it's something like I know you can have seen where the nothing is on screen except what you were seeing yourself to. Just free everything up or you or you may need to have it is seeing to be something like that. What you're seeing right now, just screen right right there, screen and just a webcam. You might want something like that as well. I just use that. So I don't suggest you to have a strong perm. Any amount off screens, scenes, you can have some, like, single for giveaways. You can have a scenes for, like, special events or something like that, but you're usually will work. Would look 56 stock up to seven scenes maximum at the same time. You don't need to. I would have more than that. Uh, so this is it all about the season? These are the scenes that you need and highly suggest you to start to make them right away . Six as soon as possible. So in the next lecture will actually talk about I could control of this seems like toe switch between them and just have a controlled to not just dragged the mountains, which this things which turn on this thing, Turn off this thing. We're gonna talk about some of the advanced control that you could do. We're gonna talk about paid options that will How you can actually do that. And we're gonna talk about the free, absolutely free options as well that you might find very, very, very useful. And the lecture? After that, we're going to talk about the layers. How actually made all this stream look like that. Like all these things, Whatever. You see, lex remanding staff or whatever it is, like this blue thing or what? How I had made this and, ah, where you made it as well. And we're gonna talk about transitions as well. Just a tiny bit about transitions as well in this and that lecture as well. So I am Go to see you in the next lecture there. 7. Controlling The Stream: so hello and welcome back. And in this lecture, we're going to talk about all about the stream control so it can actually control your stream with eat with ease without any big off problem. So I'm not I'm just gonna give you over you How we can do that. You can do with a few options, but I'm I'm just going to talk and show you actual one option that is applicable right away . You could just apply this and start doing with this without any additional stuff or innit, initial software or hardware or whatever it is. First things first. What you can do if you're using O. B s. Let's talk about stream laps over. Yes, for you have use extreme lap. So be it. Okay, just download the stream that's obvious to remote on your phone or your tablet or whatever thing that you use and use that for your stream laps. O B. S as a remote. You can just which seems from their control volumes controlled the sources itself. You can just turn on and off all the sources that you want, etcetera, that it's a very powerful tool which is extremely good and probably one of the reasons you can use dream laughs. Yes, that the biggest reason, but really, really good reason. The next option that you can purchase for yourself is a Lucado stream deck, which is the problem, the priciest option. And I don't suggest you to use that unless you're bigger stream on minimum affiliate on twitch because it costs a lot. And I'm not going to talk about this because even I am not using it, despite on one of my channels having a 50 to 100 more 50 to 100 concurrent viewers to the same time. I don't need that, and I didn't buy that. But if you are, if you want this, you can use that it allows you to set up different controls for your stream just by the press of a button to separate hardware. Just put it on a come on your side. Up in front of your computer is press different buttons just and have it like controls not just in your O. B s or any other idea can have controlled on any other. After it's basically a macro pat third it again by Macro Pat, which is good and set up macros there and control your street like that with the macros. I mean, difficult staying thing. Not a very difficult thing, but still a bit difficult. What I what I use is the simplest one off them, and I'm gonna show you exactly what I mean. So the thing that you actually can set up is to use the hot keys options from your stream laps itself. I see you have a hot kiss. You can set up different hot keys to control your street. This is weird, right? Well, basically, that this is actually set up different hot keys and for the simplest options off them all for the simplest option, I would Highly, Yes. You. Instead of using hot keys, use your numb pad for your streams. So you really need your nam pad because you already haven't numbers there. Sure. Using a nom pat, I'm actually very used to using non pad. But for the sake of stream, I can just forget about it. So not uses for me while using the stream unless Oh, and they all use it only for the stream controls. And I use it for the controlling off My scenes tour since reaching and I controlling off my music. As you can see, I have, like, stream start Ah, and seems start an end on minus. I have be right back on floor end on number five. Game on number three. I have music on Delete a music Tuggle on delete, but the same year in intermission screen I have since Richard on number two and number one . It's a traitor. You understood this extremely, extremely simple thing to do. What I will do is without amounts. Right now, I have selected my main screen, and if I want to go today and screen our press five of mine Ampad, it will start a transition and go to number five streets just remaining. If I want to get back our press number one and get back to stream starting. It's as simple as that. If I will go to the intermission, which is number two for me, the official number two. And as you can see right here, the music is off. I'm not touching my mouth. My mouth, Sir. There I pressed delete bottom and music is no one and press again musings. No off! It's that simple thing. You don't need an expensive software or expensive hardware to