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Adobe Animate CC create several types of a walk cycle

teacher avatar Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Character Design Female

    • 3. Walk cycle classic tween

    • 4. Walk cycle shape tween

    • 5. Tracing a drawing

    • 6. 4 legs animation

    • 7. Create male character

    • 8. Male walk cycle frame by frame

    • 9. Bone tool animation (Bonus class)

    • 10. Conclusion of the class

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create several types of walking cycles. We start off with the design of the character and then we learn about animating with frame to frame animation, classic tween and shape tween. You can also share your projects here if you want to share your own ideas and showcase your talents and skills!

Meet Your Teacher

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Samantha Chan

Creative softwares


Hello,  welcome to my profile! My name is Samantha Chan, my passions are Graphic Design, Photo manipulation and Animation. 



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1. Introduction: Welcome to this class where I'm going to show you how to create some walk cycles with the female character and email character. Andi, I'll be using the ship between the classic swing and also the frame by frame animation. So I hope you enjoy this class and I'll see you in the class. 2. Character Design Female: Okay, So, first of all, I want to show you how to create the eyelashes. So to create the eyelash, just you can select the color brown, and then you drag it from the top to the bottom. Like so. Okay, so to do that's you can also go here inside off the eye, and then you created so here, in case I have any islands, I can also go inside there. There's no layer for that yet. So let me create the eyelids to create the island. I use the over toe and selective feel color the singing as a skin color. I use object drawing mode. And then I create the eyelid here. And then what I do is I go inside by clicking twice like so and then I select the bottom half and then I delete it. So I know we have to islet here. We can then create the eyelashes as well. So I'm goes at the color, bro. Like so And then I'm going to leave it at number one in the stroke because I don't want it to be that stick. And then in the width profile, I'm going to select with profile five and then here I'm going to select it from the top to the bottom. So I start to draw at the top and then I end up at the bottom and then increased several more eyelashes here and I want them. Then Toby facing one side. So here I usedto selection tool and I can drag it to the right side. Like so. Here s well. So this is then how you create the eyelashes and when I double click to go outside, you will see that there will be a notification that says that there were up just can only contain shapes. The object will be ultimately comforted toe a group so they would then be confident. Together you will see here. That's when I go back outside. It will then be combined. So I understand how you create the eyelashes with the islets together. And then you can drag it back to the eye off the grow. So here this is the eyelids and eyelashes also here. So you can then do them both at the same layer. And then here I can then copy this my going to add it based in place and then drag it to the left side so that I have both off my eyelets on sing lier. So this is then how you create the island in case you have the here, for example, at the bottom off the island, You can then always changed them from positions. Or make sure that the here is in the front, off the eyelid and the eyeglasses as well should be in front off the I lived. So that means that it should be on top off the I literally your asthma. So all layer shall be in the right position. So after that, you can go to the leader after here, and then you can use the over toe to create a here. So for that, I'm going to create a circle here. And then you can also create other parts off the here by creating more circles. So here you can don't drag it to the left side so that it will match at the end here and then at the bottom, you press on old and the new dragons out like so. So then you can then have this core Penis at the top and then at the bottom, it will be a little sharper like the last site. Okay, so this is how you do the left site. And then at the right side, you create another over again, and then you move this to the left, and here in the top, you can done direct this out like so. And then here you can could this to the right side. And here you can make this wider, like so. And then here he can direct this out to the right as well. Like so. And here you can make another sharp ends, like so by pressing on balls. And then here you present balls and you can create the another shop part of this month. Make so so here you create a here, and then I can hide the text so that we can see it that way. Okay, so right now we have you here like so and then we can create it the same way as the left site. We person old, and then we can move this to the right side, and then we can cost there's back in like so. And then here on this site, you can then Creon under awful here. Like so and that you can manipulated by going here to the left and then curving is like So Okay, so this is done, how you can create their here for the female. If you want the left side to be a little bit smaller, you can then also that I get to the left and then hear us. Now you drag out of the big mortar left and this side, you can then cough it more like so and then at the bottom, you can make it a little bit less troubling. Like so. Okay, so this is then how you can create the female here right now. If you want them to be together, even go to modify and covered it or symbol, call it here. Make it a graphic symbol like so. And then you can also create the body and the arms. Okay, so I'm going to show you how. Okay, So for the hand here, I'm going to show you how I created. Yes, I'm going to use my over toll. So, like the color of the