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Adobe Photoshop for Artists - Digitize, Present and Monetize Your Art

teacher avatar The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (2h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Course Guide

    • 3. The Functions of Photoshop for Artists

    • 4. Photoshop Essentials for Very Beginners

    • 5. Research Trending Topics

    • 6. Choose Your Medium

    • 7. The Creation Process - Plan Your Painting

    • 8. The Creation Process

    • 9. Scannning

    • 10. Alligning Process

    • 11. Pro Tip - Make a PRO Art Template

    • 12. Retouching

    • 13. Removing Backgrounds

    • 14. PRO TIP: Expand Selection

    • 15. Playing Around

    • 16. Digitizing Pencil Drawings

    • 17. PRO TIP - Blend Into the Background

    • 18. Digitizing Canvas

    • 19. Shoot on a Background

    • 20. What is a Mockup?

    • 21. Stock Photo Mockup

    • 22. Reusable Mockup

    • 23. Framed Art Mockup

    • 24. Product Mockup

    • 25. Real Life Mockup

    • 26. Templates for Social Media

    • 27. Monetize Your Artworks

    • 28. Etsy

    • 29. Creative Market

    • 30. POD - Print on Demand Sites

    • 31. Upload Your Artwork to a POD Site

    • 32. Customize Your Artwork

    • 33. PRO TIP - Use POD Site Mockups on Social Media

    • 34. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Students said: "This is a very informative and complex course! I was amazed by the resources, very helpful. I am a hobby crafter, I love painting and this course gave me a bit of a push to take myself more seriously. I haven't really thought about making clip arts from my smart! I hope I can find the ways to get a little money from what I do:) At least to support my craft hoarding:) Thank you for putting this course together. " Lisa Dunham

Are you an artist looking for ways to monetize your art?

Are you an artist who would love to get a bigger following for your art on social media?

Are you a creative who loves to paint and design things but you take it only as a hobby?

Are you an artist who creates with traditional media like graphite, watercolor, acrylics or oil and would love to digitize your artworks to create artprints?

This course is a perfect solution for all of you!

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program with endless functions, but it can be overwhelming. There is only a limited skillset artists need in order to DIGITIZE, PRESENT and MONETIZE their art.

The course starts with the creation process where I will explain you how to research trends, how to approach an artwork before creating that is intentionally created for digitalisation to get the best results.

In the digitalisation section you will learn about the best ways to scan your artwork, how to align multiple images if the artwork exceeds the size of the scanner, how to retouch the artwork to get rid of the pencil marks, unwanted paint splatters and mistakes, how to remove backgrounds to create transparent PNGs, how to create multiple color variations and how to set the size for various social media sizes.

In the presenting section, you will learn how to create a simple mockup image from a stock photo, how to create a reusable mockup picture where you only need to change the artwork and everything will fit, how to create a complex framed wall art mockup template in which you can change backgrounds and frames as you wish, how to place your artworks on products without the need of actually producing it.

In the monetisation section you will get tips for the start, learn about the possibilities of selling art prints, digital art prints, clip art bundles, and products with your design, by Print on Demand sites, so that all you have to do is to only create amazing artwork, no need for printing, packaging and shipping.

With the Photoshop skillset gained from this course, you will be able to create amazing, high quality images for your social media to build your following, preserve your artworks so that you can keep the precious original and make it even better, create high quality art prints, give your hobby a push to make it a side hustle or a full time job.

All you need is to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, even if it is a PC or a Mac.

Master these skills in Photoshop and give a kickstart to your art career!

Are you ready?



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

The Artmother

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Welcome! My name is Alexandra Finta - a passionate artist, a happy mother and an enthusiastic teacher - in short The Artmother. I am a professional art teacher with a Masters Degree in Art Education with years of experience in teaching in person and online. As an artist, I am creating in all different kinds of mediums from acrylics, watercolors, graphite and digital. I have years of experience in graphic design and photography. 

For more info check out my website here:

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook:)

I am very passionate about helping very beginners to explore their artistic abilities and to build their confidence in creating art, so I&... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the photo show for artists Course. My name's Alexandra. And I'm going to show you how to digitize your artworks created by traditional mediums like terrified watercolors. Acrylics are oil. I'm sure you have seen pictures like this and thought Wow, Do they really set up this living room to take this picture? No way does just fought a shop. And I'm also sure that you already know that social media is the best place to spread the word about you and your arts. Getting a following is not easy. Mainly if you just take pictures with your phone and even if they are really good pictures , I'm sure your feet could use a little variety. So by digitizing your artworks, you create a whole new world for your art career. And even if it is just a hobby, you can create replicates off your artwork, give them to four million friends and keep the precious original. And I think this is the best you can preserve your aspect. Mainly. My article is if you're in this medium, I'm sure you already know that some colors fade away time. So all you need to do is to digitize them, and you can present your artwork or even made them better. By simple retouching, you can get rid off the fantasy lives that can be seen or if you have some unwanted paint splatters. Or if you make a mistake, you don't need a thorough your artwork away. You can simply just do ties it with cash it. Anguilla. You have an amazing offic. I will show you a simple but effective techniques to create more cups. Wait, what's and woke up. Do you remember what I said at the beginning? The markup is basically placing your aunt's Perkins already seen, for example, living room, a livestock picture or a frame on the bowl. You would like to do that to present your amazing got tricks on social media. As I said before, as a bonus, I will show you how to create your own mocha pies that you can use over and over again for different designs. And that can be tools in your creative career and what is also exciting. I will show you have to place your artworks on products so that you can show your customers or clients. How would it look like with the course I'm offering you my own. Our trick that you can use for wild the learning process. Also my own woke up template files that you can use in the future. But the whole point of this I will show you how to monetize your athletics. There are several options. One of them is For example, Pio decides print on the month sides, for example, Society six Red Double Inc or this plate which will bring your artistic on products for you . And all you have to do is to create amazing art and digitize them. I will show you how to set the correct size is 40 sides to keep you on X the chance to succeed. I'm Alexandra a profession, our teacher and artist. You can find the old light as the art. Whether visit my website www de Arte wondered. Come on, follow me. A social media like Instagram and Facebook, I have heard, is a graphic designer from Italian fashion company for four years and I'm going to share marc tips and tricks. I went through this job and the way Actually I made my passion my career. I designed the scores, especially for artists. Photo shop is an amazing program. It can do so much, but it can be overwhelming. You don't need to master off its function. It is enough to learn how doing background allying multiple images used smarter projects on such exercises. Don't be afraid. Scores a suitable for very beginners. I will describe everything step by staff. So what do you say? Hidden roll? Let's get started, all right. 2. Course Guide : Welcome to the photo shop for artists Course. I'm glad you decided to join me on this creative journey. I hope the scores provide you with all the knowledge you need to digitize, present and monetize your artwork created by traditional media. After the course introduction, you'll get an insight to the creation process of political illustration, which I created exclusively for this course and for your educational use throughout the course, so that you can have all the skills required. Even if you don't have your own artwork scan. I will also give you tips on how to approach and knocked back, which you create intentionally to digitize in the resources section. Off this video, you will find a Pdf file with a link to a Google Drive folder, which you can download. It includes the photo shop for artists class files that will be used throughout the course . I wonder scores to be taken at your own pace. There is an order to lectures, but if you think the pacing is too slow for too for us, feel free to escape a lesson or we watch a lesson and find a right facing for your skill level. I'm including a pdf after each process with detailed description so that you have a reference to return to. You can also find instructional video off Photoshopped, either face for very begins. If they have family everyday essentials, feel free to skip. That poem has always reach out to me throughout the course. If you have any questions, or if you have an additional lesson idea, I will be happy to help you. Upton This creative stop The course is divided into three main sections in the digitizing section. You won't be guided for the scanning process, aligning multiple images, dashing moving backgrounds and playing around with design. Are you also from you the process of digitizing pastor drawings and cameras? The section is full of my personal pro tips that I learned from my own professional experience. In the presenting section, you learn what is a mock up and how you can create simple and complex woke up files, which will become your essential tools in your art Korean. In the final section, you will learn about options for monetizing your digitized artworks in the form of art prints. Digital art brings quick art bungles on designs, printed own products by P O decides you don't talk about ACSI creative market and print on demand side like Society six and Red Bubble. Now let's be reviewed. Of course I'll find Are you ready to start learning? Let's kickstart your artistic career. 3. The Functions of Photoshop for Artists: If you are aware beginner and you don't even have father shop, no problem. You can down with a 30 day trial words into a computer from the www Adobe. Don't come in this course. I'm using the latest word Gin Photo Shop CC 2018 and hopefully you don't have to old version or your computer because some things can be differently, as in mind, please. If you are stuck anywhere or you have questions, feel free to ask for help. I will try to answer as soon as possible. As I already mentioned for the Trump is a program that is essential number days for creatives and can do so many things. But in discourse, we are going to focus on Lee on the functions off Father Shop, which you can use is a traditional artist, were touching, masking smart objects for creating welcomes and re sizing. In this video, I'm going to give you a short over you off. It's years, but I will go into everything in detail later. In the course, Retouching is basically getting rid of the mistakes, like pencil marks or pain drops or even broad strokes. If you're talking about acrylics really retouching. I would like to mention playing with settings so you can make the painting more saturated. You can make your painting more y print. You can even change the colors of your painting. A mask is a when we handed tool to get rid off unwanted pain spiders to have sued removing backgrounds and with all overlapping objects. When it comes to mock ups, smart objects are basically as little Windows created wouldn't a picture, which you can modify any time. So when you have a markup template, all you need to do is to insert your artwork and it will fit the template ride away. Re sizing is very important when it comes to pixels, So if you're one your artwork to look good after it is printed as a non sprint or printed on a product, you need to take care about the settings right at the beginning off the digitizing process . Have you ever heard of B P I or DP? I It is basically pigs up that inch are dots per inch. If it's that low, the print will become pixelated, so it is good to set it 300 minimum, but we will get back to this later. Also, every social media uses different sizes. So when it comes to sharing your artwork, you wanted to feed their restrictions. Let's say Instagram is an example. It is restricted to square four months. You can upload a nonce performer to decide, but it will only show when somebody clicks on the picture. So if you want to keep it professional, it is good to upload well prepared, high quality pictures. So that's always short. No, I would like to make some more things clear. There will be shortcuts within the program I will use, and I'm sure you already know them. But to make sure everything is clear, I made a short document with the shortcuts that you have a reference to get back to. You can find it in the resources off this video. I am Music a Mac, and you could have a PC, and that's not a problem. I'm going to comment on the shortcuts as much as possible. But keep in mind one thing common on Mac equals to control on a PC. I might not say both always so. Here is a document explaining essential shortcuts, which will help us in the process, and I also included a short video explaining the follow shop in their face to wear beginners. So if your family here, just keep the video and let's get to the creation process off the artwork. 4. Photoshop Essentials for Very Beginners: welcome in this video. I would love to go through Photoshopped essentials for very beginners so that you have some idea how this problem works. If you know the basics, you can skip this video. At first, I would love Teoh, show you how to open files in the program, so simply file open on. You can open an image like search in your computer. But the most important thing is to know that it is like opening India's images. If you have multiple images opened, the program is opening them in like new windows as if in a Web browser. So you can, like, change their arrangement and, like working them, uh, simultaneously. One of the most important tools is the selection tool, which you can find here on. If you're right clicking on this icon, you can see several possibilities or options you can choose from. So here's the rectangle market Teoh. You can chose electrical etcetera. We're going to sell. Accurate Is rectangular simply just drag over the picture that really you want to select pence to de select an area you just simply right click on hit de select. There is a possibility to invert the selection and again, right, click on and select Inverse. There is another tool here. This is the last so tool when we are going to use in discourse is a polygonal lasso tool by which you can select Arria by, like placing dots around on just selecting an area like this. I'm going to use shortcuts in discourse. I'm including a PD A. You can find it essential shark. It's when a PdF I'm including in the first aligning Process folder, ongoing Teoh like included and resources off this video. As you can see, I'm working on the Mac. So even if you're you have a PC, it doesn't really matter what you need to remember. That Calmund is equals to control on a PC most of the times and including, like the shortcuts amusing, including the common in control. But sometimes I might not say them both. So I want you to know that comment on control equals So when I say he'd come and see it is equaling control. See? So as you can see here, the shortcuts select all means that if I did select these area and just hit a common A, I'm selecting the whole picture. This is the select all and it is equaling control. Eight. So now we're going to copy. I'm going to, um, go into this. Picture it comin A to select. Oh, and as you can see, common stair controversy is for coping. I'm sure you know this shortcut so common. See, and to paste. I'm going to choose the layer off, this one on it. Control. We, uh, And like, um, it is not feeling my like sheet of paper. Teoh, zoom out. You can use the zoom to which you can find Here, click the out on you can zoom out Or if you're on a Mac, you can hold on option Or I think option equals all on peace Thes the holding out and just roll your most And you can, like, zoom out of the picture and we're going to transform this to scale it down. I'm going to transform it'd comment T okay. Or control T So now I hit comment T on the whole artwork just appeared. Now I'm going to scale it down. Just look at this. I can like this start the whole artwork, which I don't want. I'm going to hold down the shift key. And if I hold down the shift key, I can scale it down without losing the proportion softy artwork on to approve this. I'm going to just double quick. It is like transforming Deanna trick or you can see here appear is this sign. And if you click it, it says that it's all right. All right. Um, I would love to talk to you about the layers. Now look here. Here are the layers and here is the background layer. This is the image I had opened. You need to pay attention. Which layer you are working on? I'm going Teoh Side Honoria. And now I'm not cutting from this order. Wipes artwork. But I'm cutting from the background, you see, because I have a bag room selected. And now if I select my selection still stays. Okay. This is the same selection I choose my first layer I choose my first layer and now I can like simply moving around. Always pay attention to the layers. You are working it. I'm going to dis elect. Yes. And make sure that when you want to de select on selected area sack the selection tool and then you can like they select. There are a lot of other tools that you can use and that we are going to use One more I would like to show you is the rectangle to If you right, click on it, you can all see that there are several other shapes you can do. We are going to use the rectangle tool in this course. Um I have a preset this that I have struck up. Here you have this panel you will always have, like options for customizing the things you are doing. So now I'm just going. Teoh signed a stroke to none on. Feel it with a layer and you can see I have a rectangle behind this artwork. And if I want to bring this rectangle to the front, just grab it earlier. When I have a background, it is always going to be like at the bottom. But I can unlock it. And when I unlock it, it becomes a layer. And now I can, like, place it all around. So that's it for the essentials. Take a look on this shortcuts. You can print it and just keep it at your computer. If you don't notable. I keep it a safe I didn't mention, but it's like common desk. You can save it. But we are going to mostly use the file and save. Ask because where we want to, like, customize the form its air shape. We are saving or documents. One more thing about days. Uh, we're going to use a father shop for Mitt the J platform it on the PNG form. It was a difference for the shop format actually keeps every information you have in this file. So let's say I'm going to save it as 1/4 of shop file. So P s d. And when I opened it, it is going to be opened in the photo shop, and I will have all the layers, all the all the text and everything in it. If I save it as a J pack, it is going to be simple picture. Okay, as if it was picture shot by camera or something like that. So it's simple J. Paige this weekend use in the social media post and a little places. But one more thing about a PNG we're going Teoh, remove the bag grounds for more. Um artworks on We're going to save Them as a PNG because of PNG can tolerate a picture when there is no background. So it's a transparent image. If you will love to save an image that doesn't have a background, but we would save it a J peg. It would automatically have a white background, but not wait. The P and G. Okay, I think that's enough for the essentials. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the questions. And as in section, if you're stuck anywhere, I'm here to help you. So okay, let's get started. 5. Research Trending Topics: welcome to the first stage, the creation process. In this section, you will get inside to my own creation process that I follow when I created Ultrak intentionally to digitize. I have several reasons for that. But now my point is to make an artwork is his own trend and that I can show you all aspect of the process on it. If you are in the scores are assume you're constantly creating new A new artworks in the digital world. There are trends that it is good to follow to have bigger success in getting more following or selling artworks on products. Friends can be in color palettes or topics, but I would like to emphasize that you should stay true to your style on artistic voice. Use these trends only as guidelines for a future artworks. So just open Pinterest and see what it's trending now in autumn 2000 and 18 I'm sure you know Pinterest. It is actually a search engine for images, so I just put some key verse in it on that I I'm familiar. It's trending now, for example, watercolor brush lettering. I'm sure you've seen this on clothing on social media posts on moderation of quotes and things like that. Um, it is actually giving more personal, I think illustrations we can call it also more than colleagues or free trending monocultures. I put this hair so that we can see what's in. As you can see. Are there some botanicals? I can't say The tropical leaves are wearing in the small stare. Relief is like painter like everywhere. Um, cacti, flower bouquets, rats. Um, Bottalico Patents. I swore to color. I'm going to have right, uh, two dozen 18 color off the year. And it shows me this ocean side blue. And as you can see, it's purple or violet. Mostly gold rush. I see what's off. Artworks with this gold accent in it. And I also love to use it. I really love gold mainly in acrylics. I just love toe watch shining are painting. Okay, So my point here is to just put keywords into Pinterest or other websites. Research design websites. Ah, the particulary art related. But for example, interior design. See the colors. Ah, that are trending on. You will like your I will stuck on the things that you like and you need to use those things because, as you can see, there are some pale colors here on Diz. Red pear color on my I just stuck on this ocean sign in Wildwood and know that these are my colors from these trending colors. So and again. Ah, there are several other things on these sites. Trending watercolors. There was that? Yes, for example, some flowers, or I don't know this abstract things wedding, but when I roll are scroll through these pages, my eyes will see pictures that it likes. And actually that that's are the guidelines I need to follow that appealing to me. So I will, like, follow my artistic voice. My, my thing. I'm sure you got what I mean. So my creation process starts with this, and then I need to answer some questions. So let's see what those are 6. Choose Your Medium: in order to make the digitizing process easier. Um, it's crucial to decide what medium are you going to use? What size are you going to paint on? What cause are you going to use? But if you are about to digitize an otter that you already have painted, it is okay. Anyhow, you painted it. I would just love to show you my own process on gave you tips for the future. So let's talk about the size. If you have a skinner, for example, as me as I do, I own an absence. Cantor, which is a four sized. So I'm restricted to a four size and a free size on. If I'm going to create painting on a free size, I need to scan it twice than aligned days to images in for the shop. I'm going to show you this process. Um, it will make actually the creation and digitizing process a bit more complicated. But there is a problem. Trees in a free size. I can get so much more on the paper on if I just create painting a four size and just put it in and digitize it. It's OK are mainly for individual elements. But if I wanna complex artwork, I don't I cannot get that much on an a four size paper, right? So I will show you this. Ah, aligning process. Uh, actually, we are going to start your dad in a digitizing process. So I stock about the cameras. I'm mostly an acrylic painter on, And if I'm painting on canvas, I have two options. The first is that I find a scanning service around and they can the artwork for me And the second is and that is what I'm using actually is using a DSLR camera, setting it to the highest resolution on shooting in row. I will go into this in detail later in the course, but my point is that I'm not going to paint on smaller canvas. I just don't like it. And I have the same reasons. Asked for a four sized logical paper. Yes, let's talk about the medium, what I'm going to use. So as I'm restricted to the sizes off a free, what I'm going to paint on is a watercolor paper because I don't like their small cameras and therefore I'm going to use watercolors. I have several reasons for using watercolors for illustrations that I'm intentionally creating to digitize that it's fairly cheap so I can make them more. Uh, it has a nice texture on. The result is flat, so I don't need to deal. We'd I wanted shadows, for example, a Ziff. We would have annoyed painting on acrylic painting with a textured effect. It is actually kind of, uh, in the dimension are not absolutely fine. So I don't need to deal with that. And for a shop which makes the rich dashing process easier. And also, if you want to sell the original painting, it is not a good idea to manipulate the artwork. Too much info to shop. Um, and this is the reason why I'm mostly just doing a little retouching. Do my act click paintings on Onley, used them on social media posts on mark ups. Um, I can go a bit wilder with re tash ing for art prints. So back to the main topic of this video, you need to think about the reasons you are digitizing your artworks. Are you going to sell the original? Are you going to create art prints? Are your illustrations going to appear on products. If you are not sure in your answers yet, it's absolutely no the problem. Ah, they're going to go through this process together. And hopefully we'll get inspiration on at the end like you will have a clear image. But you want to do now. Let's go and watch me prepare the painting. I will explain why I'm doing things, Onda. Uh, I feel made a final took available for you. Also that you can work with it for after course. 7. The Creation Process - Plan Your Painting: in the previous video. I told you my own answers to those questions, but don't get intimidated by them full of your own heart on find your own answers. Even within the process, you will find the best solutions that are most comfortable for you on. That's our forms, right? So before I do anything, I want to explain you what I'm going to do and why. So I'm going to create an art and themed painting. My main reason for that is that it's autumn when I'm shooting this course and I want to create a painting. Dad is, uh that will fit in the interior that is splitting the theme on DL, the posts that are actually on social media. My point is also to make a design that can peer on products. It will contain a laddering. A zay said its own trends to have had lettering. I know the bastard it, but I would love to just included in the artwork. Then I would love to have separate elements and it because I would like to show you that, um, how easy it is to play around with the composition so that your you don't need to pay attention. It it's that much and also create a complicated design so that I can show you process off removing backgrounds on a bit complicated Arctic rather than just having right. I don't know what circling Just cut it off. Right. So are we love you to be an expert in it. It will contain the lettering because its own Triandos missing Andi dominating colors will feed the trending colors like as we saw Ah, purple. I'm going to use yellow ocher because of these gold, um, trend and also indigo because that's my favorite color, and it's fair if it's today's. This color palette is called combination. I'm going to intentionally create mistakes so that I can show you how to return them. I have one pro tip here. If you're going to create what a color illustrations like this, I'm going to draw everything. So I have priest catch the whole to have the pencil marks to like to remove him for the shop. I'm going to use in a razor before that, but you will see that there will be pencil marks ah that remain under the painting under the water colors on my pro tip is Teoh to minimize the passing marks on the Scotch so you can like, think about where things will be. How will they look like? But when painting tried Teoh not to draw too much because the retouching process can be really demanding. If you are like over drawing things, it's that makes sense. Let's see me create painting on DSI you each other in the digitizing section. 8. The Creation Process: 9. Scannning: Welcome to a digitizing section in this first video. We're going to scan or artwork. Ah, so let's just do it. I have an absence Tales as X 130 printer scanner, which is a pretty old one it actually never printed because it is a low quality printer. But it's calories pretty good, and it's a very cheap. If I would have an a four size paper, I would simply put it inside the scanner and scan it. But now I'm going to scan it twice to get the whole artwork. But you need to do before scanning is to clean the scanner. It can get dusty. You can have eraser leftovers or pains brothers. They're really if you are doing this regularly, so make sure you clean them so that you don't need to retouch them from the picture later. So if they're cleaning, it plays the painting inside and pay attention to aligning off the sides so that it is easier to align the two pictures later in the for the shop. Now let's see what sightings you need to look for in your computer because the open yours can ever on like this can opens tenor, and it is creating for you right away. Now I can see if it is a line. Um, drawing a line like this is useful. Portis, what I need to do is to change the result. Ocean. I have a 50 d p i, which is a very low for goods. Can I'm going for, Ah, 60 100 dp eyeing anything below 1600 will not preserve our your arctic too much. And about 1600 on the other hand, creates two big file on a too much data. OK, so 1600 works best. I'll make sure you are scanning in color. You can set the place you're scanning. Tiu can name just can onto wipes on Make sure you have ah, tiff selected is a former This file format keeps the most information about this can. It is as if it would be a row with Theus, our camera so, like diarrhea to scan. Okay, Mike, this time scanned a whole. All right, So hits gun. Make sure during the whole scanning and it may take a while. Oh, make sure that you are pushing the paper towards this kind of glass because May, if you have a bigger painting like this one. Big paper. It might get a bit away from the glass, and it will make us can big blurry on. Uh, not good. So just make sure to hold down. Be patient, because this process can take a few minutes. Okay, so one side is down. Let's go for the 2nd 1 Okay. Make sure you're putting the bottom to the place where you hard to top before and trying. Teoh line the same in the same position. Okay. I hit over you to save its. All right? Yeah. Greats. Okay. We have slime straits. No. Make sure the settings are same. So 1600 tiff. Andi hits can on again. Make sure that you're pushing the paper toe works. That's coming. Gloss. Okay, now we have scanned the painting. Let's online too. 10. Alligning Process: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a similar design from the two can documents. So that just got started. This is a time when we are going to use father shop. So open it up if you have it. Installing computer. If you don't just get the free trial from the adobe site, we're going to create the first step, a new template, click file on new. We're going to create a present that we're going to save, and you are going to be able to use it over and over again. As you can see, this isn't mine and this is going to be yours. So start the wits to 6 to 500 pixels to hate 8500 pixels on portrait orientation. It depends what kind of artworks you are doing this verse best for me and we are going Teoh work in this course with this settings. But if you're going to use your own artworks, set the dimensions which fits them. But make sure that the shortest part is 6500 big cells so that it will look good when it's printed on bigger products, said the resolution. Teoh free 100. It is a golden road for printing. It will look good mainly for smaller projects. I just loved to set it to 600 so that it is sharp enough. Um, we're going to stay. Are to be color mold on name on the present Here. You will actually name the fire. So I'm just going Teoh our name It aligned original Andi to save it. I will, uh, name it my heart template. Okay, on a quick, safe president and click create. Now, I have a blank document into which I'm going to insert the scans so quick to this can selected with the selection to or quick comment. Air control A on a PC, A copy with control. See on Common Savings Bank. Um, okay. Click on in my art temple on paste. We'd come into your control. We do. You have it. We're going to, um, transform it. So just control. Hit contract. Tea cup. Common T scale it down. Make sure you have a 90 degrees. This is showing here. Why? This transforming process is going to take while because very working with their files. All right, place it into the middle. You can play with the scaling with more and do the same with the second parts. Okay, What we're going to do now is to set the blending mode to multiply. This will help us to to see three or image. Okay. So why? I love to draw these lines around iss, Uh, because I can see if they are aligning. So they are. No, I hope quick comment t again to scale it down a bit more on a double king. Quick. OK, now click the selection tool. I just drag it around, um, and keep holding down the control key, which will help you to move around your artwork by pixel by pixel. Okay. All right. I think they are looking good on both sides. What I'm going to do is to quake to polygonal lesser tool on gold. So, Dion, tow it. Make sure you have selected, uh, these bottom layer. The reason for that is that if you can see this top part of the illustration is a bit more blurbs, so I want to make sure that everything is shark. Actually, what I'm going to do is to select the arias wishes good and then, like blend to buy debt line if you have an artwork that is not like with this separate elements, but it is just filled like the paper or the canvas. Phil, we don't work. Just come through it and, uh, you will see one is just going to happen. I believe days bubbles out. Try not to cut too many parents. Make sure you are selecting around Thea artwork in delayer you have chosen and now hit mask . What musk does is it actually creates the company off your selection from the layer you selected Onda. Uh, it is a nice tool because if you select brush and choose black color, you can like, uh, hide things. And if you change the color toe white, you can re, well, things from under the layer you put to the mosque on. Now I want Teoh actually get rid of these sharp lines to see how it will look like in real . You need to change the blending mode to normal again. So, like, you see, it is not too sharp anymore. But I want this lines, like, just to look good. Okay, this is OK. I have a line here going to make it there. This part is a little bait. Blurry. And I know Dad's It is. It's use better the second part. Like here. So I'm just going to go through. We don't white, uh, brush. I think this is just okay. You see, to find us, go through it as if I would just like, uh, and raise it. I don't want this one. Just wanted to show you bank. That's all right. Um, so you this is what you can do And make sure that the brush you are using uh is before we have to tell you is like its hardness. It's that down. So you are not creating, like sharp are raising monks around, but you are smoldering the boat. Okay, so I think it looks good. What I'm going to do is unwilling to flatten the image. Select on the layers we'd holding down the shift, can clicking around right quick on flight, An image or hit control E or comment eight. Now we have a nice, seamless design. What I'm going to do is to save it just fine. As a j. Paige se us I haven't named already. Click here they had and just save it into the foot of shock for urges class files. You'll find it already. There it is in the resources section so that you can compare your process with us or the results of your process with this and that you have a file to work with if you don't go through this process. Um, are you my Stop it. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them In the questions of answer section I'm just going to show you the recap off this process. You can find this file in the class files. I hope you will have luck with this one on duh seem in the next waiting where we are going to do only the rich cashing. 11. Pro Tip - Make a PRO Art Template: my brought it here is that if you have better computer said you're pro Arte template a tely east to 10,000 pixels at the shortest Andi, it is good to have a square form so that you can apply your artwork to several products. In the video, we talked about the 6500 pixels minimum. They sit on the shortest time. Making bigger template increases the file size. So you need to have a big storage and a good computer so that can process this big file and that you can work in its mortally 6500 and a day. 500 pixels is the minimum for a good quality, but an average like working flow in, um, average computer. So if you have a good computer and you are going to create several designs and you really want to go for quality, just create a pro arch template with 10,000 pixel on 10,000 pixel or different dimensions. Um, just go higher. Okay, that was my pro tip here 12. Retouching: amazing. So now we haven't aligned artwork, and now we can get to retire. Sh ing it totally doesn't measure if you're making these retouching first, and then you are removing backgrounds or the other way. I love to do it this way because I love to make everything right at first said. First, I'm going to get back the vibrancy off the painting because, as you see the skin itself dolls the colors so simply if you don't have the artwork open, just open on the aligned or regional J bag would file open. If you don't see the adjustments, take window adjustments and it just stops right here. Or click um, image adjustments and you can find contrast brightness contrast on You can just play around we d setting. So I'm just going to compromise. Play with bride news like Okay, on. You can play with the exposure to play the dot when you can see don't make on the act toe harsh. Just play oil around so that it is bit more, um, y burnt and you could said the Y prints here. Why breathless? Yes, that's the one you complaining a situation you can t saturate make it up. Ah, black and white. But now we won't like this, Okay? And I think it isn't enough for now. The second stage now is removing passing marks, steak, the spot healing brush. You can find it here you can, right click is the hearing brush Pashto, etcetera. But you're gonna need to choose the spot healing brush tool. What it actually does is that it gathers information from around the branch and feels the brunt stroke with it. So basically, it is a content aware Fill in the form off a brush. So as you can see, my real just zone mean So like, for example, I have a passing mark here. I set the science, the bigger one. If I go around it, if I just disappear So it gets information from around and feels it, I can go over. And just that I don't find like too nice. Let's see, for example, here on where is the necklace? Extra splitter. I don't want in the artwork now. Don't care about the background. We're going to go with it. This stage can take a bit of time, but it is worth it to play with it. because your artwork will be cleaned up more quickly. This is why it is Go to minimize the passing marks right at the painting stage so that you don't have to much work upto once. And also, don't forget to go where you're painting within a razor before this caning. I will not go over the whole painting and clean it up. I was traded up because it will take a while. You can try to with my artwork or use your own or just watched much the process. - All right, so then I think it is good enough. I cleaned it up. So now I'm going to deal with these We a letter If you watch the creation process, you saw that I started to paint it with the wrong color. It was intentional because it just can't happen. Even if you prepare a pains and then you realize that boobs discovered doesn't fit etcetera . You don't need to throw a painting away. But you need to make sure. Is that the letter or anything? You do this well, has the shape you wanted to have. So in this case, the shape off the week and I went over to be just dark indigo. I've been losing up the texture and make it fit with the other letters or the clone stamp tool. You can use this also when thes giving brushed doesn't work. So here's the stamp to choose the clones. Them, too, so it works on the basis off copying. So by pressing old or option, you can, uh, you will see that this arrow changes and you can set it to the texture that you want to copy and seem big. Click around and copy what you want, so I will just zoom in. I know losing up to stark color as you can see the the color of my brushes. Dexter eyes set it. So if I started here, I will like dentists texture. I just I will make it bigger. I just hope, and it do close up, and I will try Teoh texture. But keep in mind that, uh, the brush like this spot following the direction off your brush so I will just click around , and at this texture into my week, I can choose it like here because it will be like longer. Here's I just add textures from around. Let's say to the middle off, my so it will fit the other letters. Okay, The small dangerous. I will do the same song with the sport healing brush tool. I just go over like leaks. Oh, yes. And I know what I forgot this mushroom because, uh, took right. Thank you. So I will use the clones camp to pains a little at here in these third stage, and we can get a compositional right. This is the case when it is good to have separate elements that you can move around. This stage is best done after dinner after we removed background so that you don't need to play too much attention when selecting three objects, but you can freely manipulate them. So let's get back to this after we removed a background. So I just saved us fine as cleaned up or regional so that you have something to work with. If you don't want to go through all these cleaning up things, you can just simply ah use it was my cleaned up while. So I'm going to just save us to the class files on name it, uh, cleaned up original so that you can have something Teoh work with the, um, next stage I'm including a pdf file with the stops for you so that you can have a reference . Now let's go and remove that background. 13. Removing Backgrounds: All right. So we arrived to the part where we having to remove this white background on create a nice , cleaned up Achterberg like this swim. Now you might ask, Why do we need to remove backgrounds you don't need? If you are right to use your artwork only for more cops or framed artworks and that when you have a nice, uh like artwork, we don't know his backgrounds. Not like this, mom, but it has several positives to it. Basically, a complacent design on any colored background include a member documents, proper point presentations, websites really objects T shirts. You can create postcards digitally in had done to them, or create a bungle for the same topic and sell them online and off course. If you are going to be an illustrator or we want to be an illustrator, clients expect to have the backgrounds removed from, for example, elements like this. There are a lot of possibilities. You can help within one artwork if you remove the background and, of course, have a nice cleaned up original. So now if you're working with your own artwork and you don't have a background to remove, just opened aligned safety file. I have included in the resources the cleaned up original or just watch the video and do nothing. It is always useful to know distance, even if you will not use it. So here's what I'm going to do. So open the cleaned up original Andi. First things first, we are going to unlock the background. So click here. It became a layer and they're going to duplicate the layer Common See, Coming way. This is the easiest way our control C control we to duplicate the layer. We are going to hide this one and work with dismount. Basically, what we're going to do is to create a selection off these separate elements so that we can , like, simply delete the background. The complication is that I'm having now no Magic wand Selected magic 12 If I think now to the whites, it is selecting like everything like the small splatters. This not really nice texture down here from the scanning process on all things like that. And I don't want this. So now I'm going to like this select. What helps a lot is setting the contrast up so quick. Image adjustment, brightness, contrast and just put the contrast up responsible. You're at work. Well, look, look like this. This is simply to have this, uh, edges so that when we're selecting, we're not selecting, like anything we don't need. Um, no. Make sure you have the contagious on s so that it doesn't select the whites inside three objects. I just click on the white. Now you can see things are selected. For example, this white in the bubble isn't but here. Oh, this mushroom is it doesn't really matter right now. We are going to deal with it in imminent. So now, uh, right leg. Andi hit select inverse. And now we have the background selected. What we're going to do is to throw a mosque on it. So big here, hit mosque. As you can see, it deleted the background. This checked thing, it means that there is no back with them, so it's transparent. Um, this is the time where we can bring back this texture. Make sure you weren't in the mosque thick brush. Make sure you are painting with the white on as we did and pre of this video. We can bring back things from the mosque with painting with white. So then you can see I brought back a little bit off this white also there. Simply change it to black to fully black. Unjust. Go there. Uh, just delete what you don't want. We don't need. All right? Uh, no, this mushroom is all right. You could just simply go over your ours, work and just see take a look on things you don't want. Second thing is that it didn't select this parts. And I don't want that quite distinctly quick with the magic 12 and just hit. Delete. Okay, if you want these white dots from the mushrooms or the bubbles removed, you can do that. I don't want that. No. Okay. And this is great. Do you select? What I'm going to do now is to create a color overlay. So click here. Where was the f x select color overlay and choose any color? I'm going to work with black. It doesn't really matter. What it does is it is creating me as if the silhouette off the onto it so that I can select everything. So what I'm going to do is to flatten this, um, at a new layer like here. Select boat be told ing them shift, Candace clicking on hit common a Just merging the layers and making, um easy se wet. Now you is the magic form to and choose the elements. All the separate elements are going to speed this up, holds down the shift key and just click to them all. Okay, Um do you know, if you didn't forget something, just that all mask again? And if somebody something like, disappears like this, you didn't so active, so just go back on selected again, okay? Everything's fine. I have my selection, and now I'm going to turn this background layer again. I have the selection and I'm going to get rid of this layer. Right. Click on click delete layer. Yes, but I have now is the background with the clear selection. So now hit a sack in worsts and simply kit delete. And while we have a transparent, nice, cleaned up artwork, so de select, I have included Ah, simple watercolor paper texture in the class files simply opened fire open. And here is the Wanaka paper texture. It is a simple water co paper. Ah, scanned on duh and I cleaned up with the size off the yard Dampen we're using in the scores . So select this artwork hit common sea and paste it into the watercolor paper texture and Walla. We have nice, cleaned up artwork. You might have. Um, like some problems. Like for example, we have here. It was absolutely simple. Teoh, make it right. Just get, um, the ways there and just go over descend to make it nicer. If you find pass alerts like this, you can just simply hit sport healing breast Sercan simply continue making the artwork as nice, responsible on to make it a blend to the water cut medical paper texture more just hit blending mode said the blending mode to multiply again if it bring the shadows by. But you can say this as a transparent PNG. So just high the background Onda hit files saved us on a name it transparent you already have, despite in the classifies. But choose PNG. This panji is a format which supports like artworks without a background on duh, it's safe and turn the background all and save it as a J back. So filed. Save us just a pack and just name it like removed background, you can find the file also into close flies. I have included a document with the steps for this process in the resources. Okay, so let's go to the next video where we're going to see what else we can do with this article. 14. PRO TIP: Expand Selection: my pro tape here is to expand your selection. We'd two pixels at least to have a difference in your artwork. You can see here it is a little bit off a sharp cut. But here it is small there. But it has expanded selection. You will have a little bit off white around your art. It will not fit with a different colored background. But if you want your artwork to blend better into the texture of the watercolor paper or the white background, you are putting it on. Just follow this project. So we're going Teoh, follow the same steps. I'm going, Teoh. Just quickly They're saying that we did setting the contrast. Hey, okay. And I'm selecting white. And when I'm, um, selecting members, I can click, select, modify, expand and expand the selection with two pixels and exact modify and at one pixel off Federer, this feel make this election a bit more smooth. If you see it is actually just expending the selection. You know what, this few pixels and this will make the Arctic blend better to the white monocle texture, but it will be seen with different backgrounds, So it depends on your desire, which you want to do with your artwork. So, as you can see, all these little pained textures remain battle as a it would. Without that expanded selection, you can see a difference. A little difference between the paper texture and the this election. It can calls here and there a little bit off destruction. But I'm just going to show you, Dad, it is not that smooth. See, here you can see that it is the watercolor. And here considered it. It's like cut off. Okay, so that's the difference between the two selections. But again, I'm saying that this white, we'll be seen if you put this artwork on a black background. So again, what is your desire to do with your artwork? So just trying is out on bond. See how it fix your creation. 15. Playing Around: in the last Rio we pasted or transparent PNG on Teoh Wanna go texture on when I want to show you Now is that now that we don't have the background actually attached to the design , we can do so many things like their endless possibilities, uh, within one painting so we can resize elements reposition that create double cats on Just feel things. We think there should be something for selecting an individual items bearing to use. Pulling a lesson to you can find it here. And I'm just going Teoh, select this. Leave Which one? I like the past. What's in this one? I'm just going all around it. Make sure that delay a re selected the layer of the Arctic Andi he'd come and see as a copy and common we so that we have the duplicate off this leave on hit common T to transform holding down the shift key, preserve its dimensions. You can flip it over with size. I just want to place it here because why not? If you missed something from your composition, you can just simply add even more things. I'm going to add a little off this little mushroom so you guys think that play around with the elements you have painted and you don't need to planes Damn, again and again. Okay, I'm going to speed up. I'm going to add some more details here and there. All right. I think it is enough. The second thing you can dio and to change the color on march everything together sold these elements. You need Teoh like a connect to domain artwork. So this is my main layer. I will hold down shift key, click here to select all the layers right click on March layers So the design will become one again. Okay, So to preserve the original layer, I'm going to replicates delayer, and I'm going to work in this one and height first original. And I'm going to change the color, adjustments your situation and just changed a hue. You can see several options. Uh, well, this looks good. I love this one. Okay, It's afford it for the next, um, experiment. I'm going, Teoh, But look a delay or again, and hide this one and play with this one. Okay, So if I want my artwork to be dis dis variation, you can just have saved it anything one psd file. So for saving this artwork, you just select the one you want to be seen. And it filed saying us on and stated, like as a J pack, Andi, like, say, um little brown brown. Um, move around. Copy on. Just save it. Okay. And for the next two in turn off, turn on the second layer, and I need to reposition it, because it is, like, a little bit off. Okay, file. Say us and I will hate like, um, being green copei. Same as a drape back safe. Okay. And I can save this whole PSD file. Um, save us the photo shop file on just named like, uh, variations, PSC. Okay, so you can just play around with everything I'm going to saved the original. Okay, Se, here's what I can do. I can manipulate the elements. I can quick patterns. If you don't have, for example, lettering inside, you can just grabbed elements and create nice patterns which actually are really good on some products which you don't want for example, the lettering to their endless possibilities on. And I think that's all I want to say about digitizing watercolors in the next two videos. I'm going to show you how to digitize Vancil drawings on the canvas. 16. Digitizing Pencil Drawings: in this video, I'm going to show you how to digitize your traditional pencil drawings. So, as you can see, I have some I studies here. The brothers is similar with just coming apart from that, you need to make sure you are standing in a black and white mode so that it doesn't pick up any color around like it doesn't really much about it. We'll still make little difference on the resolution. You can keep 1600 again, can in tiff hits can on now I have it scanned and I opened it and fought shop. It is really in a high resolution. It looks very nice. So what I can do now? I would make something like this that's look amazing, right? So this effect I cannot reach which simply starting or playing with the con trust. Just take a look. If I said the contrast, it will just will likely change the original. And I don't want that. I want to get amazing So I don't play the levels. Uh, here you can say if you change it, it brings out all the blacks from the paper which was canned. And here you can take like the lights down. I just play around with these statics. Okay? All right. I will just choose one. Like, say, this one with a polygonal s ato. I'm just going to select it around. It's common to see and copy. And now open the water color texture because it's a singular to sketching paper and it will just create a nice sector for it is dispenser drawing on just hit common we and paces in dead and simply change the blending mode to multiply. I'm saying it is hair What I can do with this shark I just lnc And what I can do is image adjustment, brightness contrast and said the brightness a bit higher like this So that does hard edges disappear. All right, comin ti, You can make it bigger. Andi, don't apply double quick And now we have wonderful nice digitize pencil drawing. Let's see what we can do with the canvas 17. PRO TIP - Blend Into the Background: Okay, so it could happen that when you were like doing the steps described before, you cannot get the, uh, background that light eso that blends into the the ground of the water color texture. So let's see an example. I'm going to just cut off again. This I common C and I will just paste it into the water bill texture. So when I hit multiply and it isn't blending into the background that much So what I can do ? I can said the conference and brightens up. As I said before, Okay, I can still blame a dull layers or levels grades, but maybe I have a little bit of this edge. I can use thes spotting brush to but on Lee if this is emerged into the background. So what I want to do now is to select the layer and hit comment the transform on trust for the drawing to this science you needed to be because after want to, you can do that. After you blend these edges into the background. I will just be selecting Play with car. We see you layer levels. Okay. Lets say believe it like this. I'm going to select its both layers that had Calmund A to merge them. And no, this selection is part off the background to the Warnaco texture. Now, I can juice fulfilling brush tool and just go over these edges to manage down into the background. Okay. Well, uh, and now I have a nice blended drawing. So this is my pro tip for this throws us. 18. Digitizing Canvas: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can create a nice digital image from your compass painting, as I already mentioned. Either you find a scanning service or you get your ideas are and study to the highest resolution and shoot in row. Why shooting euro Important? Because it preserves the most information about the image you have taken. You have more opportunities when it comes to retouching. So let's see. I haven't acrylic painting I have done lately. It is 50 centimeters on 70 centimeters. AC Rick on campus. But I need to make sure is to use natural light and try to shoot it without any major highlights because it is warn ish with coursing, warn ish, and I don't want it to shine too much. As I said, I'm mostly going to use this painting in social media posts and art prints, so I will not need to go through the process described before to prevent the bouncing light , I will need a black background to shoot on. I have a joint commas painted black that I use is my black background usually, but a simple dark floor is going to be good or a black sheet of paper or textile. It doesn't matter because it is going to be cut out. Try to shoot from the front. It doesn't matter if you have a slightly different angle. I will show you how to use the perspective. Work to to make it right. So just taken image are use mine you can find in the resources and imported into a computer so that we hadn't for the shop. Click file. Open and open the file named C R. Two. That is the name for the role picture. If you have set your camera to shoot Jay Peak andro, you will find them both in your folder. So if you have one off the latest versions, support the shop. When you open a row file, you will get a different window that you can see here and don't close it. It is a time for us to play around with the colors, clarity and white prints. Roll photos don't dull the colors as much as cunning does, but still we can make or artworks book more, so I'll just play around with the settings. Okay, no, don't click done, but click open image because if you click done. It will just disappear like yourself. Things will stay, but you will not be ableto get a picture. A t first. I'm going to rotate the picture image image rotation. Likewise. Okay. And now I can see that I have a slight difference in the angle. And now I'm going to try out thes perspective warp tool. So I'm just like at it. You have the perspective war. What I can do is to choose the area I wants to make, right. Okay. On a good here. Up works now you can, like, manipulate your object. So then you can just simply play around to get these lines as straight as possible. I think I can get this one like but here sympathetic hair. This is just a slight difference I had here. Um, you might have bigger were if you take a picture, I can see that I don't have this line wind up. Well, okay, let's see. I selected wrongly. Don't do this. Just make sure. Do you still like? Well, all right. Not just click, OK? And you have, uh, front off your picture. And now my going Teoh just cut off all the background. So just so, like the area of the painting. If you're still have, like this light on difference, it doesn't matter. Click image cropped image do you select? First thing I'm going to do is to get rid of these edges when I'm going to simply do it again to use the sport healing brush tool and just to go around the edges, it will just make it saying was on simply, we will get rid off. Dad, etch that canvas. Have I have some unwanted brushstroke texture? I would love to improve, but only 40 art brains. It is not a good idea to manipulate too much if you want to sell the original work which I want so in the stage, do what you need to do based on your Nathan preferences. I will not do anything. Just clean it up. Obits. OK, do amazing job. So I'm just going to say this is a day pack and I can printed on Aznar prints or use it, uh, in social media posts and everything else 19. Shoot on a Background: Now I have a pro tip for you again. For the future. It might be a good idea to shoot your photos on a bigger background. So when you want to share your artwork without placing it in a more cup, you will have a space around to show what I mean. Here is that, for example, I have a 50 70 centimetre rectangle, and when I want it on Instagram Square sides, it would crop from the painting. When I need is a space around the painting so that I can simply shoot it on the back, black around but on placing objects around to make it more interesting. For example here. But this is the best I can think of. So, yes, that's my project. I can share this in the Mr Ground on my artwork. It's simply preserved. 20. What is a Mockup?: So what is a Moh? Cup? Lookups are used widely by artists, mainly on social media to present their artworks. A mock up is basically a Photoshopped scene, where you place your on track on the world on a piece of paper, into frame or on a product. You can basically do it one time by inserting cropping, warping your picture way. One is the hit safe on use that image ones. But there is a possibility to create a file, which you can use over and over again. And the only thing you need to do is to just placing autocratically. Creating markets is very useful way. Want to present your artwork in a real life, sea or on product? It makes Iraq work more sellable because the clients can imagine how will it look like and can connect with the artwork. Think about it as off quotes, so you're more likely to buy a dress when you seat on someone beautiful. Rather than just seeing it on a shelf right in this section, I'm going to teach you how to do a simple look up that you can use once than a reusable markup. You only need to insert your art books and saying and then complex framed art mockups where you can change multiple things like backgrounds and frames. And finally, a product woke up very well. Be able to place your artwork on the product as if it was really produced. I will also give you tips there to find stock images that you can use on also how to make your own images to make your brand outstanding. The section includes a lecture about criticizing your images to various social media sizes . Sounds interesting, Let's demystify knows perfectly stage art images. 21. Stock Photo Mockup: So this is our first scenario. The stock image markup? You wouldn't ask. What's the stock image? If you don't know, they are basically nice. State images showed that professionals on and sold online for a little fee, or you can find him also for free. There. Several three websites for getting a nice image. For example, on Splash excels, picks obey. Or you can pay for reading more cups. This is pixels. I realized this time because their images are really nice. Just search for the keyboard blank, and it will all like show you like black pages on Bala color papers, office papers and things like that. We chicken like Donald and use. Or you can pay for any more classes. I start, for example, in the creating market or Adobe stock, which is actually buying all the stock for the signs. Um, anyways, now we're going for free images. But keep in mind that these images are free for everyone in the world, so others are using it, which makes it last original. But let's just ride out. So I already downloaded one. I have a license for it for commercial use, so I can like I did to the class fire, so you will find it there. Filed open, Uh, you have stuck fourth moke up. And here is the stuff Photo J. Paige. And the second thing I'm going to show you is this stock photo is my stuff. 40 is my stage water, which I can use again and again for cleaned up original. So I don't need to stage my originals and and have them not cleaned up. You know what I mean? Uh, but simply just based transparent PNG into this on. It's good to go. So I'm going to open that one also. So file open. And here is the my stock photo. That's my Okay. I'm also getting that to you. You can You can use it for free. The 13 we need is the transparent PNG. You might already have it, but I included that also in the father forests, um, lessons or Portis lecture. All right, So we have everything opened. First thing we need to do is to select or transparent PNG with the select tool, or we can heat comin a and then common sea or contra C to copy on kick or stock full on and pay state with Calmund. We, as you can say it is a bigger file, so I need to hit comments t for transforming on holding down the shift key. I can, like, preserved the dimensions off the artwork. If you don't have background removed, you can do this thing with, like, this white, uh, places. But using the transparent PNG is always, like better. So just scaling to do size you needed to be and double click on after a double quick. Just like says, It's OK. Don't wait. Does scaling Holding down the control? Uh, you can move it like better because it's doesn't jump and to blend in more into the black ground. We're going to change the blending modes, toe multiply and as you can see now we can see Throw it. Okay, I have an overlapping thing on. You can have like a bigger places like I don't know, there's a mug on the paper on. You just need Teoh the need to the artwork from around it. We are going Teoh, throw a mask on this layer like here. Uh, take your black brush again. I'm going to set the size of a small one and simply go over these overlapping places. Uh, just threw you What's on the knees? There is a little bit off this white, which I don't want, so I just think we changed the color. Andi, let's go over client ists. Great. So what does say to this one? I really allow it. I'm going to do the same with my stock photo so that you can see the process again. On duh. I just tried out. Okay, Cool. So now we have a nice mockup, two of them, which I can use, like for one's. Any time I'm going to paste on artwork into this. I need to go through this process when there's a thing like the rial mock up where you are just simply changing the catholic and everything. The scaling and these masking is already done on, like your artwork just jumps right into it. I'm going to show you in the next video how to do that? So now I'm just going Teoh, show you the process you can find this. Pdf also into classifies 22. Reusable Mockup: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a moke up file, which is reusable. So you can just simply drop in your artwork and it will just show right here. So first things first, open the stock for Don't you can do this with any photo we used before. We could use any other one, but I don't want Teoh, like, get too complicated with this. This is the basic process you will need to learn in order to create, like, more complicated more cups. Okay, so this is the practice, actually simply ist away to create it. So we have this stuff photo you need to choose the rectangle to, and we're going to create a rectangle, so simply, just drag in around. I have started on Lee for this frame. So up here, I'm going to change the stroke to none on the field color you choose like this magenta. I only hit um, multiply again so I can see what I'm doing now. I'm going, Teoh quick here and call working too smart object. So now my rectangle is a smart object. It is actually the Arria. I'm going to insert the art Burke to so now hit comity on it is a little bit different, transforming as if we don't a normal rectangle. I can do several things with right clicking to this smart object you can scale, rotate, they start in the world. I'm going to show you the distort now so that you can know how to move this object. You can send the dragon, drop the corners where you need them to be. But now we have this. As you can say, this is not a regular rectangle. This distortion is good when you don't have, like a flat paper lying. But I don't know something in perspective. So now you can hit. Okay. And as you can see, we still have this overlapping o object here. I'm going to throw a mosque again. Yes. This is actually my favorite till on simply take the brush. Make sure you are painting with the black one. Resize it to smaller on. Just go or Okay, this is too big. I'm just go over the overlapping elements. All right, Now I have a mosque on it, and actually, my finest already done. So now I can say this file as a psd so that I can reuse it again and again. So I just do it while say, as you can find the template so you can just name it your example Stock moke up template and hits safe. I'm not going to do that now. And how you are going to use this? Um quick double click here. The smart object Tom Nail. And it will open the rectangle in a new window. And this is the place you are going to just drop in your artwork. Let's take or transparent a PNG a copy. Oh, yes. Here is my rectangle and I'm going to just simply basted risque lead Common T I'm not going to comment on this process again and show you already know how to re scale your artwork by resize it. Alright. What I'm going to do now is to turn off this colored layer. Andi, save this looks. And now when I click on the reusable markup template Pusey, why are turkeys in it and you can see it us Mosque, fruit. So when I want to change the artwork, I'm just going Teoh, delete this layer. Uh, I have a different dot Berg here so I'm just going to simply select common. See Open the rectangle. Can we coming? Tiu? Tiu are scale. This is a large one. I'm going to simply pace it here. A couple quick file save. And now they're it ISS. So you can re use this template as many times as you want. You already have the masking down. The scaling Done Are you need to do is to open this rectangle. Double clicking here, Andi inserting your artwork and saving. Okay, so you need to save it in order to get this artwork and hair. And if you want to save this hit file save as and said it does a J pack. Okay, so does stop. I'm going to just simply save it as their errors. Still magic mark up. Okay, got it. And I can use it in my social media posts. All right now we're going to do a little bit more complex thing. We are going to create or own framed artwork template where you can change even the background. So that will be a little bit more complex thought, but let's get through it 23. Framed Art Mockup: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a reusable mocha with this framed artwork which you can like we used multiple times so you can change the background, change its color. And you could also changed the frame itself. Here we have only one thing. This is my friend that I shot. I'm just going to show you This is the image I've taken. This is my personal photographed with my husband at Paris. You're going to cut it off. I didn't include just a blank page in because I wanted to show you how easy it is to create your own framed art. Woke up. There are several possibilities to get a frame so you can take your own picture on including this picture in the resources section so that you can use it or you can go online and use a stock photo states download picture where there is the picture frame you like, for example, say this one disorder or you get also download from creating markets or other sides, picture friends and also woke up fires which are these complex. But it is not a big deal to create it. And I'm just going to show you how to do it. So let's get started. But what I'm going to do is to select the frame, and I'm going to use the polling on a lasso tool and to carefully like, uh, count it. Okay. And now select in verse. And we are going Teoh ad a new layer and I walk the background changed the arrangement on just hit. Delayed by this be deleted everything else around. Uh, this spring now I'm going to select the inside of the frame. I'm not going. Teoh Deal. We did as precisely because we're going to insert the rectangle here. Now I d select. Now we have or frame so we can use it in our mock up. Now, like the rectangle to and create a big rectangle change destructive none. Fill it with a color. Let's say this blue one. Andi, you can resize it, actually. Wait. Common t control t resize it. Double click. And then you can again change the arrangement. When you're changing the arrangement, everything that is up here is going to be at the front, off the layers. Say, if I take this layer down here, it will be behind or rectangle. So now we have actually a background on I'm going to create another rectangle changed Struck. Didn't feel on state is going to be this green and I'm going to make it a smart object. Andi, uh, it comment t and now heat distort on with distortion. You can fit it pretty well into the picture frame, so just drive these corners to the corners. Uh, as you can see, I feel like or is here that I not aligning. I can hate warp. And what work does it will have this, um, these guys in the alliance which I can drag again Teoh fit it came to the frame. Better I can do it appears well. So this is what really matters. Not the rectangle I'm cutting girlfriend. I could have been a bit more precise, but it But I just leave it to you, so I'm just aligning. Good Teoh Science off the frame on board. Yeah, I think we are good to go still, Austin, Right. Amazing. Now it's OK here on we have a smart object. So now we can insert or took here. It's but it doesn't really look like as if it was a wall. Right. Um So what I'm going to do is to add a drop shadow so that it will look as if it waas on a wall. So click layer on their style. And here is drop shadow. Well, it was already here, but I can set different things. Like the stents. How far is it from the picture? If you're started, like, uh, too far away, it feel like make the effect as if it was two away from the wall. Right. So I just make slight I can move the shadow around. I know just ended here. I can spread it so that how, uh um Sharp Pittis and I can increase the size of Fred. I don't want it to be too sharp. So So I just this okay, he's okay on. We have a drop shadow on our layer and know what I'm going to do is to link the shadow real layer with their rectangles that use them both right? Click on click to link a layers. And now, when I'm moving on the frame, it is taking the smart object. Will it on also the shadow that we need. Okay? soon. What else can I do? I can come hit comments t and resize it to make it bigger curry. Double click. And I can change on the color of the background. Click on the rectangle on double click on it. And you constantly just choose the color You want any color that will fit your artwork. Okay. And I can do one more. Think so. If you go for this stock sites. If you search for the wall key bird, you can get wall textures. For example, this one's a really nice like painted wall. You have a brick walls. You have like these textures. Brick. I want a brick wall. I already had downloaded one. You gonna white one? But I have this one. I'm including this also in the resources section on. I'm going to insert it into my cup. So I'm just going to select a whole common see to copy. Here's