Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Course - The Complete Master Class in Hindi | Viral Sutariya | Skillshare

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Course - The Complete Master Class in Hindi

teacher avatar Viral Sutariya, Instructor and Video [email protected]

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

62 Lessons (6h 41m)
    • 1. Lecture 01 Promo & Introduction

    • 2. Bonus - Basic Type of Shots - Camera Shots

    • 3. Bonus - Basic Type of Angles - Camera Angle & Movements

    • 4. Lecture 04 Create new Sequence and Understand the timeline

    • 5. Lecture 06 Basic Edits Trim Clips, Split Edits, Slip Edits And More

    • 6. Lecture 07 Add and Edit Cutaways Footage and Photos

    • 7. Lecture 08 Adjust the size and position of your clips and resize them

    • 8. Lecture 09 CC 2020 Update Auto Reframe Sequence

    • 9. Lecture 10 Add and Adjust Video Transitions & Exercise

    • 10. Lecture 11 Exercise – Add Transition to Video and Download Transition

    • 11. Lecture 12 Quickly Add Audio and Video Transition from The Timeline

    • 12. Lecture 13 Create a Custom Blur Transition

    • 13. Lecture 14 DeNoise & Reverb Tool

    • 14. Lecture 15 Creating A Title In Adobe Premiere Pro

    • 15. Lecture 16 Animating Titles in Premier Pro CC 2020

    • 16. Lecture 17 Saving Title Presets in Premier Pro

    • 17. Lecture 18 Adjust Audio Levels

    • 18. Lecture 19 Pan Audio Left & Right – Working with Audio Channels

    • 19. Lecture 20 Remove Background Noise with Low and High Pass Filter

    • 20. Lecture 21 Parametric EQ Effect

    • 21. Lecture 22 Reduce Echo with Parametric EQ Effect

    • 22. Lecture 23 Use the Audio Tracker Mixer to Edit Audio

    • 23. Lecture 24 Editing Audio with the Essential Sound Panel

    • 24. Lecture 25 Remove Background Noise with DeNoise

    • 25. Lecture 26 Add Music to your Video and where to find free music

    • 26. Lecture 27 Basic Color Correction with the Lumetri Panel

    • 27. Lecture 28 Exercise Fix the White Balance of a shot

    • 28. Lecture 29 Exercise Review – Fix the White Balance of a Shot

    • 29. Lecture 30 Creative Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel

    • 30. Lecture 31 Curves Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel

    • 31. Lecture 32 Color Wheels Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel

    • 32. Lecture 33 HSL Secondary Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel

    • 33. Lecture 34 Vignettes Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel

    • 34. Lecture 35 Color Correction with Adjustment Layers

    • 35. Lecture 36 Color Mask and Tracking Mask

    • 36. Lecture 37 Add Motion to Your Text Titles

    • 37. Lecture 38 Create the Ken Burns Photo Effect

    • 38. Lecture 39 Exercise Add Motion to Video to Make More Dynamic

    • 39. Lecture 40 Exercise Review Add Motion to Video to Make More Dynamic

    • 40. Lecture 41 Export a High Quality Small File Size Video

    • 41. Lecture 42 Understand the Export Module

    • 42. Lecture 43 Export a Full Resolution Video

    • 43. Lecture 44 Export a Small File Preview Video

    • 44. Lecture 45 Add and Adjust a Video Effect to a Clip

    • 45. Lecture 46 Adjust Effect With Keyframes

    • 46. Lecture 47 Use Lumetri Color Preset

    • 47. Lecture 48 Stabilise Shaky Video with Warp Stabiliser

    • 48. Lecture 49 Exercise Stabilize a Shaky Video

    • 49. Lecture 50 Exercise Review Stabilize a shaky video

    • 50. Lecture 51 Make video more cinematic with overlays

    • 51. Lecture 52 Export a still frame from a video clip

    • 52. Lecture 53 Edit Clip Speed (Slow Motion, Reverse, Speed Ramps)

    • 53. Lecture 54 Time Remapping & Speed Ramps Tutorial

    • 54. Lecture 55 Slow Motion Video by Interpreting Video Frame Rate

    • 55. Lecture 56 Remove Green Screen with Ultra Key

    • 56. Lecture 57 Add a Background and Match to Foreground Subject

    • 57. Lecture 58 How to put Video in Text

    • 58. Lecture 59 Picture in Picture Tutorials

    • 59. Lecture 60 Create a Split Screen and Save Template

    • 60. Lecture 61 How To Use Automate to Sequence Music Beats

    • 61. Stop Motion Animation in Premiere Pro

    • 62. Conclusion and Thank You

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About This Class

  • Start Editing Your Video Professionally With Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020!

  • Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free Trial

    एडोब प्रीमियर प्रो सीसी 2020 के साथ व्यावसायिक रूप से अपने वीडियो का संपादन शुरू करें!

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC MasterClass in Hindi Language - Full Course in CC 2020 & 4K Quality !

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC MasterClass in Hindi Language - CC 2020 और 4K गुणवत्ता में पूर्ण पाठ्यक्रम!

    You will get FREE Ready to Use Transition for Adobe Premiere Pro CC with this Course.

    आपको इस कोर्स के साथ एडोब प्रीमियर प्रो सीसी के लिए मुफ्त रेडी टू यूज ट्रांज़िशन मिलेगा।

    If you are looking for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos however you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best answer. Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start editing.

    यदि आप एक वीडियो संपादन एप्लिकेशन की तलाश कर रहे हैं जो आपको वीडियो संपादित करने की अनुमति देगा, लेकिन आप उन्हें चाहते हैं, तो Adobe Premiere Pro सबसे अच्छा जवाब है। प्रीमियर प्रो का उपयोग व्यवसाय और विपणन वीडियो, संगीत वीडियो से लेकर वृत्तचित्र, फीचर फिल्मों तक हर प्रकार के उत्पादन के लिए दुनिया भर के पेशेवरों द्वारा किया जाता है। यह पूरा पाठ्यक्रम सही तरीके से कूदने और संपादन शुरू करने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका है।

    Make videos the way you imagine them!

    वीडियो बनायें जिस तरह से आप उनकी कल्पना करते हैं!

    Practice editing while you learn. This course includes practice video files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.

    सीखते समय संपादन का अभ्यास करें। इस कोर्स में अभ्यास वीडियो फ़ाइलों को शामिल किया गया है ताकि आप साथ पालन कर सकें और वास्तव में कर सकें।

    By the end of the course, you'll have edited lots of videos with the supplied footage.

    पाठ्यक्रम के अंत तक, आपने आपूर्ति की गई फुटेज के साथ बहुत सारे वीडियो संपादित किए होंगे।

    I'll be teaching the course using the creative cloud version 2020, but if you have a previous version or any future version, you can still learn to edit like a pro.

    मैं रचनात्मक क्लाउड संस्करण 2020 का उपयोग करके पाठ्यक्रम पढ़ा रहा हूं, लेकिन यदि आपके पास पिछले संस्करण या भविष्य का कोई संस्करण है, तो आप अभी भी एक समर्थक की तरह संपादित करना सीख सकते हैं।

    What makes me qualified to teach you?

    मुझे आपको सिखाने के योग्य क्या है?

    My name is Viral and I've been editing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for more than 5 years. Plus I'm the creator of some of the other course on SkillShare and other platform with hundreds of 5-star reviews like these from the other course:

    मेरा नाम विरल है और मैं 5 से अधिक वर्षों से Adobe Premiere Pro के साथ वीडियो संपादित कर रहा हूं। प्लस मैं SkillShare पर कुछ अन्य पाठ्यक्रम का निर्माता हूं और अन्य मंच से सैकड़ों 5-स्टार समीक्षा के साथ अन्य मंच हैं:

    I faced a lot of problems in dealing with tense section. I had watched many English grammar classes, but none of them benefited me. This course is literally a boon for me. The way of teaching is outstanding. Now I find tenses easy and all my concepts are clear. It's all thanks to this course. ? Thank you so much!!!!! - Sakshi Singh

    मुझे तनाव सेक्शन से निपटने में काफी समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ा। मैंने कई अंग्रेजी व्याकरण कक्षाएं देखी थीं, लेकिन उनमें से किसी ने भी मुझे लाभ नहीं दिया। यह कोर्स सचमुच मेरे लिए वरदान है। शिक्षण का तरीका बकाया है। अब मुझे टेंसन आसान लगता है और मेरी सभी अवधारणाएँ स्पष्ट हैं। यह सब इस पाठ्यक्रम के लिए धन्यवाद है। ? बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!!!!! - साक्षी सिंह

    Really help full and such a good teaching method- Kaushik

    वास्तव में पूर्ण और इस तरह की एक अच्छी शिक्षण पद्धति की मदद करें- कौशिक

    This course has helped me a lot in my Improvement, I'll suggest everyone to buy this course. Best source of improving Your Knowledge. Thanks Mr.Viral. - Manoj Pandit

    इस कोर्स ने मेरे सुधार में बहुत मदद की है, मैं इस पाठ्यक्रम को खरीदने के लिए सभी को सुझाव दूंगा। अपने ज्ञान में सुधार का सबसे अच्छा स्रोत। धन्यवाद श्रीवीरल। - मनोज पंडित

    My Promise to You

    माई प्रॉमिस टू यू

    I'm a full time video editor and online teacher. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.

    मैं एक पूर्णकालिक वीडियो संपादक और ऑनलाइन शिक्षक हूं। मैं यहाँ आपके लिए हर कदम पर रहूँगा। यदि आपके पास पाठ्यक्रम सामग्री या इस विषय से संबंधित किसी भी चीज के बारे में कोई प्रश्न हैं, तो आप पाठ्यक्रम में हमेशा एक प्रश्न पोस्ट कर सकते हैं या मुझे एक सीधा संदेश भेज सकते हैं।

    What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about?

    यह क्या है Adobe Premiere Pro पाठ्यक्रम के बारे में सब?

    In this complete guide to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, you'll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Premiere Pro, but also how to edit with the mindset of a professional editor.

    एडोब प्रीमियर प्रो वीडियो एडिटिंग कोर्स के लिए इस पूरी गाइड में, आप न केवल प्रीमियर प्रो में उपलब्ध सभी एडिटिंग टूल सीखेंगे, बल्कि एक पेशेवर एडिटर की मानसिकता के साथ कैसे संपादित किया जा सकता है।

    This course will cover everything you need to know to start video editing, including:

    इस कोर्स में वीडियो संपादन शुरू करने के लिए आपको जो कुछ भी जानना होगा, उसमें शामिल हैं:

    • Starting a project

    • एक परियोजना शुरू करना

    • Editing your videos

    • अपने वीडियो का संपादन

    • Adding video and audio transitions

    • वीडियो और ऑडियो संक्रमण जोड़ना

    • Adding professional and modern titles (even some with motion)

    • पेशेवर और आधुनिक शीर्षक जोड़ना (गति के साथ भी कुछ)

    • Improving audio and finding great free music for your projects

    • ऑडियो में सुधार और अपनी परियोजनाओं के लिए महान मुफ्त संगीत पाएं

    • Correcting and grading the color of your video to give it a great style

    • अपने वीडियो के रंग को सही करना और उसकी ग्रेडिंग करना इसे एक बेहतरीन स्टाइल देता है

    • Adding visual effects to your projects

    • अपनी परियोजनाओं में दृश्य प्रभाव जोड़ना

    • Editing green screen (chroma key) footage

    • हरी स्क्रीन (क्रोमा की) फुटेज का संपादन

    • Exporting your video for high-quality playback on any device

    • किसी भी डिवाइस पर उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले प्लेबैक के लिए अपने वीडियो का निर्यात करना

    • Advanced efficiency tips

    • उन्नत दक्षता युक्तियां

    • So much more!

    • इतना अधिक!

    Learn from someone who is currently working in the industry, who knows the most current editing techniques, and who has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production from one of the country's top film schools.

    किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति से सीखें जो वर्तमान में उद्योग में काम कर रहा है, जो सबसे अधिक वर्तमान संपादन तकनीक जानता है, और जिसके पास देश के शीर्ष फिल्म स्कूलों में से एक फिल्म और टेलीविजन उत्पादन में कला स्नातक है।

    BONUS: As a bonus, you'll receive supplemental video and audio clips to practice with while I teach you with.

    बोनस: एक बोनस के रूप में, आप पूरक वीडियो और ऑडियो क्लिप प्राप्त करेंगे, जबकि मैं आपको सिखाता हूं।

    By the end of this course, your confidence as a video editor will soar You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for fun or as a career opportunity.

    इस पाठ्यक्रम के अंत तक, एक वीडियो एडिटर के रूप में आपका आत्मविश्वास बढ़ेगा। आपको मज़े के लिए या करियर अवसर के रूप में एडोब प्रीमियर प्रो का उपयोग करने की पूरी समझ होगी।

    Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

    आगे बढ़ो और नामांकन बटन पर क्लिक करें, और मैं आपको 1 पाठ में देखूंगा!



    Viral Sutariya

    विरल सुतरिया

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viral Sutariya

Instructor and Video [email protected]


