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Adobe Illustrator for Halloween - Carving a Pumpkin

teacher avatar Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Get Carving!

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About This Class

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween they are for life! In this introduction to Adobe Illustrator you will learn how to create, modify, cut and add colour and gradients to a pumpkin. This easy to follow tutorial goes into depth with some of the fundamental tools that beginners should learn when starting out with vector based graphics.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses


For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create grunge style text or my basic and advanced split screen tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your projects and am always happy to answer your questions.

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1. Class Introduction: in this irregular, straight to tour, you're gonna learn how to create basic shapes, how to add radiance on also how to duplicate and combine shapes in order to create this pumpkin design in Adobe Illustrator. So if you're prepping up for Halloween or you just want to learn how to use some other awesome shake combination and cutting out tools in Adobe in Australia, then this is a class view to check out. I look forward to signing up and seeing some of the great pumpkin heads that you come up with in Adobe Illustrator. 2. Get Carving!: Okay, So working here in illustrate today and we're going to have a look at how we could make a kind of carve out a pumpkin head. So one of the nice things about this is that we could use a lot of the pathfinder tools, could cut it from bits of shapes and also kind of worked reliant thick. So it's a nice circle of opportunities for learning the basics of Australia. But also speaking into Cem, uh, more involves techniques of how to get things nice and sharp and lined up. Okay, So the first thing I do, I'm just gonna make a new document filing new on. And we're gonna stay with the standard letter size on. We're gonna work. I can see him like a But if you're working for screen for the web, then I suggest you switched RGB. Okay, so we've got a blank document here. First thing to do, always very important. Just go to file. Say, does. I was just gonna say it straight to this book. Okay? I work into the stratosphere six. So we can keep it Is to stand for that. If the strength is pretty compatible, it's pdf compatible here, Mrs. Check. So be able to move this fire between different versions of illustrator relatively easily on will come down here and click. OK, that's not far saved. If it's the first thing we're gonna draw out is our get. So I grabbed the little If you don't see the little, then just click and hold down on the default, which would be the rectangle toe jump down, See? Look, store on. Then we're gonna change a couple of these things down here for the color, so we're gonna turn off the stroke. I was just gonna bring the fill to the floor ground. We're going to use us watches here. Stand tortures to make her head Russian. Turn this into a Grady in in a minute. So the colors not super important right this moment. We can change as we go on. So I will just drag out a nice pumpkinhead jump back to the selection tool here. Just tweet the basic shape of this a little bit driving this in. Okay, so it's going to the basic shape that we're gonna use for a number of different things. So for the pumpkin head and then also for some of the kind of folds in the pumpkin on bond for a couple other things as well. Okay, so first things first that we're gonna give this pumpkin the basic prompting a bit more texture. We use the Grady and feel for that. If you don't see the same palace I see along here on the right, that just go through a window works nice, Reese essentials. This means that we're just looking at the same thing on screen in terms of the menus that down here on the different panels that are available to us. Okay, so we've got our heavier on. We're gonna jump in to the grading handle here. Okay? I'm going to change it to Radio Grave. And you can see here that we've got our radio radiant on. We've got their colors. We can slide these in. Announce on this how we're gonna make the pumpkin look a bit more three dimensional. So it is if we're passing a light onto the pumpkin. So if I double click on one of these, you'll see I get the color options up for this there really a number of different options that we can choose here. We're going to stick with the swatches initially, and then we're gonna have a play around with the different color selection tools in a second. So with stick to the make orange for a pumpkin for the moment. And we just couldn't set these actually to the same color. So we've got our to color sliders here on one. We want toe basically make a little bit darker, so we're gonna don't check this car. Ah, Now we're gonna jump into the color palette, and I'm just gonna jump into HSB hue, saturation and brightness because we just wanna drop down the brightness of this a little bit. Okay? Now, don't where we actually want the lights of color in the middle. But