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Adobe Photoshop Basics: Photo Editing Basics

teacher avatar Manav Singla, I love web and graphic design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction to this Course

    • 2. Removing Pimples and Darktones

    • 3. Creating Weird Paintings

    • 4. Content Aware Fill

    • 5. Liquify Tool and End of Course

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About This Class

This is a photo editing course where we will talk all about how editors edit the photos in the world's most recognized software, Photoshop. 

You need photoshop to attend this course and if you know some basic knowledge of photoshop that would be amazing. Also this course is very short because I didn't really go too in-depth with it but you need to practice the stuff taught in this course.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Removing Darktones, pimples etc.
  • Content Aware Tool
  • Making weird color paintings
  • Liquify Tool and how to completely use it

And this is the amount of stuff that you will learn in this course. I hope that you will stick to this course till the very end. And let's start...

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Manav Singla

I love web and graphic design


I am Manav Singla and I am a proffesional web and graphic designer for over 2 years and in that time, I have learned so much about marketing, creating content, dealing with clients and so much stuff. I want to share my knowledge with the world and I am happy to be part of skillshare community.

I am planning to create courses where I am good at. Especially photoshop, instagram, creating engaging content etc. which are my forte for success on various platforms and they have helped me in landing 50+ clients online and a part time job offline as well.

If you are interested in knowing more about me then please watch my courses, they are knowledgeable and fun (according to me, you are the judge) and I hope to see you there. 

