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Adobe Photoshop - Advanced Classes - Learn the Unknown Techniques Right now

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Course Trailer

    • 2. Advance Hair Masking

    • 3. Remove any Object, Person or Anything

    • 4. Powerful Secret Blending Modes

    • 5. Create your Fake Lights get Realistic

    • 6. Boring Picture to Awesome Cinematic Look

    • 7. Change any Colors to Other in ACR

    • 8. Change Specific Color to Other Colors

    • 9. White Balance is Actually Easy Now

    • 10. Enhance the Skin and Realistic Eyes

    • 11. Compositing Techniques

    • 12. Cinematic Composition Techniques

    • 13. Fake Tattoo - Rock your Instagram Look

    • 14. Luminosity Blending Mode - Its Powerful

    • 15. Product Photography Editing

    • 16. Why Shadow is Important in Photoshop?

    • 17. Bonus Class and Submit your Project

    • 18. Thank you Video.

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About This Class

Welcome Everyone, Happy to see you all here.

Adobe Photoshop - Advanced Classes - Learn the Unknown Techniques Right now

This Class is about how to Learn the Techniques of the Photoshop-like a Professional. All techniques are very useful in your Workflow.

01. No need of Prior Knowledge or Experience in Photoshop. you can take this class now.

02. All classes are Level zero to Finished ones.

03. Stock Images are included with this class - you can work along with me. Practise makes the best things.

04. 15 Classes + Bonus Content of Class makes you better comfort.

05. Work with the Project and please don't forget to submit to show your creativity.

06. Don't Forget to review our class after you finished these classes. it motivates me to create future classes.

For the Working Files of PSD finished ones - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Due to File size, this link Processed from google drive link.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Masters in Multimedia Engineering and done my Masters in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &n... See full profile