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1. Lecture 01 Promo & Introduction: Hello, friends. Welcome toe. Adobe Premiere Pro Sisi Course It's cause me up. Sticking Adobe Female Focus Our a p s Amazing Video by Mera Naam Heavy city area and make professional video Little, many already Petula Perry Salary freelancing Internet, YouTube's and advertisements Kelly Hundreds off videos It'll be like a uterus. A gentle job. Pay Halliburton adobe female open part ahead of Kyoto or actually, in many airports. Objection locally isn't here, Jovovich with mere promised, I think. But not, of course, oppose it if necessary. You don't remember me? Amazing videos been articulated. One concept Alsop of you here looking up puts professional techniques. Pursuit could stop your perky up in editing. Okay, so easy or fast Perceptible will be upset. You imagine which apply editing work apart. Somebody had put documentary clips, but not somebody. You wanna come over the hill? Oh, come, come with Jay was ordered or you him a job. Coke or start Canonica. But to run him in Liberal Tokage about s core sports car. Ok, durante up court s course Minto. Big cliffs, Many a posse. Clinically use care wasabi. Download carnival, milady for the civic Coffee. Sorry. Files Tropics Magic clips or transition forgets about corporal beluga Your course, especially in a video creative cleared, isn't here. You do. It will be a premiere Pro signage at the here. Yes, off the best industry standard with your editing application. Exposed map Seeking a up Never years. Poor premier from important perk Yourself Organized but knows editing Parker was met Transitionary Gonna Rectum Transition cleared. Karna will use my cattle so get air will say anymore or do anything that same group for now , but Littler Correctional Celebrating calculus agenda dramatic during a motion effects haircutting insurance during the Mubarak Aerosmith grounder, turning it with your spirit will increase spending or slow motion. Vickers Separate will be, um Signorelli cinematic over Less clear cutting or bad Meridia Po High definition may export market you to go get him up off floor. Karpol Vietto Mobile Give us a big screen for really definitely Tabuchi High definition. My yoga or be police are useful tips or cable sorters will get upset playing it. You're the up premiere pro all the region. They have Toby's medical history and one Steve Milligan disserve our close pretty yoga. So Friends who puts Apria post was made impressive, but I hope it now may acceptable would not have been home game for the premiere Pro CS every year. And it was really a listen. Mammal double. Thank you. 2. Bonus - Basic Type of Shots - Camera Shots: as a cinematographer. What a video editor said. Decision, Linda Hotel Key Up America Hajric. Or will be subject America Ticket, Ned, Or say I took it Neck corruption Video. Shoot Correct or get netapp scarce short so they have a get together. Does your subject Orc America Bits Cantor Wreck Short made to be communicates and Children was make grammatical impact area. Carta pill May attack will be kept shooting may. Commonly six tadka shorts use with their just misses. Sub Sabella. Extreme Long short. Do you say extreme virus Short? Because after he was killed by a long shot and Nikki virus shirt, ask about medium short, medium close up shirt, close up shirt or extreme close up sort of several um, start card. Hey, extreme long sort of extreme long short make camera subject Sick are freed or set years at the airport. Locus uncovered years at just the audience school locus and combating the Buddha idea is a Let's go by the hell. Long, short, long short. My camera subject, said Horon, is DeCota or it's maybe ground be shortcut part like in background it now Importantly, subject a short pull her say liquor Toyota Kota Eroski Movement or accent. Rather important here. Black were walking Senhora de Atocha Accenture Tortoises. Objectives at a Spassky environment may be pretty important. Mission color hijacked here was killed by the him medium short, medium short make director Cast short. Who skin needs yet a wish. Yeah. Nikica Marcella Car Caher Takahata Ismay. Correct. Okay. Body language had the important or background or a bit less important, Whole Jetta. Jessica's have conversation will get up with the Kandahar. It'll be a short used car sector posted by the him medium. Close up short, medium close ups or jokey shoulders. He had a chest kill perk apart. Coworker, Correct or key is that the head will be the extent. Kalia Yeah, ideal short heads is made up reaction or emotional payoff job. A good subject is that who started me? Who I grew up clearly because of the hair audience. Who said clearly not is weaker sector here. Let's go by. The head blows up short, close up, shot my background completely removed. That I have put is to image a letter First Bill Coolest except over with isthmus objectives , Jewish, Any other office expression like emotion. Serious, happy serve Aguta Wascally apco Close up short years Karna Hoga Ask about head extreme close up shirt. Extreme close up shot. May character cafes completely full from Mecca or hajj outta here or Facebook. Good slight movement or expression. The Kandahar yet the pretence and really but hope will step cocoa expression regularly. Cannavo Scalia. Extreme close. I'm short use car sector here. Typically up exactly. Audience. Cooper's deacon. It's at the hair like lips nose. Two years yet obvious subject. Tobacco extreme close up shirt use kinda Hoga Sufferance. Your good short stops here. So cinematography basically use hot there. So, friends, Thanks for watching. This will see you in the next one. 3. Bonus - Basic Type of Angles - Camera Angle & Movements: Hello, Friends. It's Liberty Electoral Mahama Decca. Which magic shorts, camera or video? Metadata? Camera angles? Paramedic. Which basic angle? Sergio Normally movie may at a corporate documentary with You may use kids at the hair. I just miss a subset bill. Hello, Angle short was up short. We get there was nobody high angle shirt I any get down shirt that's angle short over the soldiers or Tiatto behind the soldiers are four point off you short DeSipio we beget there . Subset villa. Starker to Hello, camera angles Your Short subject co. Yeah, Nicky actor yet a villain. Co powerful or dangerous d clinically used with. For example, the linkage had at the entry is angle certifies that we had Europe. Nicholas. How they feel moment there. Kharyaga, you say Up short. Beget the hair. It's my camera subject. I level sanitary Pejeta or object. Oh, but I did ask about her high camera angle. Yannick it down short, short up shorts. A vehicle. Alta Ismael Person The ticket Enough! Shortly as after here, it's a subject powerless. Here comes or he had a hoodie. Clinically Uschi as that. That's angle shirt. Yeah, short, basically up the frame. It hold us a hotel. Hey, cross or you say homicide. Which sa Jokela head coach? SC feelings yet Object. Jokey Sahin A year, A sacristy. Clinically, Uschi is at the head like unease. Emotion. Hobo. Gotta ask about her over the shoulder shortly after behind the solar shirt. Yeah, sort use hot ahead conversation. The clinically It's my close ups. 30 at a medium short host here. No person approximately but Correggio Top camera. Say your character gets you lucky Peaches District collector Cars shoot Kia Jetta mainly a convergence. Simply use hope that a rescue but her point off you short point off you shirt yet a P o v the U. S A short hedges make director Caddick was killed. Point off you see up Exit overheated. Looks like the mainly a surge of character coach. Disco. Decorah Hayato. Like computer per conqueror, Hayato could reverse it. Per Becker Guardiola How top off Masa, Who's adjudicated? Wash your car today at the personal level. So it was killed. Minded Kester Tesco Someone Nicolle. You should use Kia's at it, but homicide rate a key. Multiple camera angles, air kidnapped video shooting. McKay. Sorry. Emotion, intensity or variation, Air Carta or a video editor? Kobe Port. The story and economic. Awfully helpful. Rhetta. Liken it. But your hubby Adra kids had a camera. Angles Air Carnaby Always better name Rosetta. Toby. Up off! Messing Kelly. Extra camera angle shoot career. But up. Nap supports Lydia Cheah Angle activity Americana Jessa, You remove Carnage is okay. Camera angles up. Historico Enhance. Got Nikolay ahead was called boring. Got nicolini. So just so my job. It is important here where he should career or where he short car use career. So please don't air unnecessary angles to your sin. So friends here, her camera angles We'll see you in the next video. Thank you. 6. Lecture 04 Create new Sequence and Understand the timeline: Okay. Friends toe a buncha again, but hey, of Yemen A sequence when anyone here of a sequence. But I like ours. Obsess Antarctica dicaro for rescue. But tora custom or elements sitting here will be the Cantarella is really yours Only importantly, he was missing off subsidiary Traditionally overcome couldn't today over the upholstery Lucky cooking shows that they have a purpose here. Sorry. Will years case same configuration of you, Whoever you are forgiven Topol full HD ghetto boy said I actually videosept so up to a video clips mishaps agenda come could never hold Well, your credibility may unpalatable cranky, will you? So it's Klitschko Mesilla Kirk It is Chiotis about amber Click and record Yoga or happiness ? A video silica Casey does co He happened Big Red car took out a k A clear sequence open with or Hamada video footage is timeline may automatically somebody is Jodi Appliques is your NGO one number video clips, whiskey jobe settings. They will put a year just sequence Money puts me automatically import. Okay. The app code. They can hear Toby in a sequence. May secret setting my jacket except a was carved primary care here for emphasize care here or your tenants care heavy. You have to use whiskey with or heart care was service motto medically import hole there usually upto vehicle in the sequence. Bananas at the hotel where he really years electorate to abandon editing mixups agenda Okay , Do you owe money? Timeline. Here it's kept which magical? To predict them. You're homebody, Really? Your future or left Set me up for the A three video Trixie or three Oreo Rexy issue audio tracks made up 11 years of natural video here who say easily up and down Mogul Sam or Jacoby opened down more perceptive for right for left Maybe, um, smokers out there, Nobody happy. And what a foot! It's got time here. Jokey circumstance. Milliseconds with the car or the answer isco play horrible day display Her community s a dragon drug cartel. Grow up daycare, Marie video play holier or in Appleby upward. So Tasha indicated decry was a timeline Indicate a greater unity x lighter here, you know some of the poor time land except for each made large to corner major air round button Here, my clicker, cabret car. Okay, The memory temple and come to mean or to Motor City or this probably keyboard shortcuts it because that Nikki but may plus button Gata Minus but in the locker up, plus or minus model abdomen or two more day jokey met keyboard Middle, it K left. Settlement plus minus, competent or windows May express Cuba Jimmy Plus minus his timeline or wickedness. Halliburton. See? Okay, I'm Nevik over Nikki and look in aggregate. Tested several paragraphs. Supports cover pulling. So those told us someone at Kobe Liberte. He sequence botanicas obsess in America. Yeah, the young chapter hito really escape curricula Listen majestic for you The app Tora detail make custom setting the majority Kirk a sequence strictly concepto put on a new sequence panel open Hoga for the ASEM metal up common in yet control in computer maker. Okay, Would have panel open concept ill theater filed by Jack a new sequence purse appeal to us make who put a local Pepsi just me up sequence presets setting Create the video together subjects a pill so sequence preset Macoutes by before presets, the were to a local cameras recording case upset here. For example India Digital SLR use Correo Fortescue Photo sequence Banana at the top score selector. K, then 80 pixel k will be appealed for Emirates escape sequence. He looked up Those sub push me by before setting Rageh, but up in a sequence condom decay. Okay, good said their It Dept. Custom Sequels. Manana, Toto setting Majak A major drop down here getting Mormon jacket Custom or Jobe commemorates The Suburban is upset $29.97 minutes at 30 frames per second day at off it 24 for him. But they're going to come. It will be. Will be selected video or Oreo or the ovaries Wassup by default. Silicon Jarnjak, Ephram says in the new video thought well, 80 by 7 20 Recreate automatically and people Ski Week or heart change Or Jaggi, What I've got full led to the video here the movie automatically Nitta. We thought about setting Millie leg. Yes, Sapna sequence. Condom. Jennifer said, Bill, you have just made by default age of your tricks for or your taxi would treat the daito by default. Three here was calm easily here. Perceptive toe look. Okay, so you have to accept a nine year timeline. Create were name sequence, create. We here, Joe Paler Angela, one Todman Aaron to number Sequence money here Men apco Bata IJO Camera Video treks for audio tracks. It was him easily Air concept. A top casual video here we'll select Car K was called Joe Perky. Empty space, particularly college, occur when a person directly totalling a record Hajaig up ahead. Aetna Brexit Airplane Maturity Air Perceptive yes, a symbols. Or you may a journey jackal, especially with May after Hurricane Nana tracks air perceptible. So those Toyota sequence Valenica esoterica or doosra a different setting for your camera footage with custom setting Ligand member Empirical told you'll be up video clips. There was 60. Diana. Okay, record shops are usually bigger or lesser things. We waste them video clips. Care puts case that sequence mirror Jenga. Thanks for watching this class. See you in the next lesson. 8. Lecture 06 Basic Edits Trim Clips, Split Edits, Slip Edits And More: dust. Oh, he's listen, Mom, seeking a your helper, Joseph told. Say whiskey bottle. Tokyo maritime land before it escalated. Condemnable help for his up to 30 minutes up easily affiliated corporation. Get like a probe. Toy stole squares, but Nick eliminating executions. But I had this moment. Parts with US Air K Way, place, medic there subset bailout. Also select central or in subtitles may have gestures, and most personalization you have accepted showed us a corner. Make the away. But lucky is still scandal. The serve your tools happy and click and hold correct. Have The Citadel's amusement excepto okay or USADA tools. Put up Jesse's yourself now most for several years at the photo. Put our whole economy or Scott Keyboard shortcut Airport definable Milica Oh yes, she looks until he was talking about Is not good. Heavy. Your sub simple pill. It'll hurt yourself. Timeline may select or more perceptible. Just a minute. We're looking at her like in your tool. Kubica be a level of cool. Maybe more if I would just today, for example, he had opened escape job Carcela Toto Windows for the sides, enemy commas or kiss IB eclipsed Okay, ending May after starting May officially J the dream ed. It'll make going. What was that? I but love up was clipped. Kosilek RK input or output cut concept A toe is clipped. Coho Miata, God Carta or player conduct a Okay, you harm our eclipse. Initial very common accord Cardia, jump up its selection tool scheme of that saying reminded tools for use Cartel of a program monitor Malard accepted. Ok, can not a cup input or output cut car sector. He slipped Kamini kiya or You're not a kid, huh? So Jason Claycourt It slipped us a card. Connecticut's orbit. Erica Hill, Columbia. Poetic Otto. It's commented on Dover. They're of Mrs Carter who reserved brittle. Just a keyboard shortcut. Hirsi So it's still skimmer. That's up. Yes, a big lip called jihad. Well, not quite Course Uptil. They say you're sorry. Clips co a local. A peacemaker. The right obvious moment on New cartel. Come on there Yet if you see Mahoto controls there, your day is Klitschko. May exit is Togusa card carnage. Otto Torres. Ertl Schema. That's here. Maybe we'll see. Joseph got parabola of in this election opposite Tokyo. Maybe button pressed Okay of this bracelet part counselor Kirk, a daily. The German public Yet has selection. Tool says you're cremated. Com s second upper terrorism selector kills co corkage or rescue about selection tools may okay, see local village of the year. Okay, their curriculum and half naked. Four. Medal it. But on the buyer talking, making bottom a dealer button here or PC may back special little day. Sam, I said. Acidic Lipscomb. Usually, I say, cut in ahead of approximate reserved little med. Zobaie said. Cut Kharyaga while Postelection told me. Sell a car kit Village. But Mayor. Sorry clips point except selector. K. You saying left certainly slipped epitome record, though liking it. But I noticed he who gets a diminished Lipkovo Yanda's dick a lot out of magnetic. Let's get a little camcorder or left side. Image of pollution was that takes was at the Yankee an upper geomagnetic convict. I wa Snapple. Mira enable here or what? Coffee useful here. Bob headed Carta. Holy Ato, Razor Blur Toast. I use for Cap Temple and indicators enough or being cut Karnataka over. Gonna may magnetic. That's karma tie, but automatically with Harper's near Pejeta. We'll see Point Cocoa Carta, yes so she looks Sentosa above the timeline movoto top Jesse one is they gotta automatically Schnittker data. Yeah, the stool school may off guard. Oh, Or about me. May I left some Amoako The decay. Yeah. Isis Nappanee with that magic number, Greece, its home market told a judge that the ending up on the door What? I harder here. Does your checking magnetic pole on Rocky. Okay, so you're actually got happy chickens Chocolatey with the left side. Moo goo gai. Yeah. Snap good necker. A vision of a post mutilated to here or listener Last Alec Day Happy is college ago Costilla car came up empty space. It was cooked selector k They let Britain with a bunch of people seemingly experts button. Yeah, directly. Particularly poorly Lit course appeal to a sec. Yoga Iraq's army Jobe up Eclipse There was some left me as a g the American Army which are also be here joking coffee. Hope you get here being a star eclipsed just city receiver The devil Okay of your hair people A little keyboards That could be you. Still co selector care Make a CB Lipsky started May Apricots of Leisure, Idaho decayed Deputy ordered Of course, ahead of Footnote. I like in a slipcase. I remember cars of Lakeisha Cortazzo, the electric Ever that said image. Moby Cliff. Timo Saari automatically left Sarah Marry personally. Pulled a little scar camp here. Took him. Nadeau Palefsky beach Tobacco argument. Any liability as whole process is a case that majority something you slip your starting Cimini said God. Cargo topi Checker Joe Bitter ex article was almost no automatically left Mess Never. Guardia. Okay, here. So you're something missile? Accidental. Severe, but a poker Cali cartel. Okay, obviously. Look, Santos, tilapia for us. It three made it. You have took? Yes. For you got here. Select village. Okay. Yes, it needs. Sorry, Joe. Process people addict will say a key by the middle of a little boy. No, easy here. So you're Harry Pollitt? Tool looking was severe, but Chiba taking absolutes until Mary polluted total your score sector. So is Mary Poland. Italy is connect earlier Keyboard Met Commander Button Presbury. Objects of their job command Burton Press near Cabrera. Him was cremated. Tool here. Order. Just a minute. Common button. Press Chea P c het OPC MK ultra button Press media. Just a minute common Burton Crispy a worry Politics Don't make onomatopoeia innocent. Director Casey God Korda Tebow Dose Embry Polluted polka work Corredor The subject is up north. Risky Germany Common button. Risky. A top down. Okay, bits made her color. Cats are terrible. Lactose dica. So your hair falling? A little. So you have to scare. Come Cartier the hurtles iss cut comb It'll be slip core taxonomy Vietto, Lipson Mamuka. Or was the opposite surrogate Joklik A who say whiskey lent but data Jalalabad Ekotto Script command did not sort Carta. Who would know he was killed? Badge Immature Excellently hero clip long Otegi dick it, But Okay, so you know your clip to play a little clip Toulon Tebow g was killed magically post for a start, Cardia. So you're rolling a little? He said I am still Jackson told her local step makers that their decay escuela minutes here or bad made a silly joke. Liberty was poor cremated car used to kill Mbeki at the SFO tie ghetto appointed several courses bureaucracy licking it. Just sort of work rolling edit toe, Keep army a key. Step, my dear, or we don't also just came about the new level UK slipped only for this numbness. Light told the album slip will show you some of you here. All those fucking what's not good here by slipped on course he left. Okay, this clip from a Jesse right, yet left me. Mubarak Tahoe Top program monitor made acceptable. Dover? Yes. Probable day. Yes. My left side of my jaw clip would set up the eclipse. Yogi was cooperative in port or right side of my job. Different job. Eclipse. Initially they were put the car I Toyota. Is Klitschko particular? It needs a Thomas Lipp. Carli, decay is commonplace. Tahoe was your starting decorative work. Start way for John. The excitement ending to cut out, uh, and early. You're sort of computing zero. Here. They of course so much, man, I out of total example, detail a partner. What? Schefter to Smith. Willem, baby GOP. Apocalypse out there letting what's up, cockroach time? Fix it. So stop up. Produced, selects indictable us up the video clip, start hoagie and took up the video clip and hoagie or Jesse up with some local level dick here. Okay, Which idea? Toc up selection Cartago in mocoa que johnson ph tattle tea or genital. And what Iwas Something slipped on court. A particular it Kneeland Milpo clip course Flipkart. I still screw up your settle the practice video game or use per day. Forget about jihad idea for last my hair Slight old keyboards that could hear you. Do you abdicate your total 10 clips, sir. Just name a central eclipse. Kosilek RK left Surma. Makoto took out there Very eligibility was question a short cardia for district. Ligety was personal number here. Day care. Okay, three ETA slipped away or slight. Told licking normally messy Lexan Polska he used for Tebow or smelly politics Or rolling it Castle Curto or you hear PO easily. Video rated codename appear Gregor or Opportunity editor Bombardir. Yet Ortiz map with the coming are level. So Maria sequence may hear this time Land May Jaar clips Lola of Mirrors, Air Transport, Select Tahoe or ah, Addition. Job puts their throw up where Saleh cocky bitch. Mitterrand Court carnage is about Kaga. Okay, gentleman up. Kharbata, Turkey up reserved blur, tool use. Cook up particular was Klitschko card. Corporal Lichen. Emojis are eclipsed except God. Cornejo top the other night was something up. Up. Nikki bottom assist, but in the way, sit but on the bunnies have exactly double razor to Al Haj Agha was common love up. Timeline made so video crochet, maybe up car. Taxi! Well, some Lucija goes there Except God who? Zeger. Or you know, I said, look up some Giuliano Cardinal. Today the airport will save button press Kirk, A resident will use Keagy. They accept Satyajit number Texas after some cartilage again college? Or is it also a single accorded particular it Drink quick clip So he could Canada or six Burton Crisper camp except Sarah Crystal Kirker. Bobby. Okay, this idiot, but German up l A video, Tom, Or you're seeing Kelly edit Kia What? I was meadow or the ability camera video or or your tractor? Just missing home. Kojak. A mirror recording while a sound here we'll use naked night. Almost invisible Corona today at a deal It could not focus occurs you Katja Bureau or your tracks Elect Carter. What about before? Except video. Barely literate. I took him an acre and I myself or you hit Delete, Colonel. Does Kelly A poor computer meant obscene kid about gay. We're supposed to look at night. The cement all turkey toe Have the X factor stairs or you're his Aleppo are always a deal. It did You or the idea piece for your trip Could be litany. Colonel Jackie o Middle of future reference. Really oppose a Sierra College. Audio or video? Used many cannot until tub up. Option Kibaki. Right click. Did you or enable KR gauger take market Will say click Rhodesia did you up or you're here will be visible. Hoga with Babu soon able they're still up. External makes irreverent here. What are the absolute bog for future reference? Kelly Africa Syria regarded the up in future in case a poster and able to keep it so much that was diagnosed irritable 12 You say animal perceptive gentlemen developed for the hurt . I am a total on off your cap with your charitable visible car sector airway Something we looking See if audio Quilliam Lydia Yeah. So severe Option A happy and mute trick. I took up metric Rcep Kyoto cupola. Track a track number one or you want casual poor track your full metal jacket, but soon. Okay. Are friends of each video map? Joe basically was practicing media or 11 year minimum sequence May be roller Karenga 9. Lecture 07 Add and Edit Cutaways Footage and Photos: Hello, friends. Welcome back. It's what you may home video sequence. Mid middle, Erica, ring the subsidiary Family circle taking beetle the higher Can I actually beautiful hair here. So many approach folders near Harris. Maybe roll scuffled open career Was my photos or video or up on land? Maybe we'll find out or the after. Head off now. Could Kobe Middle should Constructor manager committal. DEA here was made limiter here, so shut up. Specific Beetle short airport natural Toto is majority. Could hose appear like a near challenges? We hear this every single video short. A bigger issue Video may be related. Career yourself. Your practice clear here. Up ahead with the middle air concept. Domain is valuable. Player gets a double. Just a game. Okay. Example. Get help. Jump the decision. Jay put John home releases in the train on lead Nickel tt in nuclear. Okay, for example, Mr Paris Skivvy bottom A bull was permanent life. It happened a minute Opening list, of course. The cover those Minnick officially middle Eric here Priya is example may say for judgment. Better lettering, English speaking. Of course, it was normally what I did. Take a picture in picture more vigorous abuse. Kia will be. My body can enroll ago. But it was Carlo footage A or this Mamby role of the aircraft. Made it possible. Funeral kids could that that really is near looking in the up burial documentary at a Poe story Barrio Top stories. So you say Edit? Perceptive. So issued human, Mr Barba. To scare bottom example, there was Kelly your Clipper Decay video. May the important skill and hear something. One target Cliff does miss him in particular it 90 partly in a chattel, though. So many in point or our poor dear keyboard shortcut menopause decorator I or poor the attack Minister. Look here. Someone prepared to defend. Oh, you may stay. Poor Selena. Chattahoochee Intervening Moment Hills. Course it may of new medium Lena Chatto. You actually, Leonard told I put in breast here. Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, but and rescue it. Never used to like what you school me Arce bread with you. Only cartel cooking or unity is common in direct. Okay, Work the same example Hampered Air Trinka. My quest to uncover you Okay was missing man. It's not party. Look good over or the redwood. You only party Strathcona Mia's DoubleClick, Kirky Explanatory Huisman Video terminals. Except a again. My idea. Iraqi can conceive. Idiot list could happen around you Here. Toby entered terminal beer. Said, Except Bill. Okay, it's going put. Get up, Nick. But not this case meant I'm call Marajo. Original background would be credit The head. You have a moment white bigger on tell you particularly humming a project meant No. Make me a folder. Bernadette Graphics card. I was may New item measure Governments, Liquor there. What amount of the video setting here? Voice, ma'am. Children there. Okay. Its color picker mission may like a little up Giaretta. Expel accord. Intercourse. Hayato Eyedropper Shop screen Mesic A civic alert Portraits could not tell it up. Click. Ok, choose constructed. Taking a creamy white big around like Toto. Okay. It was confirmed that the whole by, I think. OK, School me on. You should be ok. Scalia made a video. It was coat, parka treatment Alto. What? Yeah, white metal. No daycare marriage. Ordinary background will be needed. Travel schedule Gap. Um, white background disappear. Payless, A coffee attack is happy and say extended Eto renew scores. Tom Mia, will you play Cardin decay? Okay, So Obama, the lowest isn't point model, but just started here. The V a mule train car victim, same judges Cuba tomorrow would you never cared about the video? Example? Example Game. Okay. A visual trend. Common example. Here. Push them toward a 40 year record. A marriage of photo folder. Here I was myself. When get which foretells amazement Airport in the last quarter Deck a German ajar. Photos allocated with Charo photo Take it. Recommend Importantly licking militia. He shot a kid time but technology Toto after layer aired. Okay, Ask your Buddy Lovato. Except maybe Jara 40 weeks ago. Objects of pace besides whatever here does cocaine resize the repurchasing Kanebo. Me next with human dependable level. Okay, Trish, will you come later? There? Don't you suggest it would be example that there was a video home? Yeah, Project Manager. May they accept their talk. You listen, Mom. Septic case Since a video or photo core research for care. Attention 10. Lecture 08 Adjust the size and position of your clips and resize them: Yes, with your minimum of the larger listen cow's milk continue. Come going Get for those major photos or videos here. Well said, he says or reports is incorrect. I'm Joya added English speaking course. Kate Lippy Like an object documentary at a Poe story per camper till the host of Tie up. Quick clips full. It's the American people. Tokyo appears for Chemical Bobkova, Algeria Toe photos. Chorus has been Nikola if x number of debka used never to go to your head. Effective. Okay, here, up to be a happy heart. KCB video four tonietto 40 of Basilicata w hat if extender dead map motion off. Simple decay is my position scale, rotation and apart. And a flicker filter. Yes, I was poked control for security Lack skill. I mean, I say up or down or disappear like here. Okay. Or your something up program Windows Difficult, Doctor Kodjovi Photos of your selected e. Korea DoubleClick. Easy for at the limited people here. So how much support do mode Coke addict for? I think here is disco. Excellent, Konica. At that time here, the subsidy allies may have fit or skill by the Assad a percentage here, so Yeah. Hamada Program monitor Major window. Hey was made with dok size. You didn't feel trapped? Aho Tomahto program monitor Penalty job. IAM says look there like a he's put you're talking to here? Yeah, so he says. But But today those case of safe it rigor would love automatically Insisted you may see 100% Gordo 300 person who obey upto would be massaged 100% either Got Dickie Okay Told Maisch 25% hotel but it's for Tokyo Selector Kenya The ball flicked Total decay is four taka bounding box decided I The school may look ok sighs score increase it or decrease Garzitto or the upscale maybe decay percentage of Don't worry almost Time isn't afraid here , though for the answer he so high school in creatively Chris Pinto But the inner city or speedily what I say. But I suppose there are because you are a city point who put up most personal horror Cortijo, take a happy heart rotation ca they're addicted to, you know, click ok in order because it still okay there. Sorry. Jeez, um university concept here. You cannot or fish in here, you know, scale of don't you know, for Jason a Pieta Don't get our Beyonce baby Hope down for Justin Carson to the obvious commissariat for just simple the trouble cto England Oh, are it now? You know Says he looked OK? Yeah. I don't get the obeah do city for toe. It was lovely Matilda, he says OK, double click OK is poor three barges and guarded. Okay, take your body excitedly. Home resales percent there. Well, this could be ticketleap put technically menopause belly decorating and so beloved for people to those kids Be checking job eclipse Show up is a little bag. Okay, this idiot but map politico sometime every year Photo seal Okay, or Obermaier is portable. Who? Model of time land Mamie Esport Abajo for Mary Photo Select your head. Oh, job may If it controlled Make which we control Cartel the work Isparta Guiliani Control Hunger Jo Marie Photo time Land My selector See, for totally controlled yoga Lady Ako Isco Tako Control panel and Mr Braddock whose car control peg a big blood up here take a jump up. You know the pain personally Giardello Bob Corker said Salvatore. But he ends up click RK rex Adam a live sermon, job mouse, local hero play inquiry decrees with whatever some easily changed their decay that left the data up down. Donor concept, okay, Or the city of three care. Yeah, pick, grow or sit up mentally Intercourse, he said. You know. So I grabbed risky practices or complete telegenic about May. Of course, gladly Send me means Tahoe. 