Adobe Illustrator: Level Up Your Colours

Hayden Aube, Illustrator & Designer

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6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Kick Your Colours Up a Notch!

    • 2. Big Changes With Little Effort

    • 3. Harmonize Your Palette

    • 4. Adjustment Layers, Your New Best Friend (Part 1)

    • 5. Adjustment Layers, Your New Best Friend (Part 2)

    • 6. Level Up Your Old Work

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About This Class

With so much information out there to learn on colour, at times it can get quite overwhelming. That’s why I’m sharing how I’ve levelled up my own ability with colour!

Instead of dumping a whole universe of colour theory on you, I’m teaching you three simple things that can immediately improve the colour in your work. All you need to do is learn the step-by-step techniques I outline and apply it to your own art. No extensive studying. No confusing terms. No problem!

Music: "Happy 8bit Loop 01" by Tristan Lohengrin :