skin. And then I create the awful here, a use mind selection tool, and then I just kerf it at the top like so And then I cover at the bottom s smell so that the hands will have more form, like so. Okay, so you can do it in a lot of types of forms, depending on how you want the hand to look like for a lack. With just this layer, you can use the reptile. It'll change. Direct an option to 20 and then you can go here and create the feet. OK, so you go to the selection tool and canned, then direct us to the bottom. The selected person dragged to a bottom like so make it a little bit khorafi and then at the top. You can make this wider because a female feature the wider So here you can dunk off this part of smell and then here as well like so And then when you are done, you can select it and then make it skinnier. So if you Melfi should always be wider at the top and smaller at the end and then for the body we go to the layer off the body First king. So here we can then create them body over here. I usedto over tall. I can select the car black and the stroke A smile. I'm using the object Try modes so that it will be easier to move it around. Right now I create a circle at the top like so and then at the bottom, I can create another circle that this bigger Okay, After this, I can then go to the rectangle tool. And then I changed erecting option to zero because I wanted to be sharp corner. And then here I creates this practical here, and I can then drag this to the inside. Like so. And in case is too small, you can rent increase the size by scaling it up like so and then at the top here, I can double click on it, go inside it and then deletes this part. And then at the bottom, I can also do the same. I click twice on it, and then I the least the bottom off the dress here. I can make this smaller, and then I can drag this out a swells me, select the selection tool. And then I can track this out like so and like this, and then make this a little bit more curvy So that the stand, how I create the dress 3. Walk cycle classic tween: So in this lecture I want to talk about how to animate your female character with the walking cycle. So here you see that I have several layers here and in every layer. I have a separate body parts. So here you have hands, right hand's left and then you have the legs as well as a separate layer. If he wants the lax to be moving independently from each other, I really recommends to use separate layer for the legs as well, even the hands. Okay, So since we are going to talk about a walk cycle, I'm going to explain why I creates more keep rings for the leg. Since the lack should be moving more consistently in a walking cycle, I have created the key friends every five frames while the rest off the body can be moving less. So the hand doesn't really need to be moving so often and the rest off the body either because it is more about how the lady is going to walk from the left to the right. Okay, so first of all, the last shall be first sending straight. So I'm going to focus on the lax first here at the standing straight in the next different . It will be crossing each other like so And then here s 10 straight again. And then it crossed each other that this one way off creating a walking cycle. And you can also go to the rest of the body. And you will see that once it this moving to the top. And then in other time it's moving to the bottom and here toe, top, again and again to the bottom. And I created more space in between because otherwise it will look more like she is in a hurry. So if you want her to look like she is in a hurry, you should then at more keep playing because otherwise it should look more like she has come. Okay, so aside from that, you have to also focus on her hands because here you see that her hands are moving quite in sync with the body. If you want their hands to not move so fluctuating so that their hands will look like it is attached to the body, you can then go on the hand on the left or the hand on the right, both of them are important. You click on the and then you will see in the properties panel in the position and size that the why is 247. So you have to make sure then that in every other key frame the why is 247 asthma. So here you click here in the white 247 and the rest should also be like that. So the X is not important because the X will make a move more to the left and when you don't want the hand to be moving to the left while the body is moving to the right. So in case you're not certain, you can also move with the arrows on your keyboard like so And then it will move more to the top as well, so that they will start at the same level. And in case you not certain, if this were work you can also go to the few. And then you enable the show grades. So you go to great and then you show great. And then here you will see how the start off the hands well, look like by checking it in the lines So here you see that the line is here and here at this side at this here as well. So that this how you can also check if this in the correct height so that it doesn't look like the hands are detached from the body. Okay, so when it is moving to the bottom, you see that the hands are going more to top so that this also how a body should be working . So when the body is going down, make sure that the hands are going to the top and the legs are going to the top as well, because the elections just be crossing each other and then going straight back. It should also go up and down to match the body. Otherwise, the beginning off, the lack will be exposed. Okay, so right now that we have all this explains, I'm also going to explain to you how to move the body from the bottom to the top. So the only thing that you need to do is you click in the key frame that you want to change . So here, for example, I met the first key frame. I can then just select the body here by using my selection tool, I can't say like all these body parts. And then I can move my arrow toe top or to the bottom so that the character will be going to the top and the bottom as well. And when the