11. Lecture 09 CC 2020 Update Auto Reframe Sequence: Hello, Friends Subsidiary Mapper. Totally tricked defector. Who? You had your supply ends up with the Kree Well, stop policeman Madonna Chatto told her up Double click. OK, Except you spend a little It's close. Spend a nickel. But you see, we can all pop the boot licker cape Full screen mode except natto. Keep warm up a little button. Prescott did Gilkey! Cupcake uber me Tim Burton Health scare Bill Calo Perky, jokey here. What a little bit and help to obey panels. Absolutely. Okay, Did lk press corps? Okay, the open it Full screen. Miho Jaggi, Did you okay? Do better Prescott, get up. And you told your full screen. See? What do you and your project monitor here we'll squat acidity, little button press coca pickers After looking at every pulley full screen, they were UK sediments of borders. We're gonna declare does Kelly a cookie, but me control button press targeted Bulky the body here to control plus diddle. They are the poorest in my loca jokers Grab technology Rto the weather control plus total So normal Hajek. Okay, they attach photos that tips up Adobe Premiere Pro Sisi 2020 million or 20 from cub that I may have caused when I defected. Decade. Many passing Albertine clips you the up social media actually videos Onorato Scalia Greater detail will keep the hell a a process profitability. So it's really sort member process, like they're basically will be with your 16 by nine. Expect for its poor dramatically from Kirk a home which is square video photo were tickled video May concept there the daycare issued human motion or subject Don't know just okay. It's no automatically from cardia. Okay, folks, credit worthy of ridicule. Okay, so tell addict cases coterie finger There you're the up in a single Phillipe a tumult eclipses sequence. Been a here. That was your project, Wendell. Mrs Sequence Course selector. K right. Click kitchen or auditory from sequence for Clickety but mayor off some coastal Yukiji Toby Have expect we shouldn't measure Test where Vertical for by five led by 16 Heretical yet the holy gentle 16 by nine The m squared with your bananas at a lady home Facebook story out on instagram Historically export furniture potato vertical line by 16 Chilukki ge or your instagram We're getting my circle. Not that they're so square reunion. I see. But I said that the LMS Where one by one castle a car. Tow the sequence. Kanam DeSoto Maybe is it is so neat. Emotion preset. Here you have a slow motion. May it off fast May was gonna what congratulated Toby, Of course that people or by default a default data Nitta clip nesting cops in the happy The sad eclipse Connecticut not at the top for a member of her crew got Do not next clips or create the automatically square sequence Created a J G top deck A were subject or detector . K was a direct carta or automatically say it just called it a Scalia. Yeah, motion men automatically give him Air Jakarta So happy and accept your porta irritable here in the appetite a say and it course of Prieto Silicon can relate because they take it from Okay, go home nine by 16 Car Huntsman outta here. Article nine by 16 Create. Okay, take your object course now automatically defend Carly or homeowners. Your title Tha Kobe snakes Miss said cardia up. Original clip, medicate or title. Yeah, but here nobody does not automatically. Just here for Children's I could hear. Okay. Toyota automatic update. Obviously the from Karnataka Rabbit. Erica Hegeman for the cattle project Panel may sequence poor duplicate today. Okay, what are different? Copy one joke. Liggett Mikio sequence argues portable trickery or you're just sequencer. Was poor sequence setting me Jackie? Yes. Um, I am size particle called a 100 19 to 0. Okay, I'll be a vertical land by 16. Hope here you say? Okay, kid, you okay? Today? Kenya is never tickle sequenced openly licking your gender car video here would never be Arends Nicaea Herto Scalia effects panel Messy video effect Transform or rotary for him It's calm. A video made record Probationary video auto different here said one by one Apco Sorry. Videos may initiate director Nobody. Dickie Place. Maybe a same process. Well, play Asadi processed. Anybody okay looking? Yes, sir. Ratcliffe, Kirk A or Tory framework up easily. Go Process. Car stopped in the street but abruptly practice Kelly yet a personal or community of us clear up play videos or photos? Years could not. At a tow, a pixel guard comes Vietto Flexible door comes down or calculus. Every editing may use concept. Many scores make coffee. Seven years was may say down under car Kursk. You know, maybe a video said that's a pill. Okay, evidence there. Quick question. Hotel, please. You know what? I A device you in the next mission. Thank you. 12. Lecture 10 Add and Adjust Video Transitions & Exercise: Okay, Friends, though. Album is Project Maggie, but as a video editor, Marine Explosives with human transition Erica transition, My club clip misunderstood equipment Janica last tomar Asadi transition cuts me. Okay? Yeah, for today. Here. Okay, so clip. He beat me up in a bit of coffee. Shattered transits and their culture like pairs. These old truly Spain, Bulgaria or Adobe Premiere pro mayor started Anderson already built in here to say up yours Perceptive or the cerebral premium transition manacle Alexei Resources for government. The year here was public. Yes, it could not have warm airport, but medical double toe up here Saturday Anderson if exponent may effects been gandered acceptable. You're the app queen If exponent a lady I did they top bottom a sift seven button presbury Yahaya windows may if expert career the app combined America a specific effects or was a search for not out there to, you know, start bottom a type r k use perceptible, but the Jobi Ismay umbilical May Scalia, video trenches and Vincour drop down correct Iskander outputs categories. Taking it like three D motion diesel immersive video, Irish spirit spill slide, web to Marghera. So play around with this transition Don't fall behind me A hard time just in there to cut it to here. Local ipca Beechman. They kept like art collector. Okay, you know, bottom transitionary generally. So, for example, may I should really motion Mr Spinelli Kadaga, toppy and decay. Okay, Talk about being a dick here. Branches American Nicolle, You had no clip. He beats me at all. Scare left may get to write me a pair Concepto lobby mania Middle America So tell a player can get there. Dickie though could commitments in the spin Just a fill OTA But lab Cuba spinning hodo s a daycare. Yeah. May suppose slower or faster A perceptible is a decade in a cyclic Kirk a break in yet Audrey got up. Bursatil, You may scored rig out through a transition. Slover of units. Like a replay that though. Okay, what do you say? It made a deep read in Guru play five told Jake Okay? Or a semi? I said don't know Solomon Move or Steptoe every day. Care left milliner photo Let Melissa back May know concepto dimension left Momoko, toe your sleepiness. Honest labor transition A placard. Bigger daycare. Okay for the animation right, Momoko. So your clip finish Monica bad or the city clip started when I said telescope A pleasure digger decay. Okay, I understand your bottom airport about Johnny and licking Moose apparently may have quit a teaching defended jaro. Okay, the telomere Dopp facility update Emlyn McKee CB Layer Co yet? Okay, Civic Clipped code Public it, Colonel. Chateau topped a keyboard option. Keep restoration. All turkey. The window user here was care about Lipkovo. You know, I see directory. Many will be option key Press together here or you really scored a a beer clips duplicate Hobie here. Yeah. So the city committed here. You know how sexy look, Kirk A common Seattle controversy working topically or Genovia Correct me. Wanna come and be your control? We could get placed liking it but up decay Disney A video One track May best year You happiest cannot shout out Video three Trick me the movie in its tracks Alexa Pereda Yogi Jessamyn Apple Escape Bottom ability Keita Jameah Source Monitor my support slips in 38. Order cannot after the monopoly selection Get bottom medical data like him cooperate basically on track. Silicon Nobrega, tell a map polarity Fattah who is from a deal? It, kiddo, is the Klitschko popular over your sub selection Nickel look a certain way for 40 mill A selection here. Okay. You know, coming to see. Come on, we top Dickie. Yeah, we form a ago. Okay, So you're tradition tricked, especially necessarily of Metro Anderson Give but the Sadako decay your the up. Keep us quiet, though. It s eclipse here, Giuliana Helical Automotive here or the Civic European start with you here. Yeah, but excitement tortas a corner of the finger model of U. S. A clip Initialed jetty here we scare, but it be family extent. Clinically biblical. Same thing. Yeah, right. Well equipped. Maybe. Here Euclidean started here on this card. It will be family genomic, Extend Persico yappy up. So it s a corner icon. Decay obvious Doc Lipscomb, A ex cetera K and flip or transitionary. Beluga Today Canopic Erica Insufficient media they understand Will content repeater frames . Not love your dryness and quotes from corporate karenga. Okay, Escobar transition Core extent particularly Jeddah Flames near the telescope. Laker connector A bomb normal diesel connected. Okay. Here, cross diesel. Your standard diesel head. Ok? School me a bitch Makoto, Toby Assam Europe The correct. OK, skip us diesel car, nuclear or friends near the decay. Okay, so a skill you move together. Nobrega is comet or that sort of Kyoto or Kobe? Tora. So talk. I get the Noko pass. Milito, I've been doing ok. Beach movement care Cordoba Daycare Be okay? Yeah, they in domestic u c Corp May told that's otaku of decades, but he spoke over that sorta Kyoto or his core. Starting saying a little bit of it in Dhaka Beach. A big cross. The seller today Moon Jae Middle Mayor clinically alone a cardiac Yuki, You're Jo Marie Dosari. Cliche was Korg A desert particularly acquits friends knee. So automatically the hell eclipse cage off the ticket from say was going across. Diesel may regard either for a competition. Zero le gray lichen ehskyoo per abjectly. Come get a better idea. Gelato Syria. But the data you spoke maladjusted. Okay, but the schoolmasters it not shorter or this promise years. It's not sort of Kyoto. Don't know, co op a smell. Okay? He said cross visual Eriberto. You know, I seem a sport longer. Makers of Tokyo Kiska possibly frames need each other extent, particularly Reinoso size extra *** they twist May name, logo up decay. Okay, The same thing. Mary Pete Carter. Who is poor torta or so, Tucker, that the horse is Covic? Whatever. Ditto obvious. Don't knock a bitch. May take a oh, are becoming extinct. Could not tell it. Off they go. You have took me extent concepto Look in many parts of the in a frame sexton. Clinically three are Samir people over the next year. Okay, So much Mayorga. Yeah, I say abdicate exports said those three Joe clips, they will thickness tackles at the committal. Wants a diesel startled the honest have index up there. The city cliff Skateboards since, of course, made definitely or a little of schedule. And Dallas in her walk in hot day, playing gay. Okay, looking you d s Lipsky pass boy left Mayotte. I slipped a passport at me. Quit friends near tow opposite renditions. Upper air *** pok ghetto with Scott. I'm increasingly concept or transition lobotomy Oblast Corsicana Chatto which transition Macy. Fix it up. Such a loss like Francis and medical care here Some of the mayorship which transits and let always me okay or plague or get bored that day Today K is no lip service is paid Helical Ipco push Kia Darvish Transaction going um selector K if x control panel may dictate no matter past Eastern accent was up sensitive You have left corner May your ancestor and distant started. I work because I waste so east. So to north used to rest or not Does our model of left to right right to left top to bottom yet a bottom to top I am bottom to top silicon head or scope later connect here the helical Ipco bottom set off your movie star herself with human transitionary concepto so about killing a practice that time here Jewish lesson capos Carrie or up Toby Project with work Career was met the cliffs cabbage trenches in their career Mary, listen me across. Visual Erich Honecker Coach Cable Search first Cody Cannavale A Hope so See you in the next . Listen. Thank you 13. Lecture 11 Exercise – Add Transition to Video and Download Transition: Sotelo is very Elektrim addicted. Hecky case keyboard shortcut used for Kevin humor transitionary Kiiza The cross diesel air Konica shortcut Rasta Hard at click, but a politely for transition cross Diesel Already premiere pro Kiev references. Made the full transition. Said Hey, so me and the full transition aircrew across diesel here Karenga. Okay, so you're across digital adobe a headache. And I started to hear the answer. Yeah, Yeah, Orbit yet Quickly. Head cross diesel Erica Nika, you hockey CB start minutely cocoa in chocolate shake Olivia Marie was killed K c v Starr mema click or keyboard May common de control de a d PCs, Perrotto, the Rcep cross digital airports Hotel common be decay. So telescope Laker collected here. Dickie buddy. Huh? Okay, they are Silvija Cross diesel listening Erica Idea or you. Hey, something in the home except coffee. Sadiq tips member multi layered multi track Mayor Conetta Toby. Um Carson, may I take a nap? Except points for those minutes elected Hitler Razumkov. OK, your point photos community. Lucky or risky age me contemporary me. Click through the exact parts of Cliff Seattle panto for Tokyo Select corretta or Yamabe. Common Did Pressphoto except subliminal cross diesel air cardigan. You said Rick Makoto inoperable. Miss something, Go toe toe. Come on. Be the Appleby of Deco cross digital article here. Okay, if their story attack keyboard shortcut for cross nasal or a practice Kalia after videos, Mitt distributes a bitter Andersen air Giddy joking video trenches and Kendall here or sub quick it But air Kirk A decade or appropriate question hotel, please. But I ugly video me home or your transition Get bottom addicting s so see you in the next listen. 14. Lecture 12 Quickly Add Audio and Video Transition from The Timeline: well, your transition Cuba, Obama or your Granderson air. Can I jump up or your Mickey? She Jaeger said. God, Cortijo or the clips? Homage. But he was took a pair. Put forward a stock artificial ago the audio trenches and help with the bigger. So if extender or your transition cops And here was myself across America. He folder here. But a scandal quits off center decay. Constant again. Constant power. Exponential, fair. The constant gain Commager has eclipsed that what we have. Air kowtow Deco, just like example had gone okay. The constant again Clip volume Court transition key should watch on to talk. Sam Brett may increase Karenga Model of constant game served. The radius will not start occurring in or transition. Que and the poor Eclipse Cargo eliminate here. Mahanta, increase cardigan. Okay, Constant power. Torassa A lug here, Nokia Lipka, William along Great seeing Chris Carter. Dick here. Just like example Hit. But Libya start a matter of fact or badmouth hoarders LoJacked that it's explain cannot afford a hard here, like in constant power or exponential hair. Don't know, Basically same hitting part ahead constant power or you may be for transition here for Jack Determine you say Use Cartago Verde Mesa Dope Lipsky Beauty, Miracle. So cross for Jesse Work Karenga like in house Abdo City Clip voice. Do not start caring for your first clip. Voice up your talk soon. Playing for the United fared out for Jaggi. I'm sq size being increased at a decrease concept here. Sam like before. Just umbrella for today's Kiev because he left her cup bread in Yet I dread outcome. Acceptable. I'm a strategist and co copy or Paste. Be perceptive Sam. Like video transition, transition costs. Electorate Keyboard Command to Seattle Control C Press corps Topic earlier or your neighbor be a pregnant I want she left Kirk a commander. Be the best Ortega So each type Get Anderson Coop Toby A placard. The hotel battleship fuera soon led UK pay A poor is a postal code, not sort Napoli. So he happen. Impeachment. Which air? Kiesa Sulaimania got NATO Hopper. Be double away Soga or he should be home left. Mayotte. Alright, me Move receptor here. The job was for you. It's better to be a Saudi tricks like get your coat or someone named video transition. Get that extra bit keyboard shortcut here, Joe Higher Could not have won t let her cup, commander Sift de ghetto control shift deep. Basically going up constant power transition. So appropriate time. Let me order trenches and air cars off the hook. Toe up, up, up in a project may say a beer, Kirk a Skipjack fishery or they care about. How are your transition air Karnik is the road here. Okay, See you in the next. Listen. Thank you. 15. Lecture 13 Create a Custom Blur Transition: always Listen, Mom, signal ahead. Your normal cross digital effect here will say him. See effect a cigarette decay. A model of good special effect is make a circus that the head of a Scalia Mia give from Air Karna Hoga So they care. But finish up your normal cross diesel head or your home across digital Make a custom blood effect. Erkki Aho McKee for America. Okay. Supports jihad are Tadic s a k a Bahamian. Any matter key from Cassa Blood effects Eric. Okay. Questioned Branches and Air Canada. So it's lesson. Medical practice files go down or career. It's medo false. Okay, Carbon or cartu, they stop Adobe Premiere Roman import carry upto Com nick office charities Adobe Premiere Book about him basically here or its minimum effect or key frames. Air Canada Don't issue the okay on the talk. I'll be a sorority's carpeting. The homey, like many sequence, but not there. Yeah, I see new sequence from Cape Chatto isco me. He hardly kowtow or rescue body agent specifically of sales common. Escape each other a little. Okay. Probably well equipped for May someday a Cardinal Deacon E one duty a rapper May God card at the horoscope. It order kidnapper Carta. Hope for Donahoe. Approximate of dinner. Okay, talk cross diesel goodness. Apparently Don't know. Passionate bloody figure. So if external may Yeah, jacket start Very fast. Blood. Okay. There were six men and Lady Harriet. Older women. Apco Battaglia. Heck, Windows. My jacket effects. Victoria talking about a massive seven press today. Tell you how fast that effect may is. Don't know if Erica Argueta hope they came at the Humberto Abject video clip. Kill. Put their contact, Lucia. You know, cyclical drag and drop toe video, please. Okay, so carbon or cart open. Romney, if your idea about Amina if expect paramedics up AM artifacts blood effect. Dahomey as the bloodiness increased better daycare. Okay, Did not. I would not blur course of people who spoke Ahmetaj Add a chick, not beach. I happiness your blood person who you match for zero means no blood at all. Irishmen, blood effect meant any mission. Haircutting. You're like 00 Protester, You know I'm going in. Okay. Toys. Temblor indicator. Cocchi CEO Jega said Caro or your home Up for America. And get Okeafor, American Nikolay agents or Pasha. Stop what? Jess? Icon Decorah was per click Caro, the Iraqi from Idaho Jaggi for up home escaped court order for workers to herself But on the back of my right arrow. Huberman respirable dodo bird A minute. Rescue model up 10 from some neck forward. The Atletico decay. You have the matter. Time Land indicators Ohio is from say, 10 from Argue forward. Okay, up Mayor, Click. Erica is image your bloody car, the whole 50. Okay, so you will be bloody over here looking it. But up your daycare Explicate your border have watery darkness. Three. Does Scalia mania rip? It is pick Silsila. Curto about Bishop Blood Cortijo The border black ot Ato Scalia depite its pixel up on card Oh yeah Video. It's key topics else ever repeat hoagie so happy! Hahaha Bdart Border Need taking a bamieh time Land my jacket player today kid but top picks up a and zero b blood zero idea me and playful or happiness like a bloody nespoh. Timeline indicated wmata Porta A double image core 52 blocker today, right up home year. Same thing You know the city Clipper B airplay Kering for your job. You from Sable? Same bad Mitterrand Mocha And yet Oh, yes, A J Cooper plate Erica toe bombshell occur. They had the city, of course. Get but up. The advocate Romney publicly called zero say 50 turkey at home. A club Clean image Germany in Mexico. Bloody idiot! Abdo, Strictly moment. We'll talk tonight. Model up the hell icky home. Jennifer Airport. A bomb bloodiness can get protest. Okay, What hemline indicator come toward a mockery? 15 for him Something or you got to hit zero. Okay, so you have the camera. Does your friends here who? Okay, Yeah, for me as a player. Pareto Taylor bloodiness their 50. But why are so Ciro took jagga But Mary image clear Ho Jaggi! It's preparatory. Dark is decree it Omiya Repeat it picks Elder The total fixed agenda Togami Rcep Liquor No start Carter, take a geopolitical player. Next track. Carter here. Okay, He's come across digital Erkel Too heavy. So yeah, by default trenches. And they're particularly just I'm an apple sort. Could, but the attack Command e Toby Cross Diesel Erdogan. But I discipline organ decay. Okay, there. Timeline indicator may. So do Saraki from here. Well, same. A select cooking, actually smoke or the Tahoe and it took What is your pay? Looking from head zero Allah. Hu said John across visual started Taiwan. Opperman said Cartago. Same air sitting meant the city clip maker. So you hope a lot. But yes. Walla here from here was starting shaped like cartel or general Cross diesel finish. OK, why me? Does it make you feel him? Move eager that though so up letter connect there. Well, it's pretty good. Yes, I'm today. Say your blood or cross dissolve Or like any school orbits have been a Socratic across Usual. Start on this apparently, yes. Across Missouri started Image Blur Gonna start O J s. Um So across desert started I was a kid from comet or a mocha The dough or the city's Okie from here, huh? Ross unusual and hotel was kept Beach A tremendous character. Top of decay. Look So essay. Absolutely. Turkey Fico Use Kirk A question Prentice and clear, Perceptible 40 or effects combat Medic Nivola looking idea practically is mystic with the effective never human airpark A definite chatto. So Eric Arcade accepted or Yunus Siddiqi from Eric or composer animal car sector for about me us across Diesel Erica, Tobey transition. Erika Karp was custom transition. Minnesota Talk about key body here in the afternoon. A bitter practice. Nikki Heat or be re sources for Letterman jacket clips called down under Correa. Adobe Premiere from Import Career or Custom Transition. Create target practice or take a nap or case a transition year. Cortijo. Yes, it was for Intimate Cortijo or case across Dissolved will be long or short cartel throw up , Years of practice career or the liquid Question Hotel, please. On Mr Khouri. Thanks for watching their fund and we'll see you in the next lesson. 16. Lecture 14 DeNoise & Reverb Tool: Hello. Friends are no baby milk brought 2019 minutes. So does Abdul Jackie Coffee. Useful low grade. Essential sound panel. May you have Corby Oreo. Please click or repair TEPCO. Open career toast may reduce noise or reduce river. Had off since named it may. I am an age or your IQ or Kiawah Hey, joke America, America by default or your hair was coming up. Core. Laker gets another, but go on road under the sick time. You want a basic example? Who's coffees Are you about? I UK atop a passport? Soundproofing. Naoto Hardball Hard surface water everywhere. Problem at the ascension Someone panel major reduce. We were cops and he would say, Make liquor that the whole animal carded or opportunity that really simple prison days on who will automatically or you may implement Cardia or, you know, just like that here will still be up. Left me a to write memo Car K was thought I increase it or decrease person here. Normally Adobe Premiere Pro. You have their phone spot data for you. Happy care, but Kodjoe or your hair cut off or get ahead. Who said Europe come outta here? Obviously turn off your data or reduce noted speak. Okay, A great first day Cigna or significant component will be somebody Rubio would let me have a subject. May any. So you'll be wasteful, improve or like fan yet air conditioner. College ho your vagina, Barkey said perfectly. I was holding outdoor shooting. Coro toast. Mitch will be extra noisy where I say they do So that you do. You mean don't know Correct your career A little bit funky job will be processed. Erika Toda Careful breaking near the implement Essential Sound Panel made Hey, joke a reduced noise or reduce reverb. Jokey low budget radiograph Orvieto High budget videographer Coca BSE problem Hotel Your absence Coffee useful here. Okay. Frank's quick question hotel which no noble CEO in the next listen. 17. Lecture 15 Creating A Title In Adobe Premiere Pro: LaFrance. Welcome to the new section off creating title in Adobe Premiere Pro. So it's Lecter. Mom, I'm whatever human title period Carnival here. So battle scallion upper type Till here. Just talking about sort could help. T Yeah, a sensible graphics panel. Medical freeloader, preset titles or up custom titles. His main port Papers of People Placement. Basic title. So get already dook so happy and establish a looker. PH. Who do? You may import cars up there. Okay, you never tired to play Cartago decay. The title. The operation. See a graphic Panels make coffee shop, Real order Templars or startle said about Never use me use person still, or is my job for a woman a coffee salad bars would be important here, the custom data as input because the pill or the cynical stamp looks to be here like news. Becker's here. Dickie. The idea, he said, was that you see there you're not drag and drop course appear. It's Mikhalych. Motion will get ahead. Video effects. There was a lower limit for our time. Less so don't worry about it. Import Carter summary Yup. VPC may up computer No funds now. Tropical Beach me have fun missing Karol Ie Always making after Arcadia creating cloud visit. Hope those make liquor gap. Seeing 40 adult Get phone calls of the hook. The 100 mary sequence able for care sequence here. ORHA manager Template importancia Foolish. They herto fiscally size. But any hoagie Alicia Player convicted Look it up. It's basically it's a used purse. A little It's my coffee started here like sports Becker to be here. So it's Mr B. Absolute KKK sequel. Big used as a tool of never Umit Like an eccentric and dignity up capability. Amused photo or select car K at the answer number subjects. But hey, we have a clicker, Toto. A sincere graphics mental mayhem browsed. Admit it, I said automatically addictive. Move. Okay, we had the ball clicker. Copy. Edit car sector seven years on Death Ray or English speaking classes. Tell me a little bit of English speaking. Yeah, So happy, huh? Effect control panel May in 100 Text ended, Person. Yeah, Bible Total off or kabash Animal Digital person Your something. You have to be here on battle. Kalia If external panel Mexico Chadha work maker narrowly Lichen. It's my foot to keep him, We'll get him a replication motion. Carson filled me up globally. A medic when you were little but you know, headed clinically homicide. DoubleClick castle occurred over but may not start today. Okay, a balmy you support I answered controlled cars that they have daycare jumping cookouts. And here momento dado map of the carnival A Who is she left her Me lacking your superior declared a particle center of the many supporters started matter that day care put me out of so problem er say it was a lingers here where people send that but for a gentle center yet 0 11 top 11 vertically aligned bottom line left alone horizontally learned right. OK, so Vienna control cars activity A triage motile hip appearance I didn't retire with the locals up the whole left red tomato up down a anchor point decay the rcep and put big set occurs at the hope of you And you said you open it up Well Still by the hair Total animation for skill for your shop Risque animation killer size of delagarza. Okay, Yeah, I said rotation Weather noticed anchor point here when he said rotation holder scale be winning silver Take a demand purport You had a terrible was killed Bad mation order total. So when I say Doctor, who got there and I gotta point OK, so in corporate insulted locally A coffee useful here you say capacity. So I told the opacity home I don't Was Kennedy him Master style master textile case a clear Cut the head or case I was poor Useful to help. Look, listen, we're pretty canelo for ya. Put hair that Tommy hypertext acceptable or advocates are half every day after choir headed fund set up. So see your star Perfect campus favorite. So you filter the over the course If charity definitely I saw felt it perfectly. So safe up in a job once held it Merica Here, here put definable milligram model Bob quickly with excess purple. Gateau only had a big head Joe happy and said they were sorry about before in say, okay was killed by the happy alignment here European textile anchors of the whole. You know, they have been here breaking her Sorry options. He took your biggest other programs. Major standard takes a determined so close to the options are there was so popular excepto like all capture small cap, sir. Superscript substrate Plateau underlined sub yourself Course that was about here. Opinions was. May have field, fill, stroke, background and sort of the film it love up. Get X cards over the main color head woke the homey surgeons birth ahead there. Okay, the apple. They're hoping that was about stroke. Stroke Model up. Joe France Key border with your program. Next. Talking about like a stroke Animal potato making border hoagie white The actual Olympic cartel. Teleworking like industry but united Jovic eye color. See Xcor Dental care, Care of political attitudes. Perceptible Nieto, Eyedropper Self screen Mexico. Vehicle it up, Linotype selector said Tommy. A stroke besides holy but that a the armed accepting you element. Excuse me, but I hope it's clear thinking. Feel off the decay stroke indicator. Okay, it's the opposite animal, but that was about background checks, car background, pay up, Big guy said. Exactly Capacity, Porter says. Here it was about 1/3 of the absurd. A drop Karnataka Toby In a course I took off, he said. I used pull ups Center in Seattle, Maybe up capacity looks upto not area yet. The angle unity androgens person was senator distances up text circuit in a distance of much. Are they OK? Distance about his size for those skinny Tahir blood bloodiness up. Get near. If not, there will be a reality Said the French started to extradite adoption here just a minute. But there are no big aside programs meant extra little Madobe Standard option. There was some You have dick playing it okay for the street. But I am the titles here is coming Mocha mocha moment for declare licking you know, sexy looks until of course, he looked very You better start could heavy You know, every time I move is Canada make Soto's subtitle Erica, tell those Gilliam a deep respect tattle close by. Okay. His phone? Yeah. Okay. The friends just, um in a patrol leader fella, But at a young age, a responsive design partisan here who's got here? Used a total of 40 Catahoula Germania Subtitle We're here was coming English speaking incarnates hope for mayor Selector Casey India speaking Gets up being good idea video from May pin that Machado Tokyo but namely the every status form overnight at the hotel young English speaking permit let go Although set top may being guarded decade English speaking Mocatta Hopi aka Down so scarce at home Moving ahead automation or don't move occurs in those case therapy. You know the decay menaces Stop core pinky A haze Layers of my left or right mover Photos that morning or licking Yes, emission automation in tow. All cardo MacKillop Charles arteries A pin card Oh, don't make a CBC English speaking. Come over whose case that'll move over yet the daycare Some in remote Toby Mannion Plus my Mr that was up. Let's get started. But they hit Responsive region Partisan or the reactive happiness A multiple layer except selectors Samoobrona Ato be moved So your text editor so bupkis idiot Text layer for selector hooked up here Animal Hoga Academia Clipper Adorably medical text layer Select me even you know it's a title Silica licking your people Text layer Select May they poked extra little couple as a penalty would definitely name Bulyga. You know Jesse may have Picardo silica So the bombing started Options Dick playing back Ilias Kittery A title layer could be home corporatist Perceptive little skill E aqui Borman option here Command to see control CED up window usual here for Genovia pregnant for Genovia broke not a happy come on TV. The job be a martyr setting. So it was Gestapo would have copy and paste over here or the city. But you called me back to a letter title. Here you see me and say I did co. Or could be changes cargo. Okay, Door Mirador Original title touches Mitchum Copy Theater Was McCourt's changes? Never. Still see title Metin UCA OK or this right matter of the haze. A copy paste Konica uptick in parliament option. But on the by all turkey and the windows. Are you saying I said Okay, Move, Toby, A copy. Hajaig. So friends, your title omni clear yet you re Septimus here. Browse up. Makes 40 Lipper data for home Starting subtitle Airport option. Watch your toes. Kelly Casanova am attracted Cilic Archaic screen. Make a C vision up A replica for type. Cannot stacker there English pores or the strategy meeting by I have noticed. I estimate that could not start. Tebow Mira Joe already parched May model blast my minutes. Who could be setting suits? Theater automatically work? It's a pleasure digger Or if he title may home multiple layers air concept You know they care. Of course, if Ekeus said Victor title graphics making a scandal a local uglier. But I ask you about people. Germany started option. She indicated. Sorry. Ismay, Automatically give up. Traxler. Select Carta Photo Annable. He's from every centimetre Dido, Or is put forward actual attack. Okay. Yeah. Talk about a skinny. Okay. Escapee Tim Rectangle, Air Canada to help put sir player come natural to, you know, actually, um, course appear like a age a new layer. Corruption here was put up liquor Toto, us A new text layer of article text layer that tangle lives yet from hell up silica. So the answer via text layer cedar Erica secure decay the same in a click yet a new patch. Larry's McGeer for dismissing them. DoubleClick park a type constructor here, sinfully okay, for if the homies my rectangle Air Canada Municipal OK, rectangle, but showed us a rectangle you create yoga was supposed to let her cameo speech size, but level, you know. Okay, let's tackle a really changed the same airfield offset, but political over or some general black. Okay, a bit. But the care manager text to her voice, KP chair or rectangle was killed for Okay, they demoted X kagle in the Magimel people layers. Was Mason mercy? Of course he let Okay, yeah. Paired record Duggars Obscenity A bomb Techs easily accept their but Libya Hopper Joseph said Put hair post in my post upset over the cardigan for Yanks Obscenity heros upset Ph. D Katica accepts a player can number chance Perceptible Cared about at Berkeley or human data rectangle. Black rectangle gave a sorry off Since