Adobe Photoshop 3: Create Templates for Quick Social Media Graphics | Adam Reed | Skillshare

Adobe Photoshop 3: Create Templates for Quick Social Media Graphics

Adam Reed, e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

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6 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Cheat Sheet

    • Facebook Templates

    • YouTube Templates

    • Instagram Templates

    • Twitter Templates


About This Class

This course aims to prepare you, in order to save you valuable time in the future.

If you're someone who creates graphics for different Social Media sites on a regular basis, or simply hate scrambling around the internet searching for the optimum image size for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., then this course is definitely for you.

In this short class you'll create templates for Profile Photos, Cover Photos, Freeze Frames and more.

At the end of the class you'll have a full set of Templates to use multiple times in the future.





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Adam Reed

e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

A 22 year old graduate and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in online enterprise. Adam was quick to launch his first online business at the age of 15 and has developed various online ventures over the past 6 years.

Most notably, Adam has demonstrated his ability to grow a business's turnover from £0 to £8,000 in under 60 days.

Through starting and running online enterprises, Adam has developed a wide range of skills and expe...

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