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Adobe Illustrator CC - Essential Training Masterclass

teacher avatar Maac Desmond, Adobe Certified Instructor

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

35 Lessons (5h 21m)
    • 1. 01. Class Trailer

    • 2. 02. Requirements for this Course

    • 3. 03. Interface Tour - A littlebit bored one - But important

    • 4. 04. Preference Panel - In Detail

    • 5. 05. Document Size and Artboard Properties

    • 6. 06. Create your Own Toolbar

    • 7. 07. Learn about Layers in detail

    • 8. 08. Organise the Layers

    • 9. 09. Learn about the Shapes

    • 10. 10. Transformation of Shapes and Properties

    • 11. 11. Alignment - Important in Production designs

    • 12. 12. Pathfinder - Combination or Separation of Shapes

    • 13. 13. Pathfinder - The Awesome Shape builder tool

    • 14. 14. Class Project for Pathfinder and Shapes

    • 15. 15. Appearance Panel - How useful to designers

    • 16. 16. Stroke Panel - know its Properties and Secrets

    • 17. 17. Swatches - How to make your Own Swatch Library

    • 18. 18. Gradient - Linear, Radial and Free Form Gradient Properties

    • 19. 19. Make your First Drawing - What you need to know?

    • 20. 20. Pencil, Smooth, Shear, Transform, Path, Eraser and Info

    • 21. 21. Pen tool - A monster tool for designing

    • 22. 22. Curvature Tool and Reshape Tool - Idea Tips and Tricks

    • 23. 23. Rotate and Reflect Tool Properties

    • 24. 24. Transform, ZigZag, Twist and Tweak

    • 25. 25. Free transform, Pucker and Bloat, Roughen

    • 26. 26. Stylize Effects

    • 27. 27. Warp Options in Effects

    • 28. 28. Offset Path and Cutline for Sticker die

    • 29. 29. Overview of the Paint Brush Tool

    • 30. 30. How to make your Own Custom Paint Brushes

    • 31. 31. Typography Introduction

    • 32. 32. Every Tools for Typography designs

    • 33. 33. Exporting Options in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

    • 34. 34. Reset the Adobe Illustrator when it is gone to MAD

    • 35. 35. Final Thank you Video

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About This Class


In these Lessons, I am going to teach you how to make designs inside Illustrator not like how to make this design - category. So, you learn the stuff of making designs - Tools, Panels, and its Properties depth. If you are a beginner or just entry-level user means my kind advice is don't miss this opportunity. Enroll in this class and make your creativity expand, get more knowledge about the application.

Thank you for Enroll in this course and Please submit your Projects - I cant wait to see your designs - Even it is a try also submit there - we can discuss a lot of things and I am ready to interact with your works. 

  • What is the main purpose of Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a premium application used for creating vector graphics for print or the web. Developed alongside with Adobe Photoshop as a companion product, Illustrator is the standard for making logos, graphics, comics, fonts, and much more

  • can¬†I get Adobe Illustrator for free?

If you want to use¬†Adobe Illustrator for free, the first thing you need to¬†do¬†is download¬†Adobe¬†Creative Cloud¬†free¬†trial. In that way, you¬†can¬†use any of the Creative Cloud programs, totally¬†free, for 7 days. ... Go to the¬†Illustrator's¬†website and look at the top of the window for a button called ‚ÄúFree¬†trial‚ÄĚ too.

  • Is it hard to learn Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator is Harder to learn once you have used photoshop for a while. I have been using a little bit more lately and what I do is use each of the tools for a little while just to get a feel for how they work and what they do. There was no Photoshop when I learned Illustrator, which made it very easy.

  • Should I use Photoshop or Illustrator?

Photoshop is based on pixels while Illustrator works using vectors. Photoshop is raster-based and uses pixels to create images. ... Photoshop is known to be able to do so much and be so easy to learn that it is looked at as a one-stop-shop, but Photoshop is not the best program for all types of artwork and design.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maac Desmond

Adobe Certified Instructor


Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Masters in Multimedia Engineering and done my Masters in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Skillshare Students.

