Adobe Illustrator Secrets | Tools They Don't Teach You

Joshua Butts, Graphic Designer and Photographer

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Illustrator Secrets Intro

    • 2. Pathfinder and Compound Paths

    • 3. Gradient Mesh Warp and Envelope Distortions

    • 4. Scaling Corners & Creating Dynamic Halftone Patterns

    • 5. Magic Wand/Lasso and Making Specific Selections

    • 6. The Incredible Symbol Sprayer


Project Description

Use These Tricks and Create A Fun Illustration or graphic. Use the pathfinder to merge shapes and objects together into one shape or cut out shapes. Use the blend tools to create paths of repeating shapes. Anything you want to make can use the tricks from the course. Show me what you come up with!


Illustrated scene with specific objects that have been created using the various techniques taught in the class. Create some objects with gradients from the gradient mesh tools and have some groupings of objects created with the symbol sprayer.

I have a very basic example attached that you can use as inspiration or possible concept to follow if you would like. Try to determine what areas of this illustration I used the secrets addressed in the course.

Good Luck!



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