Adobe Photoshop for Photographers - The Ultimate Post Processing & Editing Course for Beginners

Jellis Vaes, Artist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

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26 Lessons (2h 55m)
    • 1. Intro Video - The Ultimate Post Processing & Editing Course for Beginners

    • 2. How Layers & Layer Masks Work

    • 3. The Various Editing Tools in Photoshop

    • 4. Opacity & Flow, Dodge and Burn Tool, History, Blend Modes

    • 5. Handy Shortcuts in Photoshop

    • 6. High Pass Sharpening Filter and How to Create Actions in Photoshop

    • 7. Smart Sharpen Technique, Tilt-Shift & Gaussian Blur Filter

    • 8. Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Clone Stamp Tooll

    • 9. How to Retouch for Flawless Skin with the Frequency Separation

    • 10. Body Shaping in Adobe Photoshop with the Liquify Tool

    • 11. How to Load Brush Packs & How to Create Your own Snowflake Brush

    • 12. How to Make Realistic Looking Snowflakes in Photoshop

    • 13. How to Create your own Star Brush to Make Realistic Stars in Your Photos

    • 14. Learn How to Create a Sunlight Effect in a Photo

    • 15. Learn How to Create Sunlight Rays in a Photo

    • 16. How to Blend Sunlight Rays More Realistic in Your Photo

    • 17. Learn How to Create a Sunset Effect in a Photo

    • 18. How to Create a Lens Flare in a Photo

    • 19. How to Stich Photos Together to Create a Panorama

    • 20. Fixing Incorrect Stitching

    • 21. Rectangular Marquee Tool, Healing Brush, Clone Stamp Tool

    • 22. How to Match Total Exposures

    • 23. The Difference Between HDR and Digital Blending

    • 24. Learn the Powerful Digital Blending Technique - Luminosity Masks

    • 25. Blending Exposures with the Luminosity Masks

    • 26. How to Optimize Adobe Photoshop for Better Performance

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About This Class

A warm welcome to The Ultimate Post Processing & Editing Course for Beginners and to Section 2Adobe Photoshop for Photographers. I hope you are ready to dramatically improve your Photoshop skills because with what is about the come, that is guaranteed. So, what will you learn? Here is a brief summary:

What Will I Learn?

  • What layer masks and layers are, and how they work
  • Handy Photoshop shortcuts, and how to create your own shortcuts
  • Incredible sharpening techniques, and dramatic blurring techniques
  • How to create your own customized brush allowing you to paint snowflakes, stars, clouds, leaves, …
  • Numerous sunlight techniques
  • How Digital Blending and Panoramas work in Photoshop
  • I could honestly keep going and going…

Photoshop is a complex program with endless possibilities. As a team, you and I will explore the fundamental tools, techniques, tricks & tips of it all.

By the end of this section, you will be able to work fluidly, as a real pro, through the many tools and techniques we will discover.

This will prepare you to move onto the final section - section 3, where the actual in-depth post processing & editing of this course will happen.

An honest review and rating is always appreciated and will help me to make any necessary improvements for the course, as well helping to get more people involved, so they too can benefit from the beauty of photography. Many thanks!


Connect with me:

Facebook: Jellis.Vaes
Instagram: JellisVaes
Twitter: @Jellis_V
Youtube: channel/UCSN058GSqdV5ndLbubY3AlQ


The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners

Not yet mastered the technical and theoretical aspects of your camera or photography? The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners, my first course, digs into the true essentials in understanding those aspects. It’s a quick, yet in-depth and fun course that is highly recommended, not just by me, but by more than a hundred 5-star reviewers.