                      &n... See full profile

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1. 01. Class Trailer: hi. Hello. Everyone will come to over Mac Desmond Masterclass courses. I am settlement on I'm from India. I don't my masters in multimedia engineering and three D arts and animation. I having a good experience off designs for the 10 years in this master class, you are going to be learned the other illustrator, all the ingredients and the signals off Working from the basic level, all the working fails are attached to the zipper. If order for your training experience, you can follow me all the classes with the appropriate illustrator files. This class is designed for the Who. The people didn't have the experience in Adobe Illustrator before, so don't hesitate to pick the class. This thing's each and every classes are explained that we surely with all the keystrokes or recorder for your convenience off the speed workflow that is very important for each and every keystrokes. That means the shortcut keys are everything in Be getting the bill o off the video so you can see the class projects off this course at dictator lessons. How to make the designs. I am very getting excited to see while in my the course. And don't forget to make your projects and some baton we will discuss about to experience on the hard stages to. So without further ado, let's get started with the lessons. See you on the lessons, guys. 2. 02. Requirements for this Course: So what are the things? That record for this course. First of all, you just need your P C o. R. Any computer with the installation off the illustrator application than the second thing. We just need some more time. You've just allocated sometime on the some amount of patience to learn this stuff because I just give you all information from the zero level only. So you just make some need off patients, toe. I learned this stops and everything. The second, the 3rd 1 Yeah, piece off paper and the pen, our pencils, Whatever the things you just have no need of filled Nords are any costly other things. Just a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. You just do take notes from over lessons. Take the North's in practice it the 3rd 1 the 4th 1 Uh, make a project less about the lessons, and you just complete her. We just posted into my project section, our classes, anything. I am very, very happy toe to see that and give you the feedback about it. That's it. These are the requirements off this lessons so more moved to the next one. So motor the next class 3. 03. Interface Tour - A littlebit bored one - But important: Hello, everyone. This video we are going to be see about the Adobe illustrator in profess. So when you are just using before the photo show, are any Softwares for the related to the adobe applications? This is very family, a toe, the other publications because everything's off in the in Design Illustrator and the Photoshopped have maximum similar arrangements off interface with me. So let's see that I am just working in the illustrative CC 2020 throughout this all the course whether if you're working the bolo si si 2017 18 19 Whatever, Ever since you just be working on. It's not a Dahlia problems not at issue just to continue the lessons to learn about the illustrator. Once you just weapon demonstrator, this screen will be comes off on my Web cam is going to be to the right top off the engine for the video. Why I just placed in that video means you can see me. What? My accents are going down. So what is the expression? Somewhat we have toe, so it's a type of interconnector inside the videos. So let's get started out on. This is the everyone's knows about that I that logo will be placed down on this is the welcome screen in that welcome screen. So many types off Damon since off the paper arranging inside this so kind off a four postcard size web like that so much when you click there new create new document means you can create a new document from here. Are you just You can open the recent document, er, you just working on it from here. If I just click the create new, a new document defender will be popular up inside your applications. You can see out the recent documents most recent working documents off. This one's what I am using in that means, that is year for shade of paper I just created for iPhone a wallpaper. Before that postcard, I just created some greetings to some off the friends. Some sailed sizes off your wound. You can save it also, and you can say what is the template? Also, for that mobile, you can see a bunch off mobile screen devices off different sizes in pixels on the Web print on as well as Flemmen video. Our turn illustration. Also these are all in building saves us off the documents. When you come down from here, you can see the units. What kind of units you are just using inside the documents. Some people's will use inches, centimeters, pixels because points in India we don't use a vote that because of the points and everything's find, sometimes we just use it millimeters or centimeters pixels. We just used offer and the word invitation landscape under the portrait into the landscape of this is the port. It means this kind of will be there. OK, portrait landscape means just rotate this decide. Okay, this is the land set on how many art boards are board. It's nothing. Bird. How many Bell Kamins? Okay, how many working sheets? Okay, in your document, you can working for the 10. Our board means a single document. Contain itself. Pin papers like that. It's kind of your papers only. Okay, that thought boots on the bleed on this means if you're going for printing, the bleed is very much important. Because what contented did not going toe outside of the paper. That means content off the printing. Okay, this is the blue. And for the adverts, the options you can choose for the color more Rastelli effects on the previous move. That means you can go for the already Be more for saving the documents inside your PC Inside your digital documents like that for seeing wicked means you can go for the printing colors. Okay, Right then The lasting effects kind of people that means high quality. It defends the quality off the our printing sheets 100 ppm means big self inches 300 people , pixels per inch Okay pp I on the preview more that means default. But we are choosing in that if you are using the GPU can use it inside. I assure you later that one Once I click any other things from here on, just click create means that size will be creator Inside your ACEA art board That is document right? These are all things. Once I click the close this thing I just already opened the sample document. This is not that's once once the sample document only inside this you can see from here This is rgb more on the GPU preview. Okay, the left side All the tool birds will be populated. All the tools will be populated in the toolbar here. The last one ended the deal. But if we just clicked it, you can go for all the tools will be from here. What are the tools you just need? Er you just take it and unnecessary tools you can filtered out inside this by just clicking their basic version off. The toolbar are Just click this and click the advance city version of the tool balls and you can manage the tour bus. Also, let's V c in the letter one right on. This is the toolbar property sections from here. And this is the menu bar section. And this is the toolbar property section. And these are the windows from the right side and the navy Get there. It is the last one. If you go for zoom, that means you can create from here. You can pick it up very quickly inside your work floor. It will increase. You were work floor timing. From here on, these are the layers like, such as all the windows going to be populated from here. These right side. Okay, it will be taken down from the window minnow on You can pop it out inside this under the same thing just like the Photoshopped from here. You can save your what space from here you can create there. I just think it down some other windows from here means I just go for that Click the New World Space. You can give you a name off the what? Space. Just click the OK like this. Just this once I just click the sample. Okay, Workspace, just click. OK, no, this would say what space is nameless. A sample with space. Whenever I just come to the interface. We just started working in the Illustrator. Okay? No, I just big some other things from here. Okay? Okay. You just don't need toe bother about that. I just closed all these things, okay? No, some off the windows will be not foundered inside. This one's We do not make such time. Just going to the window and pick these things. And again come toe here. We just go for picking down from here. No need to for the time. And also we need time saving, so just click reset the sample. What space? That's it. Every windows will be again. Populate er inside the interface as cities various. Before that one it is actually very, very useful for the interface substance for the interface video. You just get some border things. Okay? Are let's get structure to the Batic. Little goes, see on the video. 4. 04. Preference Panel - In Detail: Now we are seeing about very, very important thing inside the Illustrator. The 1st 1 preferences. So what is the preferences on the way we are using that and how to be used? That lets same. The same video. One single video will gain you. So many knowledge is from here. If you are using the windows are some other things. You can just go for the file menu and it wouldn't go for the last one. Preferences will be there. Some kind of versions will be in the edit menu. Preferences will be there. If you are using the Mac version, you just go for the Illustrator Menu Preferences General are otherwise simply click the Control K, our command K the shortcut key inside this one's on the general documents. Whatever these things, these are there just like your electric main board for these all circuits from here. Whatever you just be selected from this one's, it will be applied to you. Were workspace to an application to you would negative things off this. It's actually very, very useful, so visible, arto, add or delete. Okay. If you want to need that, you can simply check the box from here. Double click to isolate these things. Okay, scale the corners. Scale the strokes under the effects people, this is This is very supporting scale the corners and scale super things on. These are the general things. What is the paper? So typography. Okay, this is very much related to the Microsoft word of some of the things only on the selection and the anger display. So ankle displaying means this is the size of the anchor point. So if you want to see the maximum size bigger one like this means you can change it for the anchor points like this ones. So I will tell you, whatever the layers from here in water, the anchor points. What is this? The handle style. What is these things? Sort of. The gays and the colors of what? The gator color. I just need toe here from here. She on type means I just go for the rare. No problem. You can choose it. Everything is customs under the line. Said if I just go for the guidelines, if you want to go over lines, if you just need for the dots, you can go for it. That's it. Only two types only have a lover from here, only the lines are with dogs on the great day. How many groups from so many colors will be available? That collectible becomes out there from the grid. If I choose, I am blue custom color like this. Not until a problem are the lines of the dots. Great for the every pixels. How much grid size that box will be comes to every boxes 72 pixels off for the size. The box is there one box that somebody does somebody know somebody like that will be going off. That good will be makes into that. So how many subdivisions will be that eight parts will be comes down from here because we just default by given by the 80. If you need a 16 24 you just proceed that so smart. Galen's slices hyphenation. See that everything's that user interface. What? Why I just using for the black and white means some people will be using for the white things or the great medium grade and the black ones. Why I just go for the black ones. Most of my viewers and students will be watched on inside the mobile Czar iPad. Whatever the things, your concentration will not golf from Beyond that I believe that once. So now I just using this one the US killing I just using for small to the next level because you can see my windows are what the numbers I just giving into the my panels. It will be easily clear that and I go zooming out. So inside my videos very easily performance. I am using the I'm a 27 with the A g B graphic or aimed around pro. This one's This is what GPU didn't comes from here on GPU performance. From here on, these are the appearance of the black home, much rich black. You're just using inside that this one's far for the printing purpose. Also for the digital presence. Also everything filed handling on the clippings. How many listen, finds you just needed inside this one's that means 20 recent files. No, I just need for the 1 10 like this means you can go for it. That's it. You just click it and it just click. OK, that's it. These are that references panels. You just need to work with it before you just dive into the other illustrator. This is very, very, very important. These things, all that properties under comes down. I will saw the step by steps and everything whenever it comes there. Like that Control. Okay, this one's scales on the strokes. Then we will be Just click. This one's then will be take down. This one's, I will tell you in the letter listens. Thank you for that seat on the next list. 5. 05. Document Size and Artboard Properties: in this video, you're going to be seen about how to create your document inside the illustrator. It is actually very, very interesting this one. Just create that. So if you click the A four size on the postcard size are any other documents inside toe Pre inbuilt means we just go into the like, create new Like I already said in the interface to you just click on you can create that. So now I just make me for a four kind off sheet means click the millimeters into my pixels You can see what kind of pixels Okay, for the with under the height, everything you fight like the landscape that will be the voter. Okay, That means with the going seemed to be height and the height goes into be with. So if I click the portrait more, that means the paper will be us. This city's same like the a four sheet. Only if I click the shit like this means we Can she see that? What an example. This is the painful sheet From here on this is there landscape mode on this is this portrait mode, right? You can understand this one's so no kind off art boards Also, how many are votes you just need it you can give from Here are otherwise no need toe worry about that You can change inside the illustrator documents also no problems. So I just click only one art board from here Now I click create a four size document created into what space? Only one outboard only Very. We can see that Hominy outboards from here You can see from here, right? This is our board navigation on home with zoom off The document of you are just using from here. And this is the hardboard navigation from on one more thing from here you just click this art board tool. The shortcut is shift the war. Once I click that that bonds and they go to the properties panels like this window go for the property. What it is properties Once I click this, this is the art boats The name off the art board. On what kind off the document that this means preset here for so many presets available, you can create whatever you just need toe work for any customers. Any planes are you need any day boffin from the heart boat absence Also available. Once you click the outboard absence available from here, you can a bunch off. So many properties and everything with the height on the X Y properties were inundations constrained off the proportions. This is very much useful. And if you can see everything step by step from here Once I click the add board number one and this is my main oddball. Right? So I just name was yet like this That may click. OK, now, this art board you can see from here Number one main art book that is one on the second thing. You can press the space bar. You just move the dartboard wherever in the world space right. Press the space bar and click left click. You can move. And if you press there, all our option key. Okay, you can see the double headed arrow. Just click it and it can move. So the next to the right you can make a duplicate of the art board. What ever you size defender? You can just duplicate with the same properties that is the world. So these are the art board options you can creator inside this one's Once you created these things. You just press click exit, that's it are a few night. If you need one more art board like these, everything's means you can click the area The art board. You can check another again You can create an outboard. Bored, bored, bored So many but boards from here, right? Once you pressed a click control our commander zero bitch art board you just to selected from here That one will be comes over on your butt space If I needed the fast one means I just selected from here I clicked the main add board Then if I make Zoom are you can zoom out press control our command zero to make it quick to view the full outboard on your own space. So this is the foster starting to create the document on the oddballs. Right? Understand this words Motive. Next listen 6. 06. Create your Own Toolbar: in this video, we are going to be seen about the toolbox photo. We just created a new toolbar forever. Warn what floor? Stale. Are you just hope made in that? Okay, let's see that. So this is the lopsided. Okay, this is the toolbar. What we have seen from here. So if I click the double headed arrow, you can see that stacking off to what is that? Two columns is right. So you fight click again. Only one thing will call him. Will be available inside. This one's after the come to the talk. Sorry. Come to the bottom size. So click the edit the toolbar, so come to the last. But you can see the three dots from here. Okay, That the one is ended the tool. But if I click it, the proper panel will be from come salt from that again. There a burger? I can't be that like you, but good. I said the bargain. Only I don't know what the specify the name for that. So the three lines under the $3 from either the burger icon. Once you click this, you can see four things will be available. Advanced, basic and the new toolbar on the manage. The $2. So what are those things? So advanced? Means all the tools will be OK. Populated in the toolbox. Basic means some kind of tools will be available inside the illustrated necessary needs and everything. So that one will be populated one way rather than everything will be gets inside into the all the Wizard. So now we just click into that advanced tool. But okay, now every everything will be populated inside the toolbox. We just clicked them all The things will be selection Draw under the Navy gate and navigation. Everything will be comes down. Once I click from here, I just click to the new tool. But if I needed a new tool bar for my warm, kind off designs, tools, whatever you just needed, sometimes you don't need a prospective tools. Sometimes you just don't need to the lentils when the some sort of those only you just need it. So for that, you just name as like, this one's like this drawing told, but okay, drawing tool. But I just created Click this. Yeah, a nice had told, but will be comes down again from here. Okay, No, I just click this place. Cycle are dicks. Click this I selection tool. We just need Okay, whatever we just drawing or anything, we just need to selection. Okay? Direct selection. Also, we just need that one so letter, then we just sea water the water. These tools will be working down. Now, I just tell you how to create that one. Tools, butts. Okay, pento like this. Whatever. You just need you just pick the toll on Goto. Put it inside that toolbox. That's it. One me. Click that one. No, you just have you have. You want toolbar like this? Okay, you can make a creator on some kind of an ad tool line segment. Okay, the spider tools. One more. One more. One more. Just no need toe based your time with. That's it. When it comes down from here, you just no need to this tool. But from here, just like this closet, all your workspace and you were, uh what? The space will be very perfect for your drawing tools early. This is the drying tools. So no. Again, I just click from here from this one. Manage the tour bus. I already have a two tool bars inside my workspace. That drawing tool birth no would be just created for the A sample one. So I don't need that right? So simply I just click. I did this. Okay, now I just click This tool bars against this one's no problem again, I just going to the Mac Desmond courses. No, I just click recent the Magnus wants everything will be comes down for my what? Flow state. That's it. Now you can create your one toolbar inside that. So let's take that. Congratulations. See you in the next video. 7. 07. Learn about Layers in detail: Haider in this video, we are just going to be learnt about there a very important thing around the illustrator application. Because whenever what? We just make some designs with objects with shape short whatever the text and whatever thes things, it's going to be populated in that window only. So what is that window? Yes, layers. So for the layers were just going to be click the window minnow. And if you don't go for their layers, the shotgun G is F seven, right? If you press, they have 70 immediately that layer when there will be opt out on your word application. So I just pick it out The layer from here toe make you clear what is going on. Right, So so many several designs will be appear on this world. What? What? These boards. Okay, this outboard. So these Descents will be we just learn in the same course after these videos. So for us to be just to be are to learn what is layers on the whole to be manage it so you everything instead of for the shop. If in the photo shop, we just need toe, create a layer uneven yard, making the designs, art objects, whatever inside these once, then only we can move separately from it. But in illustrated, whatever you just be created that designs on the everything's you will make a pat Adia object. Are you on some steps? In a different layers automatically. Okay, lets we see that. So in this all the groups are the paths on these things. This everything will be populated in inside these things only. So how to create a new layer means I just going to the new thing. New document From here, I just dry a new circle right on this one. Yeah. Perfect hooligan. So what is the type of religion means hex again and it's taught nice. Very good. So where are these three objects? Inside the layer. Just click down the drop down off the layer. 1st 1 that one. That means the drop down arrow. Okay, Right in. That a star is about Galligan is a shape on a religious issue. It's OK. So how to select this objects means to the right side of this. You can see a target icon will be there in that target I got. If you click the target taken that object R B one lease Director. If I click that this polygons means one. Leave that one. We will be selected. Okay? It will be very seen clearly when I just feel some colors into it. Okay, you can see Very clear. So now this one See right all again. And this is the path you find need to group it. This one's OK. I just select all the things on. I can make a group and they can before these groups under like this. You can see this video in the next lesson. How toe organise that once. So making the groups and everything in this lesson we are going to be seen how to create a new layer. That one? No, I just create a new layer second layer. That means Okay, Right In that second layer, I created the two things That means yeah square. Andi arounder rectangle are around the square on this is the rectangle on That is the arounder school. Yes. Tango has square rounder square on their own. Director. Okay. All these four things Okay. The same color maybe. Do you think this? Yes. Oh my God, Yes, that will it going to be disturbing your eye because it is a fluorescent collaborate. So now this green there's that four things disc weightings varies means it at the drop of that second literally Onda, we can truth out one Lee. The families will be going to be very small and everything. How to make the thumbnails like big like inside my distance. Okay, you can make it three foot out of your wounds. Time. Just come to the drop down. This one's OK. That burger I got off the layer window come down to the panel option. In that panel option, you can see so grow sites of the small medium. Large small means no tumbles one lee, the shapes and names really will be occurred. That means rectangle, rectangle, rectangle, rectangle that we just confused created. This one is not user friendly for your designer. So for large means Yeah, a little bit. Okay. Yeah. Cute thumbnail acute sites of terminal B appeared on your screen. But what I am using this means for in the other 35 pixels I am using normally operate for all my projects. And there are things that defy pixels Is very Wayne being If you go now More than also not really a problem. It's It's your choice. Okay for the designs, that is no rules inside this. If if say some rules means try to their toe, break it, then only you can find out here new part off of it. This is my kind of place. And you can create a new sublet also. What do you mean with the subway means Yeah, this is the subway that is sitting. So on that sub layer, I can create your box. That's it, right? Otherwise, you just creator automatically a sub layer inside this. Okay, inside. That's a player you can created after after after that once. So this is the most important thing on the layer window on. Then you can creative the duplicate things and you can get the flattened the works. So how toe flat on the votes means I just selective this layer two. I just click it flattened. The artwork means all the things comes in to be one with one object. That's it. So this kind off examples and everything will be sequins in the next coming upcoming videos . Okay. Thank you for watching this video move onto the next video. Hold on, try toe, learn all these things. I just explain you. Everything's okay right from a tweezer, so keep touching. 8. 08. Organise the Layers: OK, in this video we are going to be seen about how toe organised alias. That means we are saying about how to name the layers, how to rename, how to delete such things. So I just pushed the control or command v buh uh I just copy the copy. These elements from another document. I just taste it only so such this Okay. No, I just, um how do these ones you just want toe? See the groups inside? What is going on from here? Okay, so this is very, very small to see for me or for you, like these means if you just go there panel option from the other 20 pixels, it's going on to be here, but I just choose 50. Okay? If you need the thumbnails for the layers are for the groups are for the RJ's or for all the things you just click the check mark. Okay. No, I just click. OK? That means your terminal is going to be seen about 50 pixels off. This one's so you can easily he what showed what we are going to be designed inside this group are outside of the groups like that. So you can easily select also by clicking the targeted mark. Okay, if I need to select this square from the panel means you can just click this. What were targeted him work right are otherwise you can get the selection like this if you want. If you select like this under the group, everything will be selected, right? For now. If I select the direct selection tool one lead this what? Yeah, tell about that would lead there. That shape only be selected. If you select the direct selection tool directly, select that groups only. Sorry. Genetically selective that that element are that object only if you go for the selection tool. If you selling. This is one Lee can be selected that that group only right. Understand? Don't be confused. That one. No, that group selection. If you select everything, whatever inside that things, that group will be automatically selected. This is the difference between the selection direct collection under the group selection toe. Okay, understand this once. Don't confuse these things on letter B that if I want to be group are double click on the group mixing. Okay, uh, shapes. Okay, sips you color. Now. I just go to the direct selection on the simply selection. The tool I selected all of these days put it. This one's how to make the duplicate means. Plus, the Al Turkey are the option key. The feathered arrow will be comes into double headed arrow. Okay, No, you pick on day. Release it. That's it. Okay. No, you just click the fill color going in Toby? None. So no fills off inside these, right? This is the colors. These ones one size. Select this again. These one ships in shapes with haute color right under these groups. Six. You can bring him like this. Very simple. Just double click on this one on the put down your name. Whatever. You just need that click. And that's it. What we are renaming these things means if you are going into the project so much off layers, so much off objects will be inside inside. You were looking idiot. So once you renamed these things you could be easily find out. Varity is what it is on. Then it is baby locate him. So the head it is it to be located. Okay, the now how to deal It means I just put it in the direct selection tool. Once I click this right, simply click there, tell it. But in means only that what will be selected are otherwise. If I select the group selection, I selling this, that means sweep of this thing, Dill it. You can believe the entire object, right? If you want to be Derek selection to Once I click, I click this anchor point only if I click delegated. That anchor point will be my only the litter. You fight sleep bill. It means young. They will be deleted. Understand that? What? Okay, I believe the one Lee. That former points only are the day the one Lee. But let this one leave. That part will be deleted. This is transformations. Actually, we don't need this. 9. 