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1. Course Trailer: Hi there. Hello, everyone. I am selling and happy to see you all from here again in the new classes. So this class is going to be how to work like the photo shop like a pro. So 15 classes plus bonus classes So each and every class has here new new projects will be there. So all the stock images what I'm using inside that you can be download and you can be Follow me and you can work it up So no need off clear knowledge and no experience is required to working for one. Lee, you just need the photo shop Stop publication on your laptop PC or Mac or whatever these things. One Lee the keyboard shotguns will be differ from that PC under the Mac, so all the instructions and everything will be the same. So let's get started with me on they don't forget toe post. Your project on this one's so large off products will be that even there's more than 10. So no need of wait for that. Let's get see the trainer of this course. Extract the background from that once, including the mess. Her stale also even have the fine details very, very little hard. It is also before and designer after and the next video. We are just learning about the thing for the powerful blending modes inside their photo shop. So how to blend the black images hope to bring with the weight bag running majors into your composition? Whatever. Just working on the letter that would just be working for the sky replacement layers. Onda for the fringes hope what with the fringes of the mask. Inside this, the layer mask two tapes off mask will be there using the channels on your family, working for the normal layer mask under how refined that. It's actually very, very cool for working for the composition areas. Andi, you're just working for that composition. How to read. Get rid of that once that it just Andi can't two plays the new images to stock into that make it compose it into a different look under how to do the color correction. Also inside that once in the photo shop, it's actually very, very fun toe making with the lights. So you can be why don't we create with new warned lights? You just create your warned lives and you just make the reflection inside the same photographs, and it can be Make it how toe turn into your new look So you lights make fun and everything's and the colors. Also, you can be make different colors from the specific oneto. One Inside the camera, Andi even toe the photo shop. Also, you can be changed any collected, any collapse, and it can be worked for the skin ice glow realistic once see the ice the realistic, the powerful avoids with the glow of the need of some layers on and for the fake tattoos. You can be working it for the fake tattoos with the worth, and you can be probably uploading your instagram. You can be rocket on under the last one. The things and everything. We're just working for the photo editing incidents for the product. Photography on For the detailing off this one's everything get detailed inside the course, so let's start with the course and learn with me 2. Advance Hair Masking: Hi there. Hello, everyone. In this video, we're just going to be learn about how to make the advance. The hair masking inside of order shop I just to show you all the examples from here on, I'm making a new type of masking inside this. What? I learned it. I what? I learned the steps and everything that secrets what I'm using inside my projects. Okay, let's see about that one for the curly hair on the blood, the background broke a photograph on the low quality photograph Three type off. Things will be available inside these things once these things. This is the very low quality photograph. And even so, we are doing that harm asking. Okay, so for the curly hair see the hat that that is very curly and everything's But even so, we can do it. So inside this one with the three things only. So what is the word general photograph then? I just created a solid later with some color off background under the final result off the layer masking layer. So cities without saying this, you can see so see the help zoom this one's and you can see Even so, the little bit of the Herald so we can take it down from the photograph. That's very, very easy technique inside of these things. So let's see the word that that now select a hair extracted picture. Okay, inside it, the border shop. How do select the advance? The harem asking inside the border shop. Let's get started without any further doing some silly things. So jump into the selection toe. Any selection tool, you can make it if you go for the quick selection toll. Okay, you are just making these things for that 2020 version for desktop users means you can jump into the object selection. I just drew around the picture automatically. That tool will be assigned. They were selection into this one's because it is the worker beyond with the artificial intelligence. So this is the one Andi just jumping to that. The toolbar properties the last tour selecting the mask. If you are selecting any selection tool, it will shows that selected mask Okay. Don't nothing to worry about that one. So you fight. Select a mask Once again, that window will be weapons. The selector master window will be opened up inside from here so some people's will working like into the past it that skeleton mask window that means that refine age How toe do that means Once you selector is finished, go to the select menu. You can see the silicon mask and say this If you justice, click this again. The same window will be opening. But if you go for the select press the shift key. If you click the silicon mask, we have to refrain Edging. That means if you're using for the CC 2015 16 like that means that riff image that properties will be opening. Some people's will like toe work inside these things. Only because I don't know they like. If you would like to do it, will you do so Now click the select unmask inside. From here, you can see that tools from the left side. And this is the one selection. This is the refined age and this is the brush tool and this is the last. So you just know about this is the everybody knows about that. This is the song toe I'm to the right side. The properties will be shown into the view more some off the modes will be very useful toe inside this tutorial. So for this onion skin means one laid there. What? You are selecting the picture that one leave will be shown inside this The marching ants means where you just a selector? Okay, inside the for the shop with the any tool that will be shown up onto the overlay means you can do any color. Okay, you can select like this black. You can do it. Any colors like this, Any color. I'm telling about this one. So with that the color property, you can be seen what and what we are selecting inside distance. So I prefer a bully like the smart light blue only. Okay, Inside that light blue, we can see the sad. Okay, See this? Let's degrees the opacity. Now you can see these things. So how to make selection with the very precisely like this means just going to the quick selection tool on the next one. Refrain bases B that the shot cut is there are key. OK, now I press the zoom tool. I just go near, do this right, Then click the r key toe. Take the refining age. You just need to paint until the very, very edgy things like you can see this, the head is going to be selective without any problem, so just paint very, very smoothly. So how it will be happening means you just dump it. Do here. The size of the breast is based upon your thing. The hardness if you're present the hardest to this 100% means the hardness of the brush is going to be very vulgar on your photograph. That means, uh, it spreads out that capacity of the brush. OK, so only I just making toe. Only the 50 15% are anything's. The space is not vital is the It's not a problem, but it wouldn't be that the space is 25% is very good for any selection on any things. If you are using the size of the pain pra sure are. Anything means that will be very good. I like the pain pressure also. So once I do that, if I see, if I select this head like this on the 10% level will be very good. So I just goingto putting the pressure off this one for this picture. It is very very crispy things. So no, you can see the right side of the it's I just make a single swiper like this means a single swipe of the drawing. Okay, I just do this from here from this one. Even the single stroke of the head We can make selector inside of the border shop. Don't worry. If you have the most also, you can do it. Sorry, buddy, I don't have any motion like that. So that means there I don't have any drawing tablet means if you if you don't have the drawing tablet also, you can use it with the most. Also, this technique is very much useful inside these things. Once you've done drawing with the refine age brush PRESTA control zero our command zero to make it fit in your canvas Then now press the Z key Like from here. I just show you there's some sort off the tee shirt will be lost when you selected these things. How toe make perfect on this one's means Give the capacity very less to this. Okay? No, we just jump in the brush tool. This is the best tool. And this is the size. What? We're using the hardness is very 100% only for you because I don't need any smudgy thing to the edge soul. I just going to that We just dropped this thing. Not at all is a good one. Yes, I need a crispy edge. Very good, even for the said Georgia. So move to the right side. Okay. Every it is very good. So I just did. It is the pressure size. By pressing the square brackets from the left square bracket under the right square bracket , you can see very cool the now again press the controller command zero to bring back to your canvas to into their fit. Besides, no, you just bring your a passage to the 100%. Now you can see even for a single little hair that the details also, we just extractor from the world picture. Now I just drew to the refined edge again. See this this area a little bit. That cat is going to be released. It even from here. Also, this is drew it up. Single stroke off the painting. Okay, That is very much cold. So once you've done everything inside this, I didn't go for the age direction. I didn't go for the group. Global refinements not think one lay from the selection off the tools and we can do it. This is very much professional Toe the photo shop. Once you can be practice, practice, practice It will be very much so. I just give you all the hair, that curly hair, this her picture and everything will be that So you can be followed up inside the videos. So right down so that the selection the new layer with the selection legs. So why I do always like this means I don't to disturb the original layer. So a new layer of it to that layer mask I just jump into from here. This is the one I like it. So from here I just created a solid layer with the any type off solid color. Anything I like a little nice blue from here. Then you just jump into that click the mask, that layer mask. But it's their shift. E g means okay, you can see the mask on and off. Press the shift key on the clicker. Okay. If you press that all Tibetan, our option click means you can see where We are just masked inside the picture. The way to one Get reveals the black one. Get master. So inside this I just pressed controller miners to make it fit inside our campus. Then I take the brush tool. From here on, I needed to paint on the mask. So how to do that? Means you can No. The blending modes options from here. If you don't know the blinking blending more options don't have means. Please take down over for the shop course. So inside that I just jump into the overlay. Okay. No way. Make a little bit up here. Bigger brush. Okay, inside this the hardness. I just view one Lee the 10% A very little right. Then I checked the foreground color weight. So you fight painter. Okay, inside this means okay, if you want comes to the black thing we because off the blending more magic that is overly You just need toe paint One Leon the black to the black on the way to the Wait So this one's will be happening inside Trump there. So I just painted a little Little, Little, Little little Okay, That means I just over the corner Okay. This a very little like this. Even so see this You fight, disturb like this means press the X key to make the black thing. So for the black and again for the black So black gets blacker weight gets waiter very, very simple. Now written to the mass presto, all our option key again. If you're pressing means it will comes inside this No cities, even your little one Otto have brushes also can be make like this. So now just a click. The very stool going to the normal, See? A very little I just painted it from here. You wind up to make corrections like this. So this is the very, very, very cool thing you have learned inside these things. Okay, so this is the advanced hair masking told any type off more machine things only the three layers from the background. And you were just a selecting the picture with the mask and do it and you can create everywhere One solid layer. Whatever the bag around, you just need it. And if you don't need the background means you can go for any pictures. Also, you can if you are like it. So jump to the next. Listen 3. Remove any Object, Person or Anything: So in this video we are just going to belong a vote. So removing any objects inside the photograph, anything, anything inside of this one's. So for this, the's light stands and these good luck slates and everything will be there. So for this picture, you see that these shanking some substance will be the right hanging rollers. This lights and these some contenders will be the in containers. These lights and everything will be a laser from the photograph on your 400 will be very clean. That's good, he told cropping. I just make clean so you can make do this also. So how to make this means just to switch it off? This one's I just make one more the duplicate on this layer, right? For this, I just to rename this one's as duplicate. Okay, so this is the final one. So this is the public it So I put it duplicate about these layers. So how to release this? There are so many team methods inside the photo shop toe take down, down wanted things inside the picture since everything So how to do that means So come toe J plus the Jakey. You can number that the spot healing brush healing brush and the patch to the content of our mortal. These all duels will bay removing something that means fixing something inside the photograph. So for the spark healing, how it is going to be used means you find Zoom hit. Here. You see this right now I make a brush bigger toe control this object from here you find paint or word This means once I leave it. Okay. What will be the head of that? I just painted that the area will be Suck it up from the nearby the pictures. Okay, say this. If I paint over this one's the outer area, pixels will be suckered inside this and make over this. So like this, it will be done the second or the third thing. So like this, if you don't this sort. So if I make control, Is that that that Is that like this? The 2nd 1? That means if I change into the rectangular mark, you tool you fight selected Mark. Not like this. If I select a market like this, right, full thing, then I press shifted. Billy. Okay, so this is the shot. Get past the super delegate. The Phil. Okay, the film box will be comes up. Otherwise, if you are a new to the photo shop, just go to the edit, Phil. Okay, Shift F If I in that shift their fires then content available. Be that right. I want to fill inside the selection by content. Ever. Okay, the color option is okay. Content? If I press ok means a little bit. Time only takes up. OK, then. That's the control de or commodity to make it, these area will be cleaned up. Yes. No. Just moved us to the right side. Up this once. If I make the same thing pressed a young key to make the Markku tool. If I drop like this, then I made toe shift there. Deleted. Okay. Are the shift their fires That should do it in the Mac content over the next week. Okay. The outer pixels that it will be going to down inside. So this one's so all the pixels will be sucked up from that to here. It will be Make sure that so by making these area only okay the corner I don't because it is going under the perspective. You because that ball will be connected to the floor also. So now again, press these ones do it. That's done. Then how to clear it? Okay with this one's, then press the Jakey. That means spot healing. Okay, in that the sport healing brush I just make zoom over and over to make it very clear. Because when you are making this kind off re pitching projects, however, you just making resume and the work that project work will never face, remember, May Boots. Then I painter on over to this like this, right, then a takedown. This also, once you need to paint also where the pixels will be going off the part You just painted on that part only. Okay. Not like like this. Not like this. Okay, so this is the one I just paint like this one's. It's good then. No, this is the floor. I got something damaging inside this. So how do you believe this one's buster healing brush? OK, then I make it a little bit bigger. Then I pressed the adult our option key to make the sample from these area Okay. From dizzy area. I just goingto paint over these area like this. That's it. Very simple. Okay, once you paint on this one's So how to do that means Selig the healing brush. But it's all G to take anywhere in the sample toe. This one's and you can paint on over toe. Virginia, you want them? Then press the control command zero. Now the left side will be very cleared. You can do it inside. You on the right, said, also under you just proceed the project. But now see on the next class. 