do that. People like I've seen so many videos on YouTube. You cannot even imagine how many videos search for to get the something that is useful for myself. A nun off them, literally none off them talked about using a numb pad for yourself. This closest thing to that that was by a separate numb pad and use a Microsoft ER for For For that, you don't need that. You really need your number numb pat for your streams. So use that. How many partners are here? So 9 10 11 12 13 14 50 16 buttons right here. Six Dean buttons. Yes, you might need more than that if you're more in defense, but if you're that advanced already that you will need that you're probably making enough money to buy a stream deck or dedicated Microsoft or something like that for yourself. But if you're a beginner, you don't need to buy in an expensive $100. L gotta me, let's say like it's a dandified or something like that. L gatto me for have a six bodily out. Yes, you can't have a folders there, But still, you have 16 buttons available for you, and I'm not talking about having a combination of buttons. I just use the simple, numb pat you can have like something like control one controlled to control three or control shift one control shift to, like have a different folders like something like that. It's as simple as that and for some reason, people for caring about that use that as your Mac rose because of sin. Switching is probably the biggest thing that you will want to use, and you are really gonna have, like, more to six scenes toe work with at the same time, and you can use all the none number things like minuses and pluses and delete buttons or zero as a different thing. I can set up zero on my mic mute, and this is I'm gonna press. I don't need that because I have dedicated my commute button like right here. That could turn turns off the mic right away, but I can have a dedicated button before that president. Your mike is muted. That's it. Press again, and your mike is on a simple as that press one screen on your own. All of your things will disappear. Press one or all of your sources will be a press again. And all of your sins Will Louis appear. If you want to make something like, Let's say, if you're game screen, let's say I will show you an example. If you're Maggie's room, let's say Let's turn his own. Let's let's actually try to use that. Let's say, you know, we are a game screen and I want to disappear everything. So let's say, Can I use it on multiple? I don't even listen. Number five on five here. I don't know. I shouldn't have years of number five. I already use number. Let's go with number six, number six rate here. I'm gonna go number six right here. Number six right here. And number six. Ready. Let's use everything on number six. Everything in my game screen will be number six. Except for the music one. Number six. Number six. Number six and number six. Let's apply. Okay, win a game screen. You're seeing everything except the monitor capture. I'm gonna turn this on and press number six. All of them enter enough number six. All of them are turned on number six, All of them in. Turn up. It's as simple as that. Let's say I don't want I want everything to turn off. Except maybe where my heart cassia I want to tell everything Turn out except the monitor capture because I want to monitor to BC. I'm gonna delete this and delete this. I want a president. Okay? And I'm gonna press six my monitor still captured. But everything is there. I'm gonna press six again. Everything disappears except monitor. Capture everything he appears, and Montel capture is untouched. You see, you don't need 100 or 200 plus a $300 from that singing back Excel for you to have likes simple controls as those You don't need to do that. You don't need to have that. This is how you actually control your stream because you really use your numb pat unless you use it like for your through. Maybe you have something specific, then have something specific. Find the buttons that you don't use and and that are not used in the game. You have full keyboard for yourself and use it and again if you're using all the bottles for some reason. If you're using all off them, if using all of them, then just try to Jen's in. The cheapest version is the high additional number, and I said, a micro, not macro is there or have a control Wanna control to our country control? Three. Having two buttons press This is it you won't like. Waste a huge amount of money for nothing for things that you will not not use. Just have in mind that so this was a photo stream control. That's because he's extremely simple thing to do because O Bs is already giving you an option to do that. And you're not using a lot of buttons for you. Don't need a lot of pundits. You don't need 16 buttons to to use that, like a zoo can see. I've set up for everything to disappear except the monitor for number six, but I can do exactly saying, for with Is the same number six with any other Ah, seen if, well, let's say if I want to Everything dispiriting two missions screen except my camera. I can't use that press Number six and everything disappear. Press number six and everything will reappear again. But I will use the same button for two different scenes because they are like, if I press six here the game in an intermission, the game seen will not be affected because it's not on the same vice versa. Sohel suggests you to use that for your advantage because this will make your life far easier. You will not need to switch on and off from one screen to another order from one screen. Just shut down the game and just alter bit, etcetera, etcetera. It, er you will not need to do that any more. So thank you for being with me in this lecture. In the next lecture, we're gonna talk all about lay out how we can actually make them or where you can't to me find them. So I'm going to see the next lecture. 