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Adobe Lightroom: Customizing Identity Plate Setup

teacher avatar Jay (Trxlation), Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Accessing Identity Plate Setup

    • 3. Changing Font, Color, And More

    • 4. Adding Your Name Or Logo

    • 5. Final Thoughts

    • 6. Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, students will learn all about customizing the identity plate setup in Adobe Lightroom. Not many people know about this feature, and it's a great way to make your work space in Lightroom look a little more unique!

Students will learn how to change the fonts and colors of the text representing the different modules in Lightroom, how to install their own logo in place of the existing Lightroom logo, and how to choose which modules they would like to have on display in Lightroom.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jay (Trxlation)



Going by the artist name Trxlation, I'm a published, award winning photographer living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I specialize in portraits, landscape, and product photography. I've worked with brands like Google, Spotify, Coca-Cola, and more. My first taste of art was in 2012 when I started drawing- from there I progressed into photography. My goal with photography is to show people how I see the world. My vision is like a foreign language to others and my photography is the translation.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Jay here, Austin, known as Tricks, Elation and welcome to my class on customizing the identity point set up in light route. In this class, we're going to take a look at how you can customize the appearance of light room to suit your style. This might be by adding your name, adding your logo. We're changing the fonts and colors of the top bar in light rooms. This feature might not be the most functional, but it's pretty cool, and not everyone knows about it. So in this class, I'm going to show you how you can take that boring default place set up in White Room to your own customized one. Let's jump right into this cost. 2. Accessing Identity Plate Setup: Now we're here in light room, and I'm gonna show you how you can access the settings to change logo up here and the thought and color of the text over here. So the first thing we're gonna do is come up to the top bar and if you're in Windows, you're going to click, edit, and then you'll come down here and it's not here because I'm on a Mac right now, but you will see identity plate set up and you're gonna click that. But we're on a Mac, so we're gonna click a light room and then you see identity plate set up. You quick on that and that opens up this page right here. And right now, we don't really have any options because we are on the light room, default set up. You can see we also have white room mobile, which changes things a little bit up here. It puts my name up there, but what we want to do is go to personalized. As you can see, this brings up a lot more options, and it allows us to change what we have over here. And it also allows us to change all of this stuff over here. 3. Changing Font, Color, And More: The first thing we're going to do here is change the text that we have appear. So we can easily change the font right here by just clicking this and scrolling through all the thought options that we have right now. I'm just gonna go with Ariel. That's typically what I go with, like in light room on my website. All of those different places. I kind of like to have the same thoughts across all these platforms just because it looks clean. If we come over here, we are able to change the style of our font like we can have Thao it. We could have bowled or bold and italic. So that's up to you there. And then also over here, we are able to change the font size, so that's a little bit too big there. But we can make that really small if we wanted or we can go a bit larger. I think 22 is the default. So there's that right there. And then right over next this you'll see we have these two boxes and if we click on the 1st 1 you see it brings up color wheel so I can go ahead. And let's just make this a nice orange. Gonna make that a little bit darker, maybe. Yeah, just gonna put that right there and then we can exit out of that and you can see this first box. What it does is it changes the color of the tab that you currently have open and light room . So you can see we didn't change the colors of all of these over here. All we did was change the library, because that's the model that we're in right now. But if I come over to the second box, then it brings up another color wheel, or I can then come in here, change colors again. Think I mean, go right there. Probably exit out of that. And you can see that changed the colors of the tabs that we don't have open. So if you wanted, you could make thes two same color, and then it would just look same color all the way across the board. But if you want to see which tab you currently have open, you can change the color of that specific one right there while we're here. It should also be noted that where has all these tabs listed right here. If we were right, click. It brings up this list with all these check marks and were able to uncheck the items that we don't want displayed up here. So, I mean, for most people, they really just use the library in developing white room. I know most people don't use this stuff over here, So if you wanted to have a nice clean working, go ahead and uncheck all of that stuff, and then just have your library envelope up here for a nice, clean look. 4. Adding Your Name Or Logo: Now, over here, you'll see we have two options. We have this right here where we can actually just type something and have it show up here . So if I wanted my name, I can type my artist name, tricks, elation, and you can see that shows up in the corner. Now, we need to make that a little bit larger. Gonna make that 22 so it matches the other