4. Powerful Secret Blending Modes: cider in this class, we're just going to be learned about their powerful blending modes about screen under the multi play. More so this is the background color layer on This is your Qaddafi and on of an artist of mortal, whatever it is. So this is the one serious. This is the black layer inside this one's on. This is also capacity off 100%. This is the fume of smoke on anything, and this is the fire. So how do I make this inside to make this capital a note? So what does that means? It is on the screen more that is the screen blending more on this, also screen burning more so we just to be learned with very quick example of this one's. I just take down the tribal logo toe inside this, but that then make a copy. So this one's I just converted into on inverted that one. So press control I to make it in better then, all the blacks into turn into white and the blacks into white, waiting to blacks. That is the world. So now switch off this thing. The black is the object. Under the weight is the background of this thing. So how do we make um cut out this weight? It's very actually very simple. Just to turn the blending morninto must apply. That's it. So whenever the weight color multiplies with any other colors, it will be turned into that girl's. So you did not see the weight once. So this is very, very simple things on it is also powerful. Also inside this So now I change into the black one. Select this one, sell it to the screen, would So no the black turned in to be The backgrounds will be so the black will be turned off by the powerful screen Move. Continue this one. These things, the same thing. I just make it groupings like this. Just turn it off Now I just jump in tow our thing. Make the fire okay, lets the control be to make it smaller. These things okay, Make it turn inside. So this one's from the bottle off. This one's like this Now I pressed there on This is the black Baghran is the right. So now it's changing toe scream would automatically it will be fix it up into that once no press the Jakey. Make it crashed. Raises layer no press. The Jakey. What's the Jackie spot? Healing press, right? Somehow it turned into these ones. The selectors on the fire. I just painted out. Okay. Know it going off. You know, the 2nd 1 the fume color will be the right the gas smoky. Put it inside. Plus the control D to make it Reese ice into this one's like this. Then you press the scream would once across the screen, more turned into the rest race layer. Clip the mask. Take the brush tool. You can see the hard edges from here. Right. Then I go to my cardinals zero take any size off the brush. You just keep it Washington like this. Okay, so the hard it just will be gone off. That's it. Now you press the capacity to the nearly how much percentage you just needed for me if I go for the 60%. Okay? Now what? Under opacity into the whatever you just need inside this 60%. That's OK. So this is the proper full Okay. Blending more of the screen under the multi plane work. You just learned these things, So jump into the next listen 5. Create your Fake Lights get Realistic: video. We're just going to be seen our debaters to be create a fake lamp. That means the fake lights for the lamp off anything like a lantern are for the any motorcycles for any lights. I'm just telling about create their fake lights on, Not for the specific one so called to create. This means I just switch off everything. Okay, this is the one the right image inside the ones I just downloaded from the pixels dot com. So this one is just started by the coast. Layer faster. One. Inside the group, I have your orange layer in the red layer in the yellowish later than the weight layer. Then it is will be very group under. The second group is to be going for a reflection in the on the ground. What away? And the 3rd 1? The color correction works. That's it. The color correction looks you just already know about this. Things like this is the kind of your multiply more layer a solid layer. That's it. So how do create this one's? I just give you the soaper examples. It is actually very, very easy to make its based upon your creativity only So I just close this. Then I jumping tomorrow over for their You just pick the lamp into this press the zoom key to make it fit inside your can best. I just created and layer a new blank layer first. Okay, for that I just name is that orange base layer for any project. Are any type off documents you just creating? Renaming the layers is actually very good practice. So in that orange base layer, I just pick up the brush. I just bring the hardness zero. Okay. If you press the control all our these things control altered it and left click. You just move up and down means hardness will be going there If you move the left and right means the damage will be changed. So I just go for the diamond rough. Nearly 300 pixel earth 3 20 pixel is enough? The hardness Very zero. Okay, you just go for the these Leslie. Okay. The breast also are assembles the same size off these things. Okay, the British once I just created this thing. Go to the color layer. Are you just picked the color from here anywhere. Picking up calories upon your child's only but that are inch color. Okay, that this impressive. Just two clicks on. Okay, Then I created a new layer again. And go to the color pick up with the red. They're very cool. 12 That's it, then. One more thing. Create the color off the white one click only nor two clicks because it is the globe. Okay, so then I gain. I just picked one more color. The light pure a bluish. Okay, these yellow is very good. Very good. One to then. Now you just rename this one's again alot soft look okay for this white Glo, actually. Okay. Read in our globe this one So understanding these things only it's actually very, very easy to make this one's. So once you pick the foster orange color, get into the lamp the 1st 1 Okay, then the 2nd 1 red is the right. So if I just press the control key or comment t to make it transform into this, I just make half off the orange. Okay? It's not exactly upon. You were a vision. Then the look bring it first day. That's the control key. 3/4 of the sites, not more such that put it down. So that audience Okay, the layers off the fire, the color leads the color accurate. Then bring up the weight glow. Go to the top 3/4 of this one's OK This the down one alloys that at the top one that that glow l weight will be So bring all the four colors into a group So press all the layers control G R command G on your cable to make it light raise whatever you just named this so light race. OK, so now press the blending morninto hardly. Okay, see this, then bring up are otherwise go to the past through our normal only Just jump into that one plus the orange layer for their hardly. Then bring the yellow one satellite Then bring that this one hard late on a low again that so hardly so weighing that one. It's not happening inside this means because off the that the exposure level here. Okay, so once I jump into the levels Archos, Whatever. Just name you. Just be get it inside. So now you just bring up their distinct weight loss from here. Then come to the her late. See this No. If I bring the weight one into this one's like this, make it control T to bring up a very little one. Not too much things. So now you can have a look No, have a look Kind off your glow inside the lamp of whatever is think things Then make here another group player control J For this one Goto the arto Select that in the moon taking to the group so you can pick coat out off your group only are otherwise if you have the layer means what I just begin Miss that one Lee Layer Bill comes up So once I group means that total group will be I can move it So press the control d make it bended by pressing the CIF picky on the 2020 vision If you don't have the 2020 vision you are just means don't press the shift key You just press the control option from here like this Then I right click on this one Give the distort Okay. No, I haven't distinct. Okay then, uh plus in the right leg control de flip the vertical. Okay, The down said now again President Destroy hurt. Get the weighed party like this. You know that, right? So to do this based upon the picture, only not for all the things done. Now, I just moved near toe the lamp here on the ground. So for the grounded, the capacity I just give for the 60%. So this is the shot. Could be key. We have to use this on, so press the layer, but it's the six means automatically 60% will go. That number one If I press the shift to place six means Phil will also get work. Okay, if you press the safety six see this? Nearly 72. That's 60. Okay, 50 feet is good. See this? It's actually very, very good. Right. So now I just press the light rays. These light rays coming into this one's just precede off everything. I just, uh, said the group here it is in the that is the one. Okay, put it off. This is the original image inside our for that you can take it out and you can work it on. So press the new layer but the beaky toe activate the what they were brush. Whatever the color you just need I just go for the trunk killer. Uh, some, like, cool, vibrant blue. Okay, then I click only once or two times. Then the next thing I just having one more, I think just the deaky Just the wait for the glow. This is the one. Then again, one more color press the Beaky. And actually, I just allowed to work with the same orange, but they're lighter one here. That's the sandal killer like this one's. So I just bring back to the sandal color to the down, going into inside these things for us to control t for the bluish color. Would it inside? No, for this one. Make it very, very, very easy to this. Okay, you can move with the arrow keys. Also, press it then for the blue color. No press to control you. You can change any color inside for this, right? No. Yes. This is the color. I just needed that golden bluish. Sorry. The golden waiting sh So I just fought. Select every layer. Okay to change in tow. Hard. Light the bag on this. The 1st 1 Okay, this is the first base layer. This is the hard light so once for the hardly I just make it. Make the weight collector the soft light so that remaining this thing's making this a soft light. Now you can see say this once glow. It's very good, right? Say this without that Once the globe when comes to that when the white will be actors say, like, you're super thing some now I just put everything just the control g to make it as a group for this, um based it. I just have got to the levels in the level panels. I just bring down the color intensity inside the picture. I just ridiculous the darkness. Yes, Very cool. Good. See this before and after Load is right. You can make it as your wound. Any picture, you can do it. You can short anything inside your smartphone. Whatever you just camera using were just shot. Anything, Maybe out lamps on your word outside of the rooms outside of your party goes whatever these things, just to shoot it and transfer it into computer, and you can make it there fake light inside these things. Make it color corrections. Make it anything inside the using the adjustment panels on we'll just post it on you over Project area. So I am very looking forward for you were images. See you on the next listen. 6. Boring Picture to Awesome Cinematic Look: Hi there. In this video, we're just going to be seen about and just a boarding picture. India looking. Have some picture for like, yeah, looking a Hollywood style. Are any Fleming? Look, are for the instagram posts anything? Just three clicks. Only I don't like to waste your time. Anything. I don't give the celebrate such the calculations and nothing will be there. One lead three clicks. See that? So this is the before This is the after look right to see the grasses. See the bad groans and the effective Andy every everything. That's very look. So go to the jump into this one. This is the four K image, and this is the before, and this is the after you can be look very, very Instagramming. Look inside these things. So how to make this one's so I just didn't live there. Two adjustment layers from cure. Once I jumping toe, you can use it. Levels are coast. I just give you the example off both so through the love coast. 1st 1 inside the coast adjustment layer. You can see three Inca fillers availability. That is exam Plus. So these three samplers, you can see the tip. Okay, the black one. This is the great one. And this is the white one. So you can adjust your image two depends upon in this one, Lee. So these three colors, you can be adjusted so far this black I just go click anywhere in the black inside this. Okay, so I just click here Black. Very good when we want, like, the 2nd 1 gray color. Actually, the great killer maximum. It will be in the cloud section. But in this one hisses shall our whatever that material. Okay, that is that everyone I just click this one's. Then it take the weight in their short. That's it. See that before NAFTA, you can control also thes things the weight you can make a little bit of a way out. Otherwise you can make a cool blue things like this. Okay, this one is cool. Different after So using the coast sections, you can make one leave one adjustment layer. You can change your boarding picture in tow and have someone here. I just jump into the levels in the levels also, you can see the same things. Okay. This is the black. I just go jump into the rate. Enough first. Very cool. Then the gray. I find the grain from Kiev like your little one. Then the white. You can just jump in tow. A little bit of this one's cool. See this, Flynn? Me? Look for the anything's We can be tampered out in tow. Take any pictures, take anything inside of the pixels are committed actually very free for the stuffs. You can do it as your world trade out, so see on the necklace. 