we can just swap these round in a second. So I pulled my darker color to the edge on my life's account of science. That Okay, now what do I want to give it? A kind of little highlight here. You can see if I come across my radiance later here, I can had in another slider, and I can change the position that slider here too. So this color kind of similar to the original orange. So I'm gonna just pump this orange up a little bit, go back to do saturation brightness, just dropped the saturation and increase the brightness from here it up as well. Okay. And we won't just tweet the huge just to give it a little bit more texture. So we're making this highlight area of it all year, and we'll stretched out. Hello? Okay, that's it for a uniformed bang in the middle of the moment and so wanted changed. I want to kind of give it a bit more of a a nice of feel to it. So what we're gonna do is come across to our tool bar on the left hand side here and jump to the great and talk. Okay, Now, this allows us toe rotate. We, uh, come to the edge here, rotate our radiant, which would make too much difference at the moment. We can also adjust the position of Central. Okay, we've got all the controls over adding and changing the alignment of the colors up here too . Well, so we've got some really nice control over our radiant using the great itself into a paddle . Just gonna jump in here. Andrea changed enough magenta here. Just a capital orange in that. Can we jump back to the go back to the selection tool? I just did a little edit. Undo that because I clicked one too many times that the great and still okay, So we've got our basic kind of pumpkin shape that we're gonna be worth with. No, it won't do Is handsome little grooves into the pumpkin here so pumpkins don't grow in a flat, head like shape like this that actually have some nice grooves in them. So I'm gonna select this shape on. We're gonna borrow the curves on this show toe to make those crews. So if we do have it copy on, then we're gonna use this function at it paste in place. Okay, Now, you see that nothing's happened at the moment, But actually, we do have two versions of our pumpkin head on the top. Most won't be the one you'll select. And we're gonna use the curves here to start line up some grooves on the cocaine, and we have to worry about these being exactly the same position. So we're gonna turn off the fill for this and bring forward a stroke. Okay. Now, with the stroke, we're gonna use, uh, the same orange. Okay. And again, we're gonna come up to our color on the top here for the stroke on the top, right of the right hand panel bar. And if we just click here once on were in HS Bay. But I just want to show the options. I can see the options for the hue saturation of brightness. Okay, I just want to drop the brightness of these a little bit. Now, we won't see very much happening because we also need to go down to the stroke. And here again, we're gonna comes this little mini menu, show the options on. We're gonna increase the the thickness, a lot of stroke. I'm just placing the cursor in here, and he's in the upper narrow until we can start to see. That's true. Okay, now we're going to slice this line a minute so these strokes don't go around in a circle like this. Also here, we're gonna change the stroke profile, too. Um, this with profile one which gives us a kind of tapered lie. Come back to the color here, up at the top I was just gonna drop the brightness a little bit more so you can see that bit more clearly. Push the saturation of it as well. So we should end up with a nice line. Maybe just have a peek. It seemed like a that's looking close to what I wanted. Okay, so we got a nice kind of groove. I'm here, okay? And then we're gonna use the city's tools toe right, this lineup. Okay, So if we come, Teoh raise it up here and you click and hold, we could grant the city's toe. We can then slice a couple of times on the left. Here on we break this into a separate line on a couple of times of the right hand side here , and we break this into four different lines. And now the talk on bottom lines where you can get rid off, okay? And then we're going to the side of thing again. So we're gonna copy the whole pumpkin and then paste in place, okay? And then just produce a little more Now. This time I will take away the fill, removes the fill the bottom here, but then use the I drop it'll to select the lion. It will select the color on the overall width of the stroke. And then we just need to jump in here and change the profile. So that has this type of edge jump back. This is this and will very the lengths of our potions. Cruz, a little bit okay on them will just do this one last time. So we'll copy and it iced in place, and then we're just gonna pull This writes the middle. So we have one groove here, right in the middle of you can select the eyedropper tool. Okay? And it's no Phil, and we can then Hardin the width profile. He's off. Was one here in the middle? Actually, we just flipped that rounds inside. We can move these around, just balance them out, make sure that we're we're happy with how they look. So we've got some get with our grooves in it on the next step. Here is then to actually start toe