09. Learn about the Shapes: in this video, we are going to be learn about their shapes. So how to make the shapes within different aspects off it with Matt are retort, Matt. So rather than more talking, we just lead to more working on it. So come to the tool board, you have to be seen the rectangle tool. The shortcut is, um, in this point, I'm just going to tell you learned the shot. Good keys. More and more on the practice on your application, more and more. Then one day you will feel as a master believe it. So now, right, click on it. You can see the tools will be the rectangle tool rounded rectangle toll ellipse told Polygon told stare, start a little bit to the light side. A small triangular icon will be there. If you just click this icon, you can pick it up from that tool. Okay, this But so when she needed a horizontal toolbar means you can get it like this. If you knew the vertical like this means you can click. The doubleheader is the arrow. You can get this Arab like this. So why I am telling that if you every time you are going to make your shaped different shapes. Means you can go for eight and right click on message with it. So no need to miss when you picket outside from this once you can create as well as any tape off at the any number off shapes inside or no comment. So then now, shortcut keys. The, um here the examples of this square, some kind of a publican with the mortar sites. And this one actually says that shackle triangle under that hexagon, this is up again, and double sites on this one is very, very super familiar. But it is a very simple one you just created. It can create it as a very simple. So now I just creating a new blank layer. I just hide out everything. Now I just click the rectangle tool. Simply draw the rectangle from here. Okay? Don't release the left. Most button. If you come to this once, you can see your gates when the smart game is on. Only. Okay, that is the smart gates. We just go for the view and you can this one shot cookies Control, you are command You Okay? So when I just desirable this one. You did not see any smart Gates. Okay, then I do like this. You just this one with and height as proportional. That means square. This is rectangle, right? But one thing is that that is no Matt inside this what we're creating, if you are planned it before drawing before creating a logo or documents are any here There's for the Facebooks twitters Any other things? If you are bland, this much size only I just needed means how to create that. Let make this very simple. It is absolute beauty inside. That's the illustrator off any Russians, Just like the rectangle tool. Once you click on the board early, you're just a pop up menu will be appeared on your things that is with on the height. What is the video? Niedere? What is the height you needed? So in this I just press 100 pixels off 50 big cells This one click at exactly whatever their pixels numbers what we are created. This is very super. Once you click the motel or selection tool who just to select it? You just go for the that properties bar. You can see it 100 by 50 pixels off the shape right on the very dislocated means this is the X value off the ex away values is located isn't if you move from here, that barely will be changed. X and y values Willoughby's. So if I created 100 pixels means it will be go for that once under the pixel way. And that's range means the 200 means it will be getting down. And when I make it, 50 pixels means it will be Go up that one. Right. So you can change by the Properties bar. Also on you can create a valued pint of pixel values. Once I created these things, the 1st 1 is the background color. Okay, that means physical on this one. As the stroke alert you fight like I will give to the blue one means it will be makes fill with blue. Okay, on the stroke. Black. I just give it to the Yeah, normally blue from here, right. You can create such things once you select, and you can give whatever their colors you need under the stroke point. How much pixels? You just need a stroke. Points, if I need a fire means that stroke with will be stronger under a If you reduce the values means that strong stroke will be getting lesser If I make zero means one Lee, the fill color will be upset. That is the box thinks under the 2nd 1 you find make the ellipse stool. If I make releasing like this means ellipse will be created Okay are otherwise you fight create like this press the hold the shift key You can create a performance that right are the 3rd 1 Just click How much pixels off the cycle? You just need it whether if I need the constrained with height proportions Miserable locker means okay, 45 pixels off the subtle I just needed This is the exact off 45 pixels size of the circle. Very, very support things Okay? No, I just delete these things. Once I come to the polygon tool you fight Just click on this one's you just near the polygons. What is the size off the polygon on the home with decides you just need if I make three sites means what will become at triangle will become the four sites means a square will become on the fireside bent again six Hexagon seven. Kept a gun. Eight off again. Nine. Nana Gun. Dick Deccan. It is very superb things to, uh, learned the such things. Now click it. I just made for the five cider polygons. That means Pentagon, right? 50 pixels off the Pentagon says, Then I click. It would just go to the Properties bar. This one's you can make any feel color and you just go for the struggle. Russell, if you just need a stroke, click the publican tool. Once I click it, papa polygons will be, comes out on the five cider Pentagon Will be We can create it now. I just click days owns the physical. It is the green and the struggle is the blue on the stroke. Size is five pixels. Okay, on the stroke with oneness, uniforms, basics. And really we just learned these things in the stroke video. Okay, now I just created this shape shortly. Once I click it that eight Seder, that means optical. Okay? No, I just collected. This is the octagon. You can create any shape Anything's inside. This one's now I just delete this thing now just come to the D for the default key okay. Plus the deaky us for the default. That means white and the black stroke will become sold once I click the ball again. If I draw like this, what is the current? That means the last state What you are giving the sizes sites of the elegance it will be takes off. Once I pressed the down key, That means Roky donkey or the up arrow key You can create Increase your sights home with decides You just need You can make it. Okay, Once I need release it, I have it Triangle for this you find Make it five pixels off stroke means you can see clearly on your things. So whatever the stroke size that Beyonce up up to you get This is the shapes. What we're creating on this once I know this title the same thing. If you draw these things, if you press the up arrow key, you can miss the number off faces will be increasing it. Okay, if I need six ciders stars means that is very cool. I love it. And I love one more things. Also right. The radius one in the radius. Two points. 12 point star. I love it very much because farther designing under the logos and everything so much off these lessons will be used to attack the number of points. And everything's so you learned these stay puff steps hope to make this sex with size. I don't for the roughly one with this ice, you just do the math that is very, very useful for that. If you draw on a paper and if you fix over the size, that means 1002 180 by 17 someone 20 pixels. That means that someone 20 pixels height off. The document means you just creator everything inside this one's how to create that once, so want to click This one's on the with the 1000 to 80. Okay, bye. 7 20 pixels off This one. This is the Comes to the rectangle Once I click creator these cities, this is the size off the tangle size. Wow, It's so bigger, so, so bigger. This is the size. Okay, If you need it, divide the part off. This one's 1/3 off. This are won by two 1/4. That means Onley singled by individual before you can do your mat. Inside were properties panel so right. Someone to Dubai? Full? Yes. Four times less It the size off that 7 20 pixels. You can do it, Matt. Division are multiplication or whatever the things. See, I just deleted all these things. Once I have this, it's quite only I just make control. See, that means copy. Okay, It copy. On going toe again. Edit paste in front in front of this. That means you can paste in front of the Leo. No, for that shape, I just multiplied by off to before that. I just put it in the constraint value. So I just do one live one times is enough. Multiple. It's off to say this. This square is going to be doubled the size off the inside square. Do the mat and play Theron. You can create any shapes inside. This one's on. You can play around. These things may exception and submitted inside you era a single document. Everything I will give the feedback to enable it so, so happy. Also. Soc on the next lesson 10. 10. Transformation of Shapes and Properties: Haider in this video, we're going to be learnt about death transformation off the shapes, how to working precisely and how toe making the selection techniques like that soul. For example, if you are seeing here, that is a suckle from here. When you see here, yes, suckle is going to be cut like your bite, uh, or the Pisa shape, whatever in this. But I'm not any slicing in that. So how do transform our how to reshape these things? And these are the maximum polygons making the simple one polygon only how to recites these things. Okay, let's see it. Okay. I know. I just make you suckle. Okay? Press the shift key to make it the perfect circle. Sighs from here are other ways. You just get the lip shape only when you just bring here. You're smart girls. Gates also will help you to make the perfect circle. But if you press the shift key automatically, perfect certainly will be comes out. So now in this circle, then you just move your good, sir, for the most pointer. Whatever. Do this point. OK, there is. Your handle will be shown from here 100. They say this will usually toe just pick it round, toe the start that by angle, Whatever. You just need her. If you need the half circle. Just going to that press the shift key to make the 1 80 deity off this one because a circle is going to be 3 60 degree. Okay, No, perfectly 1 80 degree off the circle is going to be. That's one. See this? We are not cut the shape. And we're not any intersex like the Pathfinder tool inside. This one's for the shape modes, whatever. Just thinks. So let's be seen about that in the bring in the future. Lessons that kind off pat. Find out how to use that once it's our No, I just make again a circle from here to this. Press the control. See? A command to see. Okay. To copy in the best one. Based on the front again? No. You just moving to the right side for this circle. I just make Yeah, nice on 90 Dignity. Okay. For this cycle, I just bet it to do there Rewards site off this one, right? See this? No. You understand This one And this is the 3/4 of the circle. And this is the 1/4 of the circle we can make it by like this also. Okay, put it aside from that no, we make ah Polident Tool. You would just click to drug. We just click it and start drying, right? No, you pressed the up Arrow key or the Don't Turkey to make the sites increasing. That means Triangle Square. Then again, Hex again helped again. Octagon, Dunagan Decker Like this, You can increase this, but once you'd rather shape you release it. How can you be changed from here? Means you can see this from here. Okay, that is your a little rhombus like this. A shot from here. Okay, you fight. Click. You find Mick moving up. Good. Move the most upwards you can increase. Their sight's off your ships, right. This is very cool. Take a duplicate from here. This is six sites. That means hexagon. If I need to make Octagon means go to the rhombus side this year. Click on. Move up the most eight sites. No, it's social. Right? Leave it. This is opening. It's very much useful for the word shape. Making in your projects on any type of products from here. If you need this, you can do it so you can learn how to transform the safe. I just explaining you here two things, selection techniques, how to select the distance. Okay. No, that's the young key to make the square also. Okay, No Press the wiki to make it move from here to this one's on toe perfectly. I just to show you on the list, right? No, you select this if you press the wiki, that selection cable. If you press the Yankee, what will be that? Direct selection tool? Right Breast wiki. You can move the total object. If I pressed the Yankee. If I click the one, leave one. Okay, that anchor point. If I pressed that only one anchor point you can move this anchor point only. Okay? Like that. You just moved. We just moved. So this thing, you just move with that one. You're just more toe this thing. You can draw whatever inside the illustration points like a window. You can make it. You can do any other things from here, right? So for the selection key, I just make us square. Nice way from here. Press the wiki. You can move the whole object from here, right? If you press the yea shortcut key, that means they're extraction toe in that direct selection tool you can select and each and every anchor point. And you can move. What? The weather sites, What? Over the space, You can move. So I just move this anchor point to the right side of this one. If I select this anchor 0.1 Lee, I just moto that left it like this. I can move it and I can give the shape toe, whatever. You just need to work it like this. So you find make a duplicate off this one like this, right? If I purse again Yankee, you're just a celic. This the corner things okay? Bring it in words to make their sharp corners into the round corners, right? You can make it in any shape. Bring the a key selling this select The invert type means rest of one side means you can do like that are otherwise just you just select like this. You can make all the sights easily. Understand? This one on this is the types off selection. The anchor points you can pull over. You can pull it inside. You can pull the outside right. Understand these. Make more shapes and learn about these things. See on the next video. 11. 11. Alignment - Important in Production designs: Hi there. In this video you are just going to be alone about the alignment of the shapes. So what is the alignment of the steps? Way it's just needed if you drop the objects here and there on your table and everything means it looks like very bad, right, isn't it? So it's not bad, Not bad. It does not look great. Okay, when you just aligned all the objects on your table means how it looks like it's a well organized table. Will Look, it's a greater then that thing. Okay, right. Like that will only be just all in. The shapes are laying. There were objects. I never artwork on the document. What? We're working on it. So let's say it called to do next. So I'm not concentrating on the color of the circles from here. One leader, different colors off their circles. On this is the title of this one's. So you have this once so far a single only one right one. The one circle how to align that one. So if I select the circle, come to the properties bar, you can see this one are linked to the outboard, are all into the selection. So this is the main thing, what we have, right? And one more thing, Because in the window, Elaine tab will be that. Okay, So this is the Elaine Pammy you can work on to here on salt. So I just picked it out from there. The No, I just put it here. Footage in the center. No, you can easily see what is going on. That one. So, for this Elaine to right. So what, you are going toe allowing toe this object for that art board are for the selection. Now, I just select that art book you find need send it to the okay to the hard work. This object means I just give toe horizontally center on vertically. Distributor of the center. This one is what? Galen center. So now that object will come. Alignment toe the center off your artwork. All right. This is very superb things. No, I just turned all this things alignment of the shapes on the distant off. No ways just to select all the circles. Okay, put it. Elaine to the vertical center first. Okay, this is Alan Dog dicks. So this is a lender objects. This is distribution. Distribution means one after the are objects how to distribute that? How to distribute between the spaces. That means the space between the dis circle to the desiccant. Okay. Like that. So I select all these ones? No, I shift click to the high result, isn't it? That means all the shapes. That means that between these shapes, that lengthy will be equally distributed. So the objects, I hope you understand these things. Once again, I do that you're just gonna lend it all the objects? No. You Celic, all the things I just select the three circles only write. It is very much useful toe. Understand that? No, I come toe vertically. Allen center first. Okay, I just allowing this bring toe they're distributed means if I click the distributor center means for the center of the auto that bore you. Just a distributor. Okay, Now the circle between days dish lent it to this land also. Same right. If I come over, if I come over from here, you can make it for manual also like this. See, once I put it in the center. If I make a move, it that smart guy islands will be sure. You all right? This is the manual distribution, and this is automatically distribution. And this is the manual distribution. Just really our only with the Allen tab. And so the selection also, if I make selection, that means no again. Come to the ships if I shall ect everything. The cycles make it particularly Allen Center That is only distributed means they're the 1st 1 on the last one. That one, it will be distributed, That means See, I just put it from here, right? No, this one. If I select these all things, it will not go toe the first in the last two. That board Because now we are selected So that selection So that selector that things will be at the position and it will be distributor what we desire like this. Then you come back into the center like this. It will be distributed all those things equally. So alignment is very, very useful in your that boat. You can easily understand these things play around it. These with a different kind off objects of different kinds of shapes, different weight, off text, anything you can aligned it, right? Player on the things learn herbal distance. And that my kind advice See on the next video 12. 12. Pathfinder - Combination or Separation of Shapes: Hi there. In this video, we're just going to be alone about the combining our separation of this apes. That means you can make shaves. Two steps will be that with that, the shapes you can make you combine on making new shape or just to separate your one shape with the help off, none other shape you can make in another new shape. I'm a confusing, you know, problem. So you are. You can demonstrate on the example before that, making that once this video would be going to my dear a little bit long. But it is very useful inside that Lestrade that so don't keep it out. You just learned these things. I just go to the new workspace on there. This is the color. Okay. And this is the Pathfinder to window more. Okay, two windows. I just pick it out from that this once. Once I make at the British tour. Okay. I just picked the break stool on by having the pen tablet off XP. Bendigo 03 What I have it is very much useful. It is affordable. Okay? It is not costlier. Like vacuum on more things. Uh, I am using for Ah, pastor. 3 to 4 years. The same tablet. It is very, very, very useful. And it is very affordable. And it is very good looking. Also it have you nice. Oh, this one. Diallo's. Oh, okay. And six customizable keys also. Is that right? 10 point something in just 14 area 8000 192 pressure levels. It's have you killed? Option also. So it is very, very useful talking. If you want to buy any new pen tablet means I suggested to the X people what I am using on it. So I'm very happy about that. So let's see about combining our separation off the steps. So in this, we are just going to be alone. Some mathematics. So it is a very little only Don't be afraid of this. So shape modes in the Pathfinder, you can find the shape more. Four kind of shape, more available. And this Pathfinders, this is six types off pathfinders available. So what is the shape motor? So I just give you that example by using the yeah, simple material only. So I just to dry it. So press the bt on the keyboard. I just take the British, and they shape this one's. So this is the foster shape. Letter it as a and this is the B. Okay, that circle or any shapes from here. Okay, you fight, get unique. This means unit. That options means you. Can you like this? That means it will add these also on these also. Okay. Like like how to make this one's means. You fight. Take the shape like this. Okay, On the shape like this means it will add all of these things. Okay, understand is once in that unit. So in this minus, the friend means how is that means minus the friend. This is the friend area. Okay, this will be the letter one lead. This part will be available. So this is minus the friend. All right, understand? So we see the examples from here. I just told you the options. How it will be looks like OK, so this is the year ship and this is the B shape on. This is the one intersect means where the safe is going to be in perspective. So this year the only only these area will be available. These area automated Lee, the leader, the leader means it will be going off. OK, one leave the Syria will be apple available. Then we are choosing their in prospect option. Okay, now this is the excluded. So what do you mean by exclude? Means our post it off the intersection. One lead, Easy area will be available. Get this area bill the litter. So let's see it by making the ships on it. Then I pressed me yellow key to make you a nice circle. I just fill any color the stroke. I don't need it to the circle. I just make you in another one by pressing the all sticky to move it to the options. But the second circle, I just make an another color from here. Okay. I just put it along this way. Right. Then I make it again. The duplicate. One to three on four. Okay. More Along this side for these two circles, I make unite, so these shapes will be get united, right? For these two section I select the to both steps. Then only it will operate minus the friend. Right. You will get the shape from that. No, the 3rd 1 intersect Monley. This will be available for this one. Exclude Now this shape. So this is Unite, and this is minus friend. And this is intersect, and this is explored. So now you just get an idea to make the sips from here. We can make any ships about inside the illustrator by using the SEPs off square circle, ellipse polygons and the star whatever that these things. Okay, let's find out some sips and play around that in the next video. 13. 13. Pathfinder - The Awesome Shape builder tool: Hi there, everyone. So in this video, we are just going to be see about Pat find us. That finder is very unique. Stale. So it does not having the photo shop. But it is in the illustrator for the vector seasonings. So how to use the Pathfinder using the saves and create new saves? How to do that? So let's get find out. So in that window you can go for the Pathfinder. That means control shift F nine is the short cut key Command shift F nine for the Mac question. So once I pick this window from here and I just need shapes, So I just click all the shapes here. Just do it like this. So this is the lines on the spiral our tolls on these are the shapes intelligence. So you know how to make the shape before this video, right? So now let's some making shapes using the pathfinders among these shapes, OK, I just have make some ships and put it that so take a duplicate off this one papers in the al turkey on the shape and everything. So I just create like this one's on making the taking to the center off the same. So come from here. Then do it like this. Then you just belong toe from here. You can make it by pressing days. You can just make the square from here. If I do it like this on the top of this one, if you needed it, you know the political shit. Okay? Just to make a few shapes from here, if I arrange. If I said this to the top of the spear, it is like that only if you need to. The backside of the spear means just to sell it the square, right Click on it and go toe arrange sent to the back. So now it will goes to the back. Now the spear will be come to the front sight or otherwise. You just arrange in the layers, like in the porter shop. What did Bennett through the layer? Put it about two. The layer that it is very easy. So now I just make intersect. So that line. So with the help off smart gates so that nobody you just moved into the decide some rust color lines will be playoff. Okay, that is the smart plants. Smart gates. So if I move into that intersect point like this. So for that spear, if I need to get the capacity reduced that so you can easily see that the shape What is going on? That here. So if you need that spear on the square, the whole shape, you just be needed toe there, Make the new ship. Means I just select the boating. Okay, then I press my unit key so I can get you nater. These two ships will be get uniter, and it will becomes around as their new shape. Now change the opacity toe the 100% the McGain. I just bring this shape one more shape from here. I just, like, committed from this one. So, uh, put it on on the in the side. Okay. Like this. Okay. Make like this ones make it intersect on, so that one is very fun. Then select the boat thing. If I click on it. See this? Some kind off? Yeah. Yeah, Cos er or like a rocket. Whatever distance you can make et initiation, anything just makes cripple frostings. Then you separate the shapes of whatever that mind will be. Get through it. OK, Some kind of a flow chart like that. This separates. We're going to be circle. This will be going into triangle on any other polygons shape and everything. You're just just foster drought. Drop out the things and you can make it with the help off bad fighters. So I just shrink the shape to here, put it on along the side. Whatever is it is okay. I just making the white. So now the second thing, I just bring back into the another circle. What's beard? Any other thing? Any of the things. What about? Just needed. Then I bring one more shape triangle for that triangle. I just give into the interested like this. So what is next one? Minus the friend. Okay, so minus different means what the shape is going to be, friend site Okay, for the camera means that So it was the friends I that will be minus so we can see that before the lesson. I just to dry it and ensure that right? So select the shape. Now this is the shape it will be gone off. One leader remaining green color will be is the remaining. So this is the minus friend like this. So what will be happening here just to get your resume? You see this? Some kind of Yeah. Fresh bit. We just leave it, OK, so make it control. Is it like this ones from it from here? Now, I just just select the boating. Then I click minus different. So you know what will happen when the this ship will be get from here. Now, I just pressed Control or Commander zero to bring back to this one's. Then I make one more shape dough from here. I just make 1 80 degree twist from here. Make it like this. Oh, just the shape. Like this one. What did like this? Some kind off ice cream, isn't it? Are you can make to any other things also like a carrot. You can make some three hunts from here. Some, like, uh, that leaves and everything we can make. Like a character character. Also like this one's right. So I make shrink in this one's I just put it down from here that when it's very it's far from that. See this? I Jake another one more spear from here. So come that next circle. I just re color toe Any other thing from here? Just I make one. Any one thing When you go inside, this one's intersect point will be comes up this one like this. Once I leave this, you fight degrees this select the boat circle, get into 75% of the capacity. Then you can see this That interconnector off the factory area. That distinctive sectarian one lead. That area will be we just needed for designing kind of leave or any other things. Great. If I need like, this means pasta in per sect option. You can get that one only one shape only. Right? Then again, you just go for the opacity. 100% you can make like this also. Otherwise I just first the all tiki to make your one more duplicate on this one. I just get one more public it on any other thing. Okay, so this tide is good. I just give like this. Like this? Yes. No, April. I don't think one Lee, some hopeless there intersect. So when leading intersect, I don't only so this will be met up at the chateau for some Humpty Dumpty character. Whatever those things, right. So we can make like that once. Like so I just make it arrange. Bring to the friend. Just give it to the hat like this for the character. See? Is it very good? Right. So nice to make you one more doubling it on this one. I make you a small ring from here. One more double Get on this one's. Then I make to like this. I just bring up in them out from here. So I just goto selected Press the al turkey Okay to make duplicates room. I know I am Speed, but first the alky you can make any things from here. It is very good. So I mean or rid to read. I guess once I get it, I just wouldn't do the same. Okay, So no, just this one other ways like this. Put chance something to the front. Get it? No, you just put it from here. Cool. Sapna, for the egg. I had no ice. When moat, I think. Is that for the egg? Is that is it very cool. So, like this? With the help of Pathfinders, we can make any shape do these ones. So about that, uh, excluded what is mean? They exclude means oppose it off the what intersect So opposite of the Intersect. Only it is the excluded. So how to exclude the thing means I just think this one more happening from here. So you just make, uh, intersected here from like this. If I select this, that exclude means the center that over that the intersect area that will be get rid off other than the remaining it will be keep. So that is the Intersect. So one lead by playing around with the shaves. You can understand these things. The pathfinders, under these things and for the divide divide is very, very cool. Okay, right. So I make divide toe the same thing. Okay. Like this. Once I pressed this selective everything and click the divided means I just re select distinct. It is group. That's only because off this transformation tool will be showing up on your screen. Once you one group district by right clicking on group this thing. Once you select this, you can retreat the part. Whatever. You just in three parts up these shapes and it will be getting divided. So if you any object gettinto, uniter, any everything's you can get divided. Also using of the Pathfinders. Right, then idyllic. These things. The next one, Tim two, is also working in the same kind off. But is the different some option? Okay, in that I'm just using that. These two ships okay, for these two saves, I just get to okay. Once I get to him, I just making toe on group. This one's if I move that the back option will be also available in the developing, but here it is not available. One leader, whole area where we are going to be seen. That object want to get it? Timber. So at the back side of this object is get criminal by that before of the object. So, like this, I can get into the stroke like the three points from here. Right? If I get like this ones, the ships will be get inside this once, right? No, I just get Demeter under the tomb. You can select for the text also. So, like the rogue. Okay. Okay. Did you just make Mac simply my name? My name? What's my name? That's my name. That's my name. 40 points. Cool. Okay. How do get these shape? Actually, this is the texture. So how do make into the shape? But get into this means? Uh, I just get one a little shape, right? For that, I just make it, like, bigger than. So once you select the text right click on this one, create the Oakland's. So from that, the typography we can create the Oakland. That means we are creating the Pats. So once I created the bat, I just moved into the movinto. My Yes, this is the center. Okay, my guy islands will show very perfectly. Guy islands are very useful for these Descents and everything here. Is that OK? Then I just to select this thing, get him or divide whatever you just think so for this thing, I am using the divide. Okay, Are otherwise bring back to the control Z I just using for the Tim. Now I just select on right click on ungroomed This one if I click, is the young on shift it a a c click everything. Move that one So you can see what does this thing's going off here? Once you select everything right, that's the control g again to make the group just click. Certainly any other colors we just bring back through here. See this? You can see the back of so whatever the image and whatever the things you can just to put it below. So this one's means it will be get seen, but it will be get very useful. Let's get something useful. Instead, this I get there one more one off the picture, any picture toe, anything. So I just moved it from here to this once controlled zero command zero, for it is the bid and hiding totally by the millimeter. Is that right? So only by 70 millimeters by the height. So controlled zero Oh, I don't know, man, that is going off. The picture is very, very, very, very big. I think it is Fight gift. Okay. Only had the distinct only showed up. Make it in tow. 100 millimeter. So this Yes, they may just going to be like, Look, this I just But like this, I just brush transom range, bring to the friend. So being imaged with a friend, I just press the shift key to make it like this. You can make see that one, Lee, you just make like this one someone off do these shift days ship we just c. Clinton about from here, right. This is the very cool shapes you can make it. What are the watermarks? Also like 25% of this. Since one you can see, like, the means. People will seem that Oh, such a cool watermark because the background also saying your logo William Bill Hub also be seen. That will be very support, right? So once I click that I regretted that I will deal with this picture. Then I come to here. I just select capacity in 200% Very cool these type off things also, we can make a kind of your path into just making into the company part of the text, and we can make it into the but then we can trim it in the with the help off any ships into it. Then you on group it and again visible that one. It's very cool, right? So this is the message one. So a push it off the tomb. This is the marriage one. So two images will be getting to be some other things, like get emerging. This is the opposite side off united because when you get, You need to it. So the shapes totally get your nature. That means totally confirmed in deformed into your one single image. But from here, if I get Mitch, see this one, Lee, the shape is to be going to be get. Imagine So then I get the three points off this truck for this kind of images. Whatever you just be needed. First of all, we just need that drawings. Only rough drawings scribbles on your paper. What kind off here designs what kind off here Shapes who? We are just going to be needed. That one will help you. Ok, the minus. The back is opposed to the side off, minus the friend. So I just bring back toe another Oh, some any cool colors. Yes, that one is I like So see this if I bring back to one another again. So if I select these both things you've just given to the 60% off opacity. See, that vici area is to go being going to be interconnector these area, right? It is the Intersect area, so I select the two ships minus the back. All right, so the backyard very business that will get rid off on the remaining part is only get around the screen. So when I just pressed audacity to the 100% you can make it as any type off designs. We can help it and you can help with their longer designs, shaves, making bad creators, making the illustration from the cotton molestation from the character such kind of things . You can use the whole scenery like that using up the cartoonist ships from here. This will be very useful for that. So pat friend is very much useful to use you. So use more more descends from here and you can summit us here whatever that disease you just to get make it your creativity. So I like to seem very eagerly What? Your creativity with the help of this lessons so soon In the next lesson Bye bye. 14. 