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Adonis King Collection: Eyewear Design

Adonis King, Adonis King Collection

Adonis King Collection: Eyewear Design

Adonis King, Adonis King Collection

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Research and Moodboard

    • 3. Sketching Eyewear

    • 4. Callouts and Measurements

    • 5. Materials and Color

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About This Class


Adonis King is an American fashion designer, actor and founder of the luxury eye-wear line & Brand Adonis King Collection. King designs and sells unisex eye-wear and accessories on his website and in select luxury boutique stores across the globe. Adonis has designed eye-wear for stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Shaund Ross + many more. Adonis King was born in June, Wasington DC but raised Virginia.



Because we are so excited to see what you come up with for designs, we are running a limited time contest for all students who submit a project in this class: We will choose our favorite student-designed style to produce and feature in a future collection! Not only will you be compensated as a collaborator, your design will have the chance to be carried in some of the top fashion retailers in the world... We can't wait to see what you create!


Through exclusive video lessons, written project steps, and curated resources, this class will empower you with the following skills:

  • Researching and generating a mood board for eyewear design direction
  • Creating an eyewear sketch based on measurements, branding, and trends
  • Applying colors and materials 

By taking part in this class you will design a style of eyewear of your own. This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of eyewear design, challenge their creativity in a new way, or take an idea from sketch to reality.

Meet Your Teacher

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Adonis King

Adonis King Collection


Adonis King is an American fashion designer, actor and founder of the luxury eye-wear line & Brand Adonis King Collection. King designs and sells unisex eye-wear and accessories on his website and in select luxury boutique stores across the globe. Adonis has designed eye-wear for stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Shaund Ross + many more. Adonis King was born in June, Wasington DC but raised Virginia.

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1. Trailer : Hi, My name is Don King. I'm C o and founder of a Donna's King collection. What I'm going to show you in these video courses is the basics of eyewear design. We're going to go from researching, creating your own move board sketching and taking measurements of your own I wear. 2. Research and Moodboard: the first step to creating your own. I were. Lan is researching and creating a mood board. This is going to be your guy throughout the process. So you have something visual to go on braiding and I'll move board. Keep in mind that you can use any magazines or any all my images that you prefer. And I've already tore out the inspiration that I want to use for making these glasses. The reason being so it could save us some time. A tour of this because I can use this for the legs or for the frame of the glasses. It's like a gladiator, tight metal, um, sheer top that she's in. And I talked it out for legs. Also, like this jury piece that's in the middle, that looks like a bar, and I'm actually going to use it for the bar across the glasses. So that's really something that drew my eye end. I love this color for the lens. I think it will go great because the color scheme that I'm using, I'm gonna show you after this Disobedient This will fit perfectly for the lens. Um, because we're using this as like the frame and this as the bar and also the gold of this watch is going to be the frame color. So what we're gonna do now is cut out and make our mood board by using the little details that we like from tearing out the magazine pages. And you're going to make a T at the bottom of your paper. And this is going to be where we cut out. And we label everything for our glasses to the color, the lens, the bridge of the nose and also the frame and legs. So I'm going to start with color and I'm going to just make a square. I'm gonna start with color and you're gonna cut out the color that you want to use, and this doesn't have to be in any particular order. You just mapping out using these pictures as a guide and just want to use a little piece. So you're just going to cut it out and you can tape it or glue it down, but map out everything before you glue it down. So this is gonna be the color of the frame and around the glasses and the legs of the glasses, so next thing I'm going to cut out is the lens, and this is gonna be the lens color because I want to use a Merrill lens. And I like this orangey rid summer color. I'm going to cut out a little bit of that, and this is going to fit perfect on here. So this is our guide already. As you can see, we have the color of the frame, a frame and the lens color. So far. So the next thing we're going to cut out is the metal share thing that the model is wearing because we want to use this for the legs of the glasses. The legs of the glasses are gonna, you know, look cut out. And what we call this is a laser cut for the cut out, um, legs of the glasses. So we're gonna put legs of glasses and just gonna cut, like, a little piece, something that you can tell how you want the legs of the glasses to look like. All right, so the next thing that we're gonna do is the bar of the glasses. This is going to go on top of the bridge, the which is the nose part. So this is going to be a detail for us. So we're going to say bar on top, you're just gonna need a little piece of it. So that's the bar of the top of the glasses. Okay, so now that we have everything in place from the color of the frame, the lens color, the legs of the glasses and the Bart is going to go on top of the glasses, the next video, we're going to talk about how to take measurements and how to sketch. 3. Sketching Eyewear: in this video, I'm going to show you how to sketch and take measurements for your own. I were line. Now I'm going to do circular glasses because it's easier. If you can take around thing of tape or you can take anything that circular, you can use it to trace an outline, the frame of your glasses and gonna lift it and move it. And then you're going to do this also for the other lens. Make sure you leave space for the bridge of the nose and you're going to outline the circle two times and lift. And now you have your lens of your glasses, the start of your glasses for beginners. Okay, so now we're going to sketch in the frame of our glasses. Freehand Start anywhere out of the circle, and this is gonna be a thin lens because it's summertime and people like toe win where then frames in the summer. So I'm going to keep going. And don't worry if it's not perfect, because you can always take your eraser and shape the frame the lines. So how you truly want them to be, and if you are using photo shop, that's great as well because it's easier in Photoshopped to none that we outlined out lends without friend. We're going to go back in and clean up the lines that we don't necessarily want to use in this glasses. Now that we cleaned up our lenses and out frames were going to go in and draw the bridge of the nose, this is going to connect. One lends to the the second lens. You can draw the bridge of the nose however you prefer. I prefer thin nose bridge because this is a some a pair for summer. We're going to go in and draw the bar that we put on our key of the glasses at the top. So I'm going to go in on the side and draw the hook for the bar. I'm gonna go in on other side and draw the other hook for the bar, and now we're going to draw the bar. So I like to start at the edge and just curve at work, and this is going to create the bar for our glasses and going to go in and clean up the lines you don't want, because this bar is meant to be thin, and we're going to just go on the other side of the bar and create another line so you can see that it's a bar there. Okay, now that we have our lens out, frame out nose, bridge and out bar, we're going to go in and start drawing in the legs of the glasses. Now, the guy that I used was this laser cut like thing, um, that the model is wearing. But I do know I want the legs to be a laser cut out. So what I'm going to do is draw a line and connect that line to another line and draw that out all the way out. And then I'm going to curve that fly. So this is going to be the leg of the glasses. This is going to be the tip, the temple tip, and we're going to do the same thing with the bottom. And then when we get said this, I we're going to curve it halfway and then go back to the temple tip that we made and you're going to create the tip of the glasses. Now that we have our leg of the glasses, I want to create this laser cut effect. So what I'm gonna do is drawer the details in of making this effect, and these glasses are going to be cut out, and then we're gonna go in without eraser like we did with the lens and frame and clean up . But this time, we're going to give it that laser cut if effect. So where the lines gap at, we're going to erase the middle of them. 4. Callouts and Measurements: Now that we have our glasses sketched out, it's time to add call outs in measurement. So the first thing I love to do is call out. So I'm going to call up this as bar Metal Bar Bar, and then the frames are gonna also be metal because we have this gold frame on our key. So I'll say gold, uh, metal frame. And then the lens is going to be like this red summer color so we could name it's summer read mirror, and there we're gonna have our leg of the glasses cut out. So we're gonna put laser cut and this is the temple. So we want this throughout the whole entire temple until it reached the temple to, so you can draw a line to that for the whole thing. You can also do call outs in Photoshopped or Adobe Illustrator. Now that we have out call out, it's time to add measurements. What I love to use it's a digital calibrate er kind of like this, and you can measure your glasses on your paper, and what this does is it tells you the exact number. You can also use a regular ruler, but you're going to measure in millimeters boil beginners out there. We attach a basic measurement template with this video 5. Materials and Color: it's time to talk about material now. Glasses are made out of a special plastic called acid Tate. This is a plastic that they can make it any color that you want, or any pattern or any shape that you want, and most glasses on the market are made out of this special plastic. Also, you have your metals like aluminum stainless steel titanium that you can also put into your glasses. Whether it's the frame or detail work and adding color, you could get inspirational colors from Vogue magazine, Els or any fashion magazines out there. You can see what's in for that season and use those colors as your scheme the same way we did our key from the beginning.