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Adobe Premiere Pro: How to Add 100% Customizable Captions or Subtitles to Your Videos

teacher avatar Alejandra Tello, Digital Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Why Is It Important to Use Captions

    • 4. How to Transcribe Your Video

    • 5. How to Insert Captions on Your Video

    • 6. How to Customize your Captions

    • 7. How to Export Your Video

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Do you want to uplevel your amazing video content? Do you want your video to reach more and more people? You have seen the caption fever go around all platforms, but you hate how the auto-generated captions look like? Do you want to add fun, eye-catching and easy-to-read captions to your video in an easy way?

This class is for you!

Here you'll learn How to Add 100% Customizable Captions or Subtitles to Your Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. 

I'll be sharing all the pro tips I've learned through my job as an Audiovisual Content Creator and Marketing Specialist. I can assure you that by adding captions not only will your video reach more people, but also your video marketing campaigns will give you even more results than what you expected. 

This class I will walk you through the process I use when to insert fun, eye-catching and easy to read captions easily. You will learn how to change the font, placement, color, size, and even more fun features so your video will stand out from the crowd and get people attention.

 In these lessons we'll cover:

  1. Why captions are essential and how can change your game. 
  2. How to Transcribe Your Video 
  3. How to Insert Captions
  4. How to Customize your Captions by changing the font, size, placement, color, and more
  5. How to Export your Video ready to be used on social media. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's uplevel your video content!

You can watch all Nas Daily content here.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alejandra Tello

Digital Content Creator


I'm an Audiovisual and Multimedia Communicator by profession with over 5 years of experience in the Film, Marketing and nowadays Digital Content Creation industry. 

I'm an expert on the creating engaging, creative and high-quality content in a simple way and not overcomplicated way. 

My favorite part is creating stories that inspire people, helping brands and entreprenuers like you to find your voice and spread your amazing message. Content is all about stories for me, the magic happens when you find the right way to tell them. 