7. Change any Colors to Other in ACR: other in this video, you are going to be see about change any color toe, any other color in the camera ruffled. It's actually depends upon you Acknowledge only not based upon the picture. So we just go for any picture inside of this one's. So I just try out this one. So once I come to here Presto, ze key to make it fit inside of this once. Then I take my control. Jair commanded you to make the duplicate on this. Once I have a shot. Could key Okay, control all to ducked. That means you can go for it. There's once keyboard shortcuts. You can change any shortcuts inside these things. Okay. I love to make this convert for the smart filters than I click. OK, then a press the control, shifty or otherwise, you just go for filter camera filter in the camera filter we are going to be seen about. Now the breast colors is a royal ink blue visited right, So we can change this blue to any color inside. This one's like this for the red rose. You can change in tow that also So how to do that means you can be jumped into the hutch is adjustments. So what is being by the heart? Cecil means hue, saturation and the luminess. The hue means change one color to the one color that proportions. Okay, the saturation. How much mixing that means, How much off? Mixing the colors. That means the percentage of the color going to be looked at and the luminant is is the brightness of the colors. So it's the great off the dark, and the break is going to be over Bridge on, going to be darker ones from the mixer things. So let's see about that one for this one's is the royal Blue. Okay, right. So how to do that? Means if I gonna change the poeple, Okay, you can see it by clicking the bill before and after. So once I come to hear sickness if I click it Yeah, that's the change. The color. Okay, you fight. Change them magenta color and everything you feel supposed it to be. Touch with the red, orange and yellow means you could be changed in the skin color. So if I change the orange corrupted means that changed the color of these going to be what is that is going to be very pink like. That's okay. The orange tone is to going to change the skin. Don't inside this. So now I change the purple like this. If I go for the saturation inside the purple if I decreased of these means this is the saturation. Okay, The content of the color is going to be less. And if you increase, this means it will be goes up whenever he just just double click on the arrow means it will be goes to Jiro position Okay under the luminescence for the purple. Same thing. If I get down to these months, no kind off light will be affected Inside these things you fight due to mod means the light gets affected. That means that reflected by the object is to be selected. So this is the kind off thing Virginal e inside that camera filters will be available. So once I hit OK, And this is the before and this is the after. So now I take Don't do the second image. Okay for you. What practice? Just take it Control Jail command G If I hit it Control shifter year. Okay. The camera will be pop up in your years. So now I hit the before and after thing. See this If you are seeing this green color Okay, you can change the green to yellowish. That means change The claim made conditions also you can do it. Okay, Some the leave falling at them to spring like that's so if I jump into the heart chisel you take down the green to the hellish See this All the greens will be changed into your golden ish lows lead. It's if I ping backed into the minus 100 means this will be captured so far This I just go for minus 60 or 70 like that for the alot You just bring that also This is the thing then? No for these Ah water Akwa Okay, in that the aqua blue reef you done means if you pinch the blue means it will be goes down into the what we're calling about these things. It's a tinder. Okay, then don't make it out this tin color Because for the if you are working for the movies, this will be very quick. So I changed the awkward to have very much less records. See this? No that this is before and this is after one. So see that before and after the water gets very, very realistic inside these things on. Moreover, these things these grasses. When I just bumped into the saturation level you fight, increase it. Okay, the green. That means it's glow. It's assigned some kind of glowing. Save this and when it just jump into the loo, eminence, you just increased this green like this. See, there's no well, I looks really great. That's so then I hit OK to make it finish. And this is the before, and this is the after so you can change any type off color inside the camera from one color toe. Any other colors inside these things, not only the camera. You can do that in the image adjustments later also. So let's see about that thing toe. If I hit the same this once. Okay, so why I am doing the same thing means you can be seen how to change, and I hope to change these killers and in different types of things. So I press the control Jet Command J no. Then I come to the image adjustments going to the down the last 21 Replace the color. Okay, so I want to replace the color from one color to the another. So this is the pop up window. It's available inside the photo shop. It's actually very cool. So this is the two types of things. The selection and the image. Okay. What type of the Despont means the selection means you are going to be selected for the image means you can be traced out from the image. So for this, I just get lazy the fuzziness to the 1st 0 thing. Right? Then I picked the Inca marker. That means the color picker. Just click one Levante Click on there any color. You want to be changed, Then I little bit increase the fuzziness. Okay. Forties in off for this picture. Maybe the numbers will be changed. Various. For you. Any majors? Now? This is the result color. And this is the original color and this is their circle. If I change the result, Colette, whatever the color if you need, you can be changed it. So if I change, what is the means? I want to change for this Red. Exactly. On the rules. No, I changed the FA Xena's to give more, more, more like that automatically, it will be. Get that color inside this. See that? No, it's OK. See this before and after Now that roast and the dress is going to be matching, even though the Bangles also see this. See the bangle killers, right? I just say this once said, It's It's actually very, very, very easier and you can be made. Do it in like different kind of steps will be that right? So this very of helps you. I hope that so jump into the next failure. 8. Change Specific Color to Other Colors: Hi there, everyone in this video, we're just going to be seen about the specific color. You, Nicholas. Kenny, you can be change any color, any color. The doubt has been doing too much off things inside the fort. It's actually very, very simple. I just destroyed the drink country tips inside this each and every things. So just to watch out dealing So what is actually this color of the dress? Have any can be seen. This means it's a green color, right? Actual color. It is the blue only. Okay, it's a kind of your light blue or some other things. So what is inside this group? So I just open it. You can be seen. This is the one. So I just separated that green color. Okay, then I just change into hue. Saturation contains. So how to do these things means I just close this thing. I just closed this also. Okay, then I pick my picture into this one. Okay? Now how to do that means actually, we need to go for the window and go for the arrange. Come to the last one new window for this may change everything, Then I can go to the window. Just a change to up it is a vertical. So whenever we just be working on the colors are any other specific things Means you can be go for the new window tricks inside this way because I'm telling about this one when they just go to zoom in the second window. Whatever you change us, it will be reflected in the this wind also. So you can be watched over the clear output. Okay, so you can be notified. Anything's from here moving into the navigator like any type of things. So the result will be very clear and said so how does that means go for the select exiting to the color range. So this color range is actually very, very powerful. Instead of the mortar shop, I just degrees the fussiness. Okay, first to one. Then I picked my sampler. Then I plague this blue. Okay, so it's a light blue at the dark blue. Whatever it may be that one the new increased the fa. Xena's a little bit little bit. Only Okay. Not go for the full things like that. So little bit little bit like that Only I know these numbers for this picture. Maybe the numbers will be different from the from your picture. And what about the other pictures will be there. So the fussiness is I just could you know, 65? That's good. Then I just to reduce nearly to the 50. Then I take my example er again, Getting to the the dark one on the light, one of the very color, one realistic things. Then I just a little bit increasingly. If you want to be seen, what is going on here means you can get for the grayscale. So which colors? We just need to be separated averages to meet you. Selector in the black mat on the weight. Matt On the quick mask, you can be seen. That's actually very support. So for the grayscale, I just This one's I get satisfied with this image, so I just click OK? No. Okay, it's really very, very good. So we want to make and non destructive layer inside the distance. So I just make press the control J That's it personal. No press control zero to make it fit inside of these things. So what is going on? Means one Lee, I just separated these things. Okay, Now I just make your new hue saturation. A dismounted layer. I just clicked down with a clipping mask. Only because it's affected of the Bennett later. Only when I Toby change toe any color. Okay, you could be seen this right? So on to this one, I just go for the like. This are just go for the low boost. Make it, uh, nice green. So increase the saturation If you want to be making two black means you go for the lightness zero on the saturation. Sof zero right. That is over. So if you need colors, you need change Any things If you want to be white means what will be there at the too much off lightness is going to be Comes into white saturation down on the lightness You're going for the saturation also like that So if you needed a color we just go for the Hugh If you knew for the black and white you cut practice with the saturation and the lightness So I make this guy okay, fine. Very good. So under the steps, you can be changed. Any type off colors, anything's inside the full. This one's including this picture. One did not only this one. So I just go for the again the background I just go to the select coming to the color range again. So see this? Just go for the base ones. So take the sampler. I just picked this read Go for the fa Xena's So take the example plus one under that Did this one also So there are a lot off inside of the flavors Also that color will be Is that that's good So on Say, pick it I just make a controller control J for this one. So far this one I just go for the hue saturation only to the dropping point Only I can be changed toe any color if you like toe more to be play so we'll see the that once. Okay, like this So player onto these things This is actually very, very simple on a very powerful Also that color range so soon in the next video Yes, we can be alone very continuously. See on the next. Would you 9. White Balance is Actually Easy Now: this video we're just going to be seen about for the architect's for the any there any other photographers? If you are using that, Photoshopped means white balance is they're very huge things to be going off. So how to control the weight balance in a picture after taking the photographs? Also, even if you are taking in there not in the round more you are taking supposed to be. If you're for gotten to take that, it's okay, right or no problem. Don't need need to take out the reshoot off these things. You can be controlled inside the photo shops. So I have a two. Right. Nice examples inside these things. So how to control the weight balance using the coast are using the levels. We can t do that So foster fall. I just jump in tow this image. Okay. The same age is actually very, very perfect for the any architects Workings are any photo shooters before taking office? Whatever it is a state. So I just created here ghost. I just wanted Leo. So in that gulfs adjustment layer, I'm already telling about that thing. You have a three examples for the top for the tip of the examples you can be see us that black, that gray and the weight. It will be that so far this weight, if you are get really touched the way that things means, really it will be get adjuster. See, I just picked that weight. Then I just zoom Whatever the bright wake inside this photograph means just click it See that the lines off the red from the blue on these things will be a little bit Get up OK, only the little bit only, Not much more. Okay, so this is the before and this is after That's also you can be seen your blue think they're it Color will be washed off from this picture. I have a very good once. So done against I just go for the black You just click this black? No, the center black Sorry. The tinted blue will be fully washing off on the weights will be gets balanced inside these things True true colors will be You can be seen off See inside of the foot on that day Cushion so far whatever it is just color. Say this See that dipped under the color and the tables and everything will be looked off. This is the before just such of this one just before after. Okay, like this. So for this ones are just goingto make levels in that the levels You can be seen the same things that the weight Okay, I just bring to the this way Wow, actually, that white will be gets very, very so for once. So goto the this weight color that is very, very form. So click this. Yeah, besting. That means testing some areas. One of the times would be get clear for you. So now the blacks I just go for these blacks, This is the area Very I am getting very, very blacks. So this one is good. Dessert is very good. Then I get the gray color. Oh, since she's such find off grey. That's good. No cities, this is before this is after See the leaves and everything. The natural color of the leaf. You can be seen when you're just going to be different Are any posters? If you want to make it publishing new websites this picture will be going to be very, very Look on. This is the kind off white balancing using the coast on the levels adjustment layers with simply three clicks. See on the next list 10. Enhance the Skin and Realistic Eyes: in this video. We're just going to be seen that we are just going to the enhancing the skin on the eyes also. So both in the same very Oh, So you just learned the very funny things in around the photo shop. I just give you the take tips, like more. The tricks will be what I am using for the client side. I am working inside these things. So I just switched on