Adobe Premiere Pro - Editing TV Commercials & Basic Animation FX

Greyson James, Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

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19 Videos (1h 27m)
    • Introduction: Adobe Premiere Pro Class Activities

    • Using Crop and Opacity with T-Mobile Commercial

    • Intro: Simple Commercial FX with Jeep

    • Jeep Commercial FX Lesson 1

    • Jeep Commercial FX Lesson 2

    • Jeep Commercial FX Lesson 3

    • Jeep Commercial FX Lesson 4

    • Intro: Making a Restaurant Commercial for Chili's

    • Making a Restaurant Commercial for Chili's: Lesson 1

    • Making a Restaurant Commercial for Chili's: Lesson 2

    • Making a Restaurant Commercial for Chili's: Lesson 3

    • Making a Restaurant Commercial for Chili's: Lesson 4

    • Intro: Groupon Commercial FX

    • Groupon Commercial FX Lesson 1

    • Groupon Commercial FX Lesson 2

    • Intro: Making a Travel Vlog With Simple Animation

    • Making a Travel Vlog With Simple Animation: Lesson 1

    • Making a Travel Vlog With Simple Animation: Lesson 2

    • Making a Travel Vlog With Simple Animation: Lesson 3


About This Class

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro by making projects with FX in commercials, or make your own travel vlog with some simple animation tips.

I based this class on watching commercials on TV and online. I kept asking myself, "Can I make that?" or "I know how they did that." So, in this class we examine commercials and strip them apart and put them back together.

You will look at TV commercials like Chili's, Groupon, and Jeep. I analyze what they are doing and show you what they did.

In the Jeep commercial they use a strobe effect at the end of the commercial and take an image and change the colors and over expose the images, while using jump cuts frame by frame. We will do the same thing and duplicate the steps.

The Chili's commercial has been stripped out completely with all of the layers. We examine the syncing of the audio track frame-by-frame with the words on the screen.

In Groupon, a title appears from the middle of the screen out of nowhere. I use a green matte and place the title behind it and use motion effects to bring it up and key out the green using the key filter. If you are familiar with these tools, it's cool to see, or if you haven't done it, it's pretty easy. There are other ways to do this effect, but this one is a good one to watch. You'll be able to add this affect to your own videos with a creative way to place titles on video that not a lot of people know how to do.

As far as animation, I give you several layers, a map and an airplane and show you how to use motion in effect controls. You also get a sound FX audio file to add in the audio track layer to dub in the airplane sound.


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Greyson James

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

Hello, I'm Greyson James.

I have been an advocate of the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing program for a long time, all the way back to the very first version.

It is cool to see how Adobe Premiere Pro has propelled itself into one of the most popular editing programs available, if not arguably the best video editing program out there.

These classes have projects that you can download to follow along step-by-step, or you can just watch and use the techniques in your own pro...

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