counter is moving to the right side, you will also need the key frames to show you that the counter is moving more to the right in every key frame and not just standing in the same position. So to do that, you can also enable the onion skin, and then it will show you how it looks like in the previous key frame. And in the future frame, future frames are the green color and the previous frames or the blue collar. So here is see that the blue is more on the left side. So that this then okay, because that means that the previous frame is more on the left and the future frame is more going to the right. You come off all this to the left so that there will be more difference went at this going to the future frame like so you will see that here. There's more difference because the skin color is on the left and then the green colors on the right. The skin color is the current key from that you're in at so just means that the the grow in a current key frame is more on the laugh side than in the future frame. So that means that she is in the going more to the right. Okay, so right now if I click here, it also shows the green is more on the right side and here as well. So that this then how you control if your girl is moving more to the right or more to the left. Okay, so right now, we can also select this in the last key frame, and I'm off it more to the right, which will then show me how it will move from one key for him to another key frame. So if I play, it should. And indeed be moving more to the right every time it reaches in other key frame. So that this, then how you make sure that the walking cycle is correct when you create your character 4. Walk cycle shape tween: in this video, I'm going to talk about how to create a walk cycle for the female character using the shape between. So here you see, that's the shape between in the version off. 2019 is colored orange. So you don't have to be confused if you see that it is a different color than the color that you have in your previous version. Because in all the previous version, it is supposed to be green. Okay, so right now that we have this, you see that when I used to play back line, it will Then show me how it will move from the beginning until the end. So here you see that one leg should always be shorter than the other one. So when it is moving from left to right, it should then be their friends. And at the end, they should then be same level so that it will show that she is standing straight. Okay, So the reason I used the shaping for my lack and my arms is because they are the one that can be moving around. So I want them to move around more dynamically than by using a classic Tween because by using classic between, you can either rotates the hands or you can scale it up and scale it down. So if the shape is not working correctly, you can go to shape and then at a shape hits. And you can also remove all hints if you don't need the hints. So if I goto shape and then I use remove all hints, you will see that the hints will disappear so that then I don't need the hint anymore. The hints are used, so that's when the hand is moving from one key from to another key frame. It's not going to flash, so I know when I move it from the first key front until the last, the hand shall be going correctly and otherwise. If it's flashing, I need to use the shape hint. So here it is. Okay, and then in the other ones, it's also okay, so then I don't need and the shape hands. So right now I am going to use the free transform toe and then rotate a little bit to the left and here I can in moving more to the right side and here I can leave it like it is. And here I move it to the right side so that there will be enough space between the hands and the shoulder. Which a task normally? Okay, so right now we keep seeing what we can improve, and you should also make sure that the rest off the body is moving correctly, so the glasses should also be moving accordingly. So here you need to move the glasses more to the right side so that it doesn't look like it is going back. Okay, so I know we have this and the glasses are okay. So aside from that, you can also check the other body parts. So the lax, for example, can also be more to the top. Or it can be moved more to the left or the right if it is not in the correct position. So here I can Then move my glasses on the bottom. Off the here you will see that it looks a lot better than when it is in front off their here. The ice as well. It should always be on the bottom after here, because if I drag it to the top, you will see that the ice will be in front off the here, and that's doesn't really make sense. So you have to make sure at the positions off the layers are also in the right place because otherwise it's can then be very confusing when the character is any meeting and make sure that the proportion also the same from the beginning onto the ends. Okay, so I know that I have the eyes. You see that when I am moving from one keep printing on the key frame. The eyes are actually moving correctly, so But you can also do its move the hats more to the bottom and moving more to the top so that it will look like it is moving flexibly, which is normal when an cartoon is moving. So here I am going to move this more to the bottom and then at the last sites, like so so that the tongue looks more attached to their mouth. Okay, so you have to control every single layer if they are moving correctly, because otherwise it will be weird. Went at this animating. So we have to make sure that the lax are also in the correct position. So to dough. Then we have to check in every key frame as well if the lax are moving properly, so they have to be at every level as well. And here, if you want to reshaped the lack, you can definitely do that with the selection tool so that it doesn't look too thin at the end off the feet and the hands can also be a little bit wider at the top if you want, but it's not necessary. It's only the last that should be wider for a female at the top, because that is how the anatomy off the female is in cartoons. The top off the legs are always wider than the bottom. 