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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019: Edit Awesome Vlogs with Brad

Brad Newton, Fitness Vlogger |

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22 Videos (2h 57m)
    • Welcome To My Course!

    • Setting Up Your First Amazing Project

    • My Folder Organisation for Daily Vlogging

    • How I Organise GoPro, Drone, and Smartphone Footage Within Premiere Pro

    • Can You Please Leave A Review?

    • Basic Editing Tools I Use (Source & Timeline Panels)

    • The Essentials to Effect Controls

    • How I Edit Footage with Different Resolutions (4K Drone vs. 1080p GoPro)

    • How I Use J-Cuts To Make Awesome Vlogs

    • How To Create Simple Text & Shapes (In Minutes!)

    • How I Create Adjustment Layers

    • How I Colour Grade My Drone Footage Using LUTS

    • Make Your Audio Sound Awesome! (Basic Audio Mixing)

    • How I Sync Footage to Music Beats (Awesome!)

    • Where I Get My Awesome Background Music From

    • Turn Your Vlog into a Movie with Rolling End Credits

    • How I Use "Speed Ramping" To Make Awesome Drone Vlogs

    • How I Create Awesome Motion Graphics (in less than a minute!)

    • BUTTERY SMOOTH Slow Motion (Speed Ramping, Optical Flow)

    • My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts (for fast editing!)

    • How I Add Cinematic Top and Bottom Bars

    • The Best 1080p Export Settings (Facebook, YouTube, Roku, Prime)

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About This Class

Hey Everyone! :-)

If you are here, you are probably curious to learn how to edit your own vlogs or videos but would like to learn without all of the technical jargon that goes along with it. Or maybe you just want a one-stop-shop course where you can take one course, learn exactly what you need to know, and then go off and start making awesome videos!

If you have Adobe Premiere Pro CC and are totally confused about how to use it... don't worry! I was too when I first started learning it back in June 2016. Initially, I hated the software and I could never understand it.

But after 700+ videos and hundreds upon hundreds of editing hours, courses, and tutorials, I finally started producing vlogs that are now proudly on Amazon Prime, RokuNational Geographic, and several others.

The truth is, there are hundreds of tutorials you can watch on YouTube on "how to edit" but after editing 700 or so videos, I've developed my own unique style.

You'll get the unique opportunity of standing over my shoulder as I share with you my editing workflow, without the complications :-)

In my video editing course, I'm going to teach you my simple approach to creating awesome vlogs in the fastest possible time in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC (2019), without technical knowledge or fancy jargon.


  • How I organise footage into specific folders when daily vlogging (important!)
  • My importing and organisation workflow to download footage from Drone, GoPro, and smartphones
  • A complete overview of the basic editing tools that I use to create my vlogs
  • How I create vlogs with footage filmed in different resolutions (4K Drone vs. 1080p GoPro)
  • J-cuts to make your vlogs more professional and polished.
  • How I add nice-looking text and shapes in my vlogs.
  • My strategy for using adjustment layers.
  • How I colour grade my drone footage using Look-Up Tables (LUTS)
  • How to turn your vlog into a movie with cool rolling end-credits.
  • How to incorporate "Speed Ramping" to make your drone vlogs engaging.
  • How I use stunning Motion Graphics Templates.
  • How I create cinematic vlogs using cinematic crop bars.
  • My favourite keyboard shortcuts to save you time in your workflow process.
  • How to mix incredible audio into your vlogs.
  • How to sync-cut clips to the beat of a music track.
  • Where to find royalty-free, copyright-free music for your vlogs
  • And more!

You'll also get,

  • Access to my free Look-Up Tables (LUTS)
  • Access to all sample footage which you can download from my Google Drive
  • Access to me :-)


If you want, you can download the sample footage that I've used in this course from Google Drive.

In the lecture on "Speed Ramping", I provide sample footage for you to download from Google Drive.

In the lecture on "Slow Motion", you can download the sample footage from here.


I have found some LUTS that you can download (for free) and install into Premiere Pro. I suggest playing around with LUTS as it will make your vlogs look awesome for very little effort.

Installing them is a matter of unzipping the "cube" files and copying them (or extracting them) to this directory:

\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019\Lumetri\LUTs\Legacy

I will demonstrate this in the video on my laptop and you can follow along with me.

Free LUT Download Options

1) FilterGrade (Download from my Google Drive)




Motion Graphic Templates, or .MOGRTs, is the fastest and most time efficient way of incorporating awesome visuals into your vlogs, without any technical knowledge.

Premiere Pro CC 2019 comes with some awesome .MOGRTS which you can easily drag and drop into your timeline. But, if you want, you can either download free .MOGRTS or buy the YouTube pack I'm using from the site I mentioned in the video.

Take a look at the .MOGRT pack that I am currently using here: Video Hive Site

Installing Motion Graphics Templates

To install a pack with many .MOGRTS inside it, you'll need to access this folder pathway on your computer.

For Windows: C:\Users\Brad Newton\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Motion Graphics Templates

Change my name with yours, of course :-)

You will copy your .MOGRTS into the folder "Motion Graphics Templates"





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Brad Newton

Fitness Vlogger |

Hey Everyone! Brad here.

I create fitness video courses to help you get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire your next travel adventure.

I have also won multiple fitness model/ bodybuilding competitions under a drug-tested steroid-free Federation. I’ve also helped thousands of people get into shape with my digital fitness courses.

I am also passionate about flying planes, drones, cinematography, and visual storytelling.

To read more of my biography, go here...

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