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Adobe Photoshop 2020: Advance masking techniques

teacher avatar Ronak Parmar, Visual storyteller

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Files

    • 3. Vector Mask and Layer Mask

    • 4. Selection Tools

    • 5. Channel Masks

    • 6. Select Subject

    • 7. Color Range

    • 8. Focus Area

    • 9. Blending Options

    • 10. Masking Hair

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About This Class

Many of us have encountered a situation when we need to mask something and we are clueless about how to do that easily. In this class, we will learn how to mask out any subject from any background imaginable.

We will start with destructive and non-destructive approaches and learn the difference between layer masks and vector masks. Then we will move towards masking our subjects using all the different techniques that are available to us in Adobe Photoshop 2020.

The class is divided such that one video covers one single technique and each technique is demonstrated with several examples. I have tried to keep everything as short as possible and included examples that are both simple to mask and very difficult to mask.

To take this class you will need a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop 2020. You need to be able to navigate through photoshop and know the basic functionality of tools. I have tried to make everything as simple to understand as possible.

You can use your own photos while taking this class or you can download the attached zip file. All images are taken from I would, however, recommend you to use the photographs provided.

What you will need to take this class:

  • Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Images that are linked with this class or your own
  • A basic understanding of how to navigate in Adobe Photoshop 2020

What you will learn in this class

  • Difference between Layer and Vector masks
  • All the tools available to mask a subject
  • Channel Masks
  • Masking using Select Subject
  • Masking using Color Range
  • Masking using Focus Area
  • Masking using Blending Options
  • Masking Hair


The downloadable zip file is available under the your projects tab.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronak Parmar

Visual storyteller


Hello, I'm Ronak and I am formally trained in film and video communication from National Institute of Design, India. Studying in a design college has it's own advantages. Not only I had access to some of the best filmmakers in the country but I also got exposure to all forms of design- from graphic design to animation, from textile design to ceramic and glass design. I picked up a thing or two from there but the most Important thing that I learnt was to learn how to learn new things. Since then I have taught myself web development, graphic design and music production.

I am working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Bangalore, India.