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1. Introduction: they do know that 45% off people s standard time on Internet watching videos Can you believe that a 1,000,000,000 people watch videos on Facebook on Even more important, 85% off the videos are being washed, are playing muted. Everyone seems to be coming on board into these video craziness on By being here, I know you are starting to produce or you have start for using your own video content on you. One more reach more engagement on more people. Stop scrawling on. Watch your missus the worry here, we're going to make that happen. I am a ham radio, a digital content creator on marketing specialist. And in this video, I'm going to teach you how to create 100% customizable captions or subtitles Using Attari Premiere Pro By using captions on your videos, you can increase by at least 30% your engagement and even more own reach. But I'm not talking here about was only heart during boring our generated affections. No, I'm talking about some fun I canteen editorial captions that you can create easily using out of the Premier Pro. You will learn how to greeny captions where you can change the fonds, the blaze, man, the size, the color and even more fun features. So you get a little their video content. For this class, you will only need to have installed in your computer out of a premiere pro. And also you will need a war processor like all these Ward Vegas or even a bloke. Note these classes for total McGinnis. You're going to learn how to insert the captions from beginning to end until you export your video and show it to the war. You don't need to have experience with the suffer before, but it's useful if you have a knowledge about any anything platform or software that you're used before because it's useful that you have the logic off. How words in the timeline. Don't worry, we're going to make these super super easy. So if you're a beginner, you can just fall along with the steps. I am sure that they are in captions. Your video is going to give you even more results than one respect, and I know more people are going to stop, are going to read your message and they're going toe. Take your message in and they're going to share all your amazing content. I just want to add a little this Kramer before we started. If you haven't noticed, I am not an emission native speaker. So I have an accident and I will make some grammar mistakes. But I hope you can see the young because the things that are going to feature here in these shirt glass are so useful and are so great for your marketing campaigns, for your media campaigns, for everything you're doing with video that I know is going to change your game. So with that said, Let's start this amazing class on. Let's talk about our project. 2. Class Project: hello there for these classes. Marie like to have a silver fun Friday and and super super excited worry. So I wanted to record a short video where one, you tell asked, which is your favorite color. You can record this video with your phone with whatever you have in mind, it could be worked silvery so little cell phone, whatever you want. Just have fun. Just tell us which is your favorite color is present yourself and let's have fun doing these. We will use the video to put the captions on it to make it really, really amazing to put some color, some fun. So so really, really fun things you can share your process in the product top down below. I really hope you're sharing your results because I always breach that by doing, you learn faster. So if you fall over the steps and if you're doing it with me, I I assure you that you will learn so much faster and so much easier than just watch the class and maybe never put it in collection. Be not the best thing. I hope that if you're watching this class, you will put everything into action So I really hope you load your video with your captions . I want to know which is your favorite color. They see which color wings. Let's start right now. 3. Why Is It Important to Use Captions: Okay, A little thing before we begin. Maybe you're still wondering, but why should have put captions why I shouldn't just put it like out to generated or something like that. Something that won't take time for me. Well, I will leave you three main reasons. First reason. If you're going to take the time to make your video content to really put your effort into making an amazing video, why don't you take it like extra mile and do something that really will be amazing on that will help your viewers to understand your do. It is proven that e 5% obedience that are being watched on Facebook every day are played muted. Let's take a second to persists. Imagine that, like almost everyone is watching their your videos in silence and they have no idea they only see these. What is she saying? What is he saying? Nobody knows. If you add those captions, you just give the people the chance to know. What are you saying? To be engaged with whatever you want to spread on, be willing to put play on music on or just reader message, or only be engaged with video. But being muted. Think about your own experience with when you're scrolling down on social media. How many times do you play the actual sound off the video Onley when you're like command to Onley when you know it's really good things? Only when you are invested in the video how you get people to get investor in your media by telling them what you are saying before they put the sound on it, it will make that video is going to be watched by more people, and it will make those people more engaged because they're reading there, maybe listen to you and they just to invest in your content. And that is always, always a good thing for you. And the third reason is that a lot of people like the beak players, the big people in these very content industry in this market. Meetings during this media industry are putting captions being us for our die boss paid a lot off. These companies are putting captions in their videos and you can see, for example, by bein asked that I'm going to just put the information off. He stand down there, you can see the amazing the numbers that he has on how many people watch their content. But if you see if you ever have seen one of his videos injure scrolling