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Adobe Lightroom::One Photo Four Ways

Kelly Ishmael, Photographer/Blogger

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9 Videos (53m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Assignment & Getting Started

    • Develop Module Part 1

    • Develop Module Part 2

    • Lesson 1::Basic Edit

    • Lesson 2::X-pro Edit

    • Lesson 3::Vintage Edit

    • Lesson 4::B&W Edit

    • Layout


About This Class

Creating unique image edits is fast and easy in Adobe Lightroom.  By learning a few key elements, you can transform your photographs into a variety of looks.  From a clean, basic edit into an edgy, cross-processed style....all it takes is a few simple adjustments. 


Explore your creativity and discover the endless possibilities in your post-processing workflow.  This 60 minute class will provide you all of the tools and techniques you need to create custom edits that reflect your unique photographic vision.

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I loved this class! I was looking for a Lightroom course on Skillshare that wasn't too long and would teach me the basics quickly. This class was perfect for a beginner like me. It was so helpful to have Kelly walk through what each of the editing features does in Lightroom, and also really cool to see her create several different "looks" with the editing tools. The info I got in this class will significantly push me forward in my editing abilities.
Thank you Kelly for this wonderful class. I'm just starting to experiment with editing photos and I chose Lightroom to work with and came across your class. It was helpful to be able to see multiple ways of editing the same photo in the same course and made me experiment with my edits a lot more than I normally would. Also, the explanations for what each group of sliders did are concise and on-point. I really enjoyed through the entire class.
Very clear and simple way of explaining things! Great!





Kelly Ishmael


Hi there. My name is Kelly Ishmael and I am a blogger and photographer with a passion for capturing the simple joys of my ordinary life.

Whether it's the beauty of nature which inspires me in so many ways or finding the light and magic in humble moments at home, you can find me blogging about my life, my art, (and occasionally my cat's hairballs) at In addition, I am a regular contributor the the collaborative photography blog, Focusing on Life. You can also fin...

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