14. Class Project for Pathfinder and Shapes: So in this class we are going to be seen aboard. Nothing this less is for you. So once you finishing these sections and everything, you just need toe Make your design like a cartoon, Ikari. Anything making such weird? Such like this shape. Such like this ones are this one are making with the A B samples like that are This is the Childrens. Don't be like this. Okay? Make like these ones and make it summit your project and everything as a beginner. Then this is the very cured one. Don't be tried out. Control your perfectionist like that. So I said beginner. You just make any type off cold reasons from here. Otherwise you just need to make some professionals. Means you can do it like this from the circles, we just fill it. This is the stroke. Only on this is with the film color and you have to make some weird cuts using the Pathfinders. And they just make it color like this on this is the type off off rectangles from here. I just make twist like this. The background is the triangle, and I just Elaine it on. Do you just make it here The shape So such kind off sexually everything. This is the German trick one. This is the very cute. Like a kid on this is for the somewhat in the beginning. OK, make such designs and you just post it to the projects and everything. I love toe. See your projects from here. So keep doing that. See you in the next section of the video. 15. 15. Appearance Panel - How useful to designers: Hi. The call. Everyone in this video classes just finished that day. Three what? Three categories inside this one in correction basics layers what with objects on everything. Now we just jump into the appearance off the object. So in that appearance off the object, uh, I just remained you all the four foster chapters and everything will be very get bored you anything. But from these lessons, you just get very in custard things, and everything's so let's get started without talking too much off any blood about things like that. So once it comes into the window minimum, you just get into the obedience. So what do you mean by the opinions? So if you any kind off designs, you just make it on your document. And the only thing what it is appeared like that so content mainly, okay, that opinions stays and everything will be followed by the appearance panel. So I just give you an example from here. So some habit, whatever the things and everything's so I just need the stroke. Also in that stroke, I just being into from here, I just first show the options. These are very, very much useful from here for the next two video. We just to see that how the strokes fully function everything. In this lesson, I just hired the options and everything. When leader stroke only I just get a zbig like your learners from here. So once I just draw a circle, press the shift key to make it like this ones One leader suck lonely. Not any other ship from here. I just saw you that examples. So stroke waited. So what do you mean with a stroke? Wait. So, first of all, what is the stroke? A stroke means the outer line off the second. Okay, Circle square on whatever. Anything. So outer line Doubter like that. So how much points we just take to the stroke? So if I increase means so you can use the apparel down Arrow are other ways. You just give their directly to the number. Also, if you're definitely give the number for you means it will apply. So are otherwise. You can degrees with the help off down arrow, and it can use the up arrow. Whatever it is, we just need it. So for the instance, I just do 10 points to the second Okay, Now come to the appearance panel. You can see that. But it is a part, right? Acceptable. Will you be goes off? It is your containing apart from here. So in that part for that part stroke point home, which it is that the stroke color on the stroke points. Okay, this is a stroke on the stroke, and this is the field, but it means the film means inside that one. So you find movies so the so that you can see that this is the filth. Okay, right. Because of the paper, you paper tell it all. So that means the background color also. Wait. You could not be seen that if you want to be make like that means cities, I just dryer and that. What of it? So splints so far this Phil, I just pick any gray color in the layer. I just bring down the rectangle below the ellipse. So now you can see that that design So this is the filter. So I just make filled color toe Any other colors also from here, I just No need to this one now, So any filled colors and everything will be comes down and at this point So what are all the things? Anything's okay. If you select the object on the pat, you can idea new stroke on. So okay, you can add a new feel that means the 2nd 1 Okay, you can add some other effects. Also, we can learn in the step by step in the next lessons. So faster fall. I just added a new stroke from here. Okay. For the fastest drug, I just give three points off black. Okay, For the second stroke, I just given a middle color. Okay for that, I just do three into three. That means nine. Okay, so the nine that color. But this is the bad. Have a single object only, but we can do two types off strokes. Then we can easily change over visible our appearance anything. So you can easily see that appearance off the stocks from here. And you can make any type off effects. Also, these effects will be appeared in same as the from here. Affect that illustrate the effects under the photo shop effects will come to from here. Okay. For the FX, we just do more more examples in the following lessons So now you are Just understand that how their opinions panel will be working on how that that stroke. We just give that how the film we just give that in this lesson. So for the following lessons, we just give the details about the stroke under the feet in very, very clearly So jump into the next lesson. Learned of arrival a straighter from the general Here levels don't forget to do some desserts. Okay, see that? 16. 16. Stroke Panel - know its Properties and Secrets: like, answered in the previous video. In this lesson, we are just going to learn about the strokes in very detailed in the manner. Okay, let's get started. So you feel don't get this truck window from here? Means just going to the window and they can go to the lies to one control. If then command often is the shot could be right. That is the stroke. So when you bring up the stroke panic from Cuba, you just going to the right side, that burger metal that three later calculate. So I don't know the perfect name. So just to say that the government only saying that the options just click out there short options. So once you get the short options at detained the menu, okay, our options are properties. Whatever we just said. So that will be shown up our otherwise one Lee the Vape one leave shown up. So no for this. Listen, I just get India another circle, Okay? This circle is going to be reported by the previous lesson. How toe get detailed. If you don't see that lessons, just watch out the lessons because it is very, very important for the appearance panel how to use that. So let's now get started with the strokes and it's settings very in detail. So let's get started with that. So first of all, I just make ellipse. Okay, you find made it or drop whatever the distance, this right left side. OK, these things will be applied toe that whatever you just draw that that means the background color and the film. So in 40 shop we just said about the background color in the foreground clip. So in the illustrated, we just said aboard that fill color and the stroke those properties will be comes along with the inside of this one because you can see this far that ellipse. If I just no need to sell. It means you could not be seen our weather if you just select her any color. Also, it will not be applied one leaving your selector that thing and then you just apply means done only it will be apply to it. So whatever it is, the stroke and everything. So if you know, need to fill means just click the none button from here and I select that black color stroke from this one's so home with a stroke 0.1 Lee Bill comes to from here. Okay, so we need more than the stroke properties, so just come toe them stroke window you feel did not see the stroke window. I already said that. Go to the window and you can go for the stroke. OK, on the selector, these things, I just select some kind off numbers, increasing whatever. You just need the stroke weight. If I give the stroke, wait. Let's press the Ziggy first. The most left side. Just getting the zoom. Now we can see very much clearly on the board. See that inside it off the pattern. Okay. This part is going to be sent. Tries it. Okay, so they know that stroke rate is going to about played on that center of this thing. So that means alignment of the stroke in this case, so hope to change that one. If I needed inside of the stroke, that means inside of the bat. So come to here. This is the ailing stroke from here. This is a line stroke toe inside. If I click that the stroke will be applied inside of that. But if I click outside of this ones. That stroke will be applied to the outside of the pan. So it will be very useful to make designs on whatever the character designs. Whatever it is, it will be that. So this is the concept. So this is the island's talk to the center. Okay, now I just apply to the stroke to the outside, right. One side. This one's select. Yeah, I think from here, if I dry apart from here, Okay? Just tell line. So what? It will be doing it once you see that inside the pat, the stroke and they will be applied to this one's far their line. You could not be a player. The alliance talks from here, but we can change the carnal. That means this is this is the line of the corn. Inaugurate that car will be going to be a but ship. See this. This is the round. Join the never join you fight see click to the round joint means what will be happened. Not things that because there is no cardinal points from here. Right, So cap won't leave. You can change it the wrong cap and the projecting cap, but kept so This is the but cap, but cap is going to be flat. Will be from here. So if it clicked the wrong cap, you can make it like this. The longer kept from you for that ending points, right, You fight, Click. The predicting gap means as some part off Linda from the edge it will be only comes out from that. That's it. So this is the but gap that exacted pat where it is that line one lead that when you come, if I click this prediction cap, something will be get predicted from that age will be that. So when these things will be happened inside these things on also you can make and like your dash to the line also see this I just being bigger from that one you fight, Click the dash for the line. Okay. If I select a dash laying that lying is to be going to be, uh what is that one we can broadly get? Dash the points from here. So how many points you just needed? How many gaps you just needed? That will be a plato from this one's. So you find make a little bit only three That means it will not be shown like this once. So you make four nothing. Just press the app arrow key to make this one Lee at the six points it will be goes like that on because off the weight also, it will be changed if I decrease the weight out. So it is going to be changed right on this one Gap. But how many gaps I just needed. So two points Nothing. If I make a little bit things like this, you can be make some road traffic signals, whatever. Just two teens it can be make like this city's if I make the square. Okay. Uh, like this I just make the stroke point. Nothing from here For the rectangle on the field point. I just give the film the great look And then I right click on it, make arrangement sent to the back And just to select the pat this one make the stroke to the weight. No, With the dash points, I just increase the point like this. See this? You can make a road type off things right like this. We can make more more such things from here. No, I just delete that are put it come over from get press command. Zero toe said it. These things, though. The Lipsyte No, I just make, uh it's quiet. Okay for this. Quiet also, you just need to making the capper. So you find click The lonely cap that corners will not be changed for that. Now, around the joint will be that if I click that that the Giants, the four joints will be the right from here. You can see this. I just show that very clearly this is the exacting. No way. If a click around the joint that Carl will be getting rounded Okay, on this one, devil join the cardinal will get bevel. That means it's going to be the like. A trap is our design. That car line will be goes like that, that the corn will be get bent over and then it becomes it looks like. Yeah, some kind off island in the kitchen isn't like that. No, I just selector this. Let's go ahead. Put it around into the dash lane. It is very, very good, right? Yes. Cool. Six points of the dash and the one point gap from the each dashes it's going to be. Looks like this thing. Now. I started this thing. Put it down to the ground, join You See that? A very I tracked you one like this. So no need to such resentment. If you go for the Captiva director, you can be make the intersecting may make using the path find there's no need of such things. You just know about the knowledge of the stroke You can make like this point and everything if I select a circular. So Okay, like this one circle will be going like this one's Andi make an another septal will be the right. That means no need off making off another circular going for that. So you just need to make a new stroke only for that stroke. I just make into the blue color point from here in the black stroke. I just do do inside of this one, right? The blue color is going to be outside of the a link, but so select the blue stroke from here. No. Click the dashed line to that. Okay, Inside this, you just decrease the point from here. See that design? It's going to be killing out right so I like it very much to working with this kind off strokes and everything they say the paths and everything's so you find need the one more subtle. So this one's like this if I need so such very, very, very good once. So I need to select a pint, put it on the center, pressed all the shift key to make a very nice grouping samples From here on, they make a little bit different color toe this so no need off. I don't go forward of the color combinations. I just give you the example only So just a selective these things instead of giving the bat from here. Okay. For the selector points, I just do. You're very much detailed circles from here. This one's one lead toe the Yep. This is what good. Say this. See the cycle? No. Once I get it a little bit, trust the art and the shift key. You just make it to the filled with inside this salt so kind off designs on the everything you can use in the stroke parts. Now, you just to make any kind of business. I hope that so make some presents and everything. Please. Submitting to the project and resources from here on, don't forget to give the review off this lessons also. What kind off such thing. Oneto I imploring the lessons. Yes. I am going to be interacted with you or not. I didn't make any funny things inside this lessons because I'm going to teach you all the lessons with me. So if I needed toe, make funny things also, please comment it on this one's I will be in it. Okay. Thank you for that. See you on the next list. 17. 17. Swatches - How to make your Own Swatch Library: So let's be so let's be finished there, there stroke and its properties and even thing I hope you just understand everything will be there. So don't forget to some of the projects and everything, then now just get movinto. Love the swatches sweaters is nothing but the colors. That means that you were going to be filled the colors and we can do such more do the obedience to that objects or whatever we just to be working on yet. So let's get started with the status panel. Once you get the status panels, you just need to what? With that right click on the burger, Minnow, you can see the bunch off options from here. You can see that not only these colors you can see for the weapons scratch library from here it is. I actually deserved inability. So no need toe bother about that once. So every a lot of illustrate only this kind off. So no need to bother about that things. It is a pre default install. Okay? Our globalist everything. So once you come to the weapon spatula already you can see at the history So many things. So many things are kind of assortments, and you can see the Pantone colors. Also, you can give for the pendant colors toe your books creating Sunday. Everything's like a kind off printing. Impending media is going to be very much useful for that on the greedy in clubs, kind of a mental natural things, more of us. How toe See this thing means want to come to the art the history you bring to the NC in colors. That means just bring toe the center off your workflow. You can create like this ones. This is the next button from here next to lower Century. No need to go for again from here, and you can go for again. Don't take too that like that. So once you want this one's click the next colors barrier key in person. Um, Middle Ages Pop art. I like the pop. What so vibrant? Close from here. So the prehistoric things Rennie incense We'll see in pushing not celebrations. Well, yea, nph colors. If you'll see that the difference between these words say this there is no an inverter triangle. From here on, this is your particular color for a particular thing. Only that means it is a unique. Okay, if you apply to any object from here, it will be going for the clinic state only if But if you come to you here, you can see a little bit off your inverted triangle. That weight will be heard on. This is called the global switch. I will tell you in detail. So now you just remember that one global stretches that one. Okay, right on. And you can see the bunch of all colors from here. Wow. Sees what No need to go for any other libraries that go for download to any other things. He the cars will be populated inside from here. You see, this whole many colors will be there. I'm just so very happy to see this color. Sometime in take this one's. So now we left Gettinto, see the scratches and how to create the new scratches. How to load it inside your things on how do make global colors also. So once it jumps jump into this ones, you can see the small thumbnail view medium large on the larger lister view like this one's . So I maximum preferably like to work with the medium dominates because, large that one is very, very bigger One. But it is now useful because off there we are just making the tutorial videos for you. So it is very much cured. Laying it so how to apply these things means so I just make you suckle by clicking the l key on your keyboard. Now, just one lee, one click on your what board? 25 millimeter of the circle I just made. Yep. Perfectly right now I click the young key. Click on the board. Same things, right? So I just did it diluted this once. Once I click that can strain with the opportunities like this. OK, say this that be. And then here also 30 and I click it. You too, Bill, comes our own toe. The whatever you changes, things things. Okay, 20 millimeters. Okay. This square to be very good for Just make like this so far this settle, I just click the green color that will be played on the stroke. Very because off stroke will be sector from here. Okay, Right. Some now hope to change that one. Next. First there backslash key. That means this one, right? Sorry, Friends. Lasky in the question work keyboards. Okay, Two things will be the question Mark also will be there slash Also liberate that. If you press that one, that stroke is going to be none more. OK, now, you prostate yaks a key that means inverter that Phil learned a stroke x key. Now I just click. This color means it will apply toe that whatever we just to select the object. Okay, Now I selected the any other object from here. If I need a plate toe, the same color of the object means PRESTA ikey to make the ink dropper or filler. Whatever you do just that press that color inside this one, the whole properties will be applied to the same object. Okay, whatever that color that the same thing will be comes to the ones. So now I just see this Bring it to the very not very small, a little bit small. Okay, so now we just don't need that second put it along from that month. No need to disturb you. So Crestor alto key. Move the most button toe the next to the See that one. Okay. No press the control. Our command D If you're using windows plus the control de of the command e Like I already said that object transform transform again. Okay, because transform this object from here to move. Okay, that one will be applied at the next ones. So five cubes from here. This one's I just applied any colors. Okay. Any color, any color from here. That means I just make like, oh, that one you find needed a new scratch group inside your swatch 11 in the name off us match groups that also very cute. So if I select all these things, I just bring toe the new color group. Okay for that new color group you just named like this. Whatever you just max color. Okay, ballot. So one lee distinct convert process to the global. Okay, If I select this, what will be happened if I don't sell like this? What will be happening? I will show you. OK, that selected artwork or the selector stretches only so selected are what I just Let's take exit. So once I pressed okay to the button automatically. Yeah, four. That will be creator. You can see whatever you just namely inside that one. All the colors also it will be populated right before you need toe. Had it took that colors means everything. That means you just protect the duplicate from this manna. From here on, I click selector to one more. Do that properties off the colors. What we just give back to the one now I just selector that the total group I just delete that is what? Okay, now select a Everything that colors and everything now just created a group from here. I just make the same name, Mac. Okay, Colette stretches. Okay, Now the silicon switches are the selected artwork. So I just selected for the artwork from here. Now I just select this one's so everything will be added to you were color This one's and you know, just just to sell it this because once you close down the illustrator and reopened illustrator if you could it and you can just re open it will not be found out until you save it. So once I click selector on the folder, I just come to this one. This keep okay, save the swatches. How? I don't need to say the status means already. I have so many scratches inside two meetings. I just did it make on this? Sell it also on the gum. Rode their conflict that so far this one's I just give the max. Okay, Carla stretches. Okay, then I click. Ok, that's right. Now I just close this stretch panel are other ways I just select and what it did also means if I come to from here, you can use it defined. That means inside this you can see my callous fighters. You fight. Click it. See? My color swatches will be comes out from here until any time also. Okay, one Lee, if you are onions told the illustrated applications, it will be going off. No, it will be gone off. It will be there inside the folders. Okay. You need to get your back up inside that once. So how to get the back of burned out? So you just know, but that things very to be located and everything's no, I just into the large terminal views. Just click it selected these things for this one's. I just make No, we just make what kind of things that I said that with the global. Okay, now we just to make to the global scratchers What did What do you mean? With the global switches inside the word it is their global. If I selected that, think the global total art and everything will be it's to be changed. But if you want to be select, some other comes from here. So let's get into the example from years. So I press the young key. I just click it from here. Just making a support. Nicest Squire with the super color. I love the color this once, so I just take into the green. Okay. Like that Are otherwise discolor is very cool then. Now I just bring into my colored scratchers so that one like this it will be dropping Okay . Intact. This one's you fight created a new color group like that. Okay, See this? See anything first? The old or option key was the controller commodity To make a group like this ones, I was just a select some kind of different colors about the future orange. Okay, now I selector the whole thing. Sam thing split the nuclear group under this group Max. Global color. Okay. You know, because convert process to the global. If I click it, you can see I told you, right? The writer in voter triangle inside this one's okay. You can find out this color to be global. So what do you mean? What do you get from this one? What is the use off this global? Phyllis means I just put it a copy to the topside and they make and another copy from that one. See this If I double click on the Collette. Okay. That means that first toe if I select any other color, get the review you find Sit. Get preview, Nicholas that that properties will be applied to my artwork. Right? It is very cool, right? Once you apply you any other color after the works also you can make you can do it and you cannot played it. So that one's it's very easy. Just like the working means it will be. Get to the colors off the ones you fight Selector that read the last one I just give to the pure red what a thing Superstar did to the preview. Now the artwork will get changed, right? You fi selected How many times also see this, Mr. And you like that. How many times also north Natalia problem. Justice cell Doubly gone. The articular Get to the preview. I select this one. This color, this color you can change at any time. Okay. This is the global color swatches. So now you can make sweaters. You can group into a gym, scratches. You can save your scratches once, watchers. One global collapse matters everything. No, we just got idea about the scratches and everything's okay. Thank you for that seat on the next lesson. 18. 