draw in some eyes on our pumpkin. So for the eyes, you want to kind of give it up over an evil look. Eso We're gonna give it some guy eyes and we're gonna do this by using a new lips. Okay, let's switch this back to black and white. Okay? Just, uh, show how Dennis So we're gonna grab isn't the positionings and to support the moment. Okay, we can tweet this a little bit later. They were just angle day. So we're gonna kind of slice for shape out of these eyes. Okay? So the option key on the keyboard, we just don't know, make a duplicate, but that shape, okay? And you can see the shape that's left here. It is, kind of, you know, widening out towards the the engine, that punk in there. And that's pretty much what we just angle it a lot more so we could accentuate happen more . Okay, What we're gonna use now is the past. Fine, It'll so you'll need to go to a window and Pathfinder's okay. This is the way we can combine and cut apart and make shaped work together a different way . So we're going to select both these ellipses that we made and use this attract option. The minus option. Okay. And you can see that we end up with this on a nice kind of waving. I it looks pretty evil. And then we're gonna grab the rectangle to just try rectum. We just wanna slice off the edge of this. I hear last thing about carving pumpkins, Verano a strict rules for Haitian today. So you can just hopped in place and then do the same. Select both those, and we're just cut the edge. Okay? So you can see you've got a nice public, and I that Okay, so let's, uh, grab how orange and his office make sure you fill colors in the foreground for you do that . Okay, so we're gonna grab the orange on, then we're going to go to our color panel here, and we just used a hue, saturation and brightness to drop the brightness right down. But still keeping that kind of tone of the the orange okay I want to do is show that the pumpkin has some thickness to it. So we're gonna add in another kind of section here at the bottom. Okay, So, to do this, we're gonna copy the I and paste in place twice, and then you'll see kind of why we do that a second. So I'm gonna copy this. So we're gonna paste in place twice. So it it based in place on at it based in place. And then we're gonna use that, too. In on Make the Pumpkin. Looks like it has a little bit depth. Okay, so we're just gonna take this top, Most one. I just actually try and line it up as best we can. So just zoom Dane. Okay. Andi, it's good. And slipped this one. And then one of the low. It's and used the minus front, and that will give us this kind of death to the Okay. Okay. I'm gonna grab my swatch again on will Jump in will use a bit more yellow. I'm here, so the the inside of the pumpkins are Okay, so we've got one of our eyes here, okay? And if we now slept both these holding down shift, I'm gonna use the miracle reflect jewel pressure. Get those tow line up. So the reflector all if you come close theater past Sinus. I don't block it down here. Well, now you look later. Um, the reflects all on the left hand tool by here. We recalling that he might see the rotates also, you just need toe. Select the reflector on when you've got that selected, you see this little blue target, and we need to move that to the point at which we want toe kind of reflect. Um, all right, then, if we hold down the okey since we're doing this, you can see we end up with reflection of the shape we just made. So we've got our pumpkins eyes here now, and we could also just have a bit variation. So if we move this a little bit just so the eyes on totally symmetrical, we'll get Thea image of variation and see, It's nice. It's snapping to the lion air. So we've got shapes on a perfectly lined Wanna talk further. Okay, so we got the eyes. So, pumpkin for the knows, we're gonna keep it nice and simple. Just take the mental from silver on the left here, click three times and we've got the start of Ah, okay. It's nice. We're gonna get more advanced with the teeth. Taking it Nice. Kind of, uh, smiling Gross. Okay, so let's just stretched out of it again with the nose here. We're gonna copy this. She left Just changed the fell come here. So if you cracked the eyedropper tool, it's like the same field color that we had. So the inside of the eyes here and then we'll select this and it Copy. Oh, come on. Or control and see, um, at it place in place. I do that twice. And then we use that thought Most one here with the path when it's all to cut out there, that shape. And then with the eyedropper tool selected, we'll come back here and we've got our popularised calm down. I'm just gonna come in here. Is the selection tool on, then going this up so that we get a variation of the width of those two different parts. Remember that when you're snapping here, it's gonna snap to the edge of your other shapes. Let's work on the mouth. Okay, so we're gonna grab the background oval, toe a pumpkin okay on, and we're gonna talk you that's and paste it in place again. Okay, so really, what we're looking for is this kind of nice consistency between some of the curves we have in our image. So we're gonna use this is the base shape. We're gonna leave this nice in. Hi. Okay. And then just move to the side. We