Adobe Bridge CC and Adobe Camera Raw for Beginners Part 3 - Focus on ACR | Sandy Dee | Skillshare

Adobe Bridge CC and Adobe Camera Raw for Beginners Part 3 - Focus on ACR

Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher - Sandy and Matt

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27 Videos (1h 25m)
    • How To Open An Image In ACR

    • ACR Basic Development - White Balance

    • ACR Basic Development - Exposure and Contrast

    • ACR Basic Development - Clarity and Vibrance

    • Tone Curve

    • Sharpening And Noise Reduction

    • Grayscale

    • Split Toning

    • Lens Corrections and Defringe

    • Effects: Vignette

    • Camera Profiles

    • Presets

    • Snapshots

    • Histogram

    • Loupe, Hand, White Balance

    • Targeted Adjustments

    • Crop and Straightening

    • Transforming Images

    • Cleaning the Area with the Healing Tool

    • Red Eye Fix

    • Adjustment Brush

    • Gradient Filter

    • Radial Filter

    • Rotating and Toggling Images

    • Opening up a Smart Object

    • Saving The Image

    • Image Before and After


About This Class

Welcome to our course Adobe Bridge CC and Adobe Camera Raw For Beginners!

*** This is part 3 of 4 where we go into much more detailed editing information in ACR - the meat of the course! ***

Most photographers think they have to use Lightroom to organize and enhance their images and didn’t even hear about the fantastic inbuilt catalog system called Bridge, and the even better image developing program called Adobe Camera Raw - or ACR for short. Which is a shame because not only are both programs very easy to use, but they are absolutely FREE and BUILT into Photoshop!

So understanding how to use Adobe Bridge efficiently and enhancing your images with Adobe Camera Raw are vital for developing a great workflow within Photoshop and I will show you how easy it is! 

This course is for photographers who would love to enhance their images whilst also organizing them, so that they are easily accessible. No matter if you are shooting landscapes, cities, wildlife or portraiture - with this tutorial you can develop your photographs to their highest potential.  And with the images that you can find in your course materials you can even work side by side with me. 

So - what will you learn in this course?

In this course you will learn:

  • How to access Adobe Bridge
  • How to organize your images 
  • How to download your images into Bridge
  • How to access ACR and how to create presets to guarantee fantastic results every single time
  • How to sync your settings to save time in your editing workflow
  • How to combine single images into a Panorama
  • And so much more!

I will show you step-by-step the most important functionalities in Adobe Bridge and ACR. 

At the end of the course you will know:

  • How to efficiently catalog and rate your images,
  • How to tag your images with keywords 
  • How to protect your images by appending copyright protection in your metadata
  • How to enhance your images to their fullest potential with ACR 
  • How to use basic developments in Exposure, White Balance and Sharpening and more defined adjustments like the radial filter and my favorite tool - the adjustment brush.

And why smart collections are awesome! 

And even better - you will be absolutely astounded how easily you can use all those techniques and how much fun they are! Watch your pictures come to life without even opening Photoshop!





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