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Adobe Illustrator: How to Create a Vintage Book Cover

teacher avatar Leonardo Dossena, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Research

    • 3. Setting Layers

    • 4. Let’s Create

    • 5. Adding Text

    • 6. Book Spine

    • 7. From Flat to 3D

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you will be able to create a intricate vintage design in Adobe Illustrator. Starting from a little research on internet of some really nice vintage book covers, we are going to choose some of those we found and we will use them as references for composition, decorative elements and colors. We will start to create step by step the book cover using a couple of tricks really useful. I will take you through the process of creating a symmetrical decoration, working on a small portion you will see your whole design comes to life.

This class is for every designer or illustrator, probably not for beginner but they can give it a try following me step by step in the process.

At the end of this class students will be able to re-use this method for any other projects such as bandanas, tiles and similar complex decorative elements.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Leonardo Dossena

Graphic Designer and Illustrator


Hi all, I'm Leonardo Dossena, I'm a freelancer based in Italy and I've been working as a graphic designer and illustrator, most of the time for the fashion industry, for almost fifteen years. I've been doing graphics for projects like graphic tees, illustrations, packaging since I've started my career as graphic designer. I love mixing different styles and traditional methods with digital and I would like to embrace the art of teaching as well, creating something new for you by using some of my tricks that I've learned during all these years.

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Linda to the sinner and that be working as a graphic designer and illustrator for almost 15 years. I really fascinated from the winter Stein, and they always take inspiration from it. For all my projects, I think it's a timeless style, really elegant in most cases, and you can use it for whatever you want. For all these reasons, I'm going to teach you how to create a vintage book over and in the same time I will teach you some tips and tricks really useful for your war flow. So why come to my class and let's get started? 2. Research: Hi and welcome back to my class in this video. I'd like to show you some examples off being touched Book covers. I made a little research trump interest, and I found tones off really amazing examples. It was only some off them for the colors, days and composition. I think they can be really useful for this project. And for these reasons, I made a mood board in orderto explain you, Wyatt Cher's these book covers as reference and for instance, I really like the color combinations for these back over on. And then I will like the decoration in this case. And these composition is perfect for our project and then for the free ones here below. I think they are really nice for the flowers. But those so four this shape that, uh, he said off this oval shape, we can do our see ical shape, and we can put in the middle our title. And then I think they this too. This too brushes. They are really cool. We can do something really similar to these two ones. Um, basically, huh, That's all. I think we we have all the elements in order to make something really great. So let's get started 3. Setting Layers: Hi. I will come back to my class. As you can see here we have our book over and this is the one I made for this class. And we're going to make a similar copy in a new document. And in this video, I want to show you how to settle a year where we are going to make this decoration. Okay. Create a new document Common and a four sham. Like a collar Modern. It's OK. Click create. Show the rulers common air. A short cut. Make sure the smart guys are activated because we really need them for this project. Then changed the name to the layer with guides. Create a new one. Now we call it the co operation again. Two guys trace a line Vertical lines with the same height off the artwork. Okay, Now go toe effort, distort and transform Transformer. And now we need a co pays, um 22 by five degrees. Click OK, change the color. We need Tina. And a little bigger. So scared tool. 120. It's OK. Click OK, lock the layer. Go on decoration. And now we make two perpendicular lines with the same height off. The are born and they will be the coordinates and the center off our decoration. So okay. With the same height off tr What now? We change the car. We need it. She care one point. It's OK then we make a copy. So common. See? Common F rotated to 90 degrees. Look OK now we can draw something here between these two lines so we can see what will happen the next two steps because we want to apply to efforts to this layer. So click here on this little circle, go to a fat distort and transform Transform. Now we need one copy then Kikhia click OK and magically we have a copy off this line here below now a faith again the start and transform the same effort as before. But we have some little changes. Transform apply new effort. Now we need free copies. Can you come Prevue? And we changed the angle. We go for 90 degrees. Click OK. And Willa, this is what we need for this project. As you can see, just drawing in this little person we create the whole design and now we need to create a mosque. So we can hide developed lines and we can do in this way select. They were tangled tool and starting from the center we create a square shape this way. Okay, We want to let this point. Okay, So click here and the ladies point. So now we have our rectangle and these were tangle would be our mosque. But it was so the era where we can draw our decoration. Okay, To create a mosque, we need to click here. Make clipping mask. So click. And now it's perfect. Now we can go to hide these two lines. OK, we lock the clipping mask and now we are ready to start to decorate and we have set of the world layer. So see you next video. 4. Let’s Create: Hi And welcome back in this video, we're going to create our decoration and all the other elements. We start adding a background color, so create a new layer. Cool it background. Okay. Select tangle tool. We select this color. This is my color car that I created for this class. Okay, look, this layer. And now we need those brushes I made for this class. So I'm going to copy them in my document. Ignore that too. Have dem in my brushes. Polit so common Be. And here they are now we can They laid them. Okay, we can change the name to Slayer Next Trump 100 months Select these layer decoration now Select paint brush tool Select this brush. And now we can start to draw something between these two lines. We change the color we go for green. Okay, But maybe before drawing really want to Creator Sica, shape the other layer. Sorry them we needed to read. This will be the place where we put our title. So, slut, it's pouring to reference point. We want this in shape at 12 centimeter. Okay, Not slayer. Back to the correction And now follow me into the process So select paintbrush. Stool. - Now for this two stroke we want, we want them with tiny dots so we can make them in this way. Said the value Dash to zero gap to four point. No click on around that cup and set the weight as you want. They won them maker, so now it's OK. Maybe it's too much. So 2.5, she gets better. Okay, maybe bit more. Space it. And now for this free nines, we're going to use one off the brush made We consider this one. Now we can do this part, so block his layer decoration, Unlock extra elements. We can start making simple line here. We changed the color to the stroke. We set out one off the brushes. She's this one. We make Red brick Tongo with that stroke 2.8 centimeter. All right, it's okay. Send it back. No, copy this line. Gold. Now God, guide here to the center and we're going to make legal Bonder England one trying to sinti mature should be fine. And now we are Point here we move it his way, Carrie Well into the center and we reflect okay, It's really we want. We want a copy. If it select both and go to thus finder I could hear. And now we have a single shape. Single engine 19 center. You think it's OK? No, We need July's one here in the 2nd 1 Here. We this little dots. So, like a new line blind segment tool then said at the eyedropper tool. Okay, Now select flak tool and hold down the option key and click here to this center off the board, Then click. Copy. So we have the copy off the segment exactly Here where we need it. Select. And now we want all the settlements beneath our decoration. So I duplicated. Now I want to add a couple of brushes inside these red circle. So selected, then we are going to make a copy off it. So common See and common f to pasting Franta. Now we are going to make it smaller. Have been more and we changed the Carter. No, we make a new copy. So common. See, common f again. You make a smaller. We named this trunk with this color, okay? And we select one of these brushes way are going for this single point free should be fine . Mm. Zero flight 00.4 batter. Okay, so, no, we are going to copy again these Sirico, so common. See? Coming F now bigger. Okay. And now again, Come and see. Coming F But this time we don't want many brushes. Name brush So removed. Brushstroke. Just a simple line while Bryant It's fine. We change this brush with this one. Okay. Weather. Perfect. Now we are finished so we can add some text. See you in Expedia. 5. Adding Text: Hi. Welcome back in this video we are going to add the taxed to our recover. And for this project I selected two funds from type Kita He Shub. If you have a dub cc, several funds are included in your plan and you can use them for all your projects. So in this case, I selected this to Fonso. I start with this one. No, for the title. Ah, I choose my secret garden. But for your project, you can invent it or choose one from your favorite books. So my change, the color and now change the size. Then I duplicated I wanted bigger for the text. I'm going to create a new layer and they could docks a look. Extra elements? No to make it. This one. They change the phones. No, sir. Carter, Caps. - You're going toe Ally in the tax to the center. No, it's ok. No duplicate this one. Change the size in the space between the letters. Okay? Really duplicates. We change fund. We want to smaller. We also change the color and we right region and, uh, on the show. And now we can put your name here in the second bond in the bottom. We change, Carter and now are missing only two lines here and here so we can make done this way. We need a stroke with this color. One point. It's fine. Then select the stool technique Drug. Okay, Now select rounded cup rights. Okay, We can't reflect it. Copy. Group them. So comin, G. I lined them to the scent, Carrie. And now it's perfect. So see you next video. 6. Book Spine: Hi. I will come back here we are to create our book spine. As you can see, we have a new are born with the same height, but without with off five centimeters and we're going to use the same color background. So I love this layer and create a new tango kind this way. And now we When I use these two Boehner's selection tool we copy down from now, we don't need the two bar necks. We delayed these two lines. Click on their ads selection tour. We sell it all this points we aligned them to the age off our art boat. No, we select these sediments and we make them smaller. Maybe before we can group down and we align them to the center. The artwork. Okay, maybe a bit smaller. We ankle them so we can make these checks bigger. Yeah, it was a change. The color. Okay, Now select this Bonner. Make sure is a light to dissent there, off the are born. Maybe we can do these this way on the couple off guides so we can make the 2nd 1 that we're the same lives off the 1st 1 Now duplicate this test and we change the color. Okay. Okay. Now it's better. No, we need these the correction and we one we want to use it also for the book spine, but ah, smaller. So we need to duplicate this layer decoration. Look, the others No click here. So we select all the elements in this layer, then object and click here in this way, we asked. No, no more FX applied to this layer on. We can copy and move, uh, easily. Um, in a different position. This the creation. And we can use it for our book spine now. Ah, look, these two layers. So that this part. And now we call pit. I am. We make it smaller. Aligning to the center. The on board. Okay, fine. No. And is there we are next. Circo appears the spot, so we can delayed it. We cannot circulate this text and set off my we can talk one as one billion the first building. Okay, now duplicate the stocks. I got mine. Change the angle. Make a smaller. Okay, now we need a couple off lines. Here. Combine it Well, Russia, in order to make sort off frame to our title and we can do in this way lock decoration, salon line segment tool on. We can do simple line with the same height off our title. This way we need to use this core implicated again. But now we're going to select this brush. No, it's OK. We can duplicate this free lines then reflect tool Click. Ok, I lined them to this guide. Okay, We can make them a big longer just a bit. Okay? And now we want our decoration, our book spine. Uh, but without the green color. So I look decoration copying. Thank you. Select same. Think color. We use thes one much better. Okay, I think we have finished. See you in next video. 7. From Flat to 3D: Hi. I will come back here We are to apply our book over that We have just finished to the free D model that I made the interstate off for this class. So select old, then click object, expand appearance. So we're sure that there are no more efforts apply to any elements off this graphics and now make sure everything is selected common. See to copy. Now we are going to paste them into this new document. So common the foot now. So let this one and drug it into the symbols bottle. We call it front que con graphic static symbol and click. OK, we're going to do the same with the book spine, But before we have to rotate it this way, drag it into the symbol Spinal Connick's. It's fine. Graphic static symbol and click OK now delayed them. Select this object. Click on the appearance bottle. Click on this effort, Click on purview, Click on mop Artem. And now we are going to use these two Sabres on to so faces the number one in the number five. We start with the 1st 1 so select different. As you can see, we have to adjust it. So to scale it to fit to this your face. So click here. We probably need to adjust it again a bit. Okay. No. So here it looks. OK, so no so faced. Number five, Select spine, scared to feet. And now it's OK, so click. Ok, Okay. It looks pretty good. So here it is, our book. It's completed. So see you in X video. 8. Conclusion: Hi. I will come back. I really hope you enjoy this class. But most important, I hope I've teacher. Did you, Ah, useful technique for your next projects. For instance, if you have to create a bandana like these or the cooperative ties or something similar, you can put what you have learned into practice. I also hope you will be able to create a really nice book over for this class. And I'm looking forward to see all your projects. If you have any doubt or you need help with something, just write me and I will be happy to hazard you. Thanks for watching and see you in my next class.