Adobe Premiere Pro - Editing Audio FX, TV Shows & YouTube Graphics | Greyson James | Skillshare

Adobe Premiere Pro - Editing Audio FX, TV Shows & YouTube Graphics

Greyson James, Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

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8 Videos (56m)
    • Remove Font to Replace with Video.

    • Make an ABC Teaser

    • Adjusting Audio Tracks & Tricks

    • Using Animated Scribble Graphics

    • How Ocean's 8 Used Cropping Effects

    • Making a Movie Trailer with Shape of Water

    • How to Make YouTube Graphics

    • Using YouTube Print Patterns as Transitions

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About This Class

Learn to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro with these cool projects related to YouTube, TV and Film. I use the ABC show Deception and the assets that go along with the TV show to show you how to layer images the same way you would in Photoshop, yet it happens in Premiere's video editing timeline.

In this class you will have a number of lessons that will teach you how to use Premiere Pro effectively. Learn audio effects like cleaning up dialogue hiccups, or make your own rotating graphics for YouTube.

In the audio section we take a Justin Timberlake interview and remove unwanted dialogue and seem it together by patching over it with a video track. This is an effect that will make your audio presentations perfect without having to use jumpcuts. So removing the "uhs, ums," and replacing it with something else to look at, the audience doesn't have to be forced to listen to an unprofessional presentation. This lesson will fix that for you.

I am convinced that after you do these activities, you will be able to apply them to just about any video editing project. Or, if it is easier for you to just watch on the first time around, it's great to see different video editors and the perspectives they have for each class when teaching Adobe Premiere. Have fun and please let me know if you have any questions.






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Greyson James

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

Hello, I'm Greyson James.

I have been an advocate of the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing program for a long time, all the way back to the very first version.

It is cool to see how Adobe Premiere Pro has propelled itself into one of the most popular editing programs available, if not arguably the best video editing program out there.

These classes have projects that you can download to follow along step-by-step, or you can just watch and use the techniques in your own pro...

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