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Advance Portrait Retouching

Mac Moses Michael, Artist/Youtuber

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Spot Healing

    • 3. Healing The Lips

    • 4. The Pen Tool

    • 5. Outlining The Lips

    • 6. Creating Advance FS Action

    • 7. Understanding The PHP Method Of FS

    • 8. Applying Frequency Separation

    • 9. The Patch Tool

    • 10. Using The Patch Tool

    • 11. Healing The Skin

    • 12. Polishing The Skin

    • 13. Smoothing The Skin (Optional Step)

    • 14. Dodging And Burning

    • 15. Adding Shine To The Skin

    • 16. Adding Shine To The Lips

    • 17. Adding Details To The Eye (Bonus)

    • 18. Color Grading (Bonus)

    • 19. Assignment

    • 20. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class will walk you through the process of retouching skin in a more realistic way. Well you won't only learn how to retouch skin, you will learn how to clean the lips, how to use the patch tool and you will learn some other skill that will help you properly retouch your portrait in Photoshop


1. Introduction: Nazi's siege for the referee skew share. And I teach us on YouTube into this class. You'll go insulin. How to We touched a portrait in fuller shop. No, your salutation. Poetry. You also lend house and make it a pain to basically how to make his own parts too. How? Secure it on advanced frequencies suppression that you be able to control when you're applying this action and also house, he uses action on your its bid on your 16 bit image, you also lend house add shines to your image. House outlined the lives and many of the techniques you can use to touch a poetry. So I hope you're still to the ending of this class. And I hope you grab something so without any further, we do a wishing anytime ledgers get right into these class. 2. Spot Healing: If you add on my previous class, then you're you know how to input your image into foolish. It will become a row fever that now, before we go right into hill in the sport, I really want to show you something in a project for when you're done with the project. For that, this is where you're going to get in the image. Now, these two image, you can just use them for educational properly. You can put them on social media so anybody can put them on skew sheer class in the discussion top. That is pretty OK or in my project section, that's really okay for this. You can feel free to use it on any social media. But when you go through this period, if you get understand everything because these two image donors and belong to me. So I just have to go play by the rules now imports image into footer shop Can Urus click and drag since I already have for the shop open? But if you don't go up to five and then open, they're just where you are going to do. But since I already have mine open document opening for Russia in your steak and drag, and it's going to open up any camera, a few there now in the come out of future, your subject taken all, too. And when you click on all, it's going to also adjust the image for you. Then now you can start addressing the image the way you really want me to be. So for the second years, take down the shadows, only to be now you can see that it's not violence when you are doing with it in the movie notice letters. So I really wanted to be your seat on open and it's going to open up for sure. I'm just going to consider so now, back into fresher. So what I did, I just make use off the crop to to take away some part of these images. So we're going to start telling the sport, but I will go through every process off Helen, the sport in this image because I have already created in my previous class. I'm going to fail you guys back to previous class because I'm going to show you the in depth steps of how you can take a really sports on the fees. Well, I'm definitely going to show you a little bit off, so start filling the sport Onley image. You just have to create a new olia by coming onto despite and click on that icon. And I'm just going to drag this and putting in between Now, you can remember Leah instantly or you can wait. Then you just have to group over to your super and select the regular Helen Hyland brush to By now you would left click on your mouse and select the healing brush you just the healing brush to. So now when you select the hill in Russia, you just have to desert me. But first, before resuming in and static kill Intersport, make sure that what the blend Morissette Noma, your sources said to Sampoong, You're somebody sent to a Korean on below. Most important, and that fears it's said to five so that the usually calling on balloon it's going to help you sample from the balloon. Lee curse us putting the spurs. You are moving on new earlier. Most early students once already settings out. Okay, then you can now start removing sport. What? I'm going to tell you Don't go in there at this part from the beginning off. What hill In this sport, Yes, outside would take away the distraction for now, which is very, very important because she would go back later on, and just there many parts that's having the smaller editors off sport. So for these where you just have to do by holding on the R key on the right click you can a sliding left. All right, you can increase and the crazy size off your brush. Now we grow down or and Clinton any but you take a sample and see how some of now you can us bent. And that sport has gone a week to like I said, have already do the issue your skip this step and go true to the one which I have already done. So when I turned on these, you can see they have taking the host part week. But I couldn't take almost everything, like filling these gaps and so on because we're still going to what? Fix that the Taliban in this class, which really make you understand most things in this class to you know, I must listen. We are going to start killing the lives, Then I can go in there and you also understand more on making use of the healing brush to if you have not watched my previous lesson. 3. Healing The Lips: is this Foot leaves or you have to do you just need to create a new Delia Abou makers everything you want to do. You need to place them on a newly out before Helen spots on the leaves. But if I look closely, there is no most particularly suit. What I'm really going to take when you're killing the lives just have to go for the in irregularities. That is the things that you know in nature. They can get away from the leaves something like when I'm talking about irregularities were talking about something like this vision will with time they can go away from the least or stuffs like all these bricks you have yet you don't have to touch them because they are constant on the live. And you can see something like this This place here you can take that we cannot see human lives. Years have to come down to your newly apart and create a new Lear and make sure this is a boon to the sport. Now you can name that Hey believes or just leaves Brilliant name that lives and hit. Enter now What? That's Leah created Guberti Oh brushed you and select the regular healing brush to now with the regular Helen brushed, you want to criticise exactly what you are speaking and measure The layer is selected on a Shuja Corrine on Blue. It's very, very important so that you have to do. You just have to Pete from a particular place, and you just theories to take you with your spot. Now you can see what I'm doing. I am just only removing the but which I do with time. They are going to move from lives in the nature are part off life's who, that here's what I'm doing. You just have to keep that in mind. You don't just want to take you Eat what? You know that they are always on the leaves constantly. It is very, very important to keep that in mind. So I have this waits here is going to Colbert does no . When you had recently. These years, when you take out your time to do is because it really print on watch. Your claim wants not what you really, really want us have to take out your time to do this. Don't be in the haste when you are working most especially retouching the skin. It is very, very important. Que su As you keep working, you can always check between do before and after. So this is what we have before. And this is after you can see the a lot of difference you've done to less weekly check for Have anyone live, that's we can fix. So right now I can find in the irregularities on this case on the leaves. Okay, Now, when you I showed that you don't have any regularity on this under leaves and you're sure that would you are done with killing the lives. Now the lesson we need to do is to what perfect the outline off the leaves. And I feel like our lives very well. You can see that it's not really much in with this one. It's kinda like, just feels like it's kind of distorted. This is going Oh, and this is going down. So we just need to fix the lining off the leaves. Were before I'm going to do that, I'm going to group this leer by little contra G on my keyboard and your double click and really a name that lives healing and you don't end up. So now when I turned that off can see leaves. Don't add on. See that, You know, before we started in the lives we need to learn how to make use of the pain too. Well, I would be going in them on how to make use off the pain too. But we get to understand that in the next lesson. 