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Adobe Photoshop - Imperfection Treatment

teacher avatar Joe Ghalbouni, I aim to teach in a fun and useful way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Adobe Photoshop - How to fix imperfections

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About This Class

In this tutorial you will learn how to treat imperfections in a picture such as acne, scars, etc...

Through this tutorial you will learn the following skills:

  • Work with the spot healing brush tool
  • Work with the healing brush tool

This is heavily used in fashion magazines and is a must for you to know if you want to make your pictures look perfect.

This video is provided with its corresponding exercise files that you can download (Check the section Class Project).

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joe Ghalbouni

I aim to teach in a fun and useful way!


"LearningWhilePracticing" has one of the most practical approaches when it comes to learning. Our goal is to let you be operational as quickly as possible while at the same grasping all the concepts required. Being able to work on your projects through a software while learning it at the same time, is a source of motivation that will make you go further.

Concept: Our concept is to provide for each software, a bunch of "how to do" videos, answering the most frequently searched terms. Because of how dynamic technology is, more and more videos will be added up gradually. For some software, we even opted for a full coverage.


Exercise Files: For each video, exercise files are provided in the ressources section. That way, you will be able to work on the exact same ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: the concept of learning what, practicing this simple. It allows jeweler through a fun project, different rules in the software. In this example, who are gonna learn culture, treat imperfections in a picture, for example, we're taking the sake of his cars were gonna learn through the spotting brush to and brush to how to remove them and make the skin look smoother. This is extremely used in fashion magazines, for example, so if you're interested in learning the skills, not hesitate herbal this course. 2. Adobe Photoshop - How to fix imperfections: Hi and welcome to this third video from the photo shop. Siri's learning while practicing. This time we are going to learn how to remove imperfections from a picture. And we are going to focus on the acne problem on the skin. So I'm gonna go to file open and I'm going to open the tutorial three image one. I should remind you that the exercise fights can be downloaded with the link below in the description and of course, free off charge. So in that example, we have a woman which has what we call an acne arose esa, which is a type off acne skin with pink patches and pink spots. So Photoshopped has also wonderful toe. In order to remove that problem, 1st 2 are gonna unlock our layer by clicking on the key lock. And then we're gonna choose the spot healing brush tool. So basically, what the spotting brush tool does is that once the imperfection is contained within the spot right there, I should make my my spot big enough in order for it to contain a bit off the surrounding which don't contain any imperfection. And then by simply clicking like this, that spot has been treated. So the spot heating brush is very useful for de localized spots like spots that are far, one from another. So I can do the same here. So I am gonna proceed. As you can see, you can post your video so that you can do them step by step. I'm going a bit quickly, because once you know how to do the 1st 1 the others are just the repetition. And it's not complicated. So here, as you can see, have removed a bit from the hair. So I can also continue to remove the hair left so that it doesn't look weird. So you see how clean the skin looks. I wish medications worked like that. Well, actually, they do work very well, but not that quickly. Um, go for the nose. I have the veins here. Not very easy to get rid off. So, you see, the last spot looks not that well, so I'm just gonna cancel it. I'm going to try to and a selection from there. Yeah. Now it looks better just gonna remove this spot from here. I continue by clicking on all the spots I want to remove I make sure that the spots are all contained within the circle and some of the surroundings as well. That do not have any imperfection? No, this last one, I should remove it because I have selected the bitch from the hair that we try to do something like this. It's that better. And we're almost done. So as you can see now, the skin is much, much clearer. Now, if you compare with what we had in the beginning with all these imperfections right there now we have something that is very smooth. So yeah, In case you're wondering for all the photos from magazines, those tools are extremely used. So no one has skin that flawless as those that you can see in magazine that is beside the makeup they use. Now we're going to see a second example where the acne is actually more severe. Andi, it's harder to remove things using the spot. So here, in that case, you have a man to the severe acne problem. So are gonna unlock the layer right there. Now if I use the spoke brush, for example, right there, look what it does. It does a clear circle and It's like it hasn't fixed anything for this one. It works. But for things that have some surrounding with a lot off acne, you feel that the tour isn't as efficient as it should be. Well, fortunately for us, I'm gonna get back to the first opening of the image. Fortunately for us, there's another tool, which is called the healing brush tool. So what the healing brush does is that it will take a reference in the picture, and it would try to reconstruct the image based on that reference. So, for example, if I go and click right away, what it tells me is that I should keep the ult key on my keyboard head and click somewhere within the picture to define a source point to be used to repair the image. So, for example, if I hold the out bottom here and I choose this part of the skin, which is not affected by acne, I click and I know have my reference. So as you can see, my brush starts to have the patch that is right there here that is going to be applied. So of course I chose an area that is close to the skin so that I don't have a big radiant, which is an area that this close to the one I want to repair, so that so that I don't have an important difference. Ingredient off colors. So now, once I keep the mouse button held like this, I have a small cross, which tells me from where it's repairing the image from where the image is being repaired on the reference it's taking. So if I see that the cross starts to get in the damaged area, I stopped. I redefined the new area. For example, if I want to fix this one, I redefine a new area by holding the alky on clicking with the mouse right there, and I keep the most bottom hand to the area that they want to repair. So here you see, I went to a bit more. What happened? Why did the spot come here? Because the spot was actually there. Once I helped the out button here and I continued to go down. It remembered that there was a bottom here and it kept copying the image. Basically, the source is going to repair the image step by step by taking it as a reference. What I'm doing is that I'm d localizing the reference. Instead of being here, I'm taking reference from there and reconstructing here. What's in that area? So that's why I have to do several steps. I cannot do everything in one single step. Otherwise, you see what happened. So I'm just going to go right there. Remove this. So that's step. I'm gonna go right there. Remove this one. So you have to be very patient. I'm gonna go quickly because I'm actually usedto that tool. So that doesn't take much time with me. But just go at your own pace. Practice a lot. Nothing is going to be perfect on the first time, While if it is, you're either lucky or you did a great job. In both case, that would make me happy. I don't care. All I want is the result. And of course, for you to know what you've been doing. So I'm just gonna go quickly there and we're done. So as you can see, I have almost completely removed the acne from this guy's face. If you compare with what we had first to what we have now in the history section, we can see that the result is quite stunning. So that way I can completely remove the acne from the face. Now there are other post treatments that I can do that I haven't told you now, like using the Blur tool in order to mix it with the color so that I reduce any red contrast you to the acne or any red being contrast. There are other ways to construct part off the face, but here the result. I mean, it's pretty good if that guy wanted to use that photo to post it on somewhere. Social media Let's say Facebook now that way, his ak knees not apparent at all. So this tool is also very useful if you want to reconstruct the damage picture and off course to remove any imperfections, whether it's in the face or the body like a mole or anything, And that way you are able to get any results that you want just by using those two wonderful tools. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos