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Adobe Photoshop CC - Learn Everything in 2 Hours

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor,Motion Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. 01. The First Important Step in Photoshop

    • 2. 02. Interface WorkFlow and Organize to your Own Style

    • 3. 03. How to create a New Document

    • 4. 04. What is Layers Explained in Detail

    • 5. 05. How to make Selection and Layer Mask

    • 6. 06. How and Why Reset the Tools in Photoshop

    • 7. 07. How to Organise the Tools in Tool Bar

    • 8. 08. Make Selection Using Channels - Studio Techniques

    • 9. 09. Crop Tool - Resize Image Easier

    • 10. 10. Brush Tool - Brush Settings

    • 11. 11. How to Create your Own Custom Brush

    • 12. 12. How to Create your Own Custom Pattern

    • 13. 13. How to change any color to another color

    • 14. 14. Levels and Curves in Photoshop

    • 15. 15. How to maintain the White Balance in Photoshop

    • 16. 16. Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush

    • 17. 17. Patch tool - Source and Destination

    • 18. 18. Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

    • 19. 19. Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop

    • 20. 20. Final Class - Photo Manipulation

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About This Class

Photoshop. An image editing software developed and manufactured by Adobe Systems Inc.

The software allows users to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photos. The software is particularly popular amongst professional photographers and graphic designers.

In this Class Course, 20 Videos are there to explain clearly what the way we are using to make kinds of stuff.

You need to grab and understand the point on how to use the tools and menus. that's very important.

All the Stock Images and for Self Practise Images are attached with this as a ZIP file - 35MB.

Use it and Do something interesting for yourself and Post it in Project. I will appreciate you everyone who are all post the project.


              Thank you all for Enroll this course and get the knowledge in Photoshop CC 2019.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor,Motion Artist


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Masters in Multimedia Engineering and done my Masters in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &n... See full profile