amnesia they could happiness. A particularly original center. Carson People Sorry options with your takes later. And my head was much a coffee off senses movie dear. You ask a man 50% Always do a positive change concepto decay. People get a better look. Star players, maybe up stroke will get us American sector Just a minute. But I should be objects layer air perceptible The simple There could be better. Yeah, program monitor Mesa si Let car care Delete key Press Corps Tahoe Today Candy, Let me or I delete clinically a poor, sincere graphics panel may edited. Major text layer here was caused selector. Give answer Delicate Nobrega. Yes, I would live name over your friends. Your title scare by Democrats. Magic Little's next left in my home. Dick. Take it. I tells me. Motion. Gas, Air. Correct. Thank you. 18. Lecture 16 Animating Titles in Premier Pro CC 2020: So how many already? Six. Clear here. Sensible graphic panels for use Burke A Oh, are you handsome Capital use garchik. Except that clear cut up title. Okay, Samosa well addicted here. But, you know, I said a tangle ship there or the self hosting matter That but Obama Smith title earlier today. And I say new text layer modest minute hair loss. Well, okay, excuse size, but here. Yeah, from the place him sent a minute. Okay. New Skinny de Soto's subtitle Children. Okay, okay. It's not what you say. Okay, lets Micoach you did here puts your terrific for Children. Now it looks good. How can you be a telegram? So from some near battles were Guardia okay? Your total traffic scandal in 19 or local apps layers turkey home if expand Talmadge okay, lets me motion a recurring 300 k Yeah, except cortina local Uglier. So joking appear local layers. There was something different again. The home subsidiary let hello World book the spot Drop down car cup. You need t j the transport mapco position scale, rotation opacity will get definite formula. So it's partition. Come Any medical care here? The animal car Nikolay Amity from stay or keep from Scalia. Agent Soto. Stop. What's going on here? Toggle animation with them. A clicker. Nova with your semen is click here. Key frames. Phobia of May. Poured out for work but the whole of Britain 25 times and left for work here for your home position. Comb over there. Just a minute. Position comb. Uchiha happened for committing collective dreams. A little there model of Adobe Premiere. His title Go. Its key from say is Give them tuck in your progess anti. I was watching sensor Hot apology. Erica Challis said. Blogger connected it. Play button. Dickie s somebody. Allegretto. I'm capturing it, he said. Well, it's good that I don't know for you, but the advocate upgrades will be final destination here and you're up. Job title. Seattle graphics will get a technology until finally, was Jacob propeller appear? Play Hedley J Hemline indicator for Oaxaca. Barely. Give them air three. Okay, you have got final destination. Got from here. Off objects start to play. Hedley for Joby. Position a pregnant. Well, what? You have seen the credit someday happened Minutes. Put a hurt on the job. Mayorship played through the titles in motion. HOK, move! Okay, You gotta gotta gotta Hamada Final destination Bachelor ship later convicted here. Okay, The final distance and put escape from Jaeger about bag a decade took That'll finish with that up to the moon. But maybe a misty from Kenya and the last of the S Start and the doctor via play here The center magic American told a spirit slogan Dickie Okay, so your motion gives me hope here. Obviously this is a subtitle earlier Joking it normally away was maybe s him if it Erica me here. So my name is Viola. Tax slaves He let go there Or as Minnie Transform may some jovial may not Here, for example, I'm a bit scared. Does jihad me? I'm a final definition. Tell you I say Let me. He says he looked ok. 100 scale my 100% Veliky for America. Hope bad may start. Matt Johnson, Motion, start the commission zero over the top deck you automatically if Romero via email or SMS and a maneuver that put up liquor connected, they assume Did order like an apricot. Noticed a junker. Niceness start. Yeah, Yeah, Okay. Marajo and car part here. Who said left bottom corner. Hoga. Yeah, right. So you see a movie center military toe Obama player conduct a just a minute ago. Librium, Absecon, Pataki and corporate coffee. Useful Head, Job Cities Court ordered scalp move, incur part of decay. Said you see him in the center, merrily at the centre Seriousness scale here. Okay, if the city by the north east of Lake Tahoe to go pick up a free Georgia or the radio Put a daycare though. Scalia, after Biko's effects. Air Kuroiwa motion mercato up in Had a k a job Greenland called Ephraim and put out to my car. You know, I said, like you have Greenlandic to help us care bod You have beaten me coach Lanta but Mia because Elorza or opposite Greenland a cat is here. Different hair enders. But Latvia puts graphics or get eric away. There were smoke Which motion airport area to put Any object will be up. Video Audio photo. What's very small airport, though? Don't wanna pay surrender kidnapper time, But may a completely easy to let go and play. Hoga topping had a key demand and supply control, which Fresnillo taken being a pretty put out under Hobie linking Jesse me J. Lo was man liberal, took a bigger Bill Smith free Georgia Dickie toe render clinically up university sequence may render effects into our Tiatto render into our cars up there. So you and I said some German import that though I or you know who see if Fitna for or sms render in told, could not tell you Render into our car sapo there's a court date. Camilla was magic navy with your friends. They're also being Orender grabbed a k a job. Lnto did a green hungry here. Okay, What are coming up later today? Semen in our clear Cordero. Yeah, Okay. Like Arteta, Buddha smoothly play yoga Emotion Erica the FC to be home. He spoke with ceviche and just come natural cycles for getting me though sometimes the answer course of Priscilla Kirky to bitch and supernatural globally amendment the better, you know? Hey, master styles from in a prototype for my next rodeo. Man, you said the granular level Romney Giuliani style created via here. Eric, A lot of film ahead up Some of her lowers the look of the film. Irregular here. Just broke a sports serious. The sorry effect area. Joe. Sorry. Style. Hey, willow. OpSail Karnataka. The U S. A. Up create master style course. A pillow or you send them there. Suppose intimidator. Red color to it. Light struck. Okay, Door. It would be silly for Jaeger. Or is it a bad make? Can he be a play canasta? Some dosage of style. Hey, hey, Saving neighbor Create style Cardo All those medical blue colored great like Okay of men within eight X clear Clear Carta Who or is my older The journal Extreme Use getaways New used a beautiful apartments for be some the white okay, or the United States to remove a little angel Normal plan text layer Here he said it affects dinner travel So it's a selector K u s a much to stall Mr Eric a little bit. What stocks? A little photo of decay automatically. It's meant to be ominous styles. Uplevel Your topic change being herself. So your option Coffee useful. Hey, get the upper projects. Were camcorder a ho or poorer projects? May same style scare forints. Forget us abuse Governator Toe toppy, Anastacia Career car sector or Kobe Biabiany who say Use constructive change the city But your master style here, set up Dan Scott. He's a killer licking It's about me. Actually, it must just halkia Taboos never marry Project Panel May your graphics created here Those should be up. Cornea title hair Cut the hose. Put a placard supposed from the apple May quits tattled curto Each title May your title. Junior topic near. Who is Mimi? Germany? Rear Stoeltje. Well, it's Merkel, Nigel. You may select RKC Startle poured ricardo. The automatically will apply. O J G. What a play, Monica. But be a pizza. Customers perceptible united the bulk cargo quoted pigeons can match our thought. You said We have customized perceptible Get up with the stomachs. Just tell it like it Not that there will still be happy. And I say he said Reagan brokers Peixoto. We were playful yoga or the other. Managers said They level. Tie a book. You know you have a chance. Obama Area title layer battle graphical be selected here. You know, Happy Have daycare response to dissent. Time here. This may introduce an hour period. A decent jobs in the air. The Yorkis Kelli Rome airport, the federal He says he took a cab from America. The whole. You know, video may order some. Just kill Hannah paid zero or, you know, you took attention. We have a match at the Hope 100 or job high. Finish with a here, you know, But you know opposite. But it did give them under. Or is it finished up? Zero is Amy. I'm over here. Okay, Bob. Dick, you okay? I will be see the whole area. So someday Djamila title here was killed. You listen to be long. Agrium, Korea Thomas A lumber carnage to see many Scott duration time increase. Kia top decay A job, Nikki Friends Eric it here. Poor interrogate. Beach me Toe up yoga. You know, it's a player to him in a pair scale under utopia. But my job, Yes. Keep tremble at that. Omar said Jiro Jetta or with Scott Meaning Narrator Scalia. Macaque. Canoga is your friend. You have to move, Oranaga toy. I played for a government. That decay. Look indication, you know scale. Who are but major? Finish with a title scale time Manual of Mariappa Say say sort Cardo No marriage. Okie from someday Ricky A war Me on a dick riding a donkey Jesse Amnesia Karki at those case Automatic infantry delegate Those killer based option here abdicate. Escaping Cody. Okay, later today or this year. So, Scalia, in a part of your interview nation or outright derision, it was me home before a second aircraft. Get extra credit for intro or accepting for our album Marajo. If there was. I don't know about decay Judgment Laker, though. Okay, or, you know finish will be licking the same. You said Increased mortality. Temko scare Sodhi. Happy increase voter decay, say many spoke. Decrease Kia so scarce that set every degrees of direct coffee. Useful. Hegel. Bob Forbid actual Seattle Graphics Corp long government that they were the shortcut majority with those case that he Hobeika from seminary here, who was just re sponsoring a part of the city's happy and accept your role. So your option Harrell in credit earlier. Some Johnny Up It gets Layer is a movie visible in the nopal. It's a myth copy. Best Could Okay, it name Neck Taxslayer Air casement of May I said all button on cargo today K. You're all in credit up air Course a pill, Johnny. Smoking a fag politically from theatre was, would you say? Well, what he almost did it. But the one up there for 10-K So it s up trolling reddit circles a pill, he said slowly a factor. Canaletto A pianist Course of people just inmates. Shocking though there five toga decay or the same it long Cortijo place logo Decade by rolling May upgrade only at a personal were constructed or easy is our biggest perspective is in his outcome. It'll be sure what May is in program Starting may hold a slower but may normal spirit opportunity for last minute used out. Alberto wanted for that slower Jaeger Fellowship. Laker connected here, starting with a flotilla. But men almost here but and me slow specific. Okay, So friends Yeah. Which 50? A sensible graphics or cattle panels? My emotion. Erica, Nikki. Medical question. Who took a computer? No, too, general. But a tax for watching this to you in the next lecture 19. Lecture 17 Saving Title Presets in Premier Pro: so sense of the electromagnetic title for intimate here or this letter may home or so deceptive taking Get giddy up. New title created or caused traffic Swaggering Erki a theater for Lower Third Clear here or oppose their future. May use coordinator at the O. K. C V Project Mickey CB Sequence Minute The up graphic preset menus is so perceptive here. So I'm now be bitterly electoral media card there. Education master style show could go there. Licking was Mr Texts. Kelly Age tells her Corretta like any idea Miss title cargo sales The answer that flickering or expert as motion graphic template Click today job Italian Im disappear. Maybe that the home My title, of course. Destination put Sugar consolation. Listen where? Of course you could hit a local Templars holder here. Local drive. Okay, Their particular Dharmasiri coordinator, Kyoto toe my library here familiar by before local templates folded in a little Post Manager compatibility Cops in here He had a smear forms we're gonna put missing here to mature warning there yet Oh, Muslim graphic templates Macoutes effect at me used here or Premier Plum A fit me here, Toby upto one Chateau Mohsen graphic templates. Comfortable linear Toby. Warmongering toast. Really happy. And take mark parts of the upper mayor basis. Is it? Is it ended? Then click. OK, they export bodega. Obviously he was put in Ajaccio. PCV Just so happy. And headache. A local Templars folder App called Ready Jack the My title starts Person The Octopus Profits Sarah Graphics s until graphics toe obsidian a six week search Papers of Hope Mine title posted up Access Corp. Okay, The idea. Mr. Quit the project. May after the city quest sequence, milord. Karnataka. So some Julia, this re sequencing is made me a title. Air Canada Toto and Sickly carcass either drag and drop, you know, title a bit Hoping a day care. Okay, The up Isham customers were not Arteta Toe Impaler. Jesse Method was to catch to my Justin Carson Center American here. What a job. Because I oppose a customized person the whole So from someone Example clear strategy car myself. Don't think if Ramsey or get a like any of the ethnic coffee, what surtitles card will get a clear Tiago took a coffee static defense so good I used or oppose a future resentment use, but not at the Hope Bob. Very seriously. Export. Perceptive or in future Jobe Project Jobe sequence. It was made up lower Concepto. So your friends, It sort of selects Oerter. But I hope you like this. See you in the next election. Thank you. 20. Lecture 18 Adjust Audio Levels: Hello, friends. Welcome to the new section off Audio editing. Yeah. What a Saxon audio Kabbadi. My yoga? Yes, ma'am. Seeking in order your level for adjustment corner which already, in effect, a recurring gay or your sound or be better pairing. But how? Marie? Really? Amid music air Karenga. So subsidiary East project data Just broken English classes or subset ballistic to hear the audio level capacitance C J or after or your Kitna lower. Hehe took it. Nice loaded. The audio level air just naked. Puts Terry Cahill. Lichen. Subsequently, Joe May, you scored a home airport. Picado for anybody. So think key Project may. Well, sorry. Metal me used hotel. Okay, well, sorry matter. He was a level of tea. So you're the AP course specific or geopolitical volume increase theater decreased natural maritime. Land me in a deck. A set up or your trick s a hotel. You said the bulk liquor K explained hook toe in actually expanded card. Okay. Do you have court ordered reforms? Definable Malaga. Let's get beat me up with a white line here. Liquor cap. He said no. Jake, your auto park your car. Oh, toe up Deco. Netrebko number the fed again. Or escape each baby lick away db model of decibel or disable Siri sound for measure in the occasion Each acre. Okay, toe decrease yoga or a particular ghetto audio increase over Joel. Um, except later connected here. Okay, take a poor mute there of the dam increased. Okay, Theresa may undo Birgitta Commons. There. Controls are really a PC user. If ornamented indifference, the decay. You know, I'm little bit zoom Garda here or some job spark. Opic Karamoja Highly. Grandma, let me happy or you're louder it Ahern a put some job. He activist video here was quite Joe Garcia getting louder. Or you are Scalia McKay, Canoga U. S. A razor blade problem. See, liquor to see. But in Prescott. Kato Kirky for you, who got hurt here but me of opposites Selection Tool co silicon heavy button press card or the job each fall apart here. Whose Communist decrease guard potato, Particular Parker or your decrease Jose Vega looking? Yes. Epidemic with the other time. Little Hemet live, of course, is a blur to silicon operate about may put Kobe a Sanders delicate, always cement undergird that the Commons there or in herself up Mental still occurs at the whole post. A keyboard shortcut. Happy toe pentru selector. Cage of white landed three was put up on record. You know, I should have put or you have just been a weapon from General J Part will be decreased. Going ahead. Tomei Skill Year Dancing with the devil but no opposite selection Tonko Selector table or your job each well apart. Here discover you are medically spin That was causing looker came in here and say deaconess photo take a point. Some network It was Nicosia. So particular airport Turkishness or your level cool locker. There for the start of civilian locker deer escaped beach card or your hair woman increased decreased via social for me. I put 90 car sector here. Yes, your parts able in car parts kit that I conquered the hair decay in the particular East Point. Coming opiates down Tornado toe Cedric receptor. He's probably better there yet. Oh, Khuda Up, down or the sport? Scobie may left theater. Right? May move, though, Nikki. Okay, so your coffee San Diego Poppy and points it up, though w a fixed agenda. He up East reversal like each of a top specific. It 90 audio level signature was killed by Joby Africa Regular or your weight of the major ordered by the party. Can a charitable age of mental here possum custom or your transition recreate concept? They had a k A job in a constant party. And I was really there of opposite mental Cilic or to have people in Prescott or Europe Airports that day or eight point you had a day. I'll be a job. A hell a point here. Mother was coming down here. Don't take a up Gets of low there. Don't start. Okay? Did a regular Liverpool again? So you put our custom Order your syringes in full gear. Just a minute. I'll put declare export podium. Yasha left to right movement there. It'll be a safe radicchio. Slowly. Yeah, quickly. Go back to Anderson. Whatever. Order. Listen here. But Mayor Parte Mugar Toto up decay or your card? Your decibel level here will be in a movie like any DoCoMo jawbone, acres or zero pretty Lockni Domain shift depressed over the same. A shift compressed Earth Day came and see If left or right may move for Boga. Off, down. Leo, go over your level low. Pejeta for women Shift key Released A photo here is the approximate off Down Nieto left Redman Mover boulder. So you get better Cherica Haye safe to use their care transition Create course of table location fund over the day of years. Oh, sorry. Cliffs here We'll scour You may accept Opie other down. Gonna hang rejected Talk. So, Scalia sorry or you publish it, but selected or radically Kirk a happy or your gain The audio again Candor was a local Aggie 50. Some job just getting by. Hey, so you know, perhaps J k l a Scimitar assume Could get a photo. What side yet? Audio again. They're just again by individual level Hamada, Picca, Hopper Abdic A symbol plus may increase that though to increase technically a plus Marilu delayed a hickey or decrease technically a minus me Toby Plus Mandel there six. Or enter predicate Sarraj your picture or increase over here. Yes, Happy Ledecky Commons. If you drop a letter so bad May 9 ingreso via legitimate nine Greece Notorious limit on Nolberto or is for the Organ Effect Co which intelligent, very case they're used Tunica at best. Cherica Haye normalized Mac speak to so some, Jr Sam Caribbean a minus 10 ducky. But enter Sara. Joe PK would be crazy over here. So it's neck area in subject message Subset loudest point for finding here for in support minus tentacle idea for Baki. Sorry. Parts for bail reduction girl. Same amount. Took a registered here. Well, said yoga medium player can take a Yeah, but how my audio looks set okay of decay is simply there is your audio trick makes ahead of little relations. Mirepoix skin, vitamin B, C kind or level looking, You know, for daycare for extracting tar or your tracks Declare the manager or your taxi. They let Rick a loose rhetoric disorder or jota or last may Master Trek. A jokey of love to obey traction when support from Vanguard is Medical day phobia Marajo. Or do you have a direct number through Sarai Jameah Audio player Karenga payable, Bouncing or, you know, for your little defense decay today, cap in upper your bouncing What are licking? Minus 10 killed. But what measure? Like a maximum limit The minus Tenke stadium controlled circle. So it would appreciate fierce up later today. Here on you tend. Okay, make a eaten. Allowed the hill. So, um, I understand city louder. Total of disruption. Dictator Directly. Okay. Or you again. Whiskey. Abide here. Normalized all pics to Hey, remember whose under Minus it. Okay, the baby just clips. It was missing. Sarah Picco. Look up! Corretta or Jobe was missing. Come pick saying Chris Careca or Jobe Lower PK. Who said decrease Gold digger? Oh, yes. Absurd settled. You gave, for example, Up the key piece. Make a sequence Mitt. Multiple interview Reata. Multiple audio tracks. Repertoire Cap Palladio, the host of Payoff Man Privy Report here for different locations. Different microphone. Host of different level 7 40 hours, of course, are ticklish. Abrupt exit points. May import. Calculus is selected. Or are you going missing? Normalized All pick toe. Likable Nicaea minus 88 of minus 10. Utopia. Pregnant. The whole society audio clips, Sam, Or you allowed national Jenga. What? Airport? And say fuel over. But I say, Look, you got two year study stem cell. Okay, So first the earth are sorry or your boss am Little may have just been the first option, Chandrika or it lasting head. Remember what you can ever level Well You know, I said it requires up. Just perceptive, Scalia or your TriC mixer. I used Nobrega decay. Yes. Amanda Carter Page or order? One or two Year two or year three was Obama Trixie of the Omni Audio one mute here. Go ahead of you mean different? No. Es que badge. Amec's Leatherhead Tele ism on you today. Three. And they have been audio play cartels. So you don't know about one single back. Okay, well skilled. Badger me up. It's like the same. Misled the court. Don't gotta stick your toe decrease. Gonna go limp dick here, Nick. What are you say these ever again menthol Here It's called The Man. Don't Decay Buddha. Utopia of the Torah in Greece. Cartel The answer Audio up, down yet are completely mute Receptacle The audio track mixer were used The Nicorette fired a year Some job Mary Drachma coach or your hair. Joby. I'm Sandra Sound. Plus his own report here that interviewed own excellent Jobe example or was care But the straight Wrexham Equity Music's there Big musical song, the actual music They put effects yet Oh, noise will get a whole extra toe The city or George tracks may accept more people treatment , Coffee said all year, but I'm sorry Oreo or accept Medlab a key. Our examination. Let's get some Joe Joe or you hear Marie Classic Video interview or bad major music Ato Sci fi Bytyqi Music Career Lower yoga told Decrease Gun A Beretta was killing me up without useful Rageh acculturation meme Job music A recurring at the airport Lively come rescue body me So are your trick exist in every assumption chalice Today you can particular track or urges Perceptive piece Drachma Coffee. Sorry. Audio clip See like in particular Import your pussy like turkey will say Just make a number . Go tell Mommy Answer Just got Tebow except put it here. Just get out here. The order if it bottom Ominous, sickly. I had making its Mr because it helps up trackman Workers of a ghetto yesterday Care click effects Defended A coffee. Sorry. Drop A rosy Samson Conn Officer may in fact, be gay. I feel like you hear noise reduction. Very upset. Especially factor in my coffee puts effect. Um, you see sex and my signal ahead Liquids video. So insignificant Usucar cap for the open. Or be a better perspective. So in a single clip, May, if it's there, could make it. But you know, I see him there. Correct me if it were perceptive, or are you editing? Very important. You keep Devika Bai Stream for decades. Generally Video City or your important hotel, especially to perform a at a tablet, meditate or kovic obey like browser. May you to Bogota Pavilion. Defray. Okay, or the city was busy. What they hear The host of the city attacks may not work or particular started Video Children or lichen. Tebow Video navigato Self organization though tortilla quality A keyhole work awfully important. So friends about Tennessee car que se up new video or your level just very toe a base of stability. Pentimento use perky or your level are just very or they care. One supports Upsell out of here or punch about subsist lower here, so sparked up until, say, Just carry or about my Oreo Goenka used or decay or correct history. Thanks for watching. See you in the next Listen 21. Lecture 19 Pan Audio Left & Right – Working with Audio Channels: So friends job Multiple America's had come for a hero. Yeah, normal people or your mixer set up audio report Correo. The everybody else I was perfectly still lifts people Mystery associate that speak conversational day But love a queue side. Of course, when I did so, they care de up there for longer. Kara Soon Rayo Sleep Question. You'll be sick. Your basic example. Just like that or yourself. Let's say are I hope stopgap in Miami. Say it takes mental Nigeria decay. If it's or was Mr Career Field the audio fixed under report especially for cupholder the platform a little scandal have feel left with right or filled right with lived together age or feel left with writing from Georgia who say Happy, happy audio clip Merrick Okay, Tub right meant you could be ours are am it looked right audio. Tell Mitch Hooke would you be here? We'll savour left Mayfield digger Or you left, sir. See a large area or write my Putin er eto filled right with left left. Certainly joke would be or you're here for same right? My filter they got or being a married person left may say I want other year. I don't feel right with lived in a pit record here. Our ups and the energy sick die. Yeah, my basic example. Stop, Don't Or so I was at a year. So, Jason, Menopause. But IAC would be audio you dear activation Yara High Or left Me Which nation I get? The pill left with ratification or self left starts in your your head So filled right with left a plethora or it but cast in America Just be up or you're editing Carrero Tubby Her phone ca he used Today you get cable left off May I took computer May year, but noticeable Lego t he or you don't know General Sara He only one channel Sarah told you , took up her phone menus. Prepared turkey about that noticeable Liotti Tory. Stubby up the end of the school year distracts the heck a. But up is if it clears naked. Met at the hook for those three metres they will say Just then that's out there. Does Scalia affects dental measure or it's up. Those three effect Dierker's of people like up near theater Medical yoga job movie decree Oto blend Partial Today, a Tory exercise bike car will get a partial social far left. Say I was at the get that excites the parts of the maxilla. That Labour Party. L'm a safety. Lhota. He left Mexico. It's possible. Hayato, Right? Mr. Your car yet? The bike plan. We're gonna party. But I see a fix up. Or you Medina. Tateo, take a fixed on trump. Gentlemen, you know Japan out here once up A just perceptible to make you happy idea. Poor idea to let my bullets didn't hit the university. Our lips er ghetto right side may balance Carson still television year Ruth sick that day And the simple present days are gone Sick Kayani who are living theocracy effects then Devoto Scalia put put 100 pathogenic agent Oh God! Even some TNT Some OK, some job. So a middle compartment 30% Or exercise your Herbie or you abdicate your key from circle Ryan, Maybe you from Sanjay working up there. They are going sick. Kayani who will be a matter? Or do you know what happened here? The Jell o Keefe, remember? Was a bad job. Tako Audio. You happen, Dr Commission, 50% connected at the head. I said may close 50 The album Plecker connect there. Like here. Rogge, I'm gonna be sick. Yeah, a basic example. Who do you think that I am excited? Up 50% of our game, with love left searching Now hope comes in either Gabi exterior concept like car driving. Yet off plane playing for Joby According to NATO air safety Loga here after left side Mayotte or extremist area parts were here just a theater. Martin Felder, C 50 happy and a secretive person. So you really could elements letting here of homis DeFranco deliver that did it. But in the battle Met Huberman or backspace on PC it but or have friends or your level adjustment Germany answer security. So, Scalia, stem effects control may up in volume. Candor level tops and behave Tokyo Same Comfort him that Benton for Houston Shirky from Forget Erica Tyab. Toss them up. You know, it's a big difference, Erica. Volume level court. Just perceptive, like in creator Dick. Misperception Telomere politely Cattle. I'm very happy and make new for America of the decade. Zero decibels. The premier perceptive home is decreased up. Click archetype perceptible minus 10. The automatically. Well, you know, I shouldn't need to hope their level. Porta was Coimbatore Jackie se se plus zero zero minus 10. Or automatically give them air hose. Erica, you have happiness type maker match after here. So play Hiroko up behaviour OK or one of Jackie. And they're just very Toby automatic Like you from Haj Agha Decay. Yeah, no minus over. Budget obituary appeared in France Airports Cocktail or difference Airlock Janica body. A person who's just left her. People say smokers have hope except the up move or particular you get in from Kobe. Alps Electric USA Movers appeal Daycare has June Carter Machar They're talking about me plus, but in the bay So our particular execute from spoke just a little bit Premier Premiere Signet About this lesson Minimum net with the individual equipment audio pending about America will be clipped me or yourself. General Meciar herto gets fixed. Well, me right, Phil Or left. Fill in success Icka Or or your level? The bottom A big deep rims Air car care. Justin! Jessica! So I hope you really enjoy this class. Thanks for watching this. You in the next lesson 22. Lecture 20 Remove Background Noise with Low and High Pass Filter: tell offense, Lo effects Air cargo Hamadi, Oreo Sammarco. Or be better, but not a hair. So it's Listen, mammoths absurdly audio frequency, skin vitamin for that. Someone Noga, Toby Absolute. The host met frequencies What they hear low someone been low frequency What you hear or high someone may high frequency. Pretty So I think many parts of people we hire the worst near. So may I have a 24 90 couple relic in a marriage in normal Menefee, Quantico Hotel Could be up according card hell, towboats Background noise at the head. Like Frankie. Our joy at the air conditioner PR. So I thought traffic noise will get home. Those are fixed clinically Remove background noise. Obscenities. Canoga. Those methods low three point secular or put high frequency K manager Normal Wayzata however beautifully. Quantico. With such a long life, someone here jump up isco open your suits could not turn Tokyo gender noble decay in Assam Corvi eclipse will occur Tears. I'm Joe. You always polygamist. Lucky you're happy Fixed, my little man. Or do you think in that filter and take you Postbank and the hump which option they can get ? Hey, I passed or low past, So you don't know High pass filter or low fire Spitter here. So, I mean, I say hi Passed a record here. Kiss me. Talk out with the head job up. Bypass airport. Those combat love came in subsidiary Frequent initiative are so so You're effects control, ma'am. Like daycare. I'll get Joeckel t for Tell me a little hope. Okay? You have a high passing up up there. Took again. What does my hair? 1373 month Libya, I think. Want to hear it always. Here was miss Absurd Hi fi. 20 year, Thomas. A play for collecting headache here. Yeah, busy Example The model A visionary. Your sap will see frequent sick Your perky I was He played bogey. You show me. I said I want to hear some 250 here. Order up some to her decay. Broach analogy. Sick Your mother. Basic example. The rules Stick that honestly. So your foot's natural. Our Draghi Yukio Yeah. Under kill perky survey frequency foreplay. The most of people in 101 150 rocked the herto outwards mission will be every 20 lakhs naked or get Europcar actual natural way share with Mexico Frequency loan Yogi like in background Rumble IATA humming Jessica Which knowledge? Photo removal. But here's something low pass filter member here. Get the home er say low pass filter air career They are. They can't low pass filter at the FAA and effects control may. What was maybe here? 1373 co particular I spoke up for Digger Medium low pass filter you scored The data were still low sound or low frequency cohere Lopata. But love is triquint Sikander Toby who say local so a b m some there I'm gonna be sick. Your mother Basic example. Dickie a beard. 13 73.50 coffee low formation privilege that they hear some Jokowi won 5000 in the up litigation to hit Ruth sick that they anticipate presentence are going of its order. Low Flora Gomes, A part time job 5500 A player who live accurate subject object will have a live. So maybe it's actually worse that Smith which background no examination idea or the idea bear phone seriously, or is it on or off the record? So yes, about poor noticeable holder or the European bypass w cops in here to stop in the sticker logo toe work at a recursive up for a report on Marquette off Parkinson. I had the look a bit more competition for the top in, actually by a passport. Skeptical about bypass use. Part of it'll be infected animal a hoagie. So the up effective brothers involved Example that optic Martin calculus up later. Okay, so you don't know if a poor use for Kerry playing example the roots sick that they anticipate present is Okay, So French drama in verse 14 Copernicus via Terry. Yeah, I pass or low pass. Filter your spirit or high passport. Everyone under Gaspar Seok or Low Pascoe 5500. 