used the I drink, too, to select the inside color of that. And let's just drop this town here. So we've got the start of our pumpkins mouth. So first thing, we're gonna start casting teeth out this season. The pencil. Okay, this is really whether the par five little comes into its own. So you can keep this kind of nice curve shape of the edge. But then we can use the pencil. That kind of chop here, Teoh. Okay, s So we got some consistency between the different parts, the shape and don't worth you accidentally kind of open to anything in the afternoon. The image. We can always move these points a little bit. Lacey's the direct selection. Talk. Okay, so we're gonna come to the top here. I'm just gonna click and hold because I want to make sure, but this is away from near to the rest of my image, and I get so down here, just click and hold just to make sure that I'm I went shopping out. Chopped are everything in that circle up there? Okay, so that's hold on shift. It's like both the shapes that we've just made and use the subtract minus front check. All jump back during selection tool. And you can see we definitely needs a whose tweet the position. Some of these no teeth here. Was there looking pretty good. Okay, let's do the bottom. So grab a pencil again, and well, just do the same thing, Okay? Let's talk about that and just move these up so that they inside the curve of the bottom of that circle. Okay, sir. Ending up, you know, closer. Okay. So well, slept these two shapes again. Use the minus front, too. And we've got the star of our pumpkins teeth. That's just tweet. There's a little bit. In fact, I'm gonna move my nose up, Love. It's just using shift and select. So move this guy. Hello? Have you guys you know? Okay, So back for the direct election door just gonna gets this sort of where we want it. Okay, so now that we have our mouth carved out, what's really gonna make this is showing the depth of that pumpkin. Okay, so we're gonna copy this on again. Edit paste in place. Do that twice. Okay? And then we're just gonna move, That's what most shape up a little bit. You want to make sure the insects with the edges here so that we, uh can I get it coming out into the edge of our outside of the circle here? Yes, it does. And will is the minus fronted. Okay. And the more growth the eyedropper select that color. You start to see that we're ending up with something that's looking pretty good. Okay, so let's just tweak these now. So again, we can come in. We can sweet the position. Okay, So they just to get a nice variety? No. Okay, so last important pumpkin is obviously the stock atop here, and it's grown from take a pencil and we're gonna grab a green to start with it. Change the tweets coming. So we'll just is the pain until we could get pretty rough. Never seen this comin, Punkin. Looking very regular. So really, it's up to you. That's toe how it looks. Obviously we can come in again that tweet it. Okay, so we go How you still care, Onda? Um, now we need toe change this color a little bit So again, we're gonna jump in, jump in tow, uh, color here. Reason the hue saturation. We wanna be saturate it. Okay. Also dark it off just a little bit. Maybe just bit more green in here. That's that's looking pretty good. Okay, so now we're gonna grab the pencil. We're just gonna have a little bit more detail into the That's all the pumpkin here. Yes. I'm just gonna change this toe stroke only. I'm just gonna run one stroke along here. Okay, on. I'm gonna increase this, um, and so I changed the color a little bit, so I can see a bit more clearly. So just, uh, like this happen. The century of it. I made it too big, so I dropped back down. It's looking pretty good again. We'll take this officer. It's a little bit more irregular. Maybe to me, to this good. Perfect. I would see him in here. Forgot this baseball to make around. And if we click on how we could just kind of drag this into position, election drug a town again. All right, so let's just, uh okay, well paced it and just move these points is the handles to come change the angle that we've got there one last time. I'm just gonna hide in no detail. The problem Here. You look a genial cities or is this pretty twisty and turny, sir, To Dr Italy at one point and thanks pretty good. Okay, so that's Ah, pumpkin. Obviously, it's just floating in space at the moment. So what we're gonna do is actually, uh, change the background. Local. Okay, so we're gonna grab the rectangle toolkit dropping practical on. We will just give a kind of glow behind the pumpkin. Okay, so we've got this great Ian set up already. I just flip that, okay. And if we selection tool here, bring out great. Is the front comebacks degraded? So here we can just double click on these, actually going to remove this first still there and just gonna drop down, increase the black and raise in the background here to That's pretty good. Okay. And then if we go to but get arranged since back, we end up with a my stroke, radiant behind up again. Okay, so hopefully the future has been useful. We run through how to combine shows, cut out shapes, actually worked with illustrator in some interesting ways, and hopefully you should have Ah, pretty good looking punk. It