from here. Say this. The skin and everything will be going to be very, very bright. I know that, but if you just coming into that once, so one leave for their colors. Okay, See this? You just give the total very funny one. Right. This press the shift key on the mask on This is the before skin. And this is the Priskin. OK, forget about the skin and everything. You just make zoom into the ice. It's actually very, very six year. Right? Okay. I don't know whether it is father, but it this looks very, very beautiful. So how to do that? Means I just put it inside the pictures. It's enough. Can I just opened the picture and we just jump into that. So just create area new layer. So, like previously just to tell about that one. It is your nondestructive method inside the 40 shot, because we don't touch up the original picture. Original photograph inside these things on this is the one what we said that it's a light or color. Whatever. You just like toe mentioned that dual layer. So once you jump right, inserted these things, Okay, Make it zoom. However, you just to be like that, making zoom inside the photo shop and you can be working. It means that work will not be fade. In my case, I experience more of these things. So now I just take the brush tool, press the beaky. Okay, go to that. I just get to the heart around brush for this one's architect down the breast, size under my this like bearing. Okay, that one is cool. So how to measure the breast means the brush will be just getting a such a smaller Bigger than that black eyed. Okay, so I just being too that go to the top, right? Make it a red day. Okay. Oh, first you just paint on the red so than when Libby can be making toe change toe any other colors, that's will be very. Actually, it is very funny. Do this. So, no, I just get a little bit of paint inside of these things. So from here also like this. Okay, then. Now jumping toe soft, rounded breasts. Okay. Now take the little bit off the sites off the brush. We're just going toe. Nice zoom inside of these things like this. You just painted all over the ice, right? Not actually a problem if you just go for it. If you just slipped out like this means okay, don't worry. You can post a pill, Doc. Here is that before the number one key, That is the tilde key than the tilde key. If they will be, act like you're a razor inside the Photoshopped photos and 20. Actually, it is very, very, very good one. So now I just go to the next I hear like this, I just paint over all over the routine. A Latina? Yes. I just painted on the Latina in my retina. I max screen. It's very good and of that. So now what's the control? Zero command zero to take down to like this. Okay? It looks like you're very fancy paper off art like this only. But that would only one step. If you gonna make it means it will be. Act like you're very super. So what does that means? Go to the blending more. We just go to the screen are only, or the soft light are the hard late. Okay, these blending morse are very, very powerful. So for these ones, I just take down with their overly cities one leader layer. This is actually what we are telling the board that So this is a non destructive everything only Okay, All the glasses and everything's and everything will be Looks like the same. Only then I come to I want to change any color to this means I just create area hue saturation adjustment layer from here. I just go to that. You know that this once right clip toe that layer. So if you clip to the layer means one leader been it later only affect er if you did not clip this means all over the layers will be affected. Okay. If you clip, that means one lead ability later only it will be affected. So see this Very, very good, Right? So no for usually you can be changed. Any color toe, any color like this. Like the saturation down means that the power off the ah reflections okay, like that will be the lightness means the color goings to be down the dark And it will be good to the bring like this like a glassy look. OK, so now I just to reset this I just jump in tow d from the default to a low boost. I like the for this picture especially. I like that the leopard is like this means So if I make a little bit like this like a gold and I Wow, it just looks like very, very superb like so I helped, actually. So then press the control zero command zero to do this one's I just make to the press the shift pinky toe that both layers then press the control g r commanded you to make the group . So this is for her eyes. See this This is before Okay, actually this is nondestructive before, After before, after I like this one's very good then Now I just switch up the sites for a little moment. Then I go to the background. I just take down to the control J or commanded you to make the duplicate on this one's. So you just rename for anything skin, the texture, whatever anything's so many people's will be on the YouTube parents. Also, for the more any focus, let's also so more of the retouching work is going to be work on the skins now the photo shop. Actually, it's holes inside that nobody can be talked about that once I like to go for give opinion, you so press the control shifted Yea or camera and shifty A are just go for the filter camel Awful. So inside the camera filter just just opening their before and after you just take down the picture of the face nearly close to you. So this is the one what I'm talking about the texture and the clarity. So whatever the cloudy means, it gives the boost to the pictures. So so if when I boost, it means you can see more clarity. That means the sharpness is going to be given toe. See, the I was had, you can see this So this is very, very sharpness. So when I just goingto be on, that means the minor side means it gets more, more smooth that will be affected. We were called the skin that normal bit, so I just doubly got this one's. When you get the double click on these ones, that numbers will be going to be back to zero. Likewise, the texture is very good. So if I give the lecture means so the skin smoking this is happening, We thought any other things that skinning the one little skin will be happened that this is actually very good so far the skin, the texture. I just do that on the temperature off this picture is actually a bomb one I just converted into the blight bluish a very little bit, only not much, too much on. Then most ripples will be playing around with the exposure. That means if you hit the exposure all soul, your skin will be get bright. But actually it is getting more white. Only in the picture is right, right. So I like to being the Kyle ICS inside once. Right for the light A little bit only not much more than you jump into the coast. Texans. One more. The powerful tool will be their soul. City is the torta. Light falls inside the pictures. It will be controlled from here. See this? The friend light back late and everything will be said. So I just increase the little bit. Only night. Eight points, like this one's inside the lights. Then I jump into here. Bring out the highlights. Also the same points. Whatever you just to sit inside the lights. So now, actually, this is the before and after the skin turned Everything's say this very good, right? Actually, I love this. Plus. Okay, so this is the before, and this is the after. And this is for the ice. So now your picture will be looks for actually been You go for the printing are even. You go for editing for the any banner tapes. Are you go for the printing Lord. This ice inside your bedroom are the hall water where it looks like means it is going to be . Looks like you're riel Model likes looks so I hope you'll love this video's. So see on the next trick on the next video 11. Compositing Techniques: Hi there. Hello, everyone. In this video, we're just going to be seen about their how toe make a composition with the inside of the photo shop. Not any third party begins. Not such a let any other things. So how to make like this very impressive ALS. So this is the final result. I just turn off everything inside this one's. This is the first to model. We thought the a mask you just to see this first. So frustrating. I just cut out this model from the bag. So how to do that? We are going to be seen. And the next thing this is there also So using the channels, I'm just take it out this bag around, right? One thing is different on another mask. It's different. Done, I add, Yeah, sky layer to these ones. Once I added to the scale layers, I just added a color look up to make a different kind of look. So all things will be inside the water shop only. So let's do it. Okay. Just open the bag around in this once, 1st 1 Then the first step is to be going toe properties. When you see the properties in the cook action. You are going to seen these things in a GIs. Ice crop trim under rotated, Better sold. If your background are, any ladies do going to be locked. Okay, you cannot see the two other things. If I make control J or commanded you to make the duplicate on this ones who can see no quick accents remove the bag round our selector subjectively. If you hit the sell it. The subject means marching ants will be automatically selected because there is the artificial intelligence off the working in 2020 vision. So how to dissect this one's control? The or commanding? That's one. So the 2nd 1 started the past 21 remove background is there. So if I hit the remove background, photo shop will be removed. The background for you, Timmy, 80 to 90% will be very correct, not 100 persons, but it is good one. So if I hit that, remove the background automatically. What will be happened? Yeah, layer mask will be creator in that. So when I switch off the bag room, you can see that one. But what I'm saying it's 80% to 90% only white because I find him saying that if you zoom to the model, see the fan The edge okay will be very much damage into this one's how toe fix it So hard to fix. This means it's actually very, very easy to fix this. So press the control or command zero to get again fit in the canvas. So press the background at least the background 1st 1 right. So by clicking there what there's lock is the right. So like licking that one Done, I decrease the film. Okay, when I don't make degrees the Phil If you zoom, you can see the original image film will be making Is that say this? You can see from here, right? The clothes they just and everything. So no, I jump into my mask Take the brush Tool decrees were size are increase were size off the breast. It's very natural thing. So change into normal more Okay, then I zoom a little bit. No way. Take my brush taking in tow Pick the weight collect to rebuild this because we want to reveal we don't need to hide this right. So under that painting will be good paint edge Very, very good. So once you've done with the happy things inside these things like it is very good. If you press the X key, the background to the foreground colors will be interchangeable. Black will be Get into the mask and the weight will be getting toe. Reveal the objects. So remember that thing? So what? I am advising you continuously working with the shark Could kiss practice it. So you feel practice more and more with the shortcut keys. You were workflow Also very much better on the time Saving what I'm telling that is the spread of warring thing. Your time will be saved very much. Okay, within the minute you can do it. So now I just won Lee with a turn off this colors only we can we see this So the cloth will be going from here. I just repainted from this one and this also press the X key to just remove this one. This is the gray in the background. Actually this one is covered the bedroom covered So I just remove this one makes the bank Then I again come to here. It will be working on when you are in the mask only. So kindly check it out so you can make work along with me. It's actually very, very good. Then I pressed X key to make it visible. These clot Okay, this one Conley toe This one the heart believe, is very good. Actually, the hat is really what will be. I still had some. Yeah, for my English. I know this is only had only So once you've done these things, you just turn off your layer like this. You can see everything will be perfect inside this. So we just capital the model inside without the background. Some now I just jump in tow. A word for that. The change sky and the clouds with that right So just flipped from here. No, just click. It's but its control. T to make it big size, off image. Then press enter Usually many for the grabbers. Many photo shop users also what to do to fix this canvas means you press the c g for the crop you just goto make like this put it in and then the inside it is like this one, right? So I am not doing like that. So press the control key. Okay, No press enter then. Goto image reveal all. Only that thing is enough. No press control. Zero command zero to bring back your canvas toe fit in the sights to bring back inside. This absolutely used these type of things. Okay, remember this image Reveal So what means reveal all the image inside the canvas? That's the one. Now I want to change these, right? Like brass straight to the layer because it is already in there. Smart object So smart Object into the restaurants layer. Now how do I remove these areas? And I put into your new Skylar into that. So for that moment I just switch off this layer. Then I jump into the channels. So inside the channel click the Blue Channel Why I clicked the Blue Channel means why I need to regenerate Channels will contains more The weight Okay on the green channels A little bit. Same only, but in the Blue Channel blacks will be Get some blacks on weight will be Get more weight so you can press the also our option key Picked the Blue Channel and put it into your new layer. It will ask you the duplicate channel. I just renamed as Alfa because I know that this is the hell for layer. What? I'm going to be using it inside this. So I am renaming and Alfa. It is not a crime to make any renames off your things. You can rename it any other things. So inside selector Alfa first. Then I go toe control, yell for the levels control young, further coast Whatever the difference between you just know about that goes on the levels. So for this loan, I just picked the levels so picked a level. This is the midterms, right? On this one is the shadows and make tones and the highlights show for the mid tones. I just push it into the right side. So all the blacks will be getting to be a nice black Now hit the highlights like this. So the concept is turned black into full black turned the weights into full weight. That is the concept. So now I just get lucky. Take the brush tool. You just make the breast size. Getting into that simply put, is the size making a good one? Yes, that is good. So press the X key pick up. The color is the black and you just paint on it. So what I'm doing, I just make the black into the full black. Oh, Saudi. So don't go over toe outside of the canvas, right? So I just spray onto this weight pains that the way to holds everything makes into black. Very nice. Cool. Now I just make again One more thing. No press the control. Um, our control again if I pick and very little contrast core like that, Right? Very good. So now all the blacks will get all the dark black All the weights will be getting to your brighter Wait. So now what I'm doing Press the controller Command key hitter on Dulfer. Okay, if I hit wonderful that weight ladies will be selected into that one's OK now cross the control all control shift. I are go to the select Inverse This This is the short cut key control shift. I then jump into the layers selected layer off the sky and global layers hit that mass player. That's it. Simply that no, that total layer this layer will be get extractor from that. That this Alfa This is the Alpha Channel right. So once it hit the Alfa, it will be changed into this one's like this. Now I just turn on. I just go to jump in door at this kyliyah. Put the Skyla behind this one, right? Very good. Be kind. The layer. But it became so no press the controller community to make it fit inside for this one leader sky. Very good. Zero plus the controlled zero to make it fit on this. Now you can see on the edges that is your hello the way Hello will be the right. So you can know about that. How to remove this wake? Alison's everything. Double click on the this one channel. Then I select my channel into their light. Great. Then you can see easily onto this. Protect the brush. A very little amount only. And daunting. Don't hardness. A 15% spacing light. 