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1. Intro: Hello, guys. So industry tutorial series. We are going to learn all the methods that are available for us to Moscow, subjecting Photoshopped. We'll be able to mask any kind of subject in any kind of situation imaginable. All right, we'll see all the tools that are available for us. We'll start with the selection tools that are existing from the beginnings or for the shop . Then we'll move towards general mosques, then select subject, color range, focus area blending options. And finally, we'll see how to mask out here on day 40. Shop 2020 has made this job really easy for us. So if you want to become a masking master, use all the tools and techniques that I show you in the street tutorial series, so I will see you in the class. 2. Files: All right, guys, In order to go toe destroy your Aziz, you will need some APEC files that I've linked in the description below. All right, so scroll down and download the jetpack files. I have also included the PSD files off their masking that I've done All right, so you can download those also in order to see how I have done the masking. All right, so school on below and down. Lord Oh, the files. So in the file, there are into the failed. There are these folders, and these are the techniques that will use, so yeah. 3. Vector Mask and Layer Mask: Hi, guys. So, industry, Dorian cities our approach will be majorly nondestructive. What that means is we will be able to go back to our original limit if we wanted to. Okay, so let me demonstrate it for you. Let's say I wanted to remove this particular building, so I will select it on content over there. Okay. As you can see, the building is gone. But there is no way for me to go back to it to bring it back. Other than going into history state on going toe, there is an element. Okay, this is one way to bring it back. But there are only a certain number of steps not Photoshopped will store in the History Channel. Okay, so you won't be able to go put the original image without undoing most off your team. Just that you have done OK. So are the structure. Approach will be kind of hindrance. If you want to go back now, let me show. You are not done or destructive approach. Let me bring that building back. Okay, Here it is. Now, if I wanted to remove this particle bailing what I would have done in the nondestructive approaches I will select it. Okay. And then I'll go into my layers panel and in here below. As you can see, there are sort importance. Now, what I need to do is I need to click on the third button from the left. Okay, This one when I click on it, as you can see, her mosque, this building. But I wanted to remove this building, not keep it. So what I can do is I can press on control or command. I Andi, I bring the rest of the image bag and remove this building. Good. After I made my selection, I can press on all and click on the mosque. Burton. All right, So if you want to remove the selection, you can press on art and click on the mosque. And if you want to retain the selection, just click on the mosque right now. If I order to fill this area, what I will rather do is I will duplicate this layer. Okay? They removed the mosque from the bottom layer. Really? A mosque on. Let me hide this one. Select this nine Content aware now using the nondestructive approach. Ah, you will have to employ you know where the ways of doing Rather's and buildings, Okay. For example, removing this is very simple. If I had to, if I was using the nondestructive approach. Now let's say I wanted to bring that building back. So what I can do is I can select the brush tool from here. Make sure white color is set in the foreground. Okay, so click on this arrow thing and it will come. The white color will come in the foreground. And if you don't have to have some random colors in here, So let's say I I have the red color earned the green color. Okay. Why is this happening? Oh, because the mosque is selected. That's why the great is happening. If I Let's see, it's, uh colors are something like this and you want to make them black and right. Just click on these tiny ing color things on Dale. Make it black and white. Yeah. Now, if I wanted to remove the mask and bring that building back, I What I need to do is I need to select the mosque from here, so let the brush tool make sure white color is in the foreground. okay. And then being as you can see, my building comes back again. If I wanted to remove it, what I will do is bring their black color in the full run by clicking on this arrow thing and paint. Okay. Now, another way. Who changed the colors here is by pressing the X key. All right, so if I press x key, the white color comes in front. And if I press X again, back color comes in the front in the foreground. All right, so this is a non destructive approach. Now, the next thing is the kind off mosque that I employed her to mask out That building. That mask is a layer mask. Okay, so if I let me show you fire Howard, my point over it, it will show add layer mask. Okay. And if I click here on how our my pointer it will show Add Vector Mosque. Now, what is a vector mosque? Let me go to another image. Yeah, in this one. Let's say I want to remove this building, okay? I want to isolate this building. So to do that, I will select the pen tool and make a partner on this building now to mask this building using the vector mask. What I will do is press on control, aunt, like on the mosque. As you can see, I have the mosque and the Romney looks a bit different. Okay, here. As you can see, the masked out portion the mast out portion is it's pitch black in here. The master portion is 50% gray. All right. Another difference between vector mask and Lear mask is the layer. Mosque is made by the use off brush tool and painting over it on the layer mask. All Sorry. The victor mosque is made by the Rector mosque is made by the use off part. Okay, whenever we make a part and mosque, that is a vector mosque. All right. And whenever we use the brush tool, it is a layer mosque. Right? So these are essentially the mosque on the protests that we are going to use in the street . Oral Siri's. Now, if you at any point if you just got confused what I did all their lycan turned over and all that. Don't worry. I'll show you everything in the coming videos 4. Selection Tools: Alright, guys. So now going to the exercise files and there will be a selection tools folder and inside that there will with these three files. Open these up in for your photo shop. Right now. Let's go through the tools that 48 hours made available to us. Okay? And we'll start with the grand Parent Tool Grandparent selection tool. The oldest one. Like, I have been seeing the swim things for the shop window. And the tool is the marquee tool on the last photo. These two are the oldest selection tools that photo shop has been using. Okay, now what is Ah, lasso. Sorry. Marquee tool market tools are very simple tools like you can select a rectangle using the marquee tool. Okay. And if you press shift, you can make it into a square. All right. Uh, this looks okay to me. Okay? Yeah. No other time. Making a postcard create, Let's say I'm making a postcard. So I meet the selection on where is my I brought it to made it small, and I have a perfect square, all right? And I can do whatever I want with it. Yeah, And I again make your makeup will start out of it. The other one is I can me cross selection, which is elliptical by selecting this one. All right, so I can select an egg. And if I press the shift key, I can make it into a poor furred circle. Now, let's say if I the size of the circle is this, but I want to move the selection. So to do that president space key and move it around by pressing the space key, you can move around your selection. All right, so, yeah, that looks okay to me on a copy on based. All right, so these are there to selection marquee selection tools. All right. Now, if I just wanted to select one pixel off this image I can use I can select that by