4. The Pen Tool: Yes, helped boots you yourself to go to your two palette and scroll down to you. Find the pain to or you hit the P key on your keyboard to select the paint. Or for now, I'm just going to turn off every layer and just create a new layer for us to understand how to make use off the paint. So now the pencil we have two ways of making usual depends Unicom appear you can clean. They say they'll have shape and we have. But we select the ship. Even mention start making apart depends. It's that making I didn't call us to it Is that making a particular ship for you? And when you look at the layer part, if not magical, create in newly a for you and let me clues itself. Yes, you know who held that? As Ship One writes here, When you click here and you go again, you can see here that we have shipped to well, increasing outline on the lips Really don't need these sheep, you know when you say that on peed zero. I mean, when you set out on, but the moment you start creating a line, it maintains the particularly like at this point, you can put it on any layer off your choice. So for now, religious have to understand how to make use of pain, too. We have two ways of making yourself painted. You can click and clearly you just make a straight length, which is very, very easy. But I'm very difficult. Part of the pension is understanding how to make the call when you want to make a call. Now they This is really, really, really have from them Never really illustrate These were were So I'm going to come down to my ship too right here. I'm gonna create on the leaves Gonna who create on the leaves just like these, you know, Move this to the spot. There's no DVC and I will go back. So let director would see and creates right down. Okay, so now I can clues that first we're going to walk on direct on. So he t p key on your keyboard to select the painter. You know, if we actress in these rectal just going to create a newly above to take away the part on direct. So if we tried to trace the rectangle with the pain to all we just have to be with us helps right click on niece. But rights here now it's a midline accurate. You can hold on shift on your keyboard to clean, and it's really going to make the line acute. Now we can combat and click this again to middle and accurate and get to the spot holding that ship and click and come back to this but closed part because it's always necessary when you get to the ending off to the beginning, to a starting point off the particulate that you would get this little cycle leading you to know that you are about to close the part which you just create that. So when you click on that students, we were clues now decision basically off making years off the paint, just creating the regular lines. But well, we're not really after the regular lines were after the cause. That's where this ellipse coming. So now we try to Would making coffee depend to around these at least the first? Next thing you really need to understand the pain to that depending works like the opposite , the worst on the opposite, like you know most of you safe. It's not black, it's white, so depend to works like that. But now it's kind of like tricky, so less serious. We are trying to make it called underpants, too, just like this. Now you get notice something. If you're making you called to the lived, you have moving your pain to do right to make it cold and from making a cove to the right, moving your pain to the left. You have to put out in my issue just on opposite, and when you are making a cough that's going off, you are bringing your pain down on while making. The code is going down. You are taking your pain off. So as if I'm making something like a boxy car stuff like this, you are taking your pain the opposite direction. Just have that in my anywhere you called. It's going your pain. It's going that opposite direction to less rights would trace this and if you have, so let's see, I start from somewhere around here. Okay, then when I get to this spot, will a leech and I drug to make the call? You can see as I'm trying to perfect pickle. You can see we're my mouse. It's moving to rice. And now if you have leg disco with Uncle Point now this little line to see it's called Award the ankle hand discarded Uncle 100. This is called the Uncle Point, and this is the part that you just created. Now if you would make the first, But you know you have. So what called to the street and go to something like this person was really happening? It's not really marching. Some really we're going to countries eat that Now. It's fix that after making the part jointly would keep moving along. These Agassi's right, So we're going to do. You're certainly old key on your keyboard when you place your pain on that Uncle. The Uncle point. Today we see that our hearts change, which which will allow you to know that you can drag these. Sorry about that which relate in order. You can druggies and place it to the nest part you wanted to go. So now it has been placed here just like these you can know click and your jug. You can see how easy it is. I'm just going to do that Good on or take it back and take any jerk. So what if you mystically go out off position now? We'd still the line Your multi left leg being hold You can hold on the space bar and you can move. You're part and you you I want it. But if by any chance you couldn't hold on the space well or you did not make it a special adopt moment After making needs making your part, we can make yours. You can hold on to control and click on the last Uncle Point you have there and you can move it any way you want it to be some regular places this hold on or and I just industry now this man really be This might not really be perfect. Doesn't really matter if you're doing it in yours. Try to make it parfait. Someday is going do die. Would I come true? Not just decently to be now If received by any chance that left some part you can go about the last uncle point And with Uncle 100 you can hold on control click and drug to fix it. We wanted to be and hold on or another that thing when you hold on what you can click on the last uncle points to break the 100 and if you wish to bring about 300 you can hold on old click and drag hundreds going to come outside in a place in the way you want it to be really quickly round up these and show you some extra tins, which you can do less worries and less clues. E just like that. So this is a This is your sleep. Do not less a regime. We have some kind off Eriks like we have here and we try to adjust with this Uncle Point. But it's no really working right now. You can just hold by your mouse on top of the bus, which years created. You can see they have pain to is not having a plus sign at the bottom right of it, which is telling you that you can add an ankle points to the spot. So when you click when you click, you can now add on Uncle Point when you were on corn true and drug, you can now adjust that, but so if you still want to remove the uncle Point. You just go over to the Uncle Point and the bottom right off your pen to turn to subtract icon, And when you click on that, it's going to remove that. Cooperate, you just addict. So this is the basics off how you can make use off the pain, too. I hope these really, really helps your sumers. Just reason briefing. True, I gave you about the pain to hope. It really, really helps you. But if you're finding it difficult of seeing understanding how to make use of the pain to our adversity, check out some leaders on YouTube which really explain how to make use off the been to. 5. Outlining The Lips: I know that you understand how to make use of the pain to stem Forrester now after line leaves. So before that, I'm going to delete these layers. They are no longer useful rigor, click drag and leads, and the part hinders. Gordon sees place and your seat, the leads and the leeds. It's going to delete the part. Now you can turn on every layer. So now zoo includes to the leaves. Now first, before you start up Landon's leaves, you might want to check the proper ship off the lives. The way is overdue were your clients tell you to outline the lives, But if you claimed you know Terry House outlined the leaves and it decline your Issy go on Atlanta leaves, then you have to make years off your own marginal yourself to know how you can outline the lived. So I'm just going to grab the pain, too. But he's in the P key on my keyboard, displaying their Now I'm going to start from here just this part rights here and now we're dig called to the spot just like that. I'm still trying to would maintained or the corpse of the lives. But now I'm taking a measurement off this place. Now, you can take a proper measure made by doing these. Now, if you wish you would do that, it's just a choice. Do not really most so you can grab the word is shipped to and just create a rectangle. All right. I hated country C on your keyboard. You can irritate it literally. Then you can drag it to the spot. Just it would take a little bit of measurement, but if you're good enough, if you're good enough, you can I board Measure leads to give you exactly what you want. All you can adjust your part which you created some years going to do that stay diary and go back disease. Grab the peaky and go box in my pot. Okay, so I made your stigma easily to be off by holding down the court. Your key just would. This here? Okay, this is in love, but don't worry about that. For now, we can come back and fix. That will come down to this part so you can see the lining of the leaves, so I can just pretty destry well in that. All right, that's fine. Now hold on or and call the line, coming down to the spot, you know, go in and go out. Did you call now? You don't really need to be precise at the beginning because you can go back and fix every single but you created Now come down train that day. Okay, Now I can just despite to feed a Jackie's out. Oh, that's and feed it like this occasion off. This is Ricky, so you can check out the Opel, but you can zoom in closely and see if you have are smooth if you have a smart land. But if the land is not smooth, you can make