Adobe Premiere Pro - Making a Selfie TV Series for Amazon Prime

Greyson James, Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

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10 Videos (3h)
    • How to Jump off a Building Inside Your House

    • Making Your Own Amazon Prime Series

    • Put Your Self on an Airplane Using Green Screen and Plane Interior

    • Make 50 Selfies on Screen at Once

    • Making an SNL Calvin Klein Parody

    • Talking to all of Your Selfies

    • Chasing your Selfie Around the House

    • Making a Simple Intro for Your TV Series

    • Making a Simple Intro for Your TV Series Part 2

    • Submitting Your Concept to Amazon Prime


About This Class


You can make your own video series and publish it with Amazon Prime.

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I would DEFINITELY recommend this class!!!! Greyson James is BRILLIANTLY creative in teaching this course! He's absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Normally I have the attention span of a squirrel, however, I couldn't stop watching! I looked forward to each and every segment! GREAT JOB and any future classes he might teach... I'm in....sign me up!!! Thanks So Much! Two Thumbs Up!!!





Greyson James

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

Hello, I'm Greyson James.

I have been an advocate of the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing program for a long time, all the way back to the very first version.

It is cool to see how Adobe Premiere Pro has propelled itself into one of the most popular editing programs available, if not arguably the best video editing program out there.

These classes have projects that you can download to follow along step-by-step, or you can just watch and use the techniques in your own pro...

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