8. Advanced Layouts: so hello and welcome back. And in this lecture, we are going to learn how you can actually make some layouts for your stream. What I mean by a layout is off course, creating the themes for your, uh oh, bs or whatever, whatever you have, like weap webcam frames and backgrounds and timers, etcetera. So let me show you how it's done. What? I mean, like in my case, like how to do all this in for your stream? Or let's say how even you can do in transition, uh, which, which which looks good. Like it makes your stream look more professional and gives it far more better a look. So they're actually few options that you can actually do with this. And all of them are. You can rank them by their difficulty by and by their prices. So with some of them will cost you literally nothing to do exactly nothing to do and someone that will cost you some price to do. So let's start on how ah, how you can actually make them as what you're actually do. Need todo You see, we already saw what kind of layouts you need to have in the scenes that we talked about before, so how you can actually make them first things 1st 1st you can do is the most difficult and most time consuming one. But the free option is to do it yourself. So in order to do that, you need to use ah different software like graphics software like Far Shop, to make it ever to make everything static like to mixed Attica layouts for your stream. Or, if you Milne to make the animated layout for your software, you'll need to use soft or something like and after effects all. Really, you'd mix off this year for the shop in after effects, or maybe even Premier. If you want to, you know, work with sound as well. The same goes for the transitions you can. You can learn it to do by yourself. Like in my case, I dated myself. The second option, which is something like a comes from the first option, is to make thesis layouts and transitions by yourself, but using and assets of the free asset like from YouTube unit, you can go on Ah, search for how we can make this layouts and look, there are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube and just showing live speed creations are how the actual did that. You can't replicate all this and make it for Russell by replicating all this. You are Ciel the steps, how it's how they were actually done. And you can actually change any parts that you want. It'll fit your theme or like the colors or forms or shapes and everything you're like that you can use that. And that's exactly how I did would buy traditions. Actually, I I found a good tutorial on how you can make a good transition on YouTube. I watched it. I downloaded his stores files which where he was giving away for free, which was a bit difficult to understand. But still, I understood because I know a bit off after effects. I changed himself and all the end result was Ah, was I'm was that I'm going to show you right now. Was this Run it again? Yeah, well, something like that, which is which looks pretty good and look pretty decent off four at the stream. So this are actual free options, but this is the most time consuming. Ah, what a were the upside and downside off this option. The upside, of course, is that you will make the stream look exactly how you want. Like egg. Exactly like absolutely. Exactly how you want on you will not be limited with an options given to you by someone else. So this is exactly that you want. Ah, the second thing upside is of course, it's absolutely free. You'll not need to spend any amount of money in order to do that, which is actually the great thing to do. But downside is that it will take the most time off all the options that I will go through . This will take the most time. Probably to may take entire day. Maybe entire week depends on what you're doing and how you fast you are, how fast of a learner you are or how much you already know. For some, it will be very, very long option to do so unless you are very, very determined to do that. Well, do that. If you want to do haven't exactly how you wanted and don't do that. If you are not willing to spend a lot of time, the next option that I'm going to show you is something of similar off the first option, but not that much. Because it will take you some money to do is that this thing is to ask someone to do it for you. Let's say a fiver. Let's let's go. If you want to have a twitch twitch overlay, let's say something like that you can buy. You can search Twitter, ole on fiber and the different price choices. Different price. Georges, you can go and you can use a change in as a type of whatever you want and just different price options that you can do and like different qualities as well. Ah, what upsides and downsides off this option. First upside is that there's much faster. They're handed increased in his or bone your own. It is much, much, much faster. It will take just a few days, and you can do any other thing that you want without actually wasting your time on a doing it yourself, which is really, really good. Ah, the other upside is that no, all black majority of them have different tries, like can have different revisions, and just you can make it as close as possible to your Ah, perfect overly that you have in mind in yourself that you want to your stream to look like . Okay, let's go to downsize, because there are few here. Ah, one of down downsides is the price, of course, Is the priciest option off. I think all that we're going to talk about because this will cost you quite a lot of money to make it good. Layout can go up to 50 to $100 maybe to do a good a layout for yourself. So So this is pretty probably the prices options option off them all. The next thing that is downside is that you're you know what? Your talking Quite a big Campbell here because you have no idea how good they actually are . They might show you the best of their work. So And this may be the works that they found for free on YouTube. Like what you may have done in first option that there may have done this one. And this This is it. This is the best thing. They can do it all they