18. Gradient - Linear, Radial and Free Form Gradient Properties: Hello, everyone in this class, we are just going to belong about the Grenadians. So what is mean by grading means if you'll just make a single color that is different. If you just mixing up colors inside an object, making off two killers on more than how much colors, you just need it. That is the ingredient for that. Brilliant. We are just going to be see such more examples on how to make your one brilliant also. So let's get started. So once you come to the window, we just go to the radiant. That means control. F nine r Command F nine is the shark it on to click on this and window will be pop up for you right inside the window. Foster reserves to make how to be just to learn about some things. So goto the Bulger mental hide the options. That means one Lee, these lines will be comes up if you click here showed up, since only it will shows all the options incitement. So before the Sesay under see you see a 672 comes CC, then CC two toes on 19 then see photos and 20 in that season in that sense, he doesn't. 20. You have very pretty cool a bit will be that that means freeform graded. So let's see that from the beginning. Linear radio under such more things. So for that Brilliant, I just pick. Yeah, suckle from here. Okay, Right. Once I click the succulent everything, it will be automatically activated. Okay, Inside this one's if you want make greedy int So the stroke or the field is upon your choices only. So how to make that means if you click are selected it object or design Whatever you just need comes to the despair. Slap filmed a stroke for that shocker Keys Sift exit. If I press shift X, it will be applied to my stroke. No, If you want to see clearly, I just make make with the file. No, you see this very dark black that will be started from here. It will be goes around So that waited So black structure toe this one and will be goto weight are otherwise wait started here and it will be applied into the dark black. So how to change these things? Also, Just click the brilliant slider. Okay. Are you can go for it. The greedy in If I go for this one, lets single this button double click on this You can see color palette and the sweaters on the color picker. Also, you can make color picker also right for picking the colors toe anywhere on the color spatters. Also, I just click the colors fighters From here I just click some kind of a color. Very cool for this black. I just choose well, like this. Cool. Very, very cool, right, isn't it? If I want to switch back again to the fill color means press the shift exit toe that one. Okay, now just click Make this stroke value. If you just need it, you can go for it. Otherwise click the stroke. I just mentioned Internet. That's it on This is just make a play to the grating to any other things How? Toe set Default to the Graydon. How toe default toe. Tell us anything. Just trust the Beaky. Okay? Plus the wiki toe. Activate the default color in it. If you press the x key, you can switch over to the stroke under the Phil. If you press the safety X, it will be the color will be. Get shifting, right. If you want to select means for STX key if you want to secure the colors plus the super exit. Okay, I understand that. What I said no, I just dry a rectangle. Okay. From here, I just throw it out to that site. No, this rectangle from here I pressed the default key inside This one's so now I just come toe the ingredient color inside this one. If I What is that mean? Off location. That location. Is that this slider? Okay, if you need that's later. Look to the left side means one Lee from this party, that means up to 17.11%. Okay, make it round so that after 20% one like this color will be followed up. After that, these roads will be continues. Is it okay if I need it? Lord color. So that brilliant slider means Just click it from here. Okay. At the anywhere. Okay. You just click more and more collapse will be appeared If I need it that alot okay onto this one. I need some kind of your again. Blue. Okay, right. That's very cool. This is their slider you just be moved out. It will be applied to this one. This is the location off that that colors on this bill becomes toe. The angle of that. If I need a 45% means those colors will be followed into the 45 degree of that one. If I need 1 80 degree, you could not be seen. But it will get Revert. Er that means that means 90 degree. See this You could change the angle. Also from here's you fight, click it And it the grading means you develop. So everybody inside you. What object from here? So you can change instead off here you can change onto the object. So see that like this I just make on this 10 degree means I will make put it out the location. How much I need her. Okay, that the thing Cool. If I finish that design means press the motor pool. But any other things. You just make this Descents like that. So moto that one no blustery led to make create another circle. I just need to apply not linear thing. A very real thing. If I need, it really means just click from here it will becomes around toe the radio things so bring back to the color toe desired. Bring back this one this one like this So such kind off colors if you need like this means it will be goes out. So how Billy PR color within that range means simply you just click that color This one this button pretty dark. That means pick it up from that. Okay, big it out. That's it. If I need one more beautiful color from Kito here Okay, Noted the center. I just need that look. Good. That glow. I just feel it inside that like a ball like a fireball. You can make it any colors, combinations inside your things This is the radial thing other than the same things angle on the ellipse size capacity How much capacity just needed If I want to make that the local only do the 75% means you just make it like that one lead to the 75% off the lonely mixing in that area. Okay, by selecting the image and you click here and you cannot play. If not, it's not be applied on this one's So now I just move it toe aside that also then come to the young key to make you bigger square from here for that square. I just give so that default key and comes to the freeform ingredient for that free from Gillian. What will be happens means all the four circles will be comes to the corners. Once you come back to this one's, I just double click on this one's I just go to click inside the colors and everything right and they just click here I just click come toe again Facility Any other colors we just come to hear you just click on one more color from here. You just click here for more color from here like this. If you need any colors to get more means press the key inside of this like this making another color That's it. Other than the same things. If you need the points if you need the lines, that will be different. If I select this guy Okay. What did you inside from here? It is the radiant. If I needed a laugh lines into will take like this one For those lines, that color will be applied. I see in that line, I just make choose the colors like this the free from Greenland and everything. Okay, actually, hearing this very much interest ratings if you are especially player only with the greens like these boxes and deception the simple sage done, really you can make you were turn off working for you from the bigger level. So that intimate level then you can master level means you can apply toe any kind off logo designs. The three d local reasons are available on the Internet. Very, very, very much fun will be that. So kindly learn about the grading Sunday everything's will be It's very much useful. And once again, if you just make this garden like this means Kansai making the stroke into zero Stockman live or the strokes and everything, everything will be that you just come Today's box under days just dropped on. What will be that if you go for these, there is a thing here will add do stretches Once I click that you can go for this patch inside a scratch. You just to see that color from here. Okay, New Grady in like this. So I just make into the large. Some night you will be seen very clearly inside. This dispatch will be applied. So once I sit, click here applied it. Click here applied it for this up. Like so. Everything every designs will be You can make like this ones so you can sail there. Color are the ingredients into the swatches also. So this will be very helpful to you. I know you understand. The Grandin's very much greater than anyone. So kindly created some Glidden and are played toe any shapes and any other things. Kindly submit your things. I will. I'm waiting to see you were feedbacks and everything, so thank you for that. You on the next lesson. 19. 19. Make your First Drawing - What you need to know?: Haider. Hello, everyone. Now, just to be entered into the 50 category of this course, that means drawings. Okay, so we need just entered into the drawing. These things and everything suggest venue entered into the drawing category. It is actually very, very fun and very much interested also. So let's get started with speaking any other things once you come to select it, what kind of documents you just needed. And if I have some examples from here like these, if I come to the properties sections, you can see the document. What are the units we just used in the document? That means centimeters. I just preferred from here. I'm using about the one Lee one outboard early on the ruler and the greats. You can see three tape off things with that rulers and the plates. OK, for the guides, you can draw the gates, you can lock the gates and you can hide the smart base. OK, under the snap obstinance. These other three things on these things will be explained in this video. Okay, don't worry. So the difference from the preference we just use like this one's also these also easily explained from here those bunch off properties will be explaining this one exact video. So please kindly follow these things before that. I just show you the example. Okay. Once I click the show, the grid means the good will be shown on your document. Okay, See this? I just occupied it for these designs. The four squares, the large force Quaid's inside these one square I just aka baited this design. What? You because off it is mathematically. What German Piccoli equal. Okay for this designer. So it is a tough ladies, and I just make down a single pat off this one, Lee. And then these numbers are created us different layers. One under another layers. You can see that it's will be all in the eight sub layers. Okay, then. I know arranging. Do you think if you are designing, like this kind off a pie chart? But you're just numbering for any other things. You can make the chart everything like this. You can go for it on This is the thing. Okay. I just created one lee one stroke off these things on their ring. Only after that we can make everything. It's possible inside that great once I click there. Transparency, greed. You can see everything going to be transparency one Lee that designs under the color that means filly and the stroke that only shown to you. Okay, I just hired this transparency. I just created this good. Also, I just cried that ruin sunset. Now, just to come back to the new fresh document from here. So how to make such a things inside of this one's? So click the rulers from here. Okay, On other ways you can press control Our command are that is the short cut key. Okay, are other ways you can go for the view here. You can see about that. Rulers show the rulers changed to at board rulers show the video rulers, you can use it. Then you are using the video things we can use for the video rulers. And you can't where the change at borderless means. I just sure the first thing then I come to from here. But let's change their art. Borderless okay from that outer bullet this is the core. American will be the right you can set Click it. You can change any tape off units from here. Millimeters centimeters, pixels whatever these things, I just Some of the pictures means units from here. This also will be changed. You fight change here on, so it will be reflected. So both the things that seen you can use it is from here also, you can use it us from that also. That is the thing. Then I come toe klik. The short agreed. Okay, this is the default greed. What I am using in my document. If you want to change the grid under the subdivisions, also see this. 12345678 eight subdivisions off squares inside the one big square. If you need 10 squares meets, you can go for control K or command K. Okay, that means opened the preference. Then you go for that gate on there. Gonna do in that? You can see subdivisions. Okay. Under the guy. Every sorry grappling for the great line. Every lanes for the 50 pixels off the grid line at the file subdivisions one lee. The color is guys. Colors will be read on. The good calorie will be black. You can't choose for your world color, any color, any custom colors also all right for the lines are for the dots. Also, you can using mostly I prefer for the lights for the every great line off 50 pixels. Under the substance off fight, we can create a great so serious 12345 each. Five subdivisions are making into your one type off the grid square on the whole grid square will be going into along through the document. Okay, While you were making like this means it is actually used to the far draw the perfect squares, circles and whatever that these things based upon the geopolitical paints that is very much useful for that. I'm just drying ellipse from here. If you are, I prefer to be. No, before that means smart Gates means you can draw inside like this. It's actually very useful. Then I click the drawing of the square perfectly Click it that smart games will be going. You okay? If you don't know about the smart gates? If you forgot before me, that means you just go for the view. Smart gains turn on if you are. If you were smart, gains with baton on means those lines. Those Russ color lines will be followed through where you are designing on the rich and pendants that guys will be useful very do for this things. Okay, then. Now I just come to the view. Snap to the grid pixel 0.3 things will be available. The same thing available from here inside that properties Snap to the point on the snap. It agreed. Snapped the pictures you fight turned off everything I can move from here on. So Okay, right. It is the intersection. Point off. This one's I can use it. So suppose if I didn't make the drying big unusual. That means un symmetrical of the geometry means suppose any kind off sites means if I need do luck from here, I could not be okay perfectly. I cannot do these things. I can't do it. But it will take time for that. Only we are using these things. What is that one? Snap to the point on the snap to the great snap of the pixels. If I clicked the snap to the point you find move automatically, it will be snapped. Going to be to the point. Do that point of the center off the circle. It will becomes out from here so if I snapped with a good means. See this If I take the square, I just moved to these means for the every square. It will be automatically snapping if I move that snap it. If they move the snapper, that means automatically will get attracted by some type of magnetism. Okay, Right. That one. It is very, very useful for that. You fight selectively. Any object that object properties will be one Lee going off from here if you sell it. Aren't that what book are your document? Boat? Are your notebook right? One lead. These properties will be shut up from here on this one snapped with the pixels. Same thing you fight. Click from here. If I press the control key, you can see Await. Arrow will become down from here. Then you can move like this. I just snapped this one. The left arrangement of the Petzel. You can use it up. All right. That is very cool. That it is very clear. Then the second thing you can use the privy bones scale the corners, scale the stroke. Since everything means you fight selected before that, they can select this If I sell it If I make the bigger means, nothing will be shown up Nothing in this world because this corner will not will be same from kid. If I do the carnal book from here, you can see the Carmel's also that is killed. Okay, that one. These videos. Then there. Second thing scaled the strokes under the effects means cities. This stroke is going to be one pick one point. OK? When I just shrink, nothing will be changed. When I get expand, nothing will be changed. But when I selected scaled the strokes on the effects from here. If I select the object, if I do shrink, that will be going. Scinto 0.57 point from the one. Okay, you fight. Do expanded these things. It's comes toe one from to the 1.26 It is going to be higher. Whatever the sizes do going to be scared off, you can control in save the preference Also, these things scale the corners scale the stroke effects from here are other ways. You can do it in the properties. When you are using the CC 2020 versions, it will be very, very fine toe work we thought going the preference panel on jump to the properties ones. You can do it inside. You were in Professor of States. It is very much useful for that. So now in this video, you are lent about the rulers greats under the gates and hope to make this one's on the snap options for the guides. You can pull over from this one's adoption from here. If you don't need that lines from that one, you just click it from this. Select the line on billeted. Okay. Like this. If this once were the lane from here. So all the lines on Greece will be lager. So you fail is the luck. You can select it and you can delete it once you release the languidly. If you lock the gates means you cannot move the gates. Okay? No. And this is the line you can smite. The smart gets. You can click from here. Smart gets That means control. You are command you on your cable, so kindly learned the shark, Dickie's and the memories it and use it. Use it. User down your art boards for the dissents. Once you use that used used and you can be. That means I just bet you you are the master inside this application. I got my point. Thank you for that. See, on the next list. 20. 20. Pencil, Smooth, Shear, Transform, Path, Eraser and Info: Hi, everyone. Welcome to back again. So in this class, we're just going to be learnt about some tools for the drawings and everything's so if you are saying that before the drawings are, this lot of business will be getting from one Lee take off these two shapes only. Okay, so it will be very helpful toe make by these one with the rotation on that reflect tools on it. So let's see about these tools on this. The whole set off the drawing tools we just using for designs. Maximum off any designs a logo, designs, whatever their that it will be very useful toe that. So how do joined the two pats how to break up the two pats on the photo change or transform the shape to any of the things? So let's get started. So that one I hope you you are connecting with me to take this lessons. It's actually really very, um, beautiful. Okay, let's see that. So I just come to the new document of this one. I just bring back to the top of these ones. What are the panels I just get here from? That means it is the line segment. Tool that one. Then you come back to the rectangle shapes and everything's then that the pencil tools and everything these things are the scissors under the knife on the eraser tool. And this is the share tool. It is the scale toll on the reshape tool. And this one is rotated under that a flight. So let's start with that. So how to make her toe create your good before that before this lesson, you just learn about the door. That is the shot keys command our first trophy. Okay, there is nothing. So the now I just hide the good. That and the game's only everything. So now I just take yes rectangle, shape it out off. 50 millimeter. Very perfect. This one, the no if I need it. Okay. If I need to change the shape into the some share more, that means the rectangle is going to be like, look, likes the kind off in italic letters, right? Hope it changed. That means no need off. Pull this thing uneven under this corner, this corner like that. So this is the before shape. So now I just taken toe the a little bit on so for kindly understand of this thing. I just make into the stroke with point to a big one. So how to apply to this? But also, if I select this thing, Andre just pressed the i g the Inca Philip. The sampler will be applied to this. So wherever you just need you just click it that properties will be copied to that object. Also, this is the kind off. Yeah, tips and tricks like that. So when I select this rectangle and I clicked the sheer tool the sheer tool is to be going upon into this one. Okay. The sheer told below that scale toe. Okay. Right in that sheer tool when I just make see this Okay, you can see that the blue line guide will be show show off. Okay, If I released that if you need the perspective you kind off designs means you can go for it . This one on the scale tool, The normal one. Why? I need the scale toe. If I pressed the VT motel means automatically that transform will be comes up but inside the scale tool. If I comes to here all right, I can scale uniformly. Ba told help off the shift. Our al Turkey like that I can shape like this, right? It's very much useful for that than a gain. I said this one's to take that first alky to make a one more duplicate on this one. Get into like this one. Then I click again. The sheer dole if I click dis aside. Yes, of course. 90 DT. Okay, then I moved to this to make Intersect off disappoint. You can see this. A kind of a book opening designed like that first, initially, how to read it. Get rid of these things we just learned about in the stroke pot. Okay. State like to get the stroke, get to the corners to the wrong joy. That's it. Right now we just get it up these things and also press the control. Our command. Why? To see in the outline. Morning. Okay. You just select these things and you can make the sheer toe again. If I bruise a little bit. Only Okay, then I come to the money ship bad off the tune, Then I click a little bit. If it is so this. See, there's no the book going to be opened like that. So kind off. These designs we achieved inside this scale sheer on the reshaping means I for the reshape . We just seen that the mental. Okay, right now I just delete these things. Now come to the again The same square. How do cut or how to use the scissors? Knife toe like that means you fight. Get the sisters to the shocked that is See Okay, if I press the sea automatically That sisters told me we could um So how to cut with the success? We just get into the point and we just cut it, Okay, Right here. The points are these the anchor points? So when I click on the anchor point, click here That that also no Preston v motile Vicky. I pressed this line and I can separate. See this? I can easily separate this length once you select, This prosthesis is too. What is this one? Plus the wiki to move against this same thing, right? Once I had done this like this, it will be very useful also now, PRESTA Elke. We just know before that. And this is the Ellipse press. The sister Tooley. I just click here. I just click here getting no press The wiki Munley this but only I just take down. So no needed toe intersect at the pathfinders using inside this, making the other shapes like that. So if you need to cut anything at the anchor point, you can easily done so These kind off designs will be very useful toe making deception, anything. Let's we see that so kindly patients on we can do it. So these designs, if you want to need to learn, please be patient with me and you can learn everything's inside of classes. So now the second. But if it becomes around the pencil tool on that smoke tool batteries a join the tour. So all the before things he has shaped tool will be there inside the shape tool you fight. Click it if I drop with the most are with their use off the pen tablet, anything. If we draw the circle or to medically that suckled shape will be comes Don't. So if I'd rather square like this and they make triangle, okay. If I need to make a rhombus thing like this shape off para noid like this, if I go for some What is this? Polygons? Okay, maximum off polygons. Bill Mex is a irregular polygons. Means it will be goes out into square. So once I don't This See this? If I press poor will over like this one. So why we need these means inside off drying the character making the paper as there drawing sheet and with some butter paper like this will be the right some transparent sheet on the transparency you can be drawing like this are the shapes I shapes on the main most on there Mote would be weapons that all these things But it becomes like this, right? It is very cool. So one side desire to these things making to transform Arranged, sent to the back. So once I sent to the back these What is this some kind of a ghost? Okay, little ghost making to smile into the these things again if I come tow the ship like this one. So I'm making this lanes my days unusual deeds Okay like this If I draw any shape, it will be comes up like this So this tool will help you for the whole illustrators When you are just trying to these things. So once again, I just select everything. I just get rid of these things. All the things done like this now comes to the pencil tool with the help of pencil tool, you can bra any things inside. This one's there. The point will be, uh, ended. Then you started instead automatically it will be joined it right like this. If I select the wiki and I can fill with any color inside this, you can do it. So for that instance, if I draw some mountains from here like this Okay, so I just make join this one for this A joint from here for this. A joint from here, right? If I pressed the wiki, I select this Go for the color. I sell it some kind of like dark one for this one. I mean, something is a light the most dark. We're okay, right? So the night no arrange Rearrange these things toe water. What? I just need a okay. Once I do a good thing inside this. No, a press the control minus. That means go far. He thinks that I pressed the M key to make the whole bit up its square from here Right So far This square shape my first a d for the D, for Dickie. So hold off everything. Select everything. Right? Click, make the clipping mask. So what would be done? So from apart from this this area, it will be automatically clippard by this mask. So whatever you just draw from behind this tools and everything it will be. Get clipper the mask from here. So let's we see the designs gets chatter from here Desserts So no press the control zero command zero to make it fit on your what area Now inside the pen. And still it'll say this. I just drawn in it out from here. If I press the a key, you can see the anchor points from here. 123456789 10 11 12 There are 12 points inside this line. If you need more anchor points inside these lines to control over to take down like this. So what do we control means? Press the A key inside this one's We can just move it from here. We can move from here. We can move this point. We can move this. We can move this like this be I just heard the points of these lessons will be continually from this lessons. So once I needed like this, if I pressed the wiki go for the object, Pat. So this is the pattern. We just go into the path, and if we can make add anchor points, Okay. If I add anchor points, press the a key, you can see more anchor points will be seen from here once you've done like this pressed ozeki. Okay, If I come very much, zoom from here. That means 1002 173% it. Okay, then I make the smooth tool This area is going to be like, very corner on the stiff for the point like this. This is not a getting up the smoke things. So one side how to make this means I just paint over some here. Okay, Frank, go from here like we're not two things. It will automatically gettinto smooth like this. We're getting smooth things on the next thing. That syriza if I needed the path to be raised from here, means if I selector these things, if I selected these things, this this anchor point okay? For this anchor point for the second point I selector and I raised, like, your tip of the areas of the pencil like this. So only the pencil will be getting in better like this. All right, These things will be very useful. Don't win things. So personnel, press control command zero depressed wiki. You can, but all the parts from here, so different shape these things. So no, you can understand these tools. Okay? And moreover, for any tools, you just double click on this. That panel options will be comes out to pop out in seven. So if you need a curate, you can do accurate distance. If I need accurate means. If I draw the pencil, what I just draw it will be same. Okay, If I now doubly going, this one's I just go for the smooth side. If whatever, I just dropped like this corners also, it will get automatically smooth. By taking this tool a smooth you'll see, all the ages will be getting into smooth, right? Very helpful for the drawings. All right. Actually, illustrator is very much kind of a bunch off. No religion, everything. So you just get to learn the tools and everything's you just get into the practice and it will become so over toe. Get the master in these things. No, if he all the tools and everything, will begin. Stone. So now we're just to learn some type of tours and everything's so just get learned toe into the tools. Just opening. Where? Illustrator, open your document. Do some things. Do some viewer things. Okay, trying Sunday Everything's don't get afraid. I get that, Um, don't be compared to the but affects in east. OK, this is my kindly advice on things. So in the next listen, we're just going to be hope toe separate the path to join the paths and everything's so see you on the next list. Let's get connected. 21. 