Adobe Illustrator For Pattern Design and More: Design a Color Palette! | Danielle Broder | Skillshare

Adobe Illustrator For Pattern Design and More: Design a Color Palette!

Danielle Broder, Designer

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9 Videos (44m)
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    • Part 1 - Color Basics

    • Part 2 - Pinterest Palettes

    • Part 3 - Color Guide and Swatch Libraries

    • Part 4 - Live Paint Bucket

    • Part 5 - Recolor Tool Prep

    • Part 6 - Recolor Tool

    • Part 7 - Resources

    • Student Projects


About This Class


Do you ever wonder why some people are so good at putting colors together, whether it be in fashion, home design, artwork, or life in general?  For some people it comes naturally, but chances are, others probably know some basic color theory. This is the second class in a series where you will create a full color repeat pattern starting just from a hand sketch.  I cover a lot of fundamentals in the first class so if you have zero Illustrator experience, great!...but maybe start with the first class :)

Check it out here!

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Learning the basics of color theory is super important for anyone remotely interested in creating artwork for a living, or to anyone who gets dressed every morning!  For people who don't have that instinctual art gene, this is a great base on which to test your color ideas.  

In this class I’m going to break down all things color.  You’re never going to have to  question yourself when it comes to color again, because you’ll have the guidelines you need to help you put great combinations together. You'll learn the basics of color theory and easy ways to check to see if your palette works.  Once you have the basics, you'll also learn various ways of creating a palette in Illustrator, and some helpful tools available to you within the program.

Color nerds, unite!





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Danielle Broder


A native California girl, Danielle was brought up creating. After a carefree childhood of glitter, glue gunning, beads, and paint, she decided to step it up and get serious about her hobbies. Eight years of art school later, she found herself in San Francisco running a small textile design business known as The Recoverie (

Danielle holds a double bachelors in illustration and interior design, and is also a self taught graphic designer and printmaker. She has been tea...

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