Adobe Illustrator CC Full Course: Tracing Images ( Part Four ) | Youssef Zidan | Skillshare

Adobe Illustrator CC Full Course: Tracing Images ( Part Four )

Youssef Zidan, Graphic Designer

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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. 0 Introduction

    • 2. 1 Vector VS Raster

    • 3. 2 Placing Images

    • 4. 3 Unlink and Edit Original

    • 5. 4 Tracing Images

    • 6. 5 Tracing Panel in Details

    • 7. 6 Project Part 1

    • 8. 7 Project Part 2

    • 9. 8 Project Part 3

    • 10. Thank You


About This Class


Welcome to part four of learning Adobe Illustrator.

In this course, we will talk about tracing.

Illustrator provides an automatic tracing feature.

Tracing in Illustrator is converting Raster images into Vector ones.

So we need to understand the differences between vector and raster first.

And we will learn how to insert images inside Illustrator and how to link it and edit it inside another application like Photoshop.

Then we will learn how tracing option works.

After that we will trace a hand drawing jaggy image, smooth it and color it.

The final result will be much better and cleaner if you used a traditional way like Photoshop for example.

We will discuss a lot of important topics in this course.

So let’s get started.






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Youssef Zidan

Graphic Designer

Learning and Teaching is what I do and it’s what I’m good at.

During life journey, I was struggling to find my talent, I didn't really know what I am best with.   

So what I did is learning a lot of skills in many different fields.

I started with Graphic Applications, I learned Photoshop and Illustrator then I felt I need to learn Photography and I transitioned to music, I learned how to play the Guitar and I found Web Development will...

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