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Adobe Premiere Pro Crash Course For Beginners!

Vekk Milliot, Content Creator

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7 Videos (57m)
    • Introduction & Importing videos

    • Transitions

    • Color Correction

    • Adding Text and Frame Points

    • What Music You Should Use

    • Picking the Right Music

    • Editing Audio and Exporting the Video


About This Class

Adobe Premiere Pro Crash Course For Beginners!

Hello and welcome to this class!

In this lesson I'm going to teach you how to use Premiere Pro to edit videos for your brand. I am going to start with the basics so you can familiarize a little bit more with Premiere Pro before we start editing a video.

You will learn

  • How to set up the right settings for your project
  • Import and export files
  • Add transitions to your videos
  • Use adjustment layers
  • How to color correct, adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc to your videos
  • Set key-frames for effects and transitions
  • Select the right music for your video
  • Add transitions and effects to your audio tracks

You can use this knowledge to any kind of video, it can be a blog, a video for a product or your brand. The purpose of this class is to teach you all what you need to start editing videos right away! 





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Vekk Milliot

Content Creator

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