Adobe Illustrator for Pattern Designers: Turn Your Hand-Drawn Art into Repeating Digital Patterns | Casey Sibley | Skillshare

Adobe Illustrator for Pattern Designers: Turn Your Hand-Drawn Art into Repeating Digital Patterns

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Casey Sibley, Artist, Pattern Designer, Maker

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13 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction & Class Overview

    • 2. My story: how I started my business and how I make a living as a creative

    • 3. Drawing & photographing pattern elements

    • 4. Starting a new document in Illustrator

    • 5. Placing images in your document for editing

    • 6. Vectorizing and cleaning your artwork

    • 7. Creating custom color palettes

    • 8. Recoloring your artwork

    • 9. Cleaning artwork edges

    • 10. Starting a layered pattern

    • 11. Building your pattern tile

    • 12. Testing & exporting your pattern tile

    • 13. Pep talk! Small steps every day...


About This Class

Are you a maker, designer, or artist interested in transforming your hand drawn and hand painted artwork into repeating patterns for textiles and products? In this class, Casey of Casey D. Sibley Art + Design will teach you the basics of using Adobe Illustrator to create seamlessly repeating surface patterns from your original artwork.

Whether you plan to build a career as a surface pattern designer by licensing your work to other companies, or you want to build your own product line adorned in your pattern work (or both!), you will enjoy this crash course in creating repeating patterns that retain the hand rendered quality of your artwork. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Prepare your artwork for digital manipulation with Adobe Illustrator 
  • Digitize your artwork while retaining the hand-rendered quality that makes your work unique
  • Clean and recolor your digital images 
  • Transform your digitized artwork into a dynamic repeating pattern
  • Create a pattern tile that is ready for printing on textiles, paper products, digital wallpapers...the sky's the limit!

While prior experience with Adobe products is helpful, it is certainly not required to take this course. We will review my preferred tools and techniques for pattern development in a clear and concise way that will allow you to jump right in and start developing your very own pattern. 

You can also use this class as a resource when you're working solo and think "Wait, what was that tool she used?". 

With the growing popularity of on-demand printing services, there are so many products that you can personalize with your art. Whether you plan to create custom products for personal use, or build your empire of stylishly patterned collections to sell to your customers, this class is the perfect place to start!





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Casey Sibley

Artist, Pattern Designer, Maker

Hi! My name is Casey Sibley, and I'm an artist and pattern designer in Lansing, MI. I have a line of handmade homegoods and accessories adorned in my original pattern designs. In addition to selling my work online, I also wholesale my products to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada, and license my art for other companies' products.

Over the years, I've taught myself to grow a business from scratch by practicing my craft and learning from others who came before me. I'm here to sh...

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