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1. 01. The First Important Step in Photoshop: want to stock up before the show application in your busy on Mac and anything after the installation, you kindly please restart your system several times. Match your deal fails with any events. Once you re started, the Photoshopped public isn't. Just open your foster time once you restart her. The farmers off application after the installation just opened them for the shop for the first time. Don't just open. Be get running to your works on before that. Yeah, important thing will be. Is that what is? That means you have to set up your interface. Hope to set up your interface so fast, You just going to that coming to the preference. This is the one, General Que that means Come on, K on Controlling Kate is the sharks key. When you just hit on this one, this finally appeared on your screen inside of this, you can see on the left decided that are seven a bunch off. Things will be appeared on this one's It is very easy toe reload on. You can understand easily. I just tell you that three important things inside this one's coming to the interface. You can choose your interface color whether it's great or half way full white on the black or some of the things. Then this is the USA formed size victory for decides you just go for that means large millions more tiny. I prefer for the large because off I am just exposing the courses to you. You have you seen clearly what the text will be? The then what's phase? I just between the large depths. I just check the tickle this mark, then coming to find family for the image previews I registered toe always say, and for the upended violation says always, What is this means when you save any other documents any other finds, it means it will always ask you for Van. We hope to save that and for the performance. This is very much technical terms, but it is very easy to understand these things out off your ram that these I am using a TV them inside my I Mac out of this one's I registered with a photo shop, use 70% a job, feel them available. It is we're going to be. They coat under, use it, then the graphic process for the three things on the kind off graphic utilities for the weapons deal engines and everything I suggested that used the graphic processor like that. Then just coming with the unitary less I said District for the pixels, these things for the units. What kind of units? Used understandings. You can go for it on the brink. Resolution 300 db. That means been self per inch dots per inch, but since between two people on this great resources somebody to be, then the gates on the slices, what kind of colors just can for the campus? What kind of cards for the act bulls for this. What Gates. You can choose your old collapsed custom colors for the centimeters. For any units like me, there's feed like any other things on. For the last one begins. Just the photo shop load on. It will show that you just click the any boom generator. This is very much useful for that. I want for coming to the treaty. How much you ran. That means the them for the three use a distinctive ones before it takes 100%. I don't change toe that things because although such a state of these things for the enhancement control. If you have that, I make touchable property this month. Any of the things you can choose these things also for the technology preview you can just for this one's preservatives be just to see these things for the letter lessons. It will be very useful on the ISS. Very much much useful to these. After doing all these things, just first step. Okay, Do this one's now restart. You were Photoshopped application yet is what came? No. What? You prefer evidence to just playing games for assistance, for the preferences you to be. What could it What? You were cited. Thank you. What is lesson see on the next one? 2. 02. Interface WorkFlow and Organize to your Own Style: in this lesson, you are going to be learned the interface off the photo shop while restarting the photo shop application. The left side will becomes around. All the things will be the tools. Panels will be there. Here there is your double arrow icon will be the right you can click. It means it will stack into a double column format. If you click again, it will stack into the single for Marmite. Every tools has in the the end of a single arrow icon will be there in the downside. So when you right click on this one, you will unfold the cider tools inside that. But so this is a single tool. Only if this is your multiple tools means you can click the right link one. You can see the several tools inside this one's on. Whatever the tools, you just a selector that the tool properties will be shown up from here. This is the Tool properties E area. From here, all these ones are minnows. On the right side. All the windows arrangements will be going down from here. If you need any window from here, you can click on select this one's type off notes from here. If you need a notes windows, you can select this one's. Otherwise you can pick it out and you can close it. If you don't need that, I just pick it out. I disclose. This one's like this. You can make it on. You can make a new layer tough. You were for the shop window arrangement. You can create your wound. What space like this one's Just come here. Click this one's This is pre default. Inbuilt. What space? By the adult. You can create a new what space? From here. You just click the new what space, and you can make your one name off yours by default. I just hopes. Mac Desmond keyboard shortcuts. Minnows on the tool bars. I just make click the sale. Once I clicked, Save this one's this. Tools it like this ones. I just close the color. I just closed the navigator. I just layers. You suppose any off your family members or friends? Using you were laptops and everything. Every time you just need in tow. Organise you were interface. No need to worry about that one. Just come toe here. Reason the magnet. Zeman. Everything will becomes inside watching the place That's place occupied by you were windows in your one style. This is will organize the interface off your one stale distance. Kindly go to the next. Listen. Thank you. 3. 03. How to create a New Document: in this lesson, we're going to just the scene about the Hope toe opening A new document are creating new doctor about how to create new documents from here. When you're just opening from here, you can see the this welcome screen only so you can just comes to her. And here it is very formal things. If you know what things, kindly skip the video to the next lesson on to click. Create New on This will going into your new document layer, I just close this. Let's start something new Art over welcomes you like that. So in this one, these are the recent one. These are the same ones. What you are saved inside that that means pres. It's so already pre default preset Start from here. Photos. BRAINS Arts and illustration. WEB under for mobile Fleming The video Whatever the things you're just using this there are tons and tons off. Presets will be available inside this one's with equal off this one's with on the height on the water. But that resolution which color more you just to be choose. That means RGB on for the printing media. You can go for the C and k. It will be arranging the eight bit to 16 under the 32 bit. Which background color you just need on your document. That means white color. It's a default one on the black one on which background color you choose The board. Suppose if I choose the background color as today its light green, you can choose it as this one. It may have said Custom one. Otherwise, you can choose the transparent one. If you are making the BND majors and told any background that means transparent things, you can go for it. This one's transparent. And for the recently what kind off things we are used. What sizes? What the document says. Maybe he used it So how to create year warned president like this means you can just go for this one's I just goto 1000 by maybe 1002 100 by 1002 100 pixels. Okay for the restoration. 72 pixels per inch in the RGB color More that is the transparent one. Here you can see I can that Mr like a download. I can't hear you can just create it. You can see this one's same Doc went to the presented so 1002 100 bigs by 1002 100 bigs like this, you can go for it. Otherwise you can choose it. Any name like thes wants Mac to put X. Save it once you save it, you can see this. Save it. Options from care jumped from here. You don't need toe open this document and you can give it for every time 1002 100 pixels battles and 200 pixels after the 72 on the RGB color That means transparently to the big color image. You you did Don't worry about that for every time you can save it as a present and you can just open it. Just click buy only once one are otherwise you didn't need. It means simply click. This does been account. You can believe that and you can go for it once. So I just click. I just creeped create It will create 1002 100 pixels per 1000 point pixels Bikes for everyone. So how we can see it is 1002 100 pixels Means if you just go just go to the image mint home under the image size control all I That means the shortcut keys you can see for this one's 4. 04. What is Layers Explained in Detail: So in this realism we're going to learn about the layers inside the photo shop. Let me tell you, there is a very good example from me Think about a book. All the pages are the layers. That book is called Aborted Document. Once again I said that I think about your book. All the pages are the layers. The whole book is to be called a certain document. That is the Photoshopped document. That means that book that they have really single page is going to be assured for your transparent one. If you are writing on the papers with the any ink or brush our any other things on the pages, that means that transparent one It is going to be staggered inside this area and it will be Looks like your final product when you are seeing on the top off the layer when you're see on the top off the layer what will be can seen all the pages that paintings and everything will becomes around inside that it will be shown up. I was shown inside this the document. See this? I just created area layer by clicking there from here. This is you can just click Creating new layer by From here are other ways you can go to the layer Manu new layer You can choose the layer to and you can choose any color to the layers to identify for the future. Once on the which morning this mortality can learn in the future. Listen, I just created that layer to in the layer one. I just going toe painter Nothing. Okay, I just go to the gentle breast fish taking the soft one. Okay, now I reduced the breast by pressing the left bracket and the right bracket toe. Increase the size off the brush. I choose the color from here than a hit like this. Then the second layer I just the invert the color I write this one, you can select the mood tool. You can select the separate layer by layer way because off it is on the different layers. If you are drawing in the same layer, you cannot choose Move independently. So only we processed the images by step by. Step off things by layers by layers. No, you can understand is the layer concept these stuffs only in the lace new layers. Copy that. Delete these ones renamed the Layer New film The Layers. New Adjustment Layers can do it as a swear any things will be there. These lessons will be seen in the future videos, so let's get started with the touching with these videos. 