Advanced Blender 3D: Fun Techniques, Part 3 | Oliver Villar | Skillshare

Advanced Blender 3D: Fun Techniques, Part 3

Oliver Villar, Founder and Instructor at

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4 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. Super8 Look with Blender

    • 2. Tileable Textures in Blender

    • 3. Video Stabilization with Blender

    • 4. Volumetric Map


About This Class

This class covers some ways you can use Advanced Blender 3D techniques. We'll cover how to create the Super 8 look, how to create tileable textures, how to stabilize videos and how to create a volmumetric map.





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Oliver Villar

Founder and Instructor at


I was born in Galicia, Spain, in 1987. I've liked drawing since I can remember, and when 3D videogames started thriving I was very interested into that subject, it looked to me like the natural evolution for my drawings!! In 2005 I had my first contact with 3D software, more specifically with 3Ds Max. For years, while I studied traditional animation I played with visual effects, a field that I love, and eventually had to learn XSI and Maya for different projects. In 2007 I lea...

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