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Adobe Illustrator beginner classs

Jonas Büsser

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Start window

    • 2. Basic knowledge

    • 3. Artboard tools

    • 4. Shapebuilder pathfinder


About This Class

In this class you learn how to create your own projects on Adobe Illustrator. At the end of my class, you learn how to open your classes and create your own logos.


1. Start window: Hello. My name is Thomas, and my work is the social media content Creator. Welcome to the first lesson off the Adobe Illustrator course, Introversion 2000 and 20. To start, we look at there we go, rich, pop up when you start the program. So here you can search your recent projects and open it up. Where from this Well known to important buttons for first the open button so I can open the recent projects manually over the search window. Second, we have to create new button so you can create a new project. You can, for example, create our own forward or take choose informant from the presets. Terry of Mo. Guys with print film and you and art administration presents to start, we take a weapon present days with form. It tend to be to start, we can change the name project. So Trojan Well, for example, we can change the measurements from pictures too millimeters, for example. And we can change. How many are ports we want for us up to. I there five or six. So just hard to take one, take pixels, then we have the actually call a space or all the color space. Like seem Okay, so when you published being on the West take arch me when you print the work takes in my Okay. So for our example, we needed for work. So we take actually. So we create did one? 2. Basic knowledge: when we haven't exactly a window as I have going window folks face, I think, and then at automation. So you have to accept same start window as I have. Hello, And welcome to the second lesson. After Toby illustrate to begin a course here we are at the or port. We created a lesson before. So here we have the selection tool. It's one of the important, most important tools and the direct selection. So if your window don't look similar to mine with this, if these other stopping those here you can go to window workspace and then you can go to al cremation. So here we have two basic window. Mostly the one you have. If you have a spindle cut window to work space and change it toe automation, he re have tiff, uh, tools and properties for these tools. So one off the most important tools is the pen tool who can change selecting toe, be we? Then you can change to the directions election toe with a So you click a Andi to depend toe you go with. I believe so. You're Principe. So Secretary Tool is here to made forms so you can make forms with this tool. So you don't have I don't make a rectangle because four rectangles you have to So the so the mental is here to make some special forms. For example, you can make a kerf in the line. You can make the curfew pressing Craig ng collected. Connect the end with to start. So Rex, with the record, go to you can Greg it and make a rectangle with shift You make perfectly square and of shift and command or or all you make perfectly prayer from the middle out at it out that. So if you don't want this white square square and, uh, black outline, you can change it you to, for example, right outlines Onda, Uh, like Phil here both. What? You want to make the Outland bigger? You can make it here. Cool Broke 700. So we have so many picks is you don't see it with the change with, uh, hulk or option on the Mac and scroll a few miles you can sue minutes about. So here we have the outline and you can changed. Outline sighs If this here both 210 way really break out like over. So when you select everything, you can delete it with lead. You're we have who can with right click open the supper window. Andi, take, for example, Alex stool with a lip Silicon draws circles or ellipsis. Live the shift. You can drag out perfectly symmetrical circle when it wants to drag it out from the middle shift and old or option on the mac. So when you change, want to change this click and read You can ginger to your both. Like its rectangle Example. White Phil White outlines Andi, right? Still, you can tied up the outline here this to save the project, you click on control s but then the window pops up is safe the protect where we want exactly. 3. Artboard tools: Hello and welcome back to the first lesson off the adobe Illustrator Begin. Of course Now we changed our port. If you have into the properties here, I have to go to window Andi, click on properties. Have you heard the window properties? Now the press we and he are You can edit the art board our board. You can change the size off the airport to live 10. 80 Who can change it to? For example? I don't 20. Here is the problem. You have to said this maintain with and high properties so you can change it to some 20 and performance keeps the same. So now we have that some quick command of control set could get a step backward and change it back to normal of control. Zero you get to start you. So now we can change background. So, like this, you describe background can change it to transparency. Look so like despite background changed too. I'm here and it's like to say before you can said the millimeters muehler at the whole thing so you can change it back to now. You have here on view and you go on rulers and truly rulers So we have here the rulers, if you want toe set, some helping lines and great helping lines and drag it out from the rulers he's helping. Lines aren't visible on the picture when the export your book. So he these lines are here to help you, and you can