Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Greenscreen, Captions, Proxies, Lumetri Color, Tips & More | Will Bartlett | Skillshare

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Greenscreen, Captions, Proxies, Lumetri Color, Tips & More

Will Bartlett, CoFounder of Life Progression Project

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26 Videos (1h 46m)
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017: Greenscreen, Captions, Proxies, Lumetri Color, Tips & More PROMO

    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Green Screen Keying Part 1

    • 03 Green Screen Keying Part 2

    • 04 Lumetri Color Part 1 Basic Settings

    • 05 Lumetri Color Part 2 Creative Settings

    • 06 Lumetri Color Part 3 Curves Settings

    • 07 Lumetri Color Part 4 Color Wheels, HSL Secondary & Vignettes

    • 08 Proxies Workflow Part 1

    • 09 Proxies Workflow Part 2

    • 10 Tracking & Masking

    • 11 Organized Editing With Labels And Markers

    • 12 Enhancing Footage With Lens Flares

    • 13 Duplicate Frames & Through Edits

    • 14 4k Footage in HD Sequence

    • 15 Ramping Slowmotion Footage

    • 16 Recording Voice Overs In Premiere Pro

    • 17 Make Your Subject Thinner

    • 18 Enhancing Titles with Backgrounds

    • 19 Creating Glitch Effects

    • 20 Using Light Leak Overlays

    • 21 Dealing With Media Cache Files

    • 22 Closed Captions

    • 23 Blending Modes

    • 24 Remove Audio Background Noise

    • 25 Preventing Audio From Peaking


About This Class

The tips and tricks you’ll learn in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC course will help make your editing more efficient and professional. This course is a great follow up course to our Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro course that's for beginners.

This course includes the following downloadable files to follow along with us while we teach (In the class project):

  • Footage
  • Music/Audio
  • Proxy Presets
  • Complimentary Light Leak Overlay Video Effects (4k resolution)

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

  • Work with green screen footage in order to key out the background
  • Use the ingest and proxies functions to work efficiently with high resolution media
  • Give creative looks to your films with the built in luts and looks files
  • Use all the functions in Lumetri Color including how to do secondary color correction
  • Track your footage & work with masks
  • Create closed captions
  • Ramp slow motion footage
  • Remove background audio noise right inside Premiere Pro
  • Incorporate light leak overlays into your video edits
  • Blending clips together with blending modes to create different looks to your footage
  • Stay organized with labels and markers
  • Create glitch effects quickly
  • And several other tips and tricks to take your video editing skills to the next level.

Your instructor for this course is Will Bartlett. He has been professionally editing since 2004. He is the founder of an established video production company in Toronto and has edited well over 1000 projects.

Our team will be available to answer any questions as well as help you with any issues you may come across while making your way through the course.

Even if you don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro CC you can still take advantage of this course by downloading a free 30 day trial from Adobe, on their website. All you need to do is create a free account with them, it only takes a minute and you will then be able to start downloading Premiere Pro.

Enhance your video edits now with Adobe's video editing program today to create engaging visual and audio stories!





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Will Bartlett

CoFounder of Life Progression Project

Entrepreneur, Cinematographer & Content Creator.

Specializing in the following skills: Entrepreneurship, Business, Investing, Video Production (Filming, Editing, Visual Effects) and Online Marketing.

Founder and Lead Cinematographer of Sight Seven Productions and CoFounder and Content Creator for Life Progression Project.

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