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Adobe Photoshop VS Lightroom

DENIS LEMAY, Photographer

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4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Photoshop and Lightroom

    • 3. Software Capabilities

    • 4. Conclusion


About This Class

Post-Production and Editing have become an intrinsic and integral part of a Professional Photographer’s workflow. These days, no image is ready straight out of the camera. Adobe is an industry leading Photo Editing Software Company that caters to Photographers, Designers, Graphic Artists, Digital Artists (2D and 3D), Retouchers, Web Designers, Cinematographers, Animators, Illustrators, Advertisers and all sorts of Creative Professionals.

Here is what we will cover.

  1. What is Photoshop?

  2. What is Lightroom?

  3. Photoshop Image Editing Capabilities – Why and When to use Photoshop?

  4. Lightroom Image Editing Capabilities – Why and When to use Lightroom?

  5. Similarities between Photoshop and Lightroom

  6. Conclusion: What to buy and Which Version to use – Lightroom or Photoshop?


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I am Dennis LeMay. Today. I want to talk to you about a Dole Photoshopped versus Late Room and the differences and which ones to use. Post production and editing has become an intrinsic, an integral part of a professional photographers workflow. These days, no image is ready to straight out of the camera. Adobe is an industry leading photo editing software company that caters to photographers, designers, graphic artist, digital lodges. Retouch is so one and so forth. Yeah, this is what we're going to cover in the next segment. First of all, what is Photoshopped? And then what? ISS like room third Photoshopped image editing capabilities and why and when to use for her shop. Fourth light room image editing capabilities, Why and when to use light room similarities between photo shop and light room and, in conclusion, what to buy and which version to use Light room or Photoshopped. So I'm hanging with us and we'll see you the next segment 2. What is Photoshop and Lightroom: Welcome back, everyone. What is Photoshopped? And what is light room? Photo shop is, um, a raster graphics editing software suite made by a dope that enables uses to analyze and modify digital images. Photo Shop is considered to be the leading industry ranch for raster graphics editing software. It's used worldwide by photographers and graphic designers are like. The software comes bundled with an abundance of Till's plug ins and actions that enable images and graphics to be modified and built on in almost every conceivable way. Now I'm sure that from time to time you've heard people say, watching the news of watching something. Ah, that the image was Photoshopped simply because the term photo shop has worked its way into the language of popular culture. People know that the photo shop something means to digitally alter or modifying image, even though they don't know what for. The shop is okay, so now what? What is light room? What's the difference? Adult Light room is a photo processor and image organized, developed by a dough for Windows and Mac OS. It allows viewing, importing, organizing, filtering, calling, editing, retouching, batch processing, proofing, exporting of digital images for print and did your digital media there. The unique selling proposition of Light room is that all the edits made in White Room are completely non destructive in nature by default, although adult light room is a very capable software, and it shares its name with the dough Photoshopped. But it cannot perform many Photoshopped functions, such says doctrine or adding, removing, altering the appearance of an image or rendering three D objects on images or modifying individual video frames. Another was a lot of what Photoshopped can do. Light room cannot do. Okay, so that's basic explanation of what photo shop is versus late room. All right, so stay with us. And in the next section we'll talk about, um, image editing, capabilities of photo shop in light room and why and when to use so well, you see you next second. 3. Software Capabilities: Welcome back again. Okay, Now that you have a basic explanation of what photo shop and light room is, let's talk about image editing capabilities. Yeah, Photoshopped again is a raster based image editing and creation software. That means it's a pixel based application. Pixels are the tiny dots that make up our photographs. When you use Photoshopped to edit your photos, you have ultimate control, right down to the individual pixels more than deace DSL. Ours showed images easily above 10 megapixels, for instance. One megapixel equals one mainland pixels. So if you're shooting a camera that performs 21 megapixels, then if you shoot an image that has 21 million pixels or dots that make up the whole image now, since photo Shop is a pixel based application, most of the editing is destructing in nature now because it involves altering or modifying individual pixels that make the image. Having said that, if you are an expert or if you're well versed in Photoshopped, you can edit your images in such a way that the entire process can still be non destructive . However again you need to be an expert or you need to have a good knowledge of how to use photo shop so that you can make sure all your editing is nondestructive. Photo shop offers gods like precision and control over the entire editing process. It has hundreds of tools, your tools all over the place in lots of layers masking more tools, modes, tools appear. It's unlimited. You can create superior and sophisticated, realistic looking panoramas, and high dynamic range imaging was pulled a shop. If you wish to change the sky such as this, or change the background or make a model looks slim. Do high end skin retouching combined the best elements of two or more images and make realistic composites. You can do all this Onley. In Photoshopped, you can cake composites of two or more images, blending the two or more images using layers, transparency, ease adjustment, layers masking, etcetera. You can literally transform the look and feel or a photograph using photo shop. In other words, if you can dream or visualize something in your mind, you can create that exact artwork in Photoshopped. So, basically, to put it in a nutshell, there is nothing that Photoshopped cannot really