drag a rectangle at this helping life. So because it's like magnetic and this already happened lines. And here we're What's it before? Here have fortune before these rectangles, you can Greg it out and create disrupted exactly at this helping lines. So when you want to chair who Trek disc squares away from his helping lines, you have to fill it out of green, for example. You can crack it the other part of the land, and it will go admitted that automatically to this helping land like I have learned as some sort off Mac magnet. Exactly. So now we can make a little local, so if you want to make a local, I would prefer to make a square for first. With all achieved, you can make the square out off middle on to make a perfectly square with this rectangle tool. Then, when you want to set square right in the middle off the mark board perfectly because he up here when I don't see this go to window alive. You this. Then you go on this horizontal align center and vertical alive center. If you don't a line at any don't change the face. Go here to align to and set it on a line to or port cut number but it don't change the place. Go here, toe a line to and set it on a line toe our board except you over the local We need a name the name Tech, for example. Control said you can make one step backwards So go to this type tool. This is like to make some fronts some text. Then you click and correct like textbooks out now here we have example text so you can type in your own text and I take low. You can take your whole name for example. So I take Jonas done here Up here you can change for example default I take or maybe are so you have to spawn too. No type in a really. So I take a really narrow boat Look change to thickness. Example Bold or black is the thickest than the size 72. If it should be sent line, center or line, right, I take centered. Then you have to fit the box in. And now we can hear at this line window they could perfectly in the center. So now it's black. But I don't want a display. I want the front white so you can change here, toe white. And here we have a box with our name. So now maybe we want toe make the call. Oh, felt without little circling it. So we have to make this type toe a path. So everything in illustrate to have a path The path is this, like outline around the object here at the fun to have only a path around the whole front, not around the forms. So we have to go to object and expand. So for so we have to copy the Jonas at first with option or old and click on the choice or at your name, and drag it at right so you can directly copied. Now Here is why so on the white background it is not visible. So now we wake green. So we have here green except sorry, The fear to green text. So now we go to object. Expand press. OK, now we have a path around it. Now we have to to select it with not the selecting tool sexual because the whole name is one group. So we have to selected with the direct selection toe so you can select one path off this whole group. Now we have to go to the oh and go with a off the eight holes or with the direct selection tool, one of the points and click it. Click on the point. Now you can delete this point. Do you get this point and every point in this circle so perfectly? Maybe if you have end you got it and make for example this you can delete this middle path out. Perfect. So now we have the name Childress without this, the circle in the middle or destroying middle off the Let your Exactly. So now we have anything which we want. So I I prefer to set the art bored, bored at this P and G style this transparency grip So you can say See if this shoulders is really white or if it is transparent food background like the whole in this square. So now growing the next lesson. And we look how we can make this Jonas transparent or like, make a hole in this square. 4. Shapebuilder pathfinder: so welcome back to the top toe Out of life's work Back through Other lesson. Now, today we look how to get away off this Jonas. So we want toe have this green square only for the transparent off this late So don't have a form off this name but a transparency in the form off his name. So we click with we did with the selected toe we select our group and with 50 and and left , click on the Queen Square two screens. Great too. So we have selected the name and the Green Square. So now we go to shape builder Click on it into shape building You can, for example, delete the green square. But behind this name the green is here So here, when we get away with this But this group we have the green behind it because the green didn't delete it behind the name. So when it's left both and Mr Shape to we can't delete for example Oh, with all you can delete without pressing anything you make plus So for example, here feel it again. So delete, delete, delete deletes everything What is under this white And this way for So we're holding out of it. Live should be everything out and we're here. We have to name. So now we have the name with with the name is transparent. Exactly. So this waas this lesson and you can make this with every other things for example, you won't have, especially for you can make with M and Mr it's the rest. That little direct square rectangle with all this is the lips tool so we can make their clothes and chief to make a perfect check s o clock. So you have here two forms. It's like both take the shape builder Nick could really lead. For example, this metal thing you then you have a special for or delete the thing out here. So let both shape builder Delete this and this. It's like circle cutting a circle thing cutting out off this square. So controls Yuri, Come to the start of you and Wasit from this lesson