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Adobe Photoshop CC - Create Instagram Poster for Event.

teacher avatar Nshimiyimana Claude

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project files

    • 3. finding photoshop

    • 4. Creating document

    • 5. Photoshop Poster design part 1

    • 6. Photoshop Poster design part 2

    • 7. Exporting poster design

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Do you want to learn all the skills and techniques you need to create incredible poster designs? 

Are you intimidated by learning Photoshop and want to learn through practical real world projects?

Then this class will be for you!

This class is  Perfect for beginners to Graphic Design in Adobe Photoshop. 

We will extensively review Typography, color theory, layout and composition, how to use photos in design, photo manipulations and We also learn all the basics of Adobe Photoshop and do projects with real world applications Every designer needs to know and master.

We will start by downloading project files which are going to be used in the Photoshop project design, then create a new blank file, then upload the Background, continue with the texts while placing them in the position and then follow with placing all the information needed in the poster (Event Title, Promotion, Dates and then export the design in the Image Format (JPEG) and the Photoshop File (PSD).

If you are ready to create your own poster design from scratch , Click the Enroll Button and I’ll see you in my course.


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1. Introduction: Hello guys, welcome to my Photoshop course. My name is close enough in that way to your instructor in this course. In this course we are going to learn how to create a Photoshop poster design for an event or a particular event. In addition, I will show you how to start from scratch. Beginning with the research will files. Where are we going to visit some sides to get the pictures and to get the fonts that will be needed in the course. And then we were to create a new document in Photoshop, which also before that I'll show you how to download Photoshop trial and then move on. With the creation of design in Photoshop, we're going to start less scratched slope, my slope. And I believe I believe we were to make a good progress, was learning with practices that the best way you can fully understand how things are done in real life. And it's the best thing that once you do your Yeoman design is to happiest filling that you can get. So we are going to design a simple project which you can follow along to create your own. And if you are ready to learn Photoshop from scratch, then click the button for enrolling and I'll see you soon in the first lesson. 2. Project files : Hello guys. Hello everyone. Welcome back to my videos. So right now you can see the final product of the design that I just made. So I want us to see project files where I got the picture. You can see the picture inside and the background. You can see the font I used. You can see the logo, everything. So we want to create a folder for the project files that we're going to need for this project that we're going to do. It's how you can create a poster of an event. So this event is called Fresh Sunday by digits a bar. And it's a Sunday like this today, so it's happening. So I just met this design for, for someone. So I want us to learn how to make this design from scratch. So let's just take a look where I've gotten the So we're going to need a picture. So this is like my draft or my research as Jamison cocktails and everything. So we're going to just find out the cocktails or a design like we want. So we needed to actually search a beer. Let's say you want to search beers or a good background that you need. So here we don't need people in the background, so we just need like an image which is like a close-up image. So there's this image, usually like mostly I like the type of images like this one. You can see it's a beer. The background is black. But not to mention that I can even just find cocktails. So once you want, I can also search for a cocktail. And let's try to even change the concept of design and put the background of a cocktail that we want. So for example, we can download, let me see my favorites. You can choose yours depending on the type of colors you want and how it attracts your eyes. But for me, I love most, I Love Mostly. I can just pick this. So let's does download this. So you can copy so that the person who, who, who don't know who uploaded the images, you can say tax to him or also have the picture. So everyone can just have another type of design. He wants. The background, you want even this one is good. Every, Every cocktail is good, so it looks good depending on the type of color you want. I can even pick this. So you can try to have different pictures because you will need them in the design, the background. So once you need them, you can just, we're going to change the concepts, you know. So let us also download. Let me see another one. We can try this. Why not? It's orange, orange juice in the background we have some fonts which has, which are like black and yellow. So we have them here in the downloads. But I want us to create some simple a folder that we're going to need. So we go here downloads, we find them, here. We copy them. We copy the designs, and we go here we go on desktop and we create a new folder. And we're going to call it Projects files. So Projects files, we're going to serve our images here. So we have two images. So normally, if you want to create a logo which may already have me, I already have the logo, so it's cocoa bean. So me, I