500 special. Okay. Or a prison life Sugar daycare or you'll be noticed. American City person. You always say we'll cut off new in each of those Kosanovic Any monetary outputs? High or low frequency? Poor use perky are big around. Nice party. Move yourself a medical question hotel general, but But there I see you in the next Listen. Thank you 23. Lecture 21 Parametric EQ Effect: Hello, friends. No baby milk from a or your son. Or be better than Nega Puts or become Dichter here. Yeah, Effective May Or do you text me? Filter and equalization Whose can help? Parametric religion Simeon appeared broke the Lake Yamada Parametric equaliser The upper If extent or panel, maybe there will be a Does Canada have custom set up? You said you made it per click. Oh, top daycare looks It may have window open. What's more, Coffee Saturday off sensing upper for you left certain mayhem actor again or right side of my head visible or knitting? Abdicate or you have frequencies. Joke, It hurts! May You're the up Mr Quid Pro Sound editor here or up Norio soundboard working Mahoto easily Happy says so much wearing looking up, Mr Boats, other guys or girls said you say is your bottom side Catania artillery system. But here you have a local research there. You know, I said you have to use person Wholesome Joe Kendrick Pipers low by Germany Agra Collector Misha Eric Ethiopian actually be safer Cope. Apply cars of people. Yeah, heavy get out! Shopping addiction choreographed May airports, ports change with him. They are beyond our city For about report today for just a minute, but decibel level helping up theater down parquet louder. They are slower perspective here for energy frequencies here. Constant frequency put up louder. Reato slower Could not our way. I support select for Casey off Theatre doll at the left. Yeah, right Move, Sami Mokbel take a codified that I want frequency put up. Next level ca decibel Sound like I radio Misha a pledge. I'll park your sound a little louder. Older yoga, but in particular Legit. Oh, until come over time. Jeremy, say your religion here. Okay? Yeah. Huh. 91.8 hertz Par minus exports six days. It will make Legorreta from *** last May. Low pass filter or high pass filter air theater will be on me. Credit cards suck their dick. A high pass filter toe The Anisha George Charlie shocks terrific ones here, just in the hundreds Said here that'll be Jolly said here for your high, low pass filter the whole day Happy access The Lakers tells on your 65 65. Can I take it? You are so low Pass filter or I pass me I'm some jodi 100 okay? Yeah, Frequency May 100. You have decay. Said your graph. But it sounds like a goddamn liar. Example. Medical care. Just a sound blow type animation. Resettle Dido for dessert. You may think example has gone rouge Analogy Sick Your mother Basic example Route 6 30 simple, presentence or gone sick. Galliani, who live a carrot top subject object will not have a live ob Cigna or signature Kambanda read A corn will be several groupie But let me happy subject may hear you. Or, you know I'm master again. The apnea Someone started openly here levels Chadha Louder! Look right Rbnz meister Genco down Tokyo Just sorry Effect happen, Eric. A will start here because you're someone up photo operator by your coach. Explain cannot or a hard here looking up. Noriyuki Full sound foreplay for natural active up. Sometimes you d have camera cierto my group. Consider putting Cordova Hill or or your sound fooling a photo taken by typical Leo or reporting myself. But the early next year, so up setting for use parquet which level change per K or puts level circle cap or Europe or better concept. I hope it wanted him, but He said he did it, You know, im a nation. So you call Hill it knee frequency similar beyond start carded ahead. I will Gardner the war brought here by people up in job hardness here. Well, stop increase. But okay, The decay particular its name. Department. So I see that. But it was a Laura Kobe with no why decay The idea pc Particular part me. He would say you score. Not at the top. U. S A. B whiskey broadness widely. Eto never, of course for the Yorker Never region. Take your vehicle specific Principal upset. Come after the whole like coach. A background noise boat. Just air conditioning on each other. Louder noise. But the high for life that I want some job part over the last 50 continues at their noise. Beretta particular app will see parts may issue for cardinal jacket. So happy and so we said, but are yet no person no particular. Whose department? Joking, madam. It would be a very dark in a paternity licking the airport professional level parroting conetta Haiti. So it s up. P c. Use perspective. You Hannity interview mere Sorry controls parts of their day care. I R lower. You know, it'd be the report. Lower, high visible 40 out of frequency will get a chance for people or a smell which researched the is Mr Be a political a preset sports writers of the whole Like old time radio here the cap Teoh Communicator. So you should be happy, right Where? Okay, so you're sorry if you have say friends a bit, but later can make it right, it can take a okay, just a boy If have said hold Eritrean established close But they are. Except later today K are going think Kayani who let it slip Mill if Xterra Okay, Legans, about this clip pass Burke and the surgical. It made a terrible smell with 15 a bogey. Okay, I'm in a particular you see. Clip Maiffret Co a rickety radium. Quit messing backing Assad. Englishman. What if your copy paste cannot I simply answer is difficult. Click e j. Or come and see Tropical Nikolay or Baki. Sorry, Joe. Clips who set up select Larry or wanna become A and B No particular made basically of course, electoral it up a bit with maybe effects they're playing a game necessary was made copy paste the here different. This message joke would be fair to say it was a proper based on the photo you're saying very except maybe an ego. But vehicle question Corporate vegetables appeal. So friends tends for watching this issue in the next lesson. 24. Lecture 22 Reduce Echo with Parametric EQ Effect: this video, Mom? Dick Nadja. You know baby milk flow may case a parametric equaliser A used car care According Mukri So you huh? Yeah Live here to wish me harm Parametric Equaliser Detect! You know Erica or your effect, Peter Thank you that I'm a trick decree Leisure Do you know if Extender Bennell Ma'am declaring a parametric equaliser Samuel edit cars at the Chateau de Up Key from your car Keisha and it can maturity or individual parameters herself choking on your pop up window, Mr Air just But they're here. Yeah, it was so put off. Fiance B is a key from Eric. Okay, Used I take it you know the study Get on with Understand? You know we do that. I mean to say You know what, Lamia? Of each money Gerry just like you for American optimistic? I had trouble Any mission where you just stop? What button here wants to have a clicker? K a recursive till or about me? And stab You say increased decreased person Kyoto. Usually you have to work in courage. It'll decrease. Go get yourself a level of different kinds up from Air Corp Okay, Theresa may be escape for that Over 30. There in the window. Papa, Put a the energy Essam. Now listen. Medical research Or do you implement Nicollier? Those mystic will be abused for care Tracker's active vocal and Hunter will get us up here to serve you 20% voice An answer perceptible yet off a local of coffee. Sorry, Fritzi. Like in home equal remover. Nicollier Custom setting could never later the subsidy elected messy ico find during a concert frequency make. Okay. Substantial diversity here. So sorry. Just panicky. Triggering here a second. Nikolay Home in support. Mrs. Casey acquired coursera occurring in those case size increase Going here. Looking decades? Yes, a Mason Kristiarto. So you like it? Just sorry, Frequency. There was some increased with here. Does Kelly home yourself with just their second game in chart number? Couple right here toe is killing a chart number member. They're just getting abdicate. Jesse may say increase it or decrease portable topographic changes with a tow someday. Same a Taliban 28 or 25 something Recto, 25 Toby a porta Particular experientially being portable. Their frequency ca So a Bahamas post before recorded for money or your foreplay. But the Hennessy big example. The rules state that no object. So this point. But I'm not select. Yeah, or Sentamu said decrease. Got here. Some suggest a terrible voice. Yeah. Sorry. Cookie package. Apart from the decay of onset or normal play because the normal Samueli reduced during get off, which could induce on felony. Okay to reduce here, Bobby. Hey, Something, um in dona particles had big carnival ahead. Tours of several risky with him. Increase. Go to here. Pinpoint, but will be subject maybe. And go on. The subject was something or Gasic, that or greasy substances of you. The number of what you see him with 25 there only his second I learned s logo is like, Oh, absolutely the cornea Nikiski. But in a media top homicide palace, a player connect there or Salome ammunition. Bypass caring. Get on a potential oligarchy with effect or we don't You check. Yes. Happy Laura. We'll be may face if it like a well, the rules sicked idealistic purpose in days or corn sick Kayani. Whoever doctor subject, object or go on he said, or gassing that already told tonight the substance structure is upset. Belanger who? It's a terrorism up. Definitely carsick. Okay, Kikuchi Corey do so as a video or audio editor. Equality, cities, hedge or your mystery move Fitness apps A hard head. But it was a very movie. I just Hey, you or yo yo here. Okay. Marai said Aquatic. Either you audio here. The seven have intercourse menus. Nikki, Many Alexei job blue. Your teammate reportedly away well with me. Uschi A hipper up, for example. Killing a minute. You have put the Saudi overuse burgundy fire. Get Ortiz be home Parametric Well educated classes or Jorge Arce. Local or high? Perky, Awesome job age A local hair home 100 hertz Up to here for us a low but moment on card Idaho or Hikokuro Taliban 6000 Todo todo or be better. Or for a big round US up Parametric equaliser case that equal decrease person The subset LF Frequency Co in Port Perry was about frequency range will find or currency Cordier that reflect you Hold I but he wants a specific frequency co decreased So friends, I hope you're after Project Male. Full rigor up. Nice up cept UCB e coli or you help give us toe Smith trickery Post try a particular KCB Jake. Upper city, frequent seaport airport. Terrible coca sounds. And I get over myself. Decrease better. So you're the core question hotel pleasure, Mr Correa. A device. You in the next lesson. Thank you. 25. Lecture 23 Use the Audio Tracker Mixer to Edit Audio: I'm now a local. Clips make a local you fix air cargo with Casey. Use very well be took city A making a bomb except put track may well be a fixed like a high pass. Low parts or realize or get a record net that they're okay. Second word is listen. Mistaking you. So as a professional editor, you have you have a tip tips here. So friends, Germnay slip Mitchell be fixed. We'll get a Cherokee at her. Well, im didn't coordinate a or about me. And for your track mixer open. Carter here it but cast Theodore. Okay, You know, I say or you're track mixer open corner here. Or your plate mixer. Me, You condone O s. Same. He defended their economic order. Your truck mixer open. Cornell, you're the after party editing audio track. Makes any top window my jacket or your track myself. Concepto top Korea or your truck mixer open hajdaraga projects. Um, you say or your little adjustment? Listen, made a crater. You d hermia Schoharie. If expertly shorter saber temper the Yeah, but it affects their clinical coffee side. Options open. Okay for the poor track may effects airports up there So tell addicted. Yeah, I don't matter. Oreo. Here, men. Oreo manager used to your hair or your trip toe May toe case A potential Jesse a Mr Player to hit your family. Except the hit. Another trick bouncing or I open down Hota Hai the album Ismay effects Eircom Natural. The and I just thought I should drop down. Victor, have a helper flickering top where Saadi fix you up because you toe 40 or 50 under here. What are you fix him? You know, that's a record low passing 60 left here. Are you happy? Lopez Effect. Airflow. Jag, Emory Tourism. Gotta get there. Here. Six toes in and the bad Muhammadu City figures Mayor couldn't get to you in a park. You can, Yogi. Second, Romy. You know I'm gonna stay here. HeIp us, but it's good, but the head 100 Tobon. Blaker KDK unready sick. Your mother Basic example. The roots sick that they anticipate presentence are gone. So yeah, if you do. If Germany Erkki, will you have poor track for their play? Okay, looking You have which Dreckman are put for a careful and hookah looking up. Your timeline may take it. Recommend multiple Oreo like music boy at a different person. Korea Huallaga Log interviews. Oh, talk up a local of effect here today. Give us a price up. Your wife is a level of post op car William Level A local ago or Beach Mikhalych music will get a tow opposite Would track me affect my career. Welke sa correct yourself. Border for different, different recommit there just a local low key way. So So we said a local up track maker there, or music will get a hotel. We say Be up. Ah, look, drink milk a or about me up. Put it, correct me and say, Except if you're a Sharia or, you know John Doe effect circuit with them a deal it could near the upper clicker cam none cars appear to us 1/5 Dilip Raja Yogi Toe up. Push it on. Only better turn off Arkalyk Natural hair If you select was your dear kitty with him. A Commons Airport data on over the devil. You're the happy sect On off. Better turn on cargo. Dignity at the commerical majority safe If course electorate for you, Joe Charters effects American decry was a click correctly turn off for Jaggi. Toe up library with Mexican Nikki Haley or about making for Why? Turn off. Turn on s a ups him SUV, physical course of people. Defense s airport treatment effect their concept Here. Thanks for watching this. See you in the next listen. 26. Lecture 24 Editing Audio with the Essential Sound Panel: So Franks is video Mahama since yelled sound penalty about Emma seeking you the whiskey. Leah If extend my day the totally out changed all that coriander excited Medicare effects. Jo Marie Hell's Kennedy. A sensible sound panel head say Essential sound panel open Carry. Yeah, sure, you the opinion upon a decree? A fabulous said he said to several out. But it will be essential sound. Vanilla pudding, Carnegie Otto Windows, Majak am essential sound. We should be up clickers. Thoughts about me put select Nicaea like an audio video. Argueta Poppy Hospitals say the program dialogue, music s effects or Indians or external associating say they say up quickly or you may placards like precepts, Cartel saving more quickly or happy except multiple clips. Be headed cars up there. So it's William M. They can get the essential sound panel. Yes. So you got ta hear Coordinated car Nikolay appear essay or your select career DOJ say up or your select Cartago. So you have resettles Anibal hoga, Post med. I look and there it never research there. Music made no presents. A suffix meant it never or ambience made never center. Yeah, yeah! So quickly was a used data to USA Used perceptive Hey, you're the up good setting Scurka presets. So Karnataka Toby a Batna three setting sail perceptive like up poor, poor Castillo Video series ended Karachayevo you talk to see Or Kalia Long video cities ended color Never top Basically voice school Heard about a kit that you can say I did Cortijo well maker not a toa research Stay local DJ Sophia her butt up over Satisfy Thinks panic is a mayday. Gave your fiancee pressure to see that Apply Correcto a play or Jaeger for the idea in Mexico Beep research your nakedness that ho clean up. It's your local of Tapia. Simon. Here you sell used cars at the hotel. You assumed? I looks Villacorta suggested. I look silly. Lactose McCaffrey. Sarah Absence. Technical milling Gay? Yes, Mr Could serve repair candor, reduce noise or reduced to apthe bottom. Which lessons? Missy Kata Looking back, it's had a job since I was killed by the minimum basic An injury subsequently a pre sex Tokyo Ominous starting medicated A local ago Off sink under your so pretty safe dial up yonder Joe Pressure Well, yeah, technically, top kcb presents Cory Otto one by one Sorry. Pre surgical used market. But up argument. Try caressing here. He gets a play with the head. Is Mr Coffee started presets creative here. Talk funny here, boy. Up the way. School Better carta him, Rupert. I So, for example, yes, a balance female World theater balance may always get the pork Restores your sub a player cap They accept there was care about which different editing option here. Just a low metrical er panels. Mayotte essential graphics. Pantelimon worker. Tha s a s may start off since work out their home Low metric color panels will get us up. Douglas is in my technology. They are beasts. They're perfect. Loudness for those Kyoto obscenity Apple open. What they loudness took a very cool here UK here except multiple Lipka. Loudness, metadata. You're the abnormal people. People here I waas your sequence. May my people treat me at a single treatment heirarchy here or ups off the loudness made furniture here. So happy and so sorry. Cliffs Electorate. Yeah, I said I love May Loudness or Tomek automatically. Sorry, Cliff. Schedule Loudness. Metro Jaggi was your body heart repair tape. Those can go ahead and just noise assist Lighter particle caboose left. May I thought I write my movie. Okay, My reduction co encourage, It'll decrease. Perceptible was committee have reduced rumble. Terrible. Always being said Reduce. Okay, Removal. Jackie Kennedy had the home court. Cummings will get up. Or you may hope. Which background Homing gado technical issue keyword Just toe. See Rosario, which will be Yeah, actually from a J G. Well, I mean beyond removal. Jaggi, I was going to head a new set you up rescue, but, um, I'm Nigel Bieri. Just know it's elected. If it'll scare started using your cops intact. There will be a bit, but are you skulking? Refugee repair Kept about hair clarity. So clarity missing after weighs a little bit more clear. Hoga So yeah. Dynamics option on car cap work later. Guess Analogy. He cares. FX inability or cat changes. OTA, you know, just be perceptive. A little bit more yet. Oh, lower to be a part in a day Was your body honey t e que cops in So SAB selector que a local types of Recep used for sectarian background Where say Inter from here old Really Okay. Hours their own That early for now it'll be a process he let okay up your arguments. Help Lakers toe via Playgirl Cap. Sony Local prison Chateau Intercom forgets abuser cap It was a little idea for tracking you . Whisk unity, enhance pitch corruption Jokey familiar. The Milky Way's core dramatically better connected. Try later was getting to have you up. So it's dual core use for Cap Is Mystic will be happy. Scientific tenets at the Today show the ethnic roots audio recording here or up support Feel like video may say you're Detroit. Unmissable hours are the happy and say look alike will stop if people auditorium pictures here largely reflected room outside the club Small datum We'll get us a hair piece if you cooperate, Use percolate Noga Top agenda Idea Well, skinny to hear clip William, do you slip car volume up, down Perceptive, risible May not only just mute vicars of so you're sorry absence that I looked up. Get it? Yes, Some Germans equip people receptor. You've got a forecast worst and the most electoral top decay put settings and that automatically change. Okay, Jesse will snap forecast worst miscarriage and just year have some automatically adjust Jaeger for you know some nervous odd eclipse Select you were licking. Hamir is a single single Kobe Select credit cards up here, or just damn near single clip Koyama selected atop a high effects number. Pendulum Alexa pair from the job would be affecting. I say, Erica, here was some defect in its mailman. Defied the gay. Told me our civic Questrom set up course up to make your sorry. First here under puts edit will get up. Seven here Possibly, Of course I know. Yeah, you know, I see new a deal that I made this up. Your friends will get a decay. We should be a putz like Muslim together If there's a people until someone better joke would be effectively here was clear because of sorry effects Removal bay was Can it ahead? Music effect Diana, take any team era Music director Tokyo Be ready Highly will put head daycare He said the tora the heat No sound Heihe Ska. Yeah, I can name a music records Lekota was off center court reception the space that may I say may have heard it Reset imbalances, background music So job appear Precepts Electorate The hotel up come music dialogues lower balance Corretta UK just after. Okay. Background music dialogue Samel about Kodjo Local Oreo was still lower. Gonna toretto automatically was said cardigan I know about the session. Your top Keijo approach away She won't see you. Oh my god! Licking or time you're chasing the moon A terminally happy See you know, maybe lower cars off the hook. Ligon Startup Ilya Your So basically we're convertido documented already a stricter or you're him You get a The friends s penalty up of Nordea may be presets will get air cricket record What a smidge will be obsessive on Sabco Use Corky up trickery Just your pendulum SMS audio or be better corner will be upsetting target career But I hope for your sound for better clinically your opinion Coffee useful here. So go and play around with it Or the deeper question Hotel blue semicircle. Thanks for watching this. See you in the next lesson 27. Lecture 25 Remove Background Noise with DeNoise: the ground. Nice. Got a movie? Genitalia? Yes. Video. Micoud steps here. So issued You. Me? I'm in Is audio Me? Baird Noise. They're joking. Very noisy here. Tell everybody system to here the purpose. And it's a mom. Get through eager. Think about this. The complicity of even about s R. Yes, Julia. Tonight effect. Wendell may audio effect in that, You know, he smelled Reagan broke party here. They can affect mental memory. Denies. If it over here, they asked him edit Carter here. Jojoba made it perfect character, you know, puts off since Papa Bungei does Medicare puts the four precepts. Say so. You're up for big round, Nigel Macallan m a helpful Rega. Oh, yeah. Heavy noise reduction or light noise reduction. Tabi smell, heavy noise reduction card or a letter connected. They care. A person is a man. Get through eager. Think about this. The complicity of even a man s or yes, Julia. Right, Okay. Or a bomb. Light noise reduction. The per person is among get ruined. And think about this leak. Complicity in everyone s r. Yes, Julia. Heavy noise reduction. Theo, Theo learns or object in English. Okay? They can affect about it? No, sir. What will definitely amaze video for your card, Cartago Or she looks untold Selector. K. J Obviously clips was missing. You know it's removal. Ditto for yourself. Later collected. Somebody affect all very Ismet on here or pay. Check your video myself. Daily card here. Togami ship later convicted. Like here. The per person is among get through eager. Think about this. The complicity of even about s or yes, Julia, once they are completely different here. So friends yet so Tissot, trick tea or amazing Implement Abd, except pressure. Background noise spoke quickly. Remove. Thanks for watching. 28. Lecture 26 Add Music to your Video and where to find free music: It's video, ma'am. Project May music record nausea or accepts a important but up. Open the project earlier royalty free music cassettes, person or rescue. But he s a homicide project. Merkel or Casey? Full song score sort Correcto skeevy. May have worked with the kind of a level so home your project may well yet yet although Medicare Karenga so subsidy LF three music SSR Barreto's Kalia subset Bill option here YouTube YouTube co signing career or creators to human Yeah, put up coughs and technical Milica or your library Those up Click Jesse Applique cartel grow to an upper audio library Open Hoagie is Monsieur So coach retired three music download receptacle? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Number sound effects. There will be up Freeman down Workers is Mr K. Sorry magics essay to sell freely use cards or puts music's s a just nap schedule. Yellow water here was separated Any pretty him up video may yet at least up there. You're too big since cinnamon. So you tell you to order celebrity of this adoption here for your general dot net? So it's maybe Chris. Sorry. Higher quality and different music. A joke? You free me out a little bit. Crisman was the participants of the whole Orrick platform, half turns who have been sounded calm. So, you know, I said, we have three million downloads. Receptive Hope Europe would, of course, major background music or intra media caps on their heads were been someone dot com per se free Madonna. Yeah, I like it too much. Sotelo up, Premier from it Editing Can Aegaleo up until day Toe Project Me Music Air Connecticut I The Music Up Video McAfee quits Reality aircraft ahead. Just a Oreo Important. Hey, liking music sap kcb cinco More exciting, More happy More sir. More remedy yet a more suspenseful Bernasek. So music, video creation. Important part here. So be real music on a general. In a year you'll get a big a big foot sodium images, no hotel here tell up like person put important point for, but it career high. So say we don't musical. Okay, that was point for so many women are Sonny Hagy or put a focus point Parada. But the idea was short. Documentary it also sell immediately. Forget a clear Carrillo posting That's a musical based here or Satyam. Any quotes, music effects will get up Very, very saving better here, So exclude mayhem. Name, background measure. Erica Happy in a daycare Many quotes Music's a poor resources file. Medea herto up Never import cable Giacomini Ben Sounder Calm person down here or opposite freely. KCB present may use perceptive So it slipped me many background music. Eric Yeah, Your butt up Decay Toby Appoint background Music data Could be music song So get air Cartago for Lucy Time up Key voice be Malaba up So batted Carella Tokyo Injury Rogatica Audio Or was Mr Happy? I was at a year wise out of here. What happiness here or your TriC mixer? Majora or Oreo? Plecker? Grossology he app Nedum Music Erkki Alaska or Abkhazia where she was a decibel level Kitna Hey, you know already, many of your or your treat record was called minus 20. Fighter decibel rugby A. Here you could generally musica decibel level voice. Kelly will say 15 Nieto 20 Lesson it area to escape Subset register. Their representatives are gone Sick, Honey, the manager voice or you are coffee, Giada, or risk a subset camera. A job Corps submission video. Adobe Premiere Broca was major background music caps on video Those moment a coffee? Laura Kai like 45 minus 45 decibel. Did not UK Mayor Giotto case if worst or spring? Perhaps Okafor. So it's with your mommy or your direct 3 May minus 25 Attack AM Jobe Songs Air Career. Well, why should come Hours Mojo. So friends, you don't have background music? But here The Octopus for years, seven years old. Just map song. So good. I recommend that the whole told me up. Question example. Different level. Nobody does your timeline. They case momentum already. Team clips his comment. 10 Klitzman heirarchy here. This mission though her happy clip for UK like Sir feeling Jesse TOB Thomas Mann Music education Or be better concept here, take a public place. May important, Joe Almost Miss Andre away Put a romantic music gets me every day. Absolute genius. A records that there today k just Simon Erica Airport music, Georgian land breaking move J A. Put on the risk element. He said, Really Guardado or your DoubleClick curricula Source Monitor millpond corrido. Order something I said Would you you know, I said that there some just Miami important that the whole or you know I said. Like, you know, took output. Say record book for the school William Torti, Lower Tokyo keyboard Chadha William Hastie I'll be said from day to day care. Okay. Smith was just defending that A It's like happiness. Okay, let's get about me And you're the city clip here. Those men could started feeling here Told me at school. Double click. Ok, you said in output that there some job, you may approximately zero import. So, Jesse M Eastleigh putting their toe may see that Seriously licking job, Home Happiness. Well, a song, sir. Yeah, Happiness. While a sincere serious in majority Atos Que Bella Mia song finished Nobrega does Kelly anemia affects the anybody before transition together. Toast. Gilliam, you say? Yeah, fair about calling it applied before transition. You had a fever. May such a troublesome zhou Yujun happily actually finish here. Mohammed s uncle finish Kinda starting me apologetically But a job Jessica and I had the Mujahir song being up and virginity Smh Toto skill again You haven't met God Cartel This clip co bad makes little selector Tahoe Why Britain presque Okay for U. S. A is clip coppery Moger Data ho and the duck we have been more for you. Okay. You know, put it Finish your baby. Top decades? Yes. A player community here. Apple finish. OK, they can appreciate that. Britain could sell a granite. Tom. Yeah, before transition there. Continue. Okay. Except who Cookie dramatically for last may finish over a lake in her mission to order. You have moved today, but before Francis and they care to Anderson Donut Chart Air Hooker album a ship, like are connected here. Okay, so you know Yes. And if it it'll be like an it but a decade, you know, examination could get a job me up liberal. What song here said, Look me up a bit. Meeting Canoga it Oh, exclamation nature drop Guardado or school for Are you sure what they say? Let's make it to let you know. Soon will be Mexico mating Karenga. He come on a big submit or die. Do you not take you? You actually quit making this sort of licky? Okay, maybe I don't. I dislike open overlapping here. IBM hologram. Mitchell, get a player convicted. Right. Memo Kuranaga metodo for him. Those Gilliam ear is clipped. Basilica yoga for key Burma Common Plus right arrow to SMEs. A cream markers of trouble. Okay, I'll be tickled. Scalia bm gathering. You know, stay said Cardiff Blurred tools or of this clip CO Hamas, Cooper or liquor that. But he in her Laura, or escape between branches and their credit default transition. Yeah, I bet you said I'm rejected or Jake or last may be amiss here trying to censor Mexico or video. Dhanapala fared our car sector daycare definite s a harmonious project meant no music's every year about your body up. Beauty of body. Elaborately missing music down darker yet audio jungle dot com Yeah. Tobin. Some under calm person music download, career or up in a project. Mayor Cory. Medical question Hotel Me. But I did. I see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 29. Lecture 27 Basic Color Correction with the Lumetri Panel: Hello. Friends will come to the new section off Color corrects um Tele issued am addicted Adobe Premiere Pro make a secular collects inquiry. Creative flower killer. Just adobe female over. Jimmy. Very powerful color corrector here. Took every man. Where's a newspaper? Row 14.1. Took a a bit of politics towards in here, so it wasn't very powerful. Color corrector here, Jokic. Vehicular Kalia put the stripper program is Carnegie wrote nog Premiere pro me here. Professional filmy atop a documentary period Cards up here so very powerful here. So still, you have decay in upper color tape Here. Get off window, man. What expects me, Jack? A colors. He looked colored. Harassment, orderly. Our change Yoga just, um s until sour pendulum A different airport essential sound. Belka Windows open hotel housekeeping. Hello, Polho Titty. I say Ismay. Upper low metric. Allergic panel, open hoagie or history. It may often Hogle limit Riscorp. So Obama s mission armory video footage recorded. Carnival was met with colors. Carnival do que habia cliffs decree. EPO was member coffee started to look up. The timeline message just pops end. It can select or happy headache a text with a common negotiated Nadiya history and for coach effects will get ahead Neighbor way with changes. Anyway, looking job, homey. Upper low metrical Epinal metric, which changes part A store in upper gallery. First step level Jagger if you support the maybe exposure Patel, You have to lower her though. And they killed a metrical original air phobia or upper. Sorry. Sorry, folks. Get a is A B A P s turn on turn off course up or risk Unity Luminary Color panel Makoko Every option here was somebody asked Dick program take a But it's gonna be a particular way . Okay for the anthem. See that slider? Secrets kept licking any up which live effects dinners at the hair like alerts engine will get us up. There are six different aircraft Baby up Toby Better here. 20 Derrick Williams He said they let him or you limit the scope Smith Color correction Kalia scope for years going it Ligon sub Several home issued your main basic corrects and your bottom and making Or Appian objects up in a local looked upset and we had basic correction Creative Coast colored will submit its still secondary or pregnant for home. You're sorry to obscure bottom a liquid. Listen medically sodium start, but they have basic correct sensor. It's about people. Cliffs alert NATO tear Toby A person visible for Jesse, A perfectly Korean selector. Ho ho! Your panel Anibal Jose Subset Ella. Input Glut Allotments. Look up! Table Toy alert Filter here. So issued. You make a play for the airport cameras. Aero footage report Coro or brightness contrast will get a crucifix. But Mayor could not tell topics Mexico will be large Car K gateau particular was came directly upon land. Be alert Search perceptible ghetto America Sad to be alone I can't think we'll get a large still get I did here, for example, some genius. A luxury for like a color change over there. But it puts Chadha brightness, libraries mentally and reports changes. Could Naga Nick Jesse Um yes, Exposure. Don't let the answer contrast I got here. He puts effectively, but I should have a look up table too much larger start people those very people to effect here. I mean, I default yet already universal. Look it up. Here's perceptible. Yeah, You up in a computer, Mr. Browse, Browse selector Cap brows! This is the use of Yemen and Concordia used me about him. About the hair Does care about the behind white balance today, Julia have wide 1,000,000,000 selector or ask Osama here Color picker, Do you have a color picker Selector? Care up Key image Misha, John Appleby said tradition. NoHo s up, which I find very yet up up Nick Liko, Hold liquor KB Put a video made more cars of the ski for a level of cover Sacramental sliders, air temperature or drink A will be objects of still considered upper pull effect area toe while my folks are here. The answer Quite jealous. White balance He let some money with the undertaker were probably video, mostly excessive. They never level liking it. But Garcia care key White balancer job Find Cortijo TOBA Imagination puts wired yet? Oh, horrors have great or over expert Now where support Cilla concepto decay You helper Coach White look dry. What? I said Yeah, that was Fork Libera Temperature 1,000,000 minus 2.5 are going to make quits minus 1.60 in a different area. So some job you see order took up addicted. You see, Mitch Mental puts quite a start. The rainy day that it took him use first appear. You know I open with border or why I'm just a little they said. BMC looked happy after years you do. Surgically, it's measure could someday to here. Okay, split missing Divide bullets from down Under taking in a gypsy lookers up there the shops will occurs at their word billets. The average entertainment, whereas where if you total but India manually should blooper, Natta Jr say said Temperature. Cosi Let Kirk a up left. Several members of Toto Image may put a blue If, after I got full effect, Gregor or India puts a farm, carnage at the door are certainly moved. Closer Farm concept for you. Heat something up in case at Vickers is left Made record. Little green If a trader or right made Rigoletto magenta. If you like pinky So a bme say under guard commanders there, say Otto Happy slider. Cory said Colonel seismicity cities logical. Just like DoubleClick. Story said Hodja s a salmon fairly fifth mother today. Yes, happy, I said. He said. Carson ho uterus number. Put up Click RGB type course uphill. 