5. Tracing a drawing: welcome to another video when I'm going to show you how to draw over an image. So in this case, I'm going to use a graphic stabat to throw over the existing image. You can create this image in either other the animate or are there be Photoshopped if you want, and you can then covered it to a movie clips symbol. Or you can press F eight. So here, in the color effect you can done change the Alfa to 50% or less, and then you can draw over it. It will be easier to draw over, so when you drop around, you can either use the paintbrush toe, the brush to or a pencil tool. I like to use the brush toe. It's easier for me, and you can then use pressure as well, so that the lines will go thicker or thinner, depending on how hard you draw on the tablet. So if you're literally put more pressure on the temblor, it will look this stick, and if you don't put much pressure at all, it will be the first in line that will show. So that's the difference between the pressures when you use the pressure point and you can then delete it when you don't want it. So much we can do right now is used to brush toe and start roaming over the lights off the corky so you can increase the smoothing here in the properties panel and if you increase it to 100% you will see that it will be to smooth. This means that sometimes the roaming will not appear. So you will see here that when you drove over it, not everything is going to appear a lot off lines will not be able to be seen. So if you change it to around 70% it will be easier to throw with because in that case he will still see all the lines and sometimes they don't appear. But you can then keep drumming over them so that you are certain that there will be lines that are close to because you have to close the lines so that you can feel in the color afterwards so you can keep throwing over it like this. And then you drop for the Here's off the corgi as well. So right now I have thrown this image here I'm going to draw the ice s well and then the rest. You can change the color depending on the color off the corgi. So here you can change other back to 100% just still used eyedropper toe. Select that specific color. When you select that color, when it's 50% alfa, it will choose a lighter color for you. So then you won't be able to draw it with the same exact color unless that's not important to you. You can always teach it afterwards. So here I'm going to start drawing the line. I'm just passing through the outlines off the corgi. You can, as through all the lines here, and make sure that they are close and then otherwise, if it's not close when you use the pain bucker toe Philippine. You can use the gap option, and then you can close medium gaps or close small gaps in case that's the case. So in this case I'm going to make the image 100%. And when you see here that there are certain parts that you can feel in, you can use the pain back to the field in, and when you draw it. Make sure that you use a lot of pressure because if you lose less pressure, it will be hard to fill it in. So right now I'm going to use the brush tool again and keep drawing the line here so that I can feel in the color afterwards. So here I'm going to keep drawing, operate and then fell in with the pain blocker to and then the rest. We can leave it at white, and I'm also going to create some shadows on the lack. So when I move the image, you will see that some lines are still invisible because the lines haven't thrown too well since it's too smooth and you can even draw it over again like this. Or you can choose for a lower smoothing so that it will draw everything there. And then here you can draw the image again, like this and over here as well. So basically, you can just throw over the image over and over so that you can close everything, and then you can also use the brown color Teoh, close the nose, and if the line is too thick, you can always use the eraser tool and Passover. It's carefully so that you don't erase too much, and then here you use the brown color and you feel in the pink polka, too, so that you, after knows filled in. And here you can then fill the rest off the open gaps over the rest off the colors that or white in between the color so that you can fill in everything and otherwise, you can also use the brush toe to keep drawing on for it. You can also choose this color here, so fill in the rest off the darker color. So, basically, if you want to fill in the remaining colors, you can always use the pain back itto to fill them in. We can use the brush, Toto, draw it slowly over it. So this is one way of creating and drawing Essman. 6. 4 legs animation: in this video, we're going to talk about the walking cycle off for Lex character. So here, you see that I have used frame to frame animation, and basically what the LAX shall do are that's they shall be separate from each other. So if one is moving forward, the otherness to move backwards. So the lecture always be their friend for each other. The front has to go the upside direction compared to the back and in the beginning, off course, it should look like the Corgi is standing normally, because if he is not standing normally, it will look like he is just floating in the ear, since that is the beginning off the walking cycle. So right now I am going to make sure that the blacks are going toe, create an old form like how I create that the circle just below the lack. If you want guidance on how to create your walking cycle, just create a circle just below the left, and you will then be ableto creates a walking cycle without any problems, because that is the way that your lacks need to move where it's sorry for, like walking cycle. So the front used to be the opposite as the back, but also it has to create a 360 degrees in the end. So if you don't reach the 360 degrees until the end, make sure to create more key frames so that you can then make it's move like it shows until the end. So right now I am going to show you how I should correct this because