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Adobe Photoshop 2019: Professional skin retouching & liquify filter tutorial

Photoshop Classes By Andrea, Creative Director and Multimedia Teacher

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4 Lessons (20m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction to: Photoshop Professional skin retouching & filter Liquify

    • 2. Image quality and correct file setting

    • 3. Professional skin retouching

    • 4. Additional lesson, filter liquify instructions for use

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1. Introduction to: Photoshop Professional skin retouching & filter Liquify: Hi. My name is Andrea and them in Italian creative director and one of the two founding partners off the Common Up advertised our agency based in Milan, Italy. I have 11 years of teaching the spirits at some of the most prestigious design school in this class. I will teach you all the secret to professionally retouched any major depicting a prominent face starting with professional skin, photo retouching, eliminating ferocity, increasing the brightness off the face up to, um, becoming the features. Thanks to deliver. If I Now it's time to start with this fantastic class. What are you waiting for? 2. Image quality and correct file setting : welcome to these new tutorial on how to make a perfect skin with photo shop. The first thing we're going to do is to treat on the software photo shop. Then we moved to the main menu with sacked. If I open and we choose the fire, we want to work wheat. We confirmed with open And here we are the first thing before starting. Our tutorial is the check the quality of the image. We're going to work with it. Then we moved to the main menu. Select the boys image image sites. As you can see, this picture is very big with dimension, but the quality is just 72. 72 is a good quality for the world. But if we want to bring this document, it's better to increase these in minimum 150. To do that, I'm going first to open a new document where I will duplicate this image. I moved to the main menu will find you. Then I select the England in this case I want to print this image So my intent is sprained and I select the fire four month A. For as you can see, it's preset and the resolution is 303 100 is a perfect resolution to be printed, I confirmed with Create, Then I can visualize at the same time the two files together. The reason why Econ goodies is because in my screen mode on the toolbar, I set up standard screen mode in for the shock dependent they use. You want to do off the softer you can optimize your screen mode, so standard screen boat. It's very yet for when you want to switch between the five you have open in your photo shoot. Then, if you require more space in your screen, you can choose full screen mode Whitman about so that your picture it Conoco by dental space off your screen. Oh, are even more space for your work. It's a low with the full screen. More for screen is a total for screen. So the work with Gary made you need to know the shortcut with your keyboard as to go out. In this case, it was just to duplicate this picture from this original. Far into the new untitled document, a four with 300 d. B. I. I select the player double click duplicate lay here and the destination Untitled one, which is my A for fire. As you can see, the picture fit almost perfectly. It's even bigger because the dimension of my picture it's really big. If you want to skate in the picture, you have to go to free trust for From Aided, so aided from the main menu freighters for in the new version of Photoshopped 2018 you don't need when you want to scare to press shift anymore if you want to keep the proportion of the image, but you need just to drug the corner, and they made scare, keeping the proportion. 3. Professional skin retouching: we can now start working on the picture. So let's focus now on the topic of this lesson, which is how to make a perfect skin wit for the show. The first thing we have to do is to look careful. The image, as you can see this can need to be retouched. So we did. Tutorial. I'm going to explain you in detail the technique we're going to use to optimize this picture. The first step is to duplicate the layer to time. You can do it with right click on the original layer duplicate layer, panic over. Or you can just draw the picture on the layer representing the new layer icon. Once you duplicate it, you have to name the layer to be sure that you will work on the right. One double click on the Dexter did you know, means the original picture. Then we have the blur layer or low layer where we're going to work with our blur effect, and then we have the skin texture. For now, we focus on the blur layer, so I switched off the eye from the layer pallet off the skin texture layer. I moved to the main minimum surfing fielder Blur. Go Sembler. How do I set up? I click on the I and the rodeo's and going to choose the dimension the pixel of the Rogers until the populist visible. If the popular become too blurry, it means that is too much like this. It's a good compromise, even a little bit glass. The next step is to move on the skin. Dexter Layer. We go to main menu image and select apply image. Okay, here, we're going to set up a climb. Age like that. The source is the name of our document. Laying is the layer we we want to work. We'd So we select blur, which is this layer? The second layer we have with the blood effect the journalist RGB, which is the color mode. We are working now for this picture and blending and bleeding. We select soups trucked once we select the bleeding substructure we have to set up like that. Scared too, offset 1 to 828. As you can see him once they confirm this is the structure of the skin and this is very necessary to keep the detail of our image. The skin texture. We have to blend together with the other layer. So we use the blending mode on the layer pallet, and we selected leaner light. As you can see, nothing changed from the original picture, but with split the original picture into layer, blur and skin texture, the skin texture. We leave it like that. We're going not to work with this, but we were with a blur here. Let's now focus on the major. As you can see, we have many mistakes we have to work with. To do that, we select one of the feeling