do. But it is a lot more complex and has a steep learning curve. But once you adapt yourself to the learning curve and the more you learn, the better you get at it and for shop can become a powerful tool for you. Okay, what about light room? The light room is an image management system and editing program built specifically for photographers that need to import, organize, select catalon process and export their images quickly. Light room makes it very easy to view. Let's go there. This is what light room looks like. Light Room is exclusively a photographer based software light. William is workflow based, so a photographer can adapt light room to suit his own preferred image editing and photo management. Workflow Light Room is basically a datas based management application. In other words, all the editing that is done in light room is completely non destructive in nature by default. Whenever you added images in light room, you do not alter the images themselves. What light room does is it records all of the steps that you carry out for editing an image , and it stores those steps as a recipe in a separate final called the L R C o t. File this is a special catalon file that is a database consisting of all the changes you have made to your entire library of images that you have imported into light. Also, as a light room user, you can use multiple catalogs for storing multiple library of images that you have shot for a variety of purposes. Since late room stores, all of the changes made only in the catalogue the images issue remained untouched, enhanced. The entire process is completely non destructive. Okay, now Light Room is simply the best editing program for basic and intermediate level image editing. Almost 90% of all your editing needs can be met using light room. Some some people be fair to use just late room and nothing else. We're just fine, and therefore it has already become the default editing application of most professional photographers. Most professionals these days use light room as a starting point for all their editing requirements and only used for a shop when it is actually needed. Light Room has a clean, simple, elegant and extremely intuitive and friendly user interface, as it has workflow based streamline modular interface. Nice thing about Lang Room is you can batch process and edit your images. If you have edited an image and you like to look and wish to apply the exact same look across multiple images, you can quickly do that. Light room is a great at keeping all the history of edits. All the edits that you do to an image are stored by default in light room catalogs. Light room can display image spent it metadata as an overlay as your edit photos Light Room has an extremely sophisticated image management system to organize all your images and photo files. Also, light room is a lot easier as compared to photo shop and has a much shall shallower learning curve. Some cat similarities between Photoshopped and Light room at the core level, both programs do essentially the same thing. They added images the way they handled tasks as well as how you actually use each program. Might very. But if you are simply looking for software that will allow you to alter toe week and enhance your photographs, either one will suffice. Both are capable of handling multiple file types such as J. Paige Ping, Tiff and, um, perennial favorite of many photographers. Wrong D and G In fact, both four shop in my room used the adult camera. Wrong processing engine Teoh Handle raw files so you can expect similar controls and editing options in both programs when doing things like adjusting saturation, working with curves and correcting lens distortion and so on. Both photo shop in light room are powerful additions to any photographers digital till box . And both programs also feature an extensive set of editing and manipulation tools, allowing you to do everything from basic editing like cropping and adjusting exposure to advanced alterations such as working with brushes, tone curves, graduated filters so on and so forth. In conclusion, in the final segment, we'll talk about which you which version to use which version to purchase. So stay with us and we'll see you in the next section. 4. Conclusion: Welcome back. Now that you have a solid understanding of the basic differences and similarities between photo shop and light room, which one should you be using and which version? Specifically? Well, in my opinion, you have two options. Option one would be to purchase late room and use lately. Option two would be to purchase Light Room and Photoshopped. Why one is to use light room exclusively for all your photo management and editing requirements and the others to use both light room in photo shop for a more comprehensive solution. With option two, you can use light room to manage all of your images. Do basic and intermediate editing work. London. When you need to work on high end retouching, image compositing, image manipulation, etcetera, you can use Photoshopped. Yeah, for those of you who envisioned themselves spending most of their time in Photoshopped, I would suggest getting both photo shop in light room, anyway. Why? Because photo shop picks up the baton where light room drops in and vice versa. They're two programs that complement each other perfectly and make up for an amazing combination infinitely stronger together than as individuals now personally might work for him always starts with my room with import image management and raw processes. If I'm working on a composite image, then my light Rome edits are very basic. Then I do everything else in photo shop. In conclusion, light room should be the default workflow software for any photographer, especially not just for portrait and event photographers, but also for most other photographers. It is, in fact, your digital dark room, no less. If your main job is compositing, you have to use for a shop. If you are getting started with photography, light room is a place to begin. You can add photo shopped to the mix later if you like. Both Photoshopped in Light room are great software packages that have the ability to bring out your post processing creativity. Just choose the right to for your photograph needs on a project by project basis. Thank you for listening. I hope you have a better idea of the difference between to and which one to get which one to use. Thank you again and we'll see you next time