can do to change some colors and just change some shapes. And they will ask your $75 for that. I think this might not be the best option. And just you have You have to public gamble like a lot here because you may not get actual what you think that you will get just you have a pretty big budget and you don't have a big , um, over the time. By all means, go with that and just try different pricing points. And just you might get something that you were really like. The next option of which I will show you is actually free. It's absolutely free and which will give you the good options for your streams and which will not cost you any money and even any time. And this option is the stream lapse or bs themes. Okay, you might say, OK, you'll maybe you're using and regular of yes, studio and not stream lips of Yes, how you can actually use stream lapse or Bs themes while actually doesn't matter what themes what o B s you're using for streaming? Only thing that you need to have while if you want to use your naps. Obvious themes is to install streetlamps o b s just to install. This is it. You don't need to use it. Just install chewing loves O Bs installed the themes that you want to use if you want to go for absolutely free install only any non prime themes because Prime is under subscription. And so any non prime themes. So they're not a lot of themes. Prime themes actually left. Unfortunately, go for the most installed and I say awesome portals or whatever the state themes are, uh, go for. We'll go for those themes and find where each is installed because what it will do is it will just create a different media sources and create a different pictures and videos. And this is it human sources and media sources, and it will have some place to install in just go and copied from there. This is it. This is all we need to do and you knew will not just need to rebuild this exactly the same way as it was. The Stream Web Sobieski Nairobi A studio visit Just drag and drop, like different stuff is that as simple is that if you want to pay for the stream laps prime , we're gonna have an option to access trending as well at which is you can see like even better. Thieves were just weird that the free once heart trending right now or newly edit is you can see, like this acid metal, a theme or just cosmos theme, which looks pretty good Purple mania theme, which is which is enemies. They're all pretty good. And what is the best thing is that they're absolutely free. They require ah, no money or, in some case, not a lot of money because you can go for 11 month off stream. Last payment just told a bunch of different themes. Third, require practically zero time, but you're not getting exactly what you want. This is this is a down side. You're not getting exactly what you want. You may get something close to what you want, but you probably will not get exactly what you want. You may look, get a good looking theme really, really good looking thing by, by the way, you can go with a different color. Sit here like, let's say my my stream land, my own extremely is now is like something off this color, and you can go with the the thieves that use exactly these colors, but if you, as you can see, like this cracking thing more uses some of these color. But it's not a really good getting for that. Maybe I will go with an arcade pop with this one or the pixel storm like this one, which is closer to my team, but you will not be exactly the same. Probably this one is the best option all for them all, because this is a free option that can get us close as possible to your ideal theme for free. The last but not least, is getting the paid theme packs that paid, which is actually available already ready built for you, like from top to bottom. But something like it's something the same as in the first option. By getting a YouTube ah Free builds themes, but they don't always have the source files. They will also have to build them from ground up. What you have with this once is in many cases, you can pay a little bit extra and get a source files as well. And just by tweaking some things in them you can get and I'll the ideal theme for yourself like exactly the same colors in the same shape. Almost ideal. I would not I would not say not say this ideal. This is as close as possible to the free themes off this dream labs O B s. But they are usually more premium because they usually contain a really good type of alerts . In my case, what I recommend for myself and what I use my by myself in this obvious team is things by never die. No, dude, I dot com is the place where you are. You can buy these names, by the way. I'm not affiliated with them. I'm just telling about them because I really like what they do. In my case, I used glitch version two point. Oh, this is exactly what I use for my theme. I just can't go there. You can see the prices as well and just has a different colors settings as well. And you can choose the download type of type of thing that you want. You can buy a stream package became by only overlays, or you could buy a lonely alerts and they even have some free extras. Like in this case, they contain transitions like the glitch trend is something like a transition that I have, but it's a bit different. You can actually get some things for relaxed Inca traditions. Gold widget and chat chat with you. This is what you get for the free, which is pretty good that you if you want to use those, ah, for food from packets that have purchased by myself. They content overlays, alerts, stingers and after effects source files, which allows me to tweak just a bit the clerk, glowing colors and everything and get or anything that I wanted to get. See here is the same thing investigated. This is the kind of bluish color, but my color is ah bit's mawr bright. Then it is in here. So this is how I got it for myself. I got a bit my parietal color for myself. It can go with any color that you want any color scheme that you want for yourself