yes, you can see here the lack in the back at the left side. It's not the scene as the one in the front, so if I use any resort of the areas that you will see that it will not erase because it is turned into a symbol. So what you need to do is break it apart and then you can deletes the lack. So when it is converted into a symbol, you cannot delete a drawing or an image, and also you cannot draw over it. So if you want to add, it's a shape or at it, a darling, you have to make sure that it is a bit map or that it. This this only picks a leaders if you are not certain If it's a bit map, you can always look at the growing if it has like white dots in between off it. And he said it is still a bit map. And right now here I want to create some black lines in between the two legs so that it will look like the black s going backwards. So this is one way to create the lack movements. So, like this, you see that both are going forward in the trunks, so the back should be different and make sure that the walking is going to B 260 degrees. So this is one me to make sure that your legs are moving correctly. And if not, you can always go inside off the symbol layer and then create more movements insight instead of creating it on the mean layer. So if you create several movements inside off the layer, you can make it a single frame. And when you go outside, you will then see that when you use the friend picker, you will juice between many movements that you have created yourself. So in this case, you can then choose your own lack movement without having to draw it over and over again in every key frame or without adopting which one goes first and which one goes after that. Because you can change the name through the steps, you can change the name to whichever labour you wants by going to a frame label and change over there, and then you can create a symbol by converted it to a symbol pressing F eight, or you're going to modify at the top and then go to convert the symbol. So only in the graphic sumo you can then create a single frame. So if you want, so have several frames to choose from. Make sure that you have It's on graphic symbol and not movie clips. Symbol My grand. Now, if I test it, you will see that it was indeed look like the corgi is walking. But it's not a very long walking cycle yet, so if you want to keep repeating it, you can always copy the frames by highlighting them and then you pace the frames after it is done. But make sure that you keep moving it forward because otherwise it will look like he is staying in the same place. So the position off the walking cycle is also very important. Make sure that the corgi is also moving forward. So Africa frame he should move it to the left side. In this case, since the forward side is left and otherwise if it's had its to the other side, you have to keep moving it at the right side in every key frame. So that's it will look like he is moving forward and not staying at the same place while moving his slacks that this more like when he is swimming. So this is one off the waste that you can create an animation in adobe any mates and then here you can then check them all if they are all right like this. You see this one? That there is a line here that means that their hats and the body is detached from each other, or that there's a space symmetry. You don't want that. So to make sure that everything moves smoothly, you have to use the arrows on your keyboard or move it with your cursor. Don't work so that there won't be any lines. So when you test it, make sure that the body and hat is attached together, and if the limbs are caught off, make sure that they are attached as well. 7. Create male character: So in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a mill character. Basically, what I did is I selected this specific color. You can select it by going to the color here and then you select the color or you feel end the number in the hashtag which is hashtag ff 993 tree. So you said like this color, you can then use the over to here and you can then create a circle from here. So I'm just going toe create everything in the late off the hat right now. But I will relate it because I'm only going to show you how I created it. You make sure that the front here it's straighter and in the back at this a little bit more rounds. So right now you do the same here. So if you want to select a hair color, you can select one that has two colors inside by choosing the linear or the great and color . So the leaner ingredients will then be able to choose two colors and you can then choose the lights brown and the dark brown, for example, like this and then you can create it over here. So if you want another color and you want the same except here, you can select it here and then selected him like so. So use a selection toe and you wait until there's the curve on the cursor. And then you direct this to the bottom like so you can either create like this or you can make it a little bit coffee instead of Sharpe over there. You can then use the option, try mode. So here I practice to the bottom. And when you use the over to exact the object, try moment and then it will not attached to the face. And then you can kerf it however you want without it affecting the sharpness off the face so that this one made to create it. And then you can choose the stroke color black and the color white insights create the ice , which is very simple. You created like so and then the color blue inside. So you create the pupil like so and the eyebrow. You can just use the line tool here, and then you select the specific type off line that you want. So you have the with here so Inuit. You can dance a lack for, for example, with profile six or you can select another type. So with proper six will make it Ah, lot sharper in the ants like, so you can select it and then you can make it bigger so that you can see it better. So right now you see that it will indeed be sharper in the ant like so And then you can also Kurt, if it to the top. So here you select the selection tool and then you can