Adobe Spark (Part 1): Give Your Social Media Promotions a Spark with the FREE Adobe Spark | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

Adobe Spark (Part 1): Give Your Social Media Promotions a Spark with the FREE Adobe Spark

David ✏ Ault, Merch Motivated

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8 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. An Introduction to this Course on Adobe Spark

    • 2. A First Look at Adobe Spark

    • 3. A Look at What You Can Do with Adobe Spark

    • 4. Creating an Instagram Graphic in Adobe Spark Post

    • 5. Creating an Animated Video in Adobe Spark Video

    • 6. Creating a Web Page in Adobe Spark Page (Part One)

    • 7. Creating a Web Page in Adobe Spark Page (Part Two)

    • 8. Class Project


About This Class


Consisting of three mobile apps and a browser-based web application that incorporates all three components, Adobe Spark is the only integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories.

And unbelievably it is completely FREE!

This means that you can quickly and easily:

  • Create professional looking images for all of your social media channels using Adobe Spark Post
  • Create compelling web pages to tell your story using Adobe Spark Page
  • Create super effective animated videos (like this one) in minutes using Adobe Spark Video

As Adobe say themselves:

“With Adobe Spark, anyone can create authentic, professional looking visual content for their project, passion, cause or business."

Oh, and did I mention that Adobe Spark is FREE?

Incredible isn’t it?

Learn how to make the most of Adobe Spark by taking this class

I have created a series of classes to help you get the most from the integrated web and mobile solution that is Adobe Spark

In this particular class, I am going to begin by giving you an overview of Adobe Spark.

This is then followed by looking at how others are already using the application to give you some inspiration.

Then you will learn:

  • How to make an Instagram graphic in Adobe Spark Post:


  • Learn how to make an animated video in Adobe Spark Video:


  • Learn how to make a web page in Adobe Spark Page:


So what are you waiting for?

Enrol in this class today and start learning about Adobe Spark.

You certainly won’t regret it.

And I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Adobe Spark Series

Here are the other classes in the Adobe Spark series on Skillshare:

  1. Give Your Social Media Promotions a Spark with the FREE Adobe Spark
  2. Design Awesome Graphics for Instagram and Facebook with Adobe Spark Post
  3. Create Incredible Animated Videos Quickly and Easily Using Adobe Spark Video
  4. Spark Your Web Pages Into Life for Free with the Incredible Adobe Spark Page
  5. Tips and Ideas for How Authors, Teachers & Other Creatives Can Use Adobe Spark





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David ✏ Ault

Merch Motivated

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