00 topiary said Hajaig. So it s up quickly. White balance Airport sector Ho. Yeah, The accuracy of my white colored hair. Talk a little thicker. Sub search option Here it's going to hit on. Yeah, Joe. Sadist letters. A working video. May a local partner Brightness or dark? Next. Just parada. So pale exposure co decay. He exposure. You may say in Crisco the Woody grip may taker today or put All right, Was that there or a semi left memo Borrow model of decrees below minus. May I would have left Pooja. Or is there a second, Nicholas? But the contrast mint You give me an answer at Madrid crew escaped major dark hair. Who said that? Karenga or Brad Haywood said Brad Karenga. What happened? How scope. Maybe the accepted here. The subsidiary Exposure Medic there. Scott Medicare. He remains here at Metro Perrotto subjects. Brad, Hootie here. Get me a sport Major Stop for hair Waas absorbed right here. But look, white hair or joy and upper bottom May needed zero me waas Absurd dark A black It decay samedi uh minus Millie Jo. So put out an article. Gerica, do you know about Tito? But there this comment live in Egypt. Your joke HBO Black hair or a particular joke was be ever right here. Hey, somebody should call. Did you hear was your bottom Your clips will occur. They had a care or is clip may puts juggle. People are just every field or puts juniper black Just allegretto B a k a. The APC equipment. Poor white here. Oh, yea, upper top part Saratoga. But we could put a black hair to your your own nature. What makes each other about what percentage of their daily clip me or up your dress? Medicare off Mike One Press increase Kudo They asked Book, Medicare, brightness or contrast Explained Holder. Those him your passport? Many Except there. Hey, something up material Joseph Sliders, Which may be cars up to here. I like sto. I like self. I Let's call him a club. Did not be bright. Part head would say he had just been a girl for transmission. Nick here or zero here does that part for here in just a leader they can take. Your personal joke would be dark. Decry left. The current will say you're just burger or highlights if white coat here just gotta get dark, made enough changes need over except upscale hair will get ahead with Mickey Chadha tinges Nia like in this case, skin tone May skin noise or ice chaos by special area here. Nobody fit with the hair for Jesse. Um, Certo increased decreased. To hear those K hair will get a message. Make changes with. So so does receives dark party effect. Herbal greater or higher. Alexis if light. But he White party perfectible digger shared over just for Puerto scope. May take your ledger cookie. Oh, that object or high? Let Cooper your ledger, Dickie. Okay, Like in a pilot. Could order come to stop me. Permission. So video made equipped fears will get a whole, though, over export neighbor Nigeria. But I say something You have white or black Medea. Jesse, um white increase. Got the hito video. My job would be right here for white toga or just a black for increase it or decrease parterre Toaster black perfectible bohager. A baby in a maze Image mint is with your records problem. Look. Right, so yeah, I was going into her situation that will save you up. There just goes up ahead. Daycare. They approached Jeddah Colorful luxury yacht. Alicia left Member work a black and white because there they kept with a black in North Korea. But I accepted May colorful luxury. Yeah, about 240 years later. Finished yet I looking up the other situation, their cognitive click OK or video the situation here. So Obama see 50 paler Montevideo case that we share definite out there to your basic correct cynical turn off that they have day care. You pay like a video for yet color effect air can make about w friends Coffees are implement. Who are they say they accepted? Your friends, your basic color correction there or happy insist that concept here she had other look you say used for here or the image of Arkestra dependency was may Danica general community happy and I say proper color correction Car safety. Giddyap, color grading Caillebotte Image and Tomeo Court order A vision, jokey color correction or color grading rating means footage More stylistic Look better Oros Kelly Harmony on your back You sorry Tapes There was Madonna Parada. So was Michael. Sorry. Styles or filters or image or video grating operetta like a dick. Way happier locally up with Yoko warming up furniture. Terryl Oh, yet are dispersing or Putzer locally up with here pulling down. Barnetta does mess up course. After here. Yes, You subdues her warm your temperature, Sliders Every course of their like, you know, Scalia, coffee side options. Here the next video minimum creative panels. Madonna, Vala, Helicon, Rousseff, Telemaco, White balance, kick exercise. Brondello, Talk delivered, um, about Beleskey exercise. Whiskey Obadiah Creative. Hmm. Doing so Appleby is basic correction methods practised their poker question. Hotel place from a circle A device. See you in the next. Listen. Thank you. 30. Lecture 28 Exercise Fix the White Balance of a shot: is William in practice exercise here. Issued your case that with your clip, it s a was uptown lurking or lose my balance and just better put a tricky hair cookies image McAfee blue color here. So you had your local have a view on that or white billions There Just been amazing for our Bamako. So tell addicted, popular protest talent. You have cases in Mexico Cartel, so may ugly. Listen, we're pretty coming back in communication suffix here. So a V video down or career or white balance fix today. Thank you. 31. Lecture 29 Exercise Review – Fix the White Balance of a Shot: so tell addicted him in a case of Ebola spore fixed gear does car subsidiary esta semana, Popular defence, White balance selector. Mission color. Typical course. Electorate or image mints Acquits white parts. Hope so, sir. Finally portable over exports. Name on it. So you take a D homey upper click here. Measurement puts changes. Never got you already over. Exporting to air temperature or 10 0 General Riga toward the city puts white tees. Harris May some day early for the party. It here yet? All it I caught up. Please, Mr Holmes. You look or could be accepted. Headache here, you know, because t fix area. Yeah. You know how to be questioned his order. But just a minute. It's for select via the temperature 44 phobia or trained here with report one. Over here, you have contemplative level for PKS 40 or 47 tickets for us or 10 to level hit. Three cast. First top, nearby. Turbulent sake. Yeah, So you show him up. He said, could it there or the strike option dictator? I think I don't. Maybe metal mess savage O T. J was last outta here. The triple option hotel here, so you know it's him. New item create. Could there also smell it? They have color mint. What is your sequence? He was kiss him Says come home. Color meant bulletin for us. A colossal occur to help your right. Okay, No light. Okay. He said home. Somebody with you may go to here or you had a bootlicker Que toda left mover the day Obama I see idea Milligan, keep your word. Yes, I wanna tell you. Yeah, I hope they will be for a blue grabby. So he has a temperature color. Go home for a selector Care you should directory. So daycare Bard said order curry But the exit Mezni Ligon toward output Defector work Take a Let me ask. The explosion will be increased. Compare setting cars up there Place white Medicare question ergic Loga or for our Talavera s a white made Sitko compare car k up quite balance or a medical? Just perceptive. So it's a mini white balance Fixed gear Hey, looking here Coach Drink tea Mayor Pretty Cannavale officially s idea otherwise, George Subsea easier as the happy RC white Melon selectors hair color picker Select career for cdr Say, is it just literally subsets Alistair. Or in the abdicate Mayor Security or jirga Priscilla Crew Tom A potential you could show Gracie Otto toward Russia Blue Just telegraph decay Greater Tokyo Bluish gray horse Allegretto A semi circle Today the word village temperatures up is a silica theater reality Kopke Ocilla Career It will be good even Sammy. 50 Reagor plus up one billion said Casa Pill So thanks for watching this. We'll see you in the next. Listen with me Home Creative tepco Barhum A second Ebola So conference Bye bye! 32. Lecture 30 Creative Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel: So it's a lot. Is William M. Creative Ben Driscoll by domestic there? So yes, a creative panel. Open career, Basic correction, carbon card or creative panel open today. First of several. Open hell. Look at the speed looks opposite spilled notables. Okay, is dropped down. Perhaps electorate does make off. We started a local. Looks a little of that filter. Here s a basic correct Sandman alerts May which specific America. Leah Auction Stay. Yes, he's make will be commerical. E gray said options or creative filter to be here. Okay, up used car sector ghetto your savior Browse Perceptive looks and looks fell. So you say Let me ask you just hide options. Help! What? They're going to hell out of you. May they are for a left. Mayotte A rat Met liquor. Come one by one. Subjects of the headache. A Both side options here Does Mr Corby options absolute carnage out there? Alright, some Joe. You know what did nothing. Someday option. I'm still looking. Not at their toe. Simply an upper quickly. Toby always meant a whole jagga it. Now if it don't here. Okay, I'm a diabetic collection on hastily today for people of that you say may be close to the hotel directly. Toby Daycare. Your money or digital for Thursday is Mohammed. Create two looks air here. Toby s Radica is looking intensity and ourselves increase Theater decrease concept a headache. A lineup. Cody Feather. Yeah. The app Instagram music Career photos May local filters happen today Kyung Toyota looks milk Alaska USA The obvious local use Kanata toe may prefer kurta Hokey Subsequently up You have creative May This looks a startup career Some surveillance will be Look up then attacked They will say start career or bad Major basic corrects and Harriet Oh Coast will get a job which we have pork A local effects will get a record No photo but Nicorette Lincoln starting a secret Toyota looks so skinny to head adjustment panel place Look, Call me a BSC Turn off that a nun or rescue body Basic color correction Come on Carded A hobby A Hannity adjustment Those bush Marbella have failure Film So you see him Come color May said Teresa Nieto Compound dress air concept Here, take a contrast Order situation Air whore I like, you know, Middle of favorite type. See Dia plane Aorta what? You fixed objects of their day care. We have failure Film slbm Dealer of the year was Kennedy has sharpened so very useful tool here after footage May Subagja happy joke would be edge decree who say a sharp Incorrecta top interview yet Oko documentary We're gonna paper Cortijo the point person k eyes Seattle knows else Come out auto test your KCB part for a little bit Out of focus, Ursula, grow! Yeah, I see Upset upon adjustment Got feel safe. Explosive daycare. It's, um, toward a common goal to here. Okay, You're the appreciate jazz recording told toward a big pejeta You could jump up starkness Erica at the hotel. Your image mint or footage puts grand cercle today. So you say medium here, Okay? IBM it not up there. Okay, Player connected, taking looking up your nose. Some judges Simon every batalla out of focus go for passport ahead. So it not focused maker licking Joe already focused. Mayhem was set for a sharper so well, it nice allegedly is your body. Have I breast or situation here? So situation homage or basic correction? Medic 80 Where you cam for the headache? Here ghetto black Americans still, reverence means if Becker smart situation your political situation. Carta licking job. Gaskin, turn here was your situation mental? Looked like yellow or brown. We're gonna Toby skin tone here. What does it Certainly yoga. They care. You know the situation. Toto Baki. Sorry. Job back in college or parts or situation. What the silicon skin tone could have the effect. Naoto Lichen job May Angels situation. You could talk. They care. Skin tone changes there there. So sharp, vibrant hues Gossip girl. So say tradition. A record next year. It's smart way here. Vibrance. He should, um we should go. Did you hear? But Mayor has certain or highlighting bracero taint after frame. May model of video. May Joe would be that excited here. Well, skin color or human effect. So it is. My job would be that there was some German. It sort of blew tin Beneteau, there are some major select. Okay, a bloke. Your record. Yoga day care. The decay of jokers be blacked. Er, doctor will be looted. Okay. You said them Dockery. No idea. But it No Giada Giani Muthaura recorded. Okay, what I like about a member co idea of yoga yourself I let Comet Lovejoy light part white part say effect. Karenga Stadium is cool Chadha one cornetto Joe Bass Mid life, part social. They are cyclical. Come. You look your well said Director Digger the decay but the highlight personal Concordia I was going to hit into balance toe Absurd Hayato Highlight May conceive 30 other technology till Well, yes, up it just perceptible decay. Yeah, more asado or, you know, I'm more highlight each other warmly. Gray gray surgery. Cool. Yeah, they are put experimental car. Oh, yeah. Music videos will get a correo So your creative Wendell sailor puts fun look or most creative look perceptive. I mean, what every second baseman is Film a ato be video man, you see? Be particular park. Okay. Circular defective The warm are you could push electoral putting a put a big negative panel made my coffee here So about is keeping a dish that subset blogs say looks chance for KKK but may just have the adjustment here Who said trickery or U s A serotonin or electing co use curry 14 to better schools? Better so thanks for watching this. I hope you really like this video. We'll see you in the next Listen 33. Lecture 31 Curves Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel: so friends creative kept about a bomb signal ahead. Ghosted looking, Who's ever lived by the credo. The applicant strangers gearhead creative steps amid basic corrects and we're getting there or up. You see a lot say smell a metrical opening match at the hair color here or the city effects may up course theater collectibles. We need to get us American Nigel Happy And those three Lamerica Larry 50 airports, JC Every day. Returning here, Stop daycare. He hired the city low metrical Epinal hair Hajji Gap between me automatically, but it's mapped. Which changes portero yourself. Spinal mirroring Developmental map, Majestic theater. Basic correctional Clear to chemical products and hear Clicking is effect. Measure up with an idea. Okay, UK already happening. Do city picnic here they age a limited help. Really? Yes, ma'am, it helps Kitty, So you have multiple symmetrical penalty or quickly set on on better turn off market except for the shop. Remember a person the whole predication, littleneck, creative or basic correction May correction. He had told me music and could he get to you? And he indicated parliamentary political risk. A preacher, you have rented a basic and creative like for you to do city limit refractor with smoke Which name? You have multiple used cars, you know so clearly because of Jovi Rocks pop clear. So frank's Obama go But the cost of may they are serving total lyrically home creative. Typical close project ahead of schedule would be effects here. Oh, our basic collection gj flexible safety plus or Khost opened up. Really? Medics Huckabee slip may be here so substantively rz Because Tokyo AP your footage may exposure or contrast Increase Seattle decrease Panetta The inertia is graphical Cilic Arcadia Music Your bread karadic exposure. So come correct or in the official report alleged terror The explosion in great spirits. Um limitless pop open locator, but decay exposure Punta Mita Happy mission everyday except some Esko but not the head Smith Contrast. Yoga decay Lips are bottom of darkness off her darkness of Sierra effort for you, in our excitement, highlights the idea. Me a car Keisha up court today. Care Toby. Imagine a light parts. A bottle of white hair goes up increasing piracy or your decrees. Samueli. Okay. Today, Katie Escalona joking. Alphabetic s just awesome. If I could turn on turn off market, they accept Medicare in America originally, Ismail rzb court here Great night for four. Or, you know, to be of the except for him the high lex in Greece. Piotre I, Lex be so popular here. Decay for particular back. Let's be able. See Brokenness decay some specific color Me, Josh in the amazement waters off Guam. American A theoretical Ursula car. Okay, it's a to order, hopefully sadly, today care holed up here in the education level and get a dick. Yo, put a crazy Ortega chapter up course chatter. Stylistic Look Later, they say a decorated media suggested yourself Cooper can't open. Just told here Go home. You know, it's a little bit or something. Up green, maybe cars up there They care green paint here or blue. Maybe he stepped up down, but still, But it's happened overnight. Tochterman's there 7% Hayato Joe Piccolo top on gubernatorial, saying sec left Kirk a double click. But the rest of them okay 1st 0 yet RG because that s a T image as a result there. Okay, Toby's him. Rgb cost about here. You said tourist in Khost. So you're OK. So we're corrida three apple, take a subsidiary. You were six situation This message of first thing have you, Brianna? Part of what is until Joe Ecstasy. Well, looky here. Or second number. Her situation so vertical. Joe XXI, Century Sankey Samir Producer Sarah rascally Be so first number per head who resent Alexis here. Or a second number Valley work. Take Alexis. They had the issue. Minimum situation include yet of the Christian military before we part costly left cap Pasquale. Okay, the situation include yet or decrease person. Really gonna be a noticed? Very yes. You have in a select yet. Oh, poor eclipse situation Increase theater decrease. Maria, you can never particular color. Select Nicaea, Oriana Joe Grafter Wisma Putra Line Increase or decrease Doria separately may feel foggy. Somebody check that they're here. Yeah, the home s image. Mr. PCB Particular Collopy situation increase the Italy Crispin Natalia USA Eyedropper Select Kirk A particular work A lot of decay Family A local of selecting thought indoor soccer club. He job. Each will appoint haversham situation increase or decrease percent The here or the almost an image of parts. Very scary ends here a top articular it near and middle. Michelle encourage It'll decrease starts up their day care image image opposite B A lawyer , Toby. Except situation ghetto the security. They came back in Saudi image, but with a biscuit and a donut out there. But cap, expenditures, headache. You put our look here, the up a celebrity finish O Jetta. Sunny and just have dread. Kirk A was a left wing at the right move. Okay, Explain. Carson. Still very pretty to look at daycare. Please keep a little bit gender. Get ahead. Situation. Whisky. But may have you were since you were 12. A specific color. Yuka Cullerton's coring. So homier color doper Like a very same color. See, LaCorte or risk? Ocular tends to decay. The image emitted. Need a coppery in low light, Airy a lot in hell. Substance that I take a humane pillow change hotel. You like in the airport? Peter could say Lord or stable sub he ever January. There s a scalpel at home. Transfers up there. You're saying Do what? You have the security. Look, I Diana pay up. But I did get a doctor here. It's a tradition. Kota Deaconess holds Erica Ask about my hair used versus Louima Smell color picker Selector K. C Kalinikos Sheila Carter here. Or should I order allowing Carter here The daycare, Romney's car color Put a chance. Guardia Just barely in little Moscow would have been called the baby. So I stood up this panel cassette player person whose can it ahead loom overseas situation So Skilling Adhamiyah stick with major joking Night sleep here. Just a minute left. Cuba Today is your first thing horizontal line. Our second job or vertical line Wish May Age of original line Hayward Luminant for vertical line. Hey situation or is ceremony zero effect Hermit lived your dark part hero Left or right side Mia Hi Legs homey and discuss situation. They're just getting here. The addition of which dark parts sales situation Hammadi Crispin Um no parts. You look Kirk Asian down there. So it's been dark part. Here was situation will be decreased. Limiters stop me at the exact situation Data Mexica for its message. Oh, hi, Lex. Part here. Who's got situation? Um, don't you accept my clicker key to saving the whole cars up ahead? A k you know, seeing for this yes and victories. So I shop issues perceptive or last my situation. Worse situation. So it's meant only specific. A couple pieces Jewish, and they're just looking different. Hold. I was somebody that hold a hard head. Your leader, Mr Select, or you also said the city would take a particular apartment leases to the toga reported engine, but there, so about 300. Except okay. You happy? Do you see your hotel? Yeah. Top agenda color If dignitary to yourself Particulars may be well, color trends here. Yeah, Germany eyedropper. Cecil Akira Silvija Situation up down there. So France here, here. Selective color. Totally. Kotal, Please keep it up here for creative collaborating Connector your subsidy. Each option here. So it's upset. Particular part Chocolat or Citrus American Nicolien A Lincoln or core. But they're poor defendants. Tokyo daycare use a minimum doctor decay and the apco particular job below. Here was car situation Sparkler. Recognize her? Barkey? Sorry. Duties whose plant could be situated. Couldn't have told me. Happy and safe Concept headache. The bucket strategy. Tosto pulling the sitter ad hoc. A black and white. Okay for self particular vehicular terminus. Select theater. Creative. So friends tends for watching this or a gravity. A minimum color will scare by them. A definite well ahead 34. Lecture 32 Color Wheels Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel: So friends this. Listen well, technically hair color bills inmate Jason. I'm the creative Grendel's mother Katasila ordained or highlighting the politicals and make me say off sensor. But it's Matina option here so I let or mid tones or scale left Certainly upper. Just later say him increase yet ridiculous. But the luminant, or rightness of down holder the French is happening. Differ. Same type off if it clear personalities geometrical open in person so you will be a terrorist. A happy film Exposure increase or decrease Monica Auto Syria for decreased. Okay, Compress air Konica Ghetto Highlight Increase Monica copy and share a local color. Probably effect. They hear Yamashiro caught hold of looting. Then I helped triage. Some looting Days of Tokyo. Anyhow, I let will be holed up. Look or not. Are there to, you know, same perceptive for meat on Scott border. Do you understand? There's always the phallic You've happened Vickey Dixon. Just him in a creative for basic correction. Tepco animal Here Machado Africa Video Today Area Luton Skin decay. Yep. Odisha or critical potato Shadow effect. Coach had a blue perceptive like here. Yeah, two meter NCO had a bomb. They say yet the highlight, Bobby people, the green will get us up there. Music video at the experimental film, but directly at the A C fixed air person. So your hair color girls, it's Majaida. Could explain Condescending You already homeless Shelter Or let about a middle decay Liotta played. Can accept a leg up up near project, maybe a member. Get him, Eric. Okay. A local dealer said appreciate us Perceptible. Okay, Scott? Yeah. They use many of the whole cookie already. Basic correctional Creative may see the other direction, but after project for comfort the whole or career used to head up freely Say use perceptive . Okay, I see you see you spend the hair. Was couples idea for military elder? So first thanks for watching this level. Your mom Just a second attempt about him. Anything 35. Lecture 33 HSL Secondary Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel: suffering suddenly. Listen, we're missing data. A lot of skill, but it may or issue. Listen, Mom. Sickness at yourself. Secondary lobotomy looking collaterals makeup Daycare is happy The research data. So you should be happy. Heard the bulk cargo Serie set course of people. OK, but album that they hit it just a second to tell me what you see in close, but here or about open. But there just a second trip. So just tell secondary tape. May I'm kcb specific color selector He was sent difficulty factor here or video Mr Golarsa laconically away. Sumako, A lot of luck matters here. Subsequently I had rubber the behaviors have color said perceptible. A record circulatory movement with Kennedy and cooks Precepts the herto Sylvia use person people. So tell us objectively RC eyedropper key helps him find some days Local color Jesse Miracle Ursula Kia Happy element except a butcher Genders Yoga Like Jesse Um Nikola Tilapia Tokelo . You may idea it's the middle of a new situation or luminant The last decades Triangle for your demand for I explained below yet Oh, it's a shorter photo page Open letter and so increase theater decrease hoagie The joke which vehicle at home on a selected here. It's nothing affected by the input changes. Barren ghetto Tommie Smith, which or Pillars Airport, will be update here. It's not a phobia. Yeah, or belittle him here, Jesse. Many heirarchy atop Excuse at Adobe Color See example Anachronistic will be select phobia. Okay, I'll be nicer. Koga Giambi inputs and changes Karen Ghetto. You can write not selected party way something up situation or ruminants. Records of headache, he says, including decrease percent. There. Okay, for about minutes ahead. The file story. Francique Yoga. You know John Locke? Cynthia was for me a story find person. The head denies, But love could shirt sort of started Lords. Forget a hotel lobby and so said the units person does. He looks in May or blood model about project selection. Eroski. It's for you Blatter Cardigan Daycare licking home A B, he says, You know, put it up. There was a bad head correction. Ville. The correction will take care of their job was to be a minister. Election here was colored homey on Jan Star said here today. K, the commission I told her, Look if it there watercolor wanted gentle got it. Nobody selected here will seek ocular tens of decay. Vehicular technology Will you share Except here? Ridiculous Started Numbness Elected theater, local audiences. Chanturia Sapolsky, Your minutes obeah Double person here. Yes, I know was. You need to have a temperature for temperature teamed together. Sliders up there. Just perceptive here yet. Oh, stop on press sharpness. Well, good. That's about be honest. Here it's late. Broke. A gentle person here for yourself could change. Carter Photo Pootie clip. Kalia changes. I give you some during the clip, but secondly, hold the second for about a minute. Minute call for Alberta habia seen a gadget? Of course. Elector party. Wassup change. Hajdaraga lanky. Safe from Kelly. So far, actually, here's color selection. Just a second. Little Logan is miss off. Said the people here, Cap? Yes, He looked much at the or selection hygienic about. Be work. Excuse general Difficult? Yeah, Safety example directly. Main airport, actually edible. Gotta put spark a declared attack. Simple mitt for the equity market. Better there. So sorry for it, friend. But of course I still forgot. Yeah, that I'm Big span can operate perfect risultato. So you're here. Just tell panel or globally a man taking a vineyard panel. Thank you 36. Lecture 34 Vignettes Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel: tell a vignette penalty, but I am addicted indicates a specific part up audience off for a second attack. Hit like from guests. Enter May atop a talking head video. Malia to intern Uva gonna play vineyard Panel measure puts comma guppy Should use perceptive vineyard panel Open culture here Those micoach options that amount made a point roundness or afraid that I'm blessed equipment that they're Ismay decay. The J say may amount. Of course. Left made Rob guru Oh yeah, dark. We need create Karenga, but it remains that, like, memorable the light vignette Clear! Khalida You know, I said made a point here. Obama said not there. Hey, Jimmy, Report here. Vineyard case Harsco Increased theater Decrease Garriga Daycare We need Assad's years Increasingly for the age of middle Kahoe decrees over here. But the idea Misurata militia toe self posit hooker vineyard Come hold Our middle part increases typically omission Tora A common of hate which naturally felt the audience Dick taker the various metal rainier here toward Chinandega. So we need her catechism with or not. Careful. Ray was Kennedy had our illness. Okay, but have you noticed? Your slider came out minus three talking here like a nappy answer type car K minus five. Your top class fighter. Perhaps a little of, um minus private. The hit up around Mr Mechanically for the me report Coimbatore of these alleged Open the immediate I want This portends better. The decay square may. Yeah, but I will admit and Hajaig support around. Look, not at the perfect circle back later. Kyoto being Kyoto a square merchants Jenna that he said you're open. You can't get standard video about your expect ratio here. Well, same. It's going ahead. The home be aviation. You don't put it up there or last option have feather to update a vineyard here. Was it fair during ingredient or decrease? Careca But lambrusco hard border Mecca North America told you had a fairly fit bigger We see a fair that way. It's a jihad affair, OK? Or I wouldn't mescal by default. Rented a 00 take a turn off for Kevin Yorkie effect except the head. So you're the yacht club. Coco de Crow just may be every need. Um they're given medical, so it's not noticeable. Later, Ismay, A vignette. Air Kia Philby was start tension center. Very. They got picking up which black? Just in Missouri. But we need her here. Feeling what? I So you have a technique? A up. Give us your friends and co center. Merrick. Nikki. Yet a video. Stylish botanical baby up its air concept. I hope so. Francia, help Worry. Collor panel. I hope upwards sex on my boat. Maja yoga or is my job would be here will happen. Basically yoga or practicing cardiology. Getting Yankee herto a baby up course of people for the ethical question here. Poor little urbanist. Nobody may I talk Big topic about aumento, please. I'm a circle. So see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 37. Lecture 35 Color Correction with Adjustment Layers: elephants. Welcome once again issued your mom seeking a adjustment layer. It's like a circle of directory adjustment layer set up openness sequence may accept more people collection. Same calorific Play perceptive, so obey it's sequence. Memory pass. Yes, a big lips, A formal People track me here. Though some Jewish men, many felt be here, you know, symmetrical. If it happened over a monitor, medics of Haiti may say, Turn off Cardo case moment of in theatre or puts exposure. Arugula increase gearhead. So you effectively home side equipment at the hay in harmony past job eclipse on sub minimum Your if they know the U K permanency. But may here just article IPs cells cause select. Okay, you have based operator. So you know I say Joe. Sorry. Future with me or you hurt b R J g. You see by the May issue Fichman Amoco's changes Scrimmages. Another like music Correct sentiment. Which contracts will get up down. Partner J. Celica, The Home Naysmith Exchanges Theater. Syria particular your heat treatment changes. Hooker. Back inside the document, a copy paste had told Michael changes never so you can get some people and it could not Fotyga police first subsidies year. That's the hair just made clear. A bme common. So you d Hamir, you happy? It will Your trip 1 may adjustment layer CEPAL artifacts Denny here, dojo. Mia, get break Erica Regulatory. She openly lingered for your trick. Cholera. Jada? Yes, ma'am. Adjustment layer Syringa No, I just meant lyrically. You have project Wendell May new item Burton per click today or adjustment layer you say OK . The project panel Milk adjustment layer Create hoagie It's from Remember that the hair color Good ending. Auriemma said you should directly Hominy Tamblyn. Miracle did it here. Are you saying Chris? But that money video job people share was Mohammed said explaining problem is Merkel artifacts a liquor not at the cost of Sibella Day Today I'm no Jokela defect Dismay Rickety Over He sample Latif