Adonis King Collection: Eyewear Design

Adonis King, Adonis King Collection

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Research and Moodboard

    • 3. Sketching Eyewear

    • 4. Callouts and Measurements

    • 5. Materials and Color


Project Description

Sketch your own eyewear design

Research and Moodboard

   1. Research for inspiration

Research for inspiration on the internet, in magazines and in inspirational environments



You can pull images from current and old magazines

Inspirational Environments

Walk through your neighborhood or other enviornments and snap photos of buildings,items, the sky,

ANYTHING that catches your eye.

Eyewear History Books


By: Simon Murray & Nicky Albrechtsen


By: Moss Lipow

   2. Cutout and pull photos

Cutout and pull photos

Gather all of the images / photos from your journey of reasearching, then organize to make cut-outs.

  3. Piece together moodboard

Piece together moodboard

Gather all of your image cut-outs and tap or paste them onto a Board, Paper, Your Wall.

You can also create a moodboard on Photoshop or Illustrator if you advanced.

  4. Identify theme for collection

Identify theme for collection

You can view your Moodboard and come up with a cohesive theme for your collection of designs.

  5. Submit photo of moodboard

Submit photo of moodboard

Send us an image of your Moodboard. If you physically made one, You can take a photo or even scan it.

If you are more advanced, you can send a JPEG file of your Moodboard that was made on Illustrator or Photoshop or even PowerPoint.

Sketch and Measurements

1. Sketch shapes inspired by moodboard in sketch book
Sketch shapes inspired by moodboard in sketch book. These shapes will be connected and transformed to create your temple, bridge and frame.

2. Create 3 eyewear sketches from shapes
Play with the look and feel of the shapes and textures to create eyewear for your collection
Choose an images from your mood board that most inspires you. You can pick a texture,shape,color or more to incorporate into your designs and lead you with ideas for your eyewear sketch.

3. Choose 1 favorite sketch
Choose 1 favorite sketch
When you are in the process of choosing your favorite sketch, make sure it is a style that is not only fashionable but also functional.
Add measurements to sketch

4. Add measurements to sketch
You can use our measurement guide to help with the basic measurements.
If you have no idea about measurement of sunglasses, it may help to use a pair of your own glasses as a guide to get a feel of the measurements.

5. Share all 3 sketches (1 with measurements)
Now that you have 3 sketch concepts, share them in your student project area to get feedback from you fellow students!

Material and Color

1. Find color inspiration in moodboard
Find color inspiration in moodboard
Use your Moodboard & Theme to get the colorway ideas for your sunnies

2. Add color call outs to sketch
Add color call outs to sketch
Mark all of the details on the sunglasses to add the colors you want. Be sure to mark the Temple , Frame, and Lens + Other Details. Its important to add key notes that will show an example of the colors.
You can do this straight on your sketch. You can also Scan or Take a photo of your sketch onto your computer to use the document to type your call outs.

3. Add material call outs to sketch
Add material call outs to sketch
Mark & Add Material Call outs on the Temple, Frame and Lens + Other Details.

4. Submit sketch with color and material call outs
Submit sketch with color and material call outs

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