Advanced Animations & Motion Graphics | Cinema 4D Tutorial | Project File Included

Charles Cassels, D2AP Designs

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4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. What You Will Learn to Create

    • 2. Introduction & Overview

    • 3. Creating and Animating Objects

    • 4. Lighting and Texturing


About This Class

This class will help people learn some more advanced motion graphics and animation techniques within Cinema 4D. You will be learning using and animate things like:

  1. MoSplines for tentacles
  2. Hw to use Formula with Metaballs to automatically create an animated a blob
  3. How to give objects subtle movements using Wind
  4. Texturing and lighting techniques.

A project file is available to download. It is the C4D file to my original animation. You'll be able to open it and see everything I did. It has some files that you won't have access to like the HDRI image, but you can use your own.