using these two. So for horizontal selection again click on their selector. And if I go really close, as you can see, a one pixel Linus selected similarly, you find us like this one. It will select a one pixel lane vertically. All right. I don't know the practicality off these. Like I don't know any situation in which I'm will to use this, but anywhere they are present there, So yeah, the next one is the granddaddy off it all. Polygonal lasso tool. The 2nd 1 Okay, this is the tool that I have been using since the inception. I don't know. Since the beginnings off for the shop. Okay. The polygon, lesser tool, the lizard will and the magnetic lasso tool. So let me and go on my will. The lasso tool. I can click and drag if I wanted to select. Okay, now I have a mouse. I don't have a pen tablet, so Yeah, As you can see, the selection is really, really rough on, but it is a very inefficient way of selecting stuff. Now I have to press old and do this. You move, uh, 80 as I don't want. No, I don't. This is very bad, but anyway, this exists. So how do you use it? You just press and drag thing. You want to select. So if I want to select the start rises, I I can just click and drag and make a circle. It's a very right circle anyway. Yeah. So that's how we use the Lazar Tool, the polygonal lasso tool. It is a bit better than the last two. So it goes in straight lines. If I make a click here, as you can see, your goes in straight lines. Okay? So I can just select it going street lanes and click whenever I want to make a point. Okay. And low. I'm euphemistic to delete a point. Press delete as simple as that. Okay, on. I can go ahead and select the entire door toys. And as you can see, I made the selection. Now, this selection is a little bit better than the last little. But as you can see, there are still some mistakes that I made okay to remove a part of the solution. Prester old key. Okay, let's say I want to remove this in this thing extra, so I'll present all key. And as you can see, a minus minus. Aiken comes Okay. So by raising dorky and selecting the part that I want to remove, I can remove it. And do I had something that you're missed. Press the shift key and draw. All right. So yeah, that way we can use the select Oh, my God. Oh, yeah. This have been sometimes. Ah, If this happens to you as well Does President the leaky? Okay, what if it's not working? Just press controls and organically work. Anyway. Let me. It's electric properly. Yeah, and our selection is made, and I can unlock the lira on make a mosque. Okay. This is great. Ah, OK. Ish mosque. Yeah. This looks quite okay. Let me go back. All right? No, actually, let me goto this mart and I'll show you the hard lasso tool, which is the magnetic lasso tool. Now, what this will do is it will detect the ages and try to select your subject. Okay? And it works on the difference between the corn trust in your for subject and the background. Okay, so whenever there is a lot of corn trust, it will make a good selection. And whenever the contrast is not so stark, it will struggle. I'll show you are This is what I mean. So if I click here and just move my mouse, as you can see, it is Frank, make a selection, and I can click also if this thing is not working properly. Okay? And as you can see, you're just doing something on its own. And Mukhlis press delete? Yeah, and just continue selecting. Now if it is going here at here and there just you can dress where you want to make a point . OK? If there was not behaving properly, you can click. Let me go in selecting in time. Out. Yeah. So this is a back. You'll never use it. I have no idea why they have not removed it yet. But you had reassured them over it. I mean expressly useless. Yeah. No, I can make the mosque. Well, great. And his very about. So these are the last hurdles. The next one is the quick selection tools, and these are quite a bit new tools. This one object selection is the latest run. So what this does is let me de select it and go back to our daughter toys. Okay. And I just with the object selection tool selected and just draw a square around your subject. And what this will do is it will try to detect your subject and isolated from the background. Let's see how it works. As you can see, the the object detection, the subject protection is quite on point. I mean, look at darts. Election That is quite nice. It is amazing in my own humble opinion. Now it does not perfect, obviously like that are these parts that it was mistaken. It made a mistaken. But that's okay. We can obviously fix it with the lasso tool. Okay, let me move this area. As you can see, our selection is merely and we can make a mask. Isn't that nice? Now let's see the other $1 quick selection tool or just will do is the state your point of warriors Object, Click and drag. Okay. And it will try to detect the edges and make a selection. The selection is quite nice, in my opinion. On we will fix the extra things that we have selected now to remove this. Ah, remove these extraneous. What we can do is press on all and drag OK, and it will try to take the ages. Now if you're wondering I or how I'm making this brush size smaller and larger is by pressing the all key and the right mouse button. Okay, it will bring here from left to right. It will I just the size and up and down it will I just the hardness. Okay, so, yeah. Now, look at that. That's election is perfect. That is a part for selection. Oh, I missed this. Anyway, let's go back. Remove this. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And we have made our selection. Now, lastly, there is the magic one tool. Okay, Now what this will do, is it Select the color which you click upon. Okay. So if I wanted to select dispatch off bluish blue color, I'll just click, and it will select that area. Okay, Now, the use case scenario off Magic one tool is really limited, but it is a really great too well, if you wanted to select a particular color in their entire mints. So for industry may I wanted to select this blue area in this entire limits. What? I can do it. I can, right. Click goto color range. Okay. Make sure the selection previous None on click here. And as you can see in the preview, the blue colorist selected. Yeah. Okay. Now, to select more, I can press the shift key and click on the areas that I want to select. And we will go into this Ah, coloring sting in depth in our future video All right. So wait for it. This is the only use that I have found off the, um maybe 12 And we have electrical blue areas. Right? Or if there is, er let me open this another image. So let me bring this image here, okay? And if I wanted to remove just the blue color, the magic want to leg and just ignorantly care. And as you can see, it selects the blue collar Iran. Ah, to select more again for a shift and click on the older girls that I want to select. Okay. And as you can see, the selection is made on mosque. Yeah. All right. So married one tool is a great tool to select consistent colors. All right, now let me a new all of this. Yeah, the next tools that we would see order pain tools. Okay. Now, the pendulum can also help us make selections from here. Let me select the car Vigipirate doula, and I'll make a selection off the smart. All right, I am your selection. Andi know what I can do is I can actually go here and go select the part selection tool. No, actually selected direct selection tool on and I can adjust the points. Okay? Because he and again are just all of these points. No. And what this will do? Do you remember? We went through it in the last video. What this will do. It will make a what? Kindof mosque. Do you remember? This will be a collector mosque for us. So what a part two does is it makes a vector mosque for us. All right. So let me just fix it quickly. Okay? On plus on control or command and click here. And we have the Vector Mosque. All right, so these are the tools that are available to us for selecting things. Okay, so another thing your one more thing. Let me go back. What we can do is we can actually turn this part into a selection to do that. Select the mental right click on select makes election. Fido Now federal what? Feathers, Feathers. The transition between the selection. Let me show it. Oh, so let me if I select 100. Okay, on mask it. As you can see, the transition is very smooth, and I dont warned that. Okay, so right leg makes election instead of 100. I'll Jews, maybe 20. Okay, on, then mask it. As you can see, there are transition is a little bit less moved. All right, so, yeah, a pen tool can be used to either create over her mosque, or it can also be used to create a selection it's gonna done. We used to create earlier mask. All right, so I hope you are understood what all these tools do. A rectangular or sorry. The Marquis tools. It can select only the shapes, the lesser tools, the quick selection tools. Great on. We load at the pain tools, right? 