fonts. And then, of course, we do have this box right here where we can change the color again, just like we were doing over here. And, of course, along with changing the color, we can change the font again, just like we were doing over there. I am going to make this aerial just so it matches what I had over here now, besides using just style text over here, what we are able to do is upload our own graphic. So I have my own logo. So what I can do is come over here and then I can open up my logo and choose and you'll see that it doesn't show up. I did choose my logo. My logo is a white PNG, and transparency is allowed with these files, but it's not showing up. And this is a problem that a lot of people have because light Room hasn't designed this feature that well, just to go ahead and show you what's going on here, let me choose a picture and upward this as the file. I'm gonna go ahead and choose a photo here, and it is seen that it's very large, but we're going to use it anyway. And you can see it just randomly selected part of the image to put up here, and you can see it's taking up the entire top bar. So this is the issue that a lot of people are having when they upload files because light room automatically chooses an area of that certain file to display. In a lot of times, their file just doesn't even show up because they're working with something like I was just doing with my own logo. What people are failing to do here is change the height of their logo, since it's so large, White Room doesn't know how to handle it, so what they need to do is make it smaller. So let me show you how to do that. I've got photo shop open here, and what I need to do is go ahead and change the size of this file that I'm gonna be working with. So I'm gonna select pixels and then for height, I'm gonna put 41 in there Now, for with you can see, we have a lot of with we can work with because previously had seen that picture took up the entire top bar and light room. But what I'm gonna do is just put in to 80 because I know that's gonna be enough room for what I'm working with. We're gonna make sure our orientation is horizontal and this stuff doesn't matter too much . But I am going to make the background color black just because my logo is white. So we're gonna go ahead and create that file and then what we're gonna do is open up our logo in here. So I've got the logo open in here now, and what I'm going to do is just go ahead and make it a lot smaller because you can see it was way too large for what we were doing. So I'm just gonna position it about here and then I'm gonna move it around, and I'm just gonna center it right here in the space that we're working with. I'm gonna go ahead and export this as a PNG, and we're gonna open that back up in the white room and see what it looks like. All right, we're here in the white room. Now, let's go ahead and open up the file that we just made. So here it is. We're gonna hit shoes and you can see that it's open now. The only issue is doesn't look the best with the position. It's more centered right here. I wish it was moved over to the left more and I also wish it was raised up a little bit higher. There's a little too much space at the top for my tastes. Unfortunately, there's no way to change this in light room. What we're gonna have to do is go back to photo shop and change the file, re export it and try again and see if the position looks good. So let's go ahead and do that. Here we are, back in photo shop, and we're gonna go ahead and move this So I know that it needs to be higher so I can put it there, and it should probably go a little bit higher as well. So I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller, actually. Then what I'm gonna do is move it over to the left a little bit. Think about there's probably gonna be the right spot. I'm really just guessing here based on what I saw in lighter and there's really not a better way to do this. So let's go ahead and export this again. Bring it back in light room and see what it looks like. He rare in light room again. Let's go ahead and open that other file and choose it. There we go. It's looking better. It's no longer too close to the bottom. However, I think it needs to go to the left more. I kind of wanted to be lined up with this right here, so we're just gonna have to go back and photo shop and change it again. Here we are, back in photo shop. We know that the height is good, but we're gonna move this over to the left a little bit more. Probably gonna put it about their It's exported in Dragon back in light room. We're gonna try again. Now, here's the 3rd 1 Open it and all right, that looks really good. You can see it's a now lined up. And that was me, totally just guessing. It's not like I was doing precise measurements. I was just guessing there. But I'm happy with the layout now. I think it looks good. 5. Final Thoughts: So there you have it, guys. That's how you change the White Room. Identity point set up and hit. OK, and there you go. We just went from this to this, and it looks a lot more unique and is going to stand out from other people. This could be a nice touch to have if you're doing screen recordings like stuff that I do a lot here teaching on skill share. Or it might be nice if you have light room open when you're showing photos to clients. It's just kind of an extra little professional touch of having your logo up in here and maybe customizing the fonts to go along with your logo as well. So they kind of match. It's not a crazy feature that changes your workflow or anything, but I think it's pretty cool. 6. Class Project: Now that you've learned how to customize the appearance of light room, it's time to submit your project. Go ahead and submit screenshots of how you set up your white room identity plate set up. I think it's gonna be cool to see what you guys have done with your white room, and it might help inspire some other people that are looking for ideas when setting up their white room.