5. 05. How to make Selection and Layer Mask: in this Lazio to scene aboard the quick selection on with a layer mask techniques will be there. So let's get started. I just opened this picture inside the border shop. Thanks for this stock image to the deviant order. Come whenever you just need some stock images for the fully ever free. You just go for the divan dot com you got to go to for just a sign up and you can. It's like registering up the demon. But really any other males like that? It's very simple, and you can log in. You can search over any type of stock images like landscapes, guys, clouds, smokes, fires any things you can download it, and you can use it in your A C one. So from here, I just make the crop. Keep by pressing the sea key on the keyboard. You can activate the Krockey from the left from here. Was it done here? I just make like this once because I don't need these letters and the strokes and everything. Once I make happy with this picture, press the enter our donkey on your keyboard, your finished dish, and pressed a wiki to activate their motor I just give you the advice. Learned the shot cut tools off the tools, keyboards and the menus, and everything's to make their work flew us. Spear us more than others and you will be very happy also to do the work floor. You can feel it. I just mastered in the photo shop like that. It's very happy to this. Then this is the one. This is the quick selection. Okay, so when you just click this once, you can go. For I click on this one. It is magical band and a quick solution with the faster we got to take the look at the quick selection once I just that quick selection toe activator Are you just too selector these things just to paint a world on your picture? Whatever you just needed, whether their clothes for the landscapes that is, it's very useful things on cypress Knees come and J r controlled you to make their duplicate layer on die just painted on from here right now, this flowers will be That means the sky or the clouds layer is do begin windy selector armed this layer. Okay, that's the lives will be selector under this one's, which later we're gonna be selected. Means that selection will be on that late only. Okay, now select that. Correct? Exactly. And you can select it. This everything you can press there. No, you comes to the properties panels. That means two properties off the quick selection. This means you can select it. This one's this is additional. And this is some collection. So whatever this means this is Mr Production means when I going toe addition, I just add this also, okay? For accidentally or some of the things that really Then I come into here, I just again paint onto this once, right? No way. Just corrected. Undo this lace. If you need toe keyboard, shortcuts like this means passed out key. That means that makes it will come around the minus. Things you can take This one's when you press the r key, it goes to be subtracted. When you released that it will be going to be additional. Only this is the shortcut keys. Once you finish, the dish can come into the select under the mask. That lady will be there. If you click this once, nothing will be seen. Why? Because off their head your background later. Also, switch on. Once you down, switch off this one's That means visible, invisible. Come to the left. One on. Get the select in the mass things now you can visible very clearly on your picture. What VR stomach? Teen. Okay, that right say that it is The very, very simple adjustments may as well be. That means radius. Smooth feather compressed on the shifty. A job in the contaminated clothes with it. Let me put confusing, but I've until it on the left side. These tools will be covered in that next licious. Now, I got just coming to that shift. A Jew means it will grows upside. It will strengths inside that is the ones. So now I just make about 22 pixels off. This one's coming to the Feather Joe Point Fire General fix. No, a press. The shift age. You can see the edge. It is to be grew our shrink like that. So I just need a smooth things. Okay. Yeah, a little bit. Number two states. Very good. Then I click. OK? No. The selection of the mark your hands on the everything going to be there. Smooth areas will be there. No way. Press there later Must button This one had later mast. Okay, I clicked it Once I click that it will shows a box with the weight and the black will be there. So what is the weight on the back? It means the area which covers the black. That is masculine. It is not dilator. It is hiding. It is master Okay, The area which will be shown us the white It is going to be leaving area. You can see that area on your document. This is very, very simple. Black Master, Wait Reveal It shows me states right like this. You want entering into the layer mask just to go for that? You just separate the layers like that like sky and then another layer and landscaping there another layer. How to do that means select the layer. No press to control our command J inside this one's now I just rename this layer as the sky later. Okay, on food is master. How to in with the mask. Okay, just let's just first the control I our command I then selecting on the master control of common I just to select this one's OK. Now I start this one's land escape layer. Okay, we'll just see this. No ways separated this latest, their landscape and the clubs. Now we can understand this one's This lesson is we're going to be very much useful in the next lesson. I just to show you the same example with how toe separate this lens us that Fourtou studio techniques by using the chance. So let's jump into the next lesson. 6. 06. How and Why Reset the Tools in Photoshop: in the short class, you can hope to reason the tools inside there for the shop. So wait, be reason. The that is, if any tool you're just working on your project are new government of any other things. There are several numerical number values corners, person age on their so many kind off blending Moore's propensity. Flows like these kind of stops will be remain at the same thing When you just close the shop, interview upon the it will remains on the same things. But you need to open a fresh thing for starting yet new predators. Some other things that means we have reason to. So I hope to do that. It's pretty easy for this procedure when you just click any tool or any of this tools come to the two properties. India. You can see the local off the tool here, right click on it. You can see two things will be the reason the door or is it all depends. Okay, you can easily understand this thing. There is a tool that means what would be currently selector reset that you'll only precept out the tools. You can be said all the tools once It is very much useful and very useful things. I showed example one so coming to the But if I increase the size hardness, any Glenmore decreased capacity, I go for the flow. I just smoothing in Greece, right click on it reason to do Once I hit police at the door, that tool bill comes so the any since stage what we have structure and say this it is very much useful for this a designer at any time you can feel it. 7. 07. How to Organise the Tools in Tool Bar: in the shopping you are going to be alone. How to organise the tools in the human body. So how could do that then? You are looking back. Several tools are finding from here these old stacker. But from you out of the last war there are simply three dots will be the When you when you rightly with long press just hit the truth Once you put the little boy this window will appear in this window The right side you are just to see that Lower the preset, Save the precept clear the tools, restored the walls On the flip side, all the tools will be stacker it from here. These are groups by these things once you don't need all of these, clear the bulls and whatever tools you just need in front of this because maximum all the tools are not used by a user. I have to use it. Maximum frozen's will use the same repeating tools only inside this one's you feel what I know you by his all the tools are stepping. That pains you just finished. This one's by week's election Magic, my notes. I just need you. But I needed the group means you just stacked like this. What did inside this once, like a frog. I don't need the prospect. You grow. Okay, then I don't need a slice. More things for these ones. Spot here. Healing match too. I don't need these things. I need a brief simply. How did the close down means? Okay, when I click, then one lead These tools will be organize it then. You were stopping for the shop? Are some of the things if you want to visit And if you want to make me is once this is a what? Restore the defaults. Okay, that's it. No. You are the best one inside the port of shop by using the tools butts. 8. 