5. Channel Masks: Hi, guys. Solid. See where channel mosques are. Any images made up off three colors which are the red, green and blue color. So goto image more than here. Image moored here you will see RGB color. So if your images in discolor in this mood, then the images using the red, green and blue colors Okay. And to see them into Israeli goto channels And here are the channels Lister for you. Now, when I click on the Red Channel, it will show the areas where red is present and not return similarly green and blue now to create a mosque, what we need to do is find the most amount off contrast between the areas that we want to separate. Okay, What that means is we are going to mask the darker areas off this image. All right, so we need to find a channel in which the separation between our subject on the area we want to remove is the most. Okay, so in this case, we can see that the separation between this crop and the sky is the most in the blue general a rate because the blue channel is the most dark here. The sky is the most white for right. Select the channel, which has the most separation we do in the background and your subject. All right. And in this case, it is blue. Now, what we need to do is will duplicate the channel. Okay, down on the copy on down off the original one. All right. No. We'll try to enhance the separation much more. OK, so we'll use levels for that along. So we will make our subject more Doc. Okay, on our sky, more white. But while doing this, we need to be careful, because if we do it too much, it will take away details. It will take over the final details from our subject. As you can see, just taking our D days, and we don't want that. All right, so be careful with this, Okay? Now, what we need to do is press control and click on the Tom nail off the copy. Okay? This will select the areas that we want to mosque. All right, now, what we can do is we can actually believe this. Come back to the layers panel, pressed all on a condom mosque because we want to retain the Grob rate suppress art and a condom mosque. I'll be have a mosque, but it is far from perfect. So we need to make it good. Make it look good. No, What we can do is we can actually see the mosque in here in this window to do that, live on authentic on the mosque thumbnail and you'll see the mosque. Ok, this is our mosque. Now we need to remove this guy. And to do that what we do, we take the brush tool, make sure the black calories on is set on the foreground on we being We've been doing it. All right. Okay. But we are very careful by doing this. Not this area really difficult to mask, okay? And we have a work around for that. I'll show it to you. Mm. Make me just ticket once. Yeah, for this area, what began to is we can actually in the Mord Goto overly. Okay, So in the more poor Doorly and then just being going it make this what? We have to be careful. See, it has taken out details for my body from our crop as well, and we don't warn that. Okay, so before doing this. What we can do is you can actually being our crop entirely white. So bring the vital in the foreground by pressing X. Okay, let me increase this a bit and just paint. All right? Now, make sure what more you are working in, all right? And I am right now working in overlay. Ideally, it should be normal. All right, So okay. And don't overdo anything. Now, let's go back to overlay and paint in these areas. Now, as you can see, our crop is ah visible quite nicely. But we also have some artefacts. Okay to do that to remove that for a sex so that the black color comes in front. I understand. All right, that looks okay to me. Let me with this. Yeah. Now, let's go back to our image by pressing all 10 getting on the masks. Thumbnail on. Look at that. We have our mosque, and it is quite nice. I'm really happy with that mosque. Now, let's change the background. So we let me open image Gaillard moving the sky in? Yeah, it's ended to back and fill it. All right? Mm. No. Let's bring the girls on bond Now what we can do is we can put our crop earlier on the multiply more. Okay, now just see what I'm doing. All right? Just pay attention. What I'm trying to do is blamed our subject, which is the crop with our background so that it matches the color matches. All right, So what I did right now is I put our subject on the morning Moriches multiply. All right? What is it? Here? My reply. Now make a copy off her background by pressing control or command G. Okay. And blood one off the copy. So blur Gaussian blur. All right. And blur it as much as possible. Okay? Now, what we need to do is press control and click on the mosque. What this will do, it will make us election off. Just the mask. All right, so, control on click now. Make sure you have the bloody layers electric, The blood background were selected. Okay, on click on my mask. And look at that. Our foreground matches without background quite nicely. Okay, So this is how we match the subject on the background. You know, what we can also do is we can actually put some uh, When? Yet. So to do that. Bring in levels. Andi. Doc in it. Okay, X close this Now. Take the brush tool. Make it big. We don't have to worry about the hardness or anything. Just make it big on before doing anything. Make sure the more you go back to normal. Okay? Now just click, and we have this. Now what begin to is we can transform the selection. So control d on and let me this transform it Good. That looks about right. What is the properties? Properties? Yeah. So in the properties, click on the mosque on increase feather. Yeah, And look at that. We have a nice and smooth vignette, but we can make it began perfected for the to do that we cannot bending options toe this mosque. So goto effects here on blending options. Now we have these two bars this layer and underlying layer Remember that we're working on the levels layer or right? So when I moved this later, it will remove the white areas from this layer, which is the levels layer. Okay. And if I move this, it will remove the black areas from this layer, okay? And we don't want that. What? We actually want us. We want to remove this layer from the underlying layers in the lighter parts. Okay, So to do that, I will move this bar towards the left. Now, what this is doing is, as you can see on the screen. Now, what this is doing is it is removing the level slayer from the high lights off the underlying layer. All right, on. I think that looks OK to make this transition smoother press art and click on one of these and separate them all right. As you can see, their transition is much smoother now. And we have a really nice We need it. Okay, That looks okay to me. Okay. Yeah. Our looker died. We can actually decrease of capacity somewhat. Yeah. So if you make a snapshot off this, we had this and we made this from morning. Dual evening. All right. So this is how channel mosques work. Now, let me show you some other examples here. We need to cut this grass from this background. And actually, um, this is a homework for you. You do this. So Goto channels select the channel, which has the most separation between the background on our grass. All right, make