21. Pen tool - A monster tool for designing: Hi there. Everyone in this class, we're just going to be Lana Wood, the pen tool on the curvature tool under the next one, reshaping Arkan Spiral corner widgets like that. So before that's trying. Before we get starting to the video, I just to show you some examples what I am creating inside of the states. So just a complete er that less is so from that completed classes, I just making, like, free sub good under. Then I deleted it are cut. Okay. Using the scissors under the sea sharp cookie. What is the means? Yes, there. It insisted the knife. So I just cut down from that angle. Pointed that this anchor point and I make double lines using with them the strokes under some of the things. So when I get stroke, I think 1.5 Yes. So for these one, I just make that one side on, okay? And I never reflected So we just be make like this once. So using up these things, we can using the pento that only we just learn in this class. This is also on this also like this also, everything's under. Then one one with the simple shapes. And the sheriff So using the stage. Okay, this all the shapes and everything. I just protecting down the semi circle triangle on the winners the trapezoid. And this one is the one up these Philips and one is that hexagon. Okay, I'm using that. I can make like this ship. Well, isn't it that the lens cap parlance showing that late for the photographic? That symbol like this Hope toe make like this means just analyzed that image. Okay, how it will be just to draw into your paper makes cripples, right? Once you down into that, I just pressed the control way for you. That means the airplanes home here because you maybe get excited in this point. So I controlled way. See this one leader cycle under the hexagon under the Higgs again? I just plays the line. Okay for this one line for this also, first that line and then I rotate in. That about for that lane, I just due to the white, that means what is that stroke? So wait, Stroke are You can place for the weight fill out, but it will not be that. But wait. Stock is very good for that stroke. I just applied one point. Some of the things 1.5 or 1.2 like this because two is much bigger than the two parts off the one. So I just dig greased from that ones so you can play around a bit that decimals and everything's Then I come to here. I just going for that must control white for the you can see that same outlined Do see this monitor circle. And this is the same circle here. Also cycle. This is the in protection of physical. So you can see in the Pathfinder video, right? How we are made like this. So I just place it the one in the 90 degree on This is the inverter one of the night duty on by Larry around with that triangle, right for that triangle. What I am doing that for the sharp edge will be that that corner okay for that, I just made their own corners to the triangle and they place the same second to that soup. So activate telephone this one. So this is the opposite of the circle from here. So then I make colors for these without the color one with a stroke From here for this, I just play around with the great where because off I just want to be seen. First of all, how will be looks like that one's so for this one, I hope we can meet with the mixing of the colors, and everything's so you can also play are only with such kind off things on the make it and you, Can somebody do it in your project? I can give you each and every one review for that. If you are asking questions, also, don't hesitate to ask even silly questions also because he wanted just begin it. I know that. So even for the silly questions also, you can be asked me That one is very great. I love it to answer to everyone. So then I click it. Don't suppose that months, so you can be make everything like this this shape and that also soho to create. That means I just created a new layer for that because I just make hired these things. Once you want to hide these things, you can get ready for the fresh things. Okay, so no need toe bothering about that side descends from Kim. Then on the shot Get keys. That be okay When you click the peaky that actually mental will be getting started from that one so bad This is quest. Bill comes up. The first question, isn't it? Okay, something signed locked down. Just take this one's It is. Go to the group from here inside the group from here from the bad. This is the bad days. Like it for that cities just go to the new document. Postcard size is very good for the tutorials. See this Rectangular grid, Italy. Once I double click on direct, tangled, greedy tool you can see the options inside for the rectangle grades. So for that, my opinion is for this Designed for this tutorials, for example 50 millimeter off the size. Default with the height, the number of the dividers for the high. Resounding. Okay, horizontal means What will be there that flat left to right. Okay. Under the vertical dividers. So from the top to the bottom. So this is the develops off the top to bottom. This is the debaters from the left or right. It's OK. You all know about the horizontal and vertical things on the width and height It This is the one really thing inside the rectangular bear things that I click OK, once I click OK, I just make just click it down Draw press the shift key You just make the proportional things right? Then they release it once I realized it if I need Okay, the round the members of this we don't hide everything. So I just making toe 18. That is very good, right? So under days also press 80. Then I locked my didn't ratio So once you just we make click it down from here You just go for the layer one and it can be select the object you can go for the click the capacity whatever you just needed I just go for 25% 1/4 off the full things Then you can see that a light great gallup from this one's So for that again I just to select the same thing. Come toe the art board alignment. Okay, click center. Aristotle's under the particular land centre also So now the great panel bill becomes under the your document into the center of the bat. Then I make lock the layer. That's it. No creatively. A new layer by clicking that here or you can create can go for the layers menu like that. So once I create the layer here I was taught that design here. What is this Good day. So under the dissents layer, Once I hit the speaking, the mental will be activated once I this once Okay, When I right click on it you can see that mental are the anger point delivered anchor point under the anchor point So what these things means I just the tool from here. Okay, first of all, I just to show you the example Then I go into the drawing So what is the mental hope to use it? So if you are near toe mental get the master Things like this means just go for this type off dissents Because usually when I am beginner I'm just using these designs by lecturing by my master in my college days and everything So it's very useful that thing. So once I click the mental, you can go for click the anchor point of this area on the design not integrated because it is going to be Lockard Great so that my click the 2nd 1 Okay, the second line of this one's on the path intersecting that thing. So if you go near toe that it will show that because of smart gates we turned on. So this is the path, and this is the intersection off the bat from here. Once I click a gain, the second leg don't release it. Just swing the homes. What is that? Spring the arms off the anchor point to the current. The backs up from this one. Right? Then you can talk from here down again. So intersect point click again. Swing the bad again to the seem like this, Then you a game. Make it like this. Okay. If I pressed the AL the key or the option key on your Mac, it you can cut. You don't do that anchor point from Nevada. But you just don't need that. When you are making the last two age decisions means like that meets and then come again toe the in perspective at this point. Make it two the same kind off like this again. The path will be going like this. Okay, I just to preferring for the making the duck head like that. Or any lease Maybe you can use it does. It is your wound because I just using for the back and whose Whatever. Just here that everything so far this I just completed a design now are using the pento Quite so once I press the key wiki, it will comes into the properties. You can see that under the design, a path will be created. So for that but are you can be just to select the path you can fill any color inside this or you can give go for the stroke for normally any other things like that. So now it is very good at Great if you want to make you this This okay this like this bad. I want to make a bend inside. It's like this. Okay, going like this So I hope to do that means that is a no anchor point from here, right? So alone. No need to worry like that So you can go for this ad. The anchor point If we if we collect them bliss key on your keyboard this button will be optimistically activated. Then I click How many points? I just you need on the segment of the path I can get it. But if you just click on the correct segment of the bath, if you just click on the outside, it will shows, then some. You really be that? Please use the add anchor point on segment of the but or Great. I am going to the segment of the path and I just had it. That's it. How toe? See that? But okay. Like that means same thing, Rusty. A key that is that their extraction toe. Once I click, selected this direct selection to wrest control of command away to see very clearly on the Oakland. Then I used the handles. Okay, then I use my handle. I will do it once I do something for us. The wiki Can you press the control way to release the Oakland More toe the review More. You can see this. No, it looks like something like said, whatever justice you can do it. Then I make one more that angle of the point from here like this I just make you on and cool another line from here. That's the escape key. Plus the wiki Do just finish this line, right? Upper down lips will be going to be a good one. But upper lips Someone hit that upper lips is willing to be swelling Lakers When I see it's so this is that mental and you can be making to the plus or minus minus is going to be you can just to delegate any other. Uh, if you need it plus the Beaky. If I don't need the path of like this, you can just build it. Okay? You can do it like this. Great. This conversation point, It's not thing, but one if you are pressing the Al Turkey Okay, right we are. What we doing that once? That is thinking this is the conversion point. Once you click this, you can make convert early. Were bad by using that like this is the one. Very good. Like seeded. You're weak. Our paddy whatever that these thinks. Okay, once you give the exact color combinations, means it will be Looks like the same thing. Coffee bean. Whatever this thing, right? So you can be learned such some other things. Some ideas will be there. You can use anything. These things make you some designs of like inside of these things. Okay? You can, Philip it it. So for that drying, I just need toe tell you one more things from here. If I press the beaky again from here, if I choose the path I can go for the intersection, then we only intersect from here, then intersected with this one. So what is going on here? Okay, the 50 going to be is that so? Click the black backslash. This will get it. The question What? But keep Then we only automatically the physical is going to be done so it can continue. Right? So I just give you this one like this. Then I click here. I just finished the path. Okay, press the escape key, then wiki to select this one's. So once I come down toe, this one's I just make the back about five points. Wait up, this one then. Nice. Choose the same thing. We just already learned inside these things around their necks from here. Okay, so now it will be. Looks like a good one. You can separate this battle so you can make it like this by pressing the V or Seiki. Under this one's you can separate your path from the designs like this. Okay, now this path will be separated. This path will be separated once you done with this one's personal control. C control. Yes. If that means we just press the control, see for copy and then the control fearful for her You can paste in the friend if you want to taste in the back Control be are commendably get a So know I just make swing inside So this like this Okay then I press shift the key 123 like this So how it will be Looks like inside it's spats making the center in perspective That would cool So we know that hope to join these things So many when I just move into this one's rest The control our command Why you can see the outline more inside outlined more Just go for any deeper person Age off zoom here I am going for 1002 100% something So once I click the B Muecke, then I press the control of command key. You can give the anchor point Click it and you can move toe the pot Very be need to join it then pressed a Yankee. Select the both points. Okay. Lets the control of command J two connected those lines that it'd be object that joint. Okay, The same thing. Then again, press the control of command. Why? Controlled zero To bring back into the activate things Things you can see that nice. I love it. Okay. If I need one more. The path for the same things. Use your pen tool. Complete this dissents. I will give you with the present in the exercise window from here. See you in the next lesson by 22. 22. Curvature Tool and Reshape Tool - Idea Tips and Tricks: Hi. That this video, we're just going to be done about that. Commager two under the recycle. So before that, you are just practicing in the pen tool with the help of four types off the right. I just tell you, Kendall at anchor Point delivered anchor point on the anchor point. So in this one, the next two things is to the courage of tool When you click the curvature tool. What do you mean by the courage? It means that exact my d day of the are collected. So when I just click on the greatly from here So next to good when I click this. Okay, see this? It's actually pretty good. See that one? That green. Maybe you just to see number that green thing, right. That arc that our kids will be automatically guides you, but it will be goes off. So when I, Justin needed this pat, This is exactly like the path means I can click over from here. So press the backs less are the French Looks like Max less. Is this one print statically to make the film on the ones I make coming into the bad like this one's sector I'm not gonna go to the this one. Then I can come in tow this thing, I think. But then I committing them. If you intersecting, this means he can go for it. I was I generally just like this. Just a wiki for this booking. Don't. But what is that? I hope you are just these. There at least bending like the last lawyer Been like that means just coming to the reshape tool under the section off scale in the next half year than in the reshaped. That is no shortcut from here. So for that reshaped tool, when I click, you need anchor point from here. Right, You can. I just did it. So the reshaping off these things, right? I just click here, See this make your bush, But I will make one more anchor point from here. Right? So this is the uncle find I just added to these ones. Then I come again into the reshape tool. So sell. At that point, I cannot just right. So you can just like this to any type off things around the person are only things. Everything counts completed into the thing. Selig, this mirror stroke put it into the dash. Whatever just made that you can go for the strokes. You can go for the basil's Bubbles are rounded corners whatever the best things making into so many shoot things like that. So he was like a bomb descends like that. Some of the insects you can go it for some butterfly bodies. So many things will be coming out of the mind. So you just make Could be seconds of dissent. Dissent! That means not only perfect descends, don't go for the perfect Finished. You just was cripple on your things because you are a beginner and everything just to learn about everything. If you're done anything wrong inside your applications, nothing will be going wrong. So your computer will not be blast making fire accidents. Nothing will be that one only Maybe what's happening into the last things? The application will be gradually. Okay, Just reopen it and work it. That's it. This is my cooler stadia for anyone for the beginners. Because I just introduced do any beginners off this one's inside became the any company. It's hard for the film. If I waas working as a trainer, I will teach light. I will teach them like the door. So do anything. Don't go for the perfect reasons. Just to go for the woman shaped like a base. Put it like this. Yeah, To ellipse from here for the ice, when your lips will be comes doing the moat, but reshape it. Okay, this one like this Like don't like Bob later so I can do them. Only you can. Yeah. Some ideas will be raised from you from that distance. Okay. This tool will be worked like this. I am exporting this tool. I'm expert in that old I'm exporting this one. This area like that, General, you can grab your power and you can go for it. That's it's my kindly based on this one. So once a completar, these all things again like this It was a maximum we just watched over from here On the one hand, tools tools will be comes over to the next lesson because off, because we just in the next lesson, we just to start into the effects panel. It's very, very greater used inside the illustrator. No one will gives so many ideas inside there about the effects from here. So let's get started in the next one. Don't waste over time because your time is value. I know that also 23. 23. Rotate and Reflect Tool Properties: Hi there, everyone in this video, we are just going to be seen about the two tools oneness rotate on their next twenties. Reflect so faster. It is a very simple tool. Someone will tell that only for the rotator one before that reflect like this. So we just getting to be something D day. Okay, so let's get started. They don't follow. Do anything. So first of all, I just dryer ellipse. Okay. In that their lives How many points? That means anchor points just to see that one, 234 anchor points with this scene that but the reference point is on the blue line is the right. That is the reference points. 123456789 That reference points will be various on your control. But if you press the Parky only that rotate tool it will be activated. Okay, If you are seen these Esquire's that is the reference points on your controlled by. So now I can choose from this reference point instead of begin with the middle. I just put it in there. Don't Okay, don't the key from here. If you're rotted that things, it will be voted on that position only are otherwise you just rotate like this onto the central even though if you are click on the center, it won't be shown that. Then what is the problem? So just moto the transform That means free transform proof that is IKI. You can move you a reference point. That means this is there one? Okay, I just moved into the this one this down so I can move through the reference points. I can move it Cool, isn't it? Right you fight press that all The key or option key? If I make like this, I can make duplicates also. So if it this not happening this so just learned With the rotator, you'll end up turning. So how to do that means I just delete this one's I just make another one instantly. Okay, they know that, but a step arche are protected. You just pressed their rotate Very dis. So just first of all, Peggy, we just click one. Leave one that time. Immediately Apapa video will be shown up into that Rotate menus OK, rotate options that perimeters anything. So how many angles? How much angle you want to be wrote it instead of this thing means I just need toe 3 60 degree is a whole circle. Okay, right. I just need 12 ellipsis. Okay, so I just gettinto 3 16 by 12. Then you just bring toe the preview. But it means it will be showing up where it is going on. Okay, if you need a copy, we just need copy. Are you If you need the words? No, to rotate means just like Okay, I just need a copy from here. Okay. If I need to protect again and again what is the key? Object? Transform. Transform again. Control the our command e is the short cut key. So once I press their control, our command be again and again. You just feel with the flavor like this. So now you can create your flavor. But using a pure simple one leave one ellipse India rotator. Cool. Isn't it so happy on this video? You just make it very simple from here. Plus the control command g to make it the group Now these things so come to the layers you can see all the sun Things are getting into the Group one. The one single group all the lips is right. So now you select this ellipsis get into the stroke color you just give to the blue Are any other colors also if you just need it So I just goto bring back this thing So I just bring these design inside this one It is actually very, very easy to make this I just place to ellipsis one single line adjust rds single anchor point and I just pulled down. So this one's so if I need to come to this one for a select everything make it is a group first to one. Okay, I just give door a duplicate from here. Okay. Right. No press the r g onto the centre off the point. Okay, if you want. Oh, Celik means is salt wrested control. So just archy breast all the key under center one. Right? The same That DDT off some one of the ones If I need, um, only eight means Okay, lets this one's busted. No, I just presenting controlled the command. You see this? Cool? Yeah, different kind of. It isn't, isn't it? So, actually, you can make any type of designs because single thing. So if I select again from here. I just restrict copy from this one. For before this we just place the reference point in the center. No, I just place the center point below. Are Abou okay? The whole completed design will be changed off. See this? All right, just press a copy Controller Commander D right. Say this. The whole reason will be changed if the angle is to be going. But changed are the reference point that point If you change any reference point from any other means, it will be totally changed your desserts. So it is very cool. It is very cool to make any descends from here any distance. So I just make control. G. I just place a little bit. So I just make to from here. So no, the same thing Reflected toe So far the reflect tool you can see two places. These reflectors. One thing is a shortcut. Key off. Oh are other ways just right. Click under any selected object, you can see it transform. Rotate under that I think. Okay. These places also Same things only. So you fate see that reflect it will ask you Okay, that reflect mental Better be just reflected toe. The horizontal part are with the vertical part. And how much angle you can preview it. See this? No, I just reflected the horizontal point If I need to privy also, if I need the word journal to reflect means simply click. Ok, Are you If you need a copy means you just put the copy so it will be going to be reflector . Same things. So I just move it aside from here. No way. Taken another copy from this one If I click Oh, I just want to be reflect. Do this the reference point. Okay, inside this ones are not coming to the This reference means if I click, that's the altar key. And then click means you just click the copy. So now this descent it will be very different from this one. Okay, come. You just differentiate between the two business. So upon the reference point you can rotate or reflect. You can do these things. What's the control? The for the transform again? Those things You just made a copy and you can make somewhere cool dissents. So continue with the designs and you just post on the project windows means I will be. I feel very happy to do. You see that? And I give you some commands on So nice Commons. Yeah. Do it. I love you. Seen you were designs on my project windows. Thank you. See on the next lesson. 24. 24. Transform, ZigZag, Twist and Tweak: in this video, we're just going to be learning about our sea aboard that transform. So transform twist is exact and tweak. These four things are in my what case I'm using so much of things. So let's get started with tennis form. So before gets started with transform, I just make at two a pack of rings. No, get inter sector. Great. So then I make so the selection. Okay, select this cell adoption like that. Is it right? No, Going to the Phil Selig is Get to the bat finder intersect. So through the Intersect, I will make, like, these designs for this one. You fight, select, right? If I said in effect sense for a bunch off, efforts will be available inside this one's inside these properties scale properties there , more properties, they rotate properties. So scale move, rotate scale means you can make it bigger or smaller. More means you can. Moody's, the object of the X axis and the way axis rotate can rotate through this right under the options, you can make the transform the objects. You can make the transfer of the patterns even when you are plating saved. These are random. You can be reflect x our way. The whole nine sector points. That is the reference points. Okay, through the reference point from here from the down from here. Okay, right. Just I make it like this. I make three copies off these things through the rotation off 24 degrees. Right? See this review? Very cool start date. So you find needed reflect the way or reflect the X. It will happens like this also. So when I make more copies, see this You can make such designs. No need off making command e to the control. Everything. So this is the transform effect applied to these things, right? Once I get cancelled to this, if I do the same thing effect, go to this one's transform. Now, I just got into the reference point off from this side. Right? Dangle right. All right. Said so in that right side. I'm making your four copies so that do the ending Love 12 degrees. See this and you can be makes scale also right? If you need scale, you can do it like this for the vertical position and for this person one confident in do this same thing. 100 into this. If I want to get the move three millimeter. And so the three million. So how it would be that so you can make any copies to this one's like this Make 10 copies to this means only. Okay, So if I get Phil any color, do this inside like this. If I get any stroke, you can do it. If I didn't make any stroke inside this, what will be like this look like? See, you can make any designs inside this using the transform anything. So I show you that. But hold to make these things right. Then I make one more from here. No way. Just going to the effect to be good. So what is the meaning of the week? So get the preview. How designed outside How much you just need what people say, how much you just need. You make some absolute designs Also are such further Ladew make some kind off off really isn't in that you can make money for the anchor points. If you don't need the anchor points, you can go for that in points are the old points on. So if I didn't make the points from here. I can make you a cute art and shame from here like this. So yes, Look it maybe along this. So, once I'd done that, I just make an XP expert obedience. Inside this press the R key rotate to this one's. So to the preview. 360 degrees, the whole thing. Right. So make it to the 12. Make the copy, Then I get one, 3456789 10 11 12. Finish it. See this? Your funky kind of fit design. But it will be very good. I like it. So this kind of designs and this kind of flavors make it like this. You can make it 40 were one poster designs sampler. It's whatever just thinks you can make it so the next to that. What is that twist? Is that so in that vest for that, I just make you like this, right? Then I click having to do this one more thing on into the color. I just making different contrast color to this. So come toe here. But I just pulling the back toe. So this one's one. Make it to this. Make more do that. Then I feed these things controlled, G taking toe one more. Do you get on this? So, like, just not to get over to this one's. So get the Tim. Okay. Are you can pass? This one's minus the friend, right? That's no very good so far that these things no way get how faked distorting the minutes for get the just. So how many angles? If I need to get to twist like this, you couldn't see, like 10 deity Say this Okay, like this are otherwise Just try just to get into make these things very possible working. So I just get into the center group. It was a single object. Take it to the twist. Get the preview. Increased angle by. My president Does a battle with the doughnut from here. See this? So what the making means I need to You need this ship, the back. So now, if I get the shape to the path like this, um, just will be working, So get this 23 dignity. See the good one? Like a flag, Christine. Okay, is to studying to that DVD. It's actually very, very support designed. The ones I love it you can make it toe any designs off like the tracks. Also, you can make it as it drags You can make. It is here, but the whole document or the Oakland, the designs you can go for making. The symbols are scratches. Whatever distance it's very cool, for That affects the next to one. His exact zigzag also is like a good off anything. So even for that, like you, any designs for that exact is very much interesting one. So if you get that's exactly like this preview, See this? This is this exactly. Okay, some gunned off stretch out and in, Out, in, out, in like that only. So how many lights that means that Boynes at home. Any rights? Okay, just so. Whatever. You just ain't right. Just six rate means 123456 Right. Like this. If you got the smoke means there is no peak from here. If you got the car, let you get some pigs inside, these things like it, we can make it. Wars like exact can go to any disease. You can go for the designs, and you can do it. It does look kind of your really things, but if it will look like if we're practicing more, more anything means it becomes around from here. I will make your cool new lessons. One Lee for their fix. One I just concentrate toe working on that once. So So you want that? Bye bye. 25. 25. Free transform, Pucker and Bloat, Roughen: again This video we have just seen about our learn a boat that effects panels. Villager. So now years get string aboard, distort and transform. So what do you mean by the distort and transform? Distort means you are making the your shape into year and another shape transform also looks like the same feel only but distorting means, uh, crushing squeeze, tweaking, twisting like more like the stuff like that. So we just make, like, seems everything's so I just dry, Uh, any square like this Make it Phil with some other colors also right, that a good one. So once I do that going to the effect turns from the start free distort in that free distort, you can select like this. That means whatever the perspective you you just need inside like this. If I make some three d space, okay, like buildings are the lads. If I need to go for the architectural like that good one, like I do that. So this is the world we find. If I need it, you can go for even for the any type of shapes you can using this free transform just to whatever the points the cover points you are making into terms from that will be the result , right? No, just to bring back into the control Z Okay, for this color is very good now Going to the effect. Same thing, backer and the bloat. So what do you mean by the Parker on the blood? If you actually these things will prevail like anti names. Okay. Parker on the bloated. So if I get to the preview, see at the backside. This is bucker. That means you are pulling Okay, So if your blood means bushing if you push so these things like this steps will be comes off plate flowers. No need to draw flowers like this. Take your square and you just bloated. Uh, maybe you are doing the magical things inside here. So if I go to the blacker say this some kind of stars If you are making using these things Miss, you can go for at once Placards. So making a star toe the block means what will be happening. Let's watch it in effect, distort Parker and the bloat. So get the review. So black it. Yes, some kind of amoeba like that's after my my mind. Right things that only happens some kind of amoeba like this. So if I do bloat Uh, yeah, that eight persons flowers will be the right. So maybe some people will be have grown on the tables with the pot they ate Protects weight , color flower to be better I don't know that name like this. Very cool. So I just going to the weight. The Oakland stroke is going to be blue. Good one. The same blue I just making to fill. So for that stroke point, if I make like this 11 enough is good. So such kind off things you can make like this one. Press the yellow key to make your nice inside Stop these ones making toe Put it into the center Take the brush tool like this for this Sorry Stroker is going to be green one. Okay then I put it so this inch shot to the back. That's it. So you can make like this even for the flavors, even for any things. Whatever their drawings you just needed under the four. So this is the point of this one's own point brushing make like this unit from the point. No, not like he Yes, that is nice. So when leader from their drawings and one lee from the creative minds off your things that will be comes off right I selected two dealt everything's then I movinto again The water thing rougher roughen is very, very easier things. So if I dry any the black dirt so make it some other dark color go to effect district um roughen So have fun maximum if your computer spiritus very high are if you're using the processor after letters to models with capability off graphics cards means you can use it very fast in this other ways. Please be patient toe use a distant often because you too will crash your application. So, once I previewed this under lead do under the absolute solution that the corner not dissolution What I'm saying that solution, right? No, it is smooth. So sorry for the head. So the size home, which is size absolute home, which dictates I just need it inside this, like a kind of here and really put paper. Okay, that means the report paper means begin. We just get the cutout stills from here. Right? So like that 40 under the four millimeter off these things, though, the carnal only means get the smooth means it will be get grounded in the smooth that the cardinal means strong reference points will be there, right? I get getting the smooth and click OK, like this. So for this I just no kindof stroke and I just coming into the light shade of river so you can feel it like a paper inside these things, right? If I inverse this means it will be happening. So like this, If I do the same kind off color into this thing, arrange sent the back. Once a slick selector, taking to the white means say this you can look like a peppered effect from here like that . The paper excrement gone tone like that and you can fill any things like this. Good. Good night, dummy. I don't know who stepped early, but good night knowledge. Okay, you can put it inside any paper club. Nice thing you can rearrange the types on the everything's inside these things. So this is the rifle, right? Woodenly Therefore, this thing the next one transform we just to see in the next video. Right? Tweak, twist his exact is also in the next videos. So kindly keep learning from the stops from here, make you at one stuffs and kill it with the designs. I'm still like that only. So because these things one lee up to when some people will be turn toe this once I will give you Bush These things effects and everything's all the effect results will be on. You were centrally on your practice off these things. Okay, see on the next list. 26. 