08. Make Selection Using Channels - Studio Techniques: Hi, everyone In this video you're going to be alone. How? Toe Separate the layers using the channel Auto Select honest, separate using the man That's by with the help off channels channels. When you come do that, you can see RGB red, green and blue channels will be there using any paper these channels to make selection and bring up the layer mask You can separate your landscapes, guy under over the this model from the background or any other things it will be very useful to you. So I show you how to do that on this is the what did you know back down on these air. This case, this is the land and I make it selection to these ones. And I converted into the orange color changed into green one. See this to make the color balance a little bit one. So inside this how to do I make selection? These things these are some some kind off probably with that it is a very gushy demisch off the dream like this. So making very tough to select in this leaves and everything will be very smalls and everything's how toe select from that means extracted from the bag room. So we jump in tow. The since I have your background, like via Skype. So how toe merge. This one's using this channels and everything. Let's get started and you just put the bag down. We just jump into the channels. I say you What are the channels? The red, green, blue, All the three colors going toe mix into the one color, giving back to the image. What the real colors to your ice, that means RGB. Inside the ready, you can see the most composites of the weight one lee onto the green. Some of them are weights. Some of them are grace, some of the murder blacks. But in the blue, some of Tamar quite some off the more black, some of the more gray, but in contrast level. So what we are doing inside this one's kindly listen very much clearly what we're doing inside this one's we are changing the way colored into maximum weight, we're changing the black lead into maximum black. Then we can separate each other. Okay, How to do that? Trust the old are option key on the blue to make portage into the new layer it will ask you the duplicate channels I just named here Alfa. Why I named the Alfa. It is the leader off any other things. Is it any particularly named like Alfa? That is no spots you can mean assess your own Well, under Al far I just turned the levels. So what's the control? Yell our commander hell to bring the levels. This is the short cut key. This is the mid tones Shadows McDonald's highlights for stone. Is there shadows? Mittal's and the highlights. Okay, I bring up the designing like this. Then I bring more this skylights to bring more weights in here. Okay, Like this then a make more like this once you are satisfied inside of the colors that our weight on the black and everything hit. Okay, Now I take my Breschi by pressing the Beaky on the keyboard. It is a short cut. Then come to the Breast Properties panel. Click the morning in tow. This one's on before I said that what we are doing This one's If I do painting like this underweight, you can see the black on this one's okay. Now I change again. A paint. Wait! If there are mistakes will become summer But in the early morning, if you change into the overly more one Lee, you can paint now The paint color is black. If I paint here also, I cannot paint on this one's. If I paint here on the black one with the black will be turns into black more Okay Like this It just on the paint? No, it comes toe from here. Lasso tool like this. So I make your rough selection. Plus, the old the elite are out backspace to bring this area to fill with color off the black. So no hope we do this instead of the channels. No press the control of command key press the inside that I'll fuck you. So what will be happened? The selection will be marked down. Okay, now bring up the layer. Click the background Millions. You can see the selection What we are doing in this one's no click the layer mask. It is very, very easy to do to do this process. It's kind of a magic. Okay, now I click Press the command I Cyprus Command I What will be happened? It makes inverter the mask. So press the control. I come and I aren't the mask. It's going to be inverter. No, you can see this roughly selected. This one's these rough foot age will be the some kind off your light blue and the grace are a bit light. So how to remove that also hope to make perfect this one's double click on the mask You enter into the mass properties in years? No way. Just PRESTA controlled zero to fit in one's Crestor, We find key radius a little bit. Only one pixel click. The smart trade years. No, I just painter over the it just not much more a single click on. Okay, if you are using the most if you are using the pen tablet a single pressure only if you're using the most single click only on the layers. So now I booked the contrast level a little bit to make it more sharp. Okay, the shoot the edge levels like this when I wouldn't We're not 2% only to make it a little bit off a feather off. 0.8 are lesser than this. According to a picture. Just the contrast level nearly 20% is very good from here. So I just make to the output to layer mask. That means I am just working on the land mask. I just keep the same toe the same landmass. Okay? No, it's OK then I keep the sky layer. Would it be neat to this later? Okay, Chris, Command zero into these ones. Press the Muecke. That means wiki. Maybe the shock. Good. Look, this you can change, You can move on. They can make it fit. Whatever you just make to be the happy level. Then I come toe klik. The adjustments levels on the color balance, color balances that just wants layers. We'll keep you. The color correction works kind of fear. Shadow Schmidt tones on the highlights until the highlights I just implemented to the reddish. Okay, then I click your little bit of a blue. Then I take to the Mittal's I just reduced to the psionic level. Then I clicked the a little bit off here Hello to make If you press this because one Lee dismayed, only affected If you want to this once you can put it back in from here. You can click from here. Okay, that is clipping mask. If you clip this, you can achieve this color corrections only to the minute of the later. Okay, Now we can select the channels and everything looks like into this one's. So once again, I coming to this offer. This one's OK. I just a switch it off. I just group it all to the ones can make it control g when I hide it. Now what? I do that to this bag down. I jump into the channels, taking to the blue, press the option key and give relief from here. I make it to the Alfa to okay inside this one? No, just the controller Command yelled to activate the events to make it Middleton's custom. It owns to make it black. Do the highlights to make it bring more white. Okay, like this if I am satisfied inside this areas I just spoke a key. Then I bring that out soon. Take the brush. Okay. Make to the overlay more coming to select the weight color. I just come here. I just painter here. Okay, Watch this. What is that? Very, very good. Okay. For each and every painting, the all the blacks and everything will be gone off? No, I just inward the color to the black. I come here on a painted all over these ones like this. No, I take the lasso tool I dropped to the mortal very age. Keep take time and do it. It is very much I couldn't. That's the art auction Del Key to make it Phil. No! Bristol Muecke, Control on the click. OK, to make the selection come to the layer, click the background layer, give the mask so that will becomes to math from here. Plus, the controller command I to make it inward. No, you can see this very crystal clear selection. It is very much, much useful in your projects. I hope you understand these levels taking to the next leather. Thank you for that. 9. 09. Crop Tool - Resize Image Easier: in this video, you're going to be alone. Hope toe crop The images hope to resist the majors. It is actually very easy just to open your photograph. Anything inside the photo shop? Just press the Seiki. Okay, The shortcut is See, This is the crop tool. This is C and come toe there. Tool properties, E area. You can see about that. First of all, I just click here, right? Like reason The tool Way Because off If I done any corrections before this tool, it will be gone off and it's said to be re centered at 01 It's a known the ratios and everything will be formed from here on the With the height resolutions, certain pieces will be available from here. That means one needs to one off square off like Instagram Forest. If I 57 to 33 it's so money kind of ratios for different platforms. And you can go forward your own number also. Okay. And this is the straight and tools. So what do you mean by the straight into means? If you just click the straight into and you can release from here to here this tree toe this free. Okay? No, the photograph will actually appeared to your straight vision off this. So this is the useful thing off straightening, right? Once I click that backward and you can click the rule of thirds grids Diagonal triangle, golden ratio, google and Spiral, you can see the stuff something, anything in me and the Google you can see moreover, videos. You can just click the greats out of the rule of thirds. This means this is the one when I just click, rotate are you can protect, decide on you can make it over or any type you can move like this once. Also, once I click here on, they come into I grew up. These are the only Okay, I just make only to this too. This area. See the length between the clothes from here and see the available from here. Once I reach the satisfaction area on by press the return button are the enter key on your keyboard. Okay. No click. The motel V No. This imagistic way to be crop as well s what the size you want. So the crop tool is very much easier on the straight and also is very much easier. I hope you understand This one's jump to the next. Listen 10. 10. Brush Tool - Brush Settings: well in this Listen, you're going to belong about their photo shop brush under the breast presets in the same video. Very crystal clear. So I just didn't make you a new document. Those in a teepee. Okay, then I create This is the Bagram. Then I create my new layer. I just name as their brush. OK, The shortcut Key up the process. Bt once you hit the Beaky, the breast properties will be shown from here on the brush window. Bill comes from here are otherwise. If you don't have to see this, come to the window, click the brush. Okay? The brush and appreciate things that both off the will appear from here. Once I pick it from here, I'm sure you very clearly showing. Just pick it out from here and here. So I clicked the settings also from them. I make it some room from my What float, right. No one has been good. Then I move it into this one's. So now you can see easily the lepton like process What we are doing. So inside this all the folders will be comes up from here. That is the size under the some. Some folders will be there. General process. Dre brushes like this ones you can reset are you can lower your brush from here. These are the loaded brushes on from come from to hear. Restore the breast defaults. If you want to import some braces from you can download from your intimate or any other sources. You just import the brushes from here. Okay? Now you can create a new pressure off yourself. Also, because you can create your wound, precious. Also, let's get the magic into the next videos. No coming to the general breast. I just click here. Okay. So, like