already have the logo, but let's just even skip the logo. We're going to create the main content and then you can add your logo depending what she wants or the company you're going to do the design for. So, so we're back here. So we have the fonts that we're going to need. So if we click here, you can see the font is Bodoni, that empty form. For me, it's already installed. But you can come here, even go and add here, and just type the fonts. You can say Bodoni empty, or you can just go on Google. Google, Google fonts. So why do it? Once you go and Google fonts, the fonts are free and they're free to use for anyone. So if you don't find Bodoni here, you just click Bodoni empty. Once you don't find the fonts you need. So is like this one. So this is Bodoni 700. We can just download all here. So now loads. So I have this app to download my files on. It's called dm. So everyone is just downloaded automatically. Actually. I can even disable this so that I don't disturb you. Yes and yes. So we'd now loads and it will go here. So this is Antonio. But if we go back on Google, we can find Bodoni straight away, like you search for it and then it's free fonts, serif fonts. If it's font that you see it pays, you can just even try to change another font. So it's here, we download it, close these ads, and then the font will go down straight here. In our downloads, we wait for a second and then it will go. So for example, letters may already have it. So once you download it, I guess. Yes. So let's download this. Once it's downloaded, it comes in a zip file. You are actually you can extract all of them and put them in our document, which we called Project Files. And say, okay, so once it goes here, these are the fonts. So you just select them and installed all for users. So now the four-story solve. So that's how you install another font that you want. Let's say for example, we need, we need to project that we have here. We need to also download this font and this, but all the foster almost the same. You just have to pick a good font that you want. So this is the trachea and here use Tokyo, which even Avenir can do and other fonts. So we're going to find, we would do a whole design of this. So we have the fonts, we have the background picture. And if you want the logo, so you can have it. Now, we can just start to create our design. Thank you, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. finding photoshop: Logos. As you can see, we were on project files. So we just finished project files. So I invite you to study with me this new step of installing Photoshop because we know some of you doesn't even have Photoshop in your computers. So we are going to download Photoshop and it's been an official websites, Adobe, And also download the free trial for those of you who can just download the free trial or the ones who just want to buy straight. So we go on the browser and just type of Photoshop. Let's type Photoshop. And it comes here on the official website, which is Adobe. So it's this one, install official website. These are the ones are not the official website of Photoshop. So this is the websites. So there's just this pop-up Cyber Monday and Friday. It's a good Press us 40% on Creative Cloud. It's a good price. You guys should try it out. Just 29 or $30 a month. So you should try it once you have the Creative Cloud, you have all the Adobe product. And for this amount, it's a very good price. So let's just skip this and go straight to our free trial link here. So this is a free trial. So let's get started for seven days of free. So yes, so we just continue. I'm individual. You are an individual. I guess all of us are just individuals. Or if it's a student or a teacher's, you click here but I just prefer here for individuals. So you continue. And yeah, so there is this Photoshop or the Creative Cloud are all apps reminding you that there is a promotion is not 52 is just 20 to 29. So we click Photo-shop, our Photoshop here, and then we continue. And there is monthly per year and this one called Build upfront, you pay this one and then you just your Photoshop or whole year. And also this one is just build monthly, easiest pay 29. I mean, it's like $21 and it's every month that you have to pay this amount. So let's just do the monthly or bill monthly depending on your budget and what you want, then continue. And yes, there is this Adobe Stock 10 asset a month for extra $29. So if you also want to add it on the cards, you can edit or just say narthex. And here you're going to put your e-mail. This is my e-mail. And then you continue. Once you finish, they're going to bring the Adobe Photoshop trial version in your computer. So me, they want me to just continue with my account ID so that I can dust on load, but are ready habits, which is here. So this is my Adobe Photoshop append. So I believe you also are almost there. And I believe your everyone now have partnership in their computers. So that's how you get Photoshop designer tools, that these are the tools we're going to need them in the next video of creating a new project with these tools. And I'm going to show you pretty much some tools that we're going to need to create our video. Thank you for watching and thank you for studying. Hope to see you next video. Bye. 4. Creating document: So welcome guys. Welcome back. We are now going to, Everyone should open their Photoshop and now we're going to create our project. And as you know that we're going to design small, design a poster for an event. So we're going to create the project. So we do here files and we do new. So new here. Mostly, you know that for social media posters or that you're going to design, a good format is just like around a square. So the size of the width and the length should be the same. And always make sure the resolution is 300. 