26. Stylize Effects: in this video, we're just going to be seen about the effect off. Stylish all the things. Okay, that sealed. So, first of all, I just Oh, hide the grid by pressing the control or command apostrophe to make these ones. Then they make you nice. Circum. I just don't play any color to it. Any color. Okay, The no coming to this one. Decide effect. Stylish. Dropped the shadow. So if I get the drop shadow that meant all the properties off the blending more will be. It's the same as you are using in the photo shop. So coming to the multiply our with a screen or just with a normal capacity, you just click the preview. You can see the shadow that behind the object. So how much the shadow you can off ship? That means in the X axis you can get offset. This chair. Oh, like this. Otherwise you can move it toe that site on the way. Access. You can move the shadow where the light will be get affected. So if the light will be the so there, uh left it cardinal off this side means in the light will be focused from this side. Okay, So, like this when the color also you can change which color off the shadow you just be belong to this one's so you can make any shaft on ash gray like that. And you can the darkness. How much darkness you just need in the shadow one off the color are with the darkness. If I just move the left Iraqi, that means it will goes here from the down arrow key on the up arrow key. You can change the percentage, or you can give you some numbers to it, and you just click OK to this. You're just what more the object means. Along with the properties. It will be moved because it will be in the obedience. You want to change again means double click on the effects panel. You just open the panel and you can create color. Get in the preview, just click. OK, that's it. So this is the drop shadow. If you don't need the drop shadow, you can just pull over. So this to the been just the litter. That item That's it. No, the 2nd 1 What is that thing? It's a feather you find need to get the feather means take the some square or tangled. Whatever the king going to the effect stylish for that means how much you just get into feather. That means radius off inside this, right? If I make like this one's, it will be like this. Okay, the last 10.8 am. Only I can make it feather like this. Okay. Make very little the next week. Okay, then I put it on the top of distinct. All right. Click on it. Strange. Sent to the back. So what will be done means the shadow also will be there. Some kind off blurry activity. Also from here. These things, right? This is the feather option. Okay, move it. Aside from this one's than the next to one in their glow outer glow around the corners, it is very much easier These things. So what is the inner glow holder? Blow these things. I just delete this one's and I press m key to activate this thing again. The color, some other vibrant colors okay, alone is very good for this one. I just go into the stylish inner glow so they inner glow get normal. Would it orange opposite of this color, right? You can see the inner globe inside this alot of this some kind off mixing off orange from here. The capacity If you need 100% you just go for it, right? Then the center means it will becomes like this are with the edge. It will becomes like this. Some kind of blood. Kind of these things. You can make buttons, some neon buttons. You just be like this city's. I just make squared it on it. Make like this. No, you put it like this once. Make things on the shipped off shift. Okay? Kind of your buttons. You can make like this than president. Like this. Stop. We need to be to stop. We need to stop. Like, these ones make some bigger, But he don't that exactly from here, select the boating get into center, Kept in tow. Aligned to this exactly. You just meet like this, right? I just good for their weight. Not wait like this. So Gettinto start. Yes. It's good kind of buttons. You just make it some type of inner glow or with the outer glow so you can make it some go to the effect Stylish outer glow. So which kind off outer global with so nice The random Takis Blue Diversity 100%. You can see this Other globes will be there. So it will be working on your way. Our designs like that means you can make buttons for that. Especially for that. It is very cool. And it is that on one more thing just make like this. Then I come to from here, make you it's going from here. Then it come to select the effect Same stylish scribble inside the scribble options that are so much things will be available for the seconds default to the source off me. But I will only keep my okay if I click. OK means preview these things at the angle off Which angle you just needed, right for the inside are with the outside. OK, I just make it to the centralized it like this. If I needed a stroke with it will be very much interested to these things, actually new toe for with very patients, very much a little only like this. Zero point 75 okay, like this on the car venous 10% Like this, Coetzee's the papers and 40% whatever you just need. Once you've done this, you got this cripple like this. So if you need that scribble on your paper, like these things make it a bigger one. A new destiny toe. Arrange to the center the back off these things and make the capacity off nearly 20 papers . And okay, you just see this. Some kind of a texture on your document off. Anything you can make. It is a pattern. Whatever. Just things. You can do it. So these kind off options will be available in the effects in this Tallis. Right? It is very good. Kindly make the practice off this effect on the other things. Most any tape off ethics inside the project Minerals. Can you post this? I am eager to wait for you. See what you are making inside these things out of this lessons. Let's get start in the next video. 27. 27. Warp Options in Effects: Haider in this video, we're just going to learn about ethics. So what are the effects inside the illustrator means Just click the effects menu. You can see the to lister things that means hope to the list of means There is a bar. It is inside, right? Separation. But so these are the lister things. So inside this lister things you can see illustrator effects just one. The 2nd 1 you can additional effects off Photoshopped. Also, even if you're using in the water with the things they're picks they used in the photo shop , you can use it. Didn't say that. Illustrate road. So So let's begin to start to learn the illustrator effects. So in this one, I just going into that from downwards to upwards where it goes off that only you can understand easily those things. So how do I do it? The barb. So inside the bar, actually, what is the work means if we have any object from here, So you feel work means you can squeeze, you can stretch, you can twist. So the shape transformation Is that what? Right. So let's see about that one. So I just make one next to from here like this. So, Mac Guzman, maybe like Disney Because off waning, So but dont it. So whenever you just make designs inside the text on everything, don't be pull over like this, right? So only to the cardinals. With me, you can do like this 70 to Well, it's very much so. 55. Cool. Yes. So you can be easily seen what's going on inside of the screens. So when I just come into from here, you can see this one make and Philip options make with the mesh like this. This. Okay, this is the work options. So once I click this, you can automatically that buttons will be comes up. That what options? Everything. You can see the whole bunch of things inside these ones is the same. Exactly what we are seeing in the but right. So once I click here for that, I arc, If I do the Ark are Argh, lawyer, the Ark upper. Whatever these things and everything the properties will be comes up from here. If I do the properties into the bend like these, I can go for the horizontal before you do the resort and things means from the horizontal from the minus 34 here country. Okay, if I do positive means that left said he will be going to induce truth shrinking. Okay, like end up string. Then you can go for village like a fish. A more so just do that. Only the these things like this If you can be designed like that one so it will be make like this. So this kind of descends will be very much useful Then you want what? When you have decided on. So when you are decided to be seen like this Like a kind of your flag You just need means you can go for it. So this is the rise, right? So this is one fish I you to really be completed by one knee. But you know, then you are making that designs on the document and everything you just lend me, understand? So I just I'm here to how toe make this one's right. So you can be very understand these things? No, I just make that clear Points off leaders from here. Just make one more thing then I come to here. See this one? Shoot. Dangle from here? Yes, Of course I like it. So for this, just put it from here. Pressed the art option key to make the duplicate of this thing. Then I make control the right Complete a little. Would through the line. Yes. Hello it then. I make one more duplicate to this to make it the Intersect off these things particularly. It looked like a track are banned Whatever this which is Maybe so. I just make a complete selection. Press the control g to make it group, Then I know come into effect. What? What? See this Ultimately. So one before the text to not only for the text You can make it for any designs on this, right? If I go the complete bend off these things meets like this, you can make it does here full circle. Anything will be. They do that. So if I do 50% age off these things great. When I click OK, just move it. It is not No, you're completed is an elected. So you fight. Make these perfectly colored. Whatever the color. You just need anything. You can do it once I need toe expand. This for the image means we've got go for the opinions. You can see the what bar. So you can do this just by clicking the double click on the FX. You can do change at any time like the smart object. Select? Yes, Like it's more subject in the photo shop. Once you have done how to in the photo shop, we just do the restaurants rate in the illustrator. We just do for the expand obedience in that opinions. Okay, so we just expand the obedience, so this opinion is going to be expanded. So this is the one. No, it's get 28. 28. Offset Path and Cutline for Sticker die: Hi there. Hello, everyone. So in this video, we are just going to be sin aboard. They're in the FX panel. Pat. Offset. Bet So what? Mostly we're just using the upset, but Oakland object on the plane stroke when we are using already in that stroke parts. So let's see about their offset park so hope to use. That means once I begin to drop, like, kind off these things only. So then I just clicked them mental faster point 2nd 1 I just take down to the 50 millimeter nearly. Okay, then I pulled the 45 degree of this angle, right. Being bringing toe like this here. Then I pressed the wiki to move our activate these things. I just get over to that side. Not a problem. Okay, make Phil distance. Wanted in length. Stoppila plates. So far this line, How do I made the stops and everything means right? Once I click, the effect go to the bat offset, but in that offset. But you are just seeing a boat. How much offset offset Means you are making extender that back. Okay, four millimeter or two millimeters, three millimeters. Whatever. You just need that certain That's your what we say. That that's your sites. So here I am making about three millimeters offset in that join matrices it. Mr. Lim is for so just getting to review. So the edges is going to be very flat. If you need a babbles, our rounds means you can go for around there for for the better. So in the meter on the devil, also the same things. But for the round, I am going to be get rounder like this. It's very good, right? So you find needed some more. Okay. Interesting points like this means just get the duplicate off the bat off this one. Okay, so I just killed a Phil. Okay, for this also, get the nun film, right? So now you just get one more thing. What other ways do things to control the right same size immigrants like that. So selective editing get into effect, Pat offset the pat. You just give the review like into the ground devils like this. Then I click only two. Get no privy this click. Ok, I found it like this stops only we can make from here any kind off shapes and everything's not at all the things in the shape, right? You fight, make this kind off, hexagon. Okay, for this ex agains, I just do the color toe stroke left to the red. Very good. So for the inbuilt starting physical it some of the things off the blue Like that? Yeah. Cool. Right for this once. Very dark. Yes. Nice. No. If I make offset, the but do from here means how it will be. Looks like so getting the effect that offset the part. We just get the preview. See this? The review is to be going like this one. So you fight get minus two like this, it will be ghost. Don't That means shrink are getting the inside like that. So if I get the to review this, put it okay for this off ship, But I just click these things One Lee the inside that came apart and everything. Now, if I go to the effect bad opening the object, I finished it. So these kind of things and everything will be work down in the cut cut level of the party days. So people something but no about that. So some kind of stickers. Okay, we got that like this, we are just going toe make using the debt offset part Everything. So tiny. Look up there for the next lesson. See on the next lessons. 29. 29. Overview of the Paint Brush Tool: Hi. The color. Anyone in this class we just moved into the next to section off these things. What is means brush. So British is the very, very important thing in the illustrator, because every artist and every clearly what it's like joints Indy, right? You can use the breast, you can draw anything. So that is the real point. So, using the process, you can do this thing only you can do that thing only not like that. You can do anything off things inside the process. You can draw even sexual. So even rough ships, some kind off rectangle for that this home correct. Something like a big, like a popular like that. So forums will be very good. It like that. So you can make some Flintstones character car captain characters and we can to Tom and Jerry, whatever these things. So Oh, it isn't the printing proofing section. So I just come to the map. Desmond, Once I hit, I hit reserve the Mac Chrisman with you. Yes, I lost weight. I just worked for some mother claimed in the Australia. It is very well going on, you guys, so I'm really very happy about that. So now I hope to get the British and how to get working on that once. So what Water? All the settings inside this I just explain you all these things inside these one video. Okay, right. So just click the window, get the British. That's it. One leave this window will help you all over the brush settings and everything. It will be very useful on the control. But whatever the brush, I just click. It means that the Beaky shot get one. Right? So, like the Beaky, you can select the brush from here. Blob brush is a different press. I just to tell you. Okay, right. So I just right click on it. I just like this ones. If you press the biggie, brush will be better if you press the shift be means blood breast, very activator. So once I double click on the brush tool, that is the pain to Bristol, Right? So, in the fertility, what do you mean by the fertility means? So if you draw that so whatever that turns and ups and downs, like a custom proof whatever to be saying that so it will be comes to tow a curated That means that the pointing turns means that means coming into the accurate means that is the ones. So if you want, if you want toe, make it smoke means you can go for the right side. That means something getting to smoke like so every artist, evil, love in tow. Someone defect Person did right, So wonder like that means getting to the smoke only so some people's off Doing so. Making the environment seem like your natural scenery. Like that means that will be go for the accurate things right? And they knew just three options will be comes. I don't drink here. You can fill your new brushstrokes and keep selector and ended the pattern. So the faster two things we can, um, change inside the control bus so I don't need these things. So I just click the reset faster battle. Then I ed parts 12 pixels from that Within the 12 pixels off things, you can select the pats. Before that, you didn't know. But now you can know about the path and you can pat selections because you know that, right? The shortcut keys. Yea. Find the door right so you can make it right. Then I click. OK? No, I just click the brush. I just go to the color. Pick the color also from here, Right? 1233 windows Nice to tools on colored window and the window on the fill color on the stroke of it. So what do you mean by that? Means you fi select someone tell us like that. So just be means you do will not some money on that. What goes off when Lee the stroke points will be painted on the brush paint pistols. So I just click that jet ski to activate the stroke from here. No way Selector Any color Do that. So if I draw that color will be pops up. Right? Exactly. So no selected d I select Delete these things. You can't see this three point wrong brush on the 10 point run versus three point the wobble purses on the touch. Djelic can a graphic. So what do you mean with Caligula Pressman's? Some people's will do with that typographic walk like that, so it will be very useful. So see this like this kind of things. So sometimes I will do that. So I love typography. on the papers in the digital things. So when I do this like this, right, So you can be making like this one's. So if I need those, select the radium green. OK, absolute. But orange is very upset. Like this one's If I brush command shift hardship, you can make anywhere That means you can do all the things into the bay. Wait, Show come and shifting catch. So that means you can just go into the window, This one hide logbook. So if I kind of got bored, I can do drying anywhere. Okay, Anywhere you can just depression slide like this. You can do this one, even if you are trying this times also. But if you press the control ship too much, the Total Art Board will be coming to like a paper so totally side the art boat and he can do that. So the dish I just take the brush like this so that around the global British for these see this It just don't buy that. Whoa! Absolute medical. So I am interested in the Kaluga feel so if he needed the calligraphic class is very special. It means placements. And in that so I will do it. No, I just press control you deli distance. So how to I'll age these Brussels hope to make a new brush. That one is the next class. I just for you that What are these things? So you can show the Caligula process hard process Brazil vs pattern places. Some four kind of process will be there. That's okay if you go for the open land library, you can see that addle Aerospatiale just click designed ones. No, I just goto decide. Hello. Saudi memories Pull over these things, right? You just see that call many. Adel's inside these things special levels like that you fight selected this addle and they just Beaky Briski and I go for the any dark color. Any colors you like that you can no problem. You fight like this. See that lane is going to be refilled by this process. Right? I understand. This one's you fight do drug. This one's right. No problem. Celik This you can click anything. Any barrels inside this That arrow will be changed into these. It looks like over the wounded are television that add It remains me that the thing we need Maybe some people didn't know that under TV. So I select this than this one. This one, anything, right? This thing. Then I moved to the next one. Handle standards. That room, that things Adel's what patterns will be also very good. We can do drawings like this also. Like this pattern. Like this. Like this. This is the Cali graphic presses. Right. So the pen capable. So what kind of the pen tip is going to be so it will get over? It will be get like this today. So I suppose this Oh, this is the one thing. Okay, that right wobble will be that. But if you need it of the right side, it tilted means that is no rights activity inside this precious. So what will we do? Just doubly. Contest brush. Okay. If you double click on this brush, it will becomes over to your gracious panel. So once you're done, definitely going to snow it will be goes into the name off the British and the angle of the brush on the wellness home mature illness that makes the brush tip great. And the size of the British house the whole homey to me just to be getting the drawer like that. So I love the breast. I just dipped into the right side. Okay. That means that 45 degree is very good, isn't it? Oh, I love it. Yes, Portability. So not beyond through the 90 degree on this one is president so exact. Five Algerians means the exact line between the 90. So I just get in the preview. If you need that, you can see it right from here, right? For this brush, I just but Iraqi and then apply to the strokes. No, you find Select this thing, this thing. Get the press. No, select the British. Do this one. See this? Well, ultimately superb thing, right? I'm doing like this candy roughy I'm using on the and Doublet. Okay, that's nice. Okay, you people swallow it. Telegraphy. Is that it? Good, right. I love to work on the calendar. Happy things and even things unsafe. The paper also inside that digital some something sometimes. So I have I think I have a good big sam like think about the papers. Maybe that so this is the type of the frustration, everything. So in the next two part, we are just to be going about how to create the breath off your world and you cannot play into this one's how to create to some beer prisons also like that I see a little closer. 30. 30. How to make your Own Custom Paint Brushes: Hi there. In this class we are just going to be learning about this thing. Ah, a new tape off things that means you just create your own brush. That's it. So how to create the one brush and you can apply to this means it is very useful and it is very interesting. Also, if you are just making a new braces and everything that you can go for the Internet, several sites, so many sides will be available. You can sell it as you are. You kind of your pro means you can sell it. So how toe get throw off without getting some. Any mistakes on it? Some of the some of the mistakes if you just get read, read from that and you can make practice. Practice, practice. You are just a probe. That's it. So once I click my lips tool like this, right, one, leave one eligible only I just do it. How you can make like this. You can turn the, uh, this one like a leaf. But I just load it for to make supercycle from here for that. Okay, so not like not like that. Not like that. So press the X key Norfolk. Right. So I just read Duplicate this the same circle onto from here. Put it on the inter sector, So, no, but we are learned from the past videos. Okay. It will be useful. No. See this now. I just get into the Pathfinder. I clicked. Intersect. How do? I don't know. How did I know? So inside the Pathfinder, we just learned about these things intersect things, so just apply this. So this is the kind off learning. Okay, You need to a play on your designs from here. So now I just click the prostate Yankee. So what is the Yankee direct selection told inside the direct selection tool? First, I just to select my this anchor point. Great. So I just pull it right breast a soup turkey. If I push pull like this means Oh, okay, can do it. But if you press the shift key from here, it's good. Now I select these two points. Okay. If I click the arrow key on your keyboard, it will get moved. You see that? Yes. No, it's very support. So for this Angled Okay. A year. I'm making a little bit brought it. Okay? for this. So if I get satisfy to these ones like cool so far this anchor point If I need convert to the anchor point to the smooth on this one is coordinated. So if I need a smooth I can do like this. If I need corner, I will be make like this. So I need a smart Then I twist the okay. I just like this. So if I move the control of the handle right? So PRESTA al Turkey one lead This handle will be Get moving. So breast algae from here. This one is moving. No, you press the wiki. See this? The 2nd 1 right? Maybe you should know. Know that So I just pressed a mental from here from here. Like this, right? Was the escape key? No, just a wiki. So I just draw these kind of lines only not like but he But from here. So one lee the leaf not from the stem. Not from thing. Only the leaf Only I don't do it. So now press the Beaky under the point. It was one press The zoom key. Is that okay? Nobody stays one for these area. If I make very little. Okay, Like this. So what will be going that I've been I draw The lines will be go outside of the path also. Right. So how to get rid of this means it is actually very simple. Well, what the people's will teach you on the some several take means so, Mother, I saw that. So if I do that rest a yankee, then do come here. You can go for adjusting like this. You can go for adjusting like this. Then you cannot just this handle. It's a time based in my concert. Okay, so faster is select them holding. Okay, Come to here. Right And silting. Press the control. G get group it. No, you select this one Select which won this thing this at right draw inside. Okay. Only the drug inside means automatically some marching and that karma points will becomes out. So once I hit the Beaky again The Brisky So I just to reduce my brush When I started from here. If I draw like this see this If I draw from here, if I don't these one or to medically it will be condone from this that core malaria. So it won't go for that because I just to selected that drug insight. Right? So once a click, everything come to the John Animals, press control zero Totally select These things make the point into two. OK, it's very simple. Press the control g to make it as a group. No, I just bring it to the this corner point, OK? I just shrink something. Some of the things right, Corn way. Now come toe here Selected this value. Come to hear, you can click the new brush this bird government. Okay, new best inside the new brush. You can see fight type purposes will be available. Kala graphic precise. I told you. Okay, it's it's completely for the art purpose capital British. We just see that. So for the art to process this kind of braces when even we just make some art so under to their own. So how to make this means click the art The British. Okay, so no name Your are to British, Whatever you just need right then scale the proportionally stretch to the Fichter The stroke stretch between the gates So maximum we just use these two things only. Okay, sketch proportionally scale proportionally means so you can use the proportional heightened with that one. So stretch for the Fitbit stroke. Linda means what kind of the stroke length we are giving for that. Only that purpose will get stretching it. Okay, so I get stretched like this. So if we can go for the pressure, the bill building so if you're tempted, means if you're supporting board that going for the filaments, it will get supported. I am using the total board. So if you need the pressure board means how much pressure I just to give you do. That means that sometimes we'll be that working. So you know about this drying tablet purposes These all things, right? So then one I just go for the fixer. Maybe the pressure real are the tilt. So from the method colorization I just give the think so I can give any colors to it. So if you give none when we the blacks will be come off. So I just go for the tints. If you needed a flip along, that means that it will reflect that, right? So what can never reflect this one's? And this is the war lap. So what kind of overlap, it will be Get below this one's a cardinal and folded under the water election that prevent the Fords. So if you get fold means it will be prevented. So I just prevent the phone so I click. OK? No, I just take my brush. Any tape off, uh, sites. Ok, you knew that. So see this? You can drop love it, right? Oh, study hopes I just to select only this thing. No way, Prez. Some kind of a weird color. Yeah, of it. Since once I drive I like this. If you want to drop began to leave no means just go to the It's here, brother Beginning a great tournament rather begin. So if I click the term and brought begin it the bill comes to the beginning So how do it understand? Means check any other color? We just see that. All right, it is beyond it's began you early. So if I go like this, I just make the 12 like this devil comes If I 12 like this, it also comes So this is the atavus so you can make any type off brush ish? Any things like that you can do it. So once I press control your daily means if you need one toe, make that fresh and everything again means just click the breast. Take it inside the word document and you can edit it for you were warned to make to the world to the layer. It is going to all the group from here, plus the control shift. G break the group and you can do anything visible, right? No, you can save it. Also for the British. For the British. A total kind of brush. Tellers brush tubes like anything. So if the same kind of brush like this city's some kind of a pattern British, I just do not know. So I just dropped. Yeah, longer the rectangle from here. I just make one more shaped like this. Okay, No press. The Beaky I just give to the color toe. Any colors from here? Stroke? None. Right. So I just make a little bit bigger. Yes, That one is very good, because the common core command zero. No, I click all the key like this. Okay, you can make it like this one, but I just make a little bit swing filter. No way. Make like