Adobe Illustrator 101: Digitalizing a Sketch of Cute Bunny Characters

Michelle Co, Designing my Dreams

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6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro Video to Step-by-Step Tutorial

    • 2. Page Layout

    • 3. Sketching Bunster - Pen Tool Intro

    • 4. Sketching Hariet - Eye Drop Coloring

    • 5. Finishing Touches - Aligning Artwork

    • 6. Uploading PNG


About This Class

In this lesson I’m going to teach you how to digitalize a Bunster and Hariet bunny sketch using Adobe Illustrator.

This is a beginner’s class that will show you how to set up your drawing stage, all the way to uploading your vector image as a PNG profile picture.

My work process in this tutorial primarily involves keyboard shortcuts as I believe that can really hasten workflow and it can very much benefit you to know them!