or grass much more darker by the use off image. I just meant levels. All right, I click on here mask work. All right. There's the homework for you. Do this and share your results in the comments. Okay, So in order to see another example, Yeah, in this imaginary tried to mask the trees from the background. OK, so we'll muscle these trees on removed a mountain and will porter, and we'll put another mountain. Now, going into this, let me tell you, this is a very difficult job to pull off. I mean, the colors here are really similar in a mountain under trees. So it is l. A really difficult job. What we can actually do is we can make a copy of this layer and try to separate it here itself. Because what we need is just the mosque, right? So we can try and separate them as much as possible here. Okay, Now, let's go to channels and select them one by one. Yeah, I think the separation is quite nice. It's enhancing for the okay. I'm quite happy with that. No. Oh, I made a mistake. I returned the blues and Atlanta forward to make a duplicate. So guys don't ever forget to make a duplicate off the channel. All right, let me undo it now. Now imagine just point levels and I just picked Okay. Now let's select this by pressing control and clicking on the time. Nail on. Deleting this. Come back here. Now. We need to make a mosque on the lower level. Do earlier layer zero north a copy so we can turn this layer off as well. First elected layer zero Don't click. Hold on my ask. And as you can see, we have the mosque. Now let's see them are soak all again and press on a time. Nail on. This is the mosque. Now let's bring back our trees. So with the white in the foreground being tear Okay. So anything right will be retained and anything dark will be removed. Now, I'm not going to the extremes just yet. That being the savior first with lower areas that we're sure that is exactly green. Exactly. With our the trees. No. Let's elector who were lay blending mode on and being tear. Okay, We need to remove all this remote. The mountains. So with the black in the four brown, I'm would normally be in here. Okay, This area is pretty. This 80 s pretty impossible to musk guys at any point. If you're wondering how I'm making this brush larger and smaller, I'm doing that. Repressing the Elke the right mouse button on left to right. Will are just its size and up and down. Well, I just its hardness. Okay, Okay. Back looks okay to me. Now let's see the image, or you can get on the time nail. Okay, Let's delete this, Leo. I will bring our mountain in the different mountain that we have. It is okay and send it to back. All right, Now, let's try to match the mountain with the police. Carlo. Balance and good. You give it off golds. I used color balance to match the color on. I'm using coughs to remove details because the things that our father, we have less detail in them. All right, So I am removing some detail from the mountain. All right, now what? I can also do it. I can actually blood it a little bit. I can blur the mountain a little bit sore. Select Delia Goto, Fator Blood and Gore Jinnah and give it a tiny bit doctor like this morning. Now, lastly, what I can do is I Can I just I can, Ida, I cannot look up table as well, so cannot look up on bond. Um, all colors. You fighting? This looks nice. Yeah, when it blends quite nicely as well. Now, this mask is certainly not perfect if I go closing. As you can see, I actually removed a lot of detail from these trees, but it was a really tough job to pull off anyway. And I think his quite OK. Yeah. Lastly, you can. I do. I mean yet take the brush. Make it big. Oh, the mood is overly. That's why. Does not working? Yeah, so always remember to go back to normal now. Okay, let's transform it. So click your control and pull. Now, let's go to window on properties a mask and increase the feather. Yeah, lastly, in the blending options. So we'll removed earlier from turned the lying layer just in the highlights and make the transitional rich smoother. Okay. And I think I'm happy with that. It's decreased opacity. Okay? Yeah. You can see is the color look up table as well, if you want. Yeah, this one is also nice. No. Yeah. This one is also nice. I mean, we can play around with it like, for as long as we want. So I'm happy with the result on DA There are actually beery a file PSD files as well, so you can open them. And it has all the layers that I have worked out. So you can check out all the settings there as well. All right, so this is how we mask using the channels, okay? 6. Select Subject: All right, guys. Now, Alexey, select subject. So do you remember the stool that we went through in one of the previous videos? Object selection Tool. Okay, so what this does is I can just draw a rectangle around the scar, and it will try to make a selection. And as you can see, it made a critical selection off the car. But there is another way to do the same thing. OK? And that is just open your image. Go to select on Goto, select subject and just wait for the goodness and look at that. We have a better selection than the object selection toe. So let me zoom in and see it, okay? It made a mistake here, but that's okay. We can fix. Not easily. That looks quite nice to me. Yeah. Now, what we can do is selector any off the lazar tools on goto selected mosque. Okay. And this window will open up here. We can perfect our selection now with the stool. Let's add the videos died that were not selected, so I think the tire here I made a mistake in selecting the tire. One thing guys, be careful while using these tools. Okay? Because they can ruin your mosque easily. Me closing. Okay, as you can see here, it made a mistake. Sort to remove that. Select the 3rd 1 brush tool. Andi, select this one. The minus Brush tool and remove this. Okay, now the selection is not great. I mean, they're just really jagged. Let me show it to you. As you can see here, the selection is really jagged. You know, if I tried to smother it out, it won't look good. Because, as you can see, they're just really jagged. Okay? They're not smooth. The selection is not smooth here, also, as you can see here and there are so many problems here everywhere ended. Let me bring this back. It was like the plus. Yeah. Okay. Here it is. Very bad. As you can see, not to fix all this. What we can do is we can play around with all these para meters that are here. Okay. Eso on black. Let me increase the capacity or under busing. Now let's play with the radio. Slipped Seawater bus. No, I did something. Okay. Doctors. Cueto gave hard radius. No smart radius work sometimes and sometimes it does nothing. And in this case, it is doing nothing. Let it be so let's move it out a bit on. Look at that. Look at the edges. Adjusts much smoother. Let it sink. Is the feather Yeah, gear too much. Okay. Now increase the contrast. Yeah, Let's see the other side. Yeah, I'm quite happy with this. I'm very happy with this result. Let's go back on. Okay. And we have the selection. Now we can meet the mosque And while a more Damascus made and it's a way to nice mosque. Yeah, I'm happy with that. There. See another example? Yeah. So what we try to do is we'll try to mask this guy and this ledge on right here sitting, and this is a very difficult job. So let's try and do that. So select on subject. And this is actually a good off for the short winded. Reindeer's really advanced in what they can do, but obviously it's not perfect. It's fine. However, um, you can see it selected the leaf, and we don't want it now. Don't worry about the hair right now. Okay? Yeah. Let's include a ledge as well to include the ledge I begin to Istanbul here, So let the quick selection tool and just drove over it, okay? And remove the water. All right? The selection doesn't have to be perfect. Yeah. Now let's selected mosque and increase the radius. Smart City, Yes. Smart reduces doing nothing again. So forget about it Now, guys, if you are, if you don't want to do anything here, just increased the feather. Okay on. Then increase the corn trust. So this will automatically majors more risks, murder. All right. But in this case, as you can see, we have this blue color out lane, and we don't want that. So to try and fix that what we can do a school down and click on decontaminate Color, and it will try to fix it all on a Did a really good job. Okay, before after. So, Yeah, see the original selection? Because there is No, this is what we did. There's click on. OK, all right. Now what we can do is we can actually bring another background, so we'll let me go ahead and do that. Cool. Yeah, but you're here. Send it to back. Okay, Let's remove this person from here, so select the background. Take your lasso tool, drawing out lane on a shift. A five shift five. And it will not work. Because why will it not work? Because this photo is this layer. It is a smart object to make content aware Work. Meaning toe first harassed a riser. Rasta rise. Okay, now shift a five and content Select content aware. Okay. And this is a pretty decent job. Let's just fix it quickly. So with the stamp tool. All right, I'm up with that. And Allah, we are done. We can try and match the guy with the background with all those steps. Like, read it previously. So, yeah, I would go into fast, full forward more now. All right, so I'm done there. See the before and after before. After before often. That is amazing, isn't it? Now, let's see another example. Now, this will pose a challenge for us. Okay, Now let me show it to you. So select subject. And it made a pretty decent selection Now, owners a little as a tool selecting mosque. Now all this is OK. But as you can see, if I go close in in his Ah, my starts and beard. We have a lot of background, isn't it? On. We need to remove it to fix this. What we need to do is take the stool. The 2nd 1 The finance brush tool. Click on it on and make it a little bit soft. Okay, I think that's OK on. And just paint being He entered from the outside. Guys don't died were inside. Actually, when you start, come from inside to outside, okay? And didn't stay there, and you don't need to do it again and again once is OK. Let's fix his hair as well. Not it is difficult to do because the bag adorned is not consistent. Let me show it to you. As you can see, the background is not consistent. Had it Beene a single color. This would have been a really easy job to pull off. Okay. All right. Okay. No, let's decontaminate colors. And it did a pretty Okay. Okay, so I mean, it's not perfect. So let's just nordo decontaminate colors. Let it be like this, and I'll show you how to fix this. Let's shift edge little inside so as to remove this border. Okay? And don't worry, too. much if it doesn't happen. Now, let's click on OK on mosque. Yeah. Don't worry about any of this. Let's bring in our Carlos solid color ups. Let me bring 50% gray. Bring it back. All right. And we'll now try to fix the hair. So here, as we can see, we have the orange color from the sun. Right. And here you have the white No. Now we can see it properly. Yeah, so we have the orange here. Hello on everywhere. All right, on and right here. So to fix this, make a new Leah, make a clipping mask. Press old, Bring your cursor between the two layers and click. So the sailmaker clipping mask. Now take the stamp tool. All right, Make it small. Okay. Sample from a nearby area somewhere here and paint. No, guys, this is a very intricate process. So take time and doing this. Okay? Normal. It's no wonder Steams the color of the background and receive it. Was working properly or not. Yeah, on how we look at that isn't that wonderful? That's quite a good mosque, in my opinion. Okay, now let's see another example. The final one. Yeah, actually, you do this? This is your homework. All right, So select subject. As you can see, the mask is not perfect. So So, like the Lazar Tool. Go to select mask trying. Fix this and share your results in the comments. Okay? And I will check them out. So, yeah, there's your homework, and it's so fairly easy job. I mean, you might face some problems here, so it is. Okay. I think so. You used the refining brush tool to fix their hair, and for the rest of it, for the rest referred to use these tools. All right. Okay. Let's mask it. Yeah. All right. So this is your homework. 7. Color Range: All right, guys. Now, let's see. Color range. So go to select on color range. Yeah. Make sure the selection previous none. All right, on fuzziness is set to zero range 200 wasn't all right? No, in the salad. Go here and select greens and it will show you the greens. All right. Similarly, you can select the highlights on we can see the highlights, and we can press OK and every make a selection for us, and we can mask it. Oops. Control, I Yeah. So this way we can mask it easily now. It made pose a problem sometimes, as you can see it, uh, some parts off the leaf are left out. Yeah. Now we can obviously bring them back by selecting the by selecting the mosque from here, taking the brush tool on and with the white color in the foreground, we can just paint over it and I could come back. But But what we can actually do is let me go back to the beginning. Yeah, So here, select, call a range here instead of highlights. Let me select sambal colors. Okay. And I can just click here, and as you can see nothing is happening because we don't see anything. So increase the fuzziness slowly. And as you can see, we can see our selection and what you can actually do Risk? Click here and drag. We're just warned Work. So take the plus eyedropper tool. Okay. Plus, I'm click and drag on all areas that you want to select. Okay. And click on OK, Mosque. And we have the mosque. Right now. It's being a solid color. Gaius ended back. Yeah. And who? Pretty decent mosque. Now, let's see another example One. Now, here. What we do is we will try to mask out this guy. So select gal Arendse on and with the plus eyedropper tool, I will just click and drag over the sky. Now I will take the miners eyedropper to line removed a lined. Okay. Now, obviously, this selection is not perfect. Let me click on OK and mosque it. No, actually, in worded. No. Yeah. Now what we can do is we can bring back the line, so select the mosque. Select the brush tool with the white color in the foreground. Paint over the land. Okay. Knowledge's bring back these windows. Okay. Yeah, That's a nice selection. Let's teams the sky. So let me go back here and bring in the sky. This one. All right, on, let's do that thing again. So we'll try to blend it. So what? Normal to multiply. All right. Duplicate the background on blood It. Okay, now. So, like the mosque, By pressing control and clicking on the mosque Tom Nail and will mask the blood background . So, like, on the mosque on while we have it? Yeah, So that we make our snap short. So from morning we went to evening, right? Wasn't that easy? Yeah. Let's see another example. Yeah, This one. This one is a little bit difficult. So in this one, what do we do? It is we will try to It seems the color off the leaf and it's a very difficult job. Let me show it to you. Why select color orange? Okay, lets some degrees the fuzziness under greens as well. Hand click here now, if you don't want to go again and again to the plus eyedropper tool, What we can actually do express shift and it will make the eyedropper the plus eyedropper tool. And if you press the whole Turkey it retarded and go the removed eyedropper tool. Okay, so for now, let me just add everything that we had all the beans. Now, if you want to see the preview in this window working under wears go to selection preview on Goto Grayscale and we can see the selection here. Okay. All right, let's click on. OK, And now I would be going. Do is we can order use adulation layer about it. Where is it? Here it is. So that meeting is the color a little bit. Yeah, And increase the saturation. Let's see the before and after before After before, After we increased the saturation off the leaves Just a tiny bit. All right, Now let's see another example This one in this world, Why do