Welcome adjustment Layer Mkapa Best getting here Casely Helper Joe Effect Control panel may know metrical Jokela defect Here we see him for bigger to have come and to see yet of control See media PC user here or bad May adjustment Layer selector k you come and weak The adjustment layer may limited Let it be best O j g. But Mama Joe. Original Melo Metric salary for Sammy. Did he already know about a place? Okay, it but adjustment layer so but a majority trip may limit referred t war. So you tell me. I said, director here, Mohammed, a procedure start eclipse. Here was my particular vehicle of protection. You certainly hear via sorry gifts a big color corrector here. Your guess your porter exist. Mint lier. Here it was mayhem. Nicoletta Conexant, Eric of the Year here. The risk you need a joke will be video Ph D out of Fort over. Gatorade over sub May your effect playable Jaggi or about may be home, which I did not. Yeah, I say editors up there interest Alexis or get a job would be ended here today at a popular treatments have low metrical a pendulum slbm edit so automatically. Sorry, Cliff Sport Airplane Bodega decades Melnikas Vignette Air K D. Emissary The City They care Billie Morgan, except sorry. Clip mystery. More beer, mostly about everybody. Answer if it put populist Nikki several Nate again. So they have a passport. Single interview clip a at sea video here. Do you smoke person? Occasionally, I suppose. But perhaps adjustment layer. You spoke a terrific. You have your passport to set up project like documentary at a movie clips. So you got a local reporter. Get Calypso the one upper adjustment layer necessary name. You'll get some Agulla clips. Kelly. A longer look left of center for the in the Epsom lighting setups, which reporting cardio or will say use rail or upwards of miss him Political action committee appear adjustment layer use perceptive or certain thing. Some job K is a video trick. One hails Mr Sam Phillips, Cecil B. Linking up nuclear beetle. Forget Erica Aerosmith election then a child you, Joyce may call a defector Warm laid in that home. Scully. Alexei PolitiFact Miniature Tokyo That was really a simple off center. Yeah, I say adjustment. Lyrical corporatist Cartier cap duplicate Vicar Septic toe in turkey Command to see or come Andry Rajoelina Memory nimble helped beetle below 30 Talking. How may idea. Take your adjustment layer. Help ischemia here. Hey, hey, hey, Look on the building. You know, addicted to him. Main a little building storm Original men clips. It was really a year. Color Gooding orbital joke clips here. Marie Wascally, Your Adjustment layer Director Hey, skilled. Or it's a expenditure that you know of a home adjustment layer per click or home a geopolitical T's May Husam poppy or adjustment layer about some Germans. Mr. Put removed air can be really, really the changes your perception, some job we need to let go of the American minus 2 11 year. A job someplace. Okay, be hiring, take a, you know, party with aircraft modified AGI those kill a captain a particular job b roll with C J. Cooper. Appaloosa Adjustment layer. Put a place on the day. The same. A little silicon Tahoe. See? Button pressed. Okay, for the answer could cut the level, But may she looks until she looks totally but impressed. Okay. 48 Verbitsky, Adjustment Layer Hiroshima Dealer for the devil Stop. You know Joe Particular trip. She was Cooper. Your adjustment layer Hagee Iscar Color correction Columns Wedding Hager Baki Sorry. Cliches Whisper A job video took to make an adjustment layer stock elevating Togami shaped like a dick Nikki's Maybe when you will get herself effect air back in a local production here with the same heregger Guillermina collaborating Medical direction changes Nadiya vineyard 40 area here this may be near defect up court defending. So I say, Adjustment layer, self tolerating perceptible. It does. A rich tradition keeps up with the photo. Is your doosra sequence in a matter what we have to make a video. So he should here for your D up, see if it did not hit Toby up Adjustment Layer said. They're stuck here. Those kill a quick keeps negative opera Nikki. And nobody would you have said the project Mental menu item button today or adjustment layer perfectly. OK, you know, they didn't see should left. What do you have direct? But may I say effect mental, Mr Perry for colored except for the 1,000,000 apply concept, he said. Existent layer for directory. The Arab Obscenity finger for political geopolitical colored orange or back A joke will be after equatorial sexy like the water blue. Anything you have land for 203 or blending Marco over luxury. The daycare Ismet for color treated hair. Hajji Ghetto Palace. A crafty Better longer Your time on a simple Are you here for pellets? Effective Would Okay, friends. I hope you like this. We'll see you in the next lesson. Which ma'am? Color must or taking mask. A paramedic in game. Thank you 38. Lecture 36 Color Mask and Tracking Mask: So Friends is with you, madam asking or talking about Democrats Chicken game. But I'm asking or taking some home video measure with a selector apartment, color correction, car sector, they operate video. Roman epics. Elder comparison down here it's solder jumpers up $3 million project me use perceptive or this moment it was color correction up like you have day care sa literally wholeness of practically green color case the flowers but happy new sport or didn't dignitary? Ato said, Except excrement off the original video. They care. What is my money? Is that a lot of like here does influence me America UK. Which budget correction here or course may say of us? Mention Manisha Genske, a particular political party left to stop what color gentle there or backing equity affects the here. But just a politically Mayfair Toti had a cap for any particular home is our behavior escalates defender Huisman. So, yeah, if external may close Yeah. Hey, expendable. I'm decay. Yeah, my sculpture in here. We'll see how pushy left card holder. So it's Mehlis. Marseille Airport Hooligan must look square mass care about freedom base here. So frayed robe ageism custom must bear car sector here. So it's flower clear Custom must make you happy. State use Propose licking it. But the advocates of up must usedto go up video starting say hickory. So it's a media first Tremper Director The home video Starting with here the heavy must go . Cannot start But they had a k Okay, The ticket. Yes, a 1,000,000 marks complete here Home Toby Color correction Karenga It'll focus Be effecting os que under yoga. Abdicate back. It gets average of flowers till Joeckel Arquette's hair natural worker here. Ok, so it's for people that if if a player the idea miss a player can decay, they care. Yes, a flower Ismar experiencing Bihar data Sparkler Change without spend natural Ordinary Scalia. Macaque oranaga, You must play. But Jesse are basically okay. So Adobe Premiere Pro Surrender America or its mask Major Still okay. Eskimo medical. Follow Parada or was corporal must typically a selector together for a time. Like rendering May the Chilean tracking processor V finish. Okay, Obama ship liquor convicted headache A You know, start today the job of your particular flower Movoto. Let's get that set. Must be more with a headache. Oh yah! Custom key frames. Erica, The headache of your coffee side of acceptable joking Muskie moment from here in the unmasking movement? Definitely. Yeah. Much. But they came actually deeply herself. Misha again a j Jessie for workers here. The must be flowers. Go put here. Okay. The movie premiere. You're sorry? You from San Affair ended in Kirk a certainty. So I set up a local of which video. You still get track receptor here? Yeah, I said control panel May must Butkus. Sammy, you had wrecking matter. Crack tool. It assumes electorate Those micoach options like projection here. The absolute position Directors of the tradition and rotation treat percent here yet opposition scale and relations Director sector here Tom Brady Africa Camera Still here. Still hear or see objects move right. So up, supporters, since you left your camera still hipper Tora shaky head toward a rotation Literary So Scalia position or rotation still occurs at a camera. Be shaky here or object Being nasty Order Hoda like a skater. The opposition scale and tradition used a pill so Jobe option abused for short course of the Helicon Jesse have often select occurring with nige Other rendering with time Liga or with 90 Jeddah better results over the East Coast election law. Janica. But be a good home. The little get up with Jen's been left eye color, hair color, Panorama City. Some job. You know me and you say it's got his chance. But there so job IAM changes starting your horses, you see looks and get under here. Erica? Yeah. Mask or taking go cases. Get a sketch, for example. So I hope you really like this. See you soon. Thank you. 39. Lecture 37 Add Motion to Your Text Titles: Hello, friends. Welcome to the new section Off motion after you may clean or nice graphics photo. Seriously, he enough name, but was map guess emotion Airport was dynamic. Financial people will be important. So up will be premiered Film a motion area The actual test sex and most in your body or after navy Every escape it'll modify Woke up with a change of the title Social media Lin struggle As I was starting my here, here, here, Topple elected, commits, majoring in the midst of a naked or her industry. But maybe you took general forceps Reppert numbered bullet you to put him in office that it would use a Carnival Queen future Already a big crawfish at every year. Dismissed for sort tips and tricks, milady. So subscribe it right now. Impressed. Available for all notification. Name wasn't graphics. Kalia Letter. Adobe aftereffects used, But don't be inimitable. My civic graphics. That emotion clear up here. Hello. Yeah, it's with your mom. Decay many already is video clip your proper place for their help for this May motioning a decay titles here if you have a body that it still Scalia is traffic for you ever. They kept no graphic. Take your title. Okay. See surfing you cover for the shirt. I had column. It does come back around here already having a title Sex in my case, a career when I was about maybe nuclear or for about motion. Wahabi amnesty. Clear. But I told him the homemade motion Clear Could not hear the case. Meadow daughter Motion head Barely it Bobo put that here. What about Mitory? Eric Abidal, etc Intelligently. The same essay. Amazement. Clear. Good. No. Okay, so it's Kelly Homey and chase traffic coastal occur to her title Graphical Orania effects. Mental money map motion decay. Motion tape. Romney already are giving Uschi here job on position. The other side, You get a contract for the day. The discovery moment already see clear they actually animation, particularly comic stopwatch per click. Okay for America today. K, here's your final destination. Helmer A second combat Joe on your helper Hamada play her head playing on my final destination here. Who's putting impaler? Poor Jason said. But the key from the same in Europe Click. Here they are you from irritable beer. Whatever. Same thing you see geographer color medically because it's important for America. Ask about him starting Maja. Hey, you know, we have great perceptible theater. Temple, an indicator book has a be starting directors, but you happen home. The Siddiqui for America ring. It's a house, a home animation start manager told a K M Arabic alarm selector here or home, you say left Michelin one year left to explore Muna left Millot the reporter enter the Vicky or this Cuba s title basilica. Okay, you know, don't give them scare. Hobie Decay Fairly rare. Tokyo people just be 804 Put here just a year player Yoga. Those people adjacent I g you happen home A joke you from? Said he have a day care Be Jesse. Um wasn McNiff in America Here, though he frames Premiere Pro Bogota exports a geographic mobile that area or produce a reporter. Media Gellhorn Here. Get opacity. Whiskey Here on each I ate the rotation. Military Joviane emotion Erica had told them Nicky Temps Air Peer Help you, cap. So be Apex Mickey for America. Acceptable. So John Frum's airport It's a bit ago from, say, premiered by a soldier from, say it's pretty. Sensei's partisan took up. Move, move, move over motion. Alabama ship later. Get there. Take a liking it. But, um no history your bitch make with similar Stop, Stop, Stop! Okay. Tell the HOA Salonga had a K What do you think? You poured out? Foreclosed? I Scotty generally hard. Your dokey from could be a major animation. Here were linear animation Here it's lay your barely frame said the city Front up, Sam, Let me move for your natural moving Nailah Greg He, for example, who don't know that they pay a lot for that slow him But may spirit May or last May and a touch lower Parce pierce a see them look major projector starting saying if he stood, emanated or direct Hevesi It's maybe no Maybe he's in or he's out. Oranaga Nieto Bilger, Nagato Scalia And keep them for that or temporal interpolation. Perfect. OK, select busier Take a cue from a Mata diamonds house measure victory and yoga Utopia is in or out Beepers of the last year from is out or starting from is in Tobaiwa Smooth move over home is a place connected Obvious problem Maybe Jennifer did hit Obama ship left Connect Headache Which nature? Luxury? Issa told us lawyer at a faster Panetta. Do you give them club? Let me move a total farce. Toga decay. It's cobian left him over there. Player flashed. Animate hoga. Yeah, he's happy the snow, but not a police. It right move. Thank you. Yes. Slowly, intra or lower. Thermos and Eric are stacked up decay in Upper Jesse at the the automatically new. Take your papa Stella. Same home. It's Maybe you're being Marajo, Erica. Him No motion was your home exposure. Since when did you buy it for America? You've been murdered, but it color me. We'll scare, but except out. Don't have time. Land indicated later. Okay, Whiskey position. Just set me up with a post card e g being inhabitable. Jigga daycare replay. Perky. Okay, he's got about a minute title sex and we will fall asleep together the album again. But see you in the next lesson. Think 40. Lecture 38 Create the Ken Burns Photo Effect: Officer William Addicted Hecky case it can affect their career. Took 10 months. Effect mints, Labour s course mapping. Kaga. Just a minute. Zoom. Incur the hope will be particular parts the project panel or get out. Yet the program monitor puts women zoom out your laptop In particular, Vaporetto said, we can much effect get the Hayato AP video clips. A video clips the top before together who stopped told us our zoom in Zoom out or Escape or Jason Total Change. But it was it became much of care to hear jokey can months American filmmaker surges Nikolay Sorry, Famous pills. Tsk. Gesture toward the Civil War World War two Baseball country music Together those can Ampco per se can win a Bahamas neck and once effect place of Bela photo their manner already photo here. Yeah, Bishop later could take it to a smoke which movement hoagie like and Hamas make and months if it was or video that dynamic When I said a moment ago OK, so this man partition or scale may any mission Karenga subsequently home Ishmael give firms create Cardetti here for about Megyn have a very warm for Pelham semi final destination but to him to hear or 20 partisan tell you there will be some Joe may help a techno gentlemen a final destination or assume Chattahoochee 60 63. They are perimeter toggle animation. Combatant risk will take you from surgical double whiskey about partisan Machado. Okay, how many airport Justin Tell your final left in a simple, close Kelly home in a position or scale. Kalia Key frames, Guardia, Mayor, Selector and, um alleged for But May starting May June incarnate the the hair be some 55 or position remover. Toby House A position or skilled on a moment. Hoger Don't know any Matilda, he said. I'm starting military or later connected. Nikki Liquids dynamic filling out a year. What I have here basement movement. Had to quit. Giada. Tell Upton Let's go by the adversity for the Hills. Maybe I'm something Carnival. Hey, scum! Zoom out during a dramatic barely for heroism in hotel was about play head The city for top Zoom out effect was William some Joy Upper Final destination. Definitely at the last minute, the bellows for the finding that the key from said, OK, you may upper nineties don't a 90% what position. Tell you. Yeah, but you know okay. Of whom? Starting murder or one direction and get 100. But here. Okay, it's called the mobile. It starting May auditioned Miller that the end of May of home plate collector Headache A fairly zooming in Harare. Slowly, slowly or a coffee. A telegram rescue bad. Zoom out. So France s a up in a photo or video May can months if it airport said Hey, thanks for watching. 41. Lecture 39 Exercise Add Motion to Video to Make More Dynamic: So frank. CIA exercise plan here, William Emotion, Air Karna or was editing tonight? Oh, postproduction may say it could never be a poor, more dynamic Panetta or East practitioners and exercise. Basically here it's map over human motion. Though this may home is forget footage may editing Karenga or sequence setting come full entity that can get to a second Yoga up post products elements up with you miss scale injuries but obey at opposition movement Obey the quality lost nog So happy exercise map for your career is exercise elation Measure with your attention Here it was a downer career or premier from import cargos, liquids s emotions, airport or the same dynamic today So many Jesse's video promotion Adultery, commotion, hella motion Had tomb includes with a hair or a whisker that process and be an image 40 here or the scenario motion. Hello? Smelled to him I would care. 07 more birth A talk radio host Will you known locally or practice today? Liberty, A map of the data Hocus emanation Do you remember center here? So let's start 42. Lecture 40 Exercise Review Add Motion to Video to Make More Dynamic: LaFrance. I hope up. Never. Liam Emotion Air Cardia Holder Mary Parts a visual Midnapore video declare Escape sequence is my level of minute No party here. Put so many exercise quality here was your valuable They are semi sequence Clear. Cut their hair. Okay, the ratio decay. A bomb in a video message sequence three rt therefore consequence Muneer, we're but a home is a chance for liking it. But decade become estimate He will year zoom karenga wk quality decreases. Jaggi gentle Jaggi. Seriously. Hamas sequence setting turns from Naga. The sequence setting transfer Nick earlier said that we had took a minute sequence Majak sequence setting What was my next time selector? You have manually intercourse October 1920 by 1 80 and, uh Jesse Upsy questions. So your full X desiccant Okay for job photos, video clips, Germany example earlier today Here for care to escalate Size double. Okay. A tool with us. I see the money sequence case I'd be totally here. They stumbled LaPierre home. You had that issue? The June chorus of hair without losing or quality. The bombing Slipper Selector Chaos 50%. So exportation, madam, Don't appear Mercenary Karenga sub symbolism a beach, Mr. No part of it to him, but even us. You see no part of this mill failure. If Hector Teran. So somebody happy, I'm gonna say, Hey, cutie button 60 starting myth or that hes position, but even. Okay, it's not a baby, but show me out. Give him they. What's good? About 10 cm. I'll give, but they're here. You got a camera? Zoom in Tyre 75% of the day and 75 or produce in a year. But even eat me his head for 15 years. What? You should order needs a little bit. It's under some. Okay. The Oklahoma shipped leather connect their decay The zombie. What a have our position? We moved here. We had, except for Justinian salary. And okay, I'll be a specifically appeals court from any medical care here, so he slipped my home, but they had discovered a reporter for committee. Really? Their 100? What? Do you see any Teoh? Huh? But he said Okay. I assume start good neighborly. It's probably 1/4. Instead, little at the moment are dedicated. Not a bit. Yeah, or scale affected in the head, but my final destination. But How much to tell you? 90. What do you But you know what I said. You sell moon night ended slowly Moment before a year on Hamada four k A regulation here for bm Amillia. So you see how Misa 100? So park address. Um job 110 Oh yeah. Money Joe. Original quality here was killing me. So Borja, But Libya quality every decrease the guards have home video expert again tomorrow Quality decrease. Hajaig, you know this lowly motion whore? I or does care bad every of it. Slowly Motion hora or full quality members. And so far, actually, I say video clips, map mercenary concept or who said dynamic person Here. Thanks for watching this. See you in the next lesson. 43. Lecture 41 Export a High Quality Small File Size Video: Hello, friends. It's a great moment to export our video. I'm not a sportsman. Adobe premiere, Broken bottom abode could see clear or I really hope the applicability. Madaya Hoga is video Mohammed taking a case? A high quality video export or will be small segment joking online. Uploading YouTube. Uploading ghetto circle, Nicolle a Perfect or Elsa or a Glock. Which lesson? Maybach? A Keijo export. Your option here was killed by the reveal seeking, but it should Your mom seeking you Get up, Case it quickly Video for export Close up to here Those Kalia subsequently after time Linda Jay or the House Up Export Kalia in or Our Purpose electorate Starting may play her college . Jackie. Awesome Imports Villacorta So skilled Cable I. Burton Prescott Import Cilluffo Jaeger Time Blanco Video Key and took up a. J. The video came on to me, Jackie one happy or button pressed output, said Haji Agha. Up vehicle video. Que and tomato dough from media pregnant Chato plus toe finish. Hygienic about Ignore Frame up rocks up Oprah's corretta output. Wanna see Lafata? His comment. Love here. Absurd imports out for turkey expert Carla Hill or rescue, but kinda job would you be here except me? Up. Videos, photos, graphics. Yet a musical gotta walk with a basement export. Never got your Japanese imports out. Porter. Casey like, Okay, It's not hygienic about, You know, filed. May Export Media Tiatto up. Nikki Bore Met command M or controlled m D A. PC user whiskey about subsidy really are setting. Medicate her source. Arends does my hair entire sequence yet. Oh, sequence in out working here. Custom will get us up here, though. Is Mr Entire sequence month of up consequence? Minto could be here. Boy export hooker really happening in our ports? A lucky ahead. Cast sequence in our okay. Target Nablus Alexia in input or output Stairway Sylacauga, Abyei Exports Setting those up separately here for Mitt the Parliament May It's to 64 here . Okay. Whisky. But research here took a coffee said a police 30 year here. Adobe stock for carefree smoke. Gradually here. Facebook for care. High quality mobile device. Scalia, here we are. Heavy meal here. YouTube here. The homis messages. Getting a YouTube for allegedly 1 80 p was about comics idea. Put potato, you have officer obscenities. Mishap custom because that before you met soars High bit rate visit Looks up. The whole theater different us. Clear up, you know, Secret setting to tuberculosis Export Perceptible like unethically home. Punitive 1 80 p for allegedly that They're here. This message over the export Hoga Well Seville US for play trigger for you. Tea party yet? Okay. Social Media Agreement expert Nikolay Upload in Italy based Trader was killed by the high output in him. Those perfectly good they are browser open. Hook up the open toe. Maybe she'll extra purse open a jato or the shop name change garbage. A joke would be on a flight that they'll we'll be medically say, exports. Simple or clips? They are name tinho, Jigga whisky. But my hair up care export natural ability or your expert furniture, Toyota USA or your expert person yet? Oh, audio or video? Don't know. Expert Upper Oreo. Kanye. Same Britney will get a big choose Car Sector ho, A local or your former base. McCaffrey said a home. But me taking you the IBM audio or video. The local expert Danaharta was Canada's. Somebody here place may aptly output somebody here. Sorry. Little's subsequently location here was about the resolution here. Ramblers per second. Hair progress. You harder. It including toe focus. Memory sequence. Miss Setting Holder was Mr Caffrey. Study estimates item Sochi took output. Clear. Eggy, You had your heart very importing progress. You will be at one possible Get some. Hello, Me as a chance Person to head home after bad medical level. Ask about hair source to source. May hear a basic points cargo setting here work. You had that playing in the daycare disciplines. Made your video here. Four k video here looking him out. Podia hacer pull it deeper. The 10 80 pixel liquor. They're happy up off the sequence. Start setting that program. But may I just charities here? You say I'm a big early escape card that they like in your head, but they care. You have it all right. Up next. Particular Jovi starting here with same match for or barter ecology was killed by the honey . Tell you Yeah, it does. Setting sail for the annual Oh, you had ended at maximum left. So so select media. What's goodbye? Needs your hair bit rate setting those maybe treat including we were to pass collegiate for the unhappier target bitter It 16 MBPs. You're OK. You get full. It's typically a 16 MBPs. Good Here at the airport High iron quality export prayer. Or like four K video. So you know, 25 something Hunger 25 Jasperse again. Full Technically every 16 best here. Okay, What's getting? Tell me how you use maximum Render quality. He said you have jet cordage it. You're sorry. Check mercy or every beer to Parsa Who up? Video Key Size poor in Greece Nicaragua Happy objects appear Size estimate er files held here I was going Greenacre Garlic in video Look a little bit better Canada video Put color for a better Hoger sharpness We'll get it for a little corretta side upon. May I tell you to defray auto notice? Perp irony Put up a high resolution screen for different the up Which different Northeast person here. What? Are you scared now? Ones had to be here. E uh export. Tora slow Berta Idea Pastor Export chart A injector Nigeria Georgina de Toby A high quality at the airport. Hoga Looking better expert Kaley Asia Croquet was killed by the hundreds Export button click career to export our past Our whole gerica. You have your furniture, Toby. A toxin here. Your capture. You broke your Ismailya Co is really oppo Adobe Media encoder. Make your particular export clinically. Escobar email. Uggla Postelection technology Toby and say experts say export button Respert that place miss up civil audio parts, Yoga or bad May video or finish organic about up next up for export. Simple love. You filed a blanket or said Laker bag A at a servo director playing so friends. Thanks for watching ugly. Listen, madam, back in Just getting so sick. Your body making a especially your media and quarter UK bottom addicting game. So see you in the next listen. 44. Lecture 42 Understand the Export Module: Sotelo issue Leo me home This early export option predicted so Yearly Apne export Really input or output sent via the respirator. Common m yet the final May export media it but up, Down. Okay, so Bob Casey looks in Timeline party Otto program wanted for Hoga Babu say export Maria Sharapova. Yeah, because he looks in the upper here. Source Money for me. Put up command Impressed A great profile May export Media Kuroda which open a burger? Yeah. Top class election year project panel or up? Kyle May export media Kaluga Option Anabelle in a hookah usually after selection Timeline Macchiato Program Monitor America Home Export Cartel Common Am Tamper Export model Open Hoga by ASAP So Butthead source already up Source May you should corrupt concept here licking genital skull. Pick me with a You got a local job centre A poke Oprah person in their life square with your child. Stay at 49 9 16 Vertical audio photo opportunity looking fiscally Better help sequence me associating. Go there yet the ordinary from car use. Very Yeah, I would put Mr Skilling post skeletal figure. Okay. Was about Nikita fit Jokey issued locally a window But it was My video started here, you know, actually be up set in 48 outward cars pay the app Toretto, Obama and Madonna. She looks India home. Your city was given Nietzsche Hair source. Arends The sources and reports option here. Entire sequence. Their top capability sequence. Mitsuoka to be here. Oh, poor export. Parada Ballet happening. Input or output? Selectee ahead was killed by the next sequence in our terminal directly at live video. He did not in out sequence, Miss Lucky Ahead would play export over Or does nobody have work area? So your work area might love me. Airport if Atahualpa some family time Lend me a hand. 13 land decree. I was perfectly happy in your work area. Bar Select person Toby. And take a rotation about open. Okay. Yeah. You have work area, but so you're Viet Limit up Camcorder. Nikki. Work area G like up your passport project some job for partition. 20 out of 45 2nd finished octopus target here. One minute. Play with your banana. Some job. The happiness Appellate work area Selectors. After one minute, Top O pathetic putting and took up the project. Finished dinner here or about Major Bobby Export. My giant issues Still paperwork in the export. Hey, Atorino sequence used, but not the entire sequence shoots personal digital export settings. Okay, Toby Emmerich. A sequence in our body export setting that they had to intercept several. Ahem. Mets second setting today. She obviously Quantum is setting her source. Oh, sorry. I smell automatically magical. J The preview for Logan for majority A to intercept we had here was killed by the former. Just about a moment directly attacked off the side of former like quick time hair Mpg for hair blue. They help easy me. It's to 60 former blue hair Was McRae sorry. Absences or audio? Kalia MP three here we're form or your hair. Air Sea audio. Hey, I f f here the Assad option ordinarily be here Or are we actually an emitter? JIA of person? People are utopian Defile export perceptible Beautiful export. PeoplePC particular sport. Really? The Assad option The upper the pelican Home abuse Generally it's to 64 or most off. Video makers is setting uspga. Sorry. Video export or online? Applaud or your quick time combating mayhem of listen, my technology a bomb Full resolution car video Listen, decking you smell is compatible, Toby. That they edge to six before was about research Head Discovery may already have medically it have liver human opinion research used. Yeah, top custom presented with a clear perspective. Jokes were portends Good chance Burke, a superstar, Carson, or you'll be never put the nail us in them. They kept saying Perspective. Yeah. Top import. Present a person or later presented, Perceptive issued by the output, name or location. Janabi a file. So whatever selector care. So percent Your name James Person was killed by the export video export Oreo idea for a particular region. Collusive or you he export manager day Export Order yours today after still with you, he export They're sitting in export video except maybe don't know him. What's good about her? Somebody somebody may output or source 20 Sorry information. This orders came by the way he started taps here. The subsidiary It said the home Your said quickly Your Saudi effects applicants at the elementary Look, a lot will get a severe 60 day pre set years. Okay, He said 10 disperse after he was killed by the bear information here. Brightness Pond press will get some abuse from the territory before. Of course, up there was nobody there. Watermark on that. I would Europe. Oh, the image over there. There's a before your name over lesser watermark person. So you're sorry. Professionally Little get better at the use. Perceptive. Let's go by the end of videotape The video images from the basic When you're sitting here happy and say video capability at the heart like really depicts El Khoury torta medically related by 7 20 Joseba UK Hominy Happy. Expect Chocolat. America automatically expect the show just got bigger. 1920 to 1920 by 10. 84 days. Yeah, the home is loco and she called the day. Or but make sure you're palladium square car sector, Medicare, obviously where export Hogarth 10 80 by 10. 80 Land looking at Sandy Hook. A cookie. Really? Upon which Mrs Tweets per day, That skill or 30 from cops in Jordan And the fact that way based here Yeah, well, maybe they should get up there. 1920 by 10. 80 was good body on frame, red hair Appears a remember chance when that I took the hair like TV show clearly, ever get actually up expert in late 29 by 97 years or 59 byline Put together. Yeah, Have up Next Source Video Madobe Family Member Samruk Material to your recipe Selector sector here. Let's go back field under Hey, say progressing within a day. Yes, Mitt Ngoga post about. Expect soya extender pixel precise. A one for Jato. Yeah, top volatile oxides use, but not a whole kasicky requirement here. It's too bad the arm immediately render at maximum left already Ability. Listen me? Yeah, Shape for humans May hardware and putting yet or software and putting up GPU, but depends on the head. So you had a very importing there today. Profile may high here. Okay. Or level for part two. What's good about Nietzsche? Heavy trick setting, Toby Feddeman Every beer to pass theater. It may have a beer. One person will be our purpose. So we br 1 may really quickly export Hoga Cookie yourself a keeper Assessment Parcel Head up their video My job Ephram several or we are to home. Okay. The poor export Hayes major Saudi from said was sober passport ahead. So sorry. Pimps amid over parts of that color sharpness will get a little better export or time before a judge. Aleta was Kennedy. Hit our get bitter It or maximum between arbitrate means basically file Saskin. Essebsi your per second name permission that those case upset Beatrix Setting So observant , arrogant, bitter. It has 16 MBPs for maximum booted objective element. Genital. Their party says 16 here. Okay, Tenderly home in democracy. Me like the top target. Metrical Lower cars up ahead for Jesse Appreciate Lower court to hear the happy an estimator File size Medicare besides lower Hajaig, so they have smaller pile, said Matt. For furniture, they hear the happiness a lower perceptive like in 10 80 pixel Kelly. A maximum 16 standard head. Yeah, PC increase Chicherova Toby up. W look better earlier that you can correct specific video. Psychically specific. Maximum betray It matters. 