Adobe illustrator | Master in 3D | HU Shahir | Skillshare
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13 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Who can take this course

    • What is 3D?

    • Setting Up project

    • Design Flat app icon 01

    • Design flat app icon 02

    • Extrude and bevel option

    • Creating 3D Bevel

    • Lighting and Shading

    • Mapping

    • Mask intersect

    • Good bye

    • Bounes Lecture


About This Class

Course Description

2 in 1  Design Flat App icon and Create 3D Look


Do you want to create cool 3d shape beveling and extruding with great and artistic shading in illustrator ?

Have you ever tried to create this effect but don't know with which tools or plugin ?

Do you want to learn how 3D Extruding work in illustrator and how to use different parameters to achieve great result .

With this course you will learn how to design a cool flat app icon and then create 3D Extruding , Beveling , Custom Rotation , Mask intersecting  , Lighting , Shading , Mapping ...) for it.

Creating 3d shapes in illustrator make life so easier and its very dynamic and procedural effect you can use mask to select one part of the 3d shapes or make hole and other stuffs .

You can place lights in scene to illuminate your 3d object you can use Ambient light for realistic result and bunch of other cool stuffs that we can use to create 3d shapes in illustrator .

Some feature of this course :

  • Understanding of 3d itself with examples .
  • Using of different built in tools of Adobe illustrator .
  • Create 3D Extruding and Beveling with different bevel profiles.
  • Illuminate scene with cool lighting and shading .
  • Create any type of map and apply them to different part of surface .
  • How to use mask to select and create different compound objects.
  • Easy and project oriented .

If you really want to know how you can create 3D Shape for almost everything in Adobe illustrator then  take this course and be a master :)





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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of o...

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