this once how to make the brush sizes. So from here, you can make your precise smaller when I just making too big. This is the bigger okay. But otherwise again, roll over from here also. Okay, The shark get key is the square brackets. The left left safe square bracket is going to be smaller on the right side. Square bracket comes to be bigger if you want using the most. Okay. When you click this the whole size off the breast becomes up like this. If I need smaller strokes means you can make smaller sites on late, then. Also, it does make you a little bit small only. But if you are using the pen tablet or some of the things you can go like this very, very small. So only our sisters like three D art. A start. Any portrait artist using this pen tablets off someone thinks Okay, I am using deco XP pin third version Deco 03 So once you can write like this also, you can make drawing where you can make any other things like this. Okay, then. Soft cologne demeans. See this? That is your engine very, very softer from here, right? Once you come back to the harder, this is the hard egx. So how to make like this also, I just make the soft wrong bush rightly. You can see the hardness. How much person page you just need for the hardness. You can go for it. So in this one, I just make 50% page off hardness. I just need means you can make drop. This is 0% kindness and this one is 50% and this one is handled person harness plus the control our command year. And I just believe this time Andy to be select. That's the Beaky to from here like this, you can see so many many breast types will be available from here. Some of the process I just created for the special epic process you can see from Hugh that I just make. Yeah, I really liked colors from pure. See this like this you can make painted off splashes you can control. It can control off any other things inside the shop from here hope to control this process with several Absence means that these brush settings like this once I delicate this once on the make command. D no See this? I just faint over like this ones. Then I come into my shape dynamics scattering. Bunch of things will be available from here. It is very, very easy. You can use the slightest moving left to right Only all the terms and everything will be technical. It's not than scattering means. What is that? You scattered some other things inside from here. From left to right Are doctor bottom. Yeah. So how much is capturing? You? Just need You can see. You can see that. That a real name example from here You can see this, right? So home, which is Captain? You just needed. How much count sites under the home. Which going visiting the sitter. Been working into the Z axis right under the color dynamics. So appeal if you want it, that means one touch. Okay. Hughes's 10% age saturation sitter. That percentage break, visitor nearly 20% age. Okay, when I just come from here, several types off colors, tilapia toe the hue and the saturation is also you can say it like this. Some types off yellow, orange on the greater orange. Some other things also there. So while I just making toe blue color, you can say this, right? That kind of some mixes its capital. I just bring up the scattered very little. Then they pressed land. He delete this once. You can see this. Now we can see this right? The colors, the color dynamics, how it it's works, the hue saturation on the greatness, the purity or someone things accused of. And I do it like this can make like this. Also, several colors will be appeared to do to the zipped off the amount what were done in this ones. The breast pushes. You can tell your excite like this. Okay, you can tell to a why, like these ones, it is very much easier on me. Very much useful in the many places off the things and everything. Just do you have to do that. Take some brushes, takes umbra sittings. Play around with a full day you cannot use. So many things will be there. No other can teach. This is the thing. This is the thing like that. You can understand the pressure. Rotation tilting, scattering, picturing like this. Words only rather than your words. Thank you for that. Jumped on the next list. 11. 11. How to Create your Own Custom Brush: in the last class. You have to learn about the brush. The rest presets in this class, your toe. Learn about that. How to make your wound brushes and hope to load it inside. You were breast presets and hope to use that. So let's see. You have to make your fish shape our breast size with any tools you just know inside that porter shops using the brush. Also, you can do it. So how do you do that once I said it before? First of all, I just make you clean a lip sip are just a spiritual something safe. Like this ones they make ad. Okay, I related to put, like, a sucked right from this every year, near to like this. Okay, then I select my layer just coming to aid it. Take the stroke level. So how much stroke? You just need to inside this points. So I just take the black color. So the stroke, then I make five pixels outside off this location are instead of this selection are from the center. That is very good. So I look like outside. Okay. Right then. Across the control. The command B two b select are just goingto select. Be site. Okay, I know this is the basic shape off yet. Anything? Evaded and see? No, I just have, like this one. Okay, then I If you need to make a big brushes meets press control option I to make the image size off. This one's 100 1024 of 8024 on the resolution is stores in Sorry, 1 44 Okay, so I just make into 200 by 200 in the mean off 300 pixels per inch when I click. OK? No, I just Could you zoom like this for decent? I just go for the middle. Make be fine. Breast pressure Indust. Breast pressure. You can see this. What? We are going to be read it in. This one's OK. I just named this bubble. Okay. I'm just good mike like that. So now I got this breast from here. You can see this now we just make control and to make the new layer 1080 pixels inside from here, making new layer. Just stick to the light blue told. Ok, then I make just click on this one's It will Looks like like bubble first. Initially, I just tell you that before video photo do arrange this once. So come to the fresh breeze. It's brush settings taking to the scattering like this. Okay, Coming to the both access. Just making a little bit of count on the conjecture in the ship dynamics, I make the size it to make a different kind. Off sizes will be so minimum diameter on the angle. Ejector. Why? We are using the language. I just over tape the shapes. Whatever one side will be looked like into the from Lipsyte Way. Just for the another. One is the kind of flip work so round visited. So long resident means kind of the spiritual too Spear. I can't be the woman. Yeah, Spear to Mobile stays like that. So, control, I just could do the pen pressure than the minimum wellness. Just 1st 1st of all of this. Then I take I just did making new ones. I select compressed color. So make visible. Do you very much clearly like this, you can paint it. So this is how we are making the custom brush inside the photo shop and we are using using the breast precepts and settings and everything. We can make anything possible inside of order shop. I hope you love this. Listen, let's jump to the next election off. How to make batons and hope to greet dependence off your own state. 12. 12. How to Create your Own Custom Pattern: color was one welcome toe this last. So in this class, we are going to be seen about how to create the pattern inside the photo shop and how to create your wound pattern on you can Plato Any other can? Was that any other things? How to do it? So let's see that. So let's see the examples off these ones. Okay? It is a hands on what? Color majors and take the photograph and keep it inside of Photoshopped. That's coming to the battle means this is the one Yes. Key shot. Get one. Yes. And then you can click like this one's so press the Al Turkey our option key to make it click on the to To get into the another toe jump into one another. That means for their one break. Okay, Inter locator. Whatever we say that so press the Al turkey or option key toe klik on the two. You can jump it over to London to now this is the back in door options. Okay? And this is the air pressure. Some other things will be there. So these are the pattern library, and you can go for it inside this So much off patterns will be available for preset inside the Photoshopped from here. So you can reset the patterns on. You can go for the preset manager who can check it around water, the things, the patterns. Stein's on the ingredients on the swatches brush. You can government us anyone. So these are the bubble Mac water, But we are creating for the previous video. Okay, so now I just get into the happens. No, I just click any of the patterns from here making done from here, then make the brush size increasing from here. You can keep creating. Okay, Like those. So what? Color off the pattern. Just make from here, like those otherwise simply select this. Any kind of pattern from here you can beat from here are simply do like this ones. I just can't get hurt. These ladies said smart object. Then I double click on this once you can get into the layers tail. Okay, back then. This is the second model off a play baton wielding late, and I just like like this ones so you can create like this easy from kind of his cane. I just here you can see the preview What kind off things. So I make it a little bit off here a little bit, Whether so one trophy capacity off the range. I just going to the kind of positive capacity. No blending more normal. So I just click. OK, so see that when I make because control command that space. That means when I applied it inside this one's then I make again a pattern. Overly Click this. That's it. So leave this layer the whole toe applied these patterns off Anything inside this one's like this Dogs You can go for the pattern overly can jump around any day pots Anything you can go for. Take it over to cut any pattern type of sketches inside your clothes off your table of your mind Every picture. If you're sand after science structure of Skype anything, anything We can do it. I always come to do that. Take some to make Yeah fluent cut off. This one's when I pressed comin through our Come and see the copy That one. Now I come from here. I just created a new layer. Just delete the world One controller Command TV Just make paste on this layer Wiki Yeah, this is the very I designed them. But you could in perspective layers? No, just do. Is it different? Happen? Okay, in this one. Water fish. Okay, I just do that. Then I come into my this area once I do that. Double click on this. You the So you go back to overly come to this. So this is the last war. Okay, Once I click on this once, why way don't we just see? That means okay. Before that, I upload the back row. Any collect to the bag? Good for the baton. Overly. Just know. Like you can see that. No, wait, because off the scaling size. Okay, this is the one, so no, you can see somewhat. It's kind of it's anything. So these are the patterns that are played to any designs in saving 40 shop. Any other things for the basic ones. We can see the intermediate under the advanced levels in the next lessons. Hope up like that. Designs to the dresses and costumes off any of the things. Let's jump into the next Listen 13. 