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Advance MS Excel Training

Sarwar Ahmed, ClipoTech

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2 Videos (10m)
    • How to create in Excel VBA From VBA visual basic application

    • Create from table in excel using VBA


About This Class

Formulas make Excel smart. With out them, Excel is just a data keeping tool. But by using formulas, you can crunch data, analyze it and get answers to most complex questions. While anyone can use a simple SUM or IF formula, an advanced user of it would be able to seamlessly write VLOOKUP,PIVOT TABLE, PIVOT CHART LOOKUP,CONDITIONAL FORMATTING,COUNT,COUNTIF,COUNTIFS, DEVELOPER OPTION  formulas. Apart from knowing the formulas, advanced Excel users know how to debug them, audit them and how to use which formula for which occasion.







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Sarwar Ahmed


Sarwar Ahmed is web developer, online marketer,SEO expert, Video tutorial’s working for last 3 years on internet managing a successful websites. You can contact him via Email or on Facebook.

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