25% is very good. So now you just refined the edge, right? I just paint a very little on their journal. Not inside the one. So once you've done this, you have to remove the hell only not the picture in just on the details will not go off. So it will be very clearly look right, done. So I just made into the little bit of the contrast. Only nearly 5% only need one. Then I shift edge. Okay, That's also minus 5%. Only simply radios off only one pixel. It's not enough inside this one. So on the layer mask just kept. Okay. Now you just to remove the Hallows and everything's inside. This picture's So once you've done this, you just go to the this adjustment layer. You can create a color look up already. I just to know about that Which color look up that means is fit for this one's. I just jump into their futuristic, bleak right. That's it. And now search under Mara Lotso. So now for the model, you can go inside this one's you can change your color. Contrast works. Anything's really happen. But these techniques how to remove that backgrounds, how to remove the skies. You can change all those guys and you can make over with the color look up tables and like this. So if I put it down inside this wow, it's very, very, very cool looks for me. Maybe if you like that, I hope So with the help of the pictures, you can also make this ones and some it into the project and see what the next listen. 12. Cinematic Composition Techniques: Hi there. In this video we're just going to be learned. Seen a boat compositing of the different images inside the to make you one picture. Like anything like this soul. You can be seen this assay six layers combination off these things. So include off all the six layers You can be seen such a one image. So I just switched off all the things. This is the base layer. Actually, this is the word No one. So I predict I just remove the clouded that blue area This one Then I make some details from here. See this? This details will be going off. So I get there details all the things from here. Then I removed my fringes off the d C area. Dizzy Just okay. You can be seen by zooming it from here. Like this. See that? That some color off? Like what is this color? Okay, light roast club will be there some magenta like those. So this is the one then I make This is the compositing off rocks. See this? This rock. It's been going to be from this picture. Okay, this is the picture. Then I make compose it toe inside these things. Then I make you a dark sky to make it fit for this picture and the last color Look up. So what I'm doing from here means foggy night, that color look up. I just give it up so you can do whatever you just be like it. This is the moonlight, whatever. Maybe like, be good for the stalls. So once I'd done this after this, I just made the placing off the moon inside of these things. But Asper, my things I like what is that one? Okay for colors Moonlight horror, blue Such futuristic, whatever the things you just be like it you can be do anythings inside of this one's. So how to do make these things means Okay, so let's get started with that. So I just click. Don't say that. Then I jump into my our stalking major Syria's. Then I bring this first image. So this one's how toe remove their Kylie. 1st 1 right, Go to the jump to their channels, go to channels have jumped the channels. If you got during channels, miss, go to the window panel, you can get it inside these things. So now click the blue presto all our option key Bring the blue into the displace icon To make the new duplicate channel I just to rename us this Alfa because from this Alfa I'm just to be going toe control everything. This is the justice renaming early You can name it us anything Okay from this Alfa, I just click that control yell or command deal To activate the three levels from this levels, I just control the weights into into the black. So what is the technique means bring the weights into more white Bring the blacks in tow More black That's it when the single on right single by the single world I just naming this one's so getting black, black, black, black like that Very good. Okay, so this is all the black the now I just bring their a nice way to do into the pure white Very support. So now bring the Beaky that is the brush one. So press the square bracket to increase your size are other ways You can make size using your fewer pen tablet like this So I just using the pen tablet Bring out the opacity of the 100% flow on the smoking is 10 person Mainly, the more is going to be normal. Okay, so I just paint these little dots. Mary can be seen from here. See this? These little little weight darts will be the right So that one we just fill it a bitter black soul We can easily selector by the black under the weight we can be got into separate are easily such not this one Press the control our commander key Click on the Alfa. Okay, I know that the weight later will be selected. No, we just want to be select means select inverse this Okay, I want these aerial so select inverse I just jump into the layers from that bag Grown. I just created the mask. So see this now I created That means I separated using the mask with the help off chan. It's it's very good, right? Then I again jump into my composes and settings like this one and press this control t to make it the size. Whatever you just need. Okay. Then bring the opacity down. You can see where it will be going to be fit inside. Like like this area is going to be nice. So from that area, I just making toe passivity off 100%. Then I click my return key or prostate and turkey to make it finish. Then right, click on it Restaurants this layer. Then bring the again layer mask. Then what do with the help of the layer mask? So black makes mask weight makes reveal. So I want toe press the black and click OK then I draw out that is painting only. Actually these kind of things is going to be non district. You anything? Okay. We are not districting. Anything if you want again, means you can press the X key that makes wait. So wait, what will be making? So what it means reveal that black means masking. This is the one. What I'm telling about that once is is a non district two. You can be sued suport. So now get zoom inside Very soup oak. So no release the precise and you can go for this is the one job just to go into the hardness. Make it here. 50 are 60% is good. So no, do this one's because the harness off this this year just it will be very makes since we didn't very cool to work on it. So you make these things right light. So step by step, I am just too teaching your in this one's these techniques and everything's so once you have done onto these ones, reduce the Breschi on. Do it. Okay. Don't hesitate to make bring the size up and down. So it is actually, creators. Means we need more patients. That is the key. Okay, so take some time on. This is the very tutorial on the real time. Okay, real time, everything. So you just take some time. Memory, If you are not practicing from this size, means in spray. Starkey, you can be rotate. Okay. Whatever you just miss. So this is this is the shape. Our this is the side. Then I am using this means it will become fort means you can be. Do it. Then again, press the r key. Set the reserve. You click it So now first controlled zero to command zero to make it fit on your canvas inside. This one's now we can see this is the layer. We just make composite er inside of these things. So one son to this loan first. Beaky again. So this is the sharp Buster Saddles here, Okay, Very lot. Love it, actually love it. Then I jump in again to this one's I bring the dark sky layer from here I put downs. So then I make control t to make it a bigger size. Whatever you just to be need toe. Make it, Phil. Bring it down. Yes, actually, this layer. Okay, so for that the sky layer just bring the last arrest race. So what it will be coming means See this this is the one brush just make. Yes, I just wasn't out. No, you just make this one on these all these things okay? Know it. This will be very fit inside. So now the third thing, you want to be reduced, this fringes. Okay, How toe do that means press controlled zero command zero. No, dude, this one's just a double click on the mask on this once. So now just make zoom. Oh, study Press the zone key inside of this one's breast refrain h key taking toe. Their hardness is very, very low. Okay, 10% are 8% is very good. Brushy brush size. Also 20 pixels is enough spacing Very low. 10%. That is good. Soto make the fringes out off these things. So now I just painted out. Okay, say this. If I do, more hardness means what will be done. So you five meet the shift edge to this just to cancel this zero. Switch it off. Everything okay? Double click on the layer mask layer to bring up the Okay, switch off these two layers. DoubleClick on the this master must layer to bring up the mask properties. Then click down. You were very faint edge tool. Okay, then make it a little bit bigger. Then the hardness slowly down 23% are is enough because we are just working on to the karma off. The less that means that it just okay, so it's actually very good. Single by a single time. When live one time only. I just need to paint on this one's. Okay. So this is the brick. What I'm using this one's so once I need toe paint are lower the age. Okay. Single. Only one click only. Say this. No, the magic will be happened. So when you just painting, it will not be happened after this, it'll be happened. So how to do that means birth control. Zero your nose painting onto the edge. Right. So this is the shifty age. Okay, If I press the safety, Jackie, this is will becomes out. So if I press the shift age to the very, very low. So this means like this I won't let the 30% of some of the things so no the make it a little bit off. A contrast to that smart radius One pixel isn't off. Smart radius. Okay, then the smooth 3 to 4 pixels. Season off feather 0.3 or 0.4 is good. So now if it had been done on this one's on the same layer mask I just needed known. If you need the new layer, mask it, you can be give off. So once I hit it, an Empress control zero. No, such it don't. Yes, it is very, quite good to see this. So now I just make toe color. Look up. This color look up is actually very, very, very interesting thing inside the photo shops already pre default. These things only I'm not installing from the third party or any other things. This is pre installed only for inside these things. You can be making any things like a harder blue, futuristic, bleak six on the few gee flim looks. This is by cortex. Whatever. You've just made it. So this is this three stripe looks, So put it on the top of these things, So everything will be looked good. Said this is one right. Two stripes drop the blues. Okay. Crisp the winter gift of warm one. Okay, that sounds so. I like the moonlight from here. So because I'm just to be going to be add a moon. Also inside this. So from here, I haven't moon layer do this. Okay. In that moon layer, I just come now toe press control d press the shift key to make it proportional Didn't height. Then I Because off this one's we already learned this thing inside our this lessons on me. So the black once we can be read by the power off blending modes by the screen. That's good, right? Once you press this screen more, you can be seen here square like this. You can see this. I told like this ones you could even see the sharp edge rate will be the right. So how to get rid off? That thing means for that moon. I just make us the control pill or control young once I make after the this once, right? So in that copes layers when I just make it deep. Okay, That means are permitted, Lee. That weight late will be. Say this when increases, you can be seen when I decreased these You can be at this point that every corner will be gone off. Okay, cool. No, I can trust us. This moon can be you can be named you can be to change also by pressing the comptroller control you to make the hue and saturation. We can be changed the moon color. Okay. What color you just be need maybe that several parents likely urine planet like that. I don't I don't that but for the for the shop, many pleasant. That one is very good. Actually. Say this. I reduced the saturation a little bit. One lead a little bit of a colored only not more than because it's a night time not to glow . That's what. So once you make this these kind off many places is actually very good. So you some correctly images color some images from uni dot com spectral dot comes Any other things? I am just using for the pixels easily. So that is free images, stock images, all high quality majors. Once you collected that the majors put your creativity inside that right, and you can be make any pictures and you can present it to our project area. I am just waiting for to see that. Thank you for that. See, on the next video. 13. Fake Tattoo - Rock your Instagram Look: that everyone in this video, we're just going to belong over the effect that goes for any persons for any any skin. OK, we just learned toe. So how do the tricks and everything's it's like that. It's actually very easy, but I just give you the tricks and tips how to make it very realistic like that. So this system before and this one is after, so how to make these things. So once I select the boating, make it the group hired this. No way. Just put it inside the tribal tattoo inside this one. So it is actually very, quite a little one. Not totally a problem, but press the control t to make it to transform into these ones like this and then just move it like this instant to you were a straight correct face off this one's so make it a little bit height and you can be calculated this one. So the city is Maybe the data will be going follow up into the from the shoulder to the back, back shoulder from here. Right. So I just put it the center point from here, this one to the left side. Okay, so the lawyer. I'm off the shoulder like this. It's actually just I just think about it. You can do that. So this is the work option, right? So once I click the orb option, you just make this one. Swing it up, swing this like this. So what will be done? That design is going be squeezed up into the that area like this. So this is the tips normal. Like a drink are the whatever you just may be called up like this, right? Once the war blab everything cool Now press the enter key to make it finishing some. Now we want to make it as there, blending more to make it fix inside the sorry on the skin. So we already know about that one. The blending more so for the white We're just going to the multiply, right? This is the one we just do this one so no, we just make it another thing If you if you make it, can do it. So if you just press this, I just do that like this. Okay. For this one. Then I pressed the capacity list. This can be seen how it will look like then I make it look like a warp like this, suppressed of or pinky from this one desire. Until I decide And this and to this one like this into this make it spread like this. Okay, no pressed. Enter the key into this one's no press. Multiply more into that. So if you get to multiply, the more inside this also can seem to zoom. You can see out there the skin from this one. You can be seen such things for that. I just make the second platoon. The rest rates layer dick, you layer mask off course. We just need to hide it. So for this one, I just going to the hardness. 