1920 by dendritic Earlier. 16. Maximum size Here, let's go by the night or you're dead. The ownership or your formal big chancellors like a Seattle I am pz will be a pleasure said , Except for him, I am a C was Kennedy audio quarter K p a. C plus origin, less origin propagator Ah, used to military for your sake perceptible simple bit. Just Andrea movie. You can get four years. Italian hurts top port before 100 bucks. Views perceptive. Joetta 32,003 years perceptible. I was gonna get Send those here more. No, General Houston, that took place PDO standard or really 5.1 surround sound here. So I bought one being to use perceptive Oreo quality high orbit really being upper maximum record 3 27 years. Irby transmits higher quality Christianity. A hatred or simple potato. Let's go by the courts. Multiplex are absent options here. And the assumption talk. Obscenity happening. Adobe premiere from a caption Create here or a push A particular file segment. Export permit. Permit me or last Mayor came here published their top seed a little bit Premier diplomacy, Facebook YouTube behinds, adobe stock. But yet over me over Twitter policy there Publish Menagerie Kyoto, You're upsetting. May say export person click OK signing today. But my job gentlemen, regulatory was lifts electoral battle exhibition will get a turkey expert to see that you to put publishers get off Facebook Email telescope, Telescope. Well, maybe What? What? Do you work that magic there? Yeah. Hey, use maximum render quality home know already that clear? Listen me. So you should be ok about import into project top. Cover your export. Biogenic about media will stay open. A project may input. Toto. Yeah, OK or yeah. Shop Sida export parts of people to see the and exports start Hajaig Leikin Happy Cuba 10. Perfectly acceptable. Yeah, You better picture of the Afghan yet I exportable jagga Adobe media encoder may say yoga about obp may not continue course Okay or background export Hoga Kocaeli Sometime Trumpets project May dating or long project may export here like point yet the minute car Project hotel for some of the export hoja Looking longer projects at that time Little like 30 minute couple documentary project Yet towards stop way even project or to say home export, natural or south? Many do set a project for Premier premiere become not at the home office and use perceptive . So you are Toby Media and put it open yoga So it's miss him. Export setting the chance Perceptive like Yeah. Sorry. Preserved the away mission in recent years. Perceptive or, you know former setting here subsidiary the athlete Kurigram Marajo Original Windows Export settings Way open Hogan Joke would be changed. Happy and perceptive. You quickly change Starts up the hit. Let's go by the end of research there and sit up like yeah, yeah, Go opposite you See Windows setting course up there? Yeah, I would put problem here. Sam. Muskogee s a super majority or name since they rose up. Let's go. But experts Dr Nikolay in upper green. But India your comment love here. Official or be project air concept here. So one by one year. Sorry. Project export data like Eddie Esports permitting Cartago or accept but a project permit. Campanaro. Over. Sorry, export volume Make human or, you know, start pupil. But Mayor Adobe Premiere Pro Me Mary Accomplished Should or background myself. Export Bodega The Rcep start Uber steptoe. So first Yotaro baby will promote export model or Adobe Media encoder may have you may export perceptive hope. Really Quick question. Hotel home A circle. Adorable. See you in the next lesson. 45. Lecture 43 Export a Full Resolution Video: So here is a yellowish video. Mystic gets a full resolution. May be dear export the whole bucket that I import or our ports selector there. Batman Common M button press period profile. May export media are beyond format, Mogens, but so x 2 64 here. Well, some gentle good time. Good Here. Are you happy? Pressure job. Very well attended that there is. It is? Yeah. Shower. Putting them in Detroit up Change. Perceptive. It will be 1/2 full. Deregulation clears up. Say important heavily. Or predict So full resolution. Kelly appearances. Silica airport progress for four for four. They are completely high quality resolution may export Karenga or a papal Progress Court Moto X Q b The accept The same quality may export Hoga Like any idea Parka footage Export Ferrero though Scalia progress for for for 40 years or really after project for Kenia. So for you to excavate based here or you have basic with your setting may met source for their captivity image movie setting so useful later for you in a separate car export. I have full regulation quality. My file expert Beretta. So your Temple ho caper Completely full resolution with Hobie or difference. So see you in the next lesson 46. Lecture 44 Export a Small File Preview Video: So friends, you're the airport project for comfort or will stay up with the vehicle e So to see a preview file open a review team Corbyn your toe plentifully over rail or Blanco starting the full regulation If I laboured. Not that you can still short small file says expert in it that like male yoga toy Scalia, Full resolution, Give file Export Panic is earlier UK exports a liquored up floor process pilgrimage at that time Milica Hello. Say lower resolution. Small five laps ahead. Export. Okay with the baby. So your input or output? Select car K Up Command Empress Straight DPC Mahoto Control him. Was your body art form? It may. It's to 64 here. Okay, Oriana. Preset was mayhem. Lower quality. She looked like YouTube. 7 20 p HD eto for 80 p. Yes, Lisa, look at 7 20 pm Direct utopia. Teranga was about to start accepting a BDK estimate. Er file says here pants are there RMB? But he said I am ability. Crispin Allegretto Scalia upper. I'll get better. It may or target metered Obey 16 here with their party J R. Julieto three Toby on over here. The ticket says CD 72 AM beholding to export Big, quicker Hoga or up to exhibition Nicoletta, Those absolutists and course of promotion 72 mbk file. So yes, pretty work over. So Friends s have smaller video export. Okay, use perceptible terms for watching. See you in another lesson. 47. Lecture 45 Add and Adjust a Video Effect to a Clip: Hello, friends. Welcome to the new sex in a glass xmm. Never the airport export car Drastically. Yeah. Tamara Hobica Basic course Finish or Abu Hasam Djokovic Ordinarily professional editing. Poker face map. Sorry. Protests seeking. So it's sex and men Project may put visual effects a recurring or hamada project better during you know each lesson meme seeking it. Guess affect your ability here or no baby meal from one concert at the first together. But you keep Let me a level of effects. Airport taking your side effects. Yes. Addicted Tomainian shaped like a collector. You smoke where you took me? Here. Let's go by the 100 City, perhaps Daycare. Smith wrestled If it here posted by the district lives Smith Which potential? Get a decree Hayhurst Subject Opus Portland The day here. Let's go, buddy. Huh? Noel is Dictator co or last May color correction. Head to Russia will get pretty low. So you're atrocious? Example? Haqiqi step. He stepped up Air concept basically off. If it been me, Jay. Yeah, but he fixed me in the opponent. Decree Italiana Window effects Battleship seven Keyboard. I have been open. Hoga, You have video effect placement decided trips here. Daycare? Yeah. Upset folders open. Gotta get took to here. Adjustment Effect A was about blur or sharpen Hayes. Mr. Goshen. Bloodier concept. The whole youngster up, which I learned pseudo gonna just perceptive where perceptible was about nature. Hair color correction in the elementary color panel. Aircraft, airports, a problematic color panel. Particular unit used to net gingerroot near a key. It's Mr Alleged members. Foreign effects here. Just grab us Burger. Really? About funding for this appeal? Yeah. Brushstroke. Eto up, boys elevator like painting, move or I musical. And most perceptive accelerates person there to study first. So I have been. So be flexible. Use Burkett record. Yeah. Subsidy. Elham 60 Education support used for your Sorry. Fixed about airport A case. American Liable to have no already deeply get people to listen. Me? Yes, I will say big drop. Okay. Really ago. But at night Or if external Jaggi or Jesse effects a Rhodia effect Kendall Pendulum apple You never defended joke which we talked up near here were saadiya cardigan or does Cassara setting with special control? B A P s a purple So it's with you Mommy Eric he had personal If here the day here Image 40 black and white Who jetty here is Magic Levy light party white portable wire dictator Because you're dark part in the same turn off Calica But they could, you know, be dark part heads for Russia It was a black victor or did not be like parts. It was a white raja today. So your headdress all the fair was care about him in the Cherokee. Here is William a noise effect Dickie up with a lust Vietto grains just structure the clay men every annoyed repair 50 But really video editing meet near the Ministry of property. Clinically better you said 10 say 15 turkey. They have today here African. But maybe the apco camera purports dusty or grand hair like up all the film type camera used the s equally fit Any hotel up noise effect Use perceptive here you know its effect Maybe put setting. Here they can I stop my hair Use polar noise Medical journalism used very already saying Chris, bury the decay in extreme per rare green or yellow dots. Victor Socially Mission black and white kids go there puts a telegram but the same camcorder to hit 10 local. What's good about me said that the policeman from the Cherokee here lighting effect of decaying up it policeman lighting care, preset options here. Happy. An interview. She just perceptive. Here, get a Appleby. Sorry option. Do you hair up some light? One silicon Those middle I think it's very sad. Option your side of absence. You Fatemeh Questionable exchanges got hit around the sub Sevilla head like that Too young like Katula Corba and didn't get a good chief Nagy. What about Directional here? See? Delighted Toby for me here. Yeah, the sport left sodium sport. Let was going into her light colored. Yeah, let car collection is going to be in here. But beyond I get up there. What do you call it up? Eyedropper. See Houston a territory Use perceptive about her center like a center can happen. Recollect after here. Yeah, I say they're just sit there, You know, I see vertical Just propose was about him. Major radius or minor radius. Popular kidney. A big yet so small that they were just It was about her angle appearance. Like triangle Chancellor said hope Happy light source on each other. Those can you stop Chabahar androgens, but there ask about their intensity. Top black intensity, lawyer toe. High concept. But let's go about their focus. Did they get there because they didn't know where yet Another opt out. There will be rcep setting your hair light. One going to be changed. You have a video of Labor Day No subject where he lighting effects. Yogi was killed by the rubber. Like to let the light for start ups and say the abuse tonight territory. And I say use perceptive here was killed by the studio me for 10 villages. So it's maybe a Matzke technical data. It just looks like they intercept decay. Or, like I angle be insurgents. Concept A black couple Urgency disappeared daycare Really figure annotate area. Everybody there about the hokey. Yeah, So I would like to get in just like intensity up Chance. Percent help your head. Babe alleges effect. He should have used car sector. Wholesome country, of course. Uphill. Yeah. So it's him and political double. If you have a slip call Flip Karnataka. Do you know I started buddy? If they left, leave the horizontal clip or vertical flip the home maybe horizontal flipper decay image, bullet clip. OK, so you're via 2050. Baber, image in the vehicle flipped Carnaby each other dynamic looked so you should be up like a good kid was killed by the vertical free paper. Be warm mayonnaise. Combine the mammography they can get cap core cooling effect a secret. Come here. Just a shadow Health video. Ca So skilled Havisham, use perceptive article. Political Omar. Congratulations Decking what was killed by the last with your mom. Neddy here or trouble? That effect Picking animation on off photo for idea. The stadium is slipper blackness. Yet a witness may adjustment person to hate the entire today. So be black. That said hello. Darko G Large said hello to him like Okay, get a person on off the naked eye. Diego, I think Yeah, she was abused. Medicare, Medicaid. Cokie! Mayor! Beer. Sorry. Figure. A little bit of official time. Leader. The USA Up will be 50 year career or janessa effect. Control panel measure was called changes Cagliostro. Contradictory just or daycare? Yearbook on. See fit, Subsidy, Chili be here. You're the airport for specific 50 about America. Specific question herto please remember Glucose. Listen, madam or vfx? Definitely in Mexico is that if you see here is systemic abuse. Nicole Toe. But crucifix. SCB Here came a almost woodsy. You scored double. Look which listen minimum or vfx? Definitely. So see you in the next listen. 48. Lecture 46 Adjust Effect With Keyframes: So. Friends Selector Ma'am seeking If Exco give firms Erkel cake Yes, they're just so so inimical So yeah, it's clipped me home. Cora Bloodiness Burger care title A recurring you tomato Possible title toe here he daycare because Sandy cry trace form Animal Carnival Here to a Scalia subsidiary Video clip basilica Boris May blood effect, Mr Gaussian Blur still occur. K jo Videotape A whisper Dragon drop career. But Jesse um Nisman effect Eric yet or because he's made changes neighbor looking dapper Joe Garcia in blood head 00 Over here. So you say idiom bloodiness increase career. So he was meant for Tiger The homicide animate carnage. Obviously some job you can't even describe Blurriness increased, but not to hit the upper make you for America Tahoe local animation. But don't go pressed, Okay? We're lucky for me. Over here was your blood. You have part Two minute for Saudi part Second part home is not bloodiness. Spring here 60. Okay, The album is shaped like a collector headache here of its ordered a killer title off for the title, you could be image 40 blood hungry looking it but up noticed during a picture that its decree. We'll see. Many said the liberty of my poetic I attach a bloody nature. Cardio tub. You had a dictator, Scalia. Repeat, especially your coach. Fix cars up there. Ask about up Age of loneliness. You start. Hotel was Keefe. Emperor. I'm Janet at their photo rescue from Berkeley. Problem is, remember Toby Goto next from here. You know so much. Title start for some of people here. The attack Mesa Can't Ileto or is a visible capital of decay. What you told our nature later they always come or FIFA bake a natural course up there. Yes. Um, you support a plentiful transition. Karenga, What is strange is and go to turkey Bloodiness. What? I had the Siddiqui from To what extent? Building you of decay. Fifth gas. Yet here, Toby. A great looking like Ishmael or the animation air course up to here. Like home. A meditation J. I tell May the homeless a rotation cue from airport headache Hominid. Your final destination here. You help you have a title, Porta. Just what you said about identity. Those kill Amy is your temper rotation that the whole 00 sq bad German general try to start hotel Mohammed said rotation that to him minus 3 63 59 Something dick. Okay, homey. Chef liquor. Collect the headache. Get up. Which paillettes? Each other telegram licking. Is Corbett better in person? So scary hump Scaling is going in a daycare. Your final destination. Haditha Mom scale making America that 100% or starting may zero. Toby s zero. Say start. Okay, 100% of scale up. Karenga. Nikki. So exciting. Hamlin is being brutal or title way scale hotel the report better except luxury. Let me said ended for the day. Okay. A playful collection. Basil prolific that I Bahamian. Our progenitor here Egypt. Okay. Video and hope toget title or video Don't know you. Our troj model of Digna bondage. A second not acted hastily home here. You know, it's always puts long started cheering. Yeah, beyond failure on their part Give America taking a risky position with Scott Scale heavy 100 here and there. Or rotation of the emanated new earlier. Let's get bad. You know, Last two minutes Here a maximum zoom Petralia here. Okay, a maximum zoom. Or they said they didn't apply before transition, but it's probably a plentiful transition of a home later. Collector headache. Start put Finish. So friends about the idea of a yoga case, a difference aircraft, a rotation opacity scale yet or you fix May for bitches up animal concept people. So I hope you like it. So Health fund and see you in the next listen. 49. Lecture 47 Use Lumetri Color Preset: adobe premiere Pro maaleh metrical or correction or color Getting about a mom Now get color grading Kazakhstan Basically a likeness may affects mental maybe Coast Reloaded Luminary preset Here, Brianna Limited Appreciate open career. So it's made fire for lives here. Cinematic film stock, monochrome speed looks or technical. So Cinematheque McCord Cinematics if you care Happy and stuff reviewed, Accepted here. So, yeah, if a platonic about guessing the k G and the home s 100 for their film careers. But directory I love Dick here 40 Fended Hope A common Dharmasena spares 50 years ago Recur Care, play curry Traditional gender Georgia is Michel's bomb If you're careful Federally fair came a bit longer. Lucky first, What about the city being here? Film Stock A price May actual film stock If Draghi like Fouzi Korda Cukaricki effect here black and white hair. But which a local collapse me here, which should be a plaque again accepted. Here you get headaches. Kilmer, make what you know what's different or die. The daycare level of effects Are you actually refuse? Perceptible was your body Hamano from a text black and white headache here which normal contrast my hair back. It usually affects black and white Mayor. They stabbed Ric. Okay, Black and white. Fairly fair. Forget Course of people. Ask about my speed. Looks did your different commerical. We appreciate Here you have cameras may go off one second. Madam, I should call the police. Cooper depend here from j D. Fired. If I sort of those, maybe upgrades that affects the program. It's Mr Crace Stylistic help. With contrast in effect, Applebaum effects a level of research. In that obvious metric will be cooks use perceptible and decay in the app Khakamada is list Muneer top unis Universal If it be use perceptible indication of sl blue. Therefore, notification we may see a drop. So they put us in the night. Motema cannot hajdaraga vacation level predicted Are you here? Hamada image actual shirt. So yeah universal maybe up your sorry effects Use perceptive licking Lumet repentant Most off camera, actually already preset or starting Here you have Jobe camera used with mayor Better over Karenga or you know Universal TV up would be pressured Air cars up There was nobody ahead Technical Those may full legal rent a local A column a degree here. So you say we have used cars up here, Nikki, The obvious mistake would be if you forget writers or a grocery, but they have no equity. 50 Smith drag and drop here. Uschi here. Who's care about happy DoCoMo? Defector Customized Salemeh Trickle. Epinal may seem more defectors to see us up. They said regions. Perceptive head toe is Mr Joke. We have modification. Come outta here. Whoa, Course After here. Yes. You have elementary police that use perceptive. So I hope you like it. See you in another listen. 50. Lecture 48 Stabilise Shaky Video with Warp Stabiliser: So, friends is William M. Signature give up. Stabilize your suitcases, sticky with Yoko stable. They honestly you fixed me Jack a while. So it's But if you had a timeline, met een put us here. Barely footed. Shaky here they care. Ask about the city for women who work stable leisure, Erica their coffee Smooth legrier or fishery footage. Man, I'm never stable. Legend Smoothness increased here, so Yeah, it was city. But she did for you. How many score space starting May equity or exercise, Mr. Abe Alleged bottom of the details. Mitch at or dictator The subset. Billy is first clip minimum part stabilizer every day here. So, Jesse effect here. Here, you know, and managing in big around. Start aware processing for the upper web. Stabilising effect under our percentage or friends. Except there or time. That's affected. Not I'm remaining here. It never them stable. Leslie, they're camera set off. The cargo was fixed. Corrida, but it's clip Made a placard bigger. Okay, stabilising process finished. The Obama said like or connect a headache. Okay. Lets a crawfish muth library, the web, stable edema, crawfish, other settings. It's miss upset. Really smooth motion or no motion. No motion made zooming and cropping Total. Jessica. So you say I say, like the Iraqi biblical motion here, but small Muslim Verza have already Smith took a I was going to her smartness toe by the 40 or 50% Dear Mr China to increase or decrease goes up to here. Just say you only said, because putting here the most Centauri, Giada, Hoagie, Cora come stabilize over or Jesse a mission 90%. According to biblical no machine can acidic project was care about him Mattered, no matter. Terrific after side options like position here for Justin scale and rotation here. Perspective here or sub special Appear the position, sir. See if you have frame movie or stable Karnik, Try Karenga today K approaches Inca region. Okay, lets go by help for Justin scale in rotation. So it stays, said Frame Corp opened down him onica regard Looking for a boat rotation bickering or general alligators Kilby of Down Kirk, a video stable Parada Talk 20 or Jeddah Smart legrier. Let's go by the handful. Expect you Perspective Cheviot Terrorism Milica Okay, Jesse Cupcake America Angle left, right, or appear to the whole hotel A different angle will get a hold. A charge in here. A decay every coffee Better here or last. My subspace work may procedure. Sorry things. There's sorry Option here. Well combined here. Or which may Image called for a ban. Careca, top the footage. Medical table Jesse D K G a normal by before setting here. What about Nikki and her borders? The borders near framing here was met by Arabs and help stabilize Only stabilize crop stabilize crop or to scale or stable it synthesize edges Placement medium stabilized on legally today cake. Albelda, you have friends balancing her year rotating Horia. Hm? Yes. Stabilized crop here today. Care Would you stabilize? Speak here like Indianapolis Next crop Cardia is from CO. Your sorry Border Cropper Digger was about my hair stabilized crop in order scale stabilized Yoga or butter? Cofield. Vicar Digger, They're aside. Options Have you spoken to accept the upkeep? Icelandic way. So short hair just table in here to aftereffect. Uspga, stabilize. Perceptive subsidy that I use. It's muteness. Dockery, You say increase or decrease per piece. Set table s very for rescue, but metal for use. Very grey bar. Subspace work better with Berta or cable perspective. You should be a traditional Milton. No friends here. Here. What stable later in Adobe Premiere Pro Really up to him on a 40 quid shooting correo after drunk American food is a two year up. Watch the pleasure. Use Kirk a port city, and stabilize perceptible. So we'll see you in another listen. 51. Lecture 49 Exercise Stabilize a Shaky Video: so friends about public discontent here. It's really a my company based in New England, talking Medicare. It can stimulate your mama Networks city. So should you smoke or levity and my man put the kind of OK that about him next week, remember? 52. Lecture 50 Exercise Review Stabilize a shaky video: so friends, I hope ethnicity footage core stabilized for the yoga. So you whom did The Kesselman is clip Post Ebola scare. Those upset element is mailbox stabilizer. Erica, What about my men? Apparently, I say play percolate, Leah. Just understanding. Make us safer here. Likeness may not be adjustment. Neighbor Vietnam chatted about me. Many mature approach, Ensberg like partition, partition and scale protecting organa effect Johnsburg America. Ask about many ass muteness gents here for bad, may I say and one step open here. Those nickels up sensor. Just a little analysis. Those eminent tick mark. Yeah, same in a little analysis to here was not all that time, Julia Process Enemy lichen is putting calzada stabilize the neck It, Frankie. So sad up. Never use a useful today. Kaga Best stable edges and clear or lakey. I had toe obesity. Use dark index of the whole best tabulation concepto bottom a hurdle instead of a problem for many automatically dock sensor enhancing reduction gear or sq, but many a cross less. What's this? More, More option records. Changes here is extended well over 50. Toya Hobson dropping or smoke National Ballet school today in the a p said she had a crop. Cartago really judge a smooth corrida domination. They want to break here. But it Nigella effect nearly got a bad memory news. A decrease Kia or 15 30 year. So a vehicle a term ocean Llodra difference Escamilla Motion said here or stabilised here or in the city. But that depends. Follow the A P SS muteness increase carpet ho like 78 or 19 today, Kkot, the permission 90 Career stabilized Yoga Allegan. Oska's had a job. Order here for Border 30. Cropped cardigan. Everybody ready s a Hauraki border proposal. Top pianist preserves Kelkal. Use perceptive Scalia. Okay, A sufferance, Manet Safe. Stable. Stu, you're the applicants. A lock setting park, a severe chest, a Beleskey, a place in today s course K page proposal. Your career. You took me up north. Lincoln said I definitely said yoga, so thanks for watching this. See you in the next Listen 53. Lecture 51 Make video more cinematic with overlays: So is William Home Definite Jara cases or Let's go Used per k video. More cinematic for your high sleep. Low decay, Your normal you Some playgirl connected here. Let's go by the introducing Eclipse started a TSA without any transition, its moment of cinematic look happy on top or bottom. Maliki orbit Major transition. The verdict. Toes Court does directory Kasicky worthy of decay Okay, sure, it's me Wired Expert ratio here Orbits may likely cut ranges and hurt Umbilical cinematic looked ahead for a big bouquet Fit Bayer K M. Sorry, Fax Guess Airport there is with your medical Ajello eliminates Meadow a local matter. Use kill you a subset. Bella home, he says. Cinematic look mean, Survived. Ran's gravity open at a top or a bottom major Black bordered Decree Well home Erika. Engagement those killers obsessively in a new item. Burton Berkeley Parquet adjustment layer Career like Okay, popular adjustment Layer the yoga Husam History over. Drop data here for the video. Billy was killed by the omission across effect up gave have been made editing. So effect according upper deck Sadeghi maybe effects hotel. Yeah, maybe effects excess percent level the apex Mr Direct Crop or home is adjustment layer crop in a row. Jaggi? Yeah. Same top or bottom? Qatada Well cast many a big well ahead. The locally top or bottom toe appear cinematic Lukla, gray, Jesse Top or bottom. A black border here. What it meets maybe Dio you see him on off arkalyk Atop. Except waiting. Picked without effect. So just happened. If you're Joe Montevideo here, baby 16 by nine. Expect this year by year. You gauge Obama's export hereto nao Never here. 1920 by 10. 80 pixel. Clearly a part 30. You can message adjustment Layer was cardio original expert facial hair. Was family engineer here. So online playing Get a YouTube agreement. It said I got about export. Better better or you d up quadrant. Where would you export data? In a sequence setting message. Be from side school. Increased decreased. Okay. Assets extend by 10. Cover. Get a phobia. Who are expert Richard. What? Accepted here? Like in Hama. Be 16 by 19. Here I can get. So you do get a me up, Morgan. Immature. A guy at a formal agreement later. There may be a challenge. The, uh, Bahama Schmidt and just American here upgrade. Sports my premium transition back Mila who said that wonder quickly but even Jarry auto parts gigabit scarce. But says Yogi for Adobe Premiere open carry career transitions. Jesse Oppose Open Koga Top Queen Project. Wendell May a certified yoga teen folder. Hoga. Which myself? Transition folder Open carry or Was male light leaks? It's maybe cinematic to Anderson. We're getting a lot of people here looking a beer, Mr Like Let's use Could never later the light Lex Mr Along like make will be light up late , But we'll see You should drink, OK, I'm not a boko. Pretty shit drop goody. But that under came a set for a soon Harvey Up branches and Donna Tartt, a discussion transition center Here you are doing a video, Cassandra Gmail. Okay, Bill. Cool exit away from for Or was care about unity and before video Dia who served the liquor there, or your manager, or you'll be here? You say the approximate at the auto sector later was obviously like get the liquor there or Obama Chef, local collector here. Okay. You know, transition tired. Who are licking it, but notice Kogi marriage A adjustment layer from the bottom Misha Krockey. A voicemail neighborhood. A dominant adjustment layer for top. There, a bump later connected. We'll likely case that from whatever govt in Georgia will be a coffee or tell a pedicure pacemaker. He's had a transition here. Okay, so we'll see you too, Leo. Up with mitral Little Maybe Abd, except how to use transition. How to use most impressive together. Making many up where pick quickly told us from Judea. Take a I have to say you scores of people. So a shop with transition, Erica People rubbish. Medicare. Yeah, of course. If the city be background May it said behind every year Daycare is your book it after a 50 . It was really a mini utf Personnel with your double archaea have Okay, effect archbishops person people online. You feeling burns will get our lives up Used Unnatural Toby upgrades that a short will use dollar perceptible for the upper is a transitionary person The whole map. Where next with your medical follow in our manageable K except turkey. Here. Same issue. America over level. Get a chance here. Medicare opacity. Miroki here 10%. Or blend more men like Okay, the happiness of blend more of a chance. Perceptive hope Obama ship Laker connected Headache a the same verse Cinematic Loka Yoga Orbit. Mayor Henderson area Over here, Toby each other. Better luck, abundant to hit the three matter your second matter to, um nobody. Italy here. Okay, It's really matter, Mr From Mia. Film Bunt Video Archaea Germania, This under here was scheduled a PM Nephila buns with the archaea hit the home. Yasha was there, but here? Yeah, I got a homie. Shit Beach made a 1,000,000 predict but up, like are connected. Don't dig here. Yeah, Betemit. Bunch effect. I licking our giver particular area. Put a black hair. Does Kelly have a blend? Margins from the hotel. You know, I said job clip Capo Blend Merchant Select Career Oriana Daycare. Opacity may blend more hair. The blend markup Today screen does Mr Jobe, Dark part black part or videocassette? Overly bodega about decay. You know someplace, Cadet There. Okay, so I'll be huh? You kept there. Okay. Licking Julia Genuity here. Your blood pressure dosage equipment. Just a minute. God, even you know that the place for connecting, maybe be a Tony Look at each other. It's not OK, but okay, What are the changes? Could make it OK yet all you d up you get from Woburn outta here. Talking about Met Commander Button Press Corps Care left aero yet? Alright, irrepressible caboose and more person. The whole left. May I write me? Yeah. I shall be in play for predicting Make exact same temporally. So I said it though. Clips change. What year was it? I'm putting a hermit. It's a definite formal. Okay, You see him before transition be applied receptor here. A bloody poor transition photo. Sam Tora short. Don't know, Sir. Thomas up. Little connected decay. Okay, Maybe will affect you. It's moment. A blend. More screen. Ricardo is Mr Silverman highlighted the kg job in dark. Part black part here was up. Videocassette over Little Jagger. Thank you. Rendered Chief CW over. They care about 20 some political connected here. Okay, A beer. Completely. Metallica. Your hair. Natural transition. Jessa phobia. They kept Buddha. The shop will be William. A stylistic video effect create perceptible up over alleged Granderson will get air. Kirk A also said combined car care, local of blend more use for chaos. Was there more cinematic dramatic person people. So friends I hope you really like this medical question. Hood off Lizama surgery that I see you in the next lesson. 54. Lecture 52 Export a still frame from a video clip: Hello, friends. Welcome. Once again it's shorter, said William A. Totc for useful picture in the APP Quick Project for Cam Correo or Beauty of Buggery. Mr Conetta or C Project Mexico. A still image on the screen shirt like Apple Say you have terminal May use Colonel Chattel program monitor. May auto source Monitor. May 90. I came Eric Icon So Tasha Decay Export frame. Get a keyboard shortcut Hair Sift e g. The Afghani happy. I could decry toe a pianist who say, But unedited pictures of the joke will be turned up. The A, B and C those records A whole Jada. So Jesse appear Came Erica button Press very high up our export frame. Quiet. So does have window. Papa Polka pushed me up. Jobe Number matter and Mavericks Yama They never level model was about former here. Jpg PNG tff or get a job. Informative, Useful material Used people. Let's go by the hair. What was so special? Janica body the up open A project may import or silver. There O J s a Vizio Jega. Happy in a daycare automatically import bill Beer. Does he have a new project? May be used perceptive. Yet a General Bianca location said Yeah. Hey, Wassup you say you superpower like four to stop me Open Car Cup title will get airpark in your terminal or government used furniture at their tow opposite. Use percent 40 year high definition for toga So friends say a premier promised you see with RMK still image capture concept here Thanks for watching this. 55. Lecture 53 Edit Clip Speed (Slow Motion, Reverse, Speed Ramps): Hello, friends. It's video mayhem. Dignity at