Advanced Blender 3D: Fun Techniques, Part 2 | Oliver Villar | Skillshare

Advanced Blender 3D: Fun Techniques, Part 2

Oliver Villar, Founder and Instructor at

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3 Lessons (2h 44m)
    • 1. Creating an Alien Spaceship

    • 2. Freestyle Drawing Style 3D

    • 3. Green Screen Removal with Blender


About This Class

This class covers some ways you can use Advanced Blender 3D techniques. We'll cover how to create an alien spaceship, how to do freestyle drawing and how to remove a green screen.





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Oliver Villar

Founder and Instructor at


I was born in Galicia, Spain, in 1987. I've liked drawing since I can remember, and when 3D videogames started thriving I was very interested into that subject, it looked to me like the natural evolution for my drawings!! In 2005 I had my first contact with 3D software, more specifically with 3Ds Max. For years, while I studied traditional animation I played with visual effects, a field that I love, and eventually had to learn XSI and Maya for different projects. In 2007 I lea...

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