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1. Introduction to this Course: Hello students, welcome to the photo editing goes. And in this course you will learn all about the photo editing basics. You will learn about photo manipulation. You will know about means many things that are mostly used by the forego editing professionals. And you'll just get a stock photo editing. So what will you learn in this course? You will learn how you can remove the pimples, dark spots, etc, on the face of a person, which will be in a very minimal amount, means we do not want to change the face completely, but we will do it in some minimum amount so that the line that have given your project or you are doing it for your own face or off all your friends or family, then you will be able to sing the input stocks, sports, etc, which you can share on social media. You will also learn about the basics of photo manipulation. I do not want to go in soon in debt, come out it just now, but you will learn about further manipulation. Then we will also make some basic weird paintings. And I know this may sound confusing, but don't worry, it is our really, really simple concept of just one or two minutes after we have done the course. Then we will also learn about Content Aware Tool. And Content Aware Tool is one of those feature which is available in the new origins of the Photoshop. And yes, you will require annual version, but we will get to the pre-requisites after we have completed this section. And also you will learn about everything associated with the liquidation. Liquidation too as well. The most important tools then you want to learn about for loop, okay? Then they're upgraded visits, which means what you require for attending this course, you should know basically was a lot for the shop just like Move tool selection tools, also dodge everything like documents in small amounts. I'm not saying that you need to be affecting it by any means, but you should know about some basic stuff, then you should have a decently new version of Photoshop. But even if you don't have that, then also you would be fine. Which means that you will decrease some aspects just like contained to hear tool if it is really, really old version, just like blue-collar and 600 consulting silane. I'm darkening the happened in W2. And also you need dedication to complete this. Good. Okay, so let's start. 2. Removing Pimples and Darktones: Welcome back students. In this lecture we are going to talk about how you can move the dots for C, you can remove the temples, just like on this feast. And I have taken randomly from the Internet. And first of all, I want to clarify that it reverses beautiful. I suggest that you won't do those dots force or you want to remove, must be imposed on North. Because if you maintain that, it looks more natural. Anchor tag is define. I means you are talking about a line, then you should ask him first. But if you're doing thought of family than it is also different. So now I'm going to talk about how you can be moved or dark spots and impulse just by using the smart clean brush tool, which according to me, is one of the best automation tools that Photoshop has and I use it a lot. Then I am dealing with clients on means I am doing some deep daily needs for trading stock. So first of all, dog it is on the spot healing brush tool. It is directly under the eyedropper tool. And after that, you can just export in Brush tool. And now I will first of all increase the size of it because you can see clearly that there are some pimples over here. And just, I think so I building this first of all, this face is already exited, which means that another for query that has worked on this case. So I think that that is why it is looking really weak link. Okay, so I'll zoom in and I will try to remove the pimple. Just click on it and it is coordinate is completely gone. And I've seen here as well. And now I will see that how is it looking? It is looking fine. Okay. I I don't think so. It is really an outstanding job. I will means degrees the size. Of course I will use the hardness of it as well Because if you will remove the hardness and it will not take that much. And that is really important as well. And gentleman's, now, it is looking somewhat good. Okay. A lot better. A lot better actually is looking a lot at. So after that means I if you are saying that this is done, it is not so ILO. Okay. I will do it somewhat, he'll honest. Just some minor just name just keep in mind that infuriating you do not need to go out and you should not in everything. And you, because you need to make the face look natural. That is one of the most important things that a lot of ordering does. Just sorting, just clean the face. They just whitewashed of fees so much that it just means does not look natural at all. Okay. And datasource, I'm saying that is why I always suggest that you should keep your passage or your hardness low. And now we're going to move it off sports in the same way that you have. You have removed the pimples here. This looks really good to me. Yeah. That was it. Formulas aren't healing brush tool. You just need to select it under the eyedropper tool. And then you can just click, click, click and it will happen, and it will just phenomenon. And that is how you do photo two things or healing brush tool. But after dark, I am. Now. We will, in the next lecture make some VCB or paintings started also morning. Yeah. 3. Creating Weird Paintings: Welcome. In this lecture we are going to see that how you can create these beautiful masterpiece. And I know that some of you admitting that it is completely unnecessary, but I am still means you will get really familiar with the Liquify tool. And I really want tank because Liquify tool is one of the rules in the hole for reading speeds. So for this, I will create, first of all, a new space because that is really important. No, this will not work at all. Yeah. This was work. And then I am going to create some squares and creating those goods. I think so you should already know dad what if you don't, then I will explain it. First of all, I am creating the selection tools and then I am filling the collaborate all plus tax, which is really easy. Done it. Yeah, means this will work for right now, for using the Liquify tool. First of all, you need to merge the layers. And for merging the layers, you in the last panel come to list down and this token. And again, the layers you want to Merced and you can easily slipped it OK, select these lead. It is completely your choice. And Young's I have selected him and then go to the layer panel. And then there is the option of mostly US. And after merging the layers, you need to go to those filter and the filter liquefy. And you know, liquefy. That means this option is for if you have already made some previous changes, then if you click here, then, you know, dark thing there. I have done this stuff. It has already picked up that and it has recreated it and this one, okay, but we need to create from scratch. So I will go to theta and here is the real liquefy. And often leaking that it will open up a new window. Okay? And in the new window to create the new lines, don't worry about all these tools because I will explain to you in dB. But foreign them. I fought creating the VA paintings. You just need to go to total clock clockwise, okay? And then I will show you the density. I will increase it size. I've increased somewhat, not that much. It is a lot, my opinion. Yeah. And the density, etcetera, it just mean too much. And that is why it means it became such a mess, but still and that is how you created but it didn't work out daggers. So VBD guide on snow liquefy and I will, I will meet, decrease the density, etcetera and quiet. And let us try means to create something meaningful out of it. Means that I am, I am seeing that we will create a masterpiece or something like that, but still instill, it should look sink and not that bad. It is looking kinda sick to me. Ya okay. And yeah, it it is looking very good. Means it means describe it as those simple watch our amoeba. I don't know. Yes, we can describe it as amoeba. Ja means it is looking really good act. That is how I am familiar with the Liquify tool. And in the next lecture we are going to use the content of those. So I will meet you in the next section. 4. Content Aware Fill: Welcome back students. In this lecture we are going to talk about contain W2. And this is a tool data is not available in the very older versions of Photoshop, just like in 2607, is not available. But if you have some sink in newer version, then you should definitely, definitely follow along because we're told is the best tool stack has come out of Photoshop because it makes everything super simple. So for using container we are to first of all, you also need to know the brink tool which is directly above the ticks do. First of all, you need to be in select up into the thing you want to renew, or you want to change, or you want me to fail, you just see it coming selected. So I will select means these three paintings. And I was lucky to the online thing too. And I will, of course you can make a nice selection and then use will need to click on edit. And in the editor is Tim named contained a way of Philip IV. And it will take some time, but ya means it has already left the tech what it needs to cover those three paintings. And after that, it is saying that I dot is how you do it. You just go on and after that, click on OK. And it is done Content Aware Fill. And that is how you do for contained to the fill. Okay. I know what is the practical usage of it. So first of all, I will complete and this is the previous image that I used in the listened to. I know I can again use for Django for the bank. And we select this. And then I will, of course go for the ankle. And then I will go for contained to the fill. And Beta mirrored it. For some reason it didn't happen. Yes. Now, this is the site at it is really disappointing in my opinion. It is toward the best job that foolish old has done at all. But means you need to give it some time. Means if you have not designed for selected ones and care. And after dark, I will again go for it contained to the fill. I know that it can do some big job. And my goodness, it didn't. So I guess it is not the best it is aren't the best picture, but still, you get my point right now is you can do you can go for the container will fill. Yes, you didn't do that good. But the monument will always be better. But in the case of means like dark, dark blue. That's folded up. Pull it out. In the case of this photograph, I taught that container will film was high best choice in those cases I Dalton to contain the spill is really that important, but I need a student and could tell you this because automation is really, really important, but it still needs. That is how you use the container fill. Next lecture, we are concluding with a Gantt chart is the most important blue line that is obviously the most important part of this whole course. So I will see you. 5. Liquify Tool and End of Course: Welcome back students. In this lesson, we're finally going to talk about liquefied tool. I have written around the bush a lot along this tool because, you know, it is the most important tool in space. So for using the Liquify tool, just like I have to do in the biggest lectures. You just need to go to fatal. And then you need to become liquefied. And then it will take some time to load up the window of the Liquify tool. Yeah. So in the Liquify tool, first of all, I will explain all the things that are here on the left side. And then we did talk about the right plans. Okay? So first of all, this is for wet wrap tool and this means completely destroys the image. I do not recommend using it at all, but in small cases are and it's small pressures, it can definitely work. But again, not really recommended because in most cases just destroys thing. And after that, this is the Reconstruct tool. I'll take a step two means is not really that important, so we will skip that. And the 32 cm, we do not use them that much. Then there is the Smooth Tool, again, not really that much of a user where it just means for some pixels, it can work but disaggregated. And then there is this tool and we use it in the last lesson. It can help us to create somebody or paintings I'm forced somewhat 3D, it can work, but in the faces we need two means. We do not. And then there is the pucker tool. I can help you a lot. And I mean a lot. If you want to decrease the size of the eye, then you can do so. Academy the bones skin it can make the skin, skin. It can do this type of stuff. And that is why we use it. It is used to decrease the thickness of the bone or your scan and it can make the face look really skinny. And that is why we use this. And then there is the Blur tool, which is just the opposite of it, okay? Which is the opposite of pucker do. And it means, it can means make the fill factor can use if you want to put some emphasis on something on the face or on a wall or something like that, then you can definitely use this tool does is most. And then there is the bush left tool, okay? And that is how you do it. Means it just push matches with the pixels. It means and do some stuff like this. And yeah, not, not really useful, but still can be used, but not really recommended. I never use formed by stuff. So we either go for that. And then there is the fees must be really important. Let's see. I do not want to do anything to the I means I will do here and here. Now, if I will use any tool just like my blog, it will not have any effect on the area that is done by these mouse through I'm dad is reading back-ends. See, it is. Just let me increase the size. This redo and you can see the eyes stay the same, okay? And that is the power at all, is lost. And then there is definitely Erase Freeze Mask, which means just the phrase wants to. And that is how you use it. And then there is this face tool add, you know, you then do some stuff like this. It is really good, but the right side is importing and dad is how the mostly do some stuff like that. And then there and then there is hand tool. Nothing special actually. It is not retired Special. Okay. Now come to the right side of the means panel. This is where you will see yes, photoshop is really good. So then you have a feast and photoshop automatically detects that you have a face. And it means it just secretes the components is like eyes, nose, mouth, face. It means to everything like that. So now, first of all, Brush Tool options I have already told you for size, ratio, size, pressure density rate. And yeah, it means you will get familiar with them a lot, really wanted to explain them. Then there is eyesight. And you can see right? When I increase it, it increases. When I freeze it, it decreases. And this is the left side and this is the right side, okay? And you can play around with it. The thing that suits you most, just remember that do not go overboard. I know it may sound exciting. I know it may sound really fun, but not go overboard at all. Just like in the eye distance. It looks so alienated. Okay. It just looks like a completely different person. So yes means just a white. And then we can make a person artificially smile as if, you know, it doesn't look down naturally because it is not, it is not natural, it is artificial. But still it is. It is really, really good. It is scary. How much means for a shop can means replicate of feces. And this is a completely different person. Then we had me we have brought in initially and that is the power or Photoshop. Then there is the face. Yeah. We can increase or decrease of forehead and we can increase and decrease the chin high. I mean, we can do a rectangle like that. And, you know, it is completely abandoned. Knew how you like to go away. That's like jawline. Man. He already looks like a different person. Phase, width, and dark is mostly though, all the other options, they are not really that important. Lord, really like them that much. Don't really use them. Dartmouth start is why I don't think spin them will be on me. And after you have done all the thing, all the stuff you just click on. Okay? And we created an alien, sorry to whoever was imagined as. I know, he will never see this video but steadily falling Matt. I just definitely clearly a face, but still it means you get time one, right? And that is how you use the liquify tool. And I hope you really enjoyed this course, also. Support us on skill share that Google and Yahoo means nobody is falling us right now, if I will say, and that is somewhat of a shame to me. They see I have already uploaded three courses. This is my fourth one. I am really enjoying it and I am uploading a ghost every single week. So advocate my efforts and yeah, you can follow. Otherwise, I hope you really enjoyed this course and thank you for joining it.