process, you can see that how the captions use engaged you. They're different sizes and different Kohler's and even different forms. It's not the same out generated form. It's just fun things to watch. And that's why I want you to go by that and make a fun video. If you already spend your time making a media company, if you already went that way, go the extra mile go that step for the IV. It is worth it, I can tell you it is worth it. It's work time and thes process. These phrases that I'm going to teach you right now it's not physical is not boring. It's not something that will take you Ages to finalize is something that is going to be really, really easy to put into your work. So I really hope you will do if you will learn it here. Believe me, after this last, we're going to be like, Oh my God, I can't believe it was so easy and I didn't know before, so let's begin with the bruises right now with a step by step. Let's open out of Premier Bro on. Let's begin 4. How to Transcribe Your Video: Hi there. Welcome to these lessons here. We're going to learn how to do the first step with this. Transcribing your video. This is step. Could be the more tedious one, let's say, or the most like, time consuming one, but it's really important that you do it. Then you do it separately, then the whole capture process in Adobe Premiere Pro. So right now what we're going to use is your word processor like Office Word or Vegas or blood notes or whatever software the do you normally use A. Also, I recommend you if you are writing in English to use Graham early because it's really helpful for everything with maybe some little mistakes. Do you really want everything that is written all the captions to be really, really well, greeting like to be own spot with the grandmother with no typos or with no mistakes? Also, keep in mind that maybe sometimes when you speak, you say things that doesn't great will. So sometimes the captions need to be a little bit different than what you're saying. So it's really important that your stay do your writing the things really right, like in a grammar in a proper grammar way. So let's do student. I'm going to take the little video that are recorded, and I'm going to do with you all the process here in first in Ward, which is the one that used on, then goto brotherly on that will be aware translating process. Also, one thing that I will give you here is that if you have a script that is really helpful when it comes to captions, normally you don't attach yourself too much to the script because normally when you were speaking, sometimes you change some wars or you change the order. But it's really helpful when you have a script to just have a there. It's a matter off. Just re watching your video with your script and see, like what things changing what things have stayed the same, but normally most off the things to stay the same. If you don't have an a script, you're going to do what I'm going to do right now, which is transcribing your video. So here at deep, just take it easy. Just rub a blessed wine at a cup of coffee, a coffee, blastoff, water, whatever you prefer on just see down warning with one side, the video on the other and playing transcribe, ask we're going to do right now when I'm on us, I'm going to show you right now, So let's go to the computer. Hey, guys, just one thing. I completely forgot that you can use war or other type of software that basically listen to your voice and take like the dictation of where you're saying so. They are transcribing your video. You can use these if you're billions really long, or if you really don't like to do it the way I do it, I normally transcribe it away. I'm going to show you because my accent or the claims that I work with they have an accent on. Those Softwares are not really good with, like, different type of speaking. So that's why I normally don't use it, and I completely forgot to tell you. But I know a lot of you are native speakers or really speak really well without any accent , so these Softwares can catch you right on DNA. Now let's go ahead. We've my way off transcribing for accent or people that don't really used describing software's okay, so let's go to the computer right now. A All right. So I'm going to open war, okay? And I'm going to go ahead and create a Blunk document creates the normal one. And here I have my video, which I'm just going toe open like this. Okay, so here I have my video on here. I have my war. Bruces. Basically, I just want toe place them one bright side. Can I know it stars. Hello. I am a teacher. He's my color. Okay, you know. So basically, you just go back four. I remember what I said. Normally this way, it's easier when you are the one that recorded the video. Because you just kind of remember what you say. And if it doesn't pass like that much time, you really have French fresh, whatever you said. So it's it's easier, and you don't have to see it so many times. That's why I say this is the most tedious part of the process. Because you have to go back and forth between the video on your war processor. But it's really needed. And it's really helpful that you have these way. It's tedious. Nobody can say no like idiots. But it's really well time spent you can do it is by, I don't know, like having your glass of wine or having a water or something or whatever you like and just put, like, nice, maybe so relaxing music in the background just started winning on this is the way doing normally Just go back and forth with video on normally but being I'm okay. So now that you have these bees this transcript here what I normally do is a copy pasted toe a gram early we would do is create a new one. But if you're a copy pasted there and it just changed sometimes situation. Sometimes I have some grammar errors or something, and I just It won't be on base it again in work. And that's all I have transcription on. I have everything toe Be ready to start using Adobe Premiere Pro. So let's go to the next one where we're going to start using Attaway Premiere Pro and do this amazing caption. So I'll see you the next one 5. How to Insert Captions on Your Video: Hey there. Welcome to this lesson. We're going to start doing the captions. Hey, so let's go right ahead into the computer. So we're here. I have my