and alerts look the great as well. It's Cassie press this different dollars that I showed you. By the way, no alerts seem like ah the followers different. The donation is different. Raid these different hosted different, even merch. You can have anyone merge and which is what is really simple. To do it, you can just install it. But just 11 click in extreme lapse or stream element. Just double click it and everything will installed for itself. Even you have a stream. You have so Bs you can install it. That's as simple as possible, by the way. Ah, full disclaimer here. We're going to show you that Ah, you can actually have some stripped down versions of these teams. Just you want to check out in this dream lapse or B s. By the way, let me show if you fell. Can if I can find and the glitch one I'm going to show you. Okay, let me show you see Glitch. If I can find a glitch right here. Okay. The search one is not all good or nerd. That's search by nerd. You know, this will not are not older themes. Tell her available for Notre Dame. But let's, for example, Derrick aid poppers available, which is one of the problem. One of the most beautiful themes for the nerd I here, I'm going to show you exactly what I'm talking about here. Um, another k pop is this one right here you can buy. You can get a non animated version off the arcade pop, which is beautiful, by the way. This is amazing. All right, here. And this one. Is that prosecutors to point out again, I should have pressed. Ah, kid Pop. Now I press arcade pop. Definitely. Yes. This is the paid one. As you can see, this beautiful alerts that you can get for yourself and Desprez this one to see how good of a theme is this. Like different colors, you can go for different transitions and which is really good would nurture that. You can go away the three extra years olds, same three. Ah, In this case, it has been a tragic transitions with and without audio, which is pretty good. As you can see, we have pretty a lot of options for yourself. And different options are for different price ranges divided for different prices starting from free to the most expensive. Which are the fiver options? The most expensive. The mid ground is by pre Prebble theme for yourself, for depending on how time consuming to miss, starting from the least time. What? Let's say, the Preble themes and stream lapse seems to the most time building it all by yourself. And the closeness to your ill ideal theme is, of course, the closest will be the thing built by yourself and the furnace will be probably the stream laughs, maybe, and the different qualities off what you can do. As you can see, you can go from absolutely free to the it is made. I tried to show you, uh, all the different options for yourself. Does your purchasing it or downloaded it from Internet for free? Just don't forget to look for all there. It's as well to have a a matching alerts because it is increasing the production value of the stream drastically. And don't forget to get transitions as well. Because transitions look just amazing on the stream and it increases. The production balance is significantly. You can go with sowed the ones with the sound or once without a sound. Look, however you want. This is not a problem you want to go with once without a sound. Just make it as quick as possible. If you want, it will go with sound, still making this quick as possible, but a bit longer and don't make transitions longer. For then two seconds. Kavlak as short as possible and his own point this possible. So this was it for the layout. I hope you find it useful. And I'm going to see you a next lecture. Say there. 9. Conclusion: so hello and welcome back again. This will be our last lecture for this course. I hope with scores was very useful for you Italy. You learned a lot of different stuff from this course because I for sure I enjoyed making this course for you. So what we learned we learned, ah lot of advance that which allow you to make it to step. You're so stream game up Just a bid to be more successful just to send out Maurin a crowd off very basic streams like many basic webcam and just screen capture streams to make it make you look more professional and make him or follow herbal or subscribe herbal or donate herbal Ah, than a other a streamer. So this course is a bit flexible This you could go with the lectures in a different order in any order that you wished eso itt's You could just go and started from the very end to go to the very beginning however you want Plus, this course is extendable eso me mean meaning that this course will have some additional lectures in the future. Ill prepared the different lectures and added in the future as well so it will. You will have more videos and things to watch as it will come out. Plus, it will have some updates inside of this electrics which will increase the value of this course in time. Ah, one thing that I want to say you if you're here and you're you have no idea how What I talked a couple of things here and you have no idea how to implement. That probably means that you are kind of beginner and you don't know some beginner's stuff in O b s as. And I highly suggest you to go through one of my courses either about the regular obeah studio for the beginners or stream laps over. Yes, for the beginners will give you all the insights that you need. You know it. Just start with everything in here. You may probably understand everything like this year that I talked about, but ah way the solid foundation You're probably will be able to implement much mawr with what I told you here at this. Of course. Thank you for being with me. It was a blast making this course. I was I really wanted to do this course for really, really long time. I hope you enjoyed it. And I really wish you to have incredibly popular streamer and just just do whatever you love to do. Thank you again for being with me. And I will see you sometime later. Somewhere? Probably. So. Thank you. See you.