Adobe Premiere Pro - 2018 - From Google to Netflix

Greyson James, Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

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17 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Skew a Title Behind an Actor.

    • Making a Netflix Stranger Things Title Sequence #1

    • Making a Netflix Wild West Opening

    • Making Your Own Motion Graphics.

    • Motion Graphics Part 2

    • How To Create Matte Layers

    • Building a Real Estate Promo

    • Building a Real Estate Promo #2

    • Building a Real Estate Promo #3

    • Building a Real Estate Promo #4

    • Building a Real Estate Promo #5

    • Making a Google Commercial

    • Making a Google Commercial #2

    • Duplicating a Person on Screen

    • How to Make Transitions

    • Making a Netflix Stranger Things Title Sequence #2

    • Making a Netflix Stranger Things Title Sequence #3


About This Class

Make a Google Commercial, a Netflix Intro, make Motion Graphics, or build a Real Estate Promo with this Adobe Premiere Pro class.

Learn how to make cool intros for your videos with titles, motion graphics and Netflix examples. Use this class to work on real projects inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Practice step by step or just watch. Either way, it's a fun way to advance your skills in Premiere Pro.

The class project uses a real estate promo that takes 4 videos and scales them down so they are all on the screen at the same time. Using effect controls in Adobe Premiere Pro will allow you to scale the images down to 25% and then you can use the X and Y coordinates to move each layer into the corner.

When it comes to building out a Netflix type intro, you will be able to see the different layers in the sequence timeline that show you how to superimpose one image over another. In this lesson, a fire video clip is used to burn away an old western type video clip. Couple that with some down home prairie music in the background and you're ready to build out a stunning intro for any of your series projects on YouTube.






Greyson James

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

Hello, I'm Greyson James.

I have been an advocate of the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing program for a long time, all the way back to the very first version.

It is cool to see how Adobe Premiere Pro has propelled itself into one of the most popular editing programs available, if not arguably the best video editing program out there.

These classes have projects that you can download to follow along step-by-step, or you can just watch and use the techniques in your own pro...

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