transcription here and have my video here. I have to be premier pro here. So we're went to create a new president Disputed here. New project. I'm just going to located in my captions full, earnest, locate yours. You can click here and browse and locate yours in the folder you're using here is going to put caption read, and you just go ahead and hit, OK? And it's going to create a product for you on. Then you just want to drag your video here. So I have my video right here, and I'm just going to drive into my project folder cane toe. What? It says import media to start. So just click. All right. There you go. And then you're just going to please Holik leak and drive into your timeline. All right, there. You know, you have created your first time line. So normally, this is where you're going to start putting your captions in your video when you already have innovation done on. This is like my eight version of the video. And here's where I'm going to start. If you are doing this project with your product, I will tell you you still use a take away like the first part of the in part, like when you're waiting to start or when you were like putting the record thing onto your camera and sitting down in front of it, or when you were reduced breathing to take that selfie video. Just take that Those like those beginning and parts there letting silence and used to start with you talking a. But if you're doing these for another video or when you're doing this for other off your radios, you want to start this caption process when you have in that old anything part. Okay, when you have, like, the final reform result off the view. So we're here right now, you want to let's describe these to make it bigger. Okay, so you will see like Kobe options right here below, and you want to click on this one that looks like a paper with like, full corner, and it says new item just clean There on Go wearing, says captions clean. There normally would go, ladies. You will see like these or and you want to hear in a stander? You want toe click on there? Oh, on goto open captions. Okay, that's the one you want to select. Open captions. Normally, you don't have to movies and just don't move it. Because it will be automatically much with wherever content you want to do. Okay, so just click, OK? Okay. So we're hearing now way created our captions open captioned. They're here in the verdicts part. So you just want to select them on and looked so let them on, drag them into your time like very rube. And you can see that you can see a preview here, but this looks awful, right? And where do we put like our techs? OK, so basically, what you need to do is go to a window and select your captions. So you will see basically window here. I really don't like to have it there. I just click Hold a quick on drug until this is poor pool. And maybe there I normally like to have a there because it's a more space. Okay, so here you have Rick options. You select the captions here. And this is what you're going to see. I just want to change things up a little bit because I really don't like what I'm seeing right now. This, like, outta generated look looking all captions? No. So we were going to first all change the funds so you can go here in front. Click there, Andi, you basically can select whatever form do you have in your computer. I normally used this one monster rat. I really, really like it because it's relatable. It's important become passions that you want a relatable formed. Okay, you don't want something that is hand reading or places just in a few words, because then nobody could read it. Okay, so, Montara, it's a really nice way to go. Say, perhaps you can use plateau. You can use a open sense you can use. If it's a really formal thing, you can use times new Roman a display with it. Normally, use whatever funds you will use for the body off your block if you have a block or for like , the label front off your brand. I normally use Monster red for almost all my projects. Okay, so I use it in bold. So here, a change from regular Too bold because it makes it just like more boom in your face. I listing share the size, would it says size. You can just take here and drive it. Let's see leaving 70. That's so much Very you guys, don't you think? And maybe I think that's amazing. Eight. And I really liked around my numbers. So let's put a five. Yeah, a fight. It's great. I love it, but I really don't like the black street that it has. I know I normally don't like to leave that. So how they change that you can go right here. You see, like below bold. You have like a square you have a t on you have, like big edge off a team. So basically the square is the bedroom color. If you selected, you have here black, you can change here The color Let's say we can put white. See, God would great if you want on, these will change the background core on Dhere in the 100% you can change it up. So that's the opacity. Okay, I'm just going to be with black. And here is the opacity. Andy Conduce put the opacity lower and see that's going to be changing Good. Make you steer opacity. So no background color or just a little bit. Normally I recommend to me fell just a little bit, at least because you have the contrast. And you have, like, doctor and whiter Klores in your media. And sometimes you can read on the captions. It's really important that you can read everything A but for example, Bailey Nash doesn't use a background color on, and it really works for him. So it really depends. Or you on your aesthetic. Andrew Brandt, normally used like these or without, it really depends on you list right out without right now, I think really looks nice. And here is the text color and normally live in white. I think the best one. And here is the edge color if you want with in each through your text. Okay, well, so we have here that we have here in this weird square. It's the policeman. Okay, so right now it's in the normal middle low part. But you can change if you click on this on the little squares. You can change it up the placement. Okay. So you can play with these Whatever you want. Put it in the middle. What? It here in one side, in the other. Just hear the normal lower part. Aim. Okay, so let's start putting our captions. Basically, what you want to do is go