mine. Common. We to insets. Well, it isn't mine. I woke up. I'm going to just resize it a bit like a smaller one. Amazing. And I can like at any, uh, any background that I want, so I can just think this saved this, and I'm just going to do it so fine. Save us on There will be able to find us in the framed art. Woke up class files as thief Range hurt. Okay, templates. Make sure to say it is a PSD so that you can edit it and have this layers You can add as many layers as you want. Well, when you are going to save your Pfizer, just, you know, turn on and off the layers. You want to be seen, you can save like more colors that are fitting your brand on look and you can import several frames you are finding online or downloaded than just inserted it. And I'm just going to add my out, talking it so again, double click on the rectangle. Where is my work? Here is the original. Okay, so in this case, it is good to have the white background with your artwork because if I wouldn't have like, I would have seen, like, you know, the break 12 behind it. So come and we into the Oh, I don't want it. Someone just select copy pasted to the tangle. As you can see, it is with the background going t to recite that great to fit it. Double click coming to us or safe on. Let's see here it ISS So we have our artwork framed. I'm just going to stay with violent, safe us. And I'm just going to stay as a J save. And then I can use it like anywhere. I need it. And I think it looks really great. In the next video, I'm going to show you how you can place your artworks on products and all things that are not like flat, Let's look into it. 24. Product Mockup: thing in this video, I'm going to show you how you can add your design or different products. They're not flat. And how you can align your artwork to just fit these objects. I'm going to use a day's photo. I'm including it in the re social section, both of them. But you can download your own. So again go for a stock photo side I'm using on Splash Now I was searching for a white luck . Or you can set for comfy mock or are blank monk or something like that. I just find what you like. I like this one, for example, but let's just do it. What? I downloaded dollars already. So I'm just going Teoh, do it this one time. Let's work this. So we're going Teoh do same things. A sweat, it already. So we will need now transparent being GOP onto bag. Golden's took photo on. We're going to create a rectangle again. Quick stroke known feel feel layer Jews a color. Any color on changed a blending mode to multiply so that we can see what we are doing. Place is on the mark, and now we're going Teoh, uh, converted to smart object and hit common steer control t to transform it right click. And we're going to use the distort function at first so that we can move these corners around the mug approximately find the corner so fit. Okay. And now, right click again on take on. Work on This is this guy Lies just came around on by this weekend. Just drag these dots here to align with Demotte. As you can see, here are some, uh, these rulers they have to call them, uh, that you can just simply use it is a little bit off a playing game because, uh, you need to drag him around to make it all right. One thing to pay attention, it all this mug, as you can see, curse like this and we want D's to curve. Similarly So I want this to be up here and approximately the same size to have dismissed, but also with this lower part on, I can manage this curve with changing this. I cried on this one and down here, I can just drag it down. Can still nick legs to Connors as I have a transparent PNG. I don't really need to care about this side Because I know that my design beer right here. But if you have, like, a complex design which would feel the whole rectangle, just be more precise. Okay? So just take care if it and we can manipulate the inside off this shape by dragging these and make sure that it curves like similarly as this one, and I'm going to add dimension to it by dragging Dee's a bit apart. So, Dad, the Cup has, like, really dimension on my artwork. When I place it today's smart object, we'll align, uh, well aligned with these guidelines. Okay. I think it's all right. I really hit. Okay, up here on, I can just double click on AIDS. Copy my art. Going to see Contra C control. We control t to resize it again. Okay, places where you wanted if you wanted to the center of the sites off the mug and make sure to turn off the color layer and file safe. And now when we click on or Monk, it is on there. Okay. I don't like how it's aligning. I think I gave it too much off the dimension, so I'm just going Teoh uh fire save And what is good about the work tool that it remembers . So if I hit again common t on it work, it will remember what I did. So I'm just going to play around with it a little bit more. Andi, make it less like this started. Gray was trying this way because it turned on the layer. Turn off the common there while se Let's see. Oh, it's better now. All right. I think I can like, uh, how did it also like this one? And to see how it like, looks like, as you can see, because they have to multiply or the shadows on these objects may like realistic. Okay, I don't just take okay on. I like it. Bring a lot of here. Was this a bouncing white on the carpet really makes it like, realistic. You can also say it does appears d so that you can just change the artworks within it or just use it. Waas. As you wish. Okay, the next video to show you how to resize these images to fit social media posts. So I'm going to include social media size guide so that you can, like, make these photos you created to fit this posts 25. Real Life Mockup: in this video, I would love to just talk about real life. Mull cups. So the best way to be original and customize your brand is to make your own mock up photos . So it is always easiest to distinguish. Grab your camera, make forces off your own. I carry around a blank sheet of paper when I'm traveling so that I could get amazing backgrounds. For example, this summer we traveled to Croatia and I managed to make some nice photos, which are you able to use for some dramatic images, for example, for summer or example Seascape or something we're leaving to see it is always better than just created, not can just stage it mainly if you don't have it ready. For example, we were at this trip on Duh. I just couldn't manage to paint Onley in the last night. So I painted this on If I would want to. I just can't digitize it and place it on any other. Like Okay, this is differently oriented. But you know what I mean is always better. And if you really want to be original with your brand, uh, it is great to create on image with yourself holding for a couple of frame or a piece of clinical paper. You don't even need Teoh like beyond. Just, for example, how far fewer hand as you are looking are something to be creative. And we didn't mock ups because they're useful. But they can be like Glee Shea and like, not interesting. But if you really wanna extend out from the crowd off artists present themselves on the What is the grand? Just just be creative and create your own market files. So that's what I That's my wise and that's the otherwise I'm trying to follow on now you have the skill stats to did just be successful with us. 26. Templates for Social Media: in this video, I would love to talk to you about sizing your pictures to fit the social media posts. The best size guide I found online is on the red website design. This is the ultimate guy for social media, and it senses off 2000 and 18. As you can see, here was image size for Facebook. You can find this if you write like a social media size guide into Google. Hair is instagram image sizes. And as you can see, it is a square for informant on. What I do is to create actually a template in photo shop, and the simpletons put my images into it. Here, you can find Twitter gaga, PLO's Lyndon B interest. Uh, let's just see how you can create a present for yourself for these sizes. So open for the shop. Quick, you Let's say as we so, Instagram has 1081 kind lady resolution can stay free 100 pixels and I was going to save it . Us instagram Well, don't template save present. And now here you have it. Good creates. Now you have, uh, a blank template. Now open the image you want. Teoh. Include a night and I want to use this image that we have created. I'm going to hit open. What I do is to select the whole artwork, competed Common Sale Control, See on simply drop it inside. Hit coming to say to her size. And now this is actually how I can play around with damage if I want it like bigger or smaller. I wanted to be like this double quick on and you're good to go. So simply just export fire State as like say, there's still magic instagram and on you can save it into a folder which you can keep for this instagram images. It's saved on okay and you can uploaded to Instagram. Facebook has different sizes, so just check the sizes online. They are usually changing, so it just go Teoh like research Onda a great a template on Just drop your images inside or scale and safe. They're right at the end off the mock up section on in the next section I'm going Teoh, show you more possibilities to use your digitized artworks and even how you can monetize them 27. Monetize Your Artworks: in this video, I would like to give you tips for monetizing your artworks. These options are good for side hustle. Our fourth, I'm job, depending on several things like, Do you have a following? How many artworks or deserves? Do you have Arctic? Good. So you need to consider these questions on There is a grocer whole thing on. That's the following. So here's my tip. So basically, you need to make good art having audience and create and post constantly. So the first step, if you don't have already created a Facebook page for your art and create an instagram account for your art. Manisa Graham is visually oriented, so we aren't. You can like, reach more people. And with Faysal, you can add more off like stories behind your art books on more of a behind the scenes things. So with these two pages, you can build your following. It can take a long time, but if you are posting regularly at least once a day, there's a good chance that you will grow like slowly. But it is like a snowball effect. It will just grow and grow. I need to work on that because I'm like doing so many things that I don't really have time to post, but I'm building like slowly but steadily, so let's just see what options you have. 28. Etsy: first option to monetize your aunt works is at sea. I'm sure you noticed. Site. You can sell physical goats with your artwork on it. This means that, for example, you premature artworks on art prints on sell them through at sea. But by this you need to package, ship and print the Arctic. But the pro is that you can sign it and make it like a limited edition on you can check the quality of the prince, or you can sell digital art prints, meaning that you are putting Actually, the files you have created by the process I show new only at decide and who purchases can download it and Prince for themselves. So there's a pro that there's no packaging, no shipping and no printing on your side. But the corn is that you can assign it or child equality. So the person who purchased can, like, printed on a simple office paper and they feel like, not look as good as it should look. OK, but that's, um that's his problem. OK, so hey decides like the customer decides how to print it on, and hopefully this will not make them like satisfied, you know, I think I want to show you in at the shop off South Pacific, she sells lots of our prints like this. Let me just show you. So now we are at her at the shop. As you can see, these are all mockups. So you are already able to create pictures like this? Uh, they look amazing, right? So, as you can see, there are, like, letter rings, illustrations, watercolor illustrations. So many interesting things. I'm sure this wasn't painted this color, but manipulated digitally. And you can see the low planet price £5 so you can just purchase that. Just bring it on the paper that you won't. As you can see, this is the same artwork as this one. What is different color? So you can just house as many as you want. And they are like, she creating more cups and up close. And let's see one. Let's see. Okay. So she includes several market fires. You can say this is a white wall, but ground, um, these are simply mocha price put into Arthur. Put in Dade. She like markets. The other designs within it. I mean, in the one. And if you can see in the description. Here is a five star 300 DP I perfect quality for printing. Whether Mark Real on being purchased files bring as many times as you warned on there was a Donald Link they will get after purchasing. So yes, she's doing that. And she does. That's what a well like she has, like one more than 1000 I intense. It's just amazing. I'm not sure if she has like physical products. We're in a 16,000 sales, and that's just amazing. Let's see what options you have. 29. Creative Market: good. So let's get to the next option. And that's creating market. Oh, creating markets. You can only sell digital products. Um, the bad thing about it that this invitation on Lee so you can send them an application with your portfolio that you want to open a shop on creative market and they designed if you're creative style like, fits their vision. Um, I was rejected because they said in my arse, Exacto niche. But that doesn't hurt me because that's actually are compliment. But I would love to create, like bottles for them because they're selling mostly bundles, meaning that you have several illustrations with the same topic on you Can like. Set them as slippers might now wonder who would like by watercolor clip parts. But But there are graphic designers who create a wedding invitations, and this is just like tools for their business. Okay, so so it is like on demand right now, maybe as every company needs to communicate, we usually on not all graphic designers can create like things like this on. Not everyone wants everything digitally on Diz Traditional approach like it's just amazing and it sells well, but again it is hard to get recognized because there are artists were already doing this for years and they have, like, giving any bundles like with more than 600 files and things like this crazy things like that but are here when it comes that you have a following and and you cannot express the word about you on If your art is good, it will be recognized. Okay, so just pay attention, Teoh, Like research the trends, as I have shown you at the beginning off the course, make a quality digitizing process on on. I think you would be good to go. I would just love to show you an example off creating. So here we are at the creating markets in the shop off Sandra, graphic design does You can say she created clip art bundle off cacti on. There are some rests off these objects absolutely easy to create. You paint separate elements and just plays them around. So you don't need Teoh like a mess around with the composition. If it just looks right or not, you just create these nice separate elements is just place them around as you want. You can create like pageants from them. As you can see, here are the separate elements. Heart. It's a nice one, but on placing more cups, I think this is staged. And don't think this is a monk a bit. I might be wrong, but this is a, um, product with these things, as you can see it again. 