Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5 post-processing work flow for everyone | John Hoeft | Skillshare

Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5 post-processing work flow for everyone

John Hoeft, Photographer / Instructor

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18 Lessons (2h 18m)
    • 1. Course Overview and Introduction

    • 2. Setting up Lightroon

    • 3. Importing your images

    • 4. Library Modual

    • 5. Rating your images

    • 6. Develop module

    • 7. Processing the first image

    • 8. Initial adjustments of the selected images

    • 9. Spot removal

    • 10. Skin softening

    • 11. Adjustment brushes

    • 12. Copping and image rotation

    • 13. Creating Virtual copies

    • 14. Exporting your images

    • 15. Lightroom filters

    • 16. Course wrap up

    • 17. Bonus materials

    • 18. Lightroon 4 versus 5


About This Class

This course is for anyone who has Lightroom or is interested in using Lightroom as part of their post processing work flow for their digital photos. If you take a lot of photos then you know how important a organized work flow is. The quicker you can finish turning good images in to great photographs the more time you can spend on other things.

This course will cover:

  • Importing your photos into Lightroom
  • Narrowing your photos down to the ones that need to be worked on
  • Quickly processing the photos in Adobe Lightroom
  • Outputting the photos for delivery to family, friends, or clients

Time is everything and this course covers the work flow that I developed over the years. When I was doing event photography I would often shoot 6,000+ images in a day and have to process and post them within 5 days for client purchase. Due to these requirements I developed a work flow to meet the objective of being able to quickly process and post my images.I was initially using Photoshop and then moved to Lightroom. I saw an immediate improvement in the time needed to complete my image processing. As I moved from using Lightroom version 1 to now Lightroom version 5 it has evolved in to what I am presenting in this course. I now do over 90% of my image processing in Lightroom





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John Hoeft

Photographer / Instructor

I have been hooked on photography for over 30+ years. For the last 9 years I have been shooting professionally. I enjoy shooting fashion, glamor, travel, and portrait photography. I also conduct live workshops when my schedule allows.

In the typical left brain / right brain way of separating people I have found that there are two generally two types of successful photographers. Artistic photographers that see the image before they take it and Technical photographers that right away spo...

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