toward or whenever you did your screen on Cobian beast. So common or contrasts A C C, Colin or Control V hearing the 1st 1 on. There you go. You have Hello. So basically what you have to do when you already inserted the your caption is to make sure that everything in sync with what you're saying so you can see here in the way of sound what I stopped like when Theresa silence or you also can display it and see when that phrase that you have in the caption Stubbs unjust, rugged, with this threat thing until it goes. So everything will be on think because you don't want the caption showing something that you're not saying at that moment. So basically, that's what I'm doing right now. And you're going to just continue clicking in the plus bottom down here yet this one right here to just click plus, and it's going to create a new one on. Do you just go ahead and your scrape Kobe Based on basically, there's the method you use. You scope. It pays, making Imagine, think with what you're saying on, and that's how you're going to do it. Until Ian. So right now what I'm doing is exactly that, like Kobe based on just make sure is something with what I'm saying on having another one with the loss sighing bottom and I just spit it up so you don't have to see like, the whole process. But it's pretty easy on I I. I think you can do it like really quick. If you have, like, already use transcription or your script, it's really easy to do. Also. I'm so sorry for my boys guys, I know I sound terrible, but I'm really seek right now. But I wanted to finish this video for you because a lot of people has asked for days. So I'm so sorry for my voice, but I hope you can stick up till the end with me on. Yeah, basically, right now the video is done, everything has a captions and everything looks quite nice. You can see that the captions look amazing. So in the next glass on, I'm going to teach you how to customize everything. Put the color, different sides, forms and everything. So I will see you in the next one. 6. How to Customize your Captions: Hi there. I'm really happy that they're here right now because that means you want more fun stuff. So right now we're going to learn how to change the size, the color off certain wars Just make everything just look more fun and more creative. More? I don't know more. Interesting. OK, so let's go to the computer right now. Okay? So we are right now hearing that computer right? Were left you on. We have everything here. You can see everything right here, have everything with captions. But I really want here. For example, at the beginning, when I say my favorite chorus think this part that's is being to actually beeping. So let's go on. Learn first, how to change Pickler. So here you can go ahead and say, and my favorite Cory's pink. You have it. We're here, So please select the pink part. So injured product. We select the name off the corner when you say purple, black, blue, red, orange tendering trick wise. I don't know whatever is afraid of coral or just like that work right now that you have selected, just go ahead. After you you have the two teas and the square and select the meal. T the debts color, he answered. There it's worth of the Hazlett colors on. Let's go ahead and look for a nice big one. Well, this morning, a few. Sure, but I like I think I like back over. Okay, so just select a color that you like and breast. OK, See, Muddy happened. You can see right here that the Onley the think changes the color. So let's go ahead and played it. I am a teacher of these. Plus on my color How old are looks? That looks amazing. I say pink like three more times. So I just want to know something really fun. Let's like each of the links So looks a little pink One click on the color again. Let's go to the core here. And I want to select a really, like Clark Big. Something like that. Okay, this go to the next pink Mr Selected on. I want to select. I'm not so dark being something like that. Okay, let's go to the next one. I want to select. I really light being something like that. Oh, that looks so ami Seen. That looks great on you. Think guys one thing that I don't like here is the background. So selecting that that this specific subtitles you see, when I select this one is one. But I still like the other one is the other one. So select that specific self titled disc leak on the back run core here on drug to zero. So it would have well known to see room maybe 15. Yes, we have, like something. Yes, that looks so, so great. And I also want to change the size off these. So I'm just going to select the whole being thing. Now we went to learn how to change the size off one specific part. So just select this one go to size on I just going to drag it around 100? Yes, like that? I think like that looks really? Yes. And I love think I just wanted I love to be bigger. Some just went slicked Will Onley here down and just went select only love goto the size and just put it e think 1 20 Yeah, like that. I lost pink. That looks so my three less is so always so. I'm just going to select all of it and take here. And I'm just going to type one 1 20 I love being seeds like I That is great. So we change already the color of one part. We change the size of another part on. Now we're going to change a Let's see, they fund. Normally I don't do this, but let's change the fund. Maybe normally I really don't always, because I don't think it looks good And it really jumps a do when you are like used to seeing one fund. And suddenly another one, like really different is there in the middle of everything. But I wanted to teach you how to do it in case of Brendan purposes or any other purpose that you really, really want to change the fund. So basically, what you do is the same with the color. You just select the word that you want to change the fund on go to funds and so, like the one that you that you want to use on that Onley that, like section that you selected, it's going to change the front. So basically, that's what you do it A I don't really recommend it. So in case you have like a strong motivation for doing it Don't wear because it looks really weird and he doesn't read really well. Now we're going to play with the placement. So the place and I just want to change these last part. But it says, what