layer in this case, last little every tool from the toolbar. If you keep pressing it, show you the three variation on the variation. It's during the tour. In this case, the lasso tool is the tool. We're going to work for our exercise before starting working on the lasso tool. I have to set up the option bar here against it up with new selection, a direction it means that I can add part to my selection, substructure from selection and insert with selection. So new selection means that every time I click and a drug creating new selection at the selection means that they can add part to my selection. Sub strapped from selection I can remove, but from my selection and intercept means that everything stay inside my last selection. It remains visible. I'm going to use new selection. The father. It's a tool very useful to let our impact become less visible on the same age. So more feather means more blurry effect around the corner of the page, the perimeter off the image. I choose 30 so I select part of the major. Then I moved to the mean filter blur. Go, Sembler. You can increase until the perfect the skin become perfect. And then you come for and you proceeded like that, selecting the different part of their skim filter. Got Sembler once used duct the grass. Ambler. If you want to keep the same setting, you need just to confirm with filter, go simpler. If you want to have more space in your interface, you need to close the palate or less top in your keyboard. As you can see now, I can enjoy all my screen to be more precise with my selection top again to let appear again. My interface fielder go simpler, then we focus on here on this part again? Fielder Go Sembler, We almost finished. But we have to be precise to make this were looking perfect. A few more Part of I always prefer to choose to breast stub to have more space on my interface And here we're cooking now we make us a little bit on the neck and we finish almost precise. Okay, Now the next step is the group This two layer together I mean the layer skin texture and the layer blur to group the two layer after present that I can representing a father creating your group so I can show you the difference now and before If you want to flood everything you made together in one new layer you have to press the combination off Keeper Clo maned wild shift which is the same if you go on the Morgan Manu and you press on marriage visible so you can also switch off the original and click on marriage visible and you will attain the same. So we have now and before before enough. Okay, The next step I suggest to switch on the channel's black. These are channels product in this case. We're working with the Energy Beach honors, so we have the master China Urgency and a single shot red, green, blue. I select the red. All the other channels are off. Then I moved to the main menu. Select or edit coping. Go to the layer pallet and creating new layer We aided. I faced the red China's that I want to blend also days and they said that the A soft light as you can see this give a good light to the picture. But it's a little bit too much, so I can reduce the positive. And this is what I obtain. The perfect the skin. Now it looked perfectly so again, I flood everything. It's visible. Switch off the original layer marriage visible no, and before, before and after you can see the skin is now ready in case there are few detail you want to optimize. You can also create a new layer you select from the tumor, the spot healing brush tool, and you set up it like that. First you choose. The sites of the brush and the size depend of the area. You want to cover the hardness and this spacing and you have to remember to flag, sample or layer. It means that it will clone for from every layer you are in your layer pallet and then you need just soup breasts and the week over every part off the skin, which is not perfect. So you can really optimize everything. Look, these not existing anymore. I suggested to spend time doing this because this makes really the difference in your final work. So I don't want to see any more this car, so I just breast it will disappear every part of the skin. Now look perfectly. For the last time a press common, I'll shift e or merge feasible again. Also delete the two layer to an earlier one. So I have the before and after so I can show you the difference before and so the perfect skin is now ready 4. Additional lesson, filter liquify instructions for use: When these new tutorial I'm going to explain, you have to optimize cheek bones off the face. So the sea right off the face wait for the show. First thing we have do switch on the picture. We want to work with the Then we moved to damn mayor after. And so the final result. We have pain and we select from the main menu. The filter liquefy so may minimum filter and then we live with with a filter liquefy you can really optimize your picture so we have in this interface a tool bar on the left and every single door can be set up on the right. So the first story I'm going to explain you, it's called the face toe. What should automatically recognised the eye, nose, mouth in a different part of the face. We can sit up also the sides, the pressure, the density and the rate of the brush. So, selecting the father eyes, we have the specifically to change the dimension off left and right. So we have left bigger, smaller, right, bigger, smarter or we can also play going to roll over on the picture so we can play directly on the image or just presently control on the right. So what I'm going to do first is to change the silhouette. My opinion. I can reduce a little bit here, and I can skate a little bit here a little bit here and a little bit here that you can large a little bit and scale a little bit. No, we play with it. I so we can may. Turning leader beat the two eyes and then with the mouth, we can increase the dimension of the or change expression of the leaves. Another interesting tool on the liquefy is the call that, for one, worked once we selected Changing that, they mentioned brush and the pressure. We can really optimize every single detail of our picture, making this more interesting and connected week our need. I think that what we have seen now it's a good compromise, saying, going just to confirm with Okay, this is how it looks now. And this was before, before and after