300 dp i PNG files. So they are transparent back rooms. You can do this unsure. So as you can see my guests and you pay like some dollars, I don't know how much against, to be honest, um, at it takes a cut from the sales on creating market. I'm sure takes a cut. Um, but I think you can set your own price is 30. POD - Print on Demand Sites: So let's see the 3rd 1 THESS is the best option on their Tapio. These types, it means print on the mind sites and they print your designs or products for you that are demanded. So basically, they have an easy to use platform. Um, you upload you're on tricks into your gallery on when someone sees it on, wants to buy it on a product day purchase on the print on demand side simply printed packages and sends it, and you will have a cut from that purchase. There are a lot of platforms out there, so 76 red bubble are. I think the most known ink tail is really quickly growing. One on displayed is not really printing artworks on products, but they are creating metal Arch brings and I just love this idea so much that I wanted to include it in this video. I'm just going to show you these sites there are hundreds or more. They're merging every day when you once so just research them. Be sure Teoh like upload your artworks like all of them, because you own the copyright off your electric so you can, like, sell them everywhere you are not exclusively creating for at your creative market or these people this site. So if you have a nice out back, you can just, like, spread it into the fear the side on at the integrating, working everywhere and just you just maximize the possibility off off your um being recognized. So let's take a look on this sites. Well, it is. Only love about society sticks is that they have so many products. Just look war type of strays. Art brains, frame brings furniture, wall hangings, phone cases Will morals, backpacks, shallow curtains on and you name it like they're amazing and the print quality is good. Also, Um, I will walk you through uploading artwork to society to six in the next video. But let's just take a look on another. Um uh, another sides cares. Right bubble. I find red bubble like bidding limited with products, but lots of artists like say that they adding well here. I think reparable is the second most Pio decides here is entail. They have almost a 1,000,000 products to choose from. I really loved him. I just love this company's look on dis itis. They're so easy. Uh, I find it like, very, very user friendly. And let's see this place. As you can see, these already is a metal art. Brains. Oh, let's see the best selling our days ones. They're mostly like posters, and they can be put on walls. The magnets. This'd just take a look on discipline. This, folks, this is a real time, digital way. But I just want to show you that there are more Cops are really nice. This is the metal post. Anyways, I just love thes sites, and there are so many more doing research and just upload your own tricks so that they can be, like, purchased on any side. So when someone is looking for something, they can find you. So make your customers easy to find you. Okay, So, Siri, the next video. Oh, well, I'm going to show you how to upload on artwork into society. Six 31. Upload Your Artwork to a POD Site: in this video, I'm going to show you how to upload your artwork into appear the site on. I've chosen society six to show you because they have the most products. And I think this is the site. You are going to upload your artworks for sure, So I just see so you can create your account. You can upload image covering midget Sarah, but let's just quick on cell. You can see that you can upload a PNG or J pack file and at least 6500 pixels at the shortest side. They are writing 72 dp I, but free 100 is the best. Maximum fire size is 150 megabytes, and here is a seller guide, which is very useful. I will just show you it has every dimension, pixel dimension you need for products. For example, as you can see, none of them are hired and 6500 for example, whose leggings. But I will show you that some products have, like downloadable templates, which you can edit your artwork in and then upload it afterwards. But that here are some unusual um, dimensions. But as you can see that most of the damage works well fit the 6500 pixels and the shortest side. So we just say Go back. So we're going to click. Upload your artwork I went to through the transparent PNG because it will fit most of the products. And I will add Ah, the PNG with the watercolor background separately. So click I only all rights on Go to the next step. It can take a few minutes to upload the image, but here we are at a stage where we need to enter the information about or artwork. So at first, let's give it a title. Um oh, obviously it will be autumn wipes. Let's choose a category. So it is a painting, but you can choose from jobbing collage photographic graphic design, but its painting, their suggested tax choose the ones that fit it. So I will choose watercolor typography. Digital. It's a pattern, okay, and we can add or own tax and up to 20 I really recovered you to use them all because it will create a search engine optimization for your artwork. It means that it will have a method better, which will help your customers to find your artwork and Now you need to think as your customer. So how can a person who would buy an artwork or product with this design? What would he think? So I will enter. Obviously, Alton. It will be a wool decor. It is lettering. I can talk about the object topics that it has. For example, mush rooms mushroom, our Alton leave. Okay, um, wipes is a nice key bird because I'm sure you know the expressions. Like like good wives on, I don't know, created wives. And this is Autumn white, so I'm just going to include data one. Okay, What else? I have folkloric elements in it, so ah, folk motives. I can talk about D colors off the Arctic. Um, I will add, Like, gente, uh, yellow Walker Fund. Time to go. It's a wall. Art. What art? I can also include luck fall full design. Let's it cozy. All right. I have the 20 on an in the description. What is the back story? What inspired this piece provide some additional context for fans to get excited about. So it will just make your customers to connect with your artwork. Morris, I know. Just write something like this now you can hit, continue to create products. It can take a few minutes to load the aren't bag. As you can see, it's already like, Ah, putting it on the product. You're looking so good. Wow, I just learned is great. Amazing. Oh, the first thing I'm going to do is to click on, add it on this art print framed art paint on canvas, sprained on poster. So this one's I'm going to change to the J pack with the water color texture. So let's just do it and take on at it. So here is the part where I can change the price. Ah, it's some products. I can change the price. For example, here I just ah blowed custom image. So I will choose original. Okay, as this one. I had the water quality picture and I want it. So I will just add it. Wait until it's uploading and hit. Save them close. You can turn on and off products, for example, these Wardwell art. I think it looks good, so I will just turn it on and don't lose anything which is turning along. And as you can see, I can scale it so that it looks like good. I will just keep it. And just the murder on hit Saving close. And now I How it Ah, while hanging looks breathing. Amazing. So I will turn it on. Uh, the wall tapestry looks really great. So I will hit at it on scaling a little bit. Okay. Same clothes. I love this walk. Walk. I would try. It would be this one. It looks amazing on this window. Curtains I will enable it on. I think it looks good. There it is, Furnitures. I don't have experiences with them yet. Oh, won't is throw pillow looks amazing. I don't like this rectangular one nordeste. One shower cartel looks good, but I don't want this product. Hold by. Not on wipes like Shah Rukh Khan Curtain like, I don't know, nor the beach towel nor the hand and bath double. So just be mindful of the products you're putting it all on. This coffee mug will have a different dimension. I will just show you in a second. This serving tray, however, looks good. Andi, I love this cutting board. Stashing Ricard's sticker looks good. Wow. Okay, so now we're at the phone cases uh, I loved your the iPhone case. The iPhone scan on the create iPhone case. And as you can see, this is why uploaded to the transparent PNG. Um, it just looks transparent on this clear iPhone case. I will leave deuce one like this. I don't want that these one, because the years are landscape oriented. And don't put my design now, but what I love are these cool oats, likely. Look at this. This T shirt unisex A we neck. Um, a long, sleek shirt hoodie USX Tank top liker tag. Also the tote bag. Andi, I think these are just amazing. Um, I will now hit. Publish. And please note it can take up to 30 minutes for your post. Appear in your shop. So I would just hit. Publish on. Look at that mug. It's open from the shop. I would just open it on and look at the cellar guide, so I would just show you the dimensions off the mark. So the mark has 4 to 602 times and pixels. I would just create a template for dead. I already have. Actually a Z you can see my staved templates has lots off the society stakes. I form cases extra etcetera. Ah, parentis. Here is the society six knock creates 32. Customize Your Artwork: I will open transparent PNG again the Selic toe common. See Akopian paste it into mog common t transform. I can scale it, and I don't want it to be like Andy Edge, but I would love to, uh, create a nice design for the whole log. I don't just play around. I will cut off, um, with Portugal s 02 elements from this original design and just place it around. Okay, I think it's good enough. I'll just save it file. I'll say us on. Let's save it as Alton Wives mug che bag. It's save. Okay. And if you want to just, uh, manage your posts, click on your profile. Uh, quick money is your posts. He resisted my art post. So every design you have, you can see that enabled products a 24 20 tags. And where are the marks? Here is the mug. Coffee mark on and I'm going to add it. Drop your image, Walter Waas Blunk. Just maybe it is a little bit too much, but okay, At least I wanted to show you just quickly. What can you do? So hit, save enable. And now you will see Mark here. Great I think it looks good. I just spend some time looking atyour products so that they fed on day look good. And if it needs a little bit off scaling, just do it. Um, these products were present you so just be aware of that. I want to add it this T shirt, because I think it's too Ah, way too high, I mean to design. So I will just move it a bit. Loud blower scale in a bit. Teoh on. All right. You can enable the colors. Um, your design can appear on Andi. I want to show you, for example, the bag bag. If you click on at it. Ah, you can download the backpacks template in father shop or in Illustrator, you will get a template like this and you can like manipulator artwork to fit the suing template or pattern or how to call this s O that your back bag looks amazing. I really do is right now I can include a video in the future about this. If you are interested, just comment in the questions and as their section or contact me personally and I will include it. But now I don't think that's too important after 30 minutes, if I was it my own shop, these will be there. Yeah, My coffee mug isn't like refreshed yet. It will take a few minutes, but I think they are all sin. OK, I hope that this is useful for you. I will have a few more tips in the next video. But anyways, I hope that you will be successful on that. Your products will sell well on that you will be able to do this. As for living. Okay, So let's just see what else I have to 33. PRO TIP - Use POD Site Mockups on Social Media: my brought appear is to use the P O decide smoke up files on pictures like this. So let's say, for example, if I click on this world tape mystery, I can get a mocha up file like disc. I think it looks amazing, and I can just use it on my social media. The easiest way to do it is to create a print screen crop it and, um, Moody's bottles from the picture. So let's just do it on a Mac. You can create a sequential by hitting common shift and free on a PC. You hit control and print screen. It creates a prince screen. If you don't know where it saves it, just google it or just look around in your computer or a search for the key birds like screenshot. Mine is saving on desktop, so I'm going to open the fourth shop and show you what can Medio. Okay, here is my screen shot, and what I'm going to do is to sell like we the selection toe. Ah, the area off this photo click image crop image on I'm going to de select on click on spot Healing Brush tool on simply click on this bottles. So now I have a really nice smoke up image which I can save. I actually have a father where I saved his images. You can create social media posts like this, for example. As you can see, I've included um markup file. I did and included the product. I put this designer, you can upload more images on instagram too, so they can swipe through the images and you can just simply get used off this images. So that was my project for today. 34. Final Thoughts: So we arrive to the final video, huh? We learned the Walt, right? I do really hope that the course gave you as much knowledge as it could and that you will get use of this knowledge and that this gave a kick. Start your art career. Please let me know how it went for you. I would really appreciate if you would leave me a review to send me suggestions for more topics that this course school cover I've issue. Good luck, CIA.