13. How to change any color to another color: in this lesson, you're going to be seen a vote. We're going to learn how to change any collect toe, any color what you desired inside of the photo shop. Let's take your example from here. I just to change toe this photograph. Also on this for the level. So Okay, let's just learn from this photograph. So I just make a duplicate layer. First of all, that I go into my image. Mental adjustments in that at this month's going for the replace color in the replace color . I just getting into the exemplars. Okay, so that is meant a color samplers. So I just take the color sample first. Then I hit my a dark green from here. Okay, that one person to click. OK, then isolate. Yeah, type off. What color? You just needed to related to the tomato or some other things Are anything's good than now . I kid, the sampler added Okay. Is this minus on? This is there. So I just add with this discovery, okay? No toe, just the first of them. Just to say dish panel. Sometimes it will be looked like Okay. No, I got a good fuzziness. So what? The Hasina's. So it is the kind off selection to make from the These were his corner into the depth turned the injured the layers. Okay. Like this. Okay, just kid like this. Now, if you want to change And me any color too. Anyone okay? Like kind of a few Zia. What? Kind off bluish. Okay, like a prize and lose the blue leaves. So big particulars. Amazement. Lavender chooses night one like this You can before anything's if you need. You make the black and white picture like this means just decrease the saturation. Okay, that's it. Only a simple thing. Make it a choice will be very good. And now, if you want to need to make the lightness are the likeness down to make you too dark means you can go for this one. Okay? It will Very much useful. It's very useful things. So I like. Yeah, I let this cover before this one. So, like before, that is so much saturated. Now the original look up the leaves inside the flame. Now we come to the second example and just take the duplicate layer come toe image. Just months. Replace the color. Okay. I just think the what ends when I click, I take the blue color from here and they go for when? 40. Okay. Like this. Then I hit the shoe to change any color toe, any color. You just need it. Then I hit my saturation. Okay, this is the saturation. Look, A little bit tough likeness to make change that. So now I can change any color change off s colors. Nicholas. I mentioned. So this is that very grateful. You just trail for this for negative. I just I upload this one you have inside for your boards. And so the great one, right? And I click. Yep. Maybe looks the greatest. Oh, okay. I don't I don't like this once. I like this one. Great. What's this? Cool watching the next video. 14. 14. Levels and Curves in Photoshop: in this video, you are going to be learned about the levels on the coast inside the water shop. So what are the levels on the coast? These are that options. Major league take parts using in that color correction works, color grading or color management. Whatever the things, it is mainly used by the photograph first so holy they use it inside of collapse. So let's see it. So taking your background inside this one's if you need toe, make working that control change to make the duplicate on these ones to make the difference before and after. Once you come into the image menu adjustments, you can see that brightness and contrast levels coast exposures will be comes up from here . Under these ones, levels on the coast are taking the major part. So these are the shortcut Keys off control yell are common ideal for the levels on the control yammer, Commander young to the coast. So when you click the levels So these are this is the level panel, so not just one panel. This is the level window inside the level window. The three slavers will be available, right? So there left to want it is the shadows. So what? Meat made the shadows? The shadows. If you push old, it gets more black because the shadows are black The black gettinto more black. Okay, inside this the mid tones. So the great points and the weak points meeting that ones that area if you adjustment. So this if you push up from here, all the blacks will be going. Seems to be some other grays are grazing to be going into the weights. So this will be happening when you crash late. The same blacks will be concept. So these are the input levels. Okay. Inside days where the light will be Fall off. Here these are the lights are the follow from here. Right. So when you push out, the lights will be getting more harder. Okay. The highlights will be goes into maximum in the output levels. The black areas maximum goings into the bay White are the weight Aereo's. Did you be good in the black like this? So these are the sliders only? No, you can understand what this latest going to be book. Okay. Under this channel you can work it for single channels. Also for red or green for Blue. If you need toe, take the blue. This one's OK. It will be gays in tow Green one If I change a list, these things sound like a kind off bluish don't will occurred. And this is something big natural from here, right? So red a little bit off This one's So now we just making to be a Hollywood movie looking strain on This is the cinematic color correction of works using the levels Are any other things from here? So if you need this color correction, work for every photograph for the future for the graph any other things means just click this lighter From here on click the Save the preset It will takes you inside You better the photo shop installation location areas from here I just make it cinematic. Okay, cinematic underscore 01 like this Now I just can't sell this one. It will goes into restore stage. Now I press the control our commander yell to activate this wagen Just coming into the preset, you can see where the second column will becomes out. These two are my own processed When I click cinematic presets from here click OK, It will clicks. Just one click it will take down you. You are composited color great at the picture, Otherwise just coming toe again. Comptroller Control Young. What are the tree samplers? These three samples are that set the black point into the image on the 2nd 1 said The great point said the white point. So how to set the great prints like this means I just click the stamp lit throughout the picture where the most black area will be that you just go that click it and just click this once and I come to the weight through this one's. I get more weight from here and just click it some. A realistic color graded picture will comes off on. They hit degree and I go there some little bit great inside this collar off. This one's OK, Just click it and another crispy image bill comes up in the Resolute. The result of this birth pictures. Okay, I know you can understand the levels and everything if I hit. OK, do this. You can see the before and after from here, but you cannot re correct that values in, say, the levels. So what we do once once we can, then means we cannot change it. No, we can change it, but we can use it instead. Off using the adjustments from Kier levels like pop up panel. We just hit the adjustment. Nay, it comes to the levels inside this. You can play around any values like this. Make it a little bit white. Okay? No. Make it, dad. Contrary to make the little bit contrast like this if you do not supposed to be. If you don't make it happy to these values again, you just goto this one. This layer just double click on there. Adjustment layer once the same values what you are given before it will, at least on your panel. You can change it. I sit in the future off your any values, and you can just click this Aramark. That's it. Okay. So more than the menu panel will be, it's not much. Be useful. But inside this adjustment layers, it is much useful. You can change your values at any time. You can change. You can ability it, or you can make it any things completely inside the for the shop. I prefer that inside the photo shop, the levels under the coast. I just meant layers is much useful than that one. Okay, No, we're just coming to this image. Okay, Once I come to the bring to this one's how to make the adjustments panel from here. Window adjustments. Okay. Now come to here. These are the coast. Once you click it automatically, it will make you layer adjustment layer here with the properties off coast. Okay, these are the shadows on These are the highlight megatons. These are the highlights. Like I said before, for the levels. So these are the graphs. What we're using into this one's for the import for the airport. 0 to 2. Double fight. Okay, this is the highest value. That means to 56 off value. So once I hit zero, it is the starting arrangement from here, the same samplers and the pencil. So what is me with a pencil? Means you can make draw your wound, co off adjustment layers like this. If you need to reset, click this one. This button this is very much useful for that. And these are there. Interchange to the smoke to the Kovalev's. Actually, I just make like these values from here like this means if you click the harder, but you can see this. Okay, like this, The hard part is going to be make smooth like this. Once I make elected like this, like these ones, what's this? There is going to be a smooth one. So these buttons will be very much useful inside the properties of the coast on. And I just keep the reset button. No way. Take the white. So inside this this is very much weight areas from here. And this is the one I just hit the black from little bit from here. These are the grace. Actually. I hit the black from here. And these are the grace hit from Hiss. So what is going on here? Click the Red Channel that China is going to be somewhat smoothed like Ben from here on the Green Channel. Smoking a little more bent than that. It's one, then smooth bend. Little more than the Green Channel. So all the three channels coming into the same properties of the coast. It looks like before and the after some crispy look inside. This ones are perfect. So these efforts will be affected by the curse of just wanting to them to make the color grading inside the photo show. You like it very much for the tip. I said that? How many pictures you just do play around with the codes under the levels it makes you from the beginning to the intermediate and the advanced levels. No other tutorials will make you to make very much master inside this. It is on your hands only it is. And you were such practice only. So thank you for this lesson. See, on the next one. 15. 