100%. Yeah, hard alone. Better just take don't. So you just painted out. Okay, the hard around her. Okay. On the correct. Exactly. On the surface, only you must have very little bit on. This is the trick. We just don't it. Then for this one capacity, you just need how much? 50 to 60% or 62. I like it. That 65% is very good for this. Also, we need that the 60 or 60% means the shortcut keys will be very useful if you press the very numbers one leader six means the opacity goes into 60%. If your personal 7 70 will be that if you 1st 88 80 will be there and you press the shifted six means the film will be turned down. I just need shifted Jiro for the filled zero and the opacity. So what is in this rapacity? 65 so far This also just you 65. So the same tone off the ink Only you can be seen. So no cities, right, Very good. I love it. So without this one on the way to this skin on these things, it's actually very, very quite look very good. So you, for one more thing will be that so if I turned down, do the things that this then I make to the credible data again. From here you can press the shift like this once you just make like center than a click Restoration in the layers. If you want to change without the warping option and then that sometimes it will be useful like this. What I am saying this so change into the multiply more this one's then I plus command shifty X for liquid. That little okay commanded shift exit or control chopsticks in this one. I just moved. I just moved from this one year. So you fight. This one is very move. So you fi want to lick you fight. Okay, Sometimes it will be useful. Not every times I just do this like this. So, like a splatter, it will be Get link it so way. Because off that muscles and everything, if you like to turn the muscles will be bend over or in the shot like this means it will be very useful so far that things you just making toe liquefy option like this one's even just making toe. Boulder, this muscles like this? Yes. No. The capacity turned into 60 to 65 is very good. Tono cities, Yes, through the muscles it will be, goes up right through the hump and through the downs like question, the trappings. So this is the one for the fact that affected toe. We are just using the tips and tricks inside these. So jump into the next lesson on Linda next quick tips. Thank you for that. 14. Luminosity Blending Mode - Its Powerful: other in this video, We're just a great it was sin aboard the Lumina city mask. Actually, the luminosity blending more so you can be used us as a mask are you can be used as a building more also. So what is third luminosity? That means that the light intensity power and that one's so actually the light how it will be affected inside of photographs, we have to change into compositing also. So we can be blending into that any other pictures and into our one more pictures into the into the final one composite images. So how to do that means say this on This is the base layer I have toe put it on. This one's inside for days. If I go for the normal despite only I just make yeah, but a perspective. You toe these ones. So then I give in to the luminosity. Actually, for that luminosity, it is not proportionately color character. Okay, right. So I just making one move single of the coast layers toe attached to this one's toe match the color layers for this picture. So now this picture is going to be good one. So the second example you can make it like this. Also, if the same tree that is in the snow, it will be the same one is in the underwater. You can be changed into to be the color. Okay, that color will be get immersive insect. It's so how to do that means everything system, This one, This is the best layer I just to make a cut it down to the tree like this. Okay, then I make you artist with a gas mask from here. I can't go for this. The levels for this layer. Okay, then I bring my bubble layers to this one's. So that's it. So how to make these things means I just close this. Everyone on I make it from this hoping okay, get into the distal. Okay, that photoshopped goes and this is the underwater. You can see this. So this is one under water under the tree in three layers also. So getting to the zoom inside of this one, that's the wiki to put the control t to make it to transform, to make it se smaller. That's good. Then I just make the control key again. Put it in the war more right leg work. So I just click bent like this. Okay, so how it will be looks means actually on the perspective You it is going to be get broader like the fish lands. Then it will be. Actually it's get situated Soter toe this spot. So now right click on it. But it last traced to the layer Check into the Masti. Good one. So I just take the names of round brush. There is no hardness, Okay, so just make a little wash out. Do the hard it just right. Very good. I'm using with the most only Not with this one. So no, make it into luminosity. Say this an underwater tree So But even though the lights on the tree it's getting dark from that left side on getting more in the right side, it will be there. So how to do color corrector? That means he would just go for the a color correction off the coast. One lead to the tree only. Okay, so the left one is the contrast coat. Bring it to the nice top Only that latelys. So under this tree under the leaves and everything gets dark. So light did not travel into these things. Right? So you have to think out. So how that begin our How so That adjustments. Anything even so plaguing also human for the adjustment layers. Also, you can be Think out first how it will be work then you can easily achievable for any other works inside of these things. Anything any type off you can be thinking whatever it is. So I get to get a gas mask, man inside this once, so I just make right leg Flip it horizontally. This guy a huge giant. Okay for this I did not, um, making small, because off this, if you have a tutorial. Okay, Right. So I didn't know that. So I just goingto now luminosity. It's actually exactly very, very good. It can be easily make it also like this. So now I just pressed there. Zamtel coming to outside. If suppose if you are using okay, that image like this means say this. So I just do up, up, up, up like this We can't be seen water her. That's one, like, just how this one? No, I get shrink into that. Nice. Then you just make duplicate off two things Okay? Right now I'm just making the arrest rates layer. And it was the control J. This is the copy, right? Right. Click on it. Duplicate for that duplicate. I just give for the normally. Okay, then. No. So how do do this means you can be easily solved like this. So far, this one duplicate, I just give there all day. Plus click on the mask. If I click like that. So fill it with black only. So what is the concept of the mask? Black? Get master. That means high white gets reveal. So I take the brush tool. Take your foreground color into their weight. So no, you just paint it. See this? No, he's under the wooded. Yes, this box like this, right? So if you like to make like this things means you can be tuned like that. The same thing. It will be happened from here also. Okay for this. If I got that three control J, then I apply my this layer mask. Then I hit all day plus clicking it right on this one. I just have the white thing you fight. Take this to the normal one. See this one? Lee under the water. It will get affected by that color by the upper thing. It will be content in the second color. So however you know this point, OK, right for this is the luminosity more? It's actually very, very useful for any tape off things. You can control all the lights. You can blend it together. We can make it shuffle whatever these things. So under days under under the word creativity, you can create anything so you can be some. It'll never project. I hope you submit your project on that. You like to see it also, So please do that for me. 15. Product Photography Editing: either in this. Listen, we're just going to Busan about the product. Photographic editing. So you few area free Lanzer at any of the things for photograph is you feel just using for the product for the gravy means this lessons will be very much interesting for you, So watch this. So this is the original product photograph. Okay, then. Now I just remove the all the background from that. So you know about these things? Because in the in the past, lessons we just seen about that, how to remove the background and everything's so using that channels and these everything said, this is the blue copyright. So this is the using this channels only I just get removed. Okay. This background on it, then I add my yeah, light color. Okay, use the compressed callous. So whatever the colors, that means when the people got seen by the foster side, did they actually fall down the low off the product, right? Even for the working also, anything. First time they have seen, if it is looks great means they love it. So use the contrast colors to make the product get bright and wait on whatever these things Okay, So under under, then don't disturb the original things instead of products. Because once you've done this means people will get, um replied are get reviewed the product off The image is different on the what the product I get is different. Like that means it's actually I read so many comments in the Amazon. So I feel it. So don't get the leadoff dates original things don't make bend or don't make just that anything's kindly do that once. So far, these adjustment layers See this? What I'm making this adjustment lays means this is the Channel mixer, OK? And these are the co's. So using the curls and everything's I just make into your full black color like this, right? And under these things also just having an adjustment copy. So how do these things means? Okay, once you're done these things okay, how toe get rid off those things and everything means so just to make I just telling about the contrast color and everything like so once you're done these things, you just go for the nearly to the brightness of the contrast, whatever. Just things use the legacy than to the down off this only the picture only not for the background. So you fade. Just get greatness to the project. Soto study product brightness to the product. So wait, because off this loving they get some testicles like that. So I just go for the little bit of a con, Trashed a little bit of a brightness. A very little bit only, Yes, Someone is good. And the four countries is very good so far. This one's I just go for the one more thing. Uh, you may be low are you could not be satisfied with some other projects. So in this project, it will be good. So I just go for the little bit of a saturation for their low. See the vibrance decrease the vibrance by six into three. Actually ate in. Right? So minus 18 on the plus Satirist off the six. Say this. This actually dues? Yeah, some trendy Look to this ones. So once you've done this, you just go for make export export us? Yes. This is the output, actually. Very, very good for this one's So 4000 by 6000 pictures once 1.9 in b, you can be exported us anywhere on your disturb on your things, any things. And then you can be uploading your website. Do any other sales off your product on any things. So this is the product editing techniques inside their photo shop. They remember the three things colors, shadows and the shapes. Don't be Mr Peter. So thank you for watching this. See on the next list. 16. Why Shadow is Important in Photoshop?: we are just going to be seen aboard. How shadows are very important toe the photo shop works. That means if you are working for the some three d effect inside, this means like this. So I just come in tow. Just open this globe. So I just switched off everything. I just picked the globe in tow. Just drop it inside. Now you just first to control the to make it resizing the globe represent. Enter Now this one is good. Okay. See, actually, there is a room, OK? There is the three d perspective room only. Okay, how do we say that really means so? This is the height, right? And this is the with Okay, this is the length. So three measurements will be the X away is that everything's will be that so in that room when I just going to place this globe means it cannot be suitor because everyone tell about that. That is a picture on a picture that is the world. So, actually, we want to give you some more depth to do this picture when you want toe, make some photo shop inside of these things So far, Dad, How to give the depth by faking. That means you want to give the shadow. If you give shadow toe any anything's what I'm telling about any things that means the picture are the persons are the things or whatever. Any things Dad, picture that object that the exit will be going in to be add Blake, your really object. So see that how we are doing that means press the control or command on this globe thing, creating new layer inside days. I just named a shadow. Okay, then I take very hard black mixing with the grill's Not with the hard black, about the black nothing. Okay, then I make filled it. Okay, then command deep to de select this thing. If you go for the Selic de select okay for deserting these things you fight, put us down. Don't do this. The object, whatever this thing, because the shadow will be get fall back to the subject. So now press the control key again if you squeeze this shadow. Okay, directly. Squeeze this right. Once you've done like this plus entered. Okay, Now I just to move the shadow toe This really huh? I just get it. Zoom. Okay, the shadow is going to be act like Yeah, very, very harsh One. Okay, this is not get by any that once. It does not look like a shadow. Okay, How to make that one means you can be a to like that, going for the blood, Any type off bloody. You can be used off according you worry majors in the same age. I just using for the Gaussian one. So for that, the guys in one I just go for the zero. No, kindly reduced the little amount only. Okay, not for go for two for right step by step. You just going again and again To that you can be seen whether it is a good I would like that so far this I just to prefer for 6.4. That is good. Once I done this press control or command zero. Now see this. If I pressed the wiki now, I just make a little bit only about that area. So when you see this image now, you definitely know that some kind of ducked inside this But it is not also realistic Ting . So how to make it realistic means go for the shadow for this capacity on the film play around these things. OK, now I just go for 75% of the capacity going to the fill off. 82 are 70 nearly to the 70% 60. Someone is very good. Yes, very good. So watch this This settle none. No, it can be seen. They're glove will be going into Really? You can see this at the adaptable bitter Because of the light falls on the globe, that area will be get in tow. Shudder from here if I move the shared a little bit here means you definitely shame for this scene is be good because light rays falls from these area from the left corner to the right one. So it's actually we can be do the depth inside these things. So for the more depth if you want to need if you want oh, give them more depth means how to do that means that's also we just needed So now again, Prospect control on the blue globe things taking to this one's creating new layer. Same thing. Press this You can't just created these things Command d for this layer. Actually, I just go for the goshi in blood. Okay, Very good. That same thing. 6.4 or six point and things good. So now for that area, if I go for okay, that overlay a soft light? Yes, softly. It is very good for making this mask for that late. Only take down the brush, bring the brush into the bigger size toe for this one. The light falls to these eerie only right, So we just be hide. This year there will be light will be affected. The back side of the globe is not affected. So for this area, I just make a little bit of light like this. Okay, so light place will be fall down from here. All right. This is good. So for these also kindly reduced the capacity we can be seen. That is good. See, though you can be made like this by step by step things. Okay? Photo shop is actually a big kind of a wash. In you can be learn, learn, learn By making the stuffs more and more so kindly practice more of things. And if you like toe any things you can be doing a project on doing and you can summit in your like this. So I am so waiting for you. See your products on our files. So thank you for that. See, on the next video. 17. Bonus Class and Submit your Project: Hi that in this video, we're just going to be seen about actually this video's year bonus video. You can be learnt some more fundings inside these things. Kind off your 10 interesting things inside. This one's maybe 10 or some other. I don't. You have the number. So I just make this video for you, For the for you, especially for that bonus things. So we thought further dough we can be Take the lessons from here. So now I just opened this once. Then I take in tow support to shut because so I just put into the gas from the mass like this. Ones for this layer I just given toe black or white or any other things. No problem. So for this one, if I needed toe change, the position like this 1 may be the stale our position are the post whatever. Just to be calling them right for this gas mask. I just make one more copy on this one's in this copy. I can be Take that position. Okay, So just going to the edit menu, you can we go for the puppet? What? Right. Just click the puppet. What? Actually, what you mean by the puppet. What means, you know, already with the pope. It so what do you mean? The property? Our tail and the nails will be there for the toys. We just hold the string into our hands. We just making up and down to make it dancing. That so Like that. I just hold for the Headey. Okay. On this one under the naked. So this is a pipe I just needed to these ones for this hand or the elbow. This point, this points wherever you just need. That means that kind off your bones right matter. Very just needed at once. So once you place it, that ones, you can be change like this Said you can we make a Jiff picture also with this? Actually, you can be very helpful. The def means what is there a graphic interchange format animated. That means graphic interchange. It, Jeff me made is also made by distinct only like this photos only you can be seen some verse , the beer going, riding the bicycle. An elephant makes indo standing in even standing like that, people will do like this only. So this is the one I changed of the poses off. So So this is the one I needed down post like this? Yes, I can t do that. See? Wow, he's taking. Yeah, he's taking What is that one? Uh, barbells, right. He's taking the purpose. Very good. Nicely like this we can do. Once you've done that, you just press the return key are in Turkey. Netherlands. So this is the before after before after, like this. Oh, his crushing his own throat. Christian, you're talking or diverted people the correct word. I don't know that. So this is that one off the example inside, This one's so under the next to one how to make a good brush like that. So I just go for the skull lines. Layers? Yeah, like those. So if you want to make brush, whatever these things I have in a this exactly skull direct diagram, Actually, we need toe praise it out by the mental, and we have toe do the threshold, and I removed the background from these things. I just pressed the control all the I to make the dimension you can be seen that 1000 by 1000 that under the 300 restoration, so pixels per inch. So if you want to make the brush Okay, what is the exact size means? That is no rules and real essence, but it will be very good when you are making that one on 300 or 300 by three under, like, this means it's actually very, very good. So 300 by 300 under that 72 pixels range like this. Then I pick my skull layer. Actually, this one was the control D. I just make it a little bit, but it's soft from here. I just drop it down from here again, or guard. It is actually very, very. What's more from here, you can make like this. Okay, then I press control J again J J J J J like that way, because off it's actually without seeing that one. Lee. One lines means it's actually very, very Tim. All right, so now it will be gets, get some more Broda like this. So select all the copy layers, press the control e to make it group inside of this ones such off this background layer. I don't need that also, So now I just make press the control of like this ones control click to select this. Go for the edit taking to the defender perspiration. So in this layer I just nameless sculpt. Then I click Ok, then automatically were best will be Get ready for this car Like it? I really love it. See this one? Um, I just have a this image. So now I just created a new layer. Uh, black delegates is selected are otherwise you can be select any gold colors with simple thing with sickle it That's it. You're gonna love it, right? So you can be making any type of brushes with victory any any type of images and edit. Everything's so he can be make like this and you can be put enjoying too. That's on Get instagram. Make Yeah, you want He said that cash cash it right, Christian on instagram like that so you can make anything inside this one's So I just make a nice painter like this so no one can be said that it's not that like this means. So if I get the brush like this, just making toe little bit one put it on that. But under the under this But this one, Anything Okay. Make your one brush from your photo shop from here. Don't need toe. Download the bridges from here. So that's 2nd 1 is finished it under the 3rd 1 What? We're producing maize like a texture. So kind of a picture hope to make the picture from here means actually, this is the next to classes. Everything's on hold to make that poster cinematic poster. I just make their doubt. Actually, for any major poster, it is actually made it into the photo shop. And if we can do take it out in the after effects, get animator inside of this one's. So for these, I have a male good, anxious and save this one's. So this is the grass picture like that. We can we make it. So how to make that picture means like the brush you can be make. You can make your one patterns inside the photo shop like that. So I just designed like this. Only this kind of your diamond are the half triangles. Whatever. It's a designs from here. So this is the background. So now it just oppressed a young key to sell like this. Okay, one lead to this one So how do sell it easily means press the control on the click on Do this one. So press the edit, make it into the batter. So inside the pattern, you just mean naming toe Rocky. Yes, Rocky rockets were good. So now I just hide this pattern For the moment under this layer, I just created the A new soft layer. Otherwise, you can be make the This is also patterns of that. So I just go to the pattern. I just get into Phil inside. Whatever you just be need, you can be making the bigger size or the lawyer size the lawyer, the sites lawyer, the size Wow for the 20. Yes, I like the 50% is good for these ones. Nice ones you can be. Make it us your warm things like patterns. Anything's any kind of patents inside this one's you can make it disturbs your one. I love it actually do that. So I just close this one under the next to one. I just want to give you some ideas, like this one. So you know about the pixels dot com. So if you go for the pixels that come, you're just going toe. It's like you're kind of a Gmail only so, like a log in. You just give you a Gmail on the only whatever is done on their password. Just make your account. Actually, it's very, very free, and it's very, very cool. Also, you can be searched for anything in separatism, so I if I need this car, means I take the sky. Once I take the sky, I just click The image Doctor means download image. It's downloaded directly into our photo show. It's actually very, very cool Plug in what I am using for its It's actually very, very specially used for that. Then, like you're for the shop off compositing, what's like that? So you find near the any models means automatically, it will becomes top stout. So many off, so many so many things. More and more multiples. All the photos and everything will be high definitional, the minimal. It is actually 4000 by 6000 pixels. What am seeing inside the pixel start? Come actually pixels dot com is actually very, very used for that. So once you can be used means you could not back off. I bet that so at the next one means keyboard shortcuts. So how did you do that? Means so See that this is your lives of restaurants. Later, just put it down. So when you go for the edit, come to the last one keyboard shortcuts. So in that keyboard shortcuts, you're just going to the father keyboard menus are you can become to the shot gets like that. So you fight dude for the filter. I already have convert for the smart filters that is actually no default cable shark it for that tool. So I go for the option command dot So if I selected this layer, wrest control action starting then it will ask you to enable the re irritable smart layers that will be can return this market. Okay, so no need off Goto on again Here, go for the conduit for the small filter like that. So automatically you just go for making cable Shortcuts of whatever the keys you just using for again and again means that's also you can be irritable. So this is one kind of your useful inside the photo shops on the last 21 It's actually very , very useful to for that the color palette making. So how to make that color palette making means press the control off again. The restaurants layer presidental minutes. Magnate is once so I just go for creating a new, uh, layer, Have you a nice sighs? No need of the sites, Everything. So I just go to jump into skin colors like this. Elevated starting from here. Yeah, it will be. Start from here like this. I just do it because the control d press this one. Make it in tow somewhere. Duplicates inside these things like this. Then the 2nd 1 I just go for the control. You a little bit of a saturation out. That's one nice one. Then. The 3rd 1 a little bit of a saturation up that means comes in tow a little bit of an orange . So for this one, I just bring down the lights. Sort of the same thing. So for this one, the lightness don't. So it comes in tow some dark colors like this. So once you can make like this Okay, you just come into this match is okay. Inside the stretches you can Okay. You cannot saying like that. So the same things in frozen like this. So you fight. Click on from here. You can be cleared. The new scratch. Preset. Okay, Under this scratch preset, you can be makers. Your skin Lee Are the skin light colored? Actually. Great. So per standard score light 01 Right. Then the 2nd 1 It's actually asked about the library. So in the 2nd 1 I just going to the new prison again in under the preserves You just name is the skin and the score. A pale color zero to right. It will be goes like it can be. Make it like this. So they started one. You just click. It seemed the patch skin a tail number two Whatever. We just like that Spending three or whatever. We've just been like this once, so the four colors will be on the skin. Okay. I just rename anything such So now I just go for this one day The background only one, 234 layers I believe that So all the colors will be remaining inside You were ballots. So if I click the model from here rest a controller The ship things for this one's plus new scratch group For that group. I just Mac skin. Okay. Under the skin group, it will because they're so inside the Mac skin, these colors will be populated. So once you, there's colors will be populate. Er we're just going to right. Click on it again. You can be exported. This sweat is also you can You don't need to save this. Once you can be exposed, you can be duke toe Any other things. You can be sale on your Web site, whatever these things. But right now I have in a application what I'm using a very, very long, long time. So you can be I just to show you right. So from this one, uh, anything. Maybe This one. This is this. Have a nice, cool colors, so I just pick it drop. So once I pick it, drop to from here means the number off colors. Okay, it will be indicated. So if I need a four girls means I can go toe. So if I need 20 collapse its maximum. All the colors will be populated from here. Gamma. That means that you know about the Goma race, right? So that Phil wait content to fill inside these things. So under these comes times I just making to export so I can be exporters. These one adobo scratches exchange a job color stretchers A little color list under the P and G R the hatch to modify or the pretty effects. So for the colors match I just to make into the disturb the sample color switch. Okay, $20 will be there, right? So I just make hopes Saudi. I just given him this one. Right. So are doing okay. Sample color stretch. Save it once I need to save it. I just goingto again. The scratch panel are just going to import is the import stretches so in that imports watches I just dumb pinto this one. Sample cards wedge. Open it in that sample color swatch, you can be seen all the 20 colors inside of these things. I love it to make make a lot of things because you can be seen in the same video for the four colors were using so much of time. I understand that when you can be also understand, this one's for this 20 colors only three clicks only I just jump in tow This color palette from the image I just do it. We could drop in any other. We may just whatever the colors I just made to prefer this one's number of colors. Gamma export that on I just imported. Do this one. That's it. Right. So this is the very much useful kind of things. So I just believe that you are enjoying these lessons and everything. Happily, I am living from this lessons, Andi. People who were this cool like to learn the stops and everything's keep following of a mag Desmond provides from here. So I am in. I don't know what that you love the classes and everything. So mm. I put these classes. You just learned some other cool ideas and everything's Don't forget to give your review for this class. Thank you for the friends. Bye bye. See on the next class 18. Thank you Video.: