Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools - Magic Flower Draw | 3D Fruits Pallet

Refaee Mourad, Adobe Certified Instructor

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    • DrawFlower

    • Draw3dEffect


About This Class

Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools:

Even if you don't have the drawing Talent , you still can draw on the illustrator , YOU just need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator's Drawing tools in right way , with some Transform , Colors , Effects Tips and Tricks.

Through this Tutorial , you will learn Two Lessons , the first lesson , How to Draw a Fancy Flower ? , you will learn how to use Pen Tool , Gradient Color , Transform , and the most effective hidden option "Repeat Option".

the second lesson , How to Draw a 3D Fruits Pallet ? , you will learn how to use Pen Tool , Ellipse Tool , Revolve Effect , and the Magic of Clipping Mask.

ready for creativity ? , Start Fun now.






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Refaee Mourad

Adobe Certified Instructor

Adobe Certified Expert | Adobe Certified Instructor | Senior Art Director

Design is my Passion , and from 17 years i decided to move this Passion for all the people i can arrive for ; my target is not only learn you how to use the design software , But  make Design to be your Passion. 

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