15. How to maintain the White Balance in Photoshop: and this, Really, we're going to belong about how to maintain the weight balance even after you were taking the pictures from the DSLR. Any photograph from the you are the forms, Any smartphones, Any other things just too important for the collapse inside there for the shop on, Just do it. A very simple one click process. No need to go for the camera filter. You know the things just to open your photograph of the background and hit the adjustment panels with the coast. Okay, what we are doing in the girls we just tell level political action works are some other things. No, nothing much. Just if only click quickly. So these are the samplers, Barry, your scene inside the properties of the girls. The 1st 1 is the sample in image to set the black point. The 2nd 1 is to the great great point on the 3rd 1 is the weight point. That's the 1st 1 You can see how it will be. Works suppress the art are option key to reach where the clip most of the points will be. Looks like So these are those on one. Great. So when I click like this simply when he bluntly conley the 2nd 1 Great fight. No way. Get into the 3rd 1 Uh, that them more Kylie's will becomes out from here that sees the weight and everything. So once I click the white light now the picture is going to be maintained. The weight balance even for that back the skate colors Also getting to merged once. So now we're just being this one. We just turn off this one until on Okay, you just to see the difference between the pictures. This picture is going to be look very, very fantastic. One for any viewers, Any kind off people's work inside this words. Now I just jump into the weight balance for here. I just created the same This one. I just picked the black point from here. Just going toe. Pick the black on from here. Now I take these await from here I clicked the table Wait from this one's not just the great point going nearby the skin like this. So you can watch this before and after at this Is he a very greeny look? Kind of fear. Late praise and everything will become so from the who meets very Activision like this. And this is very natural. The weight late coming from the window. And this will be coming to diffuse their because of the Yeah, I kind off three from the beyond the distance you can feel it. This is the very simplest way to make the weight balance Inside the photograph inside the body shop for the photograph, See on the next listen. 16. 16. Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush: in this video, you are going to be alone. How to use the healing brush inside the photo shop. So this is the final result Off the picture on this is the virginal image off this one first. Before we just clean the skin and everything on the same skin we just needed toe make bright. Okay. So faster How to clean this one using the healing bridge. Jump into the election. This is the killing brush tool. The shortcut keys the Jakey. Okay. Spark killing, killing Bristol to Britisher that so how to use that festival? You just learn about that one. The healing brush stool. If you just click anywhere on your picture, a warning message will be in warning. Message will come toe maybe is a warning our eggs, Your elect message. You can press the all turkey our option key to defend your source point to use the repair the image. Okay, then how to do that? You just first of all our option to make the target point from here. I just make the target from here. Once I click, I just make into paint here. Okay. There's the cross mark from here. That area will be painter into this area. So this is the shark. It work. OK, you're just making toe like this. Ones can make a current layer. You can do it for the Abu under layers on curtain below. Also you can do it, Melody. If we just click inside from here, then I take all our option key to make you a sample from here. You just be click from here to here. You can clear the screen like this, using the healing restored. Okay, now spot killing. What is the sport healing to me? Looks around. You just make like this one. See this? This is the area What we are watching from here. Once I do this, I just switch off the gun. Otherwise, I just don't like this. How to use the spot healing breast inside the photograph or any of the things. The same thing. I just make you control j to make the duplicate on this one's Let's I zoom into the picture then I make the months very just know needed. Okay, I just simply painted until that. Then leave it Ultimately what will be happened? The surrounding pixels will be gun conflict into that OK? And it will be commuter to the, uh, smooth pictures inside this one's kind off technical dems. But what will be then? Sure means when I just painted the Saronic pixels will be contrast to contracted. Contrasted what will be See? It will be happened. Okay, No way Painted all over the areas to just make what we want to retouch on the skin off this bosom I just make down. So that is a little smile mark under the nose. I just turn that one. So from here from here from here. Thank you. A simple, kind off painting only on. But this tool is very much yes food. I'm telling about my experiences. This tool is going to be very much fancy for you were real teaching purposes. When you are practicing, practicing, practicing again and again inside this photo shop this once When I leave, this tool is doing enough. Okay. What? This before and after. Okay. No, this one is very good. Now again I come to the channel Pat taking the blue So first out option to make the new one . I done the health up. Okay, Once I click, just control a command. Click on this words before that, I just do control. Yes. To make the to make it levels from this one's. OK, thing off your thing. Nice breaks output levels. Makes Embratel. Yeah, that one is Yeah. I'm just a satisfied what I look from here. Then take the brush tool, Click the normal. A soft, rounded brush. Then I come to paint over from this area like this, Okay? Yes, of course. I just painted only for revealing the phase only like that. Okay. No white clothes control. L again to make the revealing points. Get bigger. White. This is what I needed. Then I click control and this one's come to the layer. Hit it. Press control J. Okay, so what would be their one leader skin picture? Okay, inside the skin picture, I just go into the filter camera off center. Okay. Coming to the hue. Saturation Ruminants hit the orange layer to make it somewhat nice once. Then I hit light layer and they will be totally not much more on Leighton, but something only two points on. That's it. This is the weight area when you comes from the skin. Ellis, this is the word you know on this will be going to be retouched on. This one is going to be color character to make it right now. It are some other things. Okay? You can go for clothes. Also off, there is no need off rules. Only this much only can touch inside the voter shop. Just break the rules. Just achieved the result of what you just need. They learn the tools on. That's it. Okay. See, on the next listen. 17. 17. Patch tool - Source and Destination: in this video you are going to belong. Hope to use the patch to And what is the use off the patch to? So using the patch to you can do you are You can clone anything inside this one's so you can take the patch to see the match tool properties areas. Okay, this is normal. Add sucked right and introspection, More medals. And from here you can selling this once I just right click reserve the pool first Initially way because off you before you are using the patch tool for any other pictures. Any other terms from here that is different from the so I just whatever the tool, using inside any documents off any other things, I just the reason the tools are before when I stuck that recent all the tools that is very much useful for kind off distance. What is the source was the destination. When you are select something, any object, any other things, it will be the source are it will be the destination. What it will be the destination comes to the source are what the source is going to the destination, huh? Is it kind of a confusion? Right? So let's do an example. So I just make you a rough cut off this tone. Okay? Now I click the source. I just bring the water. But I just were today this one water. Okay, So what would happen? These yea area that I dropped that it will be go from here. So when I drop into the this petals means that those petals will be comes over from here in the name off patch are using the normal love these things. Okay, See this? No. You were using the off. Not pattern means that will become so So when I truth a destination, it will comes over like these ones. So now do this. I just work two off the ladies, Right click reserved in one. No, the pick on drop from here. Like this. Are you understand those things? No. We just draw over the floor. Okay, you will take the time. Andi will take do it for the tutorial only I just make this source and destination on the diffusion. When I pick this like this, it will be gone off like this are other ways. I hope we do. That means taking the patch to click right click Or is it the tool? This is the one just the destination means when I click twin. Another idea. It will be going to be ratcheted into that area also, so it means a kind off clone. 18. 18. Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop: in this video, you're going to be alone about that pronto. How to use the clone tool or to make clones. So let's jump into the tool. The shark Adi's? Yes. Okay, set the clock and come to the properties off these ones. Okay. What is the sample means currently means only for that later on. What you are selecting that later on current and below means if you are choosing to the new later on. So this current layer on that below. So if you're targeting that below are with the current later on. So when the for there are layers so the current and below only I just picked down because I am drawing in this layer under the current on the down ladies there below later. Okay. No, If I just click on me, the message will be shown up from here. Could not use the Toronto because the area public long has been defined all our auction to click the different of the source of the point. So just for a start, our option key to make the target key like this. Then you click like these ones on this layer. I just draw like this Okay. Well, nice one, right? These is the cloning. Very good. Very, very good. I love it. Okay. I just do it. I'm not drawing on the same layer. I just make a new layer on guy. Just draw the layer way, because off we just make move anywhere itself. You want toe? Okay. You want to keep it in this, Decide where you want to keep it in the right side. You can make it and press the control T R committee to make the transform on this one. Okay, one is very far away from this bottle like this means I just go in tow, make like this ones. Then I bring into nearby, Okay? On the into the key that if you just make happier, then I switch off this layer to see the one lead these layers. Only I come here, I just making do a nice zoom. Okay, then I take mask. Yeah, the idea later. What's the Bruske Okay to make a little bit of very smaller. Then I more showed just to make it good. Feather look like Okay, like this Not so much clean. It's no problem when you just turn over you can see the greater look like this. I just washn or the black areas only Not too much Stinks my way. Just look on controller. Command zero. You can see this one. It is a very good something. Look away for away from this one's. Okay, then take a little bit. But to this is about the clone stamp tool using in the photo shop can clone anything's inside your photos We can do any such things This is the former What we can use this to inside the water shop See on the next lesson. 19. 19. Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop: in this video, you are going to learn about Dodge on the burn tool inside of this. I just tell you very clearly the sample ones. So this is the virginal image. I just make a duplicate of this image and I make Dutch on this once using the shadows method on they applied the screen more and I just degrees the capacity into the 35% age only maybe goes off. If I put 100% age, it will be looks more white. So I make 95%. Only it is more useful inside the for the retouching works on for portrait kindof photography like that works on me. So just jump into the lesson for stay just daily this layer. Just make your duplicate one control J to make a duplicate on this one. Then I hate the two Dutch. Then come to the properties. The range where you want to make Dodge Dodge means I just tell you for stuff that clings. When you just painting on this one's you can make the way to make the parts more weight. Okay? No, I just painted that relates this once when I change in tow, mid owns. Okay. I touch Dodge into the matanza. Those hands and everything will be looks like this. Then I come into shadows. Means where the shadows will be. There those are those areas will come more brittle. This tool will temps in tow make brighter inside the shadows. Highlights Andi Middle's. Okay, I just did it again. Then press the controller Command j to make it. Then they pressed the highlight area. This is the soft brush for the exposure. I just need 30%. Age is very good. Then I zoom into the Isay locations. It just draw the eyes. Okay. It just seems a kind of devil. Looks like that. That is very damaging. So that kind of export, then they make me too soft. Okay. I can see a very minimum amount off. Expressions lights into the eyes when naked. I've means it will be. Looks very great for the lives. I just painted one the one time. Then I hit the shadows a little bit. Only not much more painting. Don't go hard on it. Then it come to the middle ones for the Zeos. I just painter onto the forehead under the eyelash, then toe the chimney area, then come to the under the lips under the nose. In everything its maximum. I tell what it'll in the portrait and everything's so come to the shadows. So for this looks like we're great. No cities before and after. Looks pretty great. Once it conduct, put it into the screen more then I like the opacity near toe, 30 toe, some person page. Whatever you just like for your pictures on this image is control. You made this Aces. Actually, it's a nearly four key picture. Okay, this is the before and after. Looks very great. Using the Dodge tool for the retouching, words and everything jump in tow. This image just holy a duplicate layer and come to the bone tool. So, Bernie, it's an apposite of the Dutch To you can make doctor, we can make very dark and the things we need just working on the manipulation of the photographs you can take like this the zeros off the picture for the forever the clothes looks like so great Means you can hit make dark like this. Watch, watch. Watch straight. Okay. Don't go for hard. Take the soft British. Make it very very soft. Arcane are the great looks like these ones before and after. You can make darker using this brush for the same thing only under the McDonald's highlights and shadows for the exposure content, and you can protect the stones on you can make any blend modes. You can adjust your capacity to make it beauty on your manipulation off the photographs. Now we just take doing with it. I just make a little bit off darker under the eyelash. No, I just applied on this one's I just made darker toe the lips also. Okay, then I come in tow shadows. I just paint into the these cards very fast. Okay? I just show you the great example. Only it's not like a project. So for the project and everything we can making another course by very detailed one for the hallway. I'm retouching the for the then I come into highlights. Just take to that this drugs and everything. Okay, when I just dark it, you can see very, very clearly these rings also. Then I just jump in tow again to the Dodge Tool coming to the highlights taken to I use. Okay. No see, very closely. You can see the difference before after. Okay. You can feel it, right? This is the difference Off retouching works very starting toe. The zero level into you can practice more, more, more pictures One day you just becoming too there intermediate level and become the masters very soon. Thank you for this. Listen. 20. 20. Final Class - Photo Manipulation: in this final place. I just making you 19 look like some magical things for my I, Mac. It is a pure fight game, my paper, some manipulation off the things like the fire and the pixie dust. Like those things. Okay, I just done of this group. No, uh, previously, I just do these things. I just do the group off these things into from here. So I like to start from how to do this one's okay. Once I do these things, everything come toe the disturb All of these just under stocking majors available in the downloads so you can try it up your world. Then I picked the fire from here. Tedious. So I just make you nice, Bigger size first of all, then I come into the more off screen. Okay? Now come to catchy the fire like this ones because the controller commanded t to make the transform so the size and press the enter key to make it No Chris the control young to activate the coast. Okay. Use the shot. Goods it to go. Use you the speed up the work. No, I just make your control j duplicate on this one. plastic untold Be okay. My click Flip the horizontal way. Move it to desire. Okay, so move some up like this one. So it cannot be fined like the same things? No, I just I just a little bit okay. The fire in Beijing sites. Then I come again into this ones to make that pixie dust it is Once press this. So the signs off the Z area, the background is the black. So I changed the land more into screen to make it visible very clearly, like this one. So if you zoom it like this, you can see the pixie dust is we're going to be very smooth and everything's if you need more things. You can press control J to duplicate on this one to make it one more copy on the same exact place. Don't move it off. It is your choice. If you want to move, you can move it. I don't move. This one's to make it one more copy to make imprint off the that signing us. Okay. Knowing chick down to the color. Look up. Okay. Come toe. I have a two off these things off my phone. Making his once this is cinematically look bluish on. This is light washing like contrast pitchers for these ones, I just go for the bomb locally, but because off um the fiery look, OK, the capacity I just turned into that percentage look is very good for the Fillon's. Oh, 30%. I just do that. I nearly goto 45%. This is very much so. See this before and after. No, it turned these things. Everything that means these all things in the group. One group to Okay, these are that adjustments. I just renamed this once. It is a good practice off. When you are practicing the Photoshopped, everything's Then I come into again the color balance through the highlights. I just have you a little bit more blues, things a little bit more fire fears. They look okay. That bluish that's nice. Then go to the mid tones. Yeah, Cherry ready. Look for the dear that their skin and everything than the shadows. I just make you nice English to the background of this trees and everything like a bluish this global be tryingto from here also a lot of these things. Then I press the control all to shift simultaneously Control all the shift e okay. To make that layer medicine and be a layer That means we are making all these layers beneath the layers into an another layer to make you one single layer. The shortcut keys control all to shift. The that is very much. Good one. Then I'm going to the file Export export us If you need to go as a PNG image or geopark image, that is your point of view. I just go to for the depict It is a full four K image turned into the ticket. That means three point someone MB the fine size of the image that is pure four k export all that you're going to be a growing export. They stop Samit. Okay, once I'd say with his once I just coming to the the stock going to the gym packed press the space bar to see this is very good one. So no, my photograph is in the image. I just going to set this as the disturbing image. Wow, it's literally very cool to see the stop What we are creating by one things that is very happiness. Make your war this trouble paper at any other things. Some mature project inside this courses of the classes. Thank you for participating in this one's. Bye. Bye. See you in the next causes Until then. Bye from Mag Desmond.