is your favorite color? So you're going toe quick here, selected and they remember the school, The little squares right here. So we're going to go ahead on go to the middle? Yeah, I'm going to put it there and just going toe Put the size bigger. Really want this to bigger. I want the background color to be gone. They're able use a little bit bigger. You can also the one thing and it's in two lines so you can just put in the middle and enter It will go down. I really love how it looks right now. Just a little bit bigger. There you go on. I'm just going to make it. Maybe start maybe black. No black. Okay, let's go ahead. And this Making white Let's put something that we haven't put in ruin on the h. OK, so selected text age on. Let's put it black. Okay on. Do you just have to. Here s you can change. Like how big was the only one? So I'm just going toe, put it like and pray for me. I think that looks cool. Oh, look so much big friend on so much fun. You think like this is no belt generated captions. If you're doing this for marketing purposes, I just have one protein. This is a secret between you and me a use yellow use one war in yellow in every sentence that you were doing the action. So select this one War on go for you. So, guys, listen to me, please. This is a super cool pro tips, So just select one yellow color copy the same color code on Dis Elect one were in each phrase You just want to select the word that it's most important that you want really people to see So your name, Whatever you're doing, your surveys the product that you're like doing the campaign for or whatever is the most important thing on that phrase on put it in yellow. I can assure you your campaign we level up so much it will be amazing. The results that you will have I tell you these by experience. So basically, that's all we made our video look amazing. I think it's so far away from the order generated boring captions. Note has call or it has different things around. And I'm so, so happy that you learned these with me on. Basically, in the next lesson, we're going to just learn how to export everything. So you will make sure that your captions and are there in your video with you on that could be also I will see you in the next one. 7. How to Export Your Video: Hey, guys, Welcome to thes final lesson. We're going to learn how to export our video. So basically, the media is ready right now and everything looks great and amazing. So I want you to go to the end of the video. Impressed the letter o. So do you created, like, the out line or like till out of a premiere pro? Where do you end the video to go? To file export and pressing media on its going toe. Open this window right here where you can select all the much So informer do you want to press age 264 In preset one, the high bit rate in output named you can click their change the name on Select the location where you want to save your video Basically. So I'm just naming these What is your favorite color in my caption folder? Do you want to make sure that export video and export our your checked on in these parts? You can juice See that everything's much een which normally it does by default on in this part You want to go to captions right here on. Do you want to make sure that it says bark options into video on Let me just show you See, you can see the captions right here. But if you say known, it will export without the captions. So you just want to make sure that saves born captions into video Everything. The rest. You can leave it like that. Normally, much is your your video or your sequence settings, so it will be okay. I normally have also praised thes use maximum render quality, so it the quality will be better on. That's all you can press. Q. If you want to send it to the media recorder in case you're still working on premier and you want the support to be free, you or you can just press export like I did. Here I need will just export your video. It will take well the time that this software normally excess. Okay. Okay. So the video no is ready. You can see it right here on. It Looks amazing. I'm going to post it in the project tap. Please. Please remember to do the same with yours. I really want to see your video in the project happen. See where everything, how everything works out for you. So I will see you in the next lesson for the final thoughts 8. Final Thoughts: Congratulations. You just finish this class. You are amazing. And did you learn the most amazing being putting captions on your radio? So I hope you really have fun with me. I'm really glad that this takes you here. I just want you to remember to a blow your project in the project. I really, really want to see your video. And I really want to share which is our favorite color between we will wing. So I really want to see your bracket there. And also don't forget to follow me in the full teacher tab because I put amazing contact like this one classes about all the adobe a creative sweet like I'll be shown for Michelle Premier, I will all the Softwares that they have also put some questions about the content creation about the marking on I don't know what else I will put classes on the future, so just follow me there so it's culture will have you posted on my new things on also, please don't forget to review this class. This is so important for me. And this is like you're saying Thank you. You say say sending me a hug. So leave me please a review Their I really want to know your opinion. I really want to know. What do you think about this class on? If it was beautiful to you that I hope waas because I put my heart and soul or all the classes that I'm doing on I think that's all you can. You can also follow me on my social media. You can check out my page in my profile. Somewhere there is on I think that Oh 01 thing. Don't forget to leave here. You don't forget it. Leave me and review Review Review. It's really important for me Entry. It's really important. So border where you share this last with your friends if you want. If you find useful shared the leader secret A That's all displacement of radio. Leave me a review. I love you. I send you tolerance of kisses on Move on. Goodbye. Leave me the don't forget. Thank you. Read you right now. Go, go, go, go! There they're review bringing But