this. But the control the to make several things right? How many things? You just need it. You can do it so I just push all these things. Okay. Lets the control g to make you only one single group. Then I write, like, taking to the arrange. Sorry. Taking to the transform. I just need to reflect it. Okay. So reflected toe the horizontal view. I can get the preview. That's easy. Make it copy. Once they doing this, press the control. Sorry. Shifted. Don't know. You can move it very quickly. So if I moved down, there are single times means it will become so we're like this If I prospects shift plus down arrow or a para means you can move it quickly, right? Very cool. That so no press the pained are mental. So I just click a point from here. I just go through the point here, right? No, for this point. Okay. For the stroke. Just do for, uh, any kind off colors, so that tell your problem. So I just make a little bit strong from here, so I just select this one a little bit inside. OK, now you can know couldn't see the gaps. Okay, just these but us Totally everything Controller commanded g to make it a group. The whole thing, right? No, I just really don't inside this just select everything taking to the selection, okay? I didn't want to the selection hit center. Keeping them very good. No coming toe close this bad toe the these things. Very good. So if I select the rectangle Okay, on a click right click on this arranged to the bring to the front. So the tangle is going to be a friend off the lives that that structure will be going in there Bad. Say if I click than my right leg Make clip masking Very good, right? So no, it's get clip mask. So under that clip, master and everything's I just to select this, I just go to the brushes the brush menu Click the new brush your fuel can You can do like this also. So you feud. You can do another problem. Just pull and drop inside of this. It will ask you. Okay, Scatter British pattern bridge, whatever these things. So inside this I just make like pattern brush for this. So before that, we just make the Arte brush inside this. Now we're just making the pattern fish. So instead of the pattern brush, we just click this the pattern options will be comes from here. So here, this is the thing after center, okay, that between whatever you just need on this, so just make them none. You can be auto centered and this is the original like this. I just make for the tint of some other things. I just need it. The spacing coma to spacing. You just needed that the 25% means it will comes to like this 1 25% that spacing. So I just go for spacing Like it zero nly about this press, especially Then I click. OK, your pattern breast will be get really know. So how do you apply this? Means I just make you square for this oak lane again just to selected a square rectangle a play This pattern so far this pattern what they will be, that it is going to be applied for all the things any worse. But you can change at any time. Like I said, if I double click on this once, OK, if I make 25% of these ones. You can make click the preview like this, protecting percent right under over that you just make the xai. If I click arto centered but letting it slide This is fixer. When say like it click OK applied to the stops Also it will be get automatically played on otherwise goto there you have fact. So object transform skill in that skill. You can scale it that transform the objects also. So for this No. Yes. I can change like this. I think it is good. You can make any type off patterns any type of these things. It will be very useful. Suppress the yellow key. You can make it for any brushes Also. See this right? If I make any, they both okay? Like this one. See this like this It would be like this. So you just to draw the name for anything inside the path and everything. You cannot play the brushes off. Suppose thinks the precious. It's a very long story. Okay, one Lee, I just make you do that. What kind of breast is how to make these any? Everything's So you just a play. A play a play so many several kind off descends. Also be just teaching about in this class is so make some patterns, make some cool things You can do it. So actually, it is very, very easy to just one. See this Didn't your second it okay? We can make disease, so I just make like doing one, So just select this. Just the control They can't really control their I did. Right? So things like this just to select this one's press the control g Okay, so I just make one more duplicate on this copy. I making another rectangle, right? So I need to fill with any some other collapse. Okay, so like this go to the half off. This one. Exactly. Center on this one. Then I clicked. The Cirque director will move toe, bring to the friend, then I click right Click, right click. Make the clip, Master. So far, that clip mayor is going half up the thing. So one thing is going to be like this. So one thing another thing will be going like this so that that another thing will be going like this. Then I make rotate this So with the help of only one design. I can make three tape of things so just fully done that you can make for the any pattern brush like this. So I don't need to change these. Anything's OK. Just click OK before that, I need to. Didn't it that only that's it? Play there the strokes. Then I to come here so I just make it do done. But on the strokes one leader tins on your star player so far this would it be onto the bottom Bush? Only the tents. That's it. No way. Just to selector these things deleted those everything's then they make in the rectangle. Okay, for the any square are any circle Whatever those things you cannot planet. See that one? It's very cool, isn't it? So you can change or the patterns of by clicking that transform on the go for the scale. So inside the scale you can see that. So what the patterns is to be going That thing also, you can be changed it so you can make the symbols symbols also for these things, right for this thing, I just have played this one 2nd 1 very cool his thinks once I double click on these ones. The carbon it Okay. What do you mean by that corner automatically centered. So you can still s overlap for these Descents and everything's is based upon you. Khomeni descends. You just created harmony off them. You just get the experience of it. Is so I just hope you will understand these British, uh, lessons from here. So kindly jump into the next Yes, fix sections. So in that the FX section we just see all aboard these things. Okay, Lester Graphics for the summer breaks We already know about that listed reflects. We just need to learn about that. So timely. Jump into the next lesson. Stay updated. 31. 31. Typography Introduction: Hi. Hello, everyone in this class, we are just going to learn about the typography. So what do you mean? Whether typography, text and its effects and its properties like that is mix it around with that. We call about that typography That is a typography window arrangement. Also is that inside that if you click that So once you whatever the niedere inside this lay its properties characters paragraphs on the open type like the character states under paragraph States appearance panel on the transparency panel under the outboards. So whatever you just need a windows it will automatically are injured in your illustrator for the typographic. So let's see about some types typography, examples. So this is a normal text from here. This is the drop down that means the vertical one So we can re arrange this one's like I just get rounder These things okay, decide just our own morbid brush only so kind of year. Your tape, it'll area vertical does. This is the area type tools And if the car line that means tape on some other butts. If you have any pat inside of these things, you can make it so if a press the Yankee, uh, so you can adjust the pat also right Like this. So how to design like this ones we just get knowledge about inside these things. Let's get started with Dick. So go to the window. You just get for the 1st 21 character. Okay? You can see that the character. Oh, it's does not Here, man. It is going on. It will be from here. This is the thing. Character paragraph open type like this. So once you did not have this window from here, you can go for the window and you can get it back in that we can use this year like these. Everything's I just show you first off just to select everything. Then I hit what I just created a new layer inside of these things. I just drove foreigners. This one's so go to the title first in Shell thing when the three types off titles available from here. Right? Okay. Now get the magic. Get it into from here. Goto the advance. The panel. No, you just come here. Yes. All the titles will be comes from here. Don't be get confused and think things before If you are a beginner. You just learned these things. Too bad the remaining things you just want. Because in the typographic set, it will be that fool panels will be get set into the basically only not in advance. One. If you get the advanced one, these all the type tools will be available. So far, the just only the type tool. The shortcut is the key. If you make a rectangle on your outboard automatically, the title will give you the placeholder text inside this That Laura Me some front like that , Right? So for these things, I just believed this one. Okay, I select this. Remove it. Come on. So Okay, I, um good. Both you on. You will family. I am Good. Maybe full stop. Is that right? Yeah. Maybe I am just just good in English. I think so. So you first tough. All you just take like this means get the motor pool. You just bring it toe from here because we want to see these things. Okay, inside this. This is the foreign states. Okay. For inside the font style. I want to see that if you go for their window, you can see the same things available from here's So this is the pass. If you fund from here, you can see a kind off here calligraphy state like that with a pin. So you fine goto this the corner of this one. I can move. Okay, that bring the our remaining things. If you just click it under the panels, you just take toe this end, there will be the path is do going to be start from here right now you can move. The state means it will be automatically connected. Okay, one never on the battle. You just be need character. So when the second thing you can be need started to the States. So now I just get the leader. That thing I would just click here. You just go to the bat off near things I get from it. Yes, very relieved. Right then. No. You fight jumping toe the funds tales. You can see the filters. Okay. This is the food that off some classifications and the properties will be available inside of these things. So kind off Font Shan series with the sheriff's on the witness. Ehrich. You know, though you know about these things, like sheriffs means that is the East little bit of a bar on the edge of the any Lititz. So these things take bold sheriff on This is the flowing and the calligraphic things on. This is the Gothic foot. So something got it, like monsters like that. And this is the hand return, and this is the most basic it. And this is some decorated fonts. If I click decorated funds one leader, decorative funds will be available inside your list. Okay, you can easily filter out. This is very, very useful for the big nerves. Intermediates on any advanced use of sorts. Under the next thing, you can make some fabrics so hope to make family. It means if you come toe, this one's maybe I like this thing. Die 100 okay. And star Mark will be there at the fabrics. Like to add to the favorites like the um is on man, you find out some products, you're just going toe added to your family. It's on the letter. You can be used it right? So that conducting If I click the filter and everything's, you can now see that these things one Lee at the filter clear the all means. Right now we will jump into the shoulder fabrics. I have some fab great forms inside of these things. Back soda is very much I love it. So I know Selector that text from here. If I need to increase the font size, you can go for when we want. Click on top clicks you find Need 10 points suddenly increased it to your phone. Sex means you just press the shift key. Make it to click to certain things Right Then I clicked the motel then and it from here. Once you've done this, this is the text only. This is not here Shape. This is not the object. This is not a bad like that. This is just a text only so how could change that form? A decent and everything means once you've done everything. You just picked this to that next to these things. I want to show you that difference. So I get the duplicate from that right click on it. You can see the create outlines Once I hit that create outlines. No. See that text? What will be done inside these things? Okay, if I press control a command Why that means you can see the outlines. So there is no outlines inside that text. But for these things, you can see the Oakland. So what is this thing? No, this is a path. Yes, it's a path. No. You can take at least the next thing. No, you can make it ungroomed these things. I just to selector that you only get any other color to it. Okay, Get a vote to any of the color toe that one to the end. Like it. You can go for it. You can make it to the great. And also because you know about the grading tools of So this is the typography introduction . Okay, let's see about the next video. 32. 32. Every Tools for Typography designs: in this video, we are just going to be seen aboard all the things inside there. Toolbar That is the text to duel. But Okay, so in the next toolbar, what are their designs inside this and how to use that? I just text explain. So the 1st 21 we just to see about in the past video the second thing area type tool. So what do you mean by the area? Tape doling means First of all, you just need to create some area. Okay, if I simply have any polygons like that, okay? I just do it inside of the next one like this. Make it some bigger. OK, then only you can see with Toti. Any disturbance like this for that? I just bring down toe the fill toe, the none so you can easily seen about these things under the stroke, I just given to the stroke, but off one points or the two points whatever you just need, that's okay. Then I click the year your type tool. Okay. You just come to the path off any this area, okay? This corners part off any tapes. So once they hit the pad, I just click it out. So once I hit click automated Lee that placeholder Phillipe be the right Laura met some like them so far that I just select all the text from here. Go to the font size. I need 17.7 point. So one of the seven points just to give it down, then a click fill the place where the text No, you can see the whole text will be inside the So once you've done these things inside of these things, you just get to type any fun. Tha you can use me. Use that. So for that back soda, I just use it some other things. Like this. Okay, fine. So that that now double click on this one. We just get into from here. Get get rid of the white spaces, whatever those things. Okay, you will get everything arranging dead, so sit control a command ea inside these things. Then you know you click that Elaine ball Okay inside that, Elaine, but click horizontally central, right? This is this. So now I just get into the paragraph alignment to the center. If I just do it means what you can be seen inside this you can automatically senior shape for the this once. So, like, this is the second example is going for this bad. If I click the area type dole If I click it, it will tell you some kind of yet. So what is the area? You must click here non component, but or non must import to create this. So what? The shape I just using toe make This means two circles on the triangle. Okay. So far, this part was only just make this. It is not. I can make it a CIA in the pen toll if you If you just want need toe want to make this art in a set of mental means? It is a component, but it is not this one. So then, right click on it at least a compound. But that's it. No, you can just click the area taped all you just click. The area automatically will be finding this everything. Maybe four big cells right under that. Inside the fill the place order text. So in the placeholder Texas some these areas will be okay, which should be need toe occupier these things. So if you need that means you can go for the prostate. Hated Della Tiki. And you can come to here from here to just make it. Raise it like this. Okay? I just yet is this one. Then again, come toe Philip. It it place on that list. That's it. So once you've done this released, this means you can't see that the ship will be convert early. Okay. The text will be filled with that in that area. This is the Get your tape tool. Okay, you can understand these things now, The second or 3rd 1 type of the path to So what kind of a path you just needed? You can make it using the mental. I just make you okay. Some weird pat. Presto Wiki Hit the Phil, Get the none. Then you take the then you picked the tape on the bad tool. Hit the bat automatically. It will be replaced with your placeholder text. So far, your convenience I just make make a little bit off for insights. No, again. See? Right on the part. You can make your text like this. So this is also very much useful to anything. So you find make some spear or any ships like that, you can hit like this on the path, right? So once you hit on the path, you just moved to the motel. That is it. Two bars off the key. You just to see that inside from here. If you go near toe, that is, I will show that push backward and pushed the farm. Where? This thing. Okay, if I pushed the farm where you can pull the text into the fire where things like this from here to from here. Okay, you fight back it only their down off this area. One Lee, it will comes to come here. If I go too near, we're just meeting this, right? So some kind off the sense we just make to convert to the logos or some other things endings. So if I pressed it from here, I catch to court today, make the transform or getting to the rotate like this. So make it to the 1 80 degree review. This that's it. If I need to make like this once you can do it. So if they make again the prestige Elke, go to the center Press styled don't keep from that. So about this time I just give it two days, Alex. So now press the shift. Be exit toe in water. Tow that through the filter of the stroke alert. Right? Then I make a little bit off. Very cool, buddy. This are owned the distance. It will becomes our own toe. Make disease. Some part of any descends like this. So I just making toe going up in net squares. So press no press The safety x two can related to that. Just the shifter. Okay. Coming to that option for that first out of the key do that electrics. Then I night transformed without reflect. Make it a copy. Just the wiki pressed double teams shifted so that make it toe Arrange inside these things . So some kind of busines. Okay, this is not a perfect one. So put it inside this once like a flame Water where the Thrones What about your loggers and everything? We just make it like this. You can convert toe that whole object into the right leg. Okay. Create the planes like this, miss from here create or planes. So once you create the outlines, it will be totally converted into that text layer to the shape layer. That's it. So now that this is the simple thing, that's it when you want to click it. No, you're just going toe. Whatever these things, see that extra will be going to the vertical wind. That's it on. This is the same one inside the area type tour. It's comes into the area. Vertical tools. So this is the kind of a year Yeah, when I just flick inside that for us control a commanding A inserted these ones, but a state into the fire. Okay, A nice with the place of the biblical text means all the pics will be comes into the vertical manners. That's it. Once you've done this, you can clearly make it on. This is so just I click hit making to the rapacity off 30%. So what will we don't will be that some kind off your designs when be falling like out like Matics. I assembled into the mat explain So like end off this patterns and it will be placed around became the local. So no one will do that. But it's a kind of design like that. Maybe you can do that. Begged rules and you can do it. So the vertical pat aligned with the same tape of a path. You'll just make any pat do these things through the path. I just decided this one's press the controllers X No, we do that. You just click. It means what will be done if the bad is going to be the 90 degree like this like a falling pat. OK, you can see the letters will become down, arrange into the path. So once I click it just going to like this, we can see no very clearly The letter is going to be falling down through the path like kind of your batter falls That conductive letter falls. You can make it inside these things. Once you've done these all the things, the last one you fight making to that press the wiki. I just delete this one's that it gets disturbing to. So once I click, make the shape anything like this. Mac Desmond, just make it press the shift key on the she place. Then I do it like this before I get to get into the creative all clients, I can make the shape. If I move, it means the total kind of the ship only getting moving even though that if I selected the one the one thing means I cannot get moved. So how to move? The single letter means I just come into the Thatcher type tool. Right. So inside the touch type will once I touch it, any type of that means any texture inside this I can move. If I move like this, Bishop, that will be moved along with the on next lepers. Also, it will be get mood with along that there. So you fight. Get it like this If I get room to the top, if I get the one we get to shrink, it will be Get string close. So if we get more like this once in the top, ones in the phone. Once in the crushed, once in the tough, once in the up, once in the don't see no, you find mook the creative Oh, planes. No, I can move with. Okay, whatever you just made like this before the creative outlines, you can do like this. So this is the one Nessman d e Yes. Okay. Um Oh, young de Okay, the for Mac Properties, I just go into the first to pull over from this one. So the next to one is to hide like this. All this one's the properties and everything for my diesel rush color are the magenta color . Right? So what is that thing? You can go for the view. Smart gates. So smart, Mike. Smart Gates is make to be user to very much useful for that on this is the one horizontal distributor center. Okay, this is also very, very useful for that. So now the letters will be going to design inside work. What? No planes now Get listened. Everything's one of the two things are brought. The two videos, the typography. I just introduce into that for the very beginners only not for the advanced users. If you are using the advanced users, please follow me the classes and everything. I just making into your clean bill Detailed design inside the skin. Shep Lish. Thank you for that one. Bye bye. Soon Minutes video 33. 33. Exporting Options in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020: Yes, of course. No. We just coming into the last final part of the cost. So how to save this? How toe export the you were at boots kowtow, export us the different kind off stuffs friends of it. So let's get See that? So what kind off applications that used to open your export finals. Also, we just sheen about that. So once you make you just finished your board and everything. Let's go into the file sale us. If you go to the same Alice option, the farmer is actually as it into as a default. Yea, I only so if you need toe e p s for metal, so you can do for it are the it means it's a adobe illustrator template are otherwise you can go for the period also if you need the U. S v defence. Also, you can need toe save it so usually from these six designs okay, actually fire only. Yes, Reedys compress one and in a non competitive one. And this is the art of let's rectify And this is the obvious file 188 80. That means the template if you are making the template for any other art boards using for that the next two upcoming sessions. For you. What things means you can go for design that thing also using off any presents. Okay, just to save it into the Yeah, I do. Only once you've done with the A. D you can go for the control. Knew that means commanding you nor control young to activate into the distance. You can go for the same options. You can find it from here because of the Templo templates. And everything will be service from here only right then. No. I just go to the export for export for the screens is there? So if I make click it, they export for the screens means export assets independently off art boats like that means assets. This is deserts and this is dartboard. If I come to the art board, I export as a single image off this whole thing like that are you find need for the go for the accepts means inside days. This is the ascetic sports Where it will be fine Means you can find it in there window as it s put in that asset export. I just selling this. Okay, bring it toe inside. I set number one That is that behind. Think this is that sent one. And this is does it too, right? If I select this thing, bring it to this ones You can see that set us a single one. If I come to select control or command G, that means I group rate means I bring it to the states. One single that will be comes up right If I select distance control or command G But today duty things right under the scale option How much I needed? That means X means one existed. Indeed. You drove What? You know SISE. Okay, If I select the two x double the size forex, everything will be along Italy in your things. If you need a scale, you can do it in your things. Okay, One next is the one complete things on the second skill. If I needed the forex in the farm it off J p g R videos. Anything, Smith. You can save it along into that. Once you've done these things, you can go for export clicked. Export are This is for the I toys Device presents on this is Andre Davis. If I click the on drive means it will be automatically pop up everything. If I click, I always will be Get popped up in police things. So I get rid off. These are the things only one next one way. If I get hit exposed, it will comes into my things. I'm not interested in tow. Create that it glorified saving that. So I just moved into the desktop. I just hit export create. Choose it. You can see this right export for the design one is successfully completed and I would just jump into their distraught moving to the export banner One next designs Say this. I just that when we've won Excellent. So if you need happens like this So I just to select everything 12345 like this. So make it to the four x under the PNG Now he takes put to choose. No, it's hoping to these ones into the four decks you can see like this, right? This is the BNG options You can make down Lord our exports at any time. So just simply delete these things and they come to here clicker guns. So if I need to export as a PdF off fine. Go to the export export us in that export Us coming to the desktop You can go for that. Be the f are other ways to be is the for the shop fight? Okay, you can make it as a photo shop Rail also from here converter into the photos happens, use the heart boats Okay, are allowed boots Rangers Everything's so I just make into the PSD design GST So once you've completed it is it is the dissents off If you want to make in the RGB, you can go for it if you make it to where the printer designs seem. Work is very good. So RGB 300 people is very good. I just need to write the layers, not the flat image I just used to write the image on a click. Ok, so these applications will be renting the Photoshopped file to yet So one side due days you can see that option one leave 1.8 implement. It's very good actually So I just right click open with for the shop. He's just to see that how it will be that it's only I just opened that on public isn't on my shoulder. Yes, it's a complete BNG option in distance. So that so it becomes around from here, all the groups and how much imaged raisings homage these things. Everything will become so so one lead two days. So how many layers is going to be less layer count? 25 group size that 290 lasers there inside this. It's very much support, man. No, it Why? Because off so many groups and everything means each and every object inside these things is a group. So I control our command zero to bring it up inside these things. Make your new layer. Okay, put it down so that just the controller command. Thanks. Make it wait so it can no see very clearly these things. This is the Baggett on. Okay. No way. Save it. Same thing that Sochi. You can find it out as anything designs and you can if you are, uh, get expert in the photo shop means you can make it in the illustrator on. You can jump from that to here Also because we know toe work on the PS difference 34. 34. Reset the Adobe Illustrator when it is gone to MAD: Hi, everyone In this class we are going to be seen a boat for the bad shake off for the good faith sometimes, illustrator, it's not must be working perfectly. So in that case, what will be do means close every panels in whatever you just in this close The designs. I already saved that. So I click. Don't say so. The last toe opened items also found out from here for like the photo shop. If you go for the file menu, you did not close. The reason fights you only weapon there recent face and everything. So how to clear this area? So know just quick that illustrator clear the clipboard. Fine. No, we just opened. Illustrator, Where you just installing one for my case. I'm using the Mac it so I just goingto the applications 100 this once. In your case, if we're using the windows means that if you go go for program files on Do you know about that Meritus? So it can select the e x e file. That is the application filed. What's the option? Command shift. That means all the control shift. Okay, double click on it. So again, the illustrator will open with that. A clear interface. You should see that all the preference and everything will be going off. No. You just making the Actually. That's it. No, you just clear that all the reason files, and they just get ready with new bright application interface. Okay, Brand new like that. So enjoy it. One. So this is the Betty Betty known knowledgeable subject for that every illustrate user, as in my perspective, you 35. 35. Final Thank you Video: Hi, everyone. This is the final video on This is the thank you very also. So I hope you are all enjoy this video course from the bigness levels for the intermediate lover. I hope you are all learned the stuffs inside the depth of this one's including everything stools and the panels and whatever the properties, these things shapes and everything's so once you finally finished this course and everything make you thing inside the illustrator based upon useful afford discourse on you just to sum it into the project and everything. I hope you are all doing these things. I am waiting also to see what stops and David on relevant. We can follow this fall over bullfight to just learn about more more descending courses will be upcoming into that. So I make consistently process inside distance. So I hope you are all low my teaching ability on teaching Very that thing's so thank you for that. See, on the next course Bye bye Hope having great nice day