Adobe Photoshop: How to layer blend modes like a PRO | Erica Marroquin | Skillshare

Adobe Photoshop: How to layer blend modes like a PRO

Erica Marroquin, Creatives make the world beautiful

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • The functions of blend modes

    • Layer blend modes for effect

    • Merging photos using blend modes

    • What's Next


About This Class

Are you an artist itching to take your photo editing to the next level, but not sure how? Using Photoshop's various blending modes may just be your best option!!! Learn to engage your creativity.

Ideally for this class, the student should have at least basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and have the software or trial available to them as the class project will call for using one of the techniques taught throughout the class.

In this 16 minute class, you will learn:

1. How blend modes work

2. How to use blending on a single image and

3. How to layer multiple photos with blend modes.

This simple way of editing with blend modes doesn't have to be the end to your creativity. Blend modes can act as a main adjustment in itself or part of a more complex editing process. The control lies within you.





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Erica Marroquin

Creatives make the world beautiful

I am a natural creative with the passion to excel and continue to hone my skills. I have dedicated my time and efforts to photography for the past 5 years.

It was then that I accepted an offer to travel throughout the United States in the passenger seat of a semi truck. That experience has been an incredible addition to my learning process and gave me the passion to do more with my skills and talents. I practiced years of landscape and nature photography. It came with its challenges bu...

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