teens the color off her coat? Okay, so Well, let's go to select color orange on for the nurse. Let's Yeah, range. Okay, let's remove everything first. Yeah, now that side. So click here for a shift on drag over her coat. Okay, Let's see the mosque now. We don't want her face off. Let's remove it. The one thing guys ever it is not happening. Then it is not happening. Okay. Now, if there is no way to you at the entire gold without adding extra parts, just ID'd extra parts. I mean, it's fine. We can remove it later on. Okay. Okay. I might be with Dad. Let's click on OK, on. Ah, in this case, what I will do is I'll press control J to make a copy off this layer. Yeah. So what? This is a earlier one. Now what I can do is I can remove her face from here. So let me just is it okay, let's start on the layer. Now. What we can do is on Lear one. We can order Hue, saturation. Leo, you're saturation. Make a clipping mask. All right? Yeah. Yeah. So we're going to use the color off her court very easily. What? I did that as I Munich clipping mask off the hue and saturation toe the layer one, which is just the court. Right. So we'll see the before and after before, after before after, So, yeah, this is how we use select on Gullah Range. All right. Lastly, let me just ah, visit select color orange. Tell you what these two mean, Actually, the rangers how far our of selection goes, as you can see. And the fuzziness is how much fuzziness is the Feder, the transition between the selection and the things that are not selected. And the Rangers? How big is that selection? All right, so keep this in mind. 8. Focus Area: Alright, guys. So now let's see. Focus area. So go to select on focus area. Now, what this does is it will try to select the area which is in focus, all right. And it is definitely not for perfect, as you can see here. So we can try toe just the perimeter, which is then focused Range. Okay. Lets train to increase it. Yeah, No alerts, Electors. Quick selection to learn. Just care. All right. I think that's a decent selection. Like me, Zuman and maybe removed a spot by pressing the old key and dragging here. Okay, Good. No, their stride wide dust em. Okay. Too much. Okay, Let me just turn to everything, all right, and we'll do it later on. Let's go to selected mosque. All right? And refined the selection. OK? No, let's do one thing. Let's go toe background and lock it. And degrees. It's opacity a little bit so that we can see. And now let's click on the time nail off the mosque, take a brush tool, and with right in the foreground, let's try to paint in the stem. All right. Okay. Alerts removed the Sadio. Okay, so yeah, let me just tell you this. Focus. Select forecasting does not works properly, As you can see here. Well, let me go to another example. There's try to select this bird. Okay? So select Broca's area and little do its thing, but it increases the range. No other select the quick selection tool and just being or this bird's wings. Yeah. Okay. Now we're gonna go to selected mosque. I think it'll be. Guys know that the school is not that great. That's where they have given the selected mass option right there. Uh, I mean, it exists, so that's fine. We can use it sometimes. Okay, now, that is very bad. I don't like it. Yes, so I mean, there must be times when you can use a focused area thing, but I don't see any. Okay, that's not bag. There's not bad. Actually, there's a nice selection. Let's see another example. Yeah, though select Waziriyah alert. Seawater does. Okay. Okay, let's select the quick selection tool and paint. I just want his maze. Yes, sir. It was even. Do select the parts off this Camilion. Thanks, Lee. Ok, now this part is really hard. Like, I don't blame the stool Let's click on. OK, let's see the mosque. OK, so this is a pretty decent mosque. Let's try to fix it. So? So, like the loves of selecting Mosque on a raid years. All right. Okay, let's fix this area by just clicking ones with the quick selection tool. Yeah, I think there's a decent selection. That's a nice selection, actually. Okay. Yeah, because that's a nice selection. I mean, there are problems, obviously here, as you can see. What? That can be fixed. So selecting mosque. So, yeah, that was the select focus area option guys. So you can use that one as well, right? 9. Blending Options: All right, guys. Knowledge See blending options. So what blending options will do? We have been using them, but we were using it for removing the vignette from the highlights. Okay, Now let's see how we can use the blending options to remove this bite area from this image . So for doing that, what we need to do is going to earlier spaniel a lager background, then select effects blending options. And here in this layer, we really move the highlights. So as you can see now, I'm easily able to remove the white area of this image. Right. Okay. It's going okay. And let's see it now. As you can see, Damascus, obviously not perfect at all right now to fix that, we can't just dio we can't just go into mask because as you can see, there is no mosque here. So how do you fix that to fix that? What we need to do is make a copy on this layer on and make the copy layer into a smart object. Okay, now press control and click on the thumbnails. All right. On believed to copy Lee and now on on the layer zero, make a mosque And as you can see, we have the mosque. Now let's bring back our white areas from the plant. So select brush with the white in the foreground paint and nothing is happening. Why is nothing happening? Nothing is happening because first, we need to go back to the blending options and bring back the Y. It's OK now. It should work. It already worked because I already painted over it. All right, so yeah, this is how we make a mosque using the blending options. Now, let's see another example Goto one and here will try to remove the white again. So, in the layers panel on Lord, the layer affects lending options again. From this layer, we will remove the white. All right, click on. OK, now the flower is also gone. What? We have a fix. Let's copy this layer. Convert the layer into a smart object, press control and click on the thumbnails. All right, delete this layer and make a mosque. Now select your earlier click on effects blending options on. Undo this. All right. Okay. So, like the mosque on with the brush tool selected and the white color in the foreground. Just paint just paint over the areas you want toe bring back that. Looks okay to me. Yeah. Okay. And we have our mosque. That was quick. Solid color. Let's go to black. Send it back. Yeah, I will be House on left here. So let's move that. Okay, that is fine. In my opinion, that looks OK. Not too smooth in this Edges off this rules. We can obviously go back here. Selector. Lazar Tool, Go to selected mask. Okay, increase a feather a little bit on increase the born trust and agree. Smooth and a just as you can see, just have smoothing and you can shift edged towards the inside a little bit. Yeah, Okay. That's a decent selection. Would let's bring back these eight years. Now, let's see another example. So again, this one So this one can be done with the blending options as well. So let me do that. Lending options on. Remove the highlights. Okay. We don't need to award do anything. As you can see, we have almost a result as we got from the select ankle. Arrange. Get his results similar to that. Now, let's copy this. Turn it into a smart object control and click. Really this again. Go back to blending options and remove it. Okay. On mask it. Yeah. Now, with the mosque selected, take the brush tool right in the foreground. It's bring back to land. And we have our mosque, right? Yeah, that's the reason. Selection? Yeah, I think that's nice towards election. Okay, let's see the last one. Yeah, I included this one just to show you. Ah, technique. So blending options can be used to make masks, but it can also be used to call it. Agreed. Okay, so let me show it to you. Um, let's go here and are the color Look up table Andi outside a candlelight? Yeah, Sodo that this is just the tip. So generally in an image, the highlighted areas are generally warmer. Okay, so we need to remove this color look up table from the shadow areas. So for that, let's go to effects blending options and removed this layer, which is the color Look, a player from the underlying layer, which is the background. Okay, so for that we need to move this later. And as you can see, you does getting removed from the shadows. Okay, too much. Now let's make their transition smoother. Yeah. Okay. Now, let's add another kind of look up tables, so Oh, it's sad. Lead. Sunset. Yeah. Okay. Now, let's remove the late censored from the highlighter. Nadya's So a blending options go here in the Langley air and move this later. Yeah, let's make the transition smolder. This is before the thirsty after before. After. Now, what we can do is actually enhance it further. You know, this looks good. No other side. Finally, what we used to do levels. Okay. And make a dark. Take the brush tool. Make it harder. Bag on. Just click. And nothing is happening because white is in the foreground. Solar. It's bring black in the foreground and click and controlled G. That starts from this. Okay, let's go to indoor properties. Andi. Yeah. Increase the feather. Okay, on. We can remove the levels from the highlight reel areas. I would look at that. We have a nice vintage portrayed. Okay, So what is no and call? Agree. Did. Now we can obviously do many things in this, but for now, they could be here. So this is how we use blending options 10. Masking Hair: All right, guys. Now, let's see how to get out here. So let's begin in this first foot. I think the select subjecting will work the best. Okay, that's our dizzy as well. With the quick selection tool and Goto selected mosque. All right, it's increased opacity. I think this area is quite nicely selected. This? Yeah. Okay. We need to fix this. So right now, don't worry about the hair. Let's fix all these other areas, OK? Solar. It's fixed This? Yeah, that's clicking. Okay. On again. Go back to selected mosque. No. Guard over the head. Select the stool. Refined edge, brush tool. Okay, let's make it a little bit bigger. All right, on click somewhere and drag. Don't go toe too much inside the hair. Okay to stay on the edge. Okay. I think it's just done a good job. Let's see it. Okay. And mosque. All right. Let's bring up, like, alone somewhere in here. Okay? Now, obviously, this is not perfect. It's far from perfect. Okay, so let's fixed us first, remove all these areas, so take the brush tool, make it small. Go more to overlay and paint with a soft brush. It's not a word with this. It's not overdo anything at any moment, right? Yeah. Okay. Now, obviously, this color is not good right to fix this. What we need to do is make a new earlier and fill in the color off the hair here already. Let me show it to. So make a new layer and make a clipping mask more. Right. No word. There are two things we can either use the brush tool. Okay. Select the color from here by pressing all can't lick. And then being now, let's make this to multi play. Yeah, don't overdo it at any moment. I think what really works better? Yeah, overly works with her, but let me show you another thing. Let's instead of using the brush tool, what we can actually do is we can use the stamp tool. Okay. He was just time. You'll make it big. Go a little bit closer on sample area and paint. Now you can rotate the sample area by pressing all shift under be brackets. I don't know what to call them. The we brackets. Okay. Okay. So all shift on the brackets, which looked like these, so well, let me sample the Syria and come here. No. Yeah. Sample this area. Come here and press all shift and be Roky. Okay. Something like this. Okay, I'm done. Let's ticket. Yeah, that's a reasons election. That's quite a nice selection. Okay, now let's see another example. All right. Now, in this one, lets try to change the background, and we'll What we'll do is we will put this texture on this background. Okay, So let me put it in and we fill it. And first, all right. No, let's put this to multiply. Okay. So their support, the texture to multiply and let's turn it on. Turn it off for a moment and in the background layer, let's go to select on color range. Okay? And we're selector. Been color of the background. Okay. And don't worry if it is not perfect, because it doesn't have to be. Let's click on. Ok, now what we need to do is turn on the texture selected an mask, it All right. And now let's remove this from the face off this girl. Okay, Let's go to overly on. Bring some off the mosque back. Actually normal on. Okay. So yeah, it's just degrees toe capacity a little bit. Okay, so let's see the original. What is No, on the one. We're texture. Okay. Now, dirty and other examples, this one not just will pose a little bit of problems for us because the background right here is not consistent. As you can see, it travels from being lighter, to darker the silence if move from right to left. Okay. So it might pull some problem for us. Here, decide on here. As you can see, her hair is blood. So it might pose a problem for us here as well. Okay, now, let's try to mask it. So I think elect subject is a good way to start. Yeah. Now note selected mosque. Okay. Lets fix all of these other eight years. Other than the hand, we do not need to worry about her right now, so let's fix this first. Okay? Let's go back against electing mosque. Now with the refining brush tool. Go from inside of the hair to outside. Okay. Just paint over the adjust. It took out the hair also, so let's bring it back. Okay, That's click on OK and see the mosque? No. Yeah. I think it's nice Let's do the stamp tool thing. So we'll make a new layer. Make a clipping mask. Take the stamp tool. All right. Sample from someone nearby and paint. Yeah, I think this looks good. This is a nice selection. Ah, it's quite nice. Okay, now, let's see the last example. This one and I specifically so was this one. Because this is a very tough job to pull off, because, I mean, this area off the hair is easy. Toe cut out. This is quite difficult because we have a line, this black line off the building going from here. So this area will pose a challenge similarly here. No, I mean, this strand of hair is impossible to do because it is getting mixed with the background. All right. And here also we are going to pay is a lot of problems. So let's do this Select subject. Andi, take the NASA tool selected mask. First, we'll fix the rest of the things other than the head. So now it is important to go back once. Okay. And again, come back. Now, let's fix d have with verifying edge brush tool. Okay, let's click on. Look, you know, on mosque. Let's bring in about Grown. So, Nicola Okay, now this is really difficult. Let's remove these extraneous. We can't save the strand of hair. We cannot on this one as well. I don't think we can see this one. It looks so bad. Let us remember completely. No knowledge. Make a new look. Mega clipping mask. Did the stamp tool on try to fill in the Sadiyah? All right, I will. Look at that. That is descended. In my opinion. What do you guys think? Now I want you also to try this four door and most your results in the comments. All right. Okay. We have a little bit of a problem here, so we can fix that easily by taking the brush tool going toe mass kind, making a dotted with harder around 66. 65% click for a shift on Glick. Okay, More to normal. Yeah. Blick press shift and click for a shift and licorice template. Okay. Okay. I think that's a good mask. From what we had the other, we got a pretty decent result, So Yeah, guys, dis concludes this CDs and I hope you enjoyed it. And you learned something that he wanted to learn. All right, Now, please do your homework on. Please try this image and post your results in the comment section. All right on, do follow me on skill share. All right, That will be all for this tutorial series, and I will see you in the next one by