use of the control key. And you can I just that moody somewhere around here and I think that it's really okay. Yeah, that's OK. We want to spend much time on these just for you guys to see You know what you've done with these Head over to your layers and part, Then click on this spot and it's going to open up the data log books for you. You can just meat lives Now, at this point when you would I don't really spot. We can go back here and select the world part again. But if you live it to walk, but you can just the leads that work. But so the school box layer now that will make the landing around the Lucy repents you where you have to do now yourself to hold on control in press enter to make a selection. There's a little country and press enter to make down to make our selection now, but it But it is wanting the body selection of years made yourselves understand that the selection that will make its going to be having a hard edged, well, lemon really sugar. So when you hear the cue on your keeper to go into the quick mask mood, you can see the selection writes very rare shop. Now we really don't want that now to finish this shop aged. Have a selection. You just have to grow up to feel there. What's Blow and Gagosian blow now, when it's like the guardian blow, you can now see that what the edge has been, what field they let me show you. Limp dick is down to zero. Now you can see that we have with the sharp edge and that shop it. It's one look realistic because the men lives itself. It's not that shop, so we just have to work fetus a little bit. But taking the black guardian blow a little bit off to somewhere something that's OK for you. You can make it a 2.0 or even higher. But residents QB's at 2.2 points or 1.5 Yeah, 1.5 reason No. 2.0 dickey. Let's give it a 2.0. Now you can get on. Okay, Lenny Coward hit queue to go out of the quick mask mood and grew over two yearly apart and create a new layer above. Then you carry named Elia Leafs line. If you reach to here on enter now, the nursing for you to do it's for you to grab the clue stump two. When you just go to your Lia part, can see right here close time to or he do with the s on your keyboard to select the clue stamped. But now there is something you need to understand phrase before was that making use of the close down to you? Quit me. This election will meet we are only Ebel's pain inside your selection. But what if one paint outside of selection? Because we need to clean the outer part off the leaves? Ready one. Look what, if once would paint the outer part of the selection? Well, it's very simple to do that. Always have to do is for us to invite our selection for us to paint the after part off the lives. Now that Movinary involved selection, we wouldn't be able to paint and in a part off the lives off demonstrator. So you have two ways off inviting your selection in push up. You have the shot card and you have the normal process. Well, I'm going to show you need to. I'm going straight to know my process for it, so you have to would go up to select and in vice. When you click on that, it's going to invite us election, and you can see right here shifts control. I When you click on that, it's going to invite a selection when I'm just going to make use off. What shortcut Shift control. I now your selection has been invited. Zumar. You can see it. Our every part off your Congress is now being selected. Now, wherever you do, we affect everyone out part off, Cut off your image. But it should affect the inner lift or I never really show you another thing now, in this election is really disturbing. You are preventing you from seeing everything you are doing. You can just hit the world Contra hitch on your keyboard. Now this election is still dead. It's literally stayed there. But you just temporarily hide the selection so that you'll be able to see what you are doing. So when you hear the country hitch again, you can see that the selection has come. But now we close dumpster selected. You really don't have much of status. But first, you just need to take notice, go up there and just select soft round brush, which is very, very important. And anything outside of that strike here, that's all there is not enough blend mood sets Aloma approximately 100 flu hold great and all leaders because we are painting on wood separate leer. So I will just have to do now is yours for you to work. Hold out on the place you want to sample from and yours over the place you want to. He reads that just what you are going to do. But first, I'm gonna heat Contra Page to hire selection for now. So you can just really see exactly what we've been doing. How claimed the outline is becoming but not really fake because of the guardian blowing added to eat. I'm just going to do that. Or despite him, I want to clean them too, because over the lift 16 we have over a day. So Squeeze writes, you listen. Okay, So now when you see something like this is happening, it simply means that you're clone shores getting into your main image. I'm gonna get on country, age and countries it's on. Do that. It's not really example again. You see, that plus body is telling you really you are sampling from a painting on a rapper. So the moment it goes up like these, you can see that. So when I sample from here, you can see that was your sample from that party tried to avoid. That's a really something from the bottom, but endures paints. Okay, so now this is what we how to manipulate you don't contra hit to hide. So now you can see how perfect leaves this looking right more better than the way it is before So now riddled with the off the park. So we still need to it fix the inner part of lives. So remember that what we invite the selection we just need to hear on Lord Shift Country. Plus I again to work, invite the selection. And now this time we can only pain inside the lives. I'm going to do it on the same layer. Well, if you wish to what put yours and it separately. A no problem about that. It's a cube for me. I'm just going to put it on the same layer Now this time yourself to its sample from the inner part. And then you just pains just like that now to fill out the wood, The edges that are not really perfect does the use of these And you can see he command control hit on your keyboard to hide It is always advisable. Forget Zumar win doing something like so we need you might be able to see. So look at this. You can go. Don't. So far, the letters were done yourself. So this is the least before and this is a lives after you can see how to really looking night. So is that we have before and after before and after. Well, everyone are things we are going to face that later. So as usual, I'm just going to it. You don't control G to group that layer. And I'm going to name that lives lying and he ended up 6. Creating Advance FS Action: sure you guys house to create a frequency separation action? Yes, it is really weird to creative frequency separation action. But there is something missing in that, and that is absolutely a beginner's guide to creating frequency. Sufficient action. Well, in this lesson, we are going to be crazy of frequency separation that it's really good to enable us to what did Where? About 50. We are going to apply now. You need to take note of something. Sometimes when you are editing image, really don't know if you're in major for still be or it beat. Now there is different types of frequency separation for 16 bit on its image. Well, we are going to combat that now if you apply And if you are applying the Gagosian blow the prefers frequency separation we created, we just apply a particular guardian blow based on the Korean image. We have word of older image. If the Guardian blue is not really the same or the amount of Goshen blow we are going to apply to this image is not really going to be the same for that image. How is that really going to work out for you? Well, the new action we are going to create. It's really good. Show you how to fix that. And secondly, I wouldn't really be making use of the Guardian, both going to be showing you something different. That's where the topic of this lesson is creating advanced frequency separation because different separation is going to include a frequency separation for system being image on it big image. And you can also create guijin whereabouts. If they are going to be making use of the new funeral, be showing you or the guardian both feet on the garden below 50. You'll be able to control that 50 based on the image you have. But first, before we create the frequency separation, I want to show you this is the first of four need to know your image beat by going up to image, uh, more and check. You can see that we haven't what eight beads image. So if you're say, system, beat the system, your system, we will check with this I kony and make sure you are working on the word R g B. I'm gonna take that off. Not a great frequency separation action. What I'm going to do, I will go over to Winders and I open up my history upon you years. I don't want to create a action inside off thes police. I already have action created, which is right here. If I switch box of regular frequency separation, you can see right here the frequency separation which I have already created. So I'm just gonna keep it this way for now. So what? He's a part of that open. I'm want to create a new document off these documents we are working on. I don't want to go open in the 1,000,000 game, all copying and pristine all this stuff. I really don't want that. I'm just gonna come down to this icon here and click. Now when I click that you can see right here Name change with a new document. Everything here you can see that would keep the kids state. Are you can see right now we're done with the history partner. Well, clears these now within right. Hey, we don't need their meters. It's here. Where we do here won't affect this year's. We're having a different name, that different document on sewer. So I'm going to do I'm going to select the open one stay layout the lower one or I'm just going like leech and midge groups that years. A particular group. Every select everything clean or your measure, Lee, as you can see right there. Right click and your seat on wood flattening image. Now it's going to convert that suit background. If you don't have your action window open, just head over to this windows and action or you make use of the word or plus F nine on your keyboard to open up the action. Ponder. So now, with this selected, we're still going to go true. Most off the process, we go the last time always creating that duplicate. But before we do that yourself to come here and create a new action food s I'm just gonna name these skew shit and you don't enter. I already have that now. So, yeah, I can click on this world plus icon to create a new action. Second, you're saying you need her face separation. Now, at this point, I'm going to I It's slash 16 years frequency separation where created will be used for eight Beat 16 beads in me. Now here we have the word function key. You cannot sign any foreign Shirky over choice. So if one I send you can make yourself anyone. So the previous frequent separation I created rest action I created. I send you a shoot list if to you can click a win win. Limitations solicited. If I You cannot see shift or Country Air five for the action, click on there Now we created action. You can now make use of that shortcuts or function key to what? Apply the action without playing it from your actual Panyu. I'm just going to say that, too. No and a collar. You can see that. What? The action I should. Now it's having a green color. So when you click on the drop down menu, you can assign any color over choice really ascend rates and this one now, once you don't just hear on record, and now whatever you do, it's being recorded. So I just went with the background image. We are going to make a duplicate to duplicate as well as usual way we did in the previous class. So I'm gonna heat on Contra G twice born to Sorry, Do you know what happened? The selection will made. It's too active. This isn't so just gonna hear on country deep to de select. So now I'm just going to What stopped? I reaction and I will drag these. And the leads they were going to start all over again to click on the plus icon. And now what brings named that, eh? Phases her face action or just frequency separation Residents keeping that we just fs wouldn't wouldn't go for it at this time. We keep that FX and the AIDS slash 16 beats. There's gonna keep it out then And execution is certainly an excuse. She a set which would create that here and the color. Like I say, we're gonna make it off red and he record. So now we're going to make a duplicate of Leah hearing on what country G So, actually, she's 12 below Leah. I'm going to name that color. I'm just gonna put it on a par case. You don't end the and the Abou Vitya gonna name that details and hit Enter. Now I'm gonna turn of the eye off the above layer and I'm going to select Blue Lee Now, take note. I already told you guys that we weren't making used off the Gadgil. But if you want to make use of the guardian blood, you can go up to few blow and gosh in blue. Right. It's okay for you. But these are we going down. So noise and dust and scratch will look like that. And it's going to open up number. Museum includes need Teoh image. Now, when you're looking at the moment you see, that's that lesson deep. There's on the eyes. I just want to stop and he okay, there is really have before. And this is where we have after this five. It's really okay for me. Five p, sir. Amusing. It's really okay for me, so I'm going to keep it that way, which is good these now I'm going to hit on. Okay, now, here comes the trick. We have applied, what, five dust and scratch for this. So what if one would offline ease on another image which run a really should five rangers is going to be a no for that. So this is where you're going to do to control. After adding the dust and scratch the word color, go over to your action plan eat. And this near space you have here this square just click that now with this winter trends, apply the action. It will ask you if you want to impute the same amount off dust and scratch or you want to change the amount of a scratch. Well, we are going to see that not worry now revealed. Layer off the details and select the detail. Lee, off the head of us who would image and apply image. Now we get to understand something first. Never really brings down fully for you guys. So let's see our shoes. Well, first you have to were generally to work the call of the blend mode He said somewhat supply when I set out to would subtract Okay, for now, So upset is wanting eight. Any skill is too well. I'm recognizing I'm reckoning this action, so I really don't need to kind of studies. Well, I'm going to illustrate this color for you later by ending of this lesson. So here we are making use of this subtract because we have a what aides beats image. So now we can work creek onboard. Okay, Now we have added words they had the apply image to what? Our to our image. So before we were said to blend mood you want to stay, press the same thing over here, Click on that Now you can would choose When you're walking on a 16 bit image can work. Switch this to what? 16 bit image? Well, we're single When she would look that by what we applying the frequency separation we just created. Janata, you've done without head over to your blend mood and said to blend Mutsu linear like now you can see nothing really happens right here Image remain the same. Everything looks same way it is to turn east off Siddle, Tony So you can see that now you can just work. Select both layers and you don't control G to group them. Now you can name you can put them your name or you can use name them anything. Residents live in these frequency separation skew sheer and he don't end Now we are doing you can now hear on the world Stop to stop the action. Now we can yours clues these groups. So if you go back into it the button mood you can see the wood the action years created a face eight bits slash 16 Be human Will have a functioning kitchens like this. We're going to have it right here. So now we are just going to delete these because we don't need anymore. So now it's time for us. There's the action, which we just created. So the bottom leer selected head reverts your action plan, you and click on. That's and you see what is going to help. Now you can see that we have the dust and scratch right here. You can change the radios and play around with the trash food if you wish you so I'm just gonna hit on what? Okay, so now we have it right here. So if we're working on a 16 beat in me since you have subtract, you just have to hit on what invites, and it's going to change all you can us from this subtracted. Can you change it toward odd? And it's going to would apply for you if you're having what this 16 beat image have that in mind. So I'm going to say these back to a subtract. And now, if you were city to subtract, make sure you don't have anything off such rights yet. Skill will be set to what? To boards. Your words offsets were still was said to what? Zero. And you can also just invite from you, which you can see right now for the it beats image. When you uncheck these, you're working on a 16 beat image. But I'm not gonna set is to what? Subtract and offset 1 28 and here. Okay. All right. Now, this is what we have. Let's open up the folder. So this is what we have right here. The color and the detail layer. So in for less. Listen, we're gonna land House. We're gonna lend What is ph. Tomato off frequencies to appreciate. So see you guys in the next lesson. 7. Understanding The PHP Method Of FS: way off frequency separation. Well, it's very, very simple. This involved fest P we have there is for the patch to partially skin second. We have They just got hit with how that is what heliskiing Last people have their eyes to What? Polish skin sounds funny, right? Well, Emma, really shoe is something so inside of these new document created, we would just applied the frequency separation. You know, at the beginning of the class, I told you guys know to hear or its nearest arms you have he and some of the details off the some of the leads. Ooh, sports you have the actual you know to hear that. And we are going to be worth coinsurance process with the PHP made out of frequency separation. So when you look at all this spot lead like the I bugs, you can make use of patching to what, Hilder spot, Like some leader who is you have on the heads on. So you can make use of that too. You can make use of the word PHP mater to fix all this issue. And the transitional knows you can also make use off the PHP tomato. It's work I just always stuff where we will go in there off making years off the Petri middle of frequency separation you are really going to understand. And it's really, really going to be phone. I hope you guys still and understand how to make use of this Ph cremated because you're gonna find out that after landing the Pete Hoekstra made of frequency separation, you are going to stick to be most cases. 8. Applying Frequency Separation: now, before we start patching, killing on publishing always came. We need to apply the frequency separation. Now, we don't need to start all over doing frequency suppression again. We just have two words. Mickey's every action we just created right now. So to do that, since you have so much groups right here and we're going to do yourself to work, make a match, copy off everything by holding ground control or shift plus E to make emerge Copy off everything. Now, don't worry if it's not the Bagram, Leah Well, you can You might have a little bit off issue, but I'm going to show you how to feeds that. So I just have to do gold to your action panel and select the frequency separation. Now, this is where you're going to get so less what letters continue for now. Continue. Continue. Continue. Continue. Now, don't worry about that place. The leads, everything right here. Now, that is a mistake we make always legs will make mistakes so that you guys are really, really going to see that nobody is perfect. That it only takes 10 for you to get perfect. I'm gonna heat on the country hitch. Now that selection we created, it's still there, right? So unless you don't country d to de select, let's try this evil here on words Control shoot plus e. Hey, no country, Jay. We can create a new layer now with a new layer. Selected leisure's he don't would frequency suppression. Now you can see everything is going properly. So the Rangers, it's five because this is the same image created, dosed hands crash. Two years you don't Okay, And it's going to be would subtract offset 1 28 Skill to. Since we are working on awards, it beats image. You don't? Okay, now we have applied frequency separation. Conceding them efforts cure ship for one separation. Excuse us. We have the color and we have to deal. Now this layer, you don't need that. Let me explain this, Leah for you before with the little here. If you have a plan, you would frequency separation on the lives land selected, which is the group? Its wounds properly applied. We get on a roll just like what we have. No too long. So with a layer selected, it's going to peak from that layer and created duplicate off the two layer, which is the color and detail layer to apply the frequency separation, not making use off the Lear. So with this, we can years dragged these and the leads. 9. The Patch Tool: for that. Applying P hits cremated off frequency separation like you guys to understand how to make you want to reach is the parched. To this through with so much person can do are lots for you. Very well. When you are touching me, not only retouching some or all kinds of at Legace quickly see some you're going to create a newly a move of no, really a nuclear. I'm just going to make a duplicate of weed control you or shoot Plus E. There's that and I'll go over to the healing brush. You click and hold down and select the parch, too. So now were these two doors. When you make a selection just like this or you just have to do is to click and drag. You can see that what is going to replace with that part? Now you can see it picks out of what content aware and feel that, but don't mind me. I just really want to show you what is to its use for. That's why I go to that. But let's go do this now. When you click and your drug layer drop here now you can see what happens sample from this . But I feel that place automatic Ali just that. So the sentence you are going to use just the way said has come along with the Pashtu. You just have to keep it that way. Source. Watch Noma their fears fight everything is just going to be that we now have a basic understanding off the parts to less cool and start making years off the PHP frequency separation may 3rd. 10. Using The Patch Tool: and this is going to only concentrate on the face. But you can do this all over Is King but not out formula to keep you guys raising us assure you everything Where is going to go on Lee on the skin. So we already know how the pastor works and we know how to make use of the pastor. I'm gonna delete this, Leah, because we don't need to know what you want to do in the frequency separation group which yes, created inside of that group make a duplicate off these layers. So I'm gonna click jug now. I just believe that gonna do that. Drag it here and create a new earlier. So we'll double click on Dad and renamed us too. Patch. Oh, patching. And he don't enter now without Leah, this is pretty safe. Can do anything you want on this. Leah's making mistakes. We can come back now for now. Don't worry about the PTO layer. So now it's time for us to start Parchin skill. So always part of the eye bugs. I'm just going to soften it a little bit just like that. So now with that, I'm just going to grab with the fastest selected. I'm just going to grab a little meat or some police just like the spot and I'm gonna drug and GOP. Now we're something that now it's a this election. Can us? You don't contradict to this elect. Now we can see the slow have before, so have after before and after stopping a lot. Please. You know, we're going to repeat the same process. You have a little bit off right there is your click to get to the part you want to replace it from and job great hero country Deep Jacob, could we see before before? After before, After vacation off. It's come down to have a little bit off right there so we can try to exactly game, I guess coming. But at least be internal country D Okay, that is better. So you want to go around every part of the feces and see we have does whores like, have a little bit off here forehead right here. So I'm just going to create these job a few that you don't country deep. Now you can see there is no more holy before enough that before and after to have a little bit appear to just repeat the same process. Click and drug, you know, country deep. So this is what we have before. Enough the before enough the and you can see that we have a little bit off. It writes years. We're going to do layers. Grab this place again. There's a day they click and would drive When Trudy. Now that fits everything for us. A little bit off right here. There's Klay job and believe that is just going to go through on the faces. And, Travis, what skin is kind of like? Almost perfect. OK, we don't have so much to do right here, but just go around everything and fix that. - So I couldn't really see much that I can fix on this face because the face is almost perfect. So I'm not gonna stop here with patching and head over to the healing 11. Healing The Skin: versus that. First of all, we need to know exactly what we want to hear. And secondly, we need to put that on a new layer. Now what we want to hear, it's the little destructions. Like all these little whores here on the skin, we need to heal or respect, like all these ages now, which are very hard. We need toe so often does edges like all these parts, these are everything mean really need Teoh something. So on a new layer creating Julia. And we knew that Leah Teoh. And you know, now go back to your brush Seo Ri spot and select Halen brushed to the irregular healing brush Not this sport healing brush to just like that. And I'm going to one of the sport light so loudly a growing stuff now for you to would breast see the places reach you need. So what? You have to turn off your detail near you be able to see that. But if you wish to work on the detail layer, it's really, really OK. You can your started on a walk. There's gonna keep my this week, but later I can go back and don't see from there, I can really see those places which I really needs a few. So is going to simple and start building those places before you keep going, You can turn on d'Italia result have before any. So we have after before, after. Maybe I can us keep on working on the earlier case. And now we can't really see what is really going on day and see that I'm gonna turn that off again, and I'm going to continue. So I I'm done right now. So this is what we have before, and this is really have after before and after before. Enough. You're gonna see a whole lot of things we have taking away from the face. 12. Polishing The Skin: you have to give yourself a round of applause would get interested, so listless. And we are going to the hill in this king for your Start, Holiness came. First thing you're going to do is for you to create a new Leah inside of the frequency separation. For the kingdom in mind, it is very, very important and measure. It's above the detail layer Linda Buckley fund at and rename it to Coalition Coalition. Now what? You're going to do it. So each of us grabbed a brush to right? Yeah, we praise be. Keep your keyboard to select a brush to after selecting the brush that you have two options of selecting a particle aberration is that I right? Click inside your converse, not outside inside. It cannot be read. Click outside these we are going to get. But if you read, click inside your condors. It's going to give you your brush partner, but you can still go off here and click on that. Little are and you will be able to select your brush to click on the General Burge and select the soft round brush. If you're making years off a digital tablet like me, you can street to the cell Tron, Prayer, Pakistani and flew for. Most of us will not be have alleged that table it. So I'm going to stick into your mouse maker so we'll go and select the regular. Solved a round brush without suffering Were selected missionary hardness, he said. Zero decided, Doesn't really matter. For now, let's skip that and go over to the flu and said the flow to somewhere around to percent. It is very, very important to present. He enter. Now all you have to do is just for you to start smoking the skin up. How can you do that? You have a color here so you don't need to make use off. The scholars have yet at this point, the R key on your keyboard. It's now your friends can just come over to this place. That's that's annexing the hydra part. True, and you peak color. It's a *** brush to and you paint. No, it's going to take a lot of attacked, so we reverse the selected. When you hold on. The O. T. On your keyboard is a month colors switch into the color picker. From there, you can sample from any part of this key on. You paint a very, very easy. Now, before we start painting, you can see that if you were to take that pencil a deal for the ship, you get to understand that painting streets it's going to be a little bit off problem. So the helpers make our work easy. We just have to make yours off the rotate option of living for racial so that we can be able to smoothing the transition. Probably now district. It's to my notes, be available every foolish up due to the graphics. Graphics card options are so I really don't know much about that because it's been so long . Dates of four years back, which I really experience. This issue certainly don't know if they try to fix it to a neighborhood irritation on any kind off PC. Speak so really sorry about that. That's really going to affect you. So to make use off that irritates you now, with a brush your selected you can hold on the R key on your keyboard and you're kind of with dates, and when you release the hierarchy, it is switched back into the brush or you can use usually come here on select that. Well, I'm only going do that. So I'm gonna take these to the way it's going to be working from. So campaigns like now, you can make use off the script record keys on a keyboard to increase and decrease the size , or you hold on or right click. And when you're slide right, you can increase the size of a brush. When you slide live, you can increase the size of your brother and you can also plan on with the hardness when hold on the most. We would only old indirectly cough months if a slide off you're going to decrease the heartless where slider you're going to increase the hardness of the brush. Really said it had next to zero and increase the set of the brush. Elites would be your something These, but that's too much. I'm going to look it up for our case, too. Now what you wanna do, you want to what? We shape the transition off the nurse. As you can see, it's not really looking so nice. So we just helps reshape all this transition and try to look around. The place is off the face which all these transition are not really okay. And we are going to fix it. So to do that, years needs a peak for a place like these injures faint over and pretty soon process here and yours. Pain over. Now you can go back to your lia part. Don't worry, Polish Leah. And tell me now you might not really see that very little, but when you look closely, I'm usually scared. They just super body. So when I turn it off, you really just can't see much. Really put, I'm seeing a lot of it. Might take a little bit for you to see that suit. We're just going to work on that. Most of you able to see that peak for many parts and yours smoothing the transition just like these really going to keep you from here. It's very synergies, Lacey, before and after before and after. So this is a whole lot better clear for you to sit so you can hear. Do they repeat that every place. Now, have that in mind. Have this in mind? You are no just painting. You're achieving something about smoothing the transition on the news or wherever parts you Smith in the transition. So this while a Munich traits walking and my one retains the different view to see what you don't want to be very sure it's really, really working. Don't worry. If you lost so many highlights, you can use it dodge and born to bring them back to ever position. Lovely highlights. So now you can see a whole lot of difference. We're going to the image, so to set view, back to do before you can hold on the R key and this Tamara holder and ship as your dates teachers going to snap into every position. Now, if you just want to receive creek, your spray the Roki to select the routines to impress Erica your seat on reset view and it's against you. Go box in foot realism and see well, don't. So this is it. Before this is after. It's not yourself for an after before and after. So now you can see how smooth transition is looking 13. Smoothing The Skin (Optional Step): way. Always done this class because they have a lot of things to do. Just few testing, really A lot. So so far, so good. Like yours Quickly preview between before and after what we've done. So this is the leaves line. What did a cool is that? Don't let off. Let's understand something. Okay, so everything right, get it doesn't really matter. So this is the before, and this is after before. Enough that before, so you can see what I've been doing. So if you're making to these part of the class, give yourself a round or close. It's not really easy. So now where we are going to be doing is to smooth the scale, this body's option. Now you don't just once you if you don't want to say just live that can similarly feel like to me. If you don't like it all depends on your So I'm going to Smoot that skin itself. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to make everything together. I'm going to make much copy of everything before I'm going to make the match copy off everything. I'm going to turn off the detail layer because I don't want to affect affected. So I'll put my mouse cursor here. I put my I like here, hold on control or shiftless E to make a merge copy of everything and this I'm going really smooth and he enter Cantona detail. Layabout title. But let's start now. So now go bucks your birds to clear can hold down its select the mixer brush knows rental grants. We're going in depth off how to make use of the mixer brush or how you are going to smooth the skin. Probably you can check my previous class go into the zone. All these so you already know, but a little bit of sets and change so settings I'm using. Here it's 10. 100 100 100 like you can go higher than emissaries or something simple, like 15 and see what I'm going to get and make sure the 1st 1 used checked on the 2nd 1 is Jake and you. Having what a clean plate right here. And also make sure you are selecting the world. It's moving. Leah. You can also create on empty Leah Booth if you like, but I'm just going to make use off these at these points now, before your starts. Sampley, you can stories A because you are simply not only that particular layer if you level if you're sampling on. If you're sweating on our unanimity, Li just wants Tony's on. Have that in mind. So I'm just going to turn over the wood details there for us to start Smart. Oh, I can just on that really see what's going on. So I'm going to zoom in closely. Could you say that? A brush? And that's with a T. - So this is really have before in after before, enough there. 14. Dodging And Burning: so stand by a dirge born Now we can just go out of these group, since we are already done with that. Now you can create a doorjamb bone action. But most times allocated that it's not really less extreme because it's very easy to create the Dodge ball. But later swooping clarity and one action Teoh go over trees to my action part. It's used to treat from the boat in mortally Regula mood. And I'm going to create a new sets and I'm just getting named ads. Does John Boehner and having my You can also create Dodge ball with the frequency separation actually together soldiers bring on how you want your own syrup to be, not the way I would issue you guys. So I'm going to create and you action. I'm just going to name the and G that is your Steve. So I said, and but it said function key, which is the have to, and I'm going to make it off Khan True F two on a color I'm going to say he to Yeah, and I'm going to heat on record right now. I'll come down Somalia part and I'm gonna create a new course. I just mean and I think this all you're slick died like inclusive. Double click Rename it dodge. Or you can keep it on a par case you don't enter and snuggly Amar risk. And it's con true I to inverse the Lammers and go back again and select called in this time Go for a duck in closing, double click and named I burn you don't enter. Let Liam risk and in advice are select book and here Country Jujitsu group and just nearly D and G enter now you can stop action. Now, If you want to minimize your cove the way it is, you can put in their stores right here. But that doesn't really matter, because you can still do that. Which off? Which I'm really going to show you. So now you can years stop the action. Right? So you have the wood dodge and the born closes, and I'm going to switch back to importing more. This is it. The Dutch and Bone Country f Too small to delete this layer. And I'm just gonna hit control loose if two on my keyboard and now you can see that we have the action. So it's them First of smoothing to apply t dodge under born. So we always start with a dodge first, the foreground color sets Why? And make sure you are selecting your regular brush to and this time you will take the flow to somewhere around 5% Just the flu letter. And now use that painting softly on the place issue. You want to add highlights just like yours. Like bad. So any hard, hard. So I like you. You're is the least Be know that much. So do so we have before and after before after Groovy dad much. So we have a little bit off lights here. So we can us. I believe in all these. And here we have You're still like that and how What the's part? Don't forget. So this is what we have before, and it's really have after before. Enough now we can hear about it above the same certain it's that applying on the dark areas . - So this is where we have before and after the body before and after less closing group unless see, before and after before and after. And of course, is this If this is too much. You can always reduce your poxy. So I think so. We are in future to you. Okay, show before enough that before in after two. Now that we don't really dodge and boiled, I guess these just this has taken us a lot. Fire to touching our skin less quickly Sin which in the overseas having before and this really having after before Enough that for an hour now in our listless And we are going to start adding something amazing to re skill, like crazy in the shine which is really going to be also so I hope you guys take it to the next lesson leaders. It's getting a whole lot off. 15. Adding Shine To The Skin: I didn't shine to escape. So how? How coming out that Shanti escape by making years off the call adjustment and one or the oceans which most off you guys may not Half years. But I did show it in my last class, but not really as much as we're going to be using its here. So you are really, really going to understand how to make use of that. So first are trying to I, like is very rich. The skin is very, very simple. So all we just have to understand or the technique above this is that if you added more lights to the highlight and added more shudders to the dock but in a kind off a realistic way that it's really going to make it look real. So enough of the inter ledgers go right, do it. So we are done with obviously doesn't really matter. You don't need to create a stock Basically copy. I don't need to image everything. You have that in mind. So just go down to you adjustment layer and selects course. Now you want to take it up? You're so we good. We are working with the highlight first Now, this is very, very important for you to how do not come true over this you have to mark the places. Really? Have I light? So we have highlights here. We have highlights here. We have highlights here, here, on here. You have to repeat these process five times, which is for forehead, the news, butch ing and good chicks. A change and knitted put on mine. So we are going to do these Just the ghetto rights here and clear. Is this someone's name? These forehead So that kids, we want to make any adjustment literally. We can go back and fix that, you know, intact. Now, before invitingly mask what you're going to do years for you to the click on the right part off the layer. And it's going to open the layer Stars don't touch in its own right here. All right. Blending options. You want to go down to the on the line there? What? These? There's this just like the one that has the black students in the meats, the highlights on the dock area, living it on only the life area. And why this Wait for it? It's going to limit the duck on the light area living. It's only all the dark area will literally see that. So this issues that I was going to drag the slider all you can really see what is happening right? The lights have been taking away from the dark area. They have been preserved in the like year. Now we are targeting is the forehead So you have to pay more attention to the forehead workers before head. It's what we are working on right now. So they deserve All right, so somewhere on day is OK. Now go look at it. It's a little bit harsh, very, very hard. So how can we fix that? So when you look at this letter, you can see that we have a line at me. Do we hold on the old key and click on it. It's going to break this lighter into two. So when you take this on front, cannot say that blending in isn't the Now you can take this back so increasing. We can just leave it out with you somewhere around there. It's OK for me. I'm gonna take this from a little bit too. Smoothing the transition. Look so with this. I'm really okay. But now you can see a whole lot off. Differences are into our Amy Now you can just leave it this way if you want to call if you had a lazy type but I'm not going live in the streets. Congress going to hear all OK and select a layer mask. Control I to advice. Lay on my now I'm going to be key on my keyboard to Celinda Brush Shoot and the flu in this time years Dick Ito Because you can control this literally. So just paint only on the forehead winds the whites measure foreground color his wife just spent only on the fore head Very, very important. So, Lacey, before in after before, enough there so and you can control is by the book clicking on the call and yours reducing diesel to be Now you can see what we have said before and this is after before and after before after really keep me that way, Or you can also reduce the Park City. But I really controlling in that part. I'm going to live with this right now. We don't have that going Creating calls and calls and called and called causing game. So we're going to do. You can use duplicate this cause you've already created before you can click and drag it down to create a new course. Or you can just he contra j on your cable. Now what you are going to do just after what? Select the lamb eyes and make sure foreground color It's white. They're short on the R key and hit the back space. Now it's going to feel that up and very to do that again, just click and go back into the layers. That and the blame you. But it's time your stick this later back. So now we're getting the news this night. So I'm gonna take these forward and I'm concentrating on the news only. Okay, No. Hold on. Hold and break this later. Take it forward. This is fine. Really fine. Okay, so now click on OK, the book leak and even that's you news. It's lately and my control I and invites that would brush to again Pain streets and a foregone sets white pain streets along the lose. So we have a little bit of issue. Years under is going to feats that just that we case. And now we're don't we knows. So this is really have before and after before and after. And of course, it is too bright Reduced the Park City. So before and after four Enough, we're gonna do a kid out again. But here and country Jay, review that review that now selectee, Lammers or and backspace. And this time we're targeting one off the leaves. Sue of targeting first. I'm just going see crazy approx city and go back in today. Get this system where targets in the right part, off the lips. So I'm really gonna go true. These and we're not done. We're going to come back and see what I've done so far. So this is rubble done so far. So dissident before. And this is the after before and after on the lives. Now, if this is too much, feel free to Clara Meaty, a park city just like that. So now we're don't we highlights. Let's do the same thing with the shutters Now create a new curves adjustment. And this time you just want to take heat down. You're just like Dad and clears that now. Double click on the mayor part this summer. And instead of making use of this one, we are making yours these because we want to live me the darker color from the light so clean and drag these Now you can see it's been taking away from life. So we had targets in the forehead face. So I think this is a no for the forehead, but only or click and bring down the slider and just that. Okay, this is a no Nicole. Okay, I'm gonna rename that for him. So you get the idea. I'm going to speed this process. So case who this is a good so far submarine MD's shall be in a selectable of them hit country G, and I'm gonna need that shy. I became sure this is what we have before. This is really have after for enough before after. So now we can take these down, even down. Okay, So before and after before and after. Now you can increase these and planning with its way really wanted to be so before and after before and after. And you should know that I'm nearest doing these bees on these. Really? I'm reassuring your guys how it's really going to affect everything. But by the ending of these lessons or this class, I'm going to be showing you the one i d with all these person. So now that we're done with that first image, look at something. Look at the lives, right, well or so much details, no highlights, and so on the lips. So we have to bring back Cruz highlight by adding the same shine to the lives. So, you know, I'm just listen. We are going to be sunshine to the lives to bring back the leaves, making it look so nice the way it's supposed to be. 16. Adding Shine To The Lips: and shame to the lives you dressed. House repeats the same process as we do to escape. So at this point, I'm just going to Kobach City. Good books, records I just made. And great, of course. And did Ito just like that and closed act and double click on that? Go to the blame, Eve. In this time targeting on Lee the leaves case you this place is that supposed to be having highlight? It's what I'm going to be putting in court and brick this later. So it distinct ease, but And here, Okay, Slander mice can hit con True I its demise. There were four grand colors states. Why less paints? Okay, so this is really how before enough that before laughter I didn't hold the depths of the leaves. Sure there is nothing here. Nothing here. Right before enough that no create a no doubt close taking down just like that, which is a blend. Eve, take these. Oh, way to the right. Okay. This is Faye breaking down. Take these bag. The reasonable needs to be okay. Country I and paint just paint over on Lee on the darkest area. - Don't forget that you can always reduce the off boxy. Okay, some decent cases before enough before and after were not having much highlights on the whole leaves. Whoever is against keep it that way. But it is one thing I really want to shoot now, despite off the top part of the lives, there is always a little bit off. I like to bring that back, hit the newly about in credit new earlier and this tomorrow and select the self drowned pressure proxy. So, Sean, pressure off Park City now the crazy size or the brush and set your phone and set your foreground color to like If a foreign color is not white, just hit D key. And if you're having black as a foreground color present X Togo between four grand on the Bagram color now create just adults will be addressed a little bit of a brush size, and now the most. The Villagers breast lights and you're going press hard and grace light. You can add to eat just like these, like he's so this is what we have now the book. Click on layer and bring the blame if option so the process will present before clicking. Break it down. Take it back. These fraud, I think he's And now reduce Deer Park City off the layer somewhere. This So this is where we're having now to select every Lear Slegr official important shifts like the last one hit control G and publicly and name that leaves shine and the people viral before and after before. Enough that 17. Adding Details To The Eye (Bonus): eyes are lacking in a lot of bright, really kind of like disqualifying. The image goes before it's a little bit. Okay, that boat, what were added so far? I can, like, disqualify Andy. Initially, we have two feats that so now create the cause. I just made click that you can make use of Italian born actually which you created That's really okay and increasing highlights closing going through. I now select the subs round brush off your cell Tron brush and I'll go into the eyes and start painting in deep days. Just like this. Tried to be precise. It's important. So the police you have wife yourselves up in lights of our debts and continue. Now you can repeat this process again to add more details to eat. So let's go back. Let's go back to school back so you can you can see already different between these on these, you can see so let's done of the cause. So this is before and this is after, and the funny part about this is that you can go more brighter, but the book clicking on this button and increase indoors because adjustments were just going to keep it this way for now so that you can really see everything. But what if you don't control J And I'm just going to whatever. I don't Yeah, country Jay. And I'm just going to first ask the total between four Gronckle, violent color, two black, any heat or on black spaces and few India's hip X again to go back to white and repeat the same process here. So first, I'm just going to do this place and here case, you going to start a game now if these is why you have to go to that, you do this most jobs and the big shoot on different cause. This is your slit really strong early that White Sue. I just housekeeping this week. So now this is what we're having before and after someone who grew them in country G. And I'm just gonna rename that too. I dictators and he enter. Now I'm just going to reduce the approx it because it's a little bit too. So this is really have before, and this is really how after? So I'm going to show you guys literally off just how you can call a great poetry. This isn't really going through this, This one going in depth like this year s the Bo knows too everything for to appreciate you guys to for, like, coming and taking this cost. Now there is something I would have really out to discuss. Both. You might not really understand it. I I don't really go in depth explaining that futures. It's something so special. It's support. And I think I'm going to recruiting on a necklace that's going to be involved in color grading, modifying skin turns. So that is really going to be about the next class before this year's have to stick to this so I wouldn't give you a little way off how you can just a color grader, skin and other little bit off colors to depict ears off. This came to see you guys in my next lesson. 18. Color Grading (Bonus): I'm going to be showing you guys how to add a little bit off. Deal there to the color off your skin by years, making years off one adjustment layer. So done adjustment layer we are going to be using is the selective Coehlo adjustment Lee in a click on that it's going spoken. Look, now the good thing about this selective color is that gives you the ability to play around with every single properties off your image that involves the color. Every single ship red, yellow, green Sion blew my entire white neutral and black has a particular thing it's doing on the skin color off your image. But I'm actually going to plane with three because I'm keeping these basics now before I'm going to be putting out my neck scores on color grading on or that stuff so you can practice with these metal and see what you're really going to get some. There's going to you. Keep the skin this way and you're splurging with the raids, so now you can see what's really going on. Yeah, you can see there, so I don't really want green on that A little bit off Red City skin. So I think somewhere in my less five, it's okay with a magenta. Let's see. Now you need to understand. Well, let me Don't break your head years movie slider states about today we're going to call a great and you get to understand that it's a little about liter, so just add a little bit of my gente just like these. This is okay. It's like that. So the yellows, so that it will have on the unionists. I'm not really going to add more city. Others sometimes just let me keep dealers to zero in the blacks. Layers are a little bit of blood to detested away, so click on the drop down menu. Let's head over to the yellers, repeats the same person. So now less less ministers you Les Bleus to do. Let's see. So the skin is not that ready? Sure, which they have a little bit off yellow there. So I'm really going to are a little bit off Saiyan and add a little be just a touch of green like one is enough. But if I go down, you can see what's really happening suit. Just like one or 2%. Okay, 3% of green is in love. Then we can plan on with the magenta, so I don't really need anything to affect this to more issue. I'm just really amen for the reddish new on this came to pass on Turkey all miners and really see miners. Several witnesses. Okay, so before we person, you can quickly see pretended before and after, it's really a shame that mobile you can just see something is going on your skin. Now you can go more advanced with these writers. Want something light on this kid now the blocks we can see at a little bit of blacks do they use to be, yes, plus one. Then we can go down to the grace and plan. So there is nothing much on grains happening on our our trucks and was given to. That's in my kindly see much day that is just eight Sanders going to set out soon zero and close the while. You should just would be contending with this a little bit cooler greed, and I assure you guys, because if I airstrikes measures into this course, it's no really going to be profile figures. It's going to be away long and no, just long. We are going to call you going to because it racing suits industries. My really real. It'll be difficult for you guys. So I actually want you guys to concentrate on this one. Then you can now concentrate on color grading. Messed. Something's going to group these and I'm going to eat. Call a Brady and he enter. So this is what we have before and after. Well, we can't really see that. So this is really how, before and after before and after no relation that much before. Enough like a before and after Now you can go a whole lot more crazy years bull. I'm just skipping the district, but I can see a little bit off this stuff to eat. 19. Assignment: you're going now to just go to every person's for you have got back So feel free to go back to any part off video If you get lost, if you for good. So this is really have before This is really start from and this is really have after soup . I wanted to create something like these people in the image of the project for the and just make anything out of yours to do something. Now I really make use of these imitators. Lives is really looking so night so that you guys can really see how to just so glad to see you guys, what you excrete and what you guys really from these collateral out looking forward to see your assignment project and might projects sexual. 20. Conclusion : Thank you so much. You guys, I really, really appreciate the fact that you guys take your time to go through what? I already told you guys that you go into the showing you the one I did before this class. And you also gets indeed complete PSE off this in my project sections don't feel to check that out so that you can compare mind years and it's it's really going to be an easy guy for you to create years. So look at mine. And this is what I have here. This is what I've done. So this is the before, and this is after, So this is done every team off. So this is good sports radical with little sports from the skin. This is leaves line. You can see that. And this is the frequency suppression, everything just the way we did that. But only different. Just frequency separation here, which I just make use of my name to create. Samir is going to lose that and we have a Dutch and born with how shine on the skin way have shine off the lives of inside a shame Foot out have shine on shine be have the shine off the leaves as you can see that we have the idea there's right here and also have color greedy. Now you can see that you can see clearly that a little bit of color grading is going on right here, sir. Sted in that existed in a in this class. And I really hope you guys enjoyed this Clad in a immigrants a procedure comment. And also, if you have any questions, don't forget to make yours off Q on E board And don't forget to check out. But our classes of steel share illusion. We're going to help, still less visit five digital Excuse you. But I'm going to tell you guys that I spend most time letting on Steve. She had that much thing teaching like I do at so lame, so much about share. So it's really, really amazing. So you get your check it out measures have a nice day. And don't forget that create seem always make for