300 is actually a good resolution to any, any design that you're going to have. And it's pretty good. You can't whence you once you shade on them, on the e-mails and everything, it's a good quality image because the resolution is high. So 300 is a basic resolution for our posters or our design we have. So here it's the untitled. So we're going to just name it. We can name it. I'm poster. We can name it whatever you want. You can say pasta. And yes, you click OK. So now we have our positive. So it's a real thing, It's a road project. And you guys, you can see here the toolbox, the background there is actually, you can unlock it, double-click on the layer, and it's a layer. So we are now here. So I wanted to show you first some tools here before we edit. So there is this tool that we need most of the time and basically all design and needed and everyone should need it because it's a text tool. So this one is a text tool. Once you say hello, It's the one that gives you the letters and everything. So to, to move you just use this tool. This one can help you to move anything you want. So this is how you move it. You can move it anywhere you want. So this is hello. And once you have here the text tool, you can also select it, double-click on it, and change the color. It can change the color here. Can make it chocolates. You can make it black. You can make it red. Radius here. Saw any color you want, you can just do it. So this is how you change the color of a font or the letters you just wrote. So we also mostly need this selection tool. This one, it's to select a space or something you want to select. So basically here, once you select this, you can even just move it. So basically you are seeing the hello being moved. It's because we are in this layer. So once we select layer of hello and we do this so it can move, but if it's on this layer, hello there, hello can't move, but the background will move. So there is some here, image and edit. So once we click Edit, we can just step backward. So step backward, you can see the background is not straight. And you can use two tools. You can just do this and make it stable or just put it like this, and then come here and do step backward. Once you do step backward, it comes back at the same move it was in last time. So these are pretty much the things we need and we're going to need. So these are the colors for the background. These are colors that we need for the home background. We changed them differently. So for example, here the layer is white. But if you want to change the color for me, I double-click on knits, can double-click on it and click here Color Overlay. And yeah, you can just come here, blend and change their color. You can make it white. You can make it like this. You can see the background is changing. You can make it like this, can make it like this. So that's how you change the color of the background. And comparing to your, your text, you should find a good color that matches pretty much with what you have and it will make a good design once you play with the colors. And the colors are actually very good-looking. So this was just a sample or how to create a design, a rod design. So debugger and is black now and the colors is yellow. Hello, and it's orange. We can just make it be this is the size of the letters. It's not, doesn't limit yourself to 72. The more you can go, you can even just type, can take one to three, thus 124. And if we come here to select, you can see this is our letters. You see it's hello and it's big. So that's our Pretty much we're going to need. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next video. 5. Photoshop Poster design part 1: Yes, welcome back guys. Welcome to video. So this class, we're going to learn now how to create the design that I showed you first. So the final product is like this. You can see that we have a background image and we have the fonts and the texts for a flyer for fresh Sunday by digits are bats. So we are going to recreate this one, but with different backgrounds. And we want even need the logo. We want we don't need the logo first. Guess we don't need the logo. Let's just create this. Let's create this phrase Sunday and the dates and the promotion that are going to happen, even if you don't put all the promotions. But let us just create a fresh Sunday pasta buy from scratch. So we are going to come here and remove this one that we just learned in the class before. And we're going to hear File and we're going to create a new so new customer. We say, we remember remember I told you that it's going to be the same size. So it's 10 point as to be a square, even if it's 11, can just be 11. And this one B level. So as long as the width and the height of the same and the resolution at this, it doesn't matter if it's an even 12 or 12. As long as we have the, the, the width and the haze is going to be the same. So the resolution I told you it's 300s and the NAM let's just say pasta pasta Flyer, depending on what you want about me, I just say Boston. And then we click. Okay. So once you click Okay, the fresh, it's here. This is a design. And as I told you before, we double-click on this so that it becomes a layer. So we have our layer here, a white layer. We are going to create first the design that we're going to put the details. But first of all, let me show you how we can just place the background. So we have the white background, but I'm just going to do here File and Place. And we're going to find in the project files that we have here, desktop Project Files. And you remember