carpet the top like this and then for the nose you do the same. You select the line till here, and then you can select the type of knows that you want with the width profile. Four, for example. You can make this sharp line here like so, and then you can kerf it. So with the lips, you can also do the same thing like you did here with the line to and then you can either select a bigger stroke and then half the color black. If you don't like the color pink here. So you see that the body is actually in front of the face, so let me records to the bottom off the head so that it will go on bottom off the lip. Okay, so right now the hands here will go to the top. But, I mean, I get to the bottom of the body. Okay, So for our lip here, for example, if you don't like the lip color, you can then select it by double clicking on it, selected again inside here. And then you select the cornerback, for example. Right now it has to come back. So it's more masculine for the body you use direct a little. So basically, you choose the same color as the one at the left side. And then you can create a number 10 in the rectangle options. And then you create the rectal here, and you can use the selection tool to drag it to the left and the dragger to the right. So here you direct this a little bit more to the left side. Like so. And then here at the front, you drag it more to the right side, like so. And then you have this sharp corners and at the bottom you can just leave them like they are you don't have to move them because it is the same as in the left site. So this is basically how you can many police the form off the tee shirt and if you want this to be more curfew at the top rate until the kerf comes out off the cursor and then you can manipulate it here at the arms. You can also select this color here and then you can create the form off the arms, like so. And for the home you create a circle Esmael and then you can create in other circle. Like so. It is quite easy. And the lack is also created the same way with the rectangle to that has not so sharp corners. So to create a shoe, you select this palm here and then you can rotate it here at the bottom. You can manipulate it however you want here, So you select a section two and then you can manipulate or a little bit. And with the shoe itself, you can then also use the eyedropper, too here, and you select this color and fill it in. So then you select this part and you drag it to the shoe and then you have to shoot right here 8. Male walk cycle frame by frame: So in this reader, I want to explain about the walk cycle. You see here that I have selected this option here, which is the indictment Poor frames option. And it will allow me to watch the movement in every single key from here. So it will show me old off them. If I d select that you will see only this one. Because this is what's it's in the first frame and otherwise you can click on it again and it will show you everything from all the frames. I have it here at the top off my timeline. But in the first half, 2018 or and over the first when you have it at the bottom off the timeline. So here you see, this one is the first part off the walk cycle, so the lax movements are going to be repeating. But the only difference is that it will change from lack. So, like right and like left is going to be having the same move among over and over again. But they will only be changing in every key frame. So here, for example, in the first key frame, you see that in the left lack. The lack here is in the front and in the third key frame you see that the left leg will be in the back. So it is the same movement here. But it is just a lack of this difference on the same as key free number two and keep free number four. So keep free number to hear the left. Lack is the one standing straight and the other lack is crossing. And in the fourth key from here, the right lack is standing straight and the left leg is the one doing the crossing. So that this then what you need to know about the walk cycle. And if you have, for example, 25 frames and you want to separate the key from equally and shall be one key frame in every tree frame, If a test on 25 frames per second in a 24 frames per second, you can then do this one with just the key frame in every four frames. So if I play it right now, it should then be moving like so that this, then how it should be moving. You cannot make it too close to each other because then it will look more like he is dancing. So in the walk cycle, make sure that you have these three frames apart when you have 25 frames per second otherwise, four frames apart if you have the 24 frames per seconds. So here I delete the contact because that this the top off the lack which is going to be contact each other. This is then how you can start creating a walk cycle of the friends of frame animation. But if you want more details, you can always go here, for example, and make an extra key frame in between. So if you make an extra key from here in between, you will then be able to create another type off lack movement. So in this lack movement, the knee here shall be facing more to the top and then the other black here should be done standing straight. So basically it is this one that is going to the top like so and then this one should also be going here. And then you rotated more to the left side like so and then you attract the shoot to the top so that s then how the middle key frame should be in case there is one extra here because this is how you move as well when you walk. So you director need to the top and then you sense tree. And then in the next one, you track the need back down and then in the lack, it will change. So you dragged the knee at the left side, down on the rights. Lack will then be standing straight. So these are the basics off creating a walk cycle. And you see here as well that one is lower and one is facing the top because you also have the top and the low movement in the walk cycle. So here, for example, make sure that it is also going up and down when you play yet. So here you see, indeed that one time it is going down and one time going up another time. It is going down back. So this is how you create a walk cycle, and you will find a document a spot in the resource file. So check out the document 9. Bone tool animation (Bonus class): So in this reader, I want to talk about the bone tool. And here you see that I have the same character as the moment I use for my classic twin with the walk cycle. But here I have made it smaller, so I scaled the body parts. Now we can then attach all the body parts together with the ball to hear. If I selected, you will see that it will then be easier for it to move around as well if the distance is not so far away. So here you see that I can then drag it to the top off the hand and then drag it to the top off the bottom part off the head as well. And then here I will drag it to a Miller off the hip and then to the top, off the feet, like so and then to top off the feet parts, too, Which is the bottom feet. Okay, so right now I want the middle off the body to be attached to the neck as well and then to the face. So here it has attached the whole half together. After this, I can then insert a pose here, which is the same as inserting a key frame in the classic Tween or in any other Tween. So I insert a post here in the layer and you see that I have done my amateur and in every post I can then create my own movement. So right now, when I select this, you see that it will be very easy to drag it around like so. But in case you don't want it to be having too much difference here in the arms, you can also go to a free transform to and I knew select the pay for it here. And then you drag it to the bottom and here as well you direct. It's more to the top. So right now, when I move it around using the Montel, you'll see that it will move more attached together instead of having it be too far away from the next body part which will then make it move abnormal. And then here I can move the same as well with the black. So here I cannot make the lack move like so. And then here I can that make the I had to move s well, So you see here at the hat will move independently from neck because the lying is too large . So it has too much space between the two pivots. So I'm going to use the free transform toe and drag this paper to the bottom here like so And then I'm going to move it back. So here you see that it will then be more attached to the neck, and here you'll see that it would then be easier to move it around. And in case you think that it has too much distance here as well, you can do the same for a middle part here in the body. So you drag the pay for it here to the top, and you'll see that when I move it around, it will then move a lot better than it was before. So here I cannot move. There's more to the right side, like so and then here in the hands, I can also drag it around. So in that case, I will then select this here and there. I get more to the left and with the pay for it here I can interact this mortal top and this one eyed dragon more to a bottom so that their hands will be more attached together. So here, you see that the hands will then being more attached together like so. But you see that it has made the hands detached from the body. And then here I am going to select the part off the top here. So I'm going to Jack the paper Mortar top like so. And here I'm going to track this paper motor top like so So right now, if I move it around, you'll see then that it will then be more attached to the body. So it will then be easier for me to make the movement. Okay, so right now, when I start in the beginning, you see, then that's the body part will look like. So with it, it's moving. So in that case, we make sure to insert a post here as well, so that it won't go further apart. Que so answering other post here and I should do the same here. And then the face here should then be direct back to the but Okay, so we go back and you select a pivots and leave them at the center off the hand so that then it will move better. Okay, so here we select them. And then the papered here shall be then wolf more to the bottom off the lack. Like so And then here on track it more to the bottle, like so that it might just the lack as well. So right now, it will then be better looking if it iss in the center off the hat. Okay, so right now we direct this like so And here we can then make the arms move together, and this one should then be direct more to the bottom him here. This one should then also be drags here. So let's see. I select this. Drag him a little bit more top, and then this one I need to drag and more to the NFC. Like So. Okay, so right now when I play yet it's showdown, the going better. So you see that it can be quite messy with the bottle. You have to just make sure that they look good in all the key frames or are the process because there is no other way to make it. Look, That's her. When at this any meeting with the Bootle. Okay, so right now I'm off this to the lots of And then here I moved stairs to the top so that it will match the lack. Okay, Suppose here. And then I make sure it is Attash again. Okay, So I don't understand how you can make an enemy Sure with the bottle. That would then make it look like it is dancing, for example, and that it is moving very flexibly. So you have to check in every post if this moving correctly. And otherwise, you can add more post to it so that it look more flexible. Okay, so right now we can test it again by going to the menu control. Fantastic. 10. Conclusion of the class: just so you all know when you go to my class and you go to your projects or all projects at the bottom right corner, you will see attached files. And those are the house that I have created when creating this course. So I hope you enjoy that. And I hope the falls will have you as well in your projects or your journey to creating a walking cycle s well. So if you have any questions, leave comments. And if you want to share any project that you have created as well, you can share it in the community. So thank you and enjoy.