downloaded these two images so we can find one image here. And let's just use this. And use this. And this is the image. So we click Yes, but you see it's not very full. So we do select, which is for me, I normally just do the Control C, Control T. Once you do Control T, or even if before it, once you upload the image, before that, I just deleted the image, we're going to re-upload it. So we do plus here. And once you do into here, It's budget's not like fully, fully placed. So you just click, you just make it bigger by taking the extremity here and make it big like this, for example. So we have our image which is very full in the background. And there's also a technique you can use, which is control and out so that the image doesn't lose its size. It goes with the same size. You see what I just did? And for example, if I delete this and upload it again, plus, then I do this. I am just going to do the Control and Alt and control and out. I can just make it bigger. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how, but once you do the control out, images do the control, control outs. So control and outs. So the control and you see differently. So it's same but same size. So we continue by. We're going to create another layer that we just go in the front of this image. The image won't pop up. So we create an image like this, which is a rectangle. Fill this place. Yes. Now we've got it and it's yellow. You can see behind. But we are going to reduce what we call the opacity. The opacity, you just reduces how the image reflects. We don't want to be like a pack or very dark so that we don't see the image behind, but we want to see the image behind, but slightly doesn't show us fully, fully the image quality because we want to put some words before the image. So we were just the opacity and reduce it to, let's say 50. And which has the color, will change the color here. There's this small, small, small thing here on the rectangle. You can see where I'm pointing. So once you click here, Double-click, it comes with the color, you know, we had yellow, so I want us to put black. Yes. So black and then, okay. So now we have the rectangle. So we are going first to put the texts. And once you put the texts, depending on the fonts, we're going to use our show you and then I'll upload also the fonts. And yeah, let's continue. For me. I took this rulers. So just click here. If you don't have them, you do Control R. R. And you can see there have gone and then come back. So consider our text them back and also bring them back. You can see here, this is where you find the rules from up. And this is a ruler from this side. So we want to place our words under ADA. So let's say we want to put our words here, everything here. And yeah. 6. Photoshop Poster design part 2: Yes, we are back. This is Part 2 of the creation of the pasta we were doing. So let's continue. So we are going to create the texts. And so this is on the rectangle. So we're going to create on the rectangle in front of the rectangle. So this is the rectangle and this is the background picture. So we are going to create the rectangle before the rectangle. So we come here and here we're going to write fresh. You know, we, we, we picked the post Tai showed you, so we're going to just write here fresh and down. We can just put fresh and then put Sunday down. So Sunday. So for us, the fault is like that and I can just do this. I'm using another tool. The other tool, this one. This is the tool. So this is First Sunday. So let's just play with the colors. So me, I love the yellow or the goldfish and the white. So you can even see the behind that we have some, some gods. So let's just do this little yellow or white. Let's just make it white. So and this one can be yellow. So you guys are face eyes. I've seen that you have we have the problem that it's not very clear because it's the rectangle is before the words. So you're going to pick the rectangle and put it down under the words. Now you can see fresh Sunday. It's very visible and very good. So fresh Sunday we select by width control. And then this. And then we try to just make it up. So fresh Sunday you can see first Sundays here. And we are going to play with dates. So we do here first with the music by DJ digit Smith. I just change. I mean, we can change anything. So they just Smith is going to be our DJ today and we are going to reduce the size. Could you see the size is very big. We can see the words. So we're going to remove this size and make it, let's say this, R, this. So you can see that it's getting smaller. So we come back here to the selection tool and we put music by digit Smith here. So you can see digit Smith and fresh Sunday. And for us, that's the main title which is phrased Sunday. It should be very visible than everything. That's why we reduce the size or even other things. So they just myth are going to be reduced again and be like this. And then we are going to put the text here, music by digit Smith. And we are going to pick a date. So we're going to show the dates. So these are the main things you do. I forgot to show you how you can even plan them. It's a very simple thing. We're going to pass it. We, we use such Notepad. And then you just prepared, you'd be like, This should be a title. And music by and then we're going to put the dates. And we are going to also put the promotions if the promotions on the poster, and then that's it. That's it. And once you have this here, it's reminds you what to put here. So well, let's say we're going to put the dates here. We, you know, you can see as everyone can see how we are on the same line. So we are going to just pick a date here, and we're going to also to remove the size. So the size is going to be maybe the same with digits Smith. So it's we are on the 28th. I just loved to put dots and November and dots 2021. So this is going to be selected and also reduce the size to 35 or 40. You can just text 35. And then bring it here, close, check this one out. And yes, now we have the dates which are here. So we have the 20th November, so we are trying to even check with the colors and everything. So I'll put the dates in white than to put them in, in this yellowish, greenish color that we have selected. So we just make it white. So we come here and this white. Yes, So that's it. And we are going to now put check the schedule. We have here the title of the events, which is this one. And the music. We have the music, the DJ, and you also have the dates. And now we have, we're going to put this the promotion. So the promotion, let's just say today is going to be a cocktail Patsy because there is behind the Cocteau background. So we are going to just put the cocktails that are on this count here. And that will be the end of the video. So Let's just type cocktails. Cocktails on, cocktails on this cut. So we are going to show the cocktails on discounts or on the menu. And then we are going to reduce the size discussed. This is the title. It's better, It's often then we highlight better the cocktails than just this title because the title is, it doesn't matter the size. So we read just the title. We make it 18 or 20. Driver pick 20. So 20. Yes. So this is it's we put them here, cocktails on discount. So this doesn't matter because we are going to highlight the cocktails. And we're just going to pick random cultures in, in my mind and prices. And then you, you guys will see how it's going to be good. So I'd rather pick another color which is dark case. Now wife, Let's just pick one from this glasses. I told you guys that once you just point this pen saw on the background that you want, it just pick automatically the colors. So let's say if it's this one, It's going to be a low chocolate. This is going to be purple. And, you know, it doesn't seem good. So we can find a good color. I prefer this one, but we can just make it darker like this. So it's kinda yellow and gold this. So we check this one, it's going to be cultures on these counts. Yeah, I love this. Yes. So now that's the color that we have here for cocktails on the many. And we are going to write the cocktails. So I want us to, we're going to highlight the cocktails and the price will be below the cocktail. Each coarser, let's say we're going to just write for doctors came first. We can write gene tonic. That's a cocktail in my mind, and let's make it bigger. Let's do 13 or 36. As you can see, this is Jin tonic. Syntenic is bigger than the cultural and discount because we want to know if the Jintao organic is on promotion. As you can see in my posture before, there is the RPG and Massoud and gin and tonic and this. So that's why we try and just lower the quality of the light, like the sizes of the house of cocktail is smaller. And then the RPG and Mazatlan Jin tonic is bigger because that's the one we want to highlight. Yes, So we go back here and we create another one, which is here, and we call it RPG, for example. And RPGs online same size as the tonic. So RPGs here, and this is RPG. So you can see the size, the length from here to here. Thus, we are going to put the prices. So let's say it's going to be on 5000. 5000 ads are just $10. I just use dollars. Yes. So $10, the gin tonic is $10. So once you put $10 here, we are going to remain. To make it smaller. Let's make it smaller because we want the price yes to appear, but the gingiva lecture appear most. So it's $10 and we make it like 24 or make it 25, 25, and 25. The size. And then for it to be different with the, with this, we're going to change the color. So this should be, let's say white. So that's white. And we want also to put here the price. So we're going to make it down here or song. And then we put $10.10 dollars. So, yes, so you have $10 here. And also that's for RPG, it's $10. You can see it's like very sized, vary on the same size. And also we want to create other cocktails here. So for us to make it on the same line, we're going to take one other ruler and we put it like here. So we want to just put some other two cocktails. Let's say we go into just rise. I mean, say Long Island. Let's just write Long Islands here. So it's Long Island. Long Island. We put it here. So that's the Long Island. And we should put also the price here. But before you put the press, you can just put another cocktail here. I love this. It's SHE Tula. It's it's a good cocktail. So she to relational be here as well. And then we just also put the dollar. So it's all the same price. You can just even mentioned, say Long Island is on promotion. It was, let's say 15. Now it's on also 10. But that also it's another course that we're going to learn how to create some posters and like this, and also upload them on social media. I'm soon starting another social media class. And I'll invite you guys. And yes, so we are almost done. We create also the price here, $10.10 dollars. And we make it also appear in the same line. And yeah, That sets and cocktails on discount. We come here and put them closer. And now we have the fresh Sunday pastas. And if we remove this was see how it's turning. We remove everything. Sorry about that. So you do that. Once you do like that, you do the Control zed, or a company or editor once the backward. So yes, we go down, we go down, go down, and that's it. That's the design is fresh Sunday music by digit Smith. And cocktails on discount didn't tonic, RPG, Long Island, she Tura, both on all of them at $10. So this is the flyer. You can see some colors are very good with the background, fresh Sunday and everything. And if it's, if the background is very clear, there is a way you can just remove the lightness. You go back on the rectangle we created, the one that we have removed the opacity and then we just increase the opacity. So for example, you can see once I increase too much, it disappears. Once I do this, it appears very much because it's 0 pastizzi BY we just have to create something darker. But it shows the words very clearly. And then also the background should be also very good and clear. So I think 62 percent looks good on me. And I hope also it looks good with you guys. So yes, so that's the design. And you can see it's almost similar with this because we played with the colors and everything but the blessing, the words, how it is, It's actually the same. So this is the best design you can do. And what's remaining is just having it as a folder and the file JPEG picture. So let's do the exporting side. We can export as a JPEG picture. You can export as PNG. You can also save it as a PSD file. Let me just finish here and then I come back showing you how you can serve them in three types of folders that you're going to need. Thank you guys. I'll see you soon. 7. Exporting poster design: Yes, welcome back guys. So the design is here, it's done. So we are going to export its. So the better way to export, I believe it's two. I love to export it as JPEG so that it comes as a picture. And also, I would love to also save it as a PSD file. That's like a Photoshop file. So that the next time you try to open it, it will come with everything. Everything without redesigning everything so that you can even try to modify. Let's say you want to do a design for tomorrow. You want even just write everything. You will just just rename, put something here. Happy Monday, and then just play with the promotions and the dates and then that will be your next other design. So we are going to save, we save here. First. We said the project, so it's still in the project files. So this is going to be posted, so it's saved as a PSD here. You can see PSDs like Photoshop file. So we save the poster first as a, as a, as a PSD file. And that's it. It's saved. Now we have our file which is saved as a PSD file. And we're also going to save it as a picture. You can share pictures of your friends to your bosses, whoever wants the designs. So we go so here File and then click here, Save As, and then formats here, the formats we're going to choose Format, and then we choose the cheap JPEG. Jpeg, GPE, GPG, or works. So this is the format that I would like you guys to do. And once you do JPEG, it would just even show you the other chip bags that are in the folder, which includes which includes the peg cells, the pitches that we had downloaded, the background itself. So the pasta is here. And once we save it, we are going to have this GPS option. So it's the quality and the size. So I prefer maximum because it doesn't go beyond this. If it goes beyond this is like four MB's megabytes. Yes, So a better, better, you just reduce a little bit. It becomes 2.6 or three. That's a good standard and then do okay. So now we have the file and we have the picture. So we come here in the folders. We come project files here. And yes, we have them. Let me just change the view and show you. So these are the fonts. Let me create a folder for the font we have used. It's Antonio. And yes, put it there. And this is the picture and this is the flyer design, the poster that we have done. You can see music by digits birth, the quality is good. Everything looks very perfect. So this is the design and this is the poster. It's a PSD file. For example. Let's go back here. Let me show you how it's going to be done. So once it's like fresh Sunday like this, I want you guys to closets don't fall. I mean, we have already saved it. So it saved, you see the option is not, is nothing. So we are going to close it. And once we close it, don't think that it's done. You will have to redesign again. No. You will find it in the folders because we have created it. So next time when you're going to create it, we just go here file. And instead of clicking new, I want you guys to click Append. So once you click open, it brings you to the project files. You might have the file here in desktop library and the PC everywhere you have it, and then you click on it. Once you click on it, it comes back straight away and comes back and it helps you edit. You can edit the dates, you can edit the DJ. Let's say the promotion is not correct or you have some mistake. So instead of editing the picture, you have to edit the document, the PSD file. So this is it. So this is how you create a design. Now, the design is very ready for posting. We can post it anywhere you want. This is it. Thank you so much, guys. And I appreciate it. I'll see you soon. Thank you. 8. Conclusion: Thank you guys for watching. Thank you guys for learning. This video was very interesting. I love to share my skills. So make sure you also download, you have downloaded the Photoshop application. Make sure you have the, all the tools needed, the background and the good fonts and everything. And also, I would live our love, our love, our love. Very glad to be your next teacher for the next step. And also, I want you guys to practice and make sure you do your own project and send it on the projects session. And